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					                                                                      ASSEMBLY LEAFLET:

The Microwave Unit consists of the following components:
    2x   Wall sides – grooved for masonite back and drilled for wall hanging              1 L/H
         brackets, expandable dowel cams.                                                 2 R/H
    1x   Base shelf (wide) – grooved for masonite back and drilled for the                3
         expandable dowel cams
    1x   Base shelf (narrow)                                                              4
    1x   Masonite backing board                                                           5

The hardware pack consists of the following:
    8 x Expandable dowel cams – connecting the base shelves and floor sides
                                                                                         A          B
            2x     Wall hanging brackets (left and right) – to hang your wall unit        F
            2x     Wall hanging plates – for the wall hanging brackets to hook onto       E
            6x     Nail & anchors 6 x 55 – to fix the wall hanging plates to the wall

Tools needed:
   Flat or “star”- screwdriver
   Small hammer
   Small wooden block

Assembly area:
Select a clean, flat surface to assemble the Microwave Unit on. Preferably assemble it
on the floor, as you will have to use some pressure in assembling certain parts.

Assembly steps:
1. Take the round metal part A and place one into each of the 15mm holes on all
   appropriate components, so that the “cross” is toward the surface and the small
   triangle points toward the hole in the side of the component.
2. Place the long, plastic & metal dowel B , metal tip first, into each hole so that it joins
   up with the metal part explained in point 1.
3. Also fit the wall hanging brackets F , by knocking them into place with the hammer &
   block. Make sure that left (L) and right (R) brackets are fitted correctly. Once they
   have been fitted incorrectly, they cannot be removed without damaging the
4. Now place one of the sides flat on the work surface with the edged side toward you
   and the groove at the back.
5. Take one base shelf and holding it upright, locate the corresponding 8mm holes and
   press down - making sure that the base shelf groove matches the groove on the wall

New – 06/10/2003
   side. Using a screwdriver turn the cam on the underside of the base shelf in a
   clockwise direction to lock it into position.
6. Repeat point 5 for the other base shelf.
7. Now slide your masonite backing board 5 into the groove D , making sure that the
   cut-outs on the backing board line up with the wall hanging brackets.
8. Then take the 2nd side, locate the corresponding holes and lock the cams.

The Microwave Unit is now complete

Wall fixing instructions:
                                               Hanging Instruction

         1. Mark the position of the unit on the wall (see Fig.1). Especially the top left & top
            right corners, as these will be your references from which to work.
         2. Measure from the top (horizontal) lines down 32mm on each corner (see Fig.2).
            This will indicate the top of the “Z”–plates.
         3. From the two side (vertical) lines, measure in 18–22mm (see Fig.2).
         4. Hold a “Z”–plate against the pencil marks and mark the three holes.
         5. Drill with a 6mm masonry bit and hammer in the nail & anchors.
         6. Hang the unit onto the brackets and adjust to level the unit, by turning the screws
            on the bracket as indicated.

        Figure1                                                                               Figure2

                    Wall hanging bracket                                       “Z” - plates


                                               Wall surface

                                       “Z” -

                                           Wall hanging
New – 06/10/2003

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