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View the Jarbar Menu - Mains Salad Burgers Desserts Panninis

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					Starters                                                                       Mains
Breaded Deep Fried Brie                                               £4.25    Sausage & Mash                                                                 £7.95
Served with a rich redcurrant sauce & mixed leaves                             Classic Cumberland sausage & creamy mustard mashed potato,
                                                                               served with a large helping of onion gravy
Chicken Goujons                                                       £4.75
Served on a bed of mixed leaves, coated in a chilli & ginger glaze             Fish & Chips                                                                   £8.95
                                                                               A prime cut of fresh fish coated in crispy batter,
Filo Prawns                                                           £4.95    served with chunky chips & mushy peas
Prawns wrapped in crispy filo pastry, served on a bed of
mixed leaves with a curried mayonnaise dip                                     Baked Salmon Linguini                                                          £8.95
                                                                               Smoked salmon baked in a garlic, lemon & cream sauce,
Homemade Soup of the Day                                              £3.25
Served with bloomer bread, ask your server for today’s flavour                  served on a bed of linguini & sprinkled with dill

Garlic Mushrooms (v)                                                  £4.25    Spicy Meatballs                                                                £8.95
Topped with melted Brie, mixed salad & garlic mayonnaise                       Succulent meatballs in a rich & spicy tomato sauce,
                                                                               served over a bed of linguini with grated Parmesan
Garlic Bread (v)                                                      £2.45    Add Garlic Bread for £1.00
Smothered in garlic butter, toasted & served with a mixed salad
Add cheese for £0.60                                                           Mushroom Stroganoff (v)                                                         £7.95
                                                                               Wild mushrooms in a stroganoff sauce & served with boiled basmati rice
Peking Duck                                                           £5.95
Served in a plum glaze with warm tortillas,                                    Fajitas
fresh cucumber & spring onion                                                  Stir fried with peppers & onion in a Mexican fajita spice, served on
Lattice Fries (v)                                                     £3.95    a sizzling hot plate with warm tortillas, sour cream, salsa & guacamole
Served with sour cream and spicy salsa dip
                                                                               Chicken                                                                        £8.75
Nachos (v)                                                            £3.95    Vegetable (v)                                                                  £7.95
Drizzled with melted cheese, served with sour cream,
spicy salsa & guacamole                                                        Rump Steak                                                                     £9.95
Add Chilli or Chicken for £2.00                                                8oz prime rump, served with a grilled tomato,
                                                                               mushrooms & creamy mustard mash
                                                                               Add Pepper Sauce or Mushroom Sauce for £0.99

Platters to Share
Jar Bar Platter                                                       £10.95   Burgers
Spicy buffalo wings, lattice fries, garlic mushroom with melted Brie            Jar Bar Classic                                                                £7.95
& filo prawns, served with BBQ, garlic mayonnaise                               Two 4oz beef burgers served with fried onions & crispy bacon then
and sweet chilli dips
                                                                               rounded off with a thick slice of mozzarella
Greek Platter                                                         £10.95
Feta cheese, mixed olives, houmous,                                            Mexican Burger                                                                 £7.95
bread selection & chicken & herb satay                                         Two 4oz beef burgers with jalepeno peppers & a spicy salsa sauce
                                                                               & a cool sour cream & chive dip

                                                                               Cheese Burger                                                                  £6.95
Panninis & Wraps                                                               Two 4oz beef burgers simply topped with melting mozzarella

                                                                               Veggie Burger (v)                                                              £6.95
Skipjack tuna flakes bound in mayonnaise & spring onion £4.99                   Vegetables bound in golden breadcrumbs & topped with
                                                                               baby leaf spinach, buffalo mozzarella & freshly sliced tomato
Goujons of breaded chicken coated in sweet chilli sauce               £4.99
                                                                               Cajun Burger                                                                   £7.95
Chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, sliced tomato & mayonnaise £5.99               Spicy Cajun coated breast of chicken with tomato, rocket & melting Brie
Tender Steak Strips with garlic mushrooms & Stilton                   £5.99    Chilli Burger                                                                  £7.95
                                                                               Two 4oz beef burgers served with spicy beef chilli, sour cream & jalepenos
Dragon Sausage with mozzarella and onion                              £5.99
Goat’s cheese with roasted vegetables                                                            All of our meat is supplied by locally based butchers
and sweet chilli sauce (v)                                            £4.99    All of our burgers are served in toasted buns with shoestring fries and mixed leaf salad
                                                                                                         Upgrade to lattice fries for £1.95 extra
Peking Duck in a plum glaze with,
fresh cucumber & spring onion (v)                                     £5.99                         All weights are approximate prior to cooking.
                                                                                     We are unable to guarantee that any items are free from nuts or derivatives.
                                                                                       If you have any special dietary requirement please inform your server.

Chicken Caesar
Our classic popular salad, chicken strips with grated Parmesan
and crispy croutons
                                                                               Chocolate Fudge Cake                                                           £3.95
Steak Strips                                                          £9.95    Sticky Toffee Pudding                                                           £3.95
Steak strips with homemade potato strips, carefully tossed
with selected spices & topped with sour cream & chive                          Ice Cream                                                                      £3.95
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