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					                                                                                      Summer 2009 Newsletter

Must Read: Important Information for You
         TO REPORT A LOST/STOLEN DEBIT CARD                                        TO REPORT A LOST/STOLEN CREDIT CARD
                    (800) 754-4128                                                            (866) 849-7943

       Access to your account is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call the Audio Response Teller
       (ART) at (800)655-2220 OR go to our website at to access Online Banking
       To set up access to your account, e-mail or contact (800)444-5504.

Research, Plan and Budget for That Special Vacation
                                              engines like or, or       •Avoid peak travel times summer and
                                              try one-stop travel sites like,    holidays because airfares and
                                     or                 hotel rates are generally at a premium
                                              You may consider consulting a professional
                                              travel agent. There's no charge to you,        •If you have a rental car, you can drive and
                                              and it could save significant time. If you     stay at a hotel outside an urban center
                                              do, make sure the agent is reputable. Ask      where hotel rates often are lower.
                                              family and friends for recommendations,
                                              and find out how long the agency's been        •Hotels that cater to business travelers
                                              in business.                                   often are under booked on weekends and
                                                                                             offer discounts, so check those rates.
                                              After determining your ideal destination,
                                              consider these tips to get the most for your   •When you book any travel arrangements,
                                              money:                                         read the fine print and avoid hidden costs.
                                                                                             Most travel agencies and online travel
                                              •Book your flight and hotel together as a      services include airfare and/or hotel
                                              package; the rates often are lower.            taxes and fees in the total price you agree
                                                                                             to, but be sure to ask.
There are myriad ways to vacation, so to      •Search for airfare sales on Tuesday
make the best use of your precious time       evenings when airlines typically release       •Be aware of extra charges, like fees for
and dollars, plan ahead. Start by deciding    new ones.                                      hotel telephone or Internet use, or inflated
what you can afford, and then figure out                                                     mini bar prices.
what you want from the vacation. Do you       •If your dates are flexible, look for last-
want total relaxation? Intense sightseeing?   minute airfare deals.                          For help financing that special vacation,
Adventure? Something else?"                                                                  contact PACIFIC ADVANTAGE FEDERAL
                                              •Consider all-inclusive resorts or cruises     CREDIT UNION today at (800) 444-5504
Then research likely destinations. You can    where accommodations and meals are             or for Spanish Speaking (800) 351-3892.
do your own online research using search      included as a package.

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Strategies for Smart Car Buyers                                                                                                                                                   LOAN RATES**
Know All the Costs Before Saying "Yes"                                                     Department of motor vehicles fees                                                      All rates are quoted as Annual Percentage Rates
By Philip Reed, Senior Consumer Advice at                                                  A "documentation fee"                                                                  (APR). The APR you receive is determined                                                                            The so-called "doc fee" is set in some states,                                         based on your creditworthiness. Additional rate
                                                                                           such as California where it is $45. In other                                           discounts may be available. Contact the Credit
                                                                                           states, dealers can charge anything they                                               Union for details.
                                                                                           think they can get for the doc fee. We've
                                                                                           heard reports of customers being charged                                               New Auto......................4.00% - 13.75%
                                                                                           up to $900 for doc fees. In such a scenario,                                           Used Auto.....................6.00% - 14.75%
                                                                                           the dealer would quote an attractive price                                             Savings/CD secured......3.30% - 9.00%
                                                                                           for the car, knowing they would make their                                             Mortgage.......................Call 1-888-469-4048
                                                                                           profit by sliding the $900 doc fee past an                                             Signature Loan..............6.49% - 17.99%
                                                                                           unwary customer.

                                                                                           In most cases, when you ask for the out-                                               DEPOSIT RATES**
                                                                                           the-door cost, the salesman knows exactly                                              All rates are quoted as Annual Percentage Rates.
                                                                                           what you mean. The good salesman
                                                                                           immediately replies with something to                                                  Additional rate discounts may be available
There's one question you can ask when                                                                                                                                             Contact the Credit Union for details.
buying a car that could keep you from                                                      the effect of "besides the cost of the car,
paying thousands more than you should:                                                     you will pay sales tax, DMV fees and a                                                 Share
"What's my out-the-door cost?"                                                             doc fee which is ¿" and then they name a
                                                                                           figure that is hopefully less than $100. If                                            $25 - $100                 0%
                                                                                           you get a vague answer, or they tell you it                                            $101 - $2,500             .30%
Why is this so powerful? In this climate of                                                                                                                                       $2,501 - $5,000           .50%
cut-throat competition, some dealers may                                                   is impossible to calculate this figure, you
try to hide profit in extra fees or products                                               should be on guard.                                                                    $5,001 - $10,000          .70%
you don't need. This question flushes out                                                                                                                                         $10,000+                  .90%
hidden costs in a non-confrontational way.                                                 Better yet, calculate your out-the-door cost
                                                                                           using our calculators. Put in the amount                                               Share-Draft..................0.20%
Here's how to use this question to make
sure you don't get taken.                                                                  you expect to pay for the car you are                                                  CD 6 - 36 or visit our website
                                                                                           considering. To find this figure, use our True                                         Money or visit our website
You are negotiating on a car when the                                                      Market Value (TMV) price, which is the                                                 IRA..............................2.50%
salesman finally gives you a good price.                                                   amount that other people in your area are                                              **Rates are subject to change
The salesman might realize you've reached                                                  paying for cars that are similarly equipped.
the "buy point" and press his advantage by                                                 You will see that the "Total Amount to be                                              BRANCH LOCATION & HOURS
saying, "So, do we have a deal?"                                                           Financed" will be your out-the-door cost.                                              Burlingame
                                                                                           Some of you might be wondering how                                                     1801 Murchison Dr. #202
Wait! Don't shake his hand yet (even though                                                                                                                                       Burlingame, CA 94010
you wouldn't be legally bound by such a                                                    this strategy works when financing a car
                                                                                           and paying for it in monthly payments.                                                 (650) 652-1365
gesture). Instead, say, "Your price sounds
good, but first I need to know what my out-                                                We certainly know that most people don't                                               (800) 444-5504
the-door cost is going to be." The salesman's                                              pay for the entire cost of the car in cash.                                            (650) 652-1370 FAX
congratulatory smile might become a little                                                 However, don't get drawn into negotiating                                              Mon -Fri................9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
strained at this point. That's because he                                                  based on your monthly payment. The
knows what you are really asking.                                                          opening gambit from a salesman is usually,                                             Honolulu
                                                                                           "What do you want your monthly payment                                                 City Credit Union Center
Translated, "What are my out-the-door                                                      to be?" Avoid this question by getting pre-                                            2200 Kamehameha Hwy, Suite 100
costs?" means "Are there any hidden fees                                                   approved financing. Then, you can proceed                                              Honolulu, HI 96819
or extras in the contract?" It's much better                                               as a cash buyer by carrying a check from
                                                                                           your lender into the dealership with you.                                              (808) 848-2828
to learn about these fees at this point, while                                                                                                                                    (877) 333-9490 Toll Free
the deal is still in flux, than when you are                                               Negotiating solely on the price of the car is
                                                                                           much simpler.                                                                          (808) 848-2040 FAX
in the finance and insurance office about to
                                                                                                                                                                                  Mon - Fri................9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
sign the contract.
                                                                                           Getting pre-approved financing at Pacific                                              Lunch Closed..........1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
At some dealerships, the "out-the-door"                                                    Advantage FCU and strategic use of the
costs are abbreviated as "TT&L" or tax, title                                              out-the-door cost question will help you                                               El Segundo
and license. This means that, in addition to                                               control the numbers in what is otherwise a                                             300 Continental Blvd. #622
the price of the car, you typically have to                                                confusing process.                                                                     El Segundo, CA 90245
pay the following costs:                                                                                                                                                          (310) 414-2075
                                                                                           2009 Copyright:                                                        (800) 351-3892
State and local sales tax                                                                                                                                                         (310) 414-2078 FAX
                                                                                                                                                                                  Mon - Fri.................9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
                                            NEW AUTO LOAN SPECIAL                                                                                                                 Lunch Closed...........1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
                                                                                                                                                                                  Wednesday...............2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

                                                                                                               RATES AS                                                           HOLIDAY SCHEDULE
                                                                                                               LOW AS                                                             Closed:
                                                                                                                                                                                  Fri, July 3        Independence Day
                                                                                                               FREE GAP                                                           Mon, Sept 7        Labor Day
                                                                                                               FOR ANY APPROVED
                                                                                                               NEW AUTO LOAN OF
                                                                                                               $30,000 OR MORE!
(*) APR = Annual Percentage Rates. Rates as of 4/1/09 and are subject to change at any time. Must meet credit and income criteria. Rate quoted is preferred rate based on a new

car loan with a minumum of 700 FICO score and maximum term of 60 months. Higher APR will apply for lower FICO scores and longer term. Subject to credit approval and
membership eligibility. Refinancing of PACADFCU Auto Loans not eligible. Sample Payment: $18.42 per $1,000 amount of financing at 60 months of new auto loan at 4.00%.
Restrictions may apply. Interest accrues from date of funding. Offer expires August 31st, 2009.

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