December 2010 - ANATOLIAN SHEPHERD by sdsdfqw21




     DECEMBER 2010
                                           Progress Report
                                  Anatolian Shepherd Guarding Dog Project

                                               South Africa

        In order to assist farmers in the reduction of livestock losses the following Anatolian Shepherd dogs
        were placed on selected farms as a means of non-lethal predator control:

First set of         Second set of       Third set of       Fourth set of   Fifth set of         Sixth set of
placements           placements          placements         placements      placements           placements
(2005):              (April 2006):       (June 2006):       ( June 2007):   (October             (January 2008):
  1. Uthaya          1.  Kiwi             1.  Jo (Brey      1. Themba       1. Fox (All          1. Kilo
     (Botriver)         (Thabazimbi          District)         (Botriver)      Days,                (Jakkelsfontein)
  2. Boleyn             District)         2. Simba          2. Alpha           Limpopo)          2. Juliet
     (Thabazimbi     2. Warrior              (Musina)          (Baltimore,  2. Gia (Tolwe,          (Gregory)
     District)          (Stockpoort,      3. Guardian,         Limpopo)        Limpopo)          3. Hank
  3. Gillian            Limpopo)             renamed        3. Bravo        3. Pego                 (Klipvlei)
     (Lepalale                               Beska             (Thabazimbi)    (Vhembe,          4. Sunny (Lema)
     District)                               (Lephalale)    4. Charlie         Limpopo)             (Krokodilpan)
  4. Inca (Brey                                                (Thabazimbi)                      5. Mike
     District)                                              5. Delta                                (Maastroom)
  5. Tau (Musina)                                              (Limpopo)                         6. Issy
  6. Jedi                                                   6. Echo                                 (Matopi)
     (Thabazimbi                                               (Limpopo)

Eighth set of         Tenth set of        Eleventh set of    Twelfth set of     Thirteenth set    Fourteenth set of

placements                 placements        placements           placements           of placements     placements
(August 2008):             (September        (February            (April 2009)         (May 2009):       ( May 2009):
                           2008):            2009):
1. Crikey                   1. Neeake         1. Fola            1. Irwin’s            1. Irwin’s        1. Sunny
   Lephalale                    (Tosca            (Tosca            Guardian              Guardian          (Vostershoop
   District)                    District)         District)         Efendi                Felix             District)
2. Kaitiaki                 2. Masindi         2. Fezzik            (Tsipise              (Robertson     2. Helen
   (Swartwater                  (Tosca            (Tosca            District)             District)         (Vostershoop
   District                     District)         District)      2. Irwin’s            2. Irwin’s        3. Romeo
3. Kahu                     3. Phoenix         3. Mandla            Guardian              Guardian          (Vostershoop
   (Baltimore                   (Tosca            (Tosca            Argus                 Becki             District)
   District)                    District)         District)         (Alldays              (Thabazim      4. Sadik
4. Charlie                  4. Gloria          4. Amy               District)             bi District)      (Vostershoop
   (Swartwater                  (Tosca            (Tosca         3. Irwin’s            3. Irwin’s           District)
   District)                    District)         District)         Guardian              Guardian       5. Thandi
5. Julliette                                                        Spirit                Joe               (Vostershoop
   (Alldays                                                         (Alldays              (Thabazim         District)
   District)                                                        District)             bi District)
6. Rachel (Alldays                                               4. Irwin’s            4. Irwin’s
   District)                                                        Guardian              Guardian
                                                                    Felix                 Shushka
                                                                    (Lephelale            (Thabazim
                                                                    District)             bi District)
                                                                 5. Irwin’s            5. Irwin’s
                                                                    Guardian              Guardian
                                                                    Oliver                Nemesis
                                                                    (Alldays              (Thabazim
                                                                    District)             bi District)

Fifteenth set of      Sixteenth set of   Seventeenth          Eighteenth set of   Nineteenth set of Twentieth set of
placements            placements         set of               placements          placements        placements
(June 2009):          (January 2010):    placements           (February 2010):    (February 2010): (July 2010):
1. Roxy               1.   Andrew        1. Don               1. Khan (Bray       1.  Merlin               1.   Tara
   (Thabazimbi             (Vostershoop      (Thabazim           district)           (Steenbok             2.   Jasper
   District)               District)         bi District)     2. Shumba              pan)                  3.   Khaki
2. Patty              2.   Savannah      2. Themba               (Vostershoop     2. Aslan                 4.   Shadow
   (Thabazimbi             (Vostershoop      (Thabazim           District)           (Thabazim             5.   April
                           District)         bi District)     3. Panther             bi District)          6.   Dave
3. Steff
   (Thabazimbi        3.   Harley        3. Juliette             (Terra                                    7.   Argus
   District)               (Vergelee         (Alldays            Vostershoop                               8.   Aslan
4. Wellington              District)         District)           District)
   (Thabazimbi        4.   Kibali (Tosca 4. Victor            4. Peace
   District                District)         (Thabazim           (Vostershoop
5. Malusi             5.   Zeus (Tosca       bi District)        District)
   (Thabazimbi             District)
   District)          6.   Thandi

Twenty first set of         Twenty second set of
placements                  placements
(October 2010)              (October 2010)

                      Blue Crane Donation
1. Irwin’s               1. Irwin’s
   Guardian                 Guardian
   Chobe (Bray)              Gokturna
2. Irwin’s                   (Chrisiesmeer)
   Guardian              2. Irwin’s
   Tiger (Bray)              Guardian
3. Irwin’s                   Valkeri
   Guardian                  (Chrisiesmeer)
   Peace 2               3. Irwin’s
   (Vergelee)                Guardian
4. Irwin’s                   Konya
   Guardian                  (Chrissiesmeer)
   Panther 2
   (Terra Firma)
5. Irwin’s
   Guardian Liz
6. Irwin’s
   Nicky (Bray)
7. Irwin’s
   Guardian Jack
8. Irwin’s
   Zafar (Tosca)
9. Irwin’s
   Rufus (Tosca)
10. Irwin’s

   ** The 7th and 9th placements of puppies were part of a trial project in partnership with a red meat
   producer and retailer and placed outside of cheetah range.
   To assess the progress and working abilities of these dogs, continuous monitoring has been done during
   2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 by means of visitations, telephonic discussions and

   A.         First set of placements (2005)

   Of the first set of placements the following results were obtained:

   Uthaya is a very successful and well-established Anatolian placed on farm Paardenkloof in the Western
   Cape near Botriver. No livestock losses have been suffered since the placement and the farm owner is

extremely satisfied.

Boleyn’s owner sold his herd of goats and now Boleyn only has a few goats and 2 calves to guard. The
owner is still full of praise for her and feels that she has proven more successful in predator control than
the other methods he used.

Jedi still works as an ambassador at the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre and is doing excellent work in
promoting the project to visitors at this world-renowned breeding and awareness facility.

Tau was the first dog placed on Martiens Opperman’s farm, Hartjiesveld, in the Limpopo Province. He
unfortunately disappeared when he was one year old, presumably to snakebite.

Gillian adapted well to her new environment when moved to a new farm, but after some time she started
roaming and ended up accompanying the neighbour’s sheep. There she did her duty as guardian and
killed a brown hyena that threatened the herd. Shortly after this incident she was killed by a hyena while
guarding this herd of livestock.

Inca was removed from her farm because of inadequate bonding with her herd and undesirable play
behaviour. This could not be corrected even after numerous attempts at corrective training. She is now
a domestic guarding dog and she is doing an excellent job

A.                 Second set of placements (April 2006)

Kiwi is still a hard working, effective and well established guardian. Her owners are full of praise for
her and promote the use of Anatolians at every opportunity. Kiwi was joined by Malusi during the latter
part of 2009 to assist and eventually replace Kiwi. This has worked out well and both dogs are doing
great. Kiwi is showing signs of turning deaf and she is being assessed closely and continuously; this
does not seem to hamper her in any way to do her work effectively.

Warrior is currently guarding a herd of approximately 300 sheep in a grazing area of 150 ha. He is a
hard working guardian and the farmer has not had any livestock losses. He is very happy with the

B.                 Third set of placements (June 2006)

Jo was removed from his farm near Bray in the Northern Cape after the farmer made it clear that he was
not willing to commit the necessary time and energy during the training period. Jo has successfully been
placed with new owners where he is now a family guarding dog.

Simba was sold for the third time with his herd to a new owner. He has adapted well to his new home
and his new owner is very happy with his guarding abilities. He has not lost any animals to predation
and this has encouraged his owner to take part in a EWT programme in the Waterberg.

Guardian (Beska) is still doing very well and no stock losses have been reported since Beska joined the
flock of sheep. He is doing an excellent job of guarding his herd.

C.                 Fourth set of placements (June 2007)

Themba was removed from the farm Paardenkloof in the Overberg and was placed as a domestic
guarding dog.

Alpha is doing well and has a reputation among all the neighbouring farmers as an excellent guarding
dog, resulting in more farmers joining our programme.

Bravo started to display hunting behaviour and was removed from the farm. The hunting behavior may
have developed during the first placement. Bravo was removed and placed as a companion dog.

Charlie died of an unknown illness. The owner, however, saw the impact Charlie had on his farming
operation and has shown interest in acquiring a new dog.

Delta’s owner has sold his farm and moved out of free range cheetah area. He is so happy with Delta
that he took him to the new farm in the Virginia area in the Free State Province.

Echo was shot by a neighbour, but was an excellent guardian at the time of his death. He was replaced
during August 2008 by Crikey, but during the time that there was no guardian with the herd of cattle the
owner reported losses to leopard.

The placements of Delta and Echo with cattle had gone exceptionally well, and this success allowed us
to place more dogs with cattle. This initiative has made it possible to explore a new avenue in terms of
cheetah conservation in South Africa.

D.                  Fifth set of placements (October 2007)

Fox had to be removed after developing behavioural problems and showing no response to corrective
training. He was placed as a companion dog.

Gia was placed on farm Drinkeling near Tolwe in the Limpopo Province on 25 October 2007. Gia was
killed in the kraal by a snake within two weeks of placement.

Pego has developed a problem with one of his front legs and was taken to Dr. Peter Caldwell for
examination and assessment. He is on the farm working but is on medication and is being constantly
monitored to make sure he is not in any pain or discomfort.

E.                  Sixth set of placements (January 2008)

Kilo was poisoned by one of the farm workers on the farm. He was replaced by Kaitiaki.

Juliet is a very attentive guardian and never leaves her herd of goats. She is quite accepting of other
animals and has taken a young calf into her care. The owners report no stock losses with her herd and
are very happy with her guardian abilities.

Hank is an attentive guardian and never leaves his goats. He is hard working and is always seen in close
proximity to the herd. On a recent visit I found leopard, brown hyena and jackal tracks all within a few hundred
meters from the herd.

Sunny died due to snake bite.

Mike had to scale down in his working duties due to problems with his legs; he is receiving special
medical treatment to manage this problem. He was placed on a small holding with a herd of sheep and
is doing well guarding this herd of livestock outside of cheetah range.

Issy was injured severely by a goat ewe and died at the veterinarian clinic during treatment.

All the remaining dogs from this placement are progressing very well. Their healthcare is up to date in
terms of parasite control and vaccinations. Visitations to assess their development and to discuss the
placements with the farmers are done quarterly.

F.               Eight set of placements (August 2008)

Crikey has been moved from his first farm to a new farm where he is still guarding cattle. He now joins
Felix on the farm and is undergoing his bonding process with his new herd. I am confident that he
would be able to adapt to his new farm and surroundings.

Kaitiaki is presumed lost due to snakebite.

Kahu is doing well on the farm and is guarding his herd of goats effectively. No losses have been
reported. The owner is full of praise for Kahu and promotes the programme actively.

Charlie is doing well and is successfully guarding his herd of sheep. The owner is happy with him and
there are no behavioural problems to report.

Juliette turned deaf and with a veterinarian’s recommendation was removed from the farm. She was
placed as a companion dog and was replaced by Juliette 2. At the time of her removal she was a
successful guardian with no losses reported within her herd.

Rachel was removed from the farm of Mr. Nel. The owner requested the removal due to lack of interest
and commitment. She was placed on a new farm and has settled in well under her closely monitored

G.                Tenth set of placements( October 2008):

This litter of puppies was placed in the Tosca area of the Northwestern Province of South Africa. The
area has long been regarded as a sink for cheetah and the decision was taken to focus delivery in this
area running parallel to the Botswana border where there is high cheetah traffic. This effort has
improved the profile of the cheetah in a farming community renowned for intolerance and exploitation
of all predators.

Neeake is doing well and is an attentive and hard working guardian. He has had no losses with his herd
and the owner reports regular sightings of cheetah on the farm. The owner is very happy with Neeake’s
working ability and advocates the use of Anatolians at every opportunity.

Masindi was a hard working dog but she was found dead due to snake bite. The owner has not yet
shown an interest to continue with the programme, but will be visited again to assess the problems and
discuss future plans.

Gloria is working hard and the owner is very happy with her as a guardian. He has reported no losses
since she joined the herd. She is an attentive guardian and can always be found in close proximity to her

Phoenix is hard working and in a good condition. The owner is very happy with her and says that he is
amazed at her working ability. He has no behavioural problems or stock losses to report. She was
moved to a new area on the farm with her herd and took the move in her stride. She settled in quickly
and is as hard working as ever.

I.             Eleventh set of placements (February 2009):

This litter of puppies was also placed in the Tosca area of the Northwestern Province of South Africa.

Amy was lost and presumed dead. She was replaced by Nicky during October 2010.

Fezzik was removed from the farm at the owner’s request. He was replaced by Zeus.

Mandla is doing what is expected of him. He has kept a brown hyena away from his herd and he
followed the hyena until it left his area. His owner further reports cheetah catching a kudu not far from
the kraal where Mandla and his herd stays.

Fola was killed in a freak accident on the farm and was replaced by Thandi.

J.             Twelfth set of placements (March 2009):

These dogs were placed in the Alldays and Lephalale areas in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

Felix is doing very well and his owner cannot praise Felix enough. He is a hard working and attentive
guardian. He started roaming when he was being fed by a neighbour’s labourer, but once this was
stopped Felix’s behaviour returned to normal. Leopard tracks and sightings are common on the farm.
He is now joined by Crickey on the farm to help him in this difficult area.

Efendi is a hard working and attentive guardian; during my visit he was tracked with his VHF collar and
found with his herd. He immediately moved his herd away from me, until he was sure that I did not
pose a threat. Great dog!

Oliver is a very hard working and reliable guardian. He went missing for 3 days just before my visit and
a worried farmer phoned Deon Cilliers. We rushed out to the farm and when we got there he had
returned. No explanation could be found for his absenteeism.

Argus was placed on the farm of Mr. F Stegman but we had to remove him due to behavioural problems.
He was placed under corrective training but did not respond favourably. He has been replaced by Argus
2 during July 2010 as the owner wanted to continue with the program.

Spirit was removed from the programme as he did not respond to corrective training; this was done on
the farmer’s insistence. He was placed as a companion dog.

K.     Thirteenth set of placements (May 2009):

We placed five puppies in this group. Four of the puppies were placed in free range cheetah areas and
the 5th puppy was placed on a wine estate in the Western Cape where it is guarding a small herd of
springbok against roaming domestic dogs and caracal.

Felix the Springbuck dog is doing extremely well. Since his placement the herd of Springbuck has
doubled and there were no losses to report. He has defended the herd successfully on several occasions
against stray dogs and caracal. Although this trial is being done under ideal conditions, we are learning
a lot from it and we are gathering the data for future potential placements.

Becki is a trustworthy and attentive guardian. The owner is very happy with her progress. She is in
good condition and has bonded very well to her herd of sheep. Only one sheep disappeared during this

period and it is thought that a cheetah ate it, as Becki returned back to the kraal that day with some bite
and scratch marks on her.

Joe was removed from the farm due to behavioural problems and he was replaced by Don during the
first part of 2010.

Nemesis is a hard working guardian and is well bonded with his herd. He is doing great work for his
owner and she is very happy with him.

Shuska has adapted very well to her role as livestock guarding dog and is not presenting any behavioural
issues. The farmer is extremely happy with her and has requested the placement of another livestock
guarding dog with his cattle to protect them from predation by leopards. Cheetahs and leopards are seen
frequently on this farm, but no goats have been lost since Shuska has been with the herd.

L.     Fourteenth set of placements (May 2009):

We placed five puppies in the Vostershoop district in the Northwest province of South Africa; this area
is known for the movement of illegally captured cheetah out of the area. There is also much movement
of cheetah between South Africa and Botswana in this area.

Romeo has developed into a good guardian after some initial problems. He joins his herd daily and has
not lost a member of the herd to predation. There is a lot of predator activity on the farm, with leopard
causing the most damage at unprotected herds.

Helen was killed by a leopard and was replaced by Andrew during the first part of 2010.

Sunny has responded well to corrective training earlier in the year and is now joining the herd as they
move out to graze every day. His owner is very happy with this progress.

Sadik was bitten by a snake and died; he was replaced by Khan during the first part of 2010.

Thandi was killed during a fight amongst her cattle when one of the cows stepped on her. She was
replaced by Thandi 2 during the first part of 2010.

M.              Fifteenth set of placements (May 2009):

These five puppies where placed in the Thabazimbi area of the Limpopo province of South Africa.

Roxy has no behavioural problems and has developed into a trustworthy and effective livestock
guardian. During this quarter, three of her sheep went missing during a thunder storm, but no signs of
predation were found. Cheetahs are seen often on this farm and earlier this year a female cheetah with
five cubs was seen by workers on the farm.

Patty can always be found in close proximity to the members of her herd. She is a hard working and
attentive guardian and has overcome earlier behavioural problems.

Steff was placed on a new farm after his first owner sold his herd of sheep. He has settled well into the
new routine and environment. He was placed on a run wire temporarily as he climbed the fence and
visited the neighbour’s herd of goats and there was a concern for his safety.

Wellington’s owner is still very happy with him and he has become a huge promoter for livestock
guarding dogs in the community. The farmer has also requested a second livestock guarding dog to be
placed with his other herd of sheep on his second farm in 2011.

Malusi has developed into a very hard working and attentive guardian. Since joining Kiwi on the farm
they have become a formidable pair and their owners are extremely happy with them. He is one of the
star dogs in our programme.

N.               Sixteenth set of placements (January 2010)

These six puppies were placed along the South African Botswana border from Boshoek up to
Vostershoop. Three of the puppies were replacements for dogs that were either removed from the
program or died.

Andrew was the replacement for Helen (killed by leopard) on the farm of Mr. G Stoltz. He is fully
recovered from his jackal attack and is now a hard working guardian. He did have some behavioural
problems but they were corrected very quickly. His owners are very proud of him.

Savannah has started roaming and occasionally ends up at the house on the farm. She is now under
corrective training and is responding positively.

Harley is a hard working, attentive, protective and trustworthy guardian. His owner cannot stop praising
his working ability and is very proud of his dog. Harley and Neeake are working on the same farm and
between them they have had no losses within their herds. There are regular cheetah sighting on the

Kibali is working hard on a farm with a lot of predator activity. She has had no losses and is always
alert while within her herd. Her owner is very happy with her as guardian.

Zeus is doing well and is in a good condition. There have, however, been some losses within his herd.
The reason for this is that the herd often splits in two and the predators then target the part of the herd
that is not guarded. I recommended a second dog to be placed with the herd to assist Zeus.

Thandi is hard working and her owner is very happy with her guarding abilities. She has developed into
an attentive guardian and is always close to her herd.

O.                 Seventeenth set of placements (January 2010):

Don has developed some undesirable chasing and play behaviours and is now under corrective training.
He now wears a dangle stick to prevent him from running and this has stopped the behaviour

Juliette 2 was previously moved to a second farm after she was displaying behavioural problems on the
original farm. She did not adjust well to the new farm and it was decided to re-home her as a domestic
pet with the farmer's daughter who lives in Pretoria. Juliette is an excellent example of how a farmer
who does not have the commitment to the programme can ruin a promising livestock guarding dog, as
the first farmer she was placed with did not give her the attention and training that was initially required
of him.

The following two puppies were placed under EWT custodianship in free range cheetah areas. Ten dogs
annually will be placed in custodianship of EWT to continue delivery in this area; all dogs will be
eventually donated to farmers on whose land they are active.

Themba has settled in well and has developed into a good livestock guardian. She has not had any losses
to her herd due to predation. The farmer is very happy with her and has indicated that he would even
take full responsibility for her before she officially has to be signed over to him in January 2011.

Victor is guarding sheep on a farm right next to the Venetia Reserve close to Alldays.
Cheetah, leopards, hyenas and even lions are seen frequently in the area. Victor has settled in well and
operates with or without a herder. Victor is healthy and in good condition and the farmer is extremely
satisfied with Victor and the way in which he guards his herd of sheep.

P.               Eighteenth set of placements (February 2010):

These puppies were placed in the Bray and Vostershoop districts. Three of the puppies were on new
farms and one was a replacement.

Khan had a terrible accident during my visit. He was being transported on the back of a bakkie to get to
the veterinarian to be castrated. On the way there be broke his lead and jumped from the bakkie and
broke his femur badly. He was immediately stabilized and treated as best the vet could in the veldt and I
then rushed him to Pretoria (about 700km away). Arriving late that night we were received by the clinic
staff and early the next morning they operated on him and pinned his leg. The good news is that Khan
will make a full recovery and be able to continue his guarding duties. He is back on the farm and on the
long road to recovery.

Shumba is doing well; he is a hard working and attentive dog. He has his work cut out for him as his
farm is surrounded on three sides by wilderness areas. There is a lot of predator activity in the area but
he has not lost any of his herd to predation. The owner is extremely satisfied. He was joined by Liz
recently who is working on the other side of the farm.

Panther was killed by a snake three weeks into her training. She was replaced on the farm with Panther
2 during October 2010.

Peace was bitten by a snake and died. She was not replaced.

Q.            Nineteenth set of placements (February 2010):

These two puppies were placed under EWT custodianship in free range cheetah areas. 10 dogs annually
will be placed in custodianship of EWT to continue delivery in this area; all dogs will be eventually
donated to farmers on whose land they are active.

Merlin has been a good guardian but recently developed some behavioural problems. He has started to
play too rough with the sheep and in the process has injured some sheep. He was immediately put under
corrective training. After three weeks of training he had responded so well that he was allowed to join
the herd again. He is still under strict supervision.

Aslan was removed from the farm due to behavioural problems and was replaced by Aslan 2 during July

R.     Twentieth set of placements (July 2010):

This set of 8 puppies was placed under EWT custodianship in free range cheetah areas. Two puppies of
this particular placement were replacements.

Tara has adapted well to her role as livestock guarding dog. The farmer is keeping the sheep in a kraal at
the moment since he found poisonous plants on his farm which could kill the sheep if they graze from it.
He plans to let the sheep out into the veldt again during December 2010 after the veldt and grazing had
recovered after the seasonal rains. Tara actively patrols the area around the kraal and she does not allow
any strangers close to the kraal at night. There have been no stock losses during this period of reporting.

Khaki is busy settling in as livestock guarding dog and has some minor behavioural problems such as
chewing on the ears of some lambs and some playfulness towards members of his flock. The herder has
managed to reprimand Khaki by squirting AVERT directly into his mouth. This seems to have stopped
the behaviour effectively. He is being monitored closely to make sure the behaviour does not repeat

April is doing well, and has developed into a trustworthy and attentive guardian. This can be attributed
to the presence of an older canine guardian. She showed April the ropes and now that April is
functioning well the older dog has been retired. April is in good condition and is doing what everybody
expects of her.

Shadow was placed on a farm close to Alldays with goats. He was killed by a snake on the first day he
accompanied the herd of goats to the field. Shadow was replaced during October 2010 with Shadow 2.

Jasper is a very hard working, well bonded guardian. He never leaves his herd, not even to enjoy a well
earned rest at the waterhole during the heat of the day (at about 400C). He embodies what an Anatolian
should and can be.

Dave and his herd of goats were confined to a grazing paddock next to the kraal due to the fact that
grazing on the rest of the farm had become scarce and there was a risk that the goats would graze on

some poisonous plants. During this period, Dave became very playful and boisterous with some of the
goats and this could be related to the fact that he is a young dog with a lot of energy. He was not able to
drain this energy effectively by walking long distances with the goats everyday and was thus
channelling his frustration towards his goats by rough play. He responded well to corrective training
and now moves out freely with the herd.

Argus 2 has adapted well and has bonded with his herd of Damara sheep. He is joining the herd when
they go grazing and has not taken up the bad behaviour of his predecessor. Argus is healthy and in good
condition. He is a bit playful at times and a short piece of chain has been attached to his collar to prevent
him from running and chasing the lambs. This is working well and prevents undesirable behaviour. The
farmer is very satisfied with Argus and he looks forward to eventually having his herd of four horned
Damara sheep increase in numbers.

Aslan 2 was placed as a replacement for Aslan on farm Dwaalboom after removal due to undesirable
play behaviour. Aslan 2 was placed with goats and Damara sheep (aproximately 130).
The farm on which Aslan 2 is working is a game and livestock farm. The main predators in this area are
cheetah, leopard brown hyena, caracal and leopard. Cheetahs are seen often on the farm. Aslan 2 has
proven sceptical owner wrong by developing into a great guardian. He is doing very well and there are
no problems to report.

S.     Twenty first set of placements (October 2010):

This set of 10 puppies was placed as follows; one under EWT custodianship and the other nine in the
North West Province. Of the nine pups placed in the North West province 3 were replacements and 6
were for new farmers. These placements took place during October 2010, so all of them are still in

Irwin’s Guardian Chobe was placed on the farm of Mr. G van Rensburg in the Bray district; he will be
guarding his owner’s sheep against predation. The farmer lost 20 sheep in one month due to predation
and has high expectations of Chobe. There is a lot of predator activity and movement on the farm so
Chobe has his work cut out for him.

Irwin’s Guardian Tiger was placed on the farm of Mr. J du Preez in the Bray District; the farm is right
on the border with Botswana and there is a lot of predator movement in the area. He is in training and
will be guarding a herd of sheep against predation.

Irwin’s Guardian Peace 2 is the replacement for Peace; he was not placed on the same farm as the
original Peace because the farmer withdrew from the programme. He was placed on the farm of Mr. J
van Biljon in the Vergelee district where he will be guarding a herd of goats. His owner has had
previous experience with herd guarders as he uses Africanus dogs. Peace joins a small little mixed herd

Irwin’s Guardian Panther 2 is the replacement for Panther on the farm of Mr. J Diedericks in the Terra
Frima district. He will be guarding a herd of sheep. His owner is keeping a close eye on him to make
sure that he does not follow the same route as the original Panther. He has started well in his training
and is bonding well to the herd.

Irwin’s Guardian Liz was placed on the farm of Mr. P Bruwer in the Vostershoop district. The farm is
surrounded on three sides by wilderness areas and there is a lot of predator movement and activity on the
farm. She is the second placement on the farm and joins Shumba. They will be working on different
sides of the farm to cut off the predator movement across the farm. She will be guarding a herd of cattle
and would have to live up to the high standard Shumba has set.

Irwin’s Guardian Nicky is the replacement for Amy who mysteriously disappeared on the farm of Mr. J
Botha in the Bray district. She will be guarding a herd of goats. Her owner is very anxious for her to
start working as he has lost a lot of goats since Amy’s disappearance. She is lucky as she joins a herd
and owner with previous experience and this will make life a little bit easier for her in this harsh area.

Irwin’s Guardian Jack was placed on the farm of Mr. P Theunissen in the Morokweng district. This
farm borders on a huge communal area with no fences and a lot of uninhibited predator movement. He
is guarding his owner’s herd of sheep against predation. Jack will also be the star in the latest series of
Cheetah Diaries.

Irwin’s Guardian Zafar was placed on the farm of Mr. F Haman in the Tosca district where he will be
guarding a herd of goats. This is a first time owner and he has very high expectations of Zafar. If Zafar
can deliver the goods, this placement will open up more farms in the area.

Irwin’s Guardian Rufus was placed on the farm of Mr. P Haasbroek in the Tosca district. He is
guarding a herd of sheep 30 km away from the owner’s house. He is being looked after by a staff
member and has settled in well with his training herd. There is regular cheetah sightings on the farm so
he would have to be alert at all times.

Irwin’s Guardian Shadow 2 is the replacement for Shadow and was placed under EWT custodianship in
the Limpopo province. Shadow 2 has bonded well with the herd and slipped out of the kraal two weeks
after placement to join the herd when they left to graze in the veldt. Since then Shadow2 has joined the
herd everyday and remains with the herd the entire day. This is quite remarkable for such a young pup.
Shadow2 does not have any behavioural problems and the farmer is very happy with the way Shadow2
has adapted into the life of a livestock guarding dog.

T.     Twenty second set of placements (October 2010):

This set of 3 puppies was donated to the EWT Blue Crane Conservation Group and placed in areas
outside our normal placement area. These puppies are working under extensive farming practises and
will this be in their training kraals much longer. They would have to have an extremely strong bond
with their training herds as they must be able to work totally independently.

Irwin’s Guardian Gokturna was placed with a farmer in Chrissiesmeer with sheep in October 2010. This
farmer is having a 50% loss to his herd due to predation by caracal, jackal and serval, and the Livestock
Guarding Dog
Project is his last option before he stops farming sheep altogether.

Irwin’s Guardian Valkeri was placed on a sheep farm in the Chrissiesmeer area of Mpumalanga. The
farmer has resident breeding Blue Cranes on his farm and is concerned about the effects of
indiscriminate predator control on this population of Blue Cranes. He hopes that the use of Livestock
Guarding Dogs will be effective in the fight against high levels of predation by jackals and caracal.

Irwin’s Guardian Konya has been placed on a sheep farm in the Chrissiesmeer area in October 2010.
Konjay is in the process of bonding with a small herd of sheep. Konjay will be introduced to the larger
herd of ewes and lambs during December. His owner is very happy with his progress.

Nr.   Dog name       Date of      Type of       Annual           Annual         Cheetah
                     placement    stock         losses           losses after   Sightings
                                                before           Anatolian      on farm
1     Uthaya         2005         Sheep         17 sheep / 80    0
2     Jedi           2005         Goats         *

3     Tau            2005         Sheep         15 Sheep         0
4     Inca           2005/05/15   Sheep         *

5     Boleyn         2005/05/15   Goats         15Goats          0
6     Gillian        2005/05/15   Sheep         37 Sheep         0              Y
7     Warrior        2006/06/07   Sheep         20 Sheep         0
8     Kiwi           2006/04/06   Sheep/Goats   20 Sheep/Goats   0              Y
9     Beska          2006/06/07   Sheep         40 Sheep         0              Leopard
10    Jo             2006/06/07   Sheep         *

11    Simba          2006/07/12   Goats         7 Goat           0              Y
12    Themba         2006/07/12   Sheep         17 sheep / 80

13    Alfa *         2007/06/10   Goats         New herd         0
14    Bravo          2007/06/05   Sheep         *

15    Charlie        2007/06/05   Goats         *

16    Delta          2007/08/20   Cattle        5 Cattle

17    Echo           2007/08/14   Cattle        4 Cattle

18    Pego           2007/08/20   Goats/Sheep   40 Sheep/Goats   0              Y
19    Fox            2007/10/26   Sheep         *

20    Gia            2007/10/26   Sheep         *

21    Juliet         2008/01/29   Goats         3 Goats          2
22    Kilo           2008/01/29   Sheep         7 Sheep          0
23    Hank           2008/01/29   Goats         10 Goats         0              Y
24    Sunny          2008/01/29   Sheep         5 Sheep          0              Y
25    Mike           2008/01/29   Sheep         0 Sheep          0
26    Issy           2008/01/29   Goats         *

27    Crikey         21/08/2008   Cattle        4 Cattle         0              Leopard
28    Kaitiaki 1st   21/08/2008   Sheep         7 Sheep/5Sheep   0              Y
      & 2nd farm
29    Kahu           21/08/2008   Goats         6 Goat           0              Y
30    Charlie        21/08/2008   Sheep         5 Sheep          1              Y
31    Rachel         21/08/2008   Sheep         5 Sheep          0
32    Juliette       21/08/2008   Sheep         15 Sheep         1              Y

33    Neeaki         12/09/2008   Goats         50 Goat          0              Y
34    Masindi        12/09/2008   Sheep         40 Sheep         0
35    Gloria         12/09/2008   Sheep         40 Sheep         0
36    Phoenix *      12/09/2008   Goats         New herd         0

37   Amy            04/02/2009   Goats         25 goats,            0
38   Fezzik         04/02/2009   Sheep         10 sheep             0
39   Fola           04/02/2009   Cattle        5 calves             0           Y
40   Mandla         04/02/2009   Sheep         30 lambs             0           Y

41   Efendi         08/04/2009   Goats         20 goats,            0
42   Argus          08/04/2009   Sheep         18 sheep             0           Y
43   Spirit         08/04/2009   Goats/sheep   10                   0
44   Felix          08/04/2009   Cattle        3 Calves             0           Y
45   Oliver         08/04/2009   Cattle        12 cattle            0           Y
46   Felix          09/05/2009   Springbuck    60 springbuck in 8   Trial
     (Springbuck)                                                   placement
47   Becki          14/05/2009   Sheep         20 sheep             0           Y
48   Joe            14/05/2009   Sheep         10 sheep             0           Y
49   Shushka        14/05/2009   Goats         20 lambs             0           Y
50   Nemesis        14/05/2009   Goats         6 goats              0           Y

51   Thandi         26/05/2009   Cattle        5 cattle             0
52   Helen          26/05/2009   Sheep         30 sheep             0
53   Sadik          26/05/2009   Sheep         30 sheep             0
54   Romeo          26/05/2009   Sheep         20 sheep             0           Y
55   Sunny          26/05/2009   Sheep         10 sheep             2 sheep     Y

56   Roxy           08/06/2009   Sheep         30 Sheep             0           Y
57   Patty          08/06/2009   Sheep         30 sheep             0           Y
58   Steff          08/06/2009   Sheep         5 sheep              0           Y
59   Wellington     08/06/2009   Sheep         10 sheep             0           Y
60   Malusi         08/06/2009   Sheep         30 sheep             0           Y

61   Andrew         20/01/2010   Sheep         30 Sheep             0
62   Harley         20/01/2010   Goats         50 Goats             0           Y
63   Savannah       20/01/2010   Cattle        15 Cattle            0           Y
64   Kibali         20/01/2010   Sheep         25 Sheep             0           Y
65   Zeus           20/01/2010   Goats         25 Goats             2           Y
66   Thandi         20/01/2010   Cattle        5 Cattle             0

67   Don            20/01/2010   Sheep         10 Sheep             0           Y
68   Themba         20/01/2010   Sheep         20 Sheep             0
69   Juliette       20/01/2010   Sheep         15 Sheep             0           Y
70   Victor         20/01/2010   Cattle        15 Cattle            0           Y

71   Khan           10/02/2010   Sheep         10 Sheep             0
72   Shumba         10/02/2010   Sheep         20 Cattle            0           Y
73   Panther        10/02/2010   Cattle        32 Sheep             0           Y
74   Peace          10/02/2010   Sheep         30 Sheep             0

75   Merlin         10/02/2010   Sheep/Goats   30 Animals           0           Y
76   Aslan          10/02/2010   Sheep         30 Sheep             0           Y

77   Jasper       2010/07/12   Goats    35 Goats             0
78   April        2010/07/12   Goats    8 Goats              0
79   Dave         2010/07/12   Goats    New herd of goats    0
80   Khaki        2010/07/12   Sheep    5 Sheep              0
81   Aslan        2010/07/12   Sheep    30 Sheep             0
82   Argus        2010/07/12   Sheep    18 Sheep             0               Y
83   Shadow       2010/07/12   Sheep    5 Sheep              0
84   Tara         2010/07/12   Sheep    35 Sheep             0

85   Irwin’s      2010/10/21   Sheep    10 Sheep/ 3 Cattle   New Placement   Y
86   Irwin’s      2010/10/21   Sheep    50 Sheep & goats     New Placement   Y
87   Irwin’s      2010/10/21   Goats    15 Goats             New Placement

88   Irwin’s      2010/10/21   Sheep    32 Sheep             New Placement

89   Irwin’s      2010/10/21   Cattle   20 Cattle            New Placement   Y
90   Irwin’s      2010/10/21   Goats    25 Goats             New Placement   Y
91   Irwin’s      2010/10/21   Sheep    6 Sheep              New Placement

92   Irwin’s      2010/10/21   Sheep    25 Sheep             New Placement   Y
93   Irwin’s      2010/10/21   Goats    20 Goats             New Placement   Y

94   Shadow       2010/10/21   Sheep    5 Sheep              New Placement

     Blue Crane
95   Irwin’s      2010/10/21   Sheep    ***                  New Placement   Not Cheetah
96   Irwin’s      2010/10/21   Sheep    ***                  New Placement   Not Cheetah
97   Irwin’s      2010/10/21   Sheep    ***                  New Placement   Not Cheetah

*These flocks were established only weeks before the arrival of the dogs on the farms.
**This information was not collected at the beginning of the project and these farms have not been
revisited since the death or removal of the dogs.
*** Information not yet supplied by Blue Crane Working Group of the EWT

Future Placements
This year we easily reached our target of 20 placements partly because of the good start with placements
early in the year and partly because of the interest shown by farmers to join the programme. We
actually placed 22 puppies this year; here is a brake down of how and when they were placed.

There were 16 placements in January and February. Six of these dogs were replacements for dogs
previously lost or removed from farms. The remaining ten dogs were all new placements and represent
50% of the dogs contracted to place this year. Then 8 puppies were placed in July under EWT
custodianship in free range cheetah areas. Only one puppy of this particular placement was a
replacement. All 24 puppies were bought from commercial breeders Hannelie Liebenberg and Dr Fanie
Steyn. Puppies were bought from breeders who were able to provide lineage and hip dysplasia free
certificates for two generations.

During October we placed 13 more puppies born from our own breeding. Mercedes’ 14 puppies
assisted us in achieving our goal. We placed 6 puppies on new farms in free ranging cheetah area and
replaced 4 puppies on farms where dogs died. We also donated 3 puppies to the EWT Blue Crane
Working group and they were placed on commercial farms outside free range cheetah areas. The last
puppy was kept at Cheetah Outreach to act as an ambassador for our programme.


Breeding Stock

The Anatolian Shepherd Guard Dogs that currently represent Cheetah Outreach’s breeding animals
include the following:
     Two 5-year-old females that were born at respected Anatolian Shepherd breeders, Liebenberg
       Anatolians, Bloemfontein, South Africa housed at Eikendal Wine Estate near Stellenbosch.
     A 6-year-old male, War Dance, bought from Grootfontein Agricultural College, is housed at
       Cheetah Outreach.
     A 4-year old female, Mercedes that was imported from the US. She is housed at Eikendal Wine
       Estate near Stellenbosch.
     One 5month old puppy obtained from CCF Namibia. She is housed at the Eikendal Wine Estate
       near Stellenbosch.

Dogs removed from breeding program

Three puppies imported from Turkey in 2008, one male and two females, were assessed this year for hip
dysplasia at 18 months of age. Disappointingly, all three tested positive for varying degrees of hip
dysplasia and had to be removed from the breeding programme.
All three were subsequently sterilized and successfully homed.

Expected breeding timeline and production

At present we have three breeding females; Angel, Melda and Mercedes. We expect all 3 to come into
season very soon and then they will be bred to ensure an early start to our placements for 2011.
Mercedes will be bred to an imported male from Hannelie Liebenberg. This shall be done to expand the
bloodlines in the country.

Breeding facility
Currently Eikendal Wine Estate supports Cheetah Outreach and De Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Trust by
providing the use of a facility to hand raise cheetah ambassadors. Eikendal has demonstrated their
commitment to conservation issues by donating half a hectare of land for exclusive use by Cheetah
Outreach to house our breeding female dogs. This is essential, since newborn puppies need to be reared
in an area free of predators as to cultivate expected and desirable behavior. If the puppies were housed
at the Cheetah Outreach facility where cheetahs live in close proximity, the puppies might accept this as
the norm.

There are six female camps for the dogs that are 15m by 9m each. A small wooden house was built in
each camp for the dogs to sleep in, additional shade is also provided. With the current design of the
camps all the dogs have access to a big area for play and energy release. This area is also used for
grazing for the sheep and in doing this all the dogs have contact with the livestock.

In addition to the housing camps we have also developed a whelping area where females can be kept in
isolation from the other females. This area provides shelter for the mom and puppies in a separate
concrete area closer to the veterinary facility, thus enabling easier and better hygiene and monitoring.
The whelping area is also set up with lighting and additional heating and fans if necessary in inclement
or very warm weather. When puppies reach a certain age and size, they would be moved down to the
female enclosure areas where there are puppy pens set up. The pens are set up so the sheep can be in the
larger enclosure with the puppies, but not be able to get into the puppy area so no puppy is accidentally
trampled. This gives the puppies some exposure to the livestock prior to being placed on the farms.
Cheetah Outreach currently house Merino and Dorper sheep.


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