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									Converged Application Services
Converged Application Services Overview
Communication services and applications can be accessed via
a range of mediums and devices – such as cellphones, home
phones, PDAs, set top boxes, PCs or laptops. Customers can
manually select their optimum access devices - based on the network
environment available and the service they want to use. This would
typically involve purchasing services from at least two, and in many
cases, three service providers.

This has now changed, and the evolution into service-oriented
Next Generation Networks (NGNs) is here. Technology innovations
enable convergence and the launch of NGNs. These include the
integration of flexible IP technology into network-cores, Customer
Premise Equipment (CPE) and devices, the availability of multi-
function, multi-technology and multi-protocol devices and the
acceleration of air interface speeds fuelled by new wireless and
cellular technologies. This allows customers to seamlessly move
and access services and applications across previously isolated
networks, to experience true converged, seamless services and
application sessions.

With converged solutions becoming a reality, companies and
individuals demand the freedom of choice, ease-of-use and
personalisation. Vodacom Business prides itself in its state-of-the-
art converged network platform, which is built on world-class
infrastructure and is designed to deliver end-to-end converged
solutions – including fixed and mobile voice and data services,
as well as hosted application solutions.

Leveraging off the array of converged application services offered
by Vodacom Business, companies are able to run their business
from anywhere in the world.
Mobile Solutions Overview
Vodacom Business has developed a portfolio of mobile wireless, converged access solutions for ‘always on’ connectivity at
the office, at home and on the move - enhancing business productivity and efficiencies.

Leveraging global technological knowhow and experience via its Vodafone alliance, Vodacom Business is able to provide
advanced mobile solutions using various technologies such as 3G and HSDPA, WiMax and Microwave, whilst simultaneously
offering predictable, controllable costs.

The Mobile Solutions portfolio includes the following range of services:

Fixed Mobile Converged Access
Wireless Access
  • 3G and HSDPA
  • WiMax
  • Microwave

Fixed Access
   • ADSL
   • Leased Line
   • Fibre

Corporate APN
Vodacom Business’ Corporate Access Point Name (APN) solution addresses the growing demand for network speed, reliability,
mobility and full secure access to business applications and centrally-stored data, from anywhere at any time.

Integrated Fixed Mobile Converged Access
The Vodacom mobile data network (via 3G, HSDPA 1.8 and HSDPA 3.6) provides back-up solutions to existing access infrastructure,
ensuring constant connectivity and a reduction in downtime. These mobile access solutions also provide instant, secure, on-campus
and mobile high-speed access to the Internet and company networks.

Business Mobile Data
Vodacom Business offers a wide range of business mobile data access technologies, devices and tariff options. Our customers
can now connect to the Internet, download/send emails or connect to their company network whilst being mobile – at home, at
the office or on the move – from a cellphone, laptop or desktop.
Mobile Value-Added Services

Vodacom Business offers a range of Mobile Value-Added Services that are convenient, allow customers the ability to
manage their calls and offers total peace-of-mind.

Call Management Services
  • Usage Limit Locking
  • Personalised Itemised Billing
  • Tariff Optimiser
  • VodaManage

For Convenience
   • Data SIM
   • Twincall
   • Push-to-Talk

For Peace-of-Mind
   • Vodasure
   • QuickSIM
   • Replacement SIM
   • Cellphone Blacklisting
   • 112 – Emergencies
   • Netcare 082911
   • 147 – Crisis
   • Look4me
   • Look4help

Connected Communities

Using a mix of fixed and wireless access solutions, Vodacom Business provides voice and data solutions to gated residential estates
and business communities. These access solutions range from entry-level solutions offering Internet and voice, to full triple-play solutions
offering voice, video and data.
 Fixed Mobile Converged Access

 Our range of Fixed Mobile Converged Access solutions offer secure connectivity using reliable wireless and fixed access connectivity
 mediums such as:

 Wireless Access
 3G and HSDPA

 3G with HSDPA are global 3G cellular technologies which deliver superior speed, increased capacity and result in efficiency

   • Fast:
     Data transmission rates beyond 1.8 Mbps allows for high-speed Internet browsing and downloads of files.
   • On the move/mobile:
     Mobile broadband access when roaming.
   • Instant:
     Broadband connectivity - where and when you need it.
   • Flexible:
     Seamlessly connect to Vodacom's HSDPA, 3G, EDGE and/or GPRS networks.
   • Wide area coverage:
     Coverage is throughout the 3G-coverage areas.
   • Seamless:
     Mobile broadband delivers high-speed mobile data access.
   • International access:
     Can be used on any of the worldwide Vodafone 3G broadband networks, where roaming agreements are in place.
   • Cost-effectiveness:
     Only pay for the amount of data you download.
   • Simplicity and convenience:
     Secure remote access to your company network.
   • A one-stop mobile solution:
     It allows you access to the Internet, your company network and email - at broadband speed.

Vodacom 3G and               3G and HSDPA            Vodacom                  3G and HSDPA    Vodacom
 HSDPA Modem                  Base Station          Mobile Data                 Gateway        Service
                                                     Network                     (GGSN)         Node

                                                                        3G and HSDPA Access

WiMax is a standards based wireless technology that enables the delivery of last-mile, wireless broadband access,
as an alternative to fixed-line access mediums like Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) and leased lines.
WiMax provides fixed, nomadic, portable and mobile wireless broadband connectivity without the need for direct
line-of-sight with a WiMax base station.

Vodacom WiMax provides broadband and leased line access. WiMax Broadband offers customers symmetrical
access to the Internet, hosted services and hosted applications, while WiMax Leased Line offers symmetrical and
asymmetrical data services as an effective alternative to fixed leased line technology.

 Vodacom                                                Vodacom                  WiMax         Vodacom
IDU/ODU                       High Site               Transmission               Gateway        Service
                                                        Network                                  Node

                                                                                    WiMax Access


Microwave offers dedicated ‘always-on’ connectivity, where fixed line infrastructure does not exist or is not suitable. Microwave
access Point-to-Multi-Point provides 2Mbps - 155Mbps and Point-to-Point provides 512kbps - 2Mbps wireless ethernet-based
access speeds.

            Vodacom                                                Vodacom                 Vodacom
           Microwave                      Vodacom                Transmission
                                          High Site                                         Service
           IDU/ODU                                                 Network                   Node

                                                                                Microwave Access
  Fixed Access


  ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is an access medium that provides the user with a high-speed broadband connection
  that is permanently connected and is ‘always-on’. Users can make and receive voice calls, send a fax and use data services
  such as Internet browsing at the same time. ‘Always-on’ connectivity means no dial-up is necessary, no waiting to establish a
  connection, no busy signals - and no fees every time a data connection is made.

  Vodacom Business provides ADSL access to Vodacom Business data services such as MPLS VPN and IP Connect to the Internet.

  Uplink and downlink profiles for ADSL, detailed below, allow cost-of-service and solution flexibility. The service is provided with
  built-in redundancy and failover routing, as well as 2,6,12 and 24 hour Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

     • ADSL Lite
       Downstream: min 256kbps; max 384kbps
       Upstream: min 64kbps; max 128kbps
     • ADSL Everyday
       Downstream: min 416kbps; max 512kbps
       Upstream: min 192kbps; max 256kbps
     • ADSL Business
       Downstream: min 640kbps; max 4096kbps
       Upstream: min 256kbps; max 384kbps

    • Cost-efficiency
    • Fixed line reliability
    • Built-in redundancy and failover
    • 2, 6, 12 and 24 hour Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


Vodacom                                                                                        Vodacom
  ADSL    Telkom    Telkom      Telkom ADSL                            Telkom IP
          Copper    DSLAM         Network                              Network                  Service
 Modem                                                                                           Node

                                                                                      ADSL Access
Leased Line

Leased Line is part of the broader Vodacom Business access service portfolio and has a large infrastructure
(1000+ points of presence), throughout the country. It is aimed at customers who utilise their data network for
most of the day on applications which require fixed, dedicated connectivity and bandwidth. Leased Line services
transport digital speech and video signals on a point-to-point basis, allowing users to develop highly efficient
integrated voice and data networks.

Vodacom Business’ Leased Line is a dedicated point-to-point connection that provides the user with an ‘always-on’ service.
Leased Line is based on carrier-class symmetrical digital subscriber-line technology that supplies guaranteed bandwidth between
multiple destinations. The transmission speed or "throughput" is configurable according to customer needs, in order to map the
appropriate speed with an application. Matching speed to application requirements provides connectivity that is best designed
for a specific purpose, thereby eliminating excessive and unnecessary bandwidth utilisation and associated costs. Each Leased
Line connection is reserved for the exclusive use of a subscribed customer thus, because it is based on a private network topology,
there is no traffic or usage congestion. Leased Line is a constant bit-rate service, meaning there is no slowdown of data transmission
speed, which in turn allows Vodacom Business to offer guarantees on throughput speed throughout the connectivity flow path up
to the point where data accesses the Internet.

  • Dedicated uncontended connectivity
  • Guaranteed throughput
  • Supports symmetrical services
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • Constant Rate
  • 2, 6, 12 and 24 hour Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

                                                 Co-location e.g.
                                                Telkom Exchange


  Telkom   Telkom                Leased                      MSC/BSC     Vodacom
                                                                       Transmission         Vodacom
   NTU     Copper                 Line                         Site                          Service

                                                                                Leased Line Access


Fibre Access provides multi-megabit (10Mbps – 10Gbps), fibre-based Ethernet connectivity to Vodacom services such as
Virtual Private Network (VPN), Internet, Voice and Data Centres. It is available in metropolitan areas and provides advanced
reliability and features.

  • Dedicated uncontended connectivity
  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • 2, 6, 12 and 24 hour Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
                Vodacom                  Vodacom     MSC/BSC     Vodacom
                                                               Transmission                        Vodacom
                Fibre NTU                  Fibre       Site                                         Service
                                         Network                 Network

                                                                                                    Fibre Access

    Corporate APN
    Vodacom Business’ Corporate Access Point Name (APN) solution addresses the growing demand for network speed, reliability,
    mobility and very importantly - full secure connectivity to business applications and centrally-stored data, from anywhere at any
    time offering:
       • Increased levels of security.
       • Efficient Data transmissions.
       • Reduced charges for Data usage.

    Integrated Fixed Mobile Converged Access
    The Vodacom mobile data network (via 3G, HSDPA 1.8 and HSDPA 3.6) provides back-up solutions to existing access infrastructure,
    ensuring constant connectivity and a reduction in downtime. These mobile access solutions also provide instant, secure, on-campus
    and mobile high-speed access to the Internet and company networks.


                                                                                                  HSDPA                           Corporate
  Branch                                                                                                                           Network

                                                                                                                         Office LAN
                            Office Lan
                                               VPN                                        3G
                                                                                        3G Card

Application                                                                                                                           Secure ID   Application
              Secure ID                                                                        Point of
  Server                                                                                                                               Server       Server
               Server                                                                          failiure

                                                                       Fixed Mobile Converged Access
Mobile Value-Added Services

Vodacom Business offers a range of Mobile Value-Added Services that allow individual customers to manage
their calls – conveniently and with total peace-of-mind.

Call Management Services

Usage Limit Locking
This service can be used to control monthly cellphone usage. Thresholds are set as requested and will warn a customer that he/she
is close to reaching their limit. Once the usage limit is reached, the customer’s line is barred and will only be unlocked once the
next billing run takes place. This does not affect free minutes and remaining minutes will be carried over to the next month, as per
the carry-over business rules.

Personalised Itemised Billing
For a small monthly fee a customer’s statement can include a detailed breakdown of their calls for the month – including numbers
dialled, duration, cost, date and time of calls.

Tariff Optimiser
This is a computer-generated cellular evaluation system which analyses monthly cellular usage patterns – including call frequency,
timing and duration of calls made by individuals. A company can save substantial cellular communication costs and will be able
to gauge if users need to move to a more appropriate, cost-effective tariff package based on their usage patterns. This is a FREE
service for Vodacom Business.

VodaManage is a single, seamless online management tool which provides businesses with the ability to perform reporting functions,
manage account and billing information, as well as most subscriber voice and data service information.

With VodaManage you can manage phonebooks, run and view reports. It is fast, reliable and can be accessed using a simple
but very secure authentication mechanism from anywhere.


Data SIM
Vodacom Data SIM is a solution that enables individual customers to use up to three devices simultaneously; such as a cellphone,
smartphone and datacard. The customer is able to receive calls whilst being connected to the Internet. The Data SIM solution enables
mobile users to improve productivity and efficiency as the various SIM cards can be kept permanently in each device, keeping the
users connected while using different applications such as voice and data simultaneously.

Twincall allows customers with a second SIM card inserted into two devices, to use the same cellphone number. Calls and data
will be routed to the device that is switched on. Only a once-off activation of the SIM card is required – no additional monthly
subscription fee is levied.

With Push-to-Talk customers can speak to up to 25 people simultaneously. This service provides customers with instant contact,
security, great coverage and will save you both time and money.

Push-to-Talk is a service that works on the same principles as walkie-talkies but has the added benefit that line-of-sight is not required.
Customers in different locations across South Africa are able to speak to their team members simultaneously and instantly, resulting
in improved productivity and efficiency. Push-to-Talk is available nationally across Vodacom’s network.


If your cellphone is stolen, lost or damaged, Vodacom will replace your handset within 24 hours.

By paying a monthly fee of R 3.00 (including VAT), customers are able to replace a lost, damaged or stolen SIM card at no
extra cost.

Replacement SIM
Customers can replace lost or stolen SIM cards and still retain their cellphone number for a nominal fee.

Cellphone Blacklisting
In the event of a customer’s cellphone being stolen, Vodacom Business will blacklist the handset and block the SIM card at the
customer’s request.
When in an emergency situation, dial 112 FREE from a Vodacom cellphone. Even if a customer does not have airtime Vodacom
will pick up the call and connect the customer to the closest, relevant emergency service. 112 is a FREE emergency hotline to all
Vodacom customers.

Netcare 082911
All Vodacom Business contract customers are entitled to the following free services:
    - Medical care and transportation by road or air after any medical emergency anywhere in South Africa.
    - Telephonic emergency medical information and advice.
    - Trauma counselling 24 hours a day.

Dialling 147 routes customers to a 24 hour SOS call centre where a highly trained case management agent will stay on the line
with customers throughout any crisis. Calls are charged at general service rates and customers are responsible for all costs.

147 Plus
This service covers customers and their families for 24 hour roadside assistance and home emergencies. Calls are charged at
general service rates.

147 Peace-of-Mind
This is a comprehensive service that offers customers and their families 24 hour emergency assistance locally and overseas, as
well as a 24 hour medical advice line, telephonic legal and tax advice. Calls are charged at general service rates.

Vodacom Business contract customers can locate any other Vodacom cellphone number via their cellphone or the Internet, provided
the other user consents.

Your cellphone becomes a panic button when you save Look4help as a speed dial. A distress SMS with your location is sent to
four cellphone numbers of your choice.

Connected Communities

With a combination of fixed and wireless access services, Vodacom Business provides Voice and Data solutions to gated residential
estates and office parks. These services form part of estate or office infrastructure, and are immediately available to owners and
tenants on occupation.

The Connected Communities services range from entry-level solutions offering Internet and voice services, to full triple-play solutions
offering voice, video and data services – aligned with residential and business needs.
   • Solutions for residential estates include bundled voice, Internet connectivity, video-on-demand and other content related services.
   • Solutions for office parks include bundled voice, PBX (Private Business eXchange), videoconference, conference calling and
       data connectivity.
Application Solutions Overview
Application Solutions offer true enterprise-wide application enablement that delivers a range of corporate
applications to increase mobility and collaboration. Vodacom Business’ aim is to outsource and commoditise the
technology components required to deliver applications and leverage partnerships and platforms. By partnering
with software vendors, we are able to create economies of scale (maximising your IT investment), thereby delivering
true Software as a Service (SaaS).

SaaS is a model of delivery where customers are provided with access to software across the Internet - generally from a safe
and secure remote location. Vodacom Business maintains a complete operational solution that includes ongoing software
and hardware management, planning and rollout. We provide these services to an individual business with highly tailored
and dedicated software environments, or to numerous businesses in a shared, utility delivery model.

  • Provides and manages Data center operations
  • Provides and manages IT infrastructure
  • Manages a variety of IT services including help desk, application management, service level, security management,
    IT governance, and disaster recovery

As a   customer, you can benefit from SaaS with:
  •    A better return on investment
  •    Improved reliability, scalability and security
  •    Technological strengths
  •    Expanded opportunities

The Application Solutions portfolio includes the following range of services:

Mobile Applications
Regardless of where a customer is working, they need to be able to access and share up-to-date, accurate information.
Vodacom Business’ Mobile Applications service, makes this possible with:

Corporate Mobilisation
  • Vodafone Application Service
  • BlackBerry® Applications

  • BlackBerry® email
  • Managed BlackBerry®

Mobile Device Management
  • Device Management Bureau Service

Messaging Services
  • Mailbox Plus
  • Voicemail-to-SMS
  • Bulk SMS
  • Bulk MMS
  • SMS-to-Email
  • SMS Bundles

Mobile Payment Solutions
  • PayPoint

Machine-2-Machine Communication Solutions
  • Telemetry

Collaboration Applications
Collaboration is essential for today’s business. Email, Instant Messaging (IM), application messaging, integration and synchronisation
of data is critical – as is digital and paper documentation. Vodacom Business offers a range of applications to increase and enable
collaboration, including:

Next Generation Services Platform
  • Hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Hosted CRM, Office Live
  • Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner application Sandbox

Document Routing and Auditing
  • AccuRoute
Corporate Applications
Applications are essential to every business - from accounting applications for an SMME, or large ERP/CRM implementations, to
community-driven transactional and e-commerce hubs. Vodacom Business offers solutions that leverage on infrastructure economies
of scale, in order to offer affordable and efficient business applications as a software subscription service.

Corporate Applications offered include:

Corporate Applications
  • Hosted financial applications
  • Hosted SAP
  • Existing SaaS providers enablement –

Vertical Industry Applications
  • SMME procurement hubs
  • Financial transaction switches
  • Government services (HR & Payroll)

Mobile Applications

Today, changes in business practices have had a profound impact on the Information Communication Technology (ICT) needs of
companies. Mobility solutions and technologies have adapted to a rapidly increasing mobile workforce so that companies can
maintain communication with travelling executives. Employees are no longer measured by the hours they work at the office, but
by the results they achieve.

Companies are recognising that by implementing solutions that can extend traditional applications to the wireless mobile realm,
they can achieve considerable business value. Mobile devices enable remote access to business information and back-end business
systems, enabling executives to stay in touch, are used to schedule and support field service personnel, empower the mobile sales
force to offer better service levels and assist employees to become more productive.

Accessing corporate data remotely, whenever and wherever, enables employees to make informed business decisions faster.
Vodacom Business’ Mobile Applications makes this possible through:

Corporate Mobilisation
  • Vodafone Application Service
  • BlackBerry® Applications

Mobile Device Management
  • Device Management Bureau Service

  • BlackBerry® Email
  • Managed BlackBerry®

Messaging Services
  • Mailbox Plus
  • Voicemail-to-SMS
  • Bulk SMS
  • Bulk MMS
  • SMS-to-Email
  • SMS Bundles

Mobile Payment Solutions
  • Paypoint

Machine-2-Machine Communication Solutions
  • Telemetry
Corporate Mobilisation

Vodafone Application Service

The Vodafone Application Service (VAS) suite of corporate mobilisation applications and services is world-class and
offers multinational and local customers the opportunity to fulfil their enterprise mobile requirements, by utilising the true
Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

  • Mobile applications to make your business more productive, your users more time-efficient and your data more valuable
    to you
  • A range of tools that can mobilise your applications and business processes
  • Vodacom Business working with you to understand your business needs and drivers

The Vodafone Application Service mobilises line-of-business applications such as Order Entry, Customer Relationship Management
(CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Salesforce Automation, Proof of Delivery, Asset Management, Field Service Automation
and Helpdesk systems, in order to make them accessible from BlackBerry®, Pocket PC and Symbian-based Smart phones. This
solution also enables access to other databases – a roadmap of supported applications is available on request. Bespoke or legacy
databases can also be mobilised. Our Vodafone Application Service employs a range of security methods ensuring the end-to-end
security of a customer’s data. The delicate balance between security and usability is maintained with a range of configurable options
are available, allowing you to turn the security dial as high or low as desired, while maintaining a workable level of usability.



 Mobile Device
                                                                                                   Firewall             Back-end
                             VAS Server

                                                                                            VAS Server

Vodacom Business has the knowledge and skills needed for successful deployment:

   • Business consulting services - assessing business needs and drivers, return on investment and understanding
     customer’s environments.
   • Devices and user interfaces .
   • Network (GPRS, 3G and HSDPA).
   • Connectivity (IPSEC, Leased Line, SSL VPN tunnels, APNs).
   • Professional services – development and systems integration.
   • Provisioning.
   • Device management and data security for business-critical data.
   • Managed services – expert technical support for users.
   • Lifecycle management – maintenance and upgrades.
BlackBerry® Applications

There is no doubt that being accessible while on the go, makes individuals more efficient. Fast, informed and effective decisions
require speedy access to data, wherever the user may be and this is imperative for business success. The power of the BlackBerry®
applications platform enables clients to realise additional return on their email and PIM investment. Besides increased productivity,
companies that use BlackBerry® applications also benefit from compelling return on investment, improved decision-making and
customer satisfaction. Key application features include security, management and administration, push-access to data, ease-of-
application development and deployment.

In addition to accessing standard applications, businesses require the flexibility to make customised mobile solutions. Vodacom
Business’ BlackBerry® applications enable companies to use mobile solutions in order to improve efficiency, boost productivity,
generate additional revenue and gain competitive advantages in the market.


BlackBerry® Push Email (Managed BlackBerry®)

To stay competitive in today's business environment, companies need sophisticated communication and messaging tools. Vodacom
Business offers companies the ability to outsource their BlackBerry® solution.

  • Professional email capabilities
  • Increases internal IT resource capacity
  • Hassle free, reliable solution which reduces email administration and licensing requirements
  • Scalable solution that can grow with your business
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Large, fully redundant network
  • Back-up and restoration capabilities
  • Security expertise
Mobile Device Management

Device Management Bureau Service

Mobile Device Management is a critical service offered to ensure a seamless and effective mobile application
experience. New technologies enable mobile devices to be remotely diagnosed and repaired over the air. Vodacom
Business has established key partners to offer device management services for customers with varying support
requirements; from 24/7/365 mission critical business applications to consumer applications.

The Mobile Device Management service enables customers’ central management of mobile handheld devices.

  • Superior reliability and performance for users of mobile devices, resulting in greater productivity
  • Reduction in support overheads
  • Removing the need to recall devices when they need attention
  • Easy and reliable rollout of new mobile applications
  • An increased number of software issues will be resolved in the field with little or no end-user involvement
  • Improved security of mobile handheld devices, thereby securing business data and broadening the scope of potential
    usage of devices
  • The ability to support a wide range of devices and operating systems

Action Architecture for the management of mobile users and devices out in the field:

                                                                        Action Architecture
Messaging Services

Mailbox Plus
Mailbox Plus is a valuable communication tool for individuals to manage their voice and fax messages - providing a ‘super-voice
mailbox’ with the added benefit of fax functionality. With Mailbox Plus, customers can store un-retrieved messages for up to 30
days, save played messages for up to 2 weeks and store up to 40 Voice or fax messages.

This service enables an individual to receive a voice message via SMS. A customer’s voice message, left in English, is converted
to an SMS message and delivered to the customer’s cellphone, allowing him/her to immediately access the message or forward
it to another person to action – saving time and increasing customer service efficiencies.

Bulk SMS
If customers require an affordable, efficient messaging solution to stay in touch with their clients or staff, Bulk SMS (Short Message
Service), is the perfect business tool. Bulk SMS allows customers to send SMS messages in one quick batch to many people
simultaneously. Customers will have access to real-time reporting information - including information such as time, message sent
status, recipients’ cellphone numbers, as well as the number of SMS messages sent.

This is a perfect marketing campaign tool to promote special offers, discounts or new products and services, or to keep staff informed
of duty schedules, important functions and meetings. On a more personal level; birthday greetings or “Thank You” messages can
also be sent via Bulk SMS.

Bulk MMS
Bulk MMS (Multimedia Message Service), enables customers to send long text messages of up to 5,000 characters - with the
option of adding images, sound or video content to the message, to many recipients with MMS enabled cellphones simultaneously.

This service can be used very effectively to execute viral marketing campaigns, communicate advertising specials, sending reminders,
promoting premium-rated competitions or sending instructions and notifications. MMS messages can be uploaded online from, previewed and sent immediately or saved to be sent at a later time or date.

Advanced user functionality is also available which allows for an MMS message linked to the administrator’s account to be sent
via email to the Bulk MMS system. Once the system receives this email, it is converted into an MMS and immediately sent to the
pre-defined list of recipients. Please note that all Bulk MMS messages have a size restriction of up to 150Kb per MMS.

This service allows customers to send an SMS as easily as sending an email. The email received by the system is automatically
converted into an SMS and sent as an SMS message to the list of pre-defined recipients, and incoming SMS replies are converted
into email again and delivered to the originator’s email address.

SMS’s sent from an email address are stored in the sender’s Outlook Sent folder and SMS reply messages will appear in the
recipient’s Outlook inbox. This solution is simple, cost-effective and easy to integrate into legacy systems.

SMS Bundles
If a more economical communication solution is what customers are looking for, then Short Message Service (SMS bundles) is
the ideal solution. SMS bundles can be purchased on a monthly basis at discounted rates (less than 23 cents per SMS all day,
every day).

Any messages sent after an SMS bundle is depleted, will be charged ‘out-of-bundle’ at R0.35 per SMS. SMS bundles are not
carried over to the following month. SMS bundles can also be used when sending SMS’s from Outlook or from the Internet.
Mobile Payment Solutions


Vodacom PayPoint is a service that turns a customer’s cellphone into a mobile point-of-sale device, giving our customers
the ability to accept credit card payments at any time and place. The service is perfect for business with a mobile
sales force, tradesmen and entrepreneurs.

  • Affordability:
    A subscription fee of R49 per month and 1% of turnover are the basic charges for this service, making it a significantly
    affordable option for small businesses and generating cost-savings for a large corporate business. (Please note that these
    charges are separate from any bank charges, including applicable merchant fees charged by the bank).
  • Security:
    Each user is issued with a unique PIN for processing credit card transactions.
  • Peace-of-mind:
    The user carries less cash, making him or her less vulnerable to theft, and due to payment confirmed in real-time, the risk of
    customers defaulting on payments is eliminated.
  • Convenience:
    Customer credit card payments can be processed immediately.

Machine to Machine


Telemetry (also known as Machine-2-Machine communication or M2M), is the transmission and collection of data to and from
remote devices (moving or static) and applications. This transmission of information enables businesses to track, monitor and capture
data and /or integrate with enterprise systems, ensuring that every facet of your business and its processes is always under control.

The simplest example of Telemetry is a vehicle-tracking solution. The tracking unit (remote device), is fitted to the vehicle and transmits
information to business systems which can send an alert message informing the customer that the vehicle has been in an accident,
was stolen or has been re-routed. It will keep on transmitting information, allowing the recipients to track and monitor the vehicle’s
movements until it is recovered.

Some examples of the types of applications of Telemetry solutions include:

Metering and Monitoring
Telemetry applications enable precision monitoring and real-time transmission of actual energy consumption data that can be
used for:
   • Meter reading.
   • Remote diagnostics.
   • Sub-station power resetting.
   • Utility and parking meter monitoring.
   • Industrial metering.

Reduce loss of revenue (shrinkage) and increase performance. Areas of use include:
   • Inventory control, for easy stock monitoring.
   • Notification of impending failures or breakdowns so that response times and downtimes can be minimised.
   • Tracking of unusual behaviour to improve fraud detection.
   • Vending machine monitoring.
   • Point of Sale (POS).
   • Ticketing machines.
   • Mobile Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)
Fleet / Asset Management
Remote tracking of fleet movements and the monitoring of the condition of assets in-transit can be used to:
   • Protect goods through proactive intervention.
   • Make route changes.
   • Plan delivery schedules.
   • Secure and monitor cargo.
   • Track individual vehicles such as cash in-transit vehicles, or entire fleets.

Security and Surveillance
By monitoring, controlling and capturing data from remote monitoring and systems such as close circuit television (CCTV), gates,
doors, fences, motion detectors and zone scanners, customers can respond to the information transmitted remotely. For example;
to lock doors, send visual alerts, trigger alarms and send text communications directly to you. Customers are able to:
    • Monitor and protect commercial premises.
    • Secure homes.
    • Detect fire and smoke at remote locations.

Messaging can be used to transmit and display real-time information in remote or unwired environments - extending communication
reach and immediacy. This can be applied to:
   • Highway signage.
   • Public transport.
   • Dynamic display advertising, such as promotional billboards.
   • Real-time passenger information.
   • Parking space management.

How to get Telemetry?
As your service provider, Vodacom Business will arrange everything for our customers - from the remote device/s to the SIM card/s
that allows customers access to the network. We’ll help customers select the most appropriate elements to support their Telemetry
application and integration – increasing efficiency, saving time, money and resources.
Collaboration Applications

Next Generation Services Platform

There’s an important trend that is capturing the imaginations of service providers and their customers worldwide. This
new wave involves the aggregation of applications and services across Internet Protocol (IP) to transform the way in
which people work and play.

Vodacom Business offers a new communications model: Software-powered Service Networks.

This model represents a departure from the traditional view of the telecommunications network, which to date, consisted of two
basic layers: the network layer and the network control layer. The network layer comprises the infrastructure and software that forms
the basis of the telecommunications’ data and voice networks.

Today it is widely accepted that network transport is IP running over a combination of fixed and wireless or mobile access mediums.
At the same time, the network control layer is evolving from legacy SS7 systems to Soft Switching, and now onto IP Multimedia
Subsystem (IMS), which brings together fixed and wireless or mobile architecture with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as the unifying
protocol as illustrated below.

                                                       Service                                      Resource              Identity
    Service                Collaboration               Catalog                Orchestration        Management           Management

                                                                                                                                                               .NET Framework and Windows Server System ™
                                           Connected Services Framework

    Service                     MapPoint              Napster                eBay             FedEx               SMS
                                                                                                                                     User as
                     VoIP Service      Microsoft TV             Virtualised Device    CNN       Office Live Meeting      Ticket Master
                           .NET Framework and Windows Server System ™
                                                                                                                                               Customer Care

                                           IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)

     IP Network

                                                                                      Next Generation Services Platform
Above the IP network and network control layers, a new network has emerged: the Service Network, where voice, video and
data services converge. By providing innovative, software-based offerings in each of the key areas - such as Microsoft TV,
Microsoft Office Live Meeting, Xbox Live, virtualised services, VoIP services - Vodacom Business is able to deliver triple-play solutions
to its customers.

This Service Network is where the worlds of voice, video and data integrate, but it is also extended to include new Web services.
The Next Generation Services Platform is an integrated software solution for building and managing complex services using a
service-oriented architecture (SOA) and web service interfaces.

Vodacom Business leverages The Next Generation Services Platform to deploy the most scalable Microsoft applications environment
for services such as:
• Hosted Exchange
• SharePoint
• Hosted CRM
• Live Meeting
• Office
• Instant Messenger
• (ISV) Independent Software Vendor
• Partner Application Sandbox
• Web 2.0 Digital Ecosystems (Super Portals)
Document Routing & Auditing

Vodacom Business offers a full document routing and auditing solution, based on world-class technologies. The solution
is offered as a bureau service for inter-and-intra company digital and paper document routing and auditing.

AccuRoute is Vodacom Business’document handling platform that captures, converts and distributes paper and electronic
documents. This document-capture solution, with specific versions for legal, healthcare and financial services, also delivers
fully integrated enterprise fax capabilities.


    Desktop                                                                         Mobile
    Applications                                                                    Device
                                Searchable                  JPG                              Shared
                                   PDF                                                       Network
      Email                                                                                  Folder
                             PDF                                  DOC
    Fax                                                                                          Fax
                           Capture           Enterprise     Compression
                             Single                               TXT
     MFP                    Page TIFF
                                   TIFF                     RTF                          DMS
          Cost                                Enterprise                                 HS & EMR
     Recovery                                  Routing                                   Litigation Support
                                                                               Archive &
                                                                               Audit Trail

                                                                  AccuRoute* Enterprise Server
Document Routing & Auditing

AccuRoute uses special routing rules called "embedded directives" to capture, optionally convert and route scanned
documents according to specific instructions. Stored as a PDF, the intelligent routing sheet can be archived for re-use,
distributed to team members or posted on a corporate website for predefined, general-purpose routing.

• Captures paper and electronic information, with distributed end-user access
• Compatible with any networked scanner, scan-enabled digital printer, copier, fax, or multi-function
  peripheral (MFP)
• Converts paper and electronic documents into a variety of formats including text-searchable PDF, TIFF, JPEG, DOC
  and TXT files
• Combines paper and electronic-based information - "mixed-mode"
• Creates personal and public document-handling rules (embedded directives)
• Compresses documents up to 80% of original file size
• Communicates with various destinations and recipients simultaneously
• Collaborates on documents that were previously difficult to share
• Uses a consistent and intuitive desktop interface that directly leverages existing applications and eliminates the need to
  learn proprietary systems
• Complies with a vast range of corporate record-retention requirements, government regulations and industry mandates
Corporate Applications (SaaS) Overview

Customers considering outsourcing key applications are on the increase. The primary benefit for businesses is cost and
management resource reductions – including the fact that providers are able to invest in technologies that enable service
delivery enhancements, further enhancing IT administrative efficiency.

Outsourcing results in lower maintenance and administration overheads because it limits required administrative support
skills and companies only pay for the application resources consumed. Outsourcing also enables the elimination of
capacity planning and enables a full utility computing model.

Application outsourcing provides access to wider application expertise and infrastructure from the service provider. Applications
change quickly and interact with many other technologies. Leveraging centralised expertise ensures that organisations have less
vulnerability due to lack of application expertise. This also enables organisations to quickly deploy advanced application capabilities,
such as mobile support, in a much shorter time frame.

Vodacom Business’ strategy is to target key applications and outsource these as true software service models to the corporate and
SMME businesses and vertical industries that utilise them.

Corporate Applications
  • Hosted financial applications
  • Hosted SAP
  • Existing SaaS providers enablement –

Vertical Industry Applications
  • SMME procurement hubs
  • Financial transaction switches
  • Government services (HR & Payroll)

           The information contained in this brochure is for promotional purposes only and does not constitute an offer. While Vodacom makes every effort to ensure
           that the enclosed information is correct at time of print, Vodacom cannot be held responsible for any cost, loss and/or damage that may arise as a result of
           misprints, incorrect information and/or any changes. E&OE (Errors and Omissions Excepted). DATE ISSUED: FEB 08

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