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					                           WOODWIND AND BRASS
Provisional Dates:      Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th November, at Cator Park School, BR3 1QR.
Entries to:             Mrs Juliette Allan
                        25 Allenby Road, Biggin Hill, Kent. TN16 3LH
                        Tel: 01959 576169 Email: wind@beckenham-festival.org.uk
Official Accompanist:       Mrs Juliette Allan (as above)
Accompanist Fees:                       Age 13 and Under              Age 14 and Over
        Recital Classes:                       £5.50                        £6.50
        Sonata or Concerto Class:              £6.50                        £6.50
        Other Classes:                         £3.50                        £4.50
Competitors wishing to rehearse must make their own arrangements with the accompanist – an
additional fee will be charged.

 Competitors are reminded of the rules regarding time limits and photocopying – see page 2.

                                                Time Limit         Fee               Award
Class No.
Woodwind and Brass Beginners
Not more than 4 terms’ tuition, own choice:
W1      Age 11 and under                           4 mins         £4.50               Medal
W2      Age 12 and over                            4 mins         £4.50               Medal

Woodwind and Brass Graded Classes                          W3 – W9 eligible Giles Cup (Brass)
                                       W3 – W6 eligible Junior Woodwind Cup (Woodwind)
                              W7 – W9 eligible Nancy Wiseman Memorial Cup (Woodwind)
The standards set by the major examining boards should be used as a guide for the choice of
pieces in these classes. Any competitor presenting an inappropriate piece will be penalised.
Competitors may enter only one of classes W3 – W9, except where different instruments are
played. Own choice of one piece:
W3      Grades 1 – 2                               4 mins         £5.00               Medal
W4      Grade 3                                    4 mins         £5.30               Medal
W5      Grade 4                                    4 mins         £5.30               Medal
W6      Grade 5                                    6 mins         £5.80               Medal
W7      Grade 6                                    6 mins         £5.80               Medal
W8      Grades 7 – 8                               8 mins         £6.00               Medal
        (If Grade 8 has been passed before
        January this year please enter W9.)
W9      Open                                       10 mins        £6.50               Medal

Woodwind and Brass Recital Classes
Own choice of two or more pieces which should be of contrasting styles and periods. Credit
will be given for the choice of programme which must be stated on the entry form.
W10    Age 11 and under                            8 mins          £6.00      Carolyn Butler
W11    Age 13 and under                            10 mins         £6.30     George Withers
W12    Age 16 and under                            12 mins         £6.80     John Brightwell
W13    Open                                        15 mins         £7.50       Diamond Cup

Woodwind and Brass Open Classes
W14    Sonata or Sonatina                          15 mins         £6.50                   Medal
       Own choice of one movement.
W15    Concerto                                    15 mins         £6.50       Concerto Cup
       Own choice of one movement.

Woodwind and Brass Light Music Classes
Own choice of one piece (TV themes, popular songs, jazz):
W16    Age 11 and under                            4 mins          £5.30                   Medal
W17    Age 14 and under                            5 mins          £5.80                   Medal
W18    Age 15 and over                             5 mins          £5.80                   Medal

Woodwind and Brass Duet Classes                  W19 – W22 eligible Ernest Hall Trophy
Any combination of woodwind and/or brass instruments, with or without accompaniment.
Own choice:
W19    Age 11 and under                            4 mins          £6.00               Medals
W20    Age 13 and under                            5 mins          £6.50               Medals
W21    Age 16 and under                            6 mins          £7.00               Medals
W22    Open                                        8 mins          £7.50               Medals

Do you play another instrument or sing as well? See Music Versatility Classes on page 17.

                        Beckenham Festival 2010 Musician of the Year

        Top performers from each of the Music sections will be invited to play before an
                     adjudicating panel of distinguished local musicians.
                  The winner will receive a special trophy and a cash award.
                    All taking part receive a special certificate and medal.

              Sunday 28th November - 2.00pm - Cator Park School - admission free