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Commercial Real Estate Investing: A Creative Guide to Succesfully
Making Money

Description:    Make the jump from residential investing to high-profit commercial properties

                Millions of people are investing in real estate, but few ever consider the money-making potential of
                commercial properties. Whether they think it's too expensive or too complicated to get into,
                thousands of successful residential investors never take the next step to real estate profits.

                In Commercial Real Estate Investing, veteran investor and author Dolf de Roos explains all the ins
                and outs of commercial investing and shows you how to take your investing game to the next level.
                He explores every sector—including retail, office, and industrial—and provides the expert insight
                you need to choose the right investment area for you. He explains all the key differences between
                residential and commercial investing and provides all the tools and strategies you need to:

                -Find properties that match your abilities and resources

                -Increase the value of a building before you even buy it

                -Lower your risk without cutting into your profits

                -Understand the basics of yield, capital growth, and cap rates

                -Write convincing proposals for bank loans

                -Manage properties with a minimum of hassle—or hire someone to do it for you

                -Protect your assets with the right corporate structure

                -Take advantage of the great tax benefits available to real estate investors

                Whether you're a novice or an experienced residential investor who's ready to take the next step to
                bigger investments and higher profits, Commercial Real Estate Investing is a smart, practical guide
                to getting into the game—and winning big.

                Author Info:
                Dolf de Roos is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and prolific real estate
                investor. He is the Chairman of Property Ventures Ltd, an innovative publicly-held property
                investment company with holdings ranging from office towers to vineyards, and a founding director
                of Best Choice Properties. His other real estate titles include Real Estate Riches, The Insider's Guide
                to Real Estate Investing Loopholes, The Insider's Guide to Making Money in Real Estate, The
                Insider's Guide to Tax-Free Real Estate Investments (all from Wiley), and 101 Ways to Massively
                Increase the Value of Your Real Estate without Spending Much Money, from Timelife Direct.

Contents:       Other Books by Dolf de Roos.

                Audio Courses by Dolf de Roos.



                Notes On Reading This Book.

Chapter 1. Just what is Commercial Real Estate?

Chapter 2. People versus Contracts.

Chapter 3. Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate?

1. Lease Duration.

2. Assignment of Lease.

3. Tenants Earn Their Income On Your Premises.

4. Landlord Pays For Improvements To Commercial Premises.

5. Certainty of Collecting Rent.

6. Upward-Only Rent Reviews.

7. Government Interference.

8. Management Overhead.

Chapter 4. The Downside of Commercial Real Estate.

1. Much More Difficult To Acquire Commercial Tenants.

2. Banks Will Lend A Smaller Proportion Of A Commercial Property.

Chapter 5. The True Value of Real Estate.

Chapter 6. How to overcome the disadvantages of Commercial Real Estate.

Chapter 7. How to Attract a Tenant.

Who Wants To Run A Funeral Business?

Finding A Tenant For A Warehouse In An Oversupplied Market.

The Power of the Internet.

Many Prospective Tenants Know your Building.

Engage a Real Estate Firm or Property Management Company to find a Tenant.

Wait for (or Cause) a Zone Change.

Split a Single Tenancy into Multiple Tenancies.

Consolidate Multiple Tenancies into One.

The Ultimate Way to Attract a Tenant.

Chapter 8. How to Increase Rental Income (and hence the Capital Value).


Cell Phone Towers.

More Rooftop Antics.

Naming Rights.

Air Space.

The Humble Web Cam.

Interior Remodel.

The Triple Win of Alarm Systems.

Rent Reviews To Market.

Chapter 9. What were the disadvantages of Commercial Real Estate?

Chapter 10. Finding Commercial Real Estate.

Newspaper Advertisements.

Real Estate Firms.

The Internet.

Keeping Your 'Eyes Peeled'.


Word of Mouth.

Helping Other People.

The 100:10:3:1 Rule.


Chapter 11. Analyzing Deals.

Due Diligence.

Four Questions to Ask about any Commercial Property.

Return on Investment.


Property Information.

Investor Information.

Rent Information.

Loan Information.

Annual Expenses.



Investment Analysis.

Loan Analysis.

Graphical Reports.
REAP Index.

Sensitivity Analysis.

Chapter 12. Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Deals.

Chapter 13. Financing Commercial Real Estate.

Proposal for Finance.


General Description of Property Offered as Collateral.

Property Portfolio Statistics and Cash Flows.

Statement of Assets and Liabilities.

What to include in the Appendix.

How to use the Proposal for Finance.

Umbrella Loans.

Chapter 14. Structuring Commercial Real Estate Ownership.

Chapter 15. Managing Commercial Real Estate.

Tenant Selection.

Rule Enforcement.

Rent Reviews.

How to Get a Tradesman to Do Your Work First.



Chapter 16. How to Beat the Average.


Zone Changes.

Proximity to Views.

The Center of Town.

High Technology.

Combining all Methods of Beating the Average.

Chapter 17. Raw Land.

Best Choice Properties.

Spring Mountain Ski Ranch.

Getting Back To Commercial Real Estate Investing.

Chapter 18. Extraordinarily Odd Commercial Deals.
            Oil in Them Thar Hills.

            Marine Farms.

            Chapter 19. Property Ventures Limited.

            Five Mile.

            Chapter 20. Never Sell.

            Chapter 21. Thirteen Golden Rules of Commercial Real Estate Investment.

            Golden Rule #1 Risk is equal to Yield.

            Golden Rule #2 Safety of Principal.

            Golden Rule #3 Control Your Liabilities.

            Golden Rule #4 Add Value to a Deal.

            Golden Rule #5 A broker or agent must bring something to the deal.

            Golden Rule #6 Real Estate is a Long Term Investment.

            Golden Rule #7 The Number of Voting Partners is Directly Proportional to the Failure of the Project.

            Golden Rule #8 You are Going to be in a Lawsuit.

            Golden Rule #9 It Only Takes One Deal To Go Broke.

            Golden Rule #10 It only takes one deal to make a Million Dollars.

            Golden Rule #11 The Value of a property is limited by the tenant's ability to pay rent.

            Golden Rule #12 Appreciation & Inflation Compounded Annually.

            Golden Rule # 13 You Cannot Give Kindness Away – It Is Always Returned.

            Chapter 22. Investing Abroad.

            Chapter 23. Live Life to the Fullest.

            About the Author.

            Other books by Dolf de Roos.

            Audio Courses by Dolf de Roos.

            Software by Dolf de Roos.

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