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									About Deni Deni is a leading global manufacturer of high quality small kitchen
appliances designed with premium features, enduring performance and added value
for today’s consumer. With our hand on the pulse of consumer lifestyles and the
unique needs of our customers, Deni have leveraged our three decades of experience
in the small kitchen appliance industry to develop a diverse selection of high-quality,
elegantly designed small kitchen appliances and gadgets. Deni features one of the
industry’s most comprehensive and extensive product lines. Deni offer Pressure
Cookers, Vacuum Sealers, Ice Cream Makers, Electric Griddles & Skillets, Food
Slicers & Grinders, Tabletop Burners and Buffet Servers, Meat Tenderizers, as well as
Food Steamers & Dehydrators. Whether you’re a consumer, retailer or distributor,
Deni has the experience, reputation and know-how to provide you or your customers
with Better Living by Design!
  History of Deni Founded over 25 years ago, Keystone Manufacturing began what
has become nearly a three decade long commitment to bringing high quality, elegantly
designed kitchen products to the marketplace under the Deni brand name. Deni are a
family owned and operated company with headquarters located in Buffalo, NY. Over
the years, the Deni name has become synonymous with high-quality, well-designed
and affordable products. Deni sell these products to national retailers, department
stores, gourmet shops, television shopping channels, as well as direct to consumer
  Deni has grown from offering one product in the 1980s (a food vacuum sealer), to
offering 7 products in the 1990s to nearly 100 items available today in the United
States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico and South America. Deni
currently offer one of the industry’s most extensive and comprehensive product lines,
giving the consumer the luxury of choice. As our product assortment and sales have
grown, Deni havecontinually upgraded our sales infrastructure, information
technology and distribution network to ensure the highest levels of customer service,
sales, and operational efficiency.
  Deni are proud to have served the small kitchen appliance marketplace for over 25
years and look forward to developing new, innovative and stylish kitchen products
with today’s consumer in mind. Deni will accomplish this by preserving the creativity,
flexibility and passion that has defined our business from the beginning.
  Deni Ice Cream Maker is just on kind of Cuisinart’s products.

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