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					                          pattern matched
                                                                                                             PMT Focus
                                              technologies                                                                       A year in review
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    December 2010

  The Best PMT Year on Record – Merry Xmas!
  It’s really hard to assimilate that it has already been one year since                                                                            Monthly costs for fully hosted solutions are often less than the cost
  The Focus was launched! To be honest, it feels like yesterday, and                                                                                of half a page of advertising in a glossy magazine – with a potential
  the excitement of releasing this Xmas edition to our friends and                                                                                  base reach of every South African cellular user on all three GSM
  colleagues is no less exciting! It is short and sweet, but hints at a                                                                             networks (soon to be 4 with Telkom 8.ta).
  fantastic 2011 to come!                                                                                                                           Corporate reach to their Consumers can literally be achieved within
                                                                                                                                                    weeks of initiating a project with PMT. The communication of
  USSD – Facilitating “Killer apps”                                                                                                                 general information like news and other real-time data feeds,
                                                                                                                                                    through to specialised and password-protected information such as
  We all have heard the term “killer app” in one industry or another,                                                                               account balances and up-to-date financial transaction statements
  and the most recognised acknowledgement of what this means in                                                                                     can be effected easily and cost-effectively.
  GSM cellular, is the SMS application which has certainly made
  almost every network in the world using SMS, mega-successful.                                                                                     PMT Project Updates
  SMS is both the application and the “bearer” channel, and in the
  case of USSD that is also classified as a cellular “bearer”, USSD                                                                                 News includes the pilot of Econet Mobile Money in Zimbabwe
  offers no application functionality by itself. However, I contend that                                                                            starting before the end of the year, and the hugely successful
  USSD is one of the most powerful service offerings that the GSM                                                                                   Christmas launch of the RMCS OTA project in South Africa’s largest
  networks have introduced since their inception in South Africa,                                                                                   credit retailer. Mobile Money is also now in full production in Georgia
  despite inherent technical reasons why overall reliability of the                                                                                 with our Client OpenRevolution featured in our last Focus. Mobile
  service is sometimes raised as a detractor for its use.                                                                                           Potential now offers a bulk IN loading service with Vodacom that
                                                                                                                                                    saw hundreds of thousands of transactions processed with its
  PMT has directly been involved in innovations in South African GSM                                                                                launch. In all, a very exciting end to our year.
  USSD since its inception, and now offers not only the AMBER ss7/
  SMPP server as one of its core GSM products, but as a founder
  WASP, now has many large Corporate Clients who rely on our                                                                                        In closing, once again, have a very merry and joyous Christmas
  AMBER Product Hosted offerings. As a bearer, USSD offers the                                                                                      with your Loved Ones. To all our loyal and very supportive Clients
  most versatile and readily accessible channel to every handset user                                                                               and Friends – thank you for helping PMT grow this year again, and
  (except for really old entry-level handsets). Whilst there are many                                                                               for the trust you place in our solutions and us. For PMT and our
  arguments around the cost of USSD set by the networks in South                                                                                    dedicated and loyal Staff, it’s a very well deserved if not very short
  Africa as being too high, the fact is that cellular users can now easily                                                                          breather to prepare ourselves for 2011 – a year promising to be
  interact with applications and services previously only accessible                                                                                dynamic, challenging but certainly very exciting. Merry Christmas
  from inside traditional service branch infrastructure. For me, the                                                                                and a Peaceful New Year!
  time and effort savings, as well as the depth of the Client experience
  and services afforded is really a massive benefit to the consumer.                                                                                Warm regards Markus
  Worth every cent in my opinion!

  PMT offers Corporates what we call AMBER Hosted USSD
  solutions – from simple USSD string forwarding on HTTP protocols,
  through to fully hosted banking solutions with high security

       Whilst making all reasonable efforts to provide correct information, PMT (Pty) Ltd cannot and does not warrant or guarantee that the information provided in this
   newsletter is accurate in every respect. Therefore, PMT as well as its officers, directors, employees, agents and managers, shall have no liability or responsibility
w h a t s o e v e r n o m a t t e r w h e t h e r i t i s b a s e d o n c o n t r a c t , t o r t o r a n y o t h e r l e g a l g r o u n d f o r a n y i n a c c u r a c y, i n c o m p l e t e n e s s , o m i s s i o n , l a c k o f t i m e l i n e s o r a n y o t h e r e r r o r o f
the information. The contributions of third parties do not necessarily represent the view or opinions of PMT or its officers, directors, employees, agents and managers.
                              letter from the editor

                      ‘tis the season
Did I miss Halloween? What happened to 2010?

Once again, we plunge headlong into the season of thanks. At least I thought we were. I keep saying to myself:
“Don’t blink.” Because I might miss it on my way into the mall.

Last year I celebrated my first Christmas at Pattern Matched Technologies.
It was an anxious time for me, having to learn new technologies, new systems, new clients and new colleagues.
I soon found that PMT is a company rich in astonishing stories and personalities and it’s easy to adopt them as a
family... this brings me to the theme of my letter to you, with this edition of the PMT Focus.
No matter what our personal traditions or culture are – the Christmas holidays have always been synonymous
with “family”.

When I sat down with a group of friends earlier this month we got talking about our Christmas issue and the dinner
conversation took on a life of its own. I sat back and listened as each person talked passionately about their family
traditions, what they remembered from childhood and what they loved most about Christmas.

We all had our own special days and were keen to describe how it all came together. We talked about how our
traditions had changed as we grew up, moved, married or started our own families.
We laughed about our various ways of discovering the “stash of gifts”, or the hours we each spent at shopping or
wrapping presents to put under the tree. We shared stories of gift guessing, Santa sightings and secretly unwrap-
ping and rewrapping our presents in the middle of the night.

This year, like every second year, I’ll be spending Christmas with my family on the farm. When everyone arrives,
we’ll decorate the tree and pile up all the gifts. We’ll play cards and board-games late into the night. We’ll drink
toasts to the ones we love, whether they are with us, or only with us now in spirit. We’ll spend the days swimming
and napping.

We will do all of this whilst the UK is covered in snow, whilst the world is in uproar about Wiki-leaks and SA political
leaders clash at conferences. And through all this I will know that my family is there, exactly as it has been every
year, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whatever your traditions may be, Pattern Matched Technologies wish you and the ones you hold dear the happiest
of holiday season.

Seasons greetings.

                         The OTA solution – prepaid and mobile
                           products for the retail environment
Based on innovative and far-sighted thinking, Pattern Matched             The expedition of registration to this service was made via integration
Technologies was approached in 2008 by Retail Mobile Credit               to Edcon POS thus allowing for in-store registration.
Specialists (RMCS) to start the development of a range of cutting-        “PMT is proud to have developed and support this service for RMCS”,
edge mobile solutions initially based on USSD, for their large retail     says Client Relationship Manager, Stephan van Vuuren. “Emerald
Clients such as Edcon.                                                    Airtime    Management       Solution     and    the    banking     switch
                                                                          Crimson component have once gain, proven their versatility
PMT developed a proof-of-concept system which was piloted with            and robustness.
RMCS and Edcon in April 2009 – from this, the OTATM, or “Over the
AirTM” solution was born.                                                 “This is the first solution of its kind”, says RMCS IT director Ruperta
                                                                          O’Kelly. “Allowing customers to purchase mobile products such as
Conservatively with iterative testing and a phased approach, the          Airtime and Mobile Content from a virtual mobile environment using
system was gradually exposed to larger and larger groups of pre-          their retail credit has previously not been done.
approved Edcon account holders. Since the first major internal launch     A key success factor in this innovation has been the RMCS
to Edcon Staff in July last year, RMCS has continued to refine the        development of the credit-vetting, fraud monitoring and frequency
system functionality, enhance fraud security and add more exciting        spend rules that have been implemented in the OTA product to
products and services                                                     prevent amongst other things, Consumer fraud and over-spend on
                                                                          traditional cash-based products such as airtime”.
The channels with which to access the virtual platform have also been
extended from USSD to include mobile web (WAP) and a traditional          Through this range of ever-expanding solutions, RMCS challenges
‘https’ web-interface.                                                    innovation with agility, offering their Clients access to applications and
                                                                          processes previously dominated by the Banking and Cellular
              Based on the significant successes over the pilot period    network giants.
                 Edcon approved a full roll out to all Edcon customers
                   to register for this service at the end of September   Customers can register in any Edcon store via point of sale, or by
                   2010.                                                  dialing the customer call centre on 0861788211. Self-registration
                                                                          channels via web, WAP and USSD has been developed and will be
                                                                          made available soon.
                            enters the world of bulk processing and automation
                                                                                                                            by Erwin Blomeyer
                                                                                                             - Mobile Potential (Pty) Ltd - Director

Pattern Matched Technologies has successfully extended          Simplified User Experience:
the airtime distribution platform deployed for Mobile           As the the Emerald system automatically allocates value
Potential to include a Bulk Airtime interface. Mobile           against the user MSISDN IN account, the user just needs
Potential’s clients have been able to process single trans-     to select a value to load and it tops-up automatically
actions for the past year through Web, Corba and USSD

interfaces. As some of Mobile Potential’s clients are now       Below are two key customer stories to illustrate how some
doing more than 50,000 transactions a day there was a           customers are using the solution:
need to introduce a bulk file processing solution to simplify   WASP Refund
batch processing. The solution is based on the Pattern          When users require to be refunded for any business
Matched Emerald platform, which is integrated with the          reason, the Mobile Potential Airtime interface has proven
Vodacom pre-paid Network (known as the IN Platform.)            to significantly simplify the refund process. When PIN’s

                                                                were sms’d there was no way to audit that the correct user
The value of direct IN integration is that Mobile Potential’s   had loaded the airtime correctly. Now that a PINless
customers can recharge any Pre-Paid account with any            process is used there is fully audit able process and the
value between R2 and R1000. This is known as a “PIN-            user is not required to do any work to redeem their airtime.
less” recharge as the Mobile Network allocates the funds        Competition Airtime
without the need for any PIN entry. This is not limited to      Airtime is promised as an incentive for users to enter into
Voice only as Vodacom has recently added Data and SMS           promotions and competitions. As any Rand value voucher
Bundles, which are currently in test at the moment. This        between R2 and R999 can be redeemed this allows for a
has a number of advantages above the traditional “PINed”        broader range of rewards than the traditional voucher val-
airtime distribution where vouchers are distributed either      ues.
electronically or physically.

                                                                Potential customers who already purchase PINed airtime
Simplification Airtime of Stock holding:                        from the Networks can maintain their financial relationship
As vouchers of any value can be distributed in real time        with the Networks and utilise the PINless interface and
there is no need to keep stock of any specific vouchers         simplify the way they purchase airtime.
and so no funds are tied up in stale stock.

Reduction in Fraud:
As no vouchers are exposed during the redemption

process so there is no opportunity for vouchers to be

copied or redeemed before sale. As transactions are

synchronous there is full auditing on all transactions.

Electronic Distribution:
There is no longer a need to send a customer a PIN that

they need to redeem. The airtime value is loaded against

their Network airtime account and the user is notified via       above:   PMT's move to bulk processing and automation.
a SMS from the Network.
         Inspiring workplace collaboration and sharing
                knowledge in large organisations
                                                                                                          written by Kyle Armstrong

Effective collaboration is more important than ever in today's         Confluence is an enterprise wiki designed to make it easy for our
turbulent business environment.                                        team to share information with each other.
A company's very survival may depend on how well it can combine

the potential of its people and the quality of the information they    Atlassian state that the main features of Confluence are:
possess with their ability to share that knowledge throughout the      • Intranet: share ideas
organisation.   It’s a well known fact that any organisation is only
                                                                       • Documentation: publish, organise, search and
as strong as the people that works for it. But even then, those
                                                                          maintain documents
people need the right tools to do the job.
                                                                       • Knowledge Management: create, share, comment and

                                                                          edit content
In the September/October edition of the PMT Focus, we introduced
                                                                       • Enterprise Ready: re enterprise security, usability and scalable
you to JIRA, the system we use to manage and trace all our projects
                                                                       • Office: documents are searchable, viewable and editable
and issues. Another brilliant application that empowers us to share
                                                                       • SharePoint: can be combined with SharePoint
our knowledge is called: “Confluence”.
                                                                       • Plugins: over 200 plugins and extensions are available

Confluence combines powerful online authoring capabilities, deep
                                                                       JIRA and Confluence are designed to compliment each other
Office integration and an extensive plugin catalog to help people
                                                                       perfectly, allowing issue tracking and knowledge-base management
work better together and share information effortlessly.
                                                                       to be seamlessly and correctly combined in a harmonious manner.
Break down information barriers that exist between teams,
                                                                       By using the correct tool for the job, issue tracking does not become
departments and individuals inside your organisation and get
                                                                       confused with knowledge transfer to other team members, but
everyone on the same page.
                                                                       having knowledge centralised in Confluence means that issue

                                                                       resolution is greatly enhanced.
Confluence is used for intranets, knowledge management and

documentation - across Fortune 1000, government, education,

finance and technology sectors.
                                      the value of support …                                          by Stephan van Vuuren

I’ve finally figured it out! Working in the Technology Industry must        You feel like a little puppy dog that’s about to make a puddle on the

be somewhat like working for NASA.                                          kitchen floor! Your heart is in your throat. Your eyes are burning

You spend months developing a system for a client and when you              with fear and anticipation! WHAT DO YOU DO!?

launch this system into the “unknown space” out there, it must be a

thrill and exclamation that only a rocket scientist can feel:                      The answer is simple: You log a ticket with support!

At T minus one minute, the engines come on and you are starting

to feel this shaking. At T minus zero, boom, everything is rocking          As a business or business manager, you need a support team -

and shaking and you’re saying, ‘Wow! We are not in a simulator              your own "safety net" of trusted individuals whom you can count on

any more!’                                                                  to advise you, to look at your system and assist you - and to catch

                                                                            you before you fall (out of the sky).

Your system is launched! It’s live! It’s out there, exploring the uni-

verse – taking you to new heights where no man has gone before              At PMT we pride ourselves in our support team, and would like to

(or so we’d like to believe).                                               introduce you to three new faces that joined our team during 2010.

But then – out of the blue, you hear: “Houston, we have a problem”.

          WISANI MAKONDO                                        SHAUN STOTTER                                    MARO ASMACLIS

Wisani forms part of our IT support team.         Shaun forms part of our dedicated Support        Maro forms part of our Development

A Limpopo native (Tsonga (Shangaan))              team, and is originally from Pretoria. He        Support team.

who studied Networking at Boston                  studied Project Management, Human                After 2 years of missionary work she

Business College and is becoming a Sun-           Resource management and says he’d like           completed a secondary Microsoft course at

Solaris expert through experience at Torque       to become an underwear model, but is yet         Damelin and started studying Industrial

IT and PMT.                                       to hear back from Calvin Klein after his         Psychology through Unisa.

A typical IT man who enjoys anything he           recent application.

can open, break and fix. A dedicated                                                               She’s an avid sports fanatic, have

hardware fiend.                                   Favorite quote 'Don't work harder work           completed three half marathons to date and

He says he likes to be around joyful people,      smarter' and 'Don't leave something that         up until last year was a member of the

and swears by Southern Comfort.                   you can do today for tomorrow'                   Benoni Northern Hockey team.

                                                                                                   Other interests include photography, piano,

                                                                                                   the outdoors and classic literature.
                                          PMT cares

                                     PMT has elected The Family Africa Project as one of the charitable
                                     organisations that we are supporting.
                                      The Family Africa’s main focus is charity work on behalf of people
                                       living with AIDS and AIDS orphans.
                                       The project includes basic skills training, literacy classes, sewing,

                                       knitting and a food garden.
                                        They have initiated and continue to run a Mother’s Club for young
                                        HIV positive mothers (65 women) and their babies, which also
                                        involves education and food supplements to help them live a
                                         healthier and longer life. They run a completely free of charge
                                         support and counseling centre and a free Day Care Centre for
                                         orphans and the children of women living with HIV/AIDS. They
                                          also have a feeding scheme for over 300 children every

                                          Sunday. They conduct HIV/AIDS education programmes for
                                          primary and secondary schools both in Johannesburg and in
                                           the rural areas.

                                            In December PMT got involved and donated food and sweets
                                            at a Christmas function for these young orphans.
                                            Stephen, Wisani, Trevor, Tumi and Phindile from our team
                                            joined them in the fun festivities. Thanks guys for being our

                                            diplomats for the day!

                                            If you’d like to get involved and support The Family Africa,
                                            please email or any of us at PMT.

                  Mow-what ?
                “Movember” has come and gone and all over the world during the month of November,
                men (and some women) have grown moustaches with the sole aim of raising vital funds
                and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and depression in men.
                With a creative and energetic team like we have at PMT, our men were not to be outdone!
                Here are some photos of the results after a month long moustache epidemic.
                Meet the Magnum PI’s of PMT – and those that didnt have the patience to sprout the

                'stache, were fun enough to pose with a fake one!

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