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Buying Top End Backup Software Is Smart.
Saving Lots of Money Doing It Is Even Smarter.
In today’s 24 x 7 world, downtime is unacceptable,
and continuous data protection is a challenge.
CA ARCserve® Backup addresses the challenges
                                                     CA ARCserve Xtra value Pack
of traditional backups, enabling customers to        Purchase one of our CA ARCserve Backup
meet compliance regulations, while CA XOsoft™        Suites, (Application, File Server, Database or Email)
continuously protects data.                          and you will also receive:

The integration of CA ARCserve with CA XOsoft        ●      2 CA XOsoft Replication licences,
provides continuous data protection and backup              (Real time, continuous data replication)
of the protected data.
                                                     ●      CA ARCserve Dashboard,
                                                            (Central console to monitor and manage your
Through this integration, CA XOsoft Replication             entire Backup environment)
provides real-time continuous data replication
from the Master server to the Replica server.

CA ARCserve then backs up this replicated data
ensuring that no backup window nor local backup
solution is required for the Master Server.

Call Trustmarque today on
0845 2101 500

For further information contact Trustmarque Solutions on 0845 210 1500 or email

SOLUTIONS                                                WELCOME to the April issue of Solutions, the quarterly
MARKETING                                                publication from Trustmarque Solutions.
EDITOR: Andy Cleaver                                          I’m delighted to have joined Trustmarque in February to take                             over the reins as CEO and equally excited about the opportunity
DESIGNER: Alexandra Hawes                                to lead the company forward.
ADVERTISING: Zoey Woodward                                   Given the current economic downturn, organisations are
PUBLISHER: Mark Boorman                                  undoubtedly looking to IT to help make a difference, with the dual challenges
Solutions is published by Trustmarque                    of reducing operating costs and improving efficiency, and a continued business
Solutions, issued on a quarterly basis                   mantra of ‘doing more with less’.
and produced in-house by the marketing                       My view of the market is that the software and software services industry will
team. Solutions is designed to keep our
customers up-to-date with the latest news and            continue to grow, but that growth will be minimal. We’re already seeing spend
information on software and IT services.                 on hardware reducing but at some point that will level off. It’s also clear that
Articles published do not necessarily reflect             many customers are declining to refresh technology, system upgrades are being
the opinions of Trustmarque Solutions or of              prevented and more organisations will be looking to achieve cost savings at the
its employees. While every effort is made to             expense of innovation. These factors ensure a number of challenges across all
ensure that the contents of articles, editorial
and advertising are accurate no responsibility           industry verticals, with increased competition and an ever increasing requirement
can be accepted by Trustmarque Solutions                 to provide tangible value and greater levels of expertise to customers.
for errors, misrepresentation or any                         So how is Trustmarque equipped to cope with these challenges?
resulting effects.
                                                             Well, Trustmarque has been a strong performer in the last year. Our business
Printed on paper from a sustainable source.              is demonstrating year on year growth, but no company can afford to stand still
HEAD OFFICE                                              and we recognise the need to improve and develop the depth of our customer
Trustmarque Solutions Ltd
Trustmarque House, Alpha Court,
                                                         offerings and relationships to continue and realise the growth objectives we have
Monks Cross Drive, Huntington,                           set ourselves.
York YO32 9WN                                                Over the next six months, and as part of our strategy for growth, we’ll
T: 0845 2101 500                                         be looking to cross-skill and up-skill our people, develop new and improved
F: 0845 2101 520
E:                                  offerings, and bring new people into the business to manage the delivery of
W:                                   solutions to customers.
READING OFFICE                                               My long-term vision for Trustmarque as a company is to assume the mantle
Trustmarque Solutions Ltd                                of a solutions provider for software and software services. We want to be
Regus House, 400 Thames Valley Park Drive,               recognised as an organisation that innovates and can attract the very best                3
Reading RG6 1PT
T: 0118 9637 668                                         people in the business, from the customers we serve, to our partner community,
NORTHERN IRELAND OFFICE                                  right down to the people we employ.
Trustmarque Solutions Ltd                                    In this particular issue of Solutions, virtualisation is one of the hot topics that
Cathedral House, 23-31 Waring Street,                    is discussed and examined, as it remains a key growth area for Trustmarque, in
Belfast BT1 2DX                                          addition to our other core specialisms of infrastructure services, security and
T: 028 9043 6625
                                                         Software Asset Management. As we venture to deliver more value to all of our
Trustmarque Solutions Ltd                                customers, you will start to notice a difference in the way in which we engage with
Abbey House, 83 Princes Street,                          you for the remainder of 2009 as we strive toward making our company perform
Edinburgh EH2 2ER                                        better at every level.
T: 0131 247 7552
                                                         I hope you enjoy reading this issue.
Trustmarque Solutions Limited,
Registered in Britain 2183240.                           Regards,
Registered Office: Trustmarque House, Alpha Court,
Monks Cross Drive, Huntington, York, YO32 9WN.           Scott Haddow
                                                         CEO, Trustmarque Solutions

                                                    10   hot topic                                     14     SMARTWAYS
                                                                                                              TouchPoint Online Business
                                                         Are you contemplating
6    INFOSEC 2009
     Trustmarque partner with                            a virtual upheaval?                                  Continuity

                                                    12   VMWARE                                        15     NEW HORIZONS
                                                                                                              Tangible returns in business user
                                                         Virtualisation: where
     The need for effective reporting                    good management                                      productivity
                                                         equals good security
                                                                                                       16     SYMANTEC
     Global recession increasing the
                                                                                                              Protecting business-critical
                                                                                                              applications in a virtual
     risks to intellectual property                                                                           environment

9    ADOBE
     Can collaboration and security
                                                                                                       18     CA
                                                                                                              The recession, recovery
     exist in harmony?                                                                                        management and CA

                                                                                                     The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions       3

Trustmarque Solutions confirms its
commitment to being a
Carbonneutral® Company
Trustmarque Solutions             carbon offset and climate         chain and make it easier for
is offsetting its carbon          consulting businesses.            its customers to do the same,
emissions through                    Sue Welland from The           whilst setting an excellent
contributing to the               CarbonNeutral Company             environmental example to
Sterksei Biogas Project,          comments:                         the rest of the industry.”
which reduces methane                “It is fantastic that              Trustmarque has
emissions and displaced           Trustmarque is considering        CarbonNeutral® company
fossil fuels used to heat         the climate change impact         status. It has been working
local buildings. The              of its business and has taken     with The CarbonNeutral
project is run by The             steps to tackle its emissions.    Company (formerly Future
CarbonNeutral Company,            In doing so, Trustmarque is       Forests), leaders in the field
one of the world’s leading        helping to ‘green’ the supply     of carbon management and
                                                                    climate change solutions, for
                                                                    the past four years. In this
“It is fantastic that Trustmarque is                                time it has contributed to a
considering the climate change impact                               number of projects and has
                                                                    recently started to contribute
of its business and has taken steps to                              to the Sterksei Biogas Project
tackle its emissions”                                               to aid with the construction
                                                                    of biogas facilities at five
SUE WELLAND, CARBON NEUTRAL COMPANY                                 farms in the Netherlands.

                                                                      Trustmarque Solutions
Trustmarque Solutions wins                                            post strong results
£1.5 million contract to supply                                       Trustmarque Solutions closed its financial year 2008
SISyS security systems to Mod                                         with a record profit performance. Turnover grew from
                                                                      £111.8m to £116.8m. Additionally, as 2006/2007 was a
Trustmarque Solutions             the company won to supply           14 month period, the 12 month adjusted turnover grew
has formed a strategic            McAfee products to the MoD          by 22 percent. Like for like PBT also grew by over 30
partnership with SISYS,           in September.                       percent and reached £4.68m for the year, the highest in
the UK’s leading provider            SISYS has been a supplier        Trustmarque’s history.
of Integrated Security            to the MoD for over 15 years,          Paul Ferguson, Finance Director for Trustmarque
Management, to provide            providing a range of solutions      comments: “These results are extremely positive and
security access systems to        including; secure door              reflect the ability of Trustmarque to win business and
the Ministry of Defence (MoD)     entry systems, entry access         continue growing in a difficult economic climate. This
until 2010. The announcement      passes and the associated           puts us in a strong financial position and will allow us to
comes hot on the heels of a       hardware and software,              achieve further growth in the coming 12 months.”
four million pound contract       maintenance agreements                 Trustmarque Solutions has intensified its
                                  and the consumables, such           recruitment drive over the past year, and now has
                                  as cards. Following changes         over 100 employees, increasing by over 10 percent.
                                  to the Official Journal of          Additionally the company has completed a number
                                  the European Union (OJEU)           of key deals, including; the signing of a three year
                                  competition rules, SISYS            contract to supply encrypted and non-encrypted
                                  became aware that the MoD           hardware and software to the Ministry of Defence
                                  was looking to consolidate the      (MoD), a four million pound contract to supply anti-
                                  number of supply contracts          virus software from security vendor, McAfee, winning
                                  that it was dealing with,           the NHS Connecting for Health (CFH) 700,000 seat
                                  therefore the company took          tender with vendor McAfee, as well as a contract with
                                  the step to proactively search      the University Hospital of Hartlepool that needed to
                                  for the right partner for it to     move to a virtual environment.
                                  work with moving forward.

4   The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions

Trustmarque names                                                                                EVENTS
Scott haddow as new Ceo
                                                                                                    z INFOSEC
                                                                                                    EARLS COURT, LONDON
                                                                                                    28th-30th APRIL
                                                                                                    Trustmarque Solutions
                                                                                                    provides information
Trustmarque Solutions                                                                               security solutions and
is pleased to announce                                                                              services to organisations in
the appointment of Scott                                                                            public and private sectors.
Haddow as the company’s                                                                             We work with carefully
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)                                                                       selected partners who
effective 12th February                                                                             provide the range of security
                                                                                                    expertise required to meet
                                                                                                    the continually changing
    Scott has an outstanding                                                                        IT environment and risks.
track record in sales and                                                                           In order to compliment
operational excellence,                                                                             our increasing focus on
gained through over 10 years                                                                        information security we
experience working in the                                                                           will be sponsoring the
IT services sector and is                                                                           RandomStorm stand at this
therefore an ideal choice for                                                                       year’s Infosec Exhibition.
the Trustmarque post. Scott                                                                         Please come and visit us on
joins Trustmarque from New                                                                          stand G102.
Horizons Computer Learning
Centres, the world’s largest
                                                                                                    z GC LIVE
                                                                                                    EARLS COURT, LONDON
IT training business, where                                                                         9th-10th JUNE
he: increased margins by                                                                            As part of our ongoing
over 40 percent, completed                                                                          support and commitment
a smooth running acquisition                                                                        to working with public
and integration process,                                                                            sector organisations,
as well as implemented
                                 “Trustmarque helps companies to implement                          Trustmarque Solutions will
successful changes to            best of breed solutions that are provisioned                       be exhibiting at GC Expo
the company’s business                                                                              2009, the leading public
                                 in the best possible way, helping to de-risk                       sector IT event in the UK,
model. Scott has a firm
focus on the bottom line         projects, making businesses more agile,                            where public servants
                                                                                                    come to see the very latest
and has an impressive            reducing costs and allowing organisations to                       technologies in action and to
record of boosting revenues                                                                         discover the solutions to the
throughout his career, a         meet their software management challenges.                         challenges they face within
trend he is set to continue at   Effectively Trustmarque enables your                               government. It’s FREE to
Trustmarque.                                                                                        attend, so if Government IT
    Prior to his role at         business to do more with less, so it is a very                     strategy and implementation
New Horizons, Scott was          relevant offering for today’s market”                              is your area of responsibility,
Managing Director for                                                                               we hope that you will come
infrastructure services                                                                             to visit us on stand 636.
                                 SCOTT HADDOW, CEO, TRUSTMARQUE
provider, Computacenter
PLC (UK), in Scotland,
                                                                                                    z ACPO
                                                                                                    MANCHESTER CENTRAL
where he worked for eight                                                                           7th-9th JULY
years. Highlights during this    has been awarded numerous      increasing operational              Trustmarque Solutions
period included: increasing      performance awards and         efficiency. Trustmarque             places great focus on
revenues for the company by      accolades throughout his       helps companies to                  the police and security
18 percent and net margin by     career, and has a wide         implement best of                   industries with our specialist
22 percent throughout his        experience of the IT sales     breed solutions that are            team able to advise you
time as Managing Director,       and services sector, both      provisioned in the best             not only on the best
as well as being instrumental    public and private, making     possible way, helping to            products available, but also
in increasing revenues by        him the ideal selection to     de-risk projects, making            the leading issues within
                                                                businesses more agile,              this sector in terms of
70 percent during his time       take Trustmarque into future
                                                                                                    compliance, security and
as Client Director Scotland,     profitability.                 reducing costs and allowing
                                                                                                    cost savings. With this in
and by 40 percent as a              Scott Haddow, CEO for       organisations to meet their         mind we will be exhibiting at
Senior Account Manager.          Trustmarque, comments:         software management                 ACPO-APA 2009, the UK’s
Additionally, before starting    “We know that IT               challenges. Effectively             largest international policing
at Computacenter he grew         departments everywhere         Trustmarque enables your            exhibition, and we hope that
revenues at Thus PLC             are being challenged with      business to do more with            you will come and visit us on
(formerly Scottish Telecom)      reducing operating costs,      less, so it is a very relevant      stand C20.
from £250k pa to £3m. He         while simultaneously           offering for today’s market.”

                                                                                       The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions    5
      vulNEraBiliTy MaNagEMENT

Trustmarque partner with
RandomStorm at Infosec 2009
                                                                      Trustmarque Solutions will be
                                                                      joining forces with vulnerability
                                                                      management specialists,
                                                                      RandomStorm, at this year’s
                                                                      Infosecurity Europe Conference
                                                                      and Expo, which runs from
                                                                      28th to 30th April 2009.

        andomStorm is the         “We are keen to start exploring new areas                             reputation in the public
        leading Software                                                                                sector and we were very
        as a Service (SaaS)
                                  and expanding our services, particularly in                           impressed by the strength,
provider of proactive security    the security arena. This new partnership is                           depth and breadth of their
management solutions and                                                                                customer relationships.
                                  strategic for us in this sense”                                       Our products help
Trustmarque will be bundling
RandomStorm’s vulnerability       SCOTT HADDOW, CEO, TRUSTMARQUE                                        organisations to meet
management products into                                                                                regulatory requirements.
its overall security package                                                                            For example, we address
to customers.                                                                                           the key requirements of the
    The new partnership            of tools helps companies           further into the public sector,   Government Connect – Code
delivers a win/win for both        to maintain a high level           an area in which Trustmarque      of Connection Compliance
companies, as Scott Haddow,        of security, in line with          has extensive experience and      programme. Working with
CEO for Trustmarque                corporate risk and policy          a long standing track record.     a knowledgeable team who
Solutions, explains: “We are       compliance, without the               RandomStorm will seek to       really understands the
keen to start exploring new        need for major infrastructure      leverage these relationships      security market, regulations
areas and expanding our            investment or specialist skills,   to expand its customer            and the public sector – like
services, particularly in the      and fits in extremely well         base in the UK, as Robin          Trustmarque does – is crucial
security arena. This new           with the suite of products         Hill, Business Development        to us getting our message
partnership is strategic for us    and services we provide.”          Director for RandomStorm,         heard and understood and
in this sense.                        RandomStorm’s                   comments:                         we expect to see some big
    “RandomStorm has a             vulnerability management              “Trustmarque has an            wins coming out of the
very interesting and relevant      product enables any business       undeniably distinguished          relationship very soon.”z
offering. Now more than ever,      to regularly schedule
with increased regulation and      on-demand scans of their
risk of hackers and employee       networks to see if they have
                                                                         Trustmarque will be exhibiting with RandomStorm
malfeasance due to the             developed any vulnerabilities
                                                                         on Stand G102 at the upcoming Infosecurity Europe
recession, it is vital that        and whether security has
                                                                         Conference and Expo in Earls Court from 28th to 30th
organisations understand           been compromised. As
                                                                         April 2009. To find out more, please call us on
what is happening on their         RandomStorm’s offering can
                                                                         0845 2101 500 or email
networks and how vulnerable        help organisations ensure
they are to attacks.               regulatory compliance it is
RandomStorm’s range                particularly keen to expand

6   The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions
                                                  BuSiNESS iNTElligENCE

The need      E
                                       nterprise reporting        The ability to satisfy the vast
                                       is the process of          majority of end users through
                                       accessing data and         a highly customisable yet
                                formatting and delivering         common solution reduces the

for effective
                                it as information, whether        report proliferation that can
                                internally to business decision   often drain an organisation’s
                                makers, or externally to          productivity and cause

                                customers, suppliers or other     data conflicts.
                                key stakeholders. Reporting
                                requirements – and how            uBIQuITy ReAlly IS
                                these are addressed – are         The key
                                a fundamental part of any         The more people on board
                                Business Intelligence (BI)        with a reporting solution,
                                strategy. The most valuable       the greater the benefits
                                reports tend to be those that     that can be achieved,
                                combine data from multiple        including reduced training
                                sources into a single view.       costs, increased IT
                                    One of the biggest            efficiencies and a clear
                                obstacles to achieving            and unified picture of how
                                business goals is the failure     your business is doing
                                to empower employees with         – what we call “a single
                                the information and tools they    version of the truth”.
                                need to make decisions.
                                    Reporting used to be          dedICATed RePoRTIng
                                almost the sole preserve of       Dedicated reporting
                                IT: typically, an analyst would   platforms, such as Crystal
                                create reports and then deliver   Reports 2008, enable end
                                them to end users, allowing       users with relatively few
                                them only limited interaction.    technical skills to design,
                                End users would have to log       explore and deliver reports
                                a request for a customised        that provide a trusted
                                report, often causing an          foundation on which to
                                information bottleneck while      base decisions.
                                waiting for a highly specific         However, a report can
                                request to be met.                offer so much more than
                                                                  just a snapshot of your
                                new BReed                         business performance.
                                Nowadays, there is an             Visualisation software,
                                increasing trend away from        such as Xcelsius 2008,
Organisations of every size     this centralised model. A         enables end users to create
                                new breed of enterprise           insightful dashboards
and industry depend on formal   reporting tools is supporting     – compelling graphical
and informal reporting to       the devolution of control
                                over reporting to end users,
                                                                  displays based on a live
                                                                  data source – that illustrate
distribute information and      fostering greater self-
                                                                  the potential outcome of
                                                                  adjusting variables without
share knowledge. However, it       It may seem obvious, but
                                an enterprise reporting tool
                                                                  having to re-query the
                                                                  database or request a new
can be almost impossible to     that is intuitive to master and
                                flexible in the way it delivers
                                                                  report. This enables users
                                                                  to perform intuitive point-
determine the quality of the    information will be more widely
                                adopted by business users
                                                                  and-click business analysis
                                                                  – invaluable for modelling
raw data on which such casual   than one that is complex or       “what if...?” scenarios – and
                                only fulfils a limited number     execute decisions directly
reporting is based.             of reporting requirements.        from within a report. z

                                   For further information on SAP Business Objects products
                                   please contact Trustmarque Solutions on 0845 2101 500,
                                   alternatively email

                                                      The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions   7

shows global recession
increasing risks to
intellectual property
Together with McAfee, an international team of data
protection and intellectual property experts undertook
extensive research and surveyed more than 1,000 senior IT
decision makers in the US, UK, Japan, China, India, Brazil and
the Middle East regarding how they currently protect their
companies digital data assets and intellectual property.

                                                                                                   in information security
                                                                                                   and updating regulations
                                                                                                   to address the growing
                                                                                                   concern of protecting
                                                                                                   data assets, and those
                                                                                                   countries less concerned
                                                                                                   with the issue.
                                                                                                 ◆ Gain valuable insight from
                                                                                                   industry experts in data
                                                                                                   protection and intellectual
                                                                                                   property, including best
                                                                                                   practices for protecting
                                                                                                   the vital information of
                                                                                                   your organisation.
                                                                                                 ◆ Learn more about the
                                                                                                   issues of cybercrime and
                                                                                                   unsecured economies
                                                                                                   putting the world’s
                                                                                                   information assets at
                                                                                                   risk, how the trends could
                                                                                                   impact your organisation,
                                                                                                   and steps you can take to

        distributed network of    this ever-evolving global       ◆ Learn how organised crime,     build a stronger defence
        unsecured economies       business climate.                 employee turnover, reverse     against threats. ❚
        has emerged with                                            engineering, phishing
                                  ◆ Understand the potential
the globalisation of many                                           attacks and money mules      REGISTER NOW TO
                                    implications of doing
organisations, leaving                                              are putting your company     DOWNLOAD THE REPORT.
                                    business in specific
informational assets                                                data assets at risk.         http://resources.
                                    countries as it pertains to
even more at risk to theft                                        ◆ Discover which     
                                    securing your company’s
and misuse. This report                                             countries are investing      UnsecuredEconomiesReport
                                    informational assets.
investigates the cybercrime
risks in various global           ◆ Learn how culture may
                                                                     For further information on McAfee products please
economies, and the need             have an impact on attitudes
                                                                     contact Trustmarque Solutions on 0845 2101 500,
for organisations to take a         towards intellectual
                                                                     alternatively email
more holistic approach to           property and what types of
vulnerability management            information are considered
and risk mitigation in              sensitive and not.

8   The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions

unhappy bedfellows:
Can collaboration and security exist in harmony?

As the size of the public sector workforce has grown, the                                             depends on the behaviour
                                                                                                      of every individual.
need to collaborate effectively has become vital. Sharing                                             Government organisations
                                                                                                      and departments need
information, documents and plans across wide networks                                                 to collaborate and it is
of colleagues, departments and governmental bodies is an                                              individual workers at all
                                                                                                      levels that make this happen.
essential part of day-to-day business in the public                                                   But, every individual should
                                                                                                      be aware not only of the
sector. However, increased collaboration means                                                           potential security risks
that employees share more sensitive and                                                                   they can pose, but also of
                                                                                                          the simple yet effective
confidential information now than ever before.                                                                   steps they can take
                                                                                                                 to control these
                                                                                                                risks. Public sector
                                                                                                               organisations must

         re knowledge workers      popular methods amongst         that they pose a security          educate their employees,
         too complacent about      European knowledge workers      risk. 71 per cent of workers in    improve existing email-based
         the safety of sensitive   for sharing documents are       both the public and private        collaborative behaviour,
information which they             via email and attachments.      sectors implicitly believe that    and implement procedures
send? And does the pressure        The Forrester Research          the information they share         that, without constraining
to collaborate more quickly        found that to secure such       – regardless of the method         this ability to collaborate,
and efficiently actually put       shared information, less than   of sharing used – is safe          improve information security
organisations at critical risk?    40 per cent use passwords       and protected. As workers          at a document level. Most
    The sharing of sensitive       to protect confidential         expand the number of tools         organisations already have
information is commonplace.        documents. More than            and processes they use to          the tools to do this – they
Adobe commissioned                 one third still share paper     collaborate the problem will       just need to ensure everyone
Forrester Research to              copies and more than half       become further compounded.         uses them every time. When
survey European knowledge          acknowledge scanning paper         Unfortunately, there is         this is the case, then there
workers in the private and         documents to share with         no simple fix or solution;         need be no conflict between
public sector and found that       others once a month. These      security ultimately                collaboration and security. z
over 50 per cent of them           lax steps to ensure security
share documents containing         of sensitive information put
                                                                      For further information on Adobe products please
intellectual property or           the entire organisation or
                                                                      contact Trustmarque Solutions on 0845 2101 500,
confidential information           public authority at risk.
                                                                      alternatively email
more than once a month.               Part of the problem lies
    It perhaps comes as            with the fact that workers
little surprise that the most      don’t necessarily acknowledge

                                                                                           The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions   9
hot topic

Are you
a virtual
                                      n 2009, the IT agenda           of the barriers of cost and
                                      has shifted from effective      complexity. The upsurge in

 topped                               business growth to
                                   effective belt-tightening and
                                                                      data, increasing demand
                                                                      for fast deployment and

 Gartner’s                         the definition of effectiveness,
                                   which previously meant
                                                                      resilience, compliance,
                                                                      security, growing

 list of CIO’s                     technologies to help the
                                   organisation gain market
                                                                      infrastructure complexity,
                                                                      continued globalisation and

 priorities                        share and competitive
                                   edge, now translates into
                                                                      the need to lower costs,
                                                                      are all key drivers behind

 for 2009                          technologies and services that
                                   take costs out of the business,
                                                                      virtualisation. In fact,
                                                                      the faster organisations
                                   reduce expenditure on IT, and      virtualise the millions
                                   provide clearer visibility into    of servers that remain
                                   business performance.              unvirtualised today, the
                                      In challenging times,           sooner they can start
                                   organisations are crying           adding significant value
                                   out for solutions that will        on top, transforming static
                                   deliver cost efficiencies and      data centres into dynamic
                                   virtualisation is arguably         delivery centres where every
                                   the IT department’s most           application, desktop and
                                   powerful cost reduction            server workload is delivered
                                   tool. According to leading         as an on-demand service.
                                   monthly IT title, Information      And it’s not just server
                                   Age’s 2009 Effective IT            virtualisation. Enterprises
                                   Survey, virtualisation is an       are also familiar with storage
                                   indispensible part of any          virtualisation and they can      of computer resources, a
                                   modern IT infrastructure. The      even now reduce data centre      technique for hiding the
                                   survey demonstrated that           operating costs and simplify     physical characteristics of
                                   adoption of virtualisation had     management by virtualising       computing resources from
                                   gained pace over the past 12       all the I/O resources used to    the way in which other
                                   months. But virtualisation         connect servers and storage      systems, applications, or
                                   projects can be fraught with       platforms to the networks.       end users interact with
                                   problems and are therefore                                          these resources, providing
                                   daunting for any IT director to    So how doeS                      organisations with the
                                   undertake.                         VIRTuAlISATIon                   ability to ‘pool’ their
                                      That said, the imple-           ACTuAlly woRk?                   hardware resources, so
                                   mentation of virtualisation        It is a broad term that          that they appear as one
                                   is accelerating regardless         refers to the abstraction        single unit.

 10   The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions
                                                                                                                  hot topic
                                                                 “At Trustmarque, we’re experts in software
                                                                 licensing and Software Asset Management,
                                                                 and we understand virtualisation – both the
                                                                 opportunities and the pitfalls”

                                                                 Hospital of Hartlepool             in terms of software licensing
                                                                 successfully implemented a         and is putting increased
                                                                 hardware virtualisation project    pressure on organisations as
                                                                 and effectively reduced its        they try to ensure that they
                                                                 servers by 30 percent. Other       are tracking the software
                                                                 savings included space, power,     that is out there in the
                                                                 heat and the IT RoI has been       business and that its use –
                                                                 phenomenal. In the past            and their compliance – falls
                                                                 it would take a technician         within contractual terms.
                                                                 24 hours to build a server.        And the problem is likely to
                                                                 Now in the new virtualised         snowball. As the number
                                                                 environment, servers can be        of applications, operating
                                                                 rebuilt in a matter of minutes     systems and platforms that
                                                                 thanks to the work undertaken      can be virtualised increases,
                                                                 by Trustmarque’s virtualisation    so too do the number of
                                                                 specialists.                       choices an organisation must
                                                                     However, while the             make in planning its virtual
                                                                 virtualisation benefits may        environment. But worse still,
                                                                 seem clear, implementing a         poorly managed virtualisation
                                                                 successful project is not always   not only obscures software
                                                                 quite so straight-forward          licensing obligations, it may
                                                                 and requires experience and        also leave the organisation
                                                                 knowledge and a trusted            exposed to unexpected costs,
                                                                 advisor to help guide              rather than delivering those
                                                                 organisations through the          much anticipated cost savings.
                                                                 implementation.                        At Trustmarque, we’re
                                                                     Additionally, there is a       experts in software
                                                                 sense of unease among IT           licensing and Software
                                                                 professionals when it comes        Asset Management, and we
                                                                 to the management of               understand virtualisation –
                                                                 software licences in a virtual     both the opportunities and
                                                                 world – a sense that existing      the pitfalls – so we can help
                                                                 licensing models and the           move organisations to a new
                                                                 ability to police licences has     virtual environment with many
                                                                 fallen out of step with virtual    examples of the cost savings to
                                                                 software deployment. Through       be gained in the process. Our
                                                                 virtualisation, developers are     virtualisation team will ensure
                                                                 able to bring services online      that your project is successful
                                                                 and have a whole application       and delivers the returns you
                                                                 environment up and running         were expecting. Upfront we
                                                                 in a matter of minutes. This       will examine your current
                                                                 scenario is almost certain         environment, investigate the
                                                                 to put companies adopting          potential costs and savings,
                                                                 virtualisation in breach of        and help you plan a virtual
   A successful virtualisation   u Enhanced security and         the many different software        infrastructure implementation.
project can deliver a host of      virus protection              licence agreements they have           In 2009 there will be
benefits such as:                u Administration                for operating systems and          increased cost cutting and
                                   improvements to the user      application software, because      ‘do more with less’ pressures
u Savings on hardware,                                           the simple fact is that these      on IT. New projects will be
  power and environmental          experience
                                                                 software agreements were           cancelled unless resources
  costs, management and          u Tasks such as system          never intended to deal with this   (hardware, software and
  administration of the            migration, backup and         new complexity.                    people) can be freed up
  server infrastructure            recovery become easier                                           elsewhere. Fortunately,
                                   and more manageable           deAlIng wITh The                   virtualisation really can help
u Provisioning efficiency and
  more rapid deployment          u Savings on licensing costs    ChAllengeS                         deliver these resources and
                                                                 Virtualisation therefore           savings – assuming you get it
u Easier software migration        For example, the University   represents a serious challenge     right, of course! z

                                                                                       The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions   11
      virTualiSaTiON MaNagEMENT

     Virtualisation: where go
     management equals go

Sales of virtualisation
                                                       et in the gold rush        A TRAdITIonAl
                                                       to virtualise, are         SeCuRITy Model
technology are buoyant in these                        businesses paying
                                               enough attention to securing
                                                                                  Physical IT environment
                                                                                  security practices are well
recessionary times. Perhaps                    their virtual machines? What
                                               are the risks? And what
                                                                                  established. At the network
                                                                                  perimeter are firewalls and
it’s not surprising given the                  lessons can we take from
                                               the physical world into the
                                                                                  intrusion protection and
                                                                                  detection systems looking for
promise of virtualisation to                   virtual?                           suspicious network traffic or
                                                   The divorce between the        content, and unusual volume
reduce hardware and operating                  physical and virtual worlds        and anomalies.
                                               poses some unique challenges          Going in from the perimeter,
costs by up to 50 percent; slash               for those struggling to secure     content analysis systems
                                               it. For example, the hypervisor,   protect against data loss and
energy bills; reduce property                  which sits on top of a host        information leakage through
                                               server’s operating system,         email and web filtering,
space and administration costs;                introduces a new layer of          whilst anti-virus and anti-
                                               privileged software that can       malware provide an overlay
and roll out new systems and                   be attacked. Once one virtual      of protection. A security

applications easily and rapidly.               machine is infected, it can
                                               spread rapidly to other virtual
                                                                                  management system completes
                                                                                  the picture: setting security
                                               machines, as each virtual          policies; auditing network
                                               machine on the host is likely      access; and consolidating
                                               to share common attributes.        and correlating security

12   The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions
                                                                          products specifically for           and software meeting

                                                                          virtualised environments.           prescribed specifications and
                                                                          VMware helped this process          essentially bubble-wrapped
                                                                          by opening some of the              against viruses, spyware and
                                                                          secrets of its hypervisor with      other malware. Only when all
                                                                          an API called Vsafe. This           the proper authorisations,

ood security
                                                                          program allows developers           checks and IT hoops are
                                                                          to develop security software        jumped through should a new
                                                                          that talks to the hypervisor        server, application or user be
                                                                          – scanning the memory of a          authorised.
                                                                          host virtualisation server to           In contrast, a few mouse
                                                                          look for viruses or unusual         clicks is what is needed to
                                                                          signatures, or checking             establish a virtual machine. An
                                                                          sent and received packets           attacker need not even know
                                                                          for anomalies. Because the          where the real-world host
                                                                          API abstracts functionality         server is located. All they need
                                                                          from the kernel it cannot           is administrator privileges and
                                                                          be accessed directly and            they can run amok. They can
                                                                          therefore hacked.                   create virtual machines from
                                                                                                              a template, call it anything
                                                                          2. Take physical world              and place it anywhere on
                                                                          concepts into the                   the network. An attacker
                                                                          Virtual World                       uploading malware can, with
                                                                          The second is to take physical      a few mouse clicks, erase
                                                                          world concepts and integrate        their virus-infected virtual
                                                                          them into the virtual world.        machine after the damage is
                                                                          This was done successfully          done. It’s that easy.
                                                                          with application delivery               The potential cost of such
                                                                          devices that plug into standard     a breach may be enormous.
                                                                          and proprietary ports on            But this simply underlines
                                                                          virtual machines.                   the requirement for well
                                                                                                              defined security management.
                                                                          3. Port physical world              Exception management for
                                                                          products into the                   example, will dictate what
                                                                          Virtual World                       a virtual machine can be
                                                                          The third is to take physical       plugged into or not. Without
                                                                          world products and port them        such control, who is to stop
                                                                          into a virtual world. This is far   someone provisioning the
                                                                          from optimal as performance         memory on a host server to
                                                                          is often impacted.                  run a SETI-type program?
                                                                                                              The consequent impact on
  alerts – essentially helping         firewall. While they perform a
                                                                          SeCuRITy PlAyIng                    web servers may be the
  the administrator to prioritise      valuable function, segregating
                                                                          CATCh-uP                            same as a hostile Denial of
  alerts – sorting the “wheat          virtual servers, they are
                                                                          In reality, most security           Service attack.
  from the chaff” in terms of          nevertheless part of the virtual
                                                                          vendors are playing catch-up.           For now, we are still
  what needs prompt attention.         infrastructure, so any latent
                                                                          But as vendors scramble to          in the early days of the
     The good news is that             flaw in that infrastructure
                                                                          fill the void, IT administrators    virtualisation gold rush, and
  this trusted model applies           could potentially compromise
                                                                          should not forget that it is        those selling the picks and
  to virtualised environments          the rest of the network. So
                                                                          “good management” that              shovels – the security tools
  as well. The bad news is that        why not import physical world
                                                                          leads to good security.             and consultancy services –
  you cannot simply port it            security solutions into virtual
                                                                               Just because the               stand to do well. Provided
  straight into a virtualised          environments? Well, they do
                                                                          environment is virtual does         none of us forget that what
  environment. Sadly, the              not always work and when
                                                                          not mean the security rule          we learned in the real world
  development of virtualised           they do, there often is a trade-
                                                                          book is tossed out the window.      applies just as much in
  solutions has outpaced the           off in terms of memory and
                                                                          For example, no server              the virtual world, then the
  development of virtual world         performance.
                                                                          should be connected to the          promise of virtualisation will
  security solutions.
                                                                          network without hardware            hold true. z
                                       ThRee APPRoACheS
  BuT SoMe ThIngS                      There are three approaches to
  don’T ChAnge                         developing security products
                                                                             For further information on VMware products please
  In the virtual world a physical      for virtualised environments.
                                                                             contact Trustmarque Solutions on 0845 2101 500,
  firewall still affords the highest
                                                                             alternatively email
  form of protection. Few              1. Security products tailor-
  administrators would invest          made for Virtualisation
  complete faith in a virtual          The first is to make security

                                                                                                  The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions   13
      virTualiSaTiON TECHNOlOgiES

IT disaster
TouchPoint Online Business Continuity (OBC) uses virtualisation
technologies to provide a secure, online business continuity
service for use in IT Disaster Recovery situations, irrespective
of whether the originating systems are physical or virtual.

       he TouchPoint service      backup strategy to be fully     to allow users a familiar       the Recovery Point Objective
       enables replacement        effective, the backup data      login to the systems. These     a number of services are
       systems to become          should also be held offsite,    methods range from Citrix or    available, these include
fully operational within          be secure, easy to validate,    Microsoft Terminal Services     Continuous Data Protection
hours not days and without        easy to access and able to be   to VPN or HTTPS. As a           (CDP) and Message Level
the capital expenditure           recovered rapidly whenever      Microsoft Service Provider,     Restore (MLR). CDP triggers
of additional redundant           necessary.                      monthly licensing terms are     a backup when data changes
hardware and software as              This is all provided        available under SPLA, to        occur or at closely scheduled
found in workplace recovery       within Touchpoint, a fully      address short-term Disaster     intervals, MLR captures every
or replication solutions.         automated & secure online       Recovery scenarios.             mailbox change allowing
   Data Backup and Business       backup service from                                             recovery to brick level. Each
Continuity Management are         Smartways. TouchPoint OBC,      SeCuRe                          service can be enabled on a
two issues organisations          extends online backup into      The VMDK file of each server    per user, or per application
have to address on a daily        Business Continuity with the    is securely held offsite in     basis at no additional
basis and virtualisation is       recovery of VMware VMDK         a backup vault, daily delta     licensing cost.
able to ease the pain of          files into hosted ESX servers   block level changes are             Under a client driven
these challenges. Having a        provisioned at our centrally    de-duplicated, compressed,      Service Level Agreement,
complete working backup           located Northampton data        encrypted and transmitted,      and to a pre-agreed
of vital information forms        centre. Once live, a wide       allowing the VMDK files to      schedule of application,
a major part of a Business        range of secure remote          be fully maintained and kept    server recovery and user
Continuity plan. For a            access methods are available    up-to-date with the minimum     provisioning, the systems
                                                                  demand on external              are made live, allowing user
                                                                  bandwidth.                      access to the recovered
                                                                      TouchPoint OBC is invoked   systems from alternate
     For further information on Smartways products please
                                                                  by restoring virtual systems    offices, home, or even
     contact Trustmarque Solutions on 0845 2101 500,
                                                                  into an operational VMware      workplace recovery facilities
     alternatively email
                                                                  ESX environment using the       at a fraction of the cost of
                                                                  most current VMDK’s held in     traditional replication and
                                                                  the backup set. To minimise     failover solutions. z

14   The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions

Improving business
user productivity
With Office 2007 and MS Vista
migrations continuing to increase,
how do you ensure that your
investment delivers tangible returns
in business user productivity?

         inimising the            on the perceived value of the        This approach however           Customers can call the office
         business impact          new environment by the user.      does not address the               hour’s helpdesk number and
         on users during             The challenge to IT            increased calls to an              be confident that a certified
technology upgrades               Managers remains – how do         organisations internal             Microsoft Office Professional
continues to challenge end-       I provide a learning solution     helpdesk which spike               will field their enquiry and
user computing managers           to my user community that         during end user technology         provide a resolution first time.
regardless of economic            shows them only what they         migrations. End users are              The helpdesk agent can
conditions or market sector.      need to know about their          often left frustrated in dealing   also advise on how to access
    While providing a common      new environment in a cost         with 1st line support for these    and gain the best from the
operating environment will        effective manner, without         types of calls and rarely gain     eLearning content provided
reduce support costs and          sending them to multiple          the specific resolution at first   as part of the solution and, if
enable tighter service levels     external events which involve     contact and thus need to wait      necessary arrange for the user
to be agreed with internal or     time away from the office         for a return call.                 to receive desk-side support at
external service providers, how   and cover much of what they          The New Horizons                a convenient time for them.
do you ensure that the user       already know?                     approach to supporting end             In listening to clients with
is able to effectively utilise                                                                         similar challenges New
the improved functionality of                                                                          Horizons has developed
these systems?                    “The training we received was very beneficial in                      this range of services to
    Traditionally a user has      helping with our roll out of the system. It made                     maximise the exploitation of
often arrived at their desk to                                                                         office productivity software
find a new laptop or desktop
                                  the whole process a lot smoother and problem                         by end users and enhance
complete with upgraded            free. Staff grasped the new system a lot                             their learning experience.
office software. In most          quicker than we expected due to the training                             By attending a bite-size
instances 1st line support is                                                                          instructor led class, (typically
provided via the IT helpdesk      they received. Having a trainer on site during                       2-4 hours) having access to
and the user is left to           the day of the roll out really helped tackle any                     high quality on-line reference
navigate their way around a       teething problems immediately.”                                      material, a live helpdesk and
new image that looks familiar                                                                          the opportunity to schedule
but has some enhancements         VICKI MARSH, HR AND TRAINING MANAGER,                                1:1 help where required, the
that would improve their          PENROSE FINANCIAL                                                    user is supported at four
productivity if only they knew                                                                         different points in the process
how to access them.                                                                                    with each point reinforcing
    This approach often leads        An increasing number of        user migrations builds on this     the other allowing complete
to high cost individuals          organisations are looking to      blended learning approach          flexibility to the individual,
never being in a position         answer these questions by         still further by adding            and a cost effective method
to exploit the new features       implementing blended learning     helpdesk and floor walking          of knowledge transfer to
and functions contained           solutions which leverage          services to the solution.          the business. z
through a lack of knowledge.      tried and tested instructor led
IT departments have tended        classes with proven eLearning
to assume that with desktop       modules. These allow the user
                                                                       For further information on New Horizons’ training
technology being more             to study in their own time
                                                                       solutions please contact Trustmarque Solutions on
pervasive in our home lives       and target only the specific
                                                                       0845 2101 500, alternatively email
we are, to a degree, self-        areas that they need to
educating.                        improve their productivity and
    This has a direct impact      knowledge base.

                                                                                           The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions   15
      SErvEr virTualiSaTiON

Protecting business-critical app
Server virtualisation is becoming increasingly
                                                          ith these benefits
                                                          come new
                                                          challenges. Before
common in the modern data centre.                server virtualisation, a
                                                 physical server failure
Implementing server virtualisation enables       would likely result in a
                                                 single application outage.
businesses to consolidate the application        However, in a consolidated
                                                 virtual server environment,
workload of multiple servers onto a smaller      a physical server outage
                                                 now has the potential
number of physical hosts, resulting in           to affect tens of virtual
                                                 servers, bringing down

improved hardware utilisation, fewer physical    many applications. This
                                                 places a renewed emphasis
                                                 on high availability and
servers, and considerable cost savings.          disaster recovery (HA/DR)

16   The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions
plications in a virtual environment
   in the data centre. Where          server architecture shouldn’t
   in the past service-level          require compromises
   agreements (SLAs) for a            in terms of HA and DR.
   single application running         Symantec introduces
   on a single physical box           VERITAS Cluster Server
   may not have warranted             for VMware ESX Server, a
   consideration for HA/DR,           new release of the market-
   when consolidating many            leading, cross-platform
   applications onto a single         clustering software.
   physical host, high availability       VERITAS Cluster Server
   for that host suddenly             has been tailored specifically
   becomes paramount.                 for VMware Infrastructure 3.
      To address the HA/DR                Using VERITAS Cluster
   needs of their virtual server      Server for VMware ESX
   environment, companies             Server, organisations can
   must choose between                continue to benefit from
   adapting existing HA/DR            adopting a single standard
   solutions (solutions that were     for all their HA and DR needs,
   designed for physical server       across both physical and
   architectures), or adopting        virtual server environments.     such as VMware are including       “While virtualisation
   new HA/DR solutions that               VERITAS Cluster Server       HA/DR solutions with their
   are designed specifically for      for VMware is a server           virtual server products.
                                                                                                          vendors may
   virtual server environments.       clustering solution that             While virtualisation           provide introductory
      A production-class HA/DR        runs on ESX Server and is        vendors may provide
   solution for business-critical     designed to protect against      introductory availability
                                                                                                          availability and
   applications should provide:       outages that affect the          and disaster recovery              disaster recovery
   u Monitoring of the                availability of applications     solutions, for business-critical   solutions, for
     application and application      running inside VMware virtual    applications, companies need
     resources, including the         machines. Where VMware           to turn to more robust, proven     business-critical
     virtual machine, network         HA protection is limited to      solutions. With VERITAS            applications,
     components, storage              protecting against physical      Cluster Server for VMware
                                      ESX Server failures, VERITAS     ESX Server, companies will         companies need to
     components, and the
     physical server                  Cluster Server for VMware        benefit from protection not        turn to more robust,
                                      adds additional protection for   only from physical server
   u Notification during a            individual virtual machines,     failures, but also from outages    proven solutions”
     failure of any of those          applications running inside      that affect individual virtual
     resources                        the virtual machines, and        machines and the applications         With VERITAS Cluster
   u Automated failover within        the underlying storage and       running inside them.               Server for VMware,
     the same data centre or to       network components.                  In addition to providing       companies can continue
     remote data centres                  In addition to providing     local high availability,           to benefit from adopting
                                      local availability, VERITAS      VERITAS Cluster Server for         VERITAS Cluster Server as
      Ideally, this HA/DR             Cluster Server for VMware        VMware provides DR support         their company-standard
   solution should provide            also provides automated          by allowing geographically         HA/DR solution. The same
   the same functionality             disaster recovery for VMware     dispersed clusters to be           industry-leading solution
   across physical and virtual        virtual server environments.     linked together. When              companies have relied on
   environments and single                                             combined with replication          for years to protect their
   management across all of           To SuMMARISe...                  technologies, VERITAS              physical server environments
   a data centre’s IT platforms       As companies implement           Cluster Server for VMware          can now be used to protect
   to increase operating              server virtualisation in their   can provide automated wide         their VMware virtual server
   efficiencies and reduce            data centres and transition      area failover.                     environments. z
   operating costs.                   from a one-application /
                                      one-server architecture
   InTRoduCIng                        to a highly consolidated
                                                                          For further information on Symantec products please
   VeRITAS CluSTeR                    virtual server environment,
                                                                          contact Trustmarque Solutions on 0845 2101 500,
   SeRVeR FoR VMwARe                  the importance of HA/
                                                                          alternatively email
   Moving from a physical             DR increases. With this
   server architecture to a           renewed emphasis on HA/
   highly consolidated virtual        DR virtualisation, vendors

                                                                                             The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions   17
      rECOvEry MaNagEMENT

The recession,
management & CA
In the current economic climate, exactly what is the cost to
IT of a recession and what risks are there that the recession
will decline into the first depression since the 1930’s?

“There has been a                       he majority of                 Even if everything goes         proposals and justifications.
                                        us are familiar             according to plan, the             Possibly IT projects are being
prolonged period                        if not somewhat             Institute for Fiscal Studies       put on hold – indefinitely,
of denial about                   uncomfortable with the            (IFS) points out that it will be   there are reductions in staff,
                                  prospect of managing our          “the early 2030’s before debt      and assets are being sold to
this recession,
                                  way through a recession,          returns below the ceiling of       cover the day-to-day running
both corporate and                but how many businesses           40% of national income”            of the business. When a
individual denial”                are positioned to ride and        that Gordon Brown set as one       business shrinks, so does its
                                  survive the fall-out to IT from   of his key fiscal rules in 1997.   IT department and resources.
JAMES WHITE,                      a possible depression?            The IFS also points out that           Maslow’s Hierarchy of
CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS                                                  independent forecasters are        Needs dictates that in times
ARCHITECT FROM CA                 The BAd newS                      on average more pessimistic        of crisis, the bare motivation
                                  The UK economy has shrunk         than the Treasury about            is survival.
                                  for the second successive         the length and depth of the
                                  quarter meaning that the          recession.                         So how do we SuRVIVe?
                                  country is now technically           Comparisons with the            – The good newS
                                  in recession.                     1930’s have tended to focus        James White, Customer
                                               This recession is    on the numbers – a lack of         Solutions Architect from CA
                                           predicted to cost the    growth and waning consumer         comments:
                                           chancellor £50bn a       confidence, an increase in             “There has been a
                                           year (3.5% of GDP)       business failures and job          prolonged period of denial
                                           in lost tax receipts     losses, collapsing stock           about this recession, both
                                           and higher social        markets and currencies and         corporate and individual
                                           security spending,       panicky runs on banks.             denial.
                                           with the government         The biggest question of             “This is an understandable
                                           projecting a budget      course is how bad is it going      reaction but it is far better
                                           deficit exceeding        to get?                            if we move quickly into
                                           £100bn in the                                               acceptance and seize
                                           coming year.             The IT PeRSPeCTIVe –               the opportunity to take
                                               In its pre-Budget    whAT IS hAPPenIng?                 advantage of the latest
                                           report in November,      There is limited, if any budget    operational management
                                           the government has       available for IT “Nice to          tools with their high degree
                                           already stated that      have” projects. Discretionary      of automation and which
                                           it will implement        spend is being withdrawn           provide proven and rapid
                                           spending cuts and        and in order to bolster IT         ROI and de-risking: both
                                           tax increases adding     environments with “Need            fundamental criteria to
                                           up to £38bn by           to have” requirements,             respond to recessionary
                                           2015-16.                 there needs to be business         pressure.“

18   The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions
    Acknowledging that the        “The recession will end and we should aim to                     its ability to contribute to
current economic climate                                                                           the overall survival of your
is grim, and preparing
                                  ensure the actions we take in the interim                        company. Apply the above
for survival both on a            have the potential to ensure increased agility                   strategy and investigate
personal and business                                                                              where savings can be made
level is the first step to
                                  for the post recessionary recovery”
                                                                                                   to provide a more streamlined
recovery. By identifying the      JAMES WHITE, CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT FROM CA                more cost effective IT
requirements to survive and                                                                        department. Align your
placing emphasis on these                                                                          business with IT resellers and
                                  exposure and risk from both      who understand the
requirements, any business                                                                         vendors who have already
                                  a cost and data integrity        impact on your business
will be in a far stronger                                                                          implemented their own
                                  perspective.                   u IT License Consolidations
position to overcome the                                                                           survival plan and have the
downturn. The good news is           An Enforced Survival          – consider consolidating        experience and flexibility to
that IT genuinely is Business     Plan should:                     your software                   contribute to yours.
Critical – the most important     u Reduce costs                   maintenance renewals to             James White continues:
asset any company has is its                                       improve budget control          “The recession will end and
data – the protection of this     u Protect and Secure
                                                                 u Modular deployment –            we should aim to ensure the
data is therefore critical to a   u Include Changed strategic      deploy IT as and when you       actions we take in the interim
business’s ability to survive.      priorities (shorter time       need it and align yourself      have the potential to ensure
    More than ever before           line)                          closely to a vendor who is      increased agility for the post
IT departments need to be         u Redirect reduced spend         flexible enough to assist        recessionary recovery.”
run as a business. The key                                         and support this                    The Chinese symbol for
strategies for any business       u Accelerate cost saving
                                                                                                   crisis encompasses both
and therefore any IT                and risk containment
                                                                 whAT neXT?                        danger and opportunity –
department are:                     programs
                                                                 The economic downturn is a        view the economic downturn
u Consolidation                   ConSIdeRATIonS FoR             reality and is already causing    as an opportunity to create a
                                  A SuRVIVAl PlAn:               a major IT buying dislocation.    more efficient and strategic
u Simplification
                                  u SaaS (Software as a          Assess your IT department         IT business for today and
u Standardisation                                                as a business, and judge          the future. z
                                    Service) – dramatically
                                    reduces & de-risks the
The outcome of implementing         initial IT investment           For further information on how CA can assist you
this strategy should result in
                                  u Virtualisation – increased      with the above strategy, including savings of up to
a company making significant
                                    utilisation, reduced            70% off Recovery Management Software and
savings but reaching the
                                    P&T and a greener               flexible licensing options please contact Trustmarque
same goal, and reducing the
                                    environment                     Solutions on 0845 2101 500, alternatively
time to value of any IT spend
from less than six months to      u Vendor consolidation –
immediate, thus decreasing          align yourself to vendors

                                                                                       The Magazine from Trustmarque Solutions   19
With Trustmarque you’ll experience

A remarkable difference
Established in 1987, Trustmarque is         as partnering with many other major
one of the largest software licensing       vendors in the IT market, such as:
companies in the UK specialising in         Adobe, Business Objects, CA, Citrix,
all facets of software management           McAfee, Nuance, Sophos, Symantec,
– from licensing to Software Asset          Trend, VMware and Websense to name
Management, from compliance to              but a few.
security and information assurance,
                                            Trustmarque Solutions has worked
from policies to procedures and best
                                            with The CarbonNeutral Company
practice. Trustmarque works with its
                                            (formerly Future Forests) leaders in
customers to help them make the
                                            the field of carbon management and
ultimate software choices for their
                                            climate change solutions to become a
business in the most cost efficient
                                            CarbonNeutral® company.
way possible. Through its know-how
and experience, Trustmarque can
help customers avoid unnecessary IT
costs, deploy best practice IT as well as    For more information on
mitigate the risk of IT non-compliance.      Trustmarque please call
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Trustmarque is a Microsoft Large             email
Account Reseller (LAR) with Microsoft
Gold Certified Partner status, as well