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					                                         CONNECTICUT SHELLFISH CO., INC.
                                                26 EAST INDUSTRIAL ROAD
                                                    BRANFORD, CT 06405
                                    PHONE (203) 488-7705 (800) 228-7813 FAX (203) 483-2523

                                                        CREDIT AGREEMENT
 For value received, the undersigned promises to pay for all merchandise sold and delivered to the undersigned upon the terms and
 conditions set forth below:
 The undersigned submits the following information as an inducement for CONNECTICUT SHELLFISH CO., INC to give credit. The
 information contained in the Agreement is true and correct as of this date, and you may keep this statement whether or not credit is
 approved. You may also check the undersigned’s credit and answer questions concerning your credit experience with the undersigned.
 This instrument is issued to induce CONNECTICUT SHELLFISH CO., INC. to SELL to the undersigned Seafood products. CONNECTICUT
 SHELLFISH CO., INC. has the right to revoke and to cancel this Agreement and refuse to sell and deliver to the undersigned at the option of

 CUSTOMER NAME:                                                                     _       DATE:         ________________________
 STREET ADDRESS:            _                                                     ___       PHONE NO: ________________________
 CITY/STATE:                                                     ________________           ZIP CODE: ________________________
 PLEASE CHECK ONE:              CORPORATION                  PARTNERSHIP                    INDIVIDUAL
 CORPORATION NAME: ______________________________ STATE INCORPORATED IN: ________________________

OWNER OR AUTHORIZED OFFICER OF CORP:                                    ____________    HOME PHONE: __________________________

STREET ADDRESS:                                   ___________     CITY/STATE:               _____________         ZIP: _______________

 PLEASE CHECK ONE: OWN                    RENT         LEASE           ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CONTACT: ____________________
 WHOM DO YOU RENT/LEASE FROM:                          ________________________ADDRESS: ___________________________
 IF OWN, FIRST MORTGAGEE: _________________________________________________________________________
           SECOND MORTAGEE: ________________________________________________________________________
 DO YOU HAVE A LIQUOR LICENSE:                  YES         NO           UNDER WHAT NAME: _____________________________

                                              TRADE REFERENCES
NAME                                      ADDRESS                                 TELEPHONE #
1. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __
2. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________________________________________________

                   BANK REFERENCES                                                            CREDIT TERMS
                                                                   DATE APPROVED:          _______________________________________
CHECKING ACCOUNT: ____________________________                     MAXIMUM CREDIT $: _______________________________________

________________________________________________                   SALESPERSON:            ______________________________________
                                                                   CREDIT MGR:             ___________________________________

The undersigned hereby agrees to the payment of all invoices upon delivery of product and that in interest charge of 1.5%
(18 % annum) will be charged bi-monthly on all accounts over thirty (30) days. In case of non-payment of sums, when due, the undersigned
agrees to pay attorney’s fees and all costs of collection. The undersigned further agrees that the employee, who signs the delivery receipt or
invoice, signs with the expressed approval of the corporation, owner or guarantor. All disputes shall be resolved in accordance with laws of
Connecticut. This document shall not be construed as a binding agreement until this document is approved by the Credit Manager.

 Signed by /Title:                                                    Firm Name: __________________________________

 Connecticut Shellfish by: _______________________________ Date: _____________
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Credit Application
Connecticut Shellfish Co., Inc.

                                               PERSONAL GUARANTEE

Please accept this letter as my personal guarantee to pay all bills incurred by

Name of Corporation: ________________________________________________________________________________

In accordance of the extension of credit on the terms and conditions cited on page one (1) of this document, the undersigned
guarantees the prompt payment of the entire balance due. The liability of the undersigned under this Guaranty is primary and
direct and not conditional or contingent upon pursuing any remedies against the above named. Notice of default, protest,
demand and presentation is hereby waived. This shall be a continuing Guaranty and the undersigned agrees to remain
bound in spirit of any extensions, renewals, modifications or compromises of any indebtedness, liability or obligations of the
above named. The undersigned consents to be bound by all the terms and provisions of the Credit Agreement cited on page
one (1). Including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees, cost of collection and interest on the unpaid balance as set
forth above.

The Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act prohibits creditors from discriminating against credit applicants on the basis of race,
color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age (providing the applicant has the capacity to enter into a binding contract)
or because all or part of the applicant’s income derives from any public assistance program or because the applicant has in
good faith exercised any right under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. The federal agency that administers compliance
with this law is the Federal Trade Commission.
Applicant hereby authorizes seller to check applicant’s credit history and trade and bank references as needed for customary
credit information, to confirm the information to other creditors regarding applicant’s credit experience with seller.

SIGNATURE:                                                                   DATE: __________________________________

SOCIAL SECURITY#:                                                                                                                __

HOME ADDRESS:                                                                                                                    __

CITY/STATE:                                                                                                                      __

ZIP CODE:                                                                                                                        __

HOME TELEPHONE:                                                                                                                  __

WITNESS:                                                                     DATE:

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