Winners - Boxing Day Race by dfsdf224s


									                       Boxing Day Race

This is one of the oldest Club events. The idea was initiated by the
late John Heapy who often entered into the spirit of the event by
dressing up in various costumes, such as a Viking and William
Wallis. The event is a fun event and is held at Budworth Mere on
Boxing Day morning. Water temperature ranges between cold and
cold. The race is approximately 60m. Coffee, Bacon Butties and a
presentation follows in the Sailing Clubhouse immediately

1973            Dave Barnard      1974           Alan Humphries
1975                   P. Clark   1976           Kevin Ferguson
1977                   J. Peers   1978            P. M. D. Sefton
1979              John Heapy      1980             Ian Ainsworth
1981         Maurice Ferguson     1982                  Ian Boyle
1983             Keith Bosson     1984          Miss Cathy Hunt
1985           Neil Thompson      1986              Dilys Beynon
1987           Mike Gallagher     1988          Simon Ferguson
1989                 Paul Lyth    1990               Miss D. Hall
1991           Caroline Smith     1992            Mike Gallagher
1993           Caroline Smith     1994              Dilys Beynon
1995            Not presented     1996            David Liverside
1997           Caroline Lewis     1998            Michaela Yates
1999            David Feakes      2000                Martyn Fox
2001           Andrew Wright      2002             Ian Ainsworth
2003                Toby Hirst    2004               Mark Blewitt
2005           Christian Wade     2006               Mark Blewitt
2007           Richard Walsh      2008               Mark Blewitt
2009            Martin Bosson     2010         No swim +3” of Ice

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