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									The cost of dental implants is high and the complete procedure takes a long period.
Hence, it is wise for every prospective candidate to learn about the dental implant
average cost, and whether the procedure is covered by insurance or not.
  Average Cost of Dental Implants
  Needless to say, the dental implants cost is not the same for every prospective
candidate. While deciding the cost of dental implants, the type of procedure to be
conducted is taken into account. There are different types of dental implants, of which
the most common types are are root form implants, sub-periosteal implants and plate
form implants. Your doctor is the best person to guide you about the best dental
implant procedure for your case.
  The cost for dental implants depends upon certain factors, like number of missing
teeth to be replaced, overall dental health, other dental problems and additional bone
grafting (if required). Besides these, the cost of dental implants also vary according to
geographical location, experience level of the doctor and hospital settings. Surgeons
who have a previous experience in dental implant surgery charges a higher fee than
others. Also, getting the procedure done in sophisticated hospital settings adds to
dental implants cost. For your reference, dental implant cost is explained below.
  Average Dental Implants Cost The median cost of dental implants for dentures falls
between USD 1,500 and USD 3,500. Speaking about the breakup pricing, the titanium
post implanted in the jaw bone costs about USD 1,000 or higher, the post that fixes
false tooth to the implant costs USD 600-800 and lastly, the false tooth costs about
USD 800-1,000. The dental implants cost may spike up to USD 15,000 or even, USD
30,000, based on additional treatments done in conjunction with the tooth replacement
surgery. Like for a patient requiring gum restoration treatment, the dentist will charge
extra for the purpose. Consequently, the total dental implant cost is higher than a
regular procedure.
  Low Cost Dental Implants As compared to the typical dental implant surgery that
involves fixing a titanium implant, the mini dental implant cost is low. And if you do
have dental implant insurance, search for dental societies that provide low cost
procedures (about USD 1,000 or below) or partial payment options. Majority of
insurance policies do not offer dental implant coverage. Considering this, most
dentists offer financial solutions for easy payment of the procedure charges, within a
time span of 2-5 years. Of course, interest is charged for the payment plans.
  Insurance Coverage for Dental Implants Remember that dental implant surgery is
categorized under prosthetic dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, depending upon the
reason for which you have opted the procedure. Accordingly, it may or may not be
covered by dental insurance. Hence, be sure to confirm with the respective insurance
company regarding dental implant insurance coverage. You can talk to the concerned
person and discuss about your policy coverage terms and conditions in detail.
  So, this was an overview concerning the cost of dental implants
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