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					If your computer became infected by Antivir Solution Pro you should take action now
to stamp out this dangerous malware app. Searching for where to begin on destroying
Antivir Solution Pro. Keep reading to learn how to finally solve this mess.
  You are not alone in your quest to fix this infection. Antivir Solution Pro is infecting
laptops so breakneck on the grounds that the popular social network sites. So many of
us don't keep our pc's protected on these websites. This allows for painless installation
onto your pc. It is seriously serious that you be taught how to delete this infection.
  Still wondering how to Uninstall Antivir Solution Pro.
  Evidence that Antivir Solution Pro has invaded your computer:
  *Your pc may quickly reset. At first you may find it alright, but it really is the
dangerous program working hard to hinder your pc. It might quickly freeze up on you.
At First you can nott know what is happening. But rest assured that this is the spyware
infecting your computer.
  *Your screen saver has probably changed from what it use to be. This is a sure fire
symptom that your laptop has become compromised by Antivir Solution Pro. Don't
freak out so soon for there is a way to correct this situation.
  Jeopardy of This malware app:
  *Viruses like Antivir Solution Pro will get in your registry and other essential system
files. If the virus isnt wiped out it will lead to a complete massacre of your system.
  *Some Antivir Solution Pro infections make room for more spyware and key
recorders which can be used to defraud personal information like pass codes, cc info,
bank account info, and your social security information. The more time you let the
scareware to fester, the greater the chance of a stolen identity.
  If you are an advanced computer professional you should be at ease with manually
removing this this once and for all. On the other hand if you are a novice you should
proceed with caution. Erasing system files could make your pc un-usable when not
done correctly.
  *Commence by eliminating all related Antivir Solution Pro applications.
  *Now you must discard all affiliated .BAT files.
  *Next you need to delete all affiliated .LNK and .DLL files.
  *Finally you must erase all affiliated Antivir Solution Pro registry entries using
regedit to take care of the spyware app.