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									                                  Identifing Barriers to a High-Performing Work Enviornment

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          Career development is my responsibility.

          Creativity and initiative are rewarded.
          Consistently, I acquire new knowledge and upgrade my skills

          and abilities.
          My supervisor and I discuss and develop a career path using
          my knowledge, skills and abilities.
          I am afforded flexibility to research and promote work/life

          I am excited and challenged by my job.
          I set "stretch" goals above and beyond those agreed upon
          with my supervisor.
                                  RISK TAKING

          I am willing to take risks and grow.

          I am not afraid to admit that I don't know the answer.

                                                                                                      By Sherry Joyner and JC Hobb
                                                                     1                                            Updated 2/9/2011
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                                       FAIR AND ETHICAL

                 Everyone is treated equally and with respect.

                 I feel comfortable filing a grievance without fear of retaliation.
                 I believe that my chances of being recognized for work are

                 equal to those of my co-workers.
                                  OPEN COMMUNICATION

                 Management is approachable and has an open door policy.
                 Individual goals and objectives are stated clearly, concisely
                 and with specific examples.
                 Free expression is encouraged, regardless, of whether the
                 view is different from others' point of view.
                                REWARDS AND RECOGNITION
                 Suggestions are acknowledged and acted upon in a timely
                 Recognition and monetary rewards are awarded when
                 certifications such as: PHR, SPHR & CEBS are earned.

                 Funds are readily available for professional training.

                 I am rewarded fairly for return on investments (ROI).
                 Performance is measured and rewarded based on
                 negotiated, goals free of rater bias.

                                                                                                                   By Sherry Joyner and JC Hobb
                                                                                2                                              Updated 2/9/2011
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                                MEASURABLE RESULTS

                 I am evaluated based on quantifiable results.
                 I am more productivie when the working environment is
                 Evaluations are based on performance (i.e. benchmarks and
                 standards) with credible rating procedures.
                  When I am provided with maintained office equipment and
                 the best technology available, I preform more efficiently.
                 Ample resources (software, equipment, materials & etc.)
                 allow for effective job completion.

                                                                                                           By Sherry Joyner and JC Hobb
                                                                        3                                              Updated 2/9/2011
                                      Identifying Barriers to a High-Performing Work Environment
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               I have autonomy in my job, which enables me to take initiative and develop
               creative solutions.
               I make continuous learning a priority.
               I am alert to environmental changes (i.e., internal & external) that may
               impact the organization.
               I advocate working for my agency by presenting/sharing a positive
               perception of my work environment.
               I am passionate about my work.
               I actively search for and embrace challenging work.
               Consistently, I deliver quality goods/services, exceeding customer

               My job responsibilities match my knowledge, interests and skills.
               I have an understanding of the "big picture"; my job makes a difference to
               the organization.
                                             RISK TAKING
               I know that change is inevitable; I embrace it and adapt to it.
               I am challenged by changing the status quo.
               I express courage, especially under pressure.
               I show confidence in my actions, even when "others" don't share the same
               or similar perspective.
               I am encouraged to leave my comfort zone.
                                          FAIR AND ETHICAL
               I work in a great work environment where everyone treats each other
               with trust, respect and dignity.
               I am confident that decisions are made to hire and promote
               individuals, impartially.
               Based on evidence, I know that there are consequences to poor
               It's evident to me that I have equal opportunities for training and

              By: S. Joyner JC Hobb                                                                                  b22a2ea0-9cf3-4257-984a-cbe194463e15.xls
                                      Identifying Barriers to a High-Performing Work Environment
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                                       OPEN COMMUNICATION
               I work in an open-door environment.
               I have access to relevant and timely information through various
               I work in an environment that stays open to opposing views.
               I build partnerships with key business functions across the
               I receive coaching and support when needed.
                                   REWARDS AND RECOGNITION

               I rely on a creditable performance rating system.
               I am recognized and rewarded for excellent performance.
               I perceive that my pay and benefits are competitive.
               I receive awards that I personally value.
                                       MEASURABLE RESULTS
               I have clear expectations; consistently, I meet or exceed them.
               My performance is evaluated by quantifiable measurement.
               On an on-going basis business operations (I.e., customer satisfaction,
               learning and growth, financial perspective and internal business
               processes) are assessed.
               I am given honest and specific feedback about my performance in a
               consistent and timely manner.

              By: S. Joyner JC Hobb                                                                              b22a2ea0-9cf3-4257-984a-cbe194463e15.xls

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