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DBL - Unisa SBL Degree Booklet Sept _s1_.indd


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   DBL   Doctor of Business Leadership
   MBL   Master of Business Leadership
                                             SBL DREAM
                At the Graduate School of Business Leadership we have a dream.

    We dream of a society driven by shared values and a caring for all; a South Africa where your personal contribution
    to the well-being of society is valued, nurtured and celebrated; where the societal, economic and political injustices of
    the past have been erased and where your race, creed and colour matter less than your willingness and commitment
    to build a just South Africa for all; a South Africa where everyone uses environmental resources responsibly and treat
    their fellow citizens with respect and dignity; where everyone is committed to develop a country that will sustain future
    generations and make them proud of our legacy.

    We dream of organisations committed to create economic and societal progress and wealth in globally responsible
    and sustainable ways; where everyone is equally accountable and committed to ethical behaviour; organisations that
    are delightful and fun to work for and work in; organisations who are passionately committed to continuously learn
    from failures and successes; who are responsibly innovative and engaged in collaboratively creating futures for the
    organisation, its employees and surrounding communities.

    We dream of graduates willing and able to answer the call to lead towards the attainment of the above-mentioned
    dreams; ethical graduates who are critical and caring brokers of new ways of doing business and of being human.
    Graduates who can deal with uncertainties and paradoxes, who are willing to see the bigger picture without
    forgetting the smaller details. Our graduates are sought-after because of the unique blend of the craft, science and
    art of doing business in profitable and sustainable ways. We dream of graduates who are willing and able to take
    up the challenges the African continent and globalisation offer and also ensure a legacy for future generations who
    will hail them as the visionaries and leaders of yesterday.

    As such the Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership commits itself to realise this dream. Our graduates will
    make a difference, whether in small enterprises, trans-national organisations or the international domain.

                                Together, we will make the dream happen.
    To be the leading African business school of choice offering internationally recognised leadership and management

        Preparing today’s leaders for tomorrow’s challenges through the provision of affordable quality education and
        Training and developing dynamic, ethical leaders for Africa and globally, who value diversity and are dedicated to
        enhance human prosperity on the African continent and globally.
        Effectively utilising Open Distance Learning (ODL) to deliver quality business education in Africa.
        To continuously engage in cutting-edge research to produce new knowledge in the fields of management and

        We care deeply about the future of Africa and its people.
        We value integrity and ethics in all we do.
        We are professionally dedicated to the service of our internal and external stakeholders.
        We value continuous learning and change to be relevant in a dynamic global environment.
        We are committed to offer affordable quality education.

    “Innovative, socially responsible, ethically engaged and globally informed.”

                                            LEADERSHIP &
 NQF           DEGREE                NQF MANAGEMENT           SPECIALIST
 Levels       Programmes             Levels DEVELOPMENT       Programmes

                 DBL                             EDP             PSG
               Doctor of
  10      Business Leadership                   Executive         Public
           (2 years minimum)           8       Development        Sector

                                               Programme       Governance

                                                 (1 year)       (3 months)

             MBA / MBL
                MBL                                              Project
                                       7       Development
                Master                                         Management
                  of                                           Programme
  9                                              (1 year)
               Business                                          (1 year)
               (3 years)


          BACHELORS DEGREE                                     Management
                                                                (6 months)
                                       6       Management

                                                 (1 year)




                                                                 (1 year)

 Executive Education: Short learning programmes, e.g.
                           Corporate programmes, seminars and short courses   2
                                                                        · Annual renewal: Students have to renew their annual

     DBL Leadership                                                       registration before 5 March. Students who, for legitimate
                                                                          reasons are unable to pursue their studies during a particular
     Doctor of Business                                                   academic year, may request for a deferment of their studies.
     JANUARY AND JUNE INTAKE                                              Failure to apply for deferment may result in the
                                                                          student not being allowed to re-register. Failure to
                                                                          re-register for the DBL will require the student to
                                                                          apply again for acceptance to the DBL. Deferment
      NQF Level 10                                                        will at most be granted twice.

    Extending the boundaries of business studies, by                    DBL CURRICULUM
    generating, developing and exploring of management                  The curriculum comprises a thesis on an approved topic.
    and leadership theory.
                                                                        The student must attend at least four colloquia to submit
    INTRODUCTION                                                        reports on the following:
                                                                           (i) Idea formulation (optional)
    A doctoral degree is the highest academic qualification a
    university can award. It indicates that the successful student is      (ii) Research proposal
    able not only to collect, arrange and use existing knowledge,          (iii) Literature review
    but can also contribute to that knowledge.                             (iv) Research methodology
    The DBL programme has been structured to guide and support             (v) Research results
    selected students to make a significant contribution to business
    and leadership studies.                                             Satisfactory progress must be demonstrated at the colloquia
                                                                        to ensure re-registration.
    · The generation, development, extension and application of
      management and leadership theory                                  · At least four colloquia are held every year to provide open
                                                                          forums for discussion of a student’s presentations on his/her
    · The education and development of management consultants
                                                                          research progress. It is strongly recommended that all
      and leaders
                                                                          registered doctoral students attend these colloquia since
    · The development of academic teaching staff and researchers,         they provide opportunities for constructive interaction
      particularly in the African context                                 between academics and students.
    ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                                              · The promoters of (doctoral) students have to grant
                                                                          permission for a colloquium presentation.
    A student:                                                          · The promoters make the final decision during the colloquia
    · must hold a three-year Bachelors degree with 360 SAQA               on whether the candidates can proceed with the work after
      credits and an MBL or MBA, or equivalent degree from an             considering the suggestions and recommendations made
      approved tertiary institution with an average of 60% for            by other academics during the colloquium.
      the Masters degree. Relevant working experience will be
      an added advantage;                                               STAGE 1: Research Methodology
    · must submit a personal letter providing reasons for wishing       After registration, students must attend a compulsory research
      to enrol for the DBL;                                             methodology seminar. For students residing in South Africa,
    · could be requested by the Graduate School of Business             Research Methodology Seminars are conducted over weekends,
      Leadership (SBL) to pass one or more departmental                 for a period of six months. Special arrangements are made
      examinations or to complete additional MBL or MBA                 for international students to attend the seminars at the SBL
      modules if deemed necessary;                                      in Midrand, Gauteng.
    · will be selected based on his/her academic performance;
                                                                        STAGE 2: Thesis and colloquia
    · must submit a proposal on the topic he/she intends to
                                                                        Includes compulsory presentations at four colloquia and the
      research. Admission will be granted based on the out-
                                                                        writing of the thesis.
      come of the evaluation of the proposal;
                                                                        · First Colloquium: Idea formulation (optional)
    · has to apply for admission using the DBL application
      form available in this brochure or visit the SBL website:         · Second Colloquium: Full research proposal.
      www.sblunisa.ac.za. A clear photocopy of the form                 · Third Colloquium: Literature review.
      can be used. The application form must be completed,              · Fourth Colloquium: Research methodology.
      signed and accompanied by the required documents as set
      out in section 24 A-H of the application form. All                · Fifth Colloquium: Presentation of the research results.
      correspondence will be done via email. Please ensure that            This entails the successful defence of the final results.
      all details are correctly recorded on the application form.
                                                                        THESIS DEFENCE
    FIRST REGISTRATION                                                  A student may be required to defend the thesis before a
    · Complete a prescribed reading programme to the satisfaction       panel of examiners.
      of the SBL within the first year of registration.
    · Submit a title and an approved research proposal for the          GENERAL RULES FOR DOCTORAL DEGREES
      projected thesis not later than the end of the second year        General information is obtainable from the Registrar (Academic)
      of registration.                                                  at Unisa - 0861 670 411 (nationally) or +27 11 670 9000
    · If admitted, the student must formally register and pay the       (internationally).
      tuition fees.
    · Due to a large number of applications received per intake,        COMPLETION OF DEGREE
      we may place an accepted student on a waiting list until          Students will have a maximum of six years in which to complete
      openings become available. Once accepted you will be              the DBL degree successfully.
      requested to advise us if you wish to make use of this

TUITION AND FEES PAYMENT                                               THIRD PARTY PAYMENT OF STUDY FEES
(a) Applicants must pay the full initial amount indicated in           Applicants for whom the full or part of the study fees will
    the programme brochure before they are enrolled in any             be paid by a third party must have the third party complete
    SBL programme offering.                                            a “Letter of Sponsorship” (a sample of the form is available
(b) For applicable programmes the balance must be paid in              on the SBL website: www.sblunisa.ac.za). Please note that
    three instalments:                                                 tax invoices will not be issued if third party payers have not
    If the first semester of registration is in January:                issued a Letter or Sponsorship or completed a Memorandum
                                                                       of Agreement form (available on the SBL website). See
    25% by 15 March, 25% by 01 June and 25% by 15
                                                                       “Sponsorships and Tax Invoices”.
    If the first semester of registration is in June:                   PAYMENTS AND BANKING INFORMATION
    25% by 15 August, 25% by 01 Jan and 25% by 15 March                (a) It is Unisa policy since January 2009 not to accept cash for
    of the follwing year.                                                  any payment: As a result, the SBL will only accept cheques,
    # For MBL students, the balance must be paid in two                    bank deposits, debit/credit cards, postal orders, money
    installments: 50% by 15 May and 50% by 15 August.                      orders, bank drafts electronic funds transfers, to settle all
(c) Unsettled accounts are subject to financial blocks or
                                                                       (b) Cheques and other endorsed payments must be crossed
    cancellations. Accounts that are cancelled or blocked
                                                                           and made payable to ‘Unisa.’
    will not have access to the eds. It is the responsibility
    of students to notify SBL of any change of address,                (c) Payments with credit cards may be indicated on the SBL
    phone number, etc. to facilitate correct and                           application form.
    timeous billing.                                                   (d) ABSA is the official banker of Unisa. Your study account
                                                                           would be credited within 48 hours if you have been
REPEATERS                                                                  assigned a student number and your ABSA deposit slip
100% of tuition and applicable fees, levies and study materials            has the correct information on the following fields:
are payable upon registration.                                             · Credit - Unisa Study Fees
STUDY MATERIALS                                                            · Reference - Enter exactly: STUDENT NUMBER,
100% of the cost of all study materials must be paid prior                     1st eight blocks; <space>; 3000774039
to enrolment. Study materials may be fully refunded if                     · Account Number - 4048746711
cancellation of studies occurs prior to the start date of a            (e) If you have not been assigned a student number, you may
programme, and if returned in original package within three                facilitate credit of your study account with the following:
weeks of registration.                                                     · Credit - Unisa Study Fees.
WITHDRAWALS AND FINANCIAL LIABILITY                                        · Reference - Enter exactly: 1st 8 LETTERS OF YOUR
Registered students who wish to withdraw from any SBL                          SURNAME; <space>; Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD).
programme or offering for any reason must do so in writing                 · Account Number - 010000114.
to the Programme Administrator; otherwise they are liable
for the applicable financial penalties.                                     IMPORTANT: To facilitate credit of your study account,
                                                                       a copy of an EFT transaction document or a deposit slip
(a) Before programme commencement date and with study                  MUST be faxed to +27 (0) 86 508 4806 or 011 652 0215,
     materials intact: initial amount will be refunded. And levies     marked for the attention of “SBL FINANCE”.
     are non-refundable
(b) After programme commencement date but before 15                    SPONSORSHIPS AND TAX INVOICES
     May (January registration) or 15 August (June registration)       To facilitate preparation, organisations sponsoring students
     will result in a liability equal to: 50% of tuition, 100% of      or requesting tax invoices must include the following infor-
     study materials, fees and levies.                                 mation as applicable:
    # For MBL students, withdrawal after programme start               (a) A Letter of Sponsorship (available on the SBL website)
    date, but before 15 May, will result in liability equal to             wherein the sponsor unequivocally assumes financial
    fees and levies, and 50% of tuition.                                   liability for the total or stated amount of the costs of
                                                                           studying. On the basis of a sponsorship letter, Unisa/SBL
(c) After 15 March (January registration) or after 15 August               will hold the sponsor legally responsible for the amount
    (June registration) will result in a liability equal to: 100% of       in the letter even if a cohort terminates his/her relationship
    tuition. And 100% of study materials, and 100% of levies.              with the sponsor.
    # For MBL students, withdrawal after 15 May, but                       Unisa/SBL reserves the right to require a Memorandum
    before 15 August, will result in liability equal to the full           of Agreement to obtain the condition above.
    fees and levies, and 75% of tuition.
                                                                       (b) Full trading name of organisation
(d) After 15 August (June registration) or 15 March                    (c) Postal address of organisation
   (January registration) will result in a liability for 100% of all
   costs.                                                              (d) VAT Number (if exempt, please indicate)
                                                                       (e) Full name and official title of account representative
                                                                       (f) Costs or amount for which organisation is responsible
The Unisa policy on financial cancellation applies to the SBL           (g Full name of each student and student number (the
with the following clarifications:                                          national ID if a student number has not been issued.)
(a) Accounts with balances greater than R500.00 after the              (h) Fax number or email address where copy of invoice may
    final due date will be cancelled.                                       be sent to.
(b) On cancellation, the delinquent account is credited with           To facilitate quick and correct allocation of payments
    the final 25% of study fees. To be reinstated, the student          to student accounts, please follow the instructions
    must pay the full amount outstanding before the account            after         in “Payments and Banking Information”
    was cancelled.                                                     section above. Note that SBL banking information
                                                                       or instructions are now included on all invoices.
                                                                       # Information only applicable to MBL students.                       6
DBL Application for Admission/Registration 2011
Submit completed form with supporting documents before end of January 2011 to the address below:
DBL Applications: UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL), PO Box 392, UNISA 0003
Courier or personal deliveries must be made to the physical address: DBL Applications, UNISA SBL, Corner Janadel and
Alexandra Avenues, Midrand 1686.
                                                                                            A non-refundable application fee of R2 500 must
                                                                                            accompany this application form. The application
NB: Read this before completing the form.                                                   fee must be paid at:
                                                                                            ABSA, Reference - 1st 8 letters of your surname
·    Please complete this form WITH A BLACK PEN AND WRITE IN BLOCK LETTERS                  <space>, Date of Birth (YY/MM/DD), Account
                                                                                            Number - 010000114, or by postal order
·    See 24 A-H on the next page
                                                                                            NO CASH PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT ANY
·    Programme fees are payable as set out in the brochure (NO VAT PAYABLE)                 OF OUR OFFICES
                                                                                                                                                   Attach two recent,
·    Once registration has been finalised, the student will be liable for payment of all fees and will not be relieved of that liability          clear passport photos
·    No application can be finalised unless the required admin fee has been received                                                                here. Photographs
                                                                                                                                                  should preferably be
1. Surname, Initials, Title (e.g. Smith RJ Mr)                                                                                                   taken against a white
2. (i)    Full names
   (ii) Preferred name
3. Maiden name and/or previous surname
4. Date of birth         YY MM DD                             5. Male                Female
6. Identity number                                                      Passport no.
7. Physical disabilities              (i) None       (ii) Other (specify)
8. Contact details                    Tel (h)    (               )
                                      Tel (w)    (               )
                                      Cellphone (                )
                                      Fax        (               )
                                      Email address:
Please complete 9(i), 9(ii)
9. (i) POSTAL ADDRESS AND CODE (Print, omitting your surname, initials and country)

                                                                                                    Postal code

                                                                                  Postal code
10. Employer
11. Job title
12. Country of your postal address (If not SA)
13. Home language
14. Nationality
15. Population group
16. Occupation
17. Economic sector
18. Have you registered previously at UNISA or any other institution(s) for further study? Yes                                   No
19. Highest qualification(s) attained (Please enclose proof)

        Institution(s)        Degree(s)/Diploma(s)                  Year(s)                 Student                  If completed,
    (e.g. UNISA, UP, NCP)     (e.g. BA, BA HONS, HED)             (e.g. 94-96)             Number(s)                 state Year(s)


                                                                                                                                  First in Leadership Education in Africa
DBL Application (continued)
20. Qualification Code (supplied for your convenience): 08052
21. DETAILS OF PAYMENT (Cheques should be made payable to UNISA)
       Credit cards: Only VISA or MASTERCARD accepted
     Credit Card Payments                                                               Date                                             Amount                                                   Total
 Application fee

Period in months (credit cards only)                                                   6        12           18          24 OR                             Straight
Card number                                                                                                                                                Exp. Date                  M           M            Y           Y
ID no. of card holder                                                                                                    CVC no. (Last 3 digits on back of card)
Card holder: Surname and Initials

Card holder: Signature
22.Declaration by Doctoral Students: By signing this form I, in accordance with Rule PG 18, cede to the University
    of South Africa (UNISA) the entire copyright subsisting in any dissertation or thesis, or part thereof, including any
    electronic version, that I may complete for the DBL degree. (Exemption from cession may, under special circumstances,
    be requested in an accompanying letter.)
23. Declaration and undertaking: I declare that all the particulars furnished by me on this form are true and correct, and
    I undertake to comply with the rules, regulations and decisions of the University, and any amendments thereto, and
    have note of advice which may be applicable to applicants in general and /or to the field of study for which I am
24. Please include the following documents with the completed and signed application form. Failure to submit
    these documents will result in your application not being processed.
    A. R 2 500 application fee                                                                                     FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
    B. Complete history of employment career                                                                                 YES   NO
        (On a separate page, use the following guidelines and list all your full-time positions, starting with
        the most recent)                                                                                             A

        · Firm/Employer                                                                                              B
        · Nature of business                                                                                         C
        · Date of assumption and termination of service
        · Job title (e.g. Managing Director)
        · Your duties                                                                                                E

    C. A proposal on the topic you intend to research. Admission will be granted based on the outcome                F
        of the evaluation of the proposal.                                                                           G
    D. A two-page double-spaced document motivating why you want to obtain a DBL degree. You
        have to certify that this motivation is your own work and prepared solely by you for the application
    E. Original official MBA/MBL academic records (not older than 6 months) issued by the University you attended,
        indicating the symbol or percentage obtained for each course. (An academic record is an original declaration
        issued and signed by the Registrar of a University, indicating all courses passed or failed (with percentages/symbols),
        and indicating whether or not the qualification was completed). Kindly note that certified or faxed copies of your
        academic records are NOT acceptable.
    F. Also include certified copies of both Bachelors and MBA/MBL degree(s) and certificate(s).
    G. Attach a recent passport photo in the space provided.
    H. Certified copy of ID or passport.
25. Your signature on the application for selection form implies that:
    · The required documents are included with the application for admission.
    · You declare that you will obey the Rules of the University.
    · You accept that the tutorials will be conducted in English.
26. A limited number of students are selected every year and it may happen that a person who meets all the above-
    mentioned requirements does not gain admission in a particular year.
27. You will be notified regarding your acceptance by the end of February 2011.
    NB: No faxed application forms and documents will be accepted.
    Misrepresentation on the form can result in immediate dismissal from the programme.
 How did you hear about this programme?
      I have read and understand the financial policy pertaining to my enrolment in this programme, and accept that I am
      responsible for payment of the required fees as stipulated.

APPLICANT’S SIGNATURE........................................................................ DATE...........................
ADMISSION APPROVED......................................................................................................................... DATE........................................
Additional courses to be completed before DBL
1. ...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................
2. ...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................
3. ...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 First in Leadership Education in Africa
                                                                                                    A non-refundable application fee of R2 500 must
                                                                                                    accompany this application form. The application
                                                                                                    fee must be paid at:
                                                                                                    ABSA, Reference - 1st 8 letters of your surname
                                                                                                    <space>, Date of Birth (YY/MM/DD), Account
                                                                                                    Number - 010000114, or by postal order
                                                                                                    NO CASH PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT ANY

                      DEGREE PROGRAMMES 2011                                                        OF OUR OFFICES

                  Tuition Fees and Study Material Costs

                                                                      Tuition Fees                           R 31 000
 MBL 1 Leadership                                                     Prescribed study material              * R 4 770 (compulsory)
 Master of Business
                                                                      TOTAL COST                             R 35 770
                                                                      (This total excludes a once-of non refundable application fee of R 850)
                                                                      The fees are payable in FULL on registration or in THREE
                                                                      instalments as follows:
                                                                                                 · R 20 270 on registration
                                                                                                           · R 7 750 by 15 March 2011
                                                                                                           · R 7 750 by 15 August 2011

 DBLBusiness Leadership                                               Tuition Fees                           R 18 000

 Doctor of                                                            To be paid in full on registration

                                                                      NOTE: This is an annual registration fee

                                                                      (This total excludes a once-off non-refundable application fee of R 2 500)
 Foreign Levy
 The Foreign Levy is for students in foreign countries (African countries excluded).
 It must be paid in addition to the minimum initial payment on registration:
 For Masters Degrees - R 4 150 per annum
 For Doctoral Degrees - R 4 470 per annum

                              STUDY SCHOOL TIMETABLE
                                                                 STUDY SCHOOL 1 (SEMESTER 1)               STUDY SCHOOL 2 (SEMESTER 2)
 MBL Leadership
 Master of Business
                                                    MBL 1
                                                                        14 - 18 March 2011                        22 - 26 August 2011
                                                    MBL 2             28 March - 01 April 2011             29 August - 02 September 2011
                                                    MBL 3                04 - 08 April 2011                          No Study School
                                                        EXAMINATIONS WILL TAKE PLACE IN OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2011

*The amount of the prescribed books is an estimate on date of publication of this brochure. Any changes in the prices will be corrected on the date
                                     of registration and reflected on the student’s account after registration.

                                                                                                                                         First in Leadership Education in Africa

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