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      2010/2011 Edition

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NHS Choices            2
Seasonal flu information
and flu jab advice     2
Stop Smoking advice 2
Healthy eating         3
Sexual health          3
Mental health          3
Bowel, breast and
cervical cancer
screening              3
Self care information 4
Appointments           4
Social Services        4
Guide to long term
conditions             4
NHS Direct             4
Pharmacists            4
GPs and Out of Hours
Services               5
NHS Dentists/
NHS Opticians          5
Health Centres and
Walk-in appointments   5
Community Hospitals
with Minor Injuries
Departments            6
A&E                    6
Patient experience -
compliments, comments
and complaints         6
Equality and diversity 6
MY NHS                 6
VDAs                   7
LINks                  7
Hospital waiting times 7
Infection rates        7
How the money is
spent                  8
Alternative format     8          A commercial supplement
Useful numbers         8
This guide provides useful
information about health
services across Hartlepool,
Middlesbrough, Redcar and                                                                                                                         “Th
Cleveland and Stockton-on-Tees.                                                                                                               com NHS
NHS Hartlepool, NHS Middlesbrough, NHS Redcar and Cleveland and NHS                                                                          info mits to
Stockton-on-Tees (Primary Care Trusts) are your local leaders of the NHS. We                                                                     rm
are responsible for determining what NHS services are bought on your behalf                                                           hea about you
                                                                                                                                           lt       t
and, importantly, ensuring they are designed and delivered effectively,
                                                                                                                                  loca avai hcare s he
efficiently and safely to meet your needs. This includes services delivered by
                                                                                                                                      lly a lable toervices
your GP practice, dentist, optician, pharmacy, community nursing team, your                                                                 nd n
local hospitals, mental health service and the ambulance service.                                                                               atio you,
                      This map shows the                                                                                                                  ”.*
                          areas which are                                                           If you have any general enquiries about
                         featured in Your            Listening. Improving.                          anything contained in this guide please contact:
                            Guide to NHS                                                            Client Relations Service,
                                 services.                Responding.                               Freepost NEA 9906,
                                                                                                    Middlesbrough TS2 1BR.
                                                     How to compliment,                             Freephone 9am-5pm:
                                                                                                    0800 013 0500 (option 5)
                                                     comment or complain                            Fax: 01642 352509
                                                     about NHS services                             Email:
                                                                                                    Text: 07700 380000

   2               LOOK AFTER YOURSELF
    NHS Choices                                                   Seasonal flu information and flu jab advice
    NHS Choices is a comprehensive information service that       A new seasonal flu vaccine is produced every year and because the H1N1 virus that caused
    helps to put you in control of your healthcare. The           the 'swine flu' pandemic will still be around this winter, this year's flu vaccine will protect
    service is intended to help you make choices about your       against H1N1 as well as other seasonal flu viruses.
    health, from lifestyle decisions about things like smoking,   This year's vaccine is the same type of vaccine, produced by the same processes, as the usual
    drinking and exercise, through to the practical aspects       seasonal flu vaccines have been over recent years and there is no reason for any different
    of finding and using NHS services in England when you         level of reactions to the vaccine.
    need them.                                                    It does not carry any 'live' virus, which means the vaccine cannot give you the flu. Some
                                                                  people may experience mild fever up to 48 hours after having the jab as their immune
    Medical advice now                                            system responds to the vaccine, but this is not flu. Most people suffer nothing worse than
    Information for those with an immediate medical worry,        a slightly sore arm.
    • The self-help guide: a quick and easy way to check          People aged 65 and over, and anyone aged six months or over with a long term health
      symptoms and decide whether to seek medical help.           problem or a weakened immune system, need to get the vaccine as a matter of urgency as
                                                                  flu can cause them serious complications, often resulting in a stay in hospital and in the
    • Common health questions: answers to topical and             worst cases death.
      frequently asked health questions.
    • The online enquiry service: submit questions and            Because swine flu can cause serious illness in pregnant women, this year all expectant mums
      receive answers by email on non-urgent health matters.      who have not previously been protected from swine flu, also need to get the seasonal flu
                                                                  vaccine to make sure they are protected.
    Find services                                                 If you are not sure whether you are eligible for a flu vaccination please check on the NHS
    Find telephone numbers and full details for all the           choices website, call NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or contact your local GP or
    health services in your area, everything from GPs and         pharmacist.
    dentists to carer services and gyms.

    Health A-Z                                                     Stop smoking
    This section explains more than 750 conditions and             If you are registered with a GP and have decided to go SMOKEFREE, well done! You are on
    treatments in an easy and comprehensive way in words,
    pictures and videos. Top doctors and health professionals      your way to achieving a more positive, healthier lifestyle and you can walk in to a local drop
    share their knowledge and advice while patients give           in session without a prior appointment and without referral from your GP or other health
    an insight into coping with particular conditions and          professional. You will be offered one-to-one advice and support from trained advisors, and,
    treatments.                                                    if appropriate, prescriptions for one of the many stop smoking treatments that are available.
                                                                   You can also have your level of carbon monoxide gas monitored and many people feel very
    Compare hospitals                                              encouraged by being able to see the progress they are making as they see the fall in carbon
    If you are referred to hospital                  “Y            monoxide in their body.
    to see a specialist or to have                ha“e ou
                                                  h v ou
    treatment, you can compare                righ ave the
                                              ri          the
                                                                   For free support and advice for smokers wanting to give up, or for details on how to quit
                                             chght to ma
                                                                   with others in a group, you can either make an appointment to see a trained advisor in your
    hospitals you might go                   choicteto make        GP practice or call:
    to by various criteria                  y oices   s a ke
    covering such things               and our NH about
                                            y u
                                       and oo r NHS ba ut  o       Your local Specialist Stop Smoking Service:
                                              t in S c r
    as cleanliness,                     to suo inform are
                                        t o s upp f or ma c e      • Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland 0800 952 4433
    experience of a
                                            choi ort thetion
                                                pp         atio    • Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees 01642 635650
    particular procedure
    and, in some cases,                     choicost these n
                                                   e ”. se         • National NHS Smoking Helpline
                                                 ces” *
                                                        .*            0800 169 0169
    survival rates, through to car
    parking arrangements, general                                  • NHS Pregnancy Stop Smoking Helpline
    facilities, or availability of A&E departments.                   0800 169 9169
                                                                                                                            * Quotes taken from NHS Constitution
3              LOOK AFTER YOURSELF
Healthy eating
Despite what you see in some diet books and TV programmes, healthy eating is really straightforward. All the food
we eat can be divided into five groups. A healthy diet means that you eat the right balance of these groups.
They are:
• Starchy foods, such as rice, wholewheat pasta and bread, and potatoes
• Fruit and vegetables
• Meat, fish, eggs and beans
• Milk and dairy foods
• Foods containing fat and sugar
Most of us in Britain eat too much fat, sugar and salt, and not enough fruit and vegetables or starchy foods and
wholegrains. You can read more about each of the five food groups,as well as great recipes and cooking tips, at the
Food Standards Agency's Eatwell website

Sexual health                                                                                        Mental health
Did you know?                                                                                        It's easy to think that mental health issues don't concern
• Anybody having sex can pick up a sexually transmitted infection (STI)                              us, but in fact a quarter of us will have problems with our
• Some STIs have no or few symptoms                                                                  mental well-being at some time in our lives. Mental health
• Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are becoming more and more common, especially               problems are equally common in men and women, but the
  in young people aged 17 - 25                                                                       types of problems differ. Women are one-and-a-half times
• STIs threaten the health and fertility of both men and women                                       more likely to be affected by anxiety and depression, while
• STIs include infections such as Chlamydia (the most common), genital herpes, syphilis,             men suffer more from substance abuse (one in eight men
  gonorrhoea, hepatitis, genital warts, thrush and HIV                                               is dependent on alcohol) and anti social personality disorders.
• The number of people diagnosed with Chlamydia has doubled in the last decade with                  Men are also more prone to suicide: 75% of suicides are
  as many as 1 in 8 people infected                                                                  men, mostly young men. Serious mental health problems
• Men are just as likely to be infected with Chlamydia as women                                      are also more common than you might think, with one in
Helpful Tips                                                                                         100 people diagnosed with schizophrenia, and 630,000
• Don’t be pressured into doing something you do not want to do, everyone has the                    people contacting specialist mental health services in England
  right to say no                                                                                    at any one time. If you need NHS support for mental illness,
• Protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy by                    contact your GP, who will refer you to the right services.
  using a condom                                                                                     MIND Infoline 0845 766 0163
• Be prepared for the unexpected, carry protection with you just in case!
                                                                                                     Local MIND contact numbers:
Want to know more?                                                                                   Hartlepool 01429 269303
All the services in this guide, including GPs offer a confidential service for all ages. For         Middlesbrough and Stockton-on-Tees 01642 649099
advice or information contact:                                                                       Redcar & Cleveland 01642 296052
• Sexwise 0800 282 930 (7am - 12 midnight)
• Tees Valley Chlamydia Screening Service contact the Central Screening Office on                    Improving Access to Psychological Therapies on
  01642 266210 or visit                                                           Teesside (IAPT)
• Middlesbrough Genitourinary Medicine Department, James Cook Hospital,                              NHS Hartlepool, NHS Middlesbrough, NHS Redcar and
  Marton Road, Middlesbrough. 01642 854548                                                           Cleveland, and NHS Stockton-on-Tees have received funding,
• Community Sexual Health Clinics Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland.                               totally almost £2m, from the Department of Health to
  For more information call 0345 045 0620                                                            commission services which will lead to improvements in
• Contraception & Sexual Health North Ormesby Health Village. Tel: 01642 459583                      access to psychological therapies for people on Teesside.
• Hartlepool Sexual Health One Life, Park Road, Hartlepool, TS24 7PW.                                A consortium of providers, led by Mental Health Matters,
  Tel: 01429 285719                                                                                  have been commissioned to deliver the programme. Through
• Stockton-on-Tees Sexual Health Lawson Street, Stockton-on-Tees.                                    the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme,
  Tel: 01642 613533                                                           people aged 16 and over can access Cognitive Behavioural
• Brook Advisory Services for local services                                        Therapy (CBT) in order to self manage low to moderate
  Tel: 01642 535300                                                                                  anxiety and depression.
• Sexual Assault and Referral Service Helen Britton House                                            To access the IAPT programme, contact Time to Talk Tel: 01642 516888                                                      on 01642 221910
• Visit Playing Safely

Bowel, breast and cervical cancer                                cancer increases with age and 97%of people diagnosed
                                                                 are over 50, but bowel cancer can take years to develop.
screening                                                        If you're diagnosed with bowel cancer under the age of
In the UK, breast cancer is the most common type of              45, or if you and one of your parents, brothers or sisters
cancer among women. More than 45,500 cases of breast             gets bowel cancer, you should suggest to other close
cancer are diagnosed every year, usually in women over           relatives that they go to their GP for a check-up.
50 who have reached menopause. However, it is possible           Call the Bowel Cancer Screening Helpline on
for women of any age to get breast cancer and, in rare           0800 707 6060
cases, the condition can also affect men.
The exact cause of breast cancer is not fully understood,        About 3,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer
but many factors increase the likelihood of developing           in the UK each year, and it causes about 1,000 deaths.
it, including age and family history of breast cancer. One       Cervical cancer can affect women of any age, but the
in nine women are affected by breast cancer during their         peak age for diagnosis is 30–40. It is the second most
lifetime. There is a good chance of recovery if it is detected   common cancer in women aged under 35 after breast
in its early stages. The NHS Breast Screening Programme          cancer.                                                                            “Th
provides free breast screening every three years for all         Regular cervical screening reduces the risk of cervical                           NHS
women in the UK aged over 50.                                    cancer. All women aged between 25 and 64 are eligible                          com
Contact the Breast Screening Unit for Teesside on                for free cervical screening every three to five years. If                    to p mi ts
01642 617088
                                                                 you have missed your screening test or are due for                           scre rovide
                                                                 another, visit your Family Planning Clinic or make an                     pr     eni
About one in 20 women and one in 18 men develop                  appointment at your GP Practice with your Practice Nurse.             as re ogram ng
bowel cancer (also known as colorectal cancer) in their                                                                              b       co      me
lifetimes. More than eight out of ten bowel cancers are
                                                                 Get the relevant cancer check ups.
                                                                 Visit                                 Scre y the U mmend s
diagnosed in people over the age of 60. The risk of bowel                                                                             enin K Na ed
                                                                                                                                           g Co      t
                                                                                                                                                 mm ional
4               LOOK AFTER YOURSELF
                         Hangover. Grazed knee. Sore throat. Cough.                                    Self-care - essential information:
                                                                                                       Ensure your medicine cabinet is well stocked this
                         For wear and tear, minor trips, and everything in-between, choose self-care. winter, with:
                         Self-care                                                                     • paracetamol or aspirin
                         A range of winter illnesses can be treated at home by combining a well • anti-diarrhoeal medicine
                         stocked medicine cabinet with plenty of rest.                                 • rehydration mixture
                                                                                                       • indigestion remedy
                         When and why?                                                                 • plasters
                         Self-care is the best choice to treat very minor illnesses and injuries which • thermometer.
                         strike you down during the winter period.

                         Choosing well ensures you receive the rest and recovery you need, meaning
                         busy NHS services can help those who need them most.

Appointments.                                             Guide to services for long term                      Diabetes
                                                                                                               Diabetes patients are mainly supported through
If you can’t go, let us know.                             conditions                                           their GP practice with regular appointments at
We are doing everything we can to improve our             Stroke                                               diabetes clinics run by the practice nurses.
service and cut waiting times for patients, but           If someone is experiencing the effects which         Support information is given on diagnosis to
we will only be able to make it better together.          indicate a new stroke, act quickly and call 999.     all patients. Patients are also invited to attend
Missed appointments affect doctors, nurses and            The test for a stroke is:                            an education course specifically for the type of
patients in a number of different ways, and cost          F (facial weakness) - can they smile?                diabetes they have been diagnosed with.
NHS North East £24 million each year. If you can’t        Has their mouth or eye dropped?                      Local Support Groups
keep your NHS appointment, please call us and             A (arm weakness) - can they raise                    Hartlepool Diabetes Voluntary Support Group
let us know.                                              both arms?                                           - 01429 863425. A drop-in group takes place
                                                          S (speech problems) - can they speak                 every first and third Friday of the month at
                                                          clearly and understand you?                          Central Library between 10am and 12noon.
 Social Services.                                         T (time) to call 999                                 Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland -
 There are many different Social Services available       On discharge from hospital there are stroke          Diabetes UK South Cleveland Support Group
 for your local authority. For more information on        pathways in place and patients will have contact     meets on the first Thursday of every month at
 these services contact:                                  with their local stroke team or GP practice for      James Cook University Hospital. For more
                                                          regular assessments.                                 details please ring Geoffrey Mintor
 Middlesbrough Council, PO Box 99,                                                                             (membership secretary) on 01642 823316.
 Town Hall, Middlesbrough TS1 2QQ.                        The Stroke Association is a national organisation
                                                          that can offer advice and support for Stroke         Stockton Diabetes Voluntary Support Group -
 Tel. 01642 726004                                                                                             01642 550255, email
 Email:               patients and their carers. The North East
                                                          Regional Office of the Stroke Association can A monthly
 Stockton Council, First Contact Team, Wrensfield         be contacted on 0191 487 9988.                       meeting takes place on the last Wednesday of
 House, Wrensfield Road, Stockton-on-Tees,                                                                     every month at St John's Centre, Durham Road,
 TS19 0AT. Tel: 01642 527764                              Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease                Stockton from 6.30pm to 8pm.
 Out of hours call 0870 2402 994                          (COPD)                                               National Support Groups
 Email:                      Patients diagnosed with COPD will be placed          Diabetes UK is a national support organisation
                                                          onto a COPD register and receive regular             with a local branch in Darlington for the North
 Hartlepool Borough Council, Duty Team,                                                                        East and can be contacted on 01325 488606.
                                                          support through their GP practice with
 Level 4, Civic Centre etc. Tel: 01429 523872             appointments with a COPD Practice Nurse.
 Email:                                                                       Until the end of March 2011 there is a free
                                                          There are Breatheasy local support groups that       Diabetes UK membership scheme for newly
 Redcar and Cleveland Council, Seafield                   are supported by the British Lung Foundation,        diagnosed diabetes patients sponsored by NHS
 House, Kirkleatham Street, Redcar TS10 1SP.              a national organisation that can by contacted        Middlesbrough and NHS Redcar and Cleveland.
 Tel. 01642 771500                                        on 0845 850 5020.                                    Please call supporter services on 0845 123 2399
 Email:                                                                      quoting reference G09A00001.

                                                       NHS Direct
                      Unwell? Unsure?                  Patients requiring helpful information and advice on everyday problems should contact
                           Confused?                   NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 through digital TV and online, 24 hours a day.
                          Need help?                   This service is run by trained nursing staff and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week,
When and why?                                          including Bank Holidays.
Contact NHS Direct if you are ill or injured and
unsure what to do next, have any questions about                                                              services and some pharmacies also offer non- NHS
a condition or treatment, or require information      Pharmacists                                             services too. Some pharmacies will collect your
about local health services.                          From sprains to stomach upsets, common winter           prescription from your GP surgery and some may
                                                      illnesses, medicines and other health issues, your      also deliver your prescription medicines to your
                                                      local pharmacist is qualified to give you expert        home. Prescription collection and delivery services
                                                      advice and the medicines to treat them without          are not NHS services so you will need to ask your
                              Diarrhoea.              an appointment.                                         own pharmacy for more information about what
                            Runny nose.               To find a list of local pharmacists, visit              they provide.
                          Painful cough.    , call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47               Electronic Prescription Service
                                                      or look in Yellow Pages under Pharmacies.
                              Headache.                                                                       Over time the Electronic Prescription Service will
                                                      To find out about chemists which open late at           be made available in many pharmacies. This will
When and why?
                                                      night, or on Sundays and Bank Holidays, call NHS        mean you can choose, or 'nominate' the pharmacy
Visit your local pharmacy when you are suffering      Direct 0845 46 47.                                      to receive your prescriptions electronically -
from a common health problem which does not                                                                   without the need for paper in most cases. Please
require being seen by a nurse or doctor.              Prescription delivery services
                                                                                                              ask your local pharmacist for more information.
                                                      Community pharmacies offer a range of NHS
Finding a local Doctor
Local doctors or general practitioners (GPs) are the first port of call for many people when they                                         Vomiting.
develop a health problem. They provide a range of services by appointment, including medical                                               Ear pain.
advice, examinations, and prescriptions.                                                                                                 Sore belly.
When absolutely essential, GPs can also provide home visits out-of-hours - in these circumstances,                                       Back ache.
phone your local surgery and follow the recorded instructions.                                              When and why?
                                                                                                            Make an appointment with your local GP
For ear infections, a dose of the flu, and everything in between, choose a GP.                              when you have an injury or illness
Your GP provides many services, such as:                                            “Yo
                                                                                    have u                  that just won’t go away.
• General health advice and treatment                                           the                                                            “Y
• Vaccinations
                                                                               to re right                Changing your GP                  haveou
• Contraception and maternity services                                    NHS        cei                                                    righ the
It is important to be registered with a GP as they can also              of c service ve                  You have the right to           expr t to
help inform your choice in accessing hospital and community          from harge s free                    change your GP without      pre      ess
services. You should get an appointment to see your GP             exce certa , apar
                                                                          pt       in      t
                                                                                                          giving a reason.         usin ference a
within 48 hours of contacting them. For a list of GPs, you                                                The process of                gap        for
can contact:                                                          by P ions san limited               finding a new
                                                                                                                              GP poctor wi articula
                                                                            arlia     c
Tel: 0800 013 0500                                                                men tioned              GP is similar    prac ractic thin y r
                                                                                                                                tice      e        o
or log onto                                                                           t”.*                to registering.
                                                                                                                                     to tr , and fo ur
                                                                                                                                          y to
                                                                                                                                               comr the
Extended opening hours                                                  Out of hours
The majority of GPs (73%) across Tees offer extended opening            Patients requiring urgent medical care outside
hours. For more information please contact 0800 013 0500 or             GP surgery hours should contact the local Out
visit our website                                       of Hours service. These services are available
                                                                        6pm to 8am Monday to Thursday; 6pm Friday
                                                                        to 8am Monday and throughout Bank Holidays.
 How to register                                                        If you live in Middlesbrough,
 Everyone has the right to be registered with a GP.                     Stockton-on-Tees or Redcar and Cleveland
 To register, either telephone or call into the                         call 0845 603 3131.
 practice and ask to be registered. If they agree                       If you live in Hartlepool call
 to add you to their list of patients, they will ask     “Y             0300 123 1851.
 you for your details - you can either present        have ou
 your medical card or fill in a short form.
                                                      rig the           Before calling these numbers please make sure
 A doctor may refuse to register you, if           acce ht to           that you need urgent medical help and cannot
 for example his or her list is full, but    serv       ss N            wait until your doctor’s surgery reopens.
                                                   i         H
 he or she may not refuse to                  not ces. You S
 register you on the grounds of                     be r      w         If in doubt call NHS Direct on 0845 4647 to help
 age, gender, sexual                              acce efusedill        you understand if you need to see a doctor or
 orientation, race, disability,              unre ss on                 simply need some advice.
 religious beliefs, perceived                       a
                                              grou sonabl
 economic worth or clinical condition.               nds” e             Out of Hours services cannot provide you with
 If you are related to and are a household                .*            items such as repeat prescriptions. Please make
 member of an existing patient, that practice have an                   sure you have enough medication to last over
 obligation to accept you as a patient regardless of whether            evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays.
 their list is full.

 Opticians                                    NHS Dentists                                           • Provide advice on specialist services such as
 You will find a list of local opticians on                                                            orthodontics, care at home, care for anxious and
                                              To locate an NHS dentist on Teesside, call               special needs patients                                   0345 045 0620 or text 07700 380000.
 or on your local NHS website                                                                        • Provide advice on NHS treatments including crowns,
                                              The dental helpline can:                                 bridges and dentures.
 Also look in the Yellow Pages under          • Help you find local NHS dentists                     For urgent dental care you can contact
 opticians.                                   • Explain NHS dental costs                             0845 603 3131. The Emergency Dental Service will
                                              • Provide advice on who can get free NHS treatment     inform you which practices across Teesside currently
                                              • Provide advice on practices with extended opening    have availability to treat patients in acute pain.
                                                hours, e.g. evenings, early mornings and Saturday    Alternatively contact the dental helpline on
                             Cuts.              mornings                                             0345 045 0620.
 NHS Walk-in Centre
                                              Health Centres and Walk-in appointments
 NHS walk-in centres treat minor              For icy slips, skin complaints and everything in between, choose an NHS Walk-in Centre or Health Centre.
 illnesses and injuries and provide
 general medical advice. Open from            Hartlepool NHS Healthcare Centre                       Eston Grange NHS Health Care Centre
 early until late, assessments are            Victoria Road, Hartlepool TS26 8DF.                    Normanby Road, South Bank, Middlesbrough,
 carried out by experienced nursing           Tel: 01429 890947                                      TS6 6TD.
 staff and do not require an                  Open from 8.00am until 8.00pm, seven days a week       Tel: 0300 1230730
 appointment.                                                                                        Open from 8.00am until 8.00pm, seven days a week
                                              Stockton NHS Health Centre
 When and why?                                Tithebarn House, High Newham Road, Hardwick,           Resolution Health Centre
 Use your local walk-in centre if you         Stockton-on-Tees TS19 8RH.                             11 Trinity Mews, North Ormesby, Middlesbrough,
 require medical treatment or advice          Tel: 01642 525480                                      TS3 6AL. Tel: 0330 123 9501
 which does not need a visit to A&E           Open from 8.00am until 8.00pm, seven days a week       Open from 8.00am until 8.00pm, seven days a week
 or a medical appointment.
 Community Hospitals with Minor                              Redcar Primary Care Hospital,
                                                             West Dyke Road, Redcar, TS10 4NW.
 Injuries Departments                                        Tel: 01642 511000 - Open 24 hours
 Urgent care facilities treat minor illnesses and injuries   Guisborough Primary Care Hospital
 and provide general medical advice.                         (Church Lane Entrance), Guisborough, TS14 6HZ.
                                                             Tel: 01287 284000 - Open 24 hours
 The newly built Redcar Primary Care Hospital on West
 Dyke Road became fully operational in January 2010.         East Cleveland Primary Care Hospital,
 The facility includes: 4 GP practices, a pharmacy,          Alford Road, Brotton, TS12 2SF. Tel: 01287 676205
                                                              - Open 24 hours
 physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, audiology and podiatry,
 20 consultation rooms, Urgent Care Centre, x-ray and       Community Hospital only
 ultrasound, day hospital, rehabilitation and therapies and Carter Bequest Community Hospital,
 32 ensuite inpatient beds.                                 Cambridge Road, Middlesbrough. Tel: 01642 850911

 Choking. Chest                                      A&E                                                     Unless you need emergency medical attention, it
                                                     For symptoms of serious illnesses and major             is best to avoid your local A&E. Doctors and nurses
 pain. Blacking                                      accidents, choose A&E or 999. Only in emergency         there are equipped to deal with serious cases of
 out. Blood loss.                                    cases should you call 999.                              injury and illness, not routine and minor ailments.
 When and why?                                                                                               University Hospital of Hartlepool,
                                                     It is often very obvious when immediate emergency       Holdforth Road, Hartlepool, Tel: 01429 266654.
 Of all NHS services, A&E or 999 should only         care is needed for serious injury or illness, and you   The James Cook University Hospital,
 be used in a critical or life-threatening           should get medical attention by going to your           Marton Road,Middlesbrough, Tel: 01642 850850.
 situation.                                          local A&E department at your local hospital, or         University Hospital of North Tees,
                                                     by phoning 999 for an emergency ambulance.              Hardwick Road, Stockton, Tel: 01642 617617.

6                YOUR VOICE
Patient experience                                                                                       Equality and diversity
How to compliment, comment or complain about NHS services                                                We are committed to ensuring patients, carers, the
                                                                                                         public and our staff are not discriminated against on
Compliments                                                                                              the grounds of age, disability, gender, race, religious
If you have had a positive experience of your local NHS we would like to hear from you. You              beliefs or sexual orientation. We are therefore
can contact the Client Relations Team with your compliment.                                              committed to ensuring that all NHS services are
Comments and Concerns                                                                                    accessible and responsive to all our residents across
                                                                                                         Teesside. We are also committed to attracting,
We are here to help when you need advice, have concerns or don’t know where to turn,                     retaining and developing a diverse and skilled
guiding you through the different services available from the NHS.                                       workforce, which will help us buy and manage the
Complaints                                                                                               delivery of high quality and safe health services on
Anyone can make a complaint. You can make a complaint if you are the patient or you are                  your behalf.
acting on behalf of the patient who has been affected by the actions or decisions of your local          For more information about how we are tackling
NHS Service. If you are acting on behalf of a patient you will need their consent. Any information       equality and diversity please log onto our website
you give the Client Relations Team is strictly confidential and will be kept safe and secure.   or contact: 0800 013 0500.
You can contact us at:
Client Relations Service                                                               “Y
Freepost NEA 9906, Middlesbrough TS2 1BR.                                          haveou                MY NHS
Freephone: 0800 0130500
(9am - 5pm) (option 5)                                                             righ the
                                                                                h       t to             MY NHS helps to ensure that local people are involved
Fax: 01642 352509
                                                                            com ave any                  in decisions we make about the health services we
                                                                           m     pla                     design, buy and manage. We are urging everyone to
Text: 07700 380000                                                   NHS ake ab int you                  get involved in MY NHS and have their say on issues
If you require support to make your complaint you can               effic service out the                that matter to them. It is free to join and it is up to
contact the Independent Complaints Advocacy Service                prop iently a s dealt w               the individual how much they get involved.
(ICAS) at:                                                               erly     n
                                                                              inve d to hav ith
                                                                                                         MY NHS gives local people the opportunity to influence
Independent Complaints Advocacy Service                                             stiga    e           local health services and give their views in a variety
Evans Business Centre, Durham Way South, Aycliffe Industrial Park,                        ted” it        of ways, including completing surveys, taking part in
                                                                                              .*         consultations, attending events and providing
Newton Aycliffe, County Durham DL5 6XP. Tel: 0300 456 8348.                                              feedback.
If you feel that your complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can contact
the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman and request that they review your case.                   MY NHS also provides information about NHS services,
                                                                                                         allows people to keep up to date with local
Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman                                                               developments and access tools and information to
Millbank Tower, Millbank, London SW1P 4QP
                                                                                                         help manage their own health and wellbeing.
Tel: 0345 015 4033 Fax: 0345 061400                                                 Information on local health services are
                                                                                                         available via MY NHS.
                                                                                                         To find out more email
                                                                                                or freephone
                                                                                                         0800 013 0500 for more                         “Y
                                                                                                         information. You can also                  haveou
                                                                                                         write to a Freepost Address              righ the
                                                                                                         at: MY NHS, Freepost                   invo t to be
                                                                                                                                                plan ved in
                                                                                                         NEA9906, Middlesbrough
                                                                                                         TS2 1BR. Or visit our                        ning
                                                                                                                                           deci anging ,
                                                                                                                       s          o
                                                                                                                                                io        r
                                                                                                                                             servi ns abou
                                                                                                                                                  ces”      t
7                      YOUR VOICE
Volunteer Development Agencies (VDAs)                                       Local Involvement Networks (LINks)
VDAs are umbrella organisations that help those who work to                 LINks are networks of interested local people and voluntary and
support, advise and promote the voluntary sector locally.                   community sector organisations, looking at health and social
You can contact your local VDA on:                                          care services.                                                        “The
                                                           “You                                                                                   NHS
Hartlepool VDA. Tel: 01429 262641                                           To be involved in your local LINk, contact:                      co                                            have                                                                            mak mmits t
                                                      th                                                                                       e de     o
Middlesbrough VDA. Tel: 01642 249300               expe e right             Hartlepool LINk. Tel: 01429 262641                            in        c
                                                                                                                                     tran a clear isions
                                                  NH ct yo to                                           spa       an                              heal S to assur local        Middlesbrough LINk. Tel: 0800 141 2642
                                                                                                                               pub hat pati rent wa d
Redcar and Cleveland VDA.                    of th th req ess the                                                                  lic c      ent      y, so
Tel: 01642 440571                           and e local uiremen
                                                                                                                                  servi an undes and th
                                                                                                                                        c         r        e                           put to com commu ts              Redcar and Cleveland LINk.                             and es are plstand ho
Stockton Residents &                      to min place mission nity         Tel: 01642 636161                                            deliv anne
                                                                                                                                               ered     d
Community Groups Association.            cons eet tho the servand                                 ”.*
                                               idere se ne ices             Stockton-on-Tees LINk. Tel: 01642 636162
Tel: 01642 733912                                   d ne eds a
                                                         cessa    s

7                      YOUR NHS PERFORMANCE
 Hospital waiting times                                                               Infection rates                                                 “Th
 Most patients, who need non-emergency treatment provided by a consultant             Stopping the spread of infection is a key factor in                    e
 or their team, will start treatment within 18 weeks from being referred              ensuring public confidence in the health service. Under     com HS
 by their GP. Where possible patients will be treated more quickly.                   the Health Act 2006 all NHS organisations have a           ensu mits to
                                                                                      statutory duty to have a robust, safe and tested                 re t
 However, there may be times when you cannot begin treatment within
                                                                                      systems and processes to ensure that infection       provservices hat
 18 weeks, such as:
                                                                                      prevention and control is embedded within          and ided i are
 • When you choose a later appointment for your treatment, perhaps                    the organisation at every level.                  that safe envn a clean
                                                                                                                                             is         ir
   because of work commitments or a holiday
                                                                                      Health Care Associated Infections                  base fit for p onmen
 • When you are not medically fit to be treated, for example if you are too                                                                   d           u    t
   overweight for surgery to be carried out safely                                    (HCAIs)                                             best on nat rpose,
 • When your condition requires an extended period of testing and                                                                               prac ional
                                                                                      PCTs work effectively with Hospital Trusts to                 tice”
   observation before a diagnosis can be made. This will only apply to a              reduce HCAIs.                                                        .*
   very small number of patients.
 You can be reassured that if you need treatment for
 urgent conditions like cancer and heart disease you            “You
 will be seen and receive treatment more quickly.
 Referral to Treatment Position
                                                            the r ve
                                                         to      igh
 Trusts are expected to maintain a maximum             with be treat t
                                                            di       ed
 waiting time of 18 weeks from referral to               resp gnity an
 start of treatment for 90% of admitted              a       ec        d
 patients and 95% of non-admitted                 yourccordan t, in
 patients.                                             hum ce wi
                                                            an ri th
 The following tables show how your                              ghts
 PCT is performing against targets.

                                        2009/10            2010/11
 Admitted                                               Latest Position
                                                        September 2010
                                Actual Target           Actual Target
 NHS   Middlesbrough            92.5% 90%               95.5% 90%
 NHS   Redcar and Cleveland     92.6% 90%               96.4% 90%
 NHS   Stockton-on-Tees         94.7% 90%               95.8% 90%
 NHS   Hartlepool               94.6% 90%               98.1% 90%

                                                                                     Up to date information is also available via
                                        2009/10         2010/11                      NHS Choices Website
 Non-Admitted                                           Latest Position
                                                        September 2010
                                 Actual Target           Actual Target
 NHS   Middlesbrough             99.0% 95%               98.6% 95%
 NHS   Redcar and Cleveland      99.1% 95%               99.0% 95%
 NHS   Stockton-on-Tees          98.4% 95%               98.4% 95%
 NHS   Hartlepool                98.7% 95%               99.2% 95%

This information is also available on
8                      YOUR NHS PERFORMANCE
How the money is spent                              How the money is spent for NHS Tees                  Primary Care including GPs, Dentists,
                                                                                                         Pharmacists and Opticians
The chart below shows how much                            109.7                 142.1                    Prescribing
money has been spent on local services      111.0                                                        Learning Difficulties
across Hartlepool, Middlesbrough,                                                            93.4
                                         23.4                                                            Mental Illness
Redcar & Cleveland and Stockton-on-                                                               52.1
Tees. For more information visit our                                                                     Maternity
website                                                                                                  General and Acute                                                                                          Accident & Emergency
                                                                                                 100.1   Community Health Services
                                                                                          24.7           Other

   NHS Smoking helplines                                                     NHS Direct 0845 4647
   • Specialist Stop Smoking Service 0800 952 4433
   • National NHS Smoking Helpline 0800 169 0169                             GP Out of Hours Service:
   • National NHS Pregnancy Stop Smoking Helpline                            • Middlesbrough, Stockton and Redcar and Cleveland
     0800 169 9169                                                             0845 603 3131
                                                                             • Hartlepool 0300 123 1851
   MIND Infoline 0845 766 0163
   • MIND Hartlepool 01429 269303                                            Health Centres/Walk-in Centres
   • MIND Middlesbrough 01642 649099                                         • Hartlepool NHS Healthcare Centre 01429 890947
   • MIND Redcar and Cleveland 01642 269052                                  • Stockton NHS Health Centre 01642 525480
                                                                             • Eston Grange NHS Health Care Centre (Middlesbrough)
   Cancer Screening helplines                                                  0300 123 0730
   • Breast Screening Unit, Teesside 01642 617088                            • Resolution Health Centre (Middlesbrough)
   • Bowel Cancer Screening Helpline 0800 707 6060                             0330 123 9501
   Social Services                                                           Community Hospitals
   Middlesbrough Council, PO Box 99,                                         • Redcar Primary Care Hospital 01642 511000
   Town Hall, Middlesbrough. TS1 2QQ.                                        • Guisborough Primary Care Hospital (Church Lane Entrance)
   Tel. 01642 726004                                                           01287 284000
   Email:                                • East Cleveland Primary Care Hospital (Brotton)
   Stockton Council, Customer Care - Health & Social                           01287 676205
   Care, Stirling House, Tedder Avenue, Thornaby,                            • Carter Bequest Community Hospital (Middlesbrough)
   Stockton-on-Tees TS17 9JP.                                                  01642 850911
   Tel. 01642 527521
   Email:                                      Hospitals
                                                                             • University Hospital of Hartlepool
   Hartlepool Borough Council, Customer Services,                              01429 266654
   Contact Centre, Civic Centre, Victoria Road,                              • The James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough
   Hartlepool. TS24 8AY. Tel. 01429 266522                                     01642 850850
   Email:                                 • University Hospital of North Tees, Stockton
   Redcar and Cleveland Council, Seafield House,                               01642 617617
   Kirkleatham Street, Redcar TS10 1SP.                                      • Emergency call 999
   Tel. 01642 771500
   Email:                                  Client Relations Service
                                                                             Freepost NEA 9906, Middlesbrough TS2 1BR.
   Dental                                                                    Freephone: 0800 013 0500 9am-5pm (option 5)
   NHS Dental Helpline 0345 045 0620                                         Fax: 01642 352509
   or text 07700 380000                                                      Email:
   Emergency Dental Service 0845 603 3131                                    Text: 07700 380000

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