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									                                                                                   ACADEMIC PORTFOLIO

                                                                                              Executive Vice President
                                                                                               DR. JIM MADDER

                                                                   Administrative Assistant                               Executive Assistant
                                                                          Vicki Mix                                        Wendy Ouwerkerk

       Academic Dean              Interim Academic Dean                       Academic Dean                                Academic Dean                Director                             Academic Dean
            Arts                  Science, Health, Sport &                      Trades and                               Business and Human       Continuing Education                     Learning Resources
      Torben Andersen                    Education                            Manufacturing                                   Services               Brenda Munro                              Alice McNair
                                    Linda Moore Martin                       Michael Kulchisky                            Joanne Packham

                                                                                                 Admin                   Interim Dean 05/06
                                                                      Associate Dean             Helen
  DDC                                                                 Donna Hennig              Pereira
                        PAC      DDC                       PAC                                                      DDC                   PAC           DAC                              DAC
 JoAnn                                                                                                                                                                                   Trent
                       Joanne    Marti                    Andrea                                Shelley             Cathy                 Emily         Lisa
Rennick                                                                                                                                                                                   Rix
                       Barker   McKinley                  Neuman                                Newman              Saar                  Grant        Krewda
 Brown                                                                                            PAC
     H&SS                                  Science                                                                  Disability & Community        Workplace Training                     Library Information
     Performing Arts                       Nursing                                                                  Studies                            Business & Leadership             Common
     Visual Art                            Pharm. Tech.                                                             Early Learning & Child             Training                          Centre for Teaching and
                                                                   Construction Technology Programs                 Care
     Social Work                           CST                                                                                                         Computer Training                 Learning
                                                                     Carpentry                                      Educational Assistant
                                           KNSS                                                                                                        Industrial &Trades Training       Centre for Flexible
                                                                     Carpentry & Construction Certificate           Business
                                           Athletics                                                                                              Continuing Studies                     Learning
                                                                     Electrician                                    Legal Assistant
                                           Education                                                                                                   Fitness and Lifestyle
                                                                     Instrument Technician                          Office Administration              Human Services
                                                                   Pipe Trades & Mechanical Systems
                                                                   - Negotiations                                   Hospitality & Tourism &            ESL and Languages
                                                                     Plumber                                        Cook                          Arts
                                                                     Sprinkler Systems Installer                    Adult Dev. Programs                Visual, Literary & Creative
                                                                     Water Well Driller
                                                                                                                                                       Performing Arts
                                                                   Professional Truck Driver Certificate
                                                                   Transportation Programs
                                                                     Automotive Service Technician
   DAC - Divisional Administrative Coordinator                       Automotive Service Certificate
                                                                     Heavy Equipment Technician
   DDC - Dean Division Coordinator
                                                                     Parts Technician
   PAC - Programs Administration Coordinator                         Rig Technician
                                                                   Metal Trades & Manufacturing                                                                     S:\Org Chart Academic Portfolio Feb
     28.2008.docx                                                    Welder
                                                                     Welder – Wire Process Operator
     February 28, 2008                                               Locksmith

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