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					     Please tear off form below and place into the offering bag or hand to the Pastor
                                            Welcome                                                                                           Casey
 Welcome to our church family today. We invite you to share a little bit about yourself so we can
 become better acquainted and perhaps serve you in some way.                                                                CHURCH BULLETIN
 Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
 Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________                                         Sabbath, 8th May 2010
 Home Phone: __________________________          Mobile: ________________________________
                                                      Birthday (Day & Month only): ______________
     I am a frequent visitor here
     I am just visiting here for a short while from _________________________________________
     I am worshipping here for the first time
     I am interested in learning more about Seventh-Day Adventists
     I would welcome a course of Bible studies
     I am interested in Baptism
     I would like to suggest: __________________________________________________________
     I would like to transfer my membership to the Casey Church family.
 My membership is now at the ________________________________________________ church.
 City: ________________________________             State: ________________________________


 This week we started our "Living Well" series - running every Tuesday during the month of
 May at Heritage College. The topic of "Understanding Anger" was attended by 25 people
 who enjoyed Ray Slade's information and the discussion that followed. This Tuesday's
                                                                                                       ADVENTIST CHURCH
 topic is "Parenting Teenagers". Come along for a 7.30pm start on Tuesday (333 Centre
 Road, Narre Warren South).

 We've also begun our "Discovering Christianity" program looking at the core beliefs of
 Christianity. Contact me if you have any questions or would like to attend (0406 700 265
 or Also, keep an eye out for the start of our new series on the                                     Services of Casey Church
 book of Revelation.
                                                                                                                              Lyndhurst Secondary College
 This weekend marks Mother's Day. We're blessed by the mothers in our community and                                  950, South Gippsland Highway, Cranbourne, 3977
 hope that you can honour the women in your life with something meaningful. We're
 blessed to have Pr. David Butcher visiting with us this Sabbath to share a Mother's Day             Sabbath School Preliminary Program             -     9:30 am to 9.50 am
                                                                                                     Sabbath School Group Discussions               -     9:50 am to 10.50 am
 We're glad you're at church today.                                                                  Divine Service                                 -    11.00 am to 12:15 pm

                                                                                                    Casey Church Contact Details:

David Riley                                                                                          Pastor David Riley :   0406 700 265 or
                                                                                                     Head Elder Mr John St Mart :   0410 658 970
                                                                                                     Intern Pastor Matt Potts : 0438 574 818 or
                       Welcome to Worship at                                                              CONFERENCE NEWS                        African Adventist Day of Fellowship
                 Casey Seventh-Day Adventist Church                                                                                              You’re invited to a day of Fellowship
                                                                                              ABC notice                                         organized by African Adventists which
  CASEY CHURCH NEWS                            Prayer Meeting                                 The Adventist Book Centre team would like          include a Church Service and a special
                                                  Will be held at 7.30pm this coming          to inform church members and friends that          afternoon program of testimonies & songs.
Worship Hour                                      Wednesday evening the 12th May at           the ABC Nunawading will be closed on               Where: Ascot Vale SDA Church, 43 The
  Today:         Pr David Butcher                 Heritage College, 333 Centre Road,          Sundays until further notice.                               Parade, Ascot Vale VICTORIA 3032
  Next Week:     Pr David Riley                   Narre Warren. We hope you can join us.                                                         When: May 15, 2010 from 9.30am,
                                                                                              CONCERT – “TO MONGOLIA WITH                                 afternoon program at 2:30 pm
Elder on Duty
                                                                                              LOVE” - REPORT                                      Contacts for more information are:
  Today:         Joshua Barimah                Health Ministry Meeting
                                                                                              Despite a disappointing attendance, the concert    Akaline – 0432336727, Jennifer - 0432975892
  Next Week:     Nad Veeramah                     The next meeting will be held on the
                                                    th                                        for Mongolia raised over $12,000 for three         Tigist - 0437762097
                                                  15 May, after the church lunch. All         education projects. When Pastor Ray Stanley,
Worship Coordinators                              members please attend.
  Today:         Caroline Tai Tin                                                             who is conducting an outreach program in the       Reformation Tour 2011
                                                                                              Ulaanbaatar Church in Mongolia, announced on
  Next Week:     Matt Potts                                                                                                                      For five weeks, visit the sites & travel in the
                                               Church Lunch                                   Sunday that a concert had been held in Australia
                                                                                         st   to raise funds for Mongolia, the audience
                                                                                                                                                 footsteps of the Protest Reformers in Italy,
Sunset Times                                      Everyone is welcome to join us, every 1                                                        France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech
  This Week:      5.26pm                                rd
                                                  and 3 Sabbath of the month after the        burst into spontaneous applause. When it was
                                                                                              announced that the concert had raised              Republic, England and Scotland. The next
  Next Week:      5.20pm                          Worship service. Next lunch 15th May.                                                          AUC sponsored Reformation Lands Tour,
                                                                                              A$12,000 (15 million tugruks) the applause was
                                                   Members - please bring Vegetarian          deafening. Many thanks to the Wantirna Polish      open for both church employees & lay
Offering                                          food to share & your own plates &
   Today:        Health                                                                       Church for making its facility available and       members, departs mid May 2011.
                                                  cutlery or a donation to cover              providing its sound technicians, to the            Expressions of interest and inquiries should
   Next Week:    Education/ Camping Ministry      disposables.                                wonderful musicians and vocalists, to compere      be made now to Russel Stanley, (02) 4365
                                                                                              Ken Mulholland and to members of the
Welcome                                                                                                                                          0553      or    0405       181      047      or
                                               Prayer Ministry                                Rowville-Lysterfield Church who organised and
   Casey Church would like to welcome the                                                                                              
                                                                                              staffed the concert. Anyone who was unable to
                                                  The purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to
   Butcher family today, where Pastor                                                         attend the concert but would like to contribute
                                                  pray for the church and its members,        to the fundraiser should contact the Rowville-     Nunawading Church 60TH Anniversary
   David Butcher will be taking our
                                                  we pray before the Sabbath sermon &         Lysterfield Church Treasurer on 9763-1373.         This year Nunawading Church Victoria
                                                  for special meetings. A vital part of the                                                      celebrates its 60th anniversary and plans a
                                                  Prayer Ministry is the Prayer Chain         ADRA Leadership Training – 15th May                special celebratory day on Sabbath July 24.
Pastor's Whereabouts                              whose members pray immediately
    The Riley family are at Berwick Church                                                    Where: Victorian Conference Chapel                 We are inviting ex Pastors, ex members &
                                                  when contacted. If you would like to be              141 Central Road Nunawading               others connected to Nunawading Church to
   today where David is speaking.                 part of the Prayer Chain or need                        th
                                                                                              When: 15 May from 1pm -7pm                         attend. If you have any memorabilia that
                                                  confidential prayer, please see John St.             (Lunch and dinner provided)               could enhance the anniversary or for
Prayer request                                    Mart who is the elder for the Prayer        Featuring Guest speakers from ADRA:                further information, please contact Pastor
   Please remember the Tai Tin family in          Ministry, Joan Bidlo or Shirley Garley.     ¾       Introduction into Crisis Relief            Rod Anderson (0439615250)
   your prayers, Logan’s dad passed away
   on Tuesday.                                                                                ¾       Emergency Management
                                               May programs                                           & Disaster Relief                          Accommodation
                                                 Held at Heritage College, 333 Centre         ¾       ADRA Appeal and processes                  Bungalow available in Burwood area. It
Birthdays                                        Road, Narre Warren:                          ¾       Current ADRA Projects and new              would suit ladies or a married couple.
   This week Gilbert Floret Jnr Dholah,        ™ "Living Well" program - held each                    Turn-keys for National Program,            Near transport. If interested call Cveta for
   Diane Chester, Joel Jaworski, Rose            Tuesday in May at 7.30pm.                            how to set up a project.                   more information during working hours
   Penman, Elmo Charles and Aaron              ™ "Discovering Christianity" series -          Contact Roselyn Harrison 9264 7720 so              on (03) 9264 7703.
   Zastawnik   are    celebrating their          starting on Thursdays at 7.30pm.             catering and accommodation can be
   birthdays. Congratulations from the
                                                                                              organized. This is a free training event.
   Casey Church.

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