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									       Risk Management
Banking & Financial Services
       Risk Management is central to the way a financial institution works. Building the
       elements of risk management into a consistent and effective framework is a challenge
       for many firms. With our experience across enterprise risk management, credit risk,
       market risk, liquidity risk and reputational risk, we are able to add value to the projects
       and solutions implemented by our clients.
       At Risk Reward we are regularly working with banks and regulators in both the
       developed and emerging markets and are proud of our reputation for delivering
       high quality advisory services and training to meet their needs. Basel II and its
       successor papers raised the bar for risk management in many firms. We regularly
       assist firms to achieve their Basel II programme objectives addressing the key issues
       of risk, governance and the development of a risk management framework, the pillar
       1 requirements for credit, market and operational risk; and the pillar 2 requirements
       including ICAAP developments. Working with management we can assist with the
       implementation of practical solutions that add value to the business.
       Whatever new regulatory framework emerges, soundly based banks with proper
       supervision and management systems and those which actually generate real profits,
       will be best placed to take advantage of the full upswing when it eventually arrives.
       When it does, we believe that mergers and acquisitions and consolidation of the
       banking sector will follow.The strong – and not necessarily the largest – will take over
       the weak and underperforming. Where will your bank be when this occurs?
       This brochure sets out our key services on risk management which we believe
       provide a bank and its employees with the key skills required for a successful risk
       management implementation.

                                                                      Dennis Cox,
                                                                 Chief Executive Officer

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      Risk Management
       Banking & Financial Services

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    Risk Reward Limited – About Us
    Face your risk management issues with a trusted resource
    Risk Reward is a financial services risk management advisory and training firm which specialises in developing
    innovative and cost effective solutions for its clients. With a pool of in excess of 600 experts, we are able to meet
    the increasing demands of our clients by providing a tailored high quality, professional service at a price that
    represents real value for money.

    Our clients tell us that we ‘get it right’. To date we have assisted some 300 firms with their risk management,
    whether as consultants or as specialist technical trainers. Specialising in all areas of risk management, we are able
    to provide pro-active solutions addressing:

    ●   Enterprise risk management           ●    Credit risk                ●    Model risk
    ●   Counterparty credit risk             ●    Market risk                ●    Operational risk
    ●   Liquidity risk                       ●    Strategic risk             ●    Reputational risk
    Each new financial crisis highlights the importance of having thorough and effective total risk management. We
    have developed high quality services which address the demands of fast changing regulation.

    Quality deliverables means quality people. Our consultants have been Basel, banking, accounting, audit and
    insurance industry risk practitioners for 20-30 years, experts in their specific fields. They use this knowledge to
    design practical solutions to the on-going needs of our clients. Through the application of personal experience,
    sector knowledge and practical know-how gained in both developed and emerging markets, they are able to
    provide appropriate and added value solutions to the problems faced by financial services risk management

    This brochure is designed to provide you with key information on the various risk management consultancy
    services available to regulators, banks, insurance companies and financial institutions.

    We invite you to challenge us to add value to your business.

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Global Markets & Clients

Africa                                  UK & Ireland                             Americas                                 Middle East
African Banking Corporation
Banque africaine de développement
                                        /Europe                                  Bank of America
                                                                                 Central Bank of Brazil
                                                                                                                          Abu Dhabi Audit Authority
                                                                                                                          Abu Dhabi Centre for Corporate
                                        ABN-AMRO Bouwfonds (Netherlands)         Central Bank of Mexico                       Governance
Barclays Bank (South Africa)            ACCA (UK)
BDO (Mauritius)                                                                  Citizen’s Bank                           Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
                                        AccBank (Ireland)                        Comerica Inc                             Al Rajhi Bank (Saudi Arabia)
Cavmont Capital Bank (Zambia)           Association of Cyprus Commercial
Central Bank of Nigeria                                                          Enbridge Inc                             Al-Ahli Bank (Kuwait)
                                            Banks                                Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas           Al-Mashreq Bank (Dubai)
ChaseBank (Kenya)                       Banco de Sabadell
Citizens SME Agency (Botswana)                                                   First Citizen’s Bank                     Al-Mujaz (Saudi Arabia)
                                        Banco Santander Totta                    First Niagara Bank                       Arab Banking Corporation
Commercial Bank (Zambia)                Bank Julius Baer & Co
Commercial International Bank (Egypt)                                            Federal Reserve Bank of New York         Arab National Bank (Saudi Arabia)
                                        Bank Mandiri Ltd (Cyprus)                FRB of New York                          Bahrain Institute of Banking
Development Bank (Rwanda)               Bank of Bermuda (Luxembourg)
Développement Bank PHB (Nigeria)                                                 Freddie Mac                                  and Finance
                                        Bank of England (UK)                     ING Group                                Bank Audi
Eco Bank (Ghana)                        Bank Saderat plc
Egyptian Banking Institute (Egypt)                                               Johnson Financial Group                  Banque Saradar (Lebanon)
                                        Bank Sepah International plc             Lance Inc                                Banque Saudi Fransi (Saudi Arabia)
Exam Ready (South Africa)               BNP Paribas
Finance Bank (Zambia)                                                            Legg Mason & Co                          Byblos Bank (Lebanon)
                                        Brunel University (UK)                   MIS                                      Commercial Bank of Kuwait
First Atlantic Merchant Bank (Ghana)    Christiania Bank (Norway)
First Bank (Nigeria)                                                             Morgan Stanley                           Commercial International Bank (Egypt)
                                        City Speakers International (UK)         Northern Trust                           EFG-Hermes Fund Management
First Rand Bank (South Africa)          Clariden Bank (Switzerland)
FITC – Financial Institution Training                                            Protiviti                                Engro Polymer & Chemicals Limited
                                        Combined Insurance (UK)                  State Street                             Enhance (Dubai)
    Centre (Nigeria)                    Commerzbank AG
Guaranty Trust Bank (Nigeria)                                                                                             Finance Al Ain International Group
                                        Co-operative Bank (UK)
HFC Bank (Ghana)
Housing Finance (Uganda)
                                        Credit Agricole Asset Management         Asia                                     Finance Gulf Takaful Insurance Co
                                                                                                                          Financial Control Guaranty
                                        Credit Suisse (Switzerland)              ABN-AMRO (Hong Kong, Singapore)              Trust Assurance
Indefund (Malawi)                       D C Gardner (UK)                         Banco Nacional Ultramarino (China)
Intercontinental Bank Plc (Nigeria)                                                                                       First Gulf Bank (Dubai)
                                        Depfa Bank Plc                           Bank Negara (Malaysia)                   Fleming Gulf (Dubai)
Intermarket Banking (Nigeria)           Deutsche Postbank AG                     Bank of Baroda (India)
Investment Banking & Trust                                                                                                Fransabank (Lebanon)
                                        Dexia Bank Belgium London Branch         Bank of China                            Global Investment Bank (Kuwait)
Investrust Bank (Zambia)                DNB ASA (Norway)                         Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero)
Investec (South Africa)                                                                                                   Institute of Banking Studies (Jordan)
                                        Euromoney (UK)                           Bank TuranAlem (Kazakhstan)              Institute of Banking Studies (Kuwait)
LEFISA Ventures (Lesotho)               EuroNBank (Greece)                       Barclays Private Banking (Hong Kong)
National Bank (Malawi)                                                                                                    Investments Emirates Int’l
                                        Eximbank (Romania)                       Canara Bank                                  Investment Co
National Commercial Bank                Fortis Bank (Netherlands)                DFCC (Sri Lanka)
    (Saudi Arabia)                                                                                                        Islamic Development Bank (Jeddah)
                                        Habib Bank (Switzerland)                 Dhaka Bank Ltd (Bangladesh)              Israel Discount Bank Ltd
National Investment Bank (Ghana)                                                 Dutch Bangla Bank (Bangladesh)
                                        Hrvatska Postanska (Hungary)                                                      National Bank of Abu Dhabi
Nedbank (South Africa)                                                           Ethan Hathaway (Hong Kong)
                                        HSBC (UK)                                                                         National Bank of Kuwait
Nigeria Capital Market Institute                                                 ICBC (Hong Kong China)
                                        HVB Bank (Czech Republic)                                                         National Commercial Bank (Kuwait)
Omnifinance (Cote D’Ivoire)                                                      L B Finance Ltd (Sri Lanka)
                                        ICAEW (UK)                                                                        Red Money
Press Trust (Malawi)                                                             Mercantile Bank Ltd (Bangladesh)
                                        ICICI Bank (India)                                                                Riyad Bank (Saudi Arabia)
Prudent Bank (Nigeria)                                                           Mitsubishi UFJ Securities
                                        Im Bank (Russia)                                                                  Samba Financial Group
RawBank (Congo)                                                                     International Plc
                                        ING Group (Netherlands)                                                           Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency
Rokel Commercial (Sierra Leone)                                                  Monetary Authority (Hong Kong)
                                        International Development (Eire)                                                  Total Solutions
Sierra Leone Commerce Bank                                                       Monetary Authority (Singapore)
                                        International Moscow Bank (UK)
Standard Corp. & Merchant Bank                                                   National Development Bank
                                        Investec (UK)
Trust Bank (Ghana)                                                                  (Sri Lanka)
                                        JP Morgan Chase (UK)
UBA (Nigeria)                                                                    Norinchukin Bank (Japan)
                                        Kredietbank (Luxembourg)
UBA Capital (London)                                                             Orient Financial Services (Sri Lanka)
                                        Laiki Bank (Cyprus)
Union Bank (Cameroon)                                                            Oriental Bank of Commerce (India)
                                        Landsbanki (Iceland)
Zenith Bank (Nigeria)                                                            Overseas Chinese Banking
                                        MKB Bank (Hungary)                       Premier Bank (Bangladesh)
Russia & CIS                            Natixis                                  PT Bank BNI (Persero)
Alfa Bank (Ukraine)                     Nederlandse Waterschapsbank              RedMoney (Malaysia)
Bank TuranAlem (Kazakhstan)                 (Netherlands)                        State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur (India)
Banking institute of Armenia            Nordea (Finland)                         Swiss Reinsurance (Hong Kong)
Central Bank of Armenia                 Nordic Investment Bank (Norway)          TBK (Singapore)
Eurasian Bank (Kazakhstan)              PWC (Romania)                            Whitestone (Singapore)
HSBC (Armenia)                          Rabobank (Netherlands)
Im Bank (Russia)                        Raiffeissen Zentralbank (Austria)
Prometey Bank (Armenia)                 Royal Bank of Scotland (UK)
Raiffeisen Bank (Russia)                Russian Commercial Bank (Cyprus)
Troika Dialog (Russia)                  Chartered Institute for Securities and
                                            Investment (UK)
                                        Santander Bank
                                        Société Générale
                                        Standard Chartered Bank (UK)                                                     More information:
                                        Swedbank (Sweden)
                                        Total Solutions (Netherlands, Dubai)                          
                                        Unisys (UK)
                                        Yorkshire Building Society                                                                                                3
    Enterprise Risk
    Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) is an approach to risk management that encompasses the complete risk
    management cycle, ensuring that the bank or firm takes a consistent and integrated firm-wide approach to
    managing all of its risks and their interactive effects. It involves a senior management top-down approach to
    ensure that ALL risks in the firm and their effects are considered in the risk management process, together with
    a bottom up process to ensure that it is embedded into the business.
    The process includes:
    ●   Risk Identification – identify all of the risks         ●    Risk Mitigation – this is the actual proactive
        that are relevant and the degree to which                    management of the risk profile; ensuring that
        they can affect the firm.                                    it remains within the firm’s risk appetite,
    ●   Risk Measurement – the ability to quantify                   based on the goals and mission of the firm
        those risks that can be quantified, together                 and providing conclusions on the active
        with the impact on the control environment,                  management of these risks.
        allows a firm to prioritize its risks by the
        degree to which they can hurt the firm.

                                                                              RE NS

                                                                             CO ING

                                                                             OP GIC

        Risk Monitoring – the ability to monitor risk



                                                                                                                             BUSINESS UNIT

        and disseminate the resulting information to
        the right manager at the right time is critical.            INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT

        This involves designing risk reports and                        OBJECTIVE SETTING
        reporting processes that are meaningful and                  EVENT IDENTIFICATION
        provide the information necessary to                             RISK ASSESSMENT
        evaluate the risks, enabling management to                        RISK RESPONSE
        make optimal decisions.
                                                                       CONTROL ACTIVITIES

                                                                    INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION

    How to achieve Risk Success in                                         MONITORING

    Implementing ERM
    We can help you ensure that your risk management process is comprehensive and firm through providing
    consulting services such as:

    ●   Risk process evaluations – we will assess your          ●    Conduct best practices benchmarking to
        ERM practices, compare them to international                 ensure that your approach meets the
        best practice, to determine potential points of              demands of relevant rules, regulations and the
        weakness, and develop and implement an                       demands of corporate governance.
        approach to mitigate those weaknesses.                  ●    Review the ERM systems architecture to
    ●   Risk assessments – we will assess practices                  ensure that it meets the demands set by
        and methodologies on a more micro-                           stakeholders, is effective and efficient,
        oriented basis and develop an approach to                    recommending and selecting appropriate
        ensuring that any individual area meets your                 software solutions as required.
        firm’s risk management guidelines consistent            ●    Review and develop appropriate Pillar 2
        with its risk appetite, goals and missions.                  disclosures (ICAAP) to meet the needs of
                                                                     the regulators and appropriately articulate
                                                                     the relevant control structure.

    At Risk Reward we have experienced risk consultants who are well known experts in the development of
    enterprise risk management frameworks and solutions. We know the value that they add and the assurance
4   they can provide your risk department or Board.
Credit Risk Management
Meeting the increasing demands of the changing rules and regulations
The key challenge for many credit risk management teams is both making the new credit risk management rules
work and also to add value. The internal ratings based approach in particular provides many new opportunities
for a bank to develop their credit function to provide greater analysis and confidence.
Our consultants have experience of implementing innovative retail and corporate credit risk management
solutions in a broad range of international institutions. We can:

●   Undertake a gap analysis to establish the                ●   Develop solutions to ensure that your firm
    extent to which your firm’s existing                         complies with such obligations.
    processes and procedures need to be                      ●   Design reporting suites to ensure that the
    enhanced to meet the demands of the new                      business uses the information both within
    regulations.                                                 the business lines, and at Board level.
●   Train your teams to ensure that they are
    fully aware of these new rules and how to
    meet these obligations.

The Changing Demands on Corporate Credit Risk
Credit risk needs to become more forward looking; yet corporate credit risk in particular has focused on the
use of historic data. This may require a change to the approach that has been used for many years.
Risk Reward can help your firm achieve this transition by:

●   Developing your credit policies and                      ●   Implement effective stress testing and
    procedures                                                   scenario modelling
●   Designing new approaches to the                          ●   Implement forward looking portfolio
    assessment of credit risk                                    measures

                                                                                      More information:
     Credit Risk Management

     Model Development
     As an independent risk consultancy firm not aligned to any software firm we are able to provide the truly
     independent advice and guidance that firms actually require – and with our consultants having each in excess
     of 15 years of experience we can also provide the knowledge and expertise of having dealt previously with
     difficult and fast changing markets.
     Risk Reward specialist consultants are available to meet these challenges for you, performing the following services
     to supplement the skills available within your credit risk management team.
     These experts can:
     ●   Review and validate credit risk models                    ●    Review the mathematical modelling
     ●   Ensure that the model validation                          ●    Develop scoring systems and approaches
         exercises have been appropriately                         ●    Review internal rating systems
         conducted across the full range of account
         types that are to be considered.

     Our consultants are experienced credit professionals that understand your needs and the developing market.
     Whether undertaking an assignment, working within a team or providing training solutions, our experts will
     transfer their knowledge to the client to ensure that they gain the maximum benefit.
     Why not call us for more information or challenge us to meet your credit risk needs?

    More information:
Market Risk Management
Feeling the Pressure in Market Risk Management?
Risk Reward consultants include an impressive team with deep and meaningful market risk experience. This
experience ranges from the modelling to the processing end of the market risk cycle. With technical experts
in foreign exchange, futures and forwards, options and swaps, commodities and complex derivative products, we
are able to provide banks and financial services institutions with a complete service addressing all of the market
risks that they face in practice.
Specific areas of our expertise include:
●   Interest rate risk management                        ●   Market risk management
●   Equity pricing risk                                  ●   Bond pricing risk
●   Commodity pricing risk                               ●   Currency risk management
●   Property and portfolio risk management
We provide the following consulting services:

●   Conduct a review of trading strategies                   ●    Develop and review reporting suites
●   Conduct a review of limit structures                     ●    Provide advice and guidance
●   Develop, review and calibrate market risk                ●    Conduct a review of the adequacy of
    models                                                        dealing room controls
●   Develop and review pricing models                        ●    Review modelling assumptions
●   Conduct a review of derivative

Who is challenging Market Risk Reporting?
At Risk Reward our practical approach to market risk enables our consultants to effectively communicate
complex issues to senior management. We also offer independent experts that can be used to supplement your
existing independent resources, for example as an additional non-executive director, providing a higher level of
review and investigation as required.

Dealing with Stress Events
Another area where significant assistance can be provided is in the area of stress testing. For many firms even
identifying suitable stress events that meet the Basel soundness standard for market risk can provide a challenge.
Designing a solution that appropriately evaluates such a stress event is even more complex. At Risk Reward we
have been developing market risk stress scenarios for seven years and are well versed in the issues that arise in
Designing techniques to overcome the level of uncertainty and the weakness of data sets, we are able to
implement cost-effective stress testing approaches that attempt to identify the impact of future plausible yet
unlikely events.

                                                                                         More information:
    Treasury & Liquidity Risk
    Treasury Management
    Treasury management is an important function in every organisation, whether a corporate entity, a bank or a
    financial institution; and whatever the size and nature of the business or its remit.
    The problems resulting from ineffective or inappropriate treasury management can be severe, ranging from:
    ●   Shortfalls in interest earnings on cash                 ●   Taking significant positions without the
        surpluses                                                   authority or approval of management.
    ●   Substantial losses through poor
        management controls

    Liquidity Management
    Risk Reward consultants can assist a firm in the design of an appropriate organisational ALM framework suitable
    for effective exposure identification and management, together with the control of liquidity risk. Our services
    include, but are not limited to, the following reviews:

    ●   Structure, role and responsibilities of the             ●   Confirming the adequacy of models to deal
        treasury team                                               with business uncertainty, including reviewing
    ●   Objectives and mission consistency with                     relevant assumptions for validity
        business goals and missions                             ●   Assisting in the design and implementation of
    ●   The adequacy of ALM data reporting                          stress testing and scenario modeling and
    ●   Set or review the aims and objectives of the                reviewing existing suites for best practice and
        treasury unit to ensure market focus and                    adequacy
        suitability                                             ●   Suitable cost efficient software solutions to
    ●   Liquidity strategies and approaches to ensure               meet the current and future demands of the
        that they meet corporate goals and best                     business
    ●   The adequacy of the control and risk
        management processes associated with
        liquidity risk and develop appropriate
        reporting suites

    Risk Reward has consultants that are experienced with ALM, treasury and liquidity risk management and are able
    to provide these skills to supplement the knowledge of your core teams to ensure a successful ALM and treasury
    function is adequately supporting your firm.
    Challenge us to help ensure the success of your treasury and liquidity risk management.

    More information:
Operational Risk
The Basel Accord raised the profile of operational risk considerable within financial services and highlighted
many of the issues faced by a firm in practice.
At Risk Reward we have developed a range of services that both meet the demands of the Basel regulations,
while actually adding value to the business. In many firms this has been one of the challenges faced – to
implement effective risk management solutions that should not just be seen as a regulatory imposition, but will
become the way in which your firm does business.
With experience of developing Standardised and Advanced Measurement Approach solutions to operational risk,
our specialist operational risk consultants can provide the following services:

●   Create risk dictionaries and operational                   ●    Design and implement key risk indicator
    risk manuals                                                    suites
●   Implement risk registers                                   ●    Develop standardised generic stress
●   Review and develop internal loss                                events and scenarios
    databases                                                  ●    Build all of the above into a consistent
●   Implement control and risk self                                 format
    assessment solutions

Our consultants have experience of working with many banks and their senior management, gaining their
acceptance and buy- in to achieve the necessary ownership, leading to the overall success of the project.
There are a range of software solutions available that assist a firm in meeting the demands of the rules. Some
of these are based on internal loss databases, while others use either control and risk self assessment or inference
mathematical modelling to develop a consistent solution. As a software agnostic firm (that is, we are not affiliated
to any software vendor) we are able to provide pro-active and unbiased advice on software selection. We
pledge that we never receive a fee from any software house that we recommend.
The experience of our team in dealing with such issues is, we believe, one of the best in the industry. Led by
acknowledged experts in their respective fields, they are able to provide practical yet innovative and cost-effective
solutions to ensure that your firm develops an operational risk framework that meets the demands of its various
stakeholders and that actually works in practice.
Challenge us to add value to your firm in developing an operational risk solution.

                                                                                           More information:
     TRAINING SERVICES                                          Adding value to your
     Risk Reward has a reputation as one of the leading         business
     providers of top quality audit training in the world.
     We have successfully provided financial services           At Risk Reward we add value to all of our training
     audit training to more than 300 institutions               projects from the first instance by offering a host
     including banks, insurance companies, central banks,       of complimentary services such as:
     external audit firms and national regulators.
                                                                ✓   Conference calls with you to determine your
     We have a vast library of courses covering almost              business goals and preferred training formats
     every aspect of financial services (details below).        ✓   Account Manager to offer you full support
     Each course is customized to the specific needs of             and advice and to ensure that all your
     our clients. We are ready to travel anywhere in the            requirements are met efficiently
     world to deliver training or, alternatively, we can
     host clients at our excellent training facilities in the
                                                                ✓   Professional, friendly and prompt response
                                                                    to your enquiries
     heart of London.
                                                                ✓   Customised course outlines and course
                                                                    materials to meet with your organisation’s or
                                                                    department’s specific needs
                                                                ✓   Questionnaires created with your teams to
                                                                    determine delegates levels and depth of
                                                                    subject knowledge pre-training
                                                                ✓   Evaluation forms prepared for delegates
                                                                ✓   Post-training diagnostic, analytical and
                                                                    reporting services and conference calls
                                                                ✓   Complimentary email Question & Answer
                                                                    services to the trainer from the delegates for
                                                                    3 months

                                                                           “Thanks again for the
                                                                         course. I particularly liked
                                                                             how you brought the
                                                                          theoretical and real world
                                                                           practicalities together.”
                                                                              – J.B., ING Direct, Netherlands

     More information:
CISI Qualifications and Accredited Training

Chartered Institute of Securities
& Investment (CISI)
The CISI (formerly SII) is the UK’s largest and most widely respected
professional body for the Securities and Investment industry. The CISI
Certificates are included in the UK’s Financial Services Skills Council’s
list of Appropriate Examinations and are recognised for all major
Formed in 1992 by London Stock Exchange practitioners,
the CISI now has more than 40,000 members in 89
countries. In the past year, almost 40,000 examinations
were sat in 49 countries, covering a range of vocational
More and more regulators, banks, stock exchanges, and
brokerage houses are increasingly seeking to respond to stresses
and pressures to maintain high levels of professionalism, integrity and
competence especially when interacting with retail consumers. Training
industry participants to internationally recognised and respected standards
is among those responses, whether new graduates, recent market entrants
or seasoned professionals.
Risk Reward’s expert trainers have 20-30 years minimum subject matter
expertise in addition to training experience in both developed and emerging
markets. All are also CISI qualified and as such are
expertly vetted to facilitate and train by adding
real-life industry experience and practical
expertise to share with delegates during the
                                                     Risk Management, Islamic Banking and
                                                     Finance & Securities and Derivatives
                                                     Training Courses (Duration: 4-5 days each)
CISI certificate courses are provided by Risk        Training Fees includes Study Guides/e-Learning Mock Exam access +
Reward directly to government agencies, banks        Exam Fee
and financial institutions (in-house) and via
                                                     ● Risk in Financial Services
training providers (public courses). All CISI
                                                     ● Introduction to Operational Risk
examinations are held at Computer Based
                                                     ● Advanced Operational Risk
Testing Centres located in major cities globally.
                                                     ● Investment Risk
Training is available with or without examination    ● Islamic Finance (IFQ)
with CISI Certificates for individual modules        ● Certificate in Securities
available by the training provider. Optional self-   ● Certificate in Derivatives
study with coaching and 1:1 Executive Updates
are also available.

For more information on the training courses please contact Cariska Pieters
email: or ring +44 (0) 20 7638 5558.
For details on CISI qualifications and exams please visit

                                                                                              More information:
     Risk in Financial Services
     Successfully managing risk is a fundamental requirement for
     any effective business. In financial services it is a critical        Key features
     component. Part of the responsibility for the credit crisis is
     widely attributed to a poor understanding of risk.                    ●    Training covers all key risks in
                                                                                financial services – operational,
     The CISI’s Risk in Financial Services qualification is a                   credit, market, investment and
     comprehensive global introduction to all the major risk areas              liquidity
     in financial services. It provides a sound grounding in:              ●    Globally portable qualification –
     ●   Principles of the risk management framework                            addresses international issues,
     ●   Corporate governance and risk oversight                                reflecting the needs of an
                                                                                international market
     The qualification and training course also covers specific            ●    Addresses techniques used to
     techniques used in identifying, reducing and managing specific             identify, reduce and manage
     risks in the following areas:                                              specific aspects of risk
     ●   Operational risk            ●    Credit risk                      ●    Classroom training delivered by
     ●   Market risk                 ●    Investment risk                       risk experts with banking &
     ●   Liquidity risk                                                         financial services experience in
                                                                                developed and emerging markets
     Who should attend?                                                    ●    Examination is available by
                                                                                computer based testing in major
     The Risk in Financial Services qualification has been developed
                                                                                cities worldwide
     to provide candidates with a broad understanding of the key
     risks that arise within the financial services industry and is
     particularly aimed at:
     ●   Risk Managers              ●    Senior managers of
                                                                                   ‘To be helpful, I
     ●   Compliance teams                all disciplines                        suggest a simple rule:
     ●   Branch management          ●    Existing and aspiring                 Do not take risks you do
     ●   Corporate lawyers               non-executive                            not understand.’
     ●   Finance officers                directors
                                                                                       – Hector Sants,
                                                                                   Chief Executive Officer,
     Who developed this?                                                       UK Financial Services Authority
     This examination is awarded by the Chartered Institute for
     Securities & Investments (CISI) which is the premier supplier of
     financial services qualifications to the securities and investment industry Worldwide. Over
     40,000 examinations are taken each year.
     The qualification has been developed with input from Risk Reward and other expert
     practitioners from leading global financial firms. This provides delegates with a clear
     benchmark to demonstrate that they have acquired the necessary knowledge to carry out their job roles

     Regulatory approval
     The CISI is recognised as an Awarding Body by the UK Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator.
     Many of the CISI’s qualifications are mandated by different regulators around the world, so both individuals and
     firms can be confident that the CISI’s processes, policies and systems meet rigorous quality assurance standards.

     Risk Management Courses
     Risk Reward writes and delivers practical Risk Management training, both in-house and public courses,
     for banks, regulators and financial institutions focusing on the following areas:

     Risk In Financial Istitutions         Credit Risk                         Market Risk
     (CISI Accredited)             RM001   Introduction to Credit Risk RM020   Introduction to Market
     School of Risk                        Measuring and Managing              Risk                    RM041
     Management                    RM002   Credit Risk                 RM021   Market Risk Measurement
     Managing Risk in Financial            Credit Risk Analysis        RM022   and Management          RM042
     Markets                       RM003                                       Practical Course on
                                           Counterparty Credit Risk RM023
     Risk Management for                                                       Modelling Market Risk   RM043
                                           Credit Risk – SME Lending
     Professionals                 RM004
                                           and Business                        Liquidity Risk
     Risk Management for Non-              Development                 RM024
     Executive Directors           RM005                                       Introduction to Liquidity
                                           Practical Course on                 Risk                        RM044
     Risk and Capital Management           Modelling Credit Risk       RM025
     (ICAAP) for Bankers           RM006                                       The New BIS Liquidity
                                           The Board and Credit                Papers (Dec 2009) and
     Risk and Compliance                   Risk Analysis for
     Awareness                     RM007                                       Their Impact on Banks       RM045
                                           Non-Executive Directors RM026
     Risk Assessment Reviews:                                                  Liquidity Risk Management RM046
                                           Credit and Loans
     How to Design, Plan                                                       Liquidity Risk Measurement
                                           Restructuring               RM027
     and Implement                 RM008                                       and Management              RM047
                                           Retail Credit Analysis      RM028
     Risk Management for Risk                                                  Liquidity and Treasury Risk
                                           Corporate Credit Analysis RM029     Management                  RM048
     Coordinators                  RM009
                                           Mortgage Credit Risk        RM030   Asset and Liability
     Frontiers of Risk
     Management                    RM010   Retail Credit Scoring       RM031   Management                  TR003
     Financial Institution Risk    RM011   Corporate Credit Scoring RM032      Cash Management Skills
     Market Turbulence and                 Credit Portfolio                    for Liquidity Management RM059
     Model Risk                    RM012   Management                  RM033
                                           Credit Risk of Asset-Backed
                                                                               Operational Risk
     Risk Management                                                           Introduction to Operational
     Market Trends                 RM013   Securities                  RM034
                                                                               Risk (CISI Accredited)      RM049
     Scenario Modelling and                Credit Risk of Bond
                                           Defaults                    RM035   Managing and Measuring
     Stress Testing                RM014                                       Operational Risk            RM050
     Stress- and Reverse                   Using Credit Ratings in
                                           Credit Risk                 RM036   Implementing Operational
     Stress Testing                RM015                                       Risk                        RM051
     Model Risk and                        Stress Testing of Credit
                                           Risk                        RM037   Advanced Operational Risk
     Management                    RM016                                       (CISI Accredited)           RM052
     Investment Risk                       Credit Equivalence Rules
                                           and Derivatives                     Business Continuity
     (CISI Accredited)             RM060                                       Planning                    RM053
                                           Instruments                 RM038
     Enterprise Risk                       Credit Mitigation                   Stress Testing for
     Enterprise Risk Management            Techniques                  RM039   Operations                  RM054
     for Bank and Financial                Sovereign Credit Risk       RM040   Information Risk
     Institutions              RM017                                           Management                  RM055
                                           Debt Recovery and
     ERM and Credit Risk                   Collection Techniques      BNK043   Managing Database Risk      RM056
     Management                RM018       Consumer/Personal Loan              Business Improvement
     Corporate Governance                  Recovery                   BNK044   Process                     RM057
     for Banks and FIs         RM019                                           Risk Self-Assessment
                                                                               Workshops - Effective
                                                                               Skills for Facilitation     RM058

     We deliver public training to regulators and banks worldwide via trusted and reputable affiliates including
     government training centres, training companies and directly on an in-house basis.

     More information on Public & In House Courses please
     contact your local training provider or Risk Reward Limited.
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specialising in emerging markets and operate mainly      subjects. The key to our clients’ success is that we
within Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Our    find out from the client exactly what their training
services include introducing risk controls,              needs are beforehand and then engage our expert
procedures and processes, credit market and              trainers to design and write course materials to
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