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subscription. To ensure                 deposit. A regular deduction from your     Cousins, FC staff and volunteers had        family will have a chance to meet up.
uninterrupted box delivery, it is       bank account can also be established       an opportunity to meet. Gosh, what a        Our movie night on 7 July 2010 at the
advisable to renew your subscription    to help simplify managing renewals.        night that was! Laughter, happy faces,      Mercury Cinema at 7.30pm will be a
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of your subscription period. We have    delivery interval at any time during the   stories, and general happiness galore!      Cousins, FC staff and volunteers to
had some disappointed subscribers       subscription period. Just contact Toby     Putting a face to a name was                connect and have fun. But wait, there
when the box delivery 'suddenly          wonderful. Connecting with everybody        is more! Some of our FC farmers will
stopped' and there was a gap                                                       involved was fantastic! If we could pack    be there, too! This promises to be a
                                        What's in your box?
between subscriptions. You will                                                    these good vibes into every                 ripper of a night. 'Fresh' the movie,
                                        Apples will be replaced by citrus fruit
receive a reminder email about one                                                 subscriber's box to share, we would!        food to taste, and being part of the FC
                                        (Navel oranges, mandarins, lemons,
week before your box delivery is due                                               The great news is that we are going to      family. Hope to see you there!
                                        limes), pears (Lemon Bergamot),
to end. Choose the box size and         bananas, spring onions, spinach,           Farm Tour at Triple B Beef
                                                                                                                               That's a compost tumbler!
subscription length from the table in   carrots, potatoes (Pontiacs), cabbage,     Last Sunday was a good opportunity to
the email. The speediest and easiest    beetroot, garlic, butternut pumpkin. Box   connect consumers and organic
method of payment is Direct Deposit.    contents may vary, depending on box        producers. It was also the launch of
Our bank details are stated in the      size. All this subject to change.          SA's new Organic and Bio-Dynamic
                                                                                   Movement (OBDA). Check out their
Contact information:                                                               website! Many organic producers and
Sally Fisher, City Cousin Coordinator:            interested consumers enjoyed Liam
Simon Martin, Enterprise Coordinator:             and Madeleine Burn's farm tour and
Kelly Jones, Feedback:                        lunch. Lots of questions and
Toby Syme, Subscriptions:                        discussions ensued concerning the
or Phone: 08 8268 7776                                                             average consumer's understanding of
Andrea Hoffmann, Newsletter:                     certified organic, pesticide-free and
Remember, our website is only a click               what it all means. Conclusion in a
away and packed with tons of useful information.                                   nutshell? More education is needed.

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Getting your head around cabbage              for a basic recipe + variations.                                       Spinach & Quark (or Ricotta) Tartlets        (Add leftover egg to spinach/quark
A sometimes under-appreciated                 * Cabbage rolls: Boil whole cabbage                                    Quick, easy, super-delicious!                mixture.) Take muffin tin out, fill tartlets
vegetable, cabbage is hardy,                  leaves until just tender. Top each leaf                                1 bunch spinach                              with spinach mixture and bake for
inexpensive and stores well. It is for        with your favourite meat/vegetable/rice                                150g quark or ricotta                        another 5 - 10 minutes. Enjoy hot or cold!
these reasons that it has been a staple       filling, roll up, and steam in a pan with                              1 clove of garlic (optional)                 Unclaimed boxes
crop in many countries across the             a little water until tender. A quick                                   1-2 spring onions (optional)                 There have been incidences of boxes left
world. On a nutritional note, cabbage is      Internet search will reveal a range of                                 1-2 rashers of good bacon (optional)         over at the end of the delivery day. It is
a source of B vitamins,1,2 as well as a       cabbage roll recipes from European                                     1 sheet of (good quality) puff pastry        not the City Cousin's job to chase after
great source of vitamin C - just ½ cup        and Asian backgrounds that will make                                   Method: wash and roughly chop                people who have not picked up their
cooked cabbage will provide you with          your mouth water.                                                      spinach. Sweat garlic, spring onions and     boxes. It is your, the subscriber's,
70% of your daily vitamin C require-          References                                                             bacon until translucent (or bacon is         responsibility to pick up your box during
ments.1,2                                     1.Food   Standards Australia and New Zealand;                          crispy). Add spinach, cook until wilted.     the hours your City Cousin opens his/her
Store it: Keeps for about 3-4 weeks in        2007. Available from:                                                  Season with salt & pepper. Let cool.         home to you.
the fridge whole (2 weeks once cut).                         In a bowl combine quark and cooled           Pickup Hours
Use it:                                       ation/nuttab2006/onlineversionintroduction/online                      spinach. You can add fresh herbs, chilli,    It is not acceptable to pick up your box

* Try your hand at a German classic –         version.cfm                                                            finely chopped preserved lemon, etc. if      outside the pickup hours outlined by your

                                                                                                  Please fold here
sauerkraut!                                   2.National   Health and Medical Research Council                       so desired. Cut puff pastry into equal       City Cousin! In fact, this is trespassing.
* Make a simple coleslaw with                 and Ministry of Health. Nutrient Reference                             squares, gently push into muffin tin until   Respect your City Cousin's property and
cabbage, carrot, onion and mayonnaise         Values for Australia and New Zealand [Internet].                       it sits flat on the bottom, and sides are    privacy. If you cannot pick up your box
– use to top jacket potatoes, burgers, or     Available from:                                 lined and the corners of the pastry stick    during these hours, make arrangements
fill sandwiches/wraps. Add a chopped                       Written by Kylie Markow                                   out. Brush with beaten egg. Bake in          with your City Cousin in advance. Do
green apple and sultanas for a fruity         Is this box organic?                                                   preheated 200C oven for about 5              NOT enter the premises without your

version.                                      Yes! 100% of your produce is grown                                     minutes or until slightly golden brown.      City Cousin's permission or knowledge!
* Throw into any kind of soup, stir-fry or    organically, without chemicals. 85% of                                 Important subscriber information
curry.                                        our Food Connect producers are                                         Delivery day - Collect your box (check that you have the correct size) and sign the
* Try out a traditional Irish recipe called   certified organic, the rest are practising                             sign-off sheet.
Colcannon – a simple mashed potato            organic methods or in conversion to                                    Boxes - Please return the box to your City Cousin when you pick up your next
and cabbage dish. See http://vegetarian-      organic. Organic production methods                                    delivery. This helps eliminate waste and costs.      accurately reflect the true cost of food                               City Cousins - Please collect your box during pickup times. Should you not be
Need another copy of the Farmletter?          production as there is no hidden                                       able to do so, contact your City Cousin and make necessary arrangements. City
Download it from our website under            environmental or social cost                                           Cousins are volunteers and not businesses, please respect their privacy.
the tab 'Links and Resources'.                associated with its production.                                        Subscriptions - You can change box size and delivery intervals by close of
  More meal ideas and recipes can be found on our website.                                                           business on Friday the week before your delivery is due. You can also renew or
  Do you have a recipe or written an article that you would like to share?                                           upgrade your subscription any time during your subscription period. You do not
  Send them to Andrea Hoffmann at                                                  have to wait until the end of your subscription.
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