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10 Nov Tue 09:00 - 12:00 Butterfly Moms’ Club, TCF Haven, Centurion
10 Nov Tue 19:00 East Rand Monthly Group Meeting, Barbara 011 827 6035
11 Nov Wed 18:30 for19:00 Johannesburg CANDLE LIGHTING MEMORIAL CEREMONY
                      St Columbios Presbyterian Church, 45 Lungar Road,
                                                                                                                     The Compassionate Friends
                      Parkview – 011 440 6322                                                                                                                   PRETORIA CHAPTER
                      BROOKLYN GROUPS COMBINED @ The Haven, Clubview                                       A non-denominational Self-help Support Organisation offering
                      -Speaker: Ds Braam Klopper                                                    Friendship and Understanding to Bereaved Parents, Siblings & Grandparents
14 Nov Sat 09:00 -12:00 Butterfly Moms' Club, TCF Haven, Clubview
19 Nov Thu 18:00 Committee Meeting, TCF Haven, Centurion
22 Nov Sun 09:00 - 11:00 Supervision, Dr Hanlie Meyer, TCF Haven, Centurion
                      Brooklyn Methodist Church, 209 Murray str, Brooklyn - 084 855 5303
                                                                                                                                  NOVEMBER 2009
28 Nov Sat 14:00 Suicide Meeting – TCF Centre, Johannesburg Sheila 082 264 4532                 Dear Compassionate Friends,
28 Nov Sat 14:30 Lenasia Monthly Meeting, Lenasia Recreation Centre, Salvia Str, Lenasia        During November all our monthly group meetings will combine, to meet on the 12th of November at
                      Roseline 011 852 5341                                                     The Haven in Clubview when Ds Braam Klopper will be talking to us on grief after the death of a
         Sat 15:30    Laudium Group Meeting - Boardroom Tamil Temple, Cnr 13 Ave &              child. In December there will be no group meetings.
                      Tangerine Streets - Vani 083 992 6901 or Krishna 012 374 3668             As the painful season of celebrations approach, I recall how my own desperate survival instinct
DECEMBER                                                                                        just took over, if only for my children's sake, for I wished for death to overtake me. If only my family
01 Dec Tue 09:00 - 12:00 Butterfly Moms' Club, TCF Haven, Centurion                             and friends knew my deep feelings of grief, the emptiness, loneliness and excruciating pain, the
05 Dec Sat 09:00 - 12:00 Butterfly Moms' Club, TCF Haven, Centurion                             endlessness of death. If only they understood the well meaning words of comfort that, “you will get
05 Dec Sat 16:00 Ubuntu Walk for Love & Globe Lighting Ceremony,                                over it”, “God only takes the best”, “we don't know how you cope, you are so strong”, or even
                      TCF Centre, Johannesburg                                                  worse, “If it happened to me, I will die”, is more an insult than a comfort, that the warm and
13 Dec Sun 19:00 Around the Globe - Worldwide Candle Lighting                                   compassionate touch of another meant so much more..
                      Light a candle for all children who have died…                            The first Christmas without my husband and son was a painful event. At that time, I was hoping
There will be no Monthly Group meetings in December.                                            that the presence of my family would ease away the emptiness, but it really was just another
JANUARY 2010                                                                                    confirmation of their absence, and all I wanted to do was to talk about them, while everybody
                                                                                                avoided talking about them.
Monthly Group meetings will resume in January 2010
                                                                                                Sadly, talking about our children often make people who have not experienced this devastating
Soweto Contact, Baragwanath Hospital – Charlotte 082 218 4856
                                                                                                loss, uncomfortable, yet for most bereaved parents, talking about our children, make us feel
Sibling Contact, TCF Centre, Johannesburg – Kirsten 072 602 4814
                                                                                                better. No wonder this is one of the reasons we find comfort at The Compassionate Friends.
                                                                                                       th                                                                     th
                                                                                                Our 5 Annual Candle Lighting Memorial Ceremony on Thursday, 26 November will be held
                                                                                                again at the Brooklyn Methodist Church, 209 Murray Street, Brooklyn. This special meaningful
BEREAVEMENT COUNSELLING TRAINING SKILLS                                                         ceremony is dedicated to our beloved children who have died too soon, and is our way of including
FOR SUPPORT COUNSELLORS                                                                         them in the preparations for the holiday season. All bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings
– DR HANLIE MEYER                                                                               are invited to join us to light a candle in memory of your loved ones. Candles will be available at a
FIRST COURSE:                                                                                   donation. Our guest performers are; Manuel Escorcio, also a bereaved father, and Eunice &
27 February 2010 R350.00                                                                        Jolene with piano and guitar.                                       TCF PRETORIA CHAPTER
06 March 2010     R350.00                                                                       The holiday season is for most of us a difficult time,
                                                                                                and our hearts go out to all the newly bereaved families.                 OFFICE & HAVEN
17 April 2010     R350.00
SECOND COURSE:                                                                                  We pray that you will all find peace in your hearts and             192 Edinburgh Avenue East
22 May 2010       R350.00                                                                       minds and to be thankful for what we have and grateful
                                                                                                for having had what we have lost.                                        Clubview, Centurion.
05 June 2010      R350.00
17 July 2010      R350.00                                                                       Hold on to the precious memories and the beauty and                          012 654 1768
Venue: The Haven, Clubview                                                                      joy our children brought into our lives.                           09:00-13:00 Monday-Friday
Time: 08:00-17:00                                                                               They were, are and always will be part of us.                    One-to-one sessions by appointment
Course materials, refreshments and lunch included.                                              Be kind to yourself !                                               P.O. Box 13509, Hatfield, 0028
Certificate at completion of three day course and 75% attendance of the monthly Supervisions.   With love, peace & compassion,                                          All hours 084 855 5303
Limited space, please book early to secure your place.                                                                                                                 Fax 086 693 2434
012 654 1768 (09:00-13:00) or 084 855 5303                                                      Retha                                                                E-mail:
                                                                                                TCF Pretoria                                                       Newsletter:
                 Darren Christopher Strydom                                      NOVEMBER continued
                        01.11.1971 - 14.04.1972                                  NADINE VISSER 22                          04.03.1982 -†15.11.2006        Heart Failure
                                                                                 Daughter of Johan & Donne – 082 901 0835 (Erasmuskloof)
   “A little angel lent for so short a time safe in the arms of Jesus.           JANUS VAN ZYL 18                          22.09.1989 -†15.11.2007        Motorcycle Accident
                 A little angel never to be forgotten”                           Son of Christel van Zyl - 082 563 8536 Son of Jan van Zyl, Brother of Carmen (Maroelana)
                     Now with your brother Sean.                                 MORNE VAN BURICK 20                       26.09.1983—†17.11.2003         Victim of Suicide
                                                                                 Son of Pieter & Hermien - 082 772 1819 (Doringkloof)
                         HAPPY BIRTHDAY!                                         RAJAN RATHAKRISHNAN                       17.11.1948 -†26.09.2005        Natural Causes
                          Your loving parents,                                   Son of Amoi, brother of Shakuntala, father of Vishantha, Nishen & Davina (Laudium)
                               Jenni Pohl,                                       MICHAEL HARRISON 15                       18.11.1992 -†07.04.2008        Car Accident
                             Danie Strydom                                       Son of Frances and the late Rob, brother of Luke (Rustenburg)
                                                                                 MUKESH LALA 43                            19.11.1962 -†09.04.2005        Natural Causes
                                   and                                           Son of Zaiboon & Moham, Brother of Maduri (Laudium)
                              Brother Brett                                      NICK DE CLERCQ 25                                     -†20.11.2008       Car Accident
                                                                                 Son of Lillian & Nick
                                                                                 WIKUS HEYDENRYCH 18                       21.11.1985 -†26.05.2004
                                                                                 Son of Charmaine (Valhalla)
                                                                                 WERNER LOTTER 19                          21.11.1987—†23.10.2007         Heart Failure
                                                                                 Son of Lida
                                                                                 CHARL HICKLEY 14                          22.11.1989—†30.06.2004
                                                                                 JACOBUS BADENHORST 21                     23.11.1972—†07.10.1994         Shot in armed robbery
                                                                “”               Son of Marietjie – 082 873 6025 (Faerie Glen)
                                                                                 HANNELIE PRINSLOO 34                      24.11.1973—†26.07.2008         Car Accident
                                                                                 Daughter of Erine. Sister of Leana (White River)
                                                                                 MANOJ JERAM 23                            25.11.1968 -†13.03.1992        Road Accident
                                                                                 Son of Shanti Jeram (Laudium)
                                                                                 SUNITHA JOSHI 31                          12.05.1972 -†25.11.2003        Natural Causes
                                                                                 Daughter of Soundri Joshi, Sister of Sharon & Satish, Mother of Shamendri, Kameshni & Virushka
                                                                                 BERTUS VENTER 36                          25.11.1967 -†10.10.2004
                                                                                 Son of O.J. Venter (The Reeds)
                                                                                 LOURET GROBLER 29                         01.12.1976 -†27.11.2006        Cancer
                                                                                 Daughter of Ria Grobler – 082 961 4770 Twin sister of Christel Price – 082 900 8712
Willem Adriaan Moolman                     Candle-Lit- Vigil                     GOPOLAN CHETTY 35                         28.11.1968 -†20.06.2003        Natural Causes
07.04.1999 - 05.11.2004                                                          Son of Saras, Brother of Jivanthi, Jaya, Suren, Koshilan & Niroshni (Laudium)
                                                                                 MADIE BURGER 16                           04.09.1976 -†29.11.1992        Shooting Accident
                                                                                 Daughter of Marita & Fanie (Capital Park)
                                        Candles burning in the night
                                                                                 ROLINDA HAARHOFF 10                       27.12.1991 - †30.11.2002       Road Accident
                                        Glowing brightly – shining light         Daughter of Neville & Roelien Sister of Nico
                                        Lit with love from us to you, by         TINUS PRETORIUS 14                        30.11.1988 - †21.10.2003
                                        Parents, siblings and all who knew                        Sincere apologies for omissions, errors, please put us right!
                                        The love we had – and have for you.

                                        For though we've loved and lost,
                                        we know                                    “Peter, our only child, was killed in a violent automobile accident.
                                        You're wide awake watching                 During those first drowning days, torn between the longing to simply die and the
                                        our spirits grow                           instinct to survive, I found The Compassionate Friends.
                                        Wide awake watching,                       The first TCF meeting I attended left me less than comforted. In fact, I found it so
                                        For souls do not sleep                     unsettling I decided not to return. I know now that some parents find immediate
                                        You're watching us –                       consolation. Not me. The meeting left me feeling even more despondent (if that was
                                        as our vigil we keep.                      possible). However, I was encouraged to return several months later and, after that
                                                                                   second TCF meeting, the group became my lifeline.”
                                           From: I don't want to say Goodbye -
                                                               Felicity Bleach     From the book FIRST YOU DIE Learn to live after the death of your child by Marie Levine
    Cherished memories of our children's Anniversaries
                                                                                                                                KYLE JONES
                                                                                                                                 4.11.1988 – 31.12.2007

DARREN STRYDOM 5Months                       01.11.1971—†14.04.1972            Heart Defect
Son of Jenni Pohl – 083 730 0659 Son of Danie Strydom Brother of Brett Strydom (Groenkloof)
ANTONETTE COETZEE 13                         01.11.1982—†17.02.1996            Bicycle Accident
Daughter of Yvonne Coetzee (Lyttelton)
BRUCE THORNTON 25                            11.04.1971—†02.11.1996            Car Accident
Son of Shannon Palmer, Brother of Graeme (TCF Johannesburg)
MICHAEL FAHY 34                              04.11.1967—†18.04.2001
Son of Brenda – 083 320 4190 Brother of Bernadine (Wierdapark)
CARMEN COOPER 41                             30.08.1963 -†04.11.2004
Daughter of Margarethe & Hermann Niebuhr
KYLE JONES 19                                04.11.1988—†31.12.2007            Car Accident
Son of Sandy & Rory, Brother of Tyrone - 082 308 2473 (Lynnwood)
PATRICIA TOLLEY 34                           5.11.1960—†26.04.1995             Medical
Daughter of Cathy (Nylstroom)
SHEVION STERLEY 44                           26.06.1959 -†05.11.2003           Cancer
Daughter of Judith – 012 460 3692 (Monument Park)
WILLEM MOOLMAN 16                            07.04.1988—†05.11.2004            Medical
Son of Willem & Christelle – 082 458 0533 (Elarduspark)
BABA SCHUTTE                                              †05.11.2008           Miscarriage            It's been 22 long months since that dreadful day and yet it feels like
Baby of Rolien & Victor (Wierdapark)
CHRIS VOSLOO 20                              06.11.1977 -†03.08.1998           Mororcycle Accident
                                                                                                       yesterday. There are no words to describe the heartache, sorrow and loss
Son of Chris & Susan – 012 345 1984 Brother of Sarita Vosloo-Botes – 083 302 4269 (Elarduspark)        that we feel every day. You were such a joy and blessing in our lives. You
THABANG MKHWANAZI 4                          07.11.2003—†18.05.2008            Road Accident           had a will to win and so much discipline and direction in your life and knew
Son of Thembi -073 750 5734 ( Colbyn)                                                                  exactly what you wanted. So much potential. We have lost so much. When
ASHLEIGH WHELAN 22                           08.11.1985—†27.05.2008
Daughter of Jim & Gail -072 215 9545 Sister of Craig (Garsfontein)                                     you died, a part of us died as well. We will never be the same again.
WILLIE SMITH 26                              09.11.1981—†23.09.2008            Road Accident           Fortunately we have very happy memories and many good times to
Son of Martin (Wonderboom South)                                                                       remember you by. We love and miss you so very, very much Kyle, there will
RIETTE HENRICO 24                            09.02.1984 -†09.11.2008           Victim of suicide
                                                                                                       forever be a hole in our hearts.
Daughter of Estelle & Stoffel, Sister of Christelle & Theresa -twin sister. (Pretoria North)
CHRISTI VAN BILJON 19                        04.05.1987 -†10.11.2006           Drug o/d                We will love you forever.
Daughter of Tokkie & Elna – 082 815 2024 (Centurion)                                                   All our love, till we meet again, my baby.
SENISHA PILLAY 8                             10.11.1989—†12.02.1997            Car Accident            Mom & Dad
Child of Rajis & Sivaram. Sibling of Lavesh (Laudium)
LILLIAN NONYAMA 32                           10.11.1975—†28.09.2008            Illness
Daughter of Betty Ngobeni. Sister of Vusi, Victor & Dereck (Klipgat)
MARCHALL CONRADIE 32                         11.11.1975—†07.10.2008            Victim of suicide
Daughter of Antoinette Norman. Daughter of Francois Conradie (Clubview)
DEAN EDWIN NEL 3                             13.11.2002—†07.06.2006            Illness                                  HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY, DARLING
Son of Charlotte & Eddie, Brother of Jade & Ethan
ETHAN DE KLERK 9Months                       13.11.2006—†21.08.2007            SIDS
Son of Charne & Frits Brother of Sarah & Grandchild of Caroline van Graan                              Hey Boykie, 22 very empty months! Life will never be the same, never!!!
JACOBUS BADENHORST 21                        23.11.1972-†07.10.1994            Shot in armed robbery
Son of Marietjie (Faerie Glen)                                                                         Dad and I miss you so much in the gym, shudder to think of how big 'n
SATHYA PILLAY 8                              19.10.1968 -†13.11.1977           Road Accident           mean you would have been looking today.
Daughter of Sylvie Pillay Sister of Kiru (Laudium)
VAUGHAN JOSS 20                              13.01.1972 -†13.11.1992           Road Accident           I live for you now, I will make you proud! PS 94 XXX - Ty
Son of Allen & Jennifer – 012 440 3751 Brother of Craig, Marisa & Dale (Arcadia)
     Ashleigh Whelan                                  Your Newsletter is still FREE! To receive the monthly Newsletter by mail we
                                                      require R50.00 annually to cover postage and stationary. PLEASE renew your
   08.11.85 – 27.05.08                                subscription timeously…
Our dearest Ashleigh, happy                           Suggested donations to sponsor       BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS:
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birthday, Sweetheart. You lived                                                            The Compassionate Friends Pretoria
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on all who knew you. It was the                       Placement - R25.00                   012133655
quality of your life. “We love her                    Photo -      R50.00
for who she is and then love her
more.”                                                Letters, poems and/or photos to commemorate your child's anniversary or
                                                      birthday, and any information or articles, must be submitted at least two
                                                      months in advance.
God Bless you
Lots of love Mom, Dad, Craig                          Please inform us of any change of your details; status, address or telephone
and Tinkerbell.                                       contacts.
                                                      Thank you for your cooperation.                             LOVE GIFTS
                                                                                                          A Thoughtful way to remember your precious
                                                      If you no longer want to receive the               child is to contribute and sponsor a page in our
  Thabang Mkhawanazi                                  newsletter by mail, please let us know, we         Newsletter or donate a Love gift in your child's
        07.11.1003 – 18.05.2008                       don't want to waste your time, or ours, if              Birthday and/or Anniversary Month!
                                                      you don't want it. We will not be in the least        A tax certificate can be issued on request,
                                                      offended.                                                   please ask Jenni- our treasurer.
                                           e                                                                           Thank you so much…
                                      t lif           The Newsletters are on our website and can
                               rs hor ter,            be downloaded.
                           you           h
                an g, in love, l
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    dar us so m you lo                  jo
My ave                 d          ght                 THANK YOU Sonja & Rian van Rensburg for our Haven!
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       ey          i
  Lov Themb                                                   “Time is neutral. What helps is what you do with time...
  Mo                                                          YOU must help time to do its healing”
                                                                                              Earl Grollman from Living when a Loved One had Died
             Your Committee Members
                                                                   Butterfly Moms’ Club
  – if you need a friend who will understand,                      EVERY FIRST TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH
please call us:                                                    REPEAT: EVERY SECOND SATURDAY OF
                                                                               EACH MONTH
                                                                             (For the working moms)
Retha Naude      Chapter Leader 082 441 6360                       Memory Healing through Scrap-Ther-A-P
Nick Spurway     Vice Chapter Leader                                        Facilitated by Jan Meyer
                                 072 767 3319                             from the Jordan Ministries.
Lynette Gradwell Secretary       083 408 5271                           Venue: TCF Haven in Centurion
Jenni Pohl       Treasurer       083 730 0659                                      All welcome!
Betsi vd Watt    Library         084 556 2100                        8 sessions, once a month 09:00-12:00
                                                                        R75.00 per person, per session
Karen de Kock Social Planners 082 417 6262                                    (all materials included)
Jeanne vd Bergh General Member 072 588 7190                           Only to bring your own photos
                                                                    BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL -084 855 5303
                                                                      Coffee & Tea provided, snacks to
Group Facilitators:                                                      share will be appreciated.

Laudium:        Vani Muthaya                  083 992 6901
                Krishna Murthy                012 374 3668
Centurion:      Jeanne vd Bergh               072 588 7190                      For our
Pretoria:       Retha Naude                   082 441 6360              Fundraising-Card Project
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                                                                      Minor Hall – for our group meetings
                                                                                  012 460 3271

                                                                      OUR GRATEFUL THANKS to the
                                      Butterfly - Our children
                                                                      HATFIELD CHRISTIAN CHURCH
                                            Heart - Love
                                          Anchor - Hope
                                                                         for allowing us the use of the
                                            Cross - Faith
                                                                                  Upper Room
                                     Angel - Made for an Angel              for our group meetings
                                                                                  012 542 2799
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 Necklaces, bracelets, bookmarks, handbag charms, keyrings, etc.
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                                                                                                                WILLIE SMITH
Librarian desk …..                                                                                             09.11.1981 – 23.09.2008
The Central Library is now kept at The Haven in Clubview and the books
are listed on our website. The books are available to all members
regardless of which area you live in or which meetings you attend.                                              Boesman, ons mis jou!
Contact Betsi on 084 556 2100 or by e-mail; or
contact the office.                                                                                            Pappa, Freda & Andreas
                                      Riëtte Henrico                                                     MICHAEL HARRISON
                                    9.2.1964 - 9.11.2008                                               Date of Birth -18.11.1992

                         Riëtte, jy met jou groot blou oë en
                       skaam glimlag het altyd deernis in my
                       hart gebring. Jy was so kwesbaar – my
                         afvlerk kind – ek wou jou so graag
                        beskerm teen al die seer in die lewe.
                        “Want jy's mooi soos blomme, in elke helder kleur.
                           Die reuk van jou aroma in elke blommegeur,
                       En die duiwe in jou oë, wat speel, speel in die wind.
                       Soos vir Salomo is jy vir my, my mooiste meisiekind.”

   Ons sal moedig die                                                                  Michael & Rob Harrison - Car Accident †07.04.2008
droefheid dra en probeer                                                                        Beloved son and husband of Frances Harrison
                                                                                       MADIE BURGER
Jou Pa Stoffi, Ma Estelle,                                                            04.09.1976 – 29.11.1992
                                                                                                                            Rolinda Haarhoff
  Christelle en Theresa                                                                                                     27.12.1991- 30.11.2002

          “You're in the arms of God's Angels,
            where you will find peace and
                      comfort here.                                            Letting Go
                                                                               T'was in that warming candle glow
          Hush now; all your sadness will soon                                 I knew I had to let you go,
                       disappear.                                              I knew I had to set you free
                                                                               Only then – would you return to me.
               May you feel no pain and                                        On silvered wings your soul does soar
                       discomfort,                                             To be alive – forever more.
             for God will always be near.”                                            I don't want to say goodbye –
                                                                                                          Felicity Bleach
                                                                                                                                     Nadine Visser
                                                                                                                                  22.09.1989 – 15.11.2006

Other people..

Every so often, you hear about other people losing their child.
Sometimes there is a horrible accident you find out about on television.
Sometimes it is a senseless murder or suicide you read about in the newspaper.
Sometimes you learn about a deadly illness over the telephone because,
This time, the child belongs to someone you know.

When such a tragedy happens, to other people, your heart goes out to them.                           Our Sweetie Pie Nadine, it will be three years since that fateful day that changed our
You feel deeply saddened and, perhaps, you shed a few tears.                                         lives forever. Its always extra painful, the run up to an anniversary, but the only thing
You then continue your charmed life, going about business as usual.                                  that keeps us sane is to remember that day we as a family gave our hearts to the
You don't forget, but, you don't necessarily remember either.                                        Lord. God’s timing is always so perfect and we thank Him for that! Who would have
After all, the death of a child is something that occurs in the lives of other people.               known what lay ahead?

Unless, God forbid, the television story or newspaper article
or telephone call is about your child.                                                               Daddy and I miss you very much, my baby! The pain is so hard to bear but we serve
Unless, one terrible day, heaven and earth and hell become one.                                      a faithful God and we are comforted by the fact that you are safely in His arms. He
Unless your life loses all meaning and nothing makes sense anymore.                                  gives us “Beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning and the spirit of praise for
                                                                                                     heaviness” just as it promises in Is 61!
Suddenly, by a random twist of fate, or the hand of God,
You have become other people.
                                                                                                     Love you Lots, my darling!
        Written by Madeleine Perri Kasden In Loving Memory of her son, Neill Perri 2/10/71-15/6/95
                                                                                                     Daddy and Mommy x
                  TCF ANNUAL NATIONAL GATHERING                                           immediately after passing over and what          unbelievable experience to see so much
                                                                                          type of existence we enter on “the other         emotions running high within the group.
                          2-4 OCTOBER 2009 -
                                                                                          side”. He believes that “man is a soul” unlike
                     THE GERMISTON GOLF CLUB –                                            that “man has a soul”.                           After lunch Barbara closed the gathering
                     Hosted by the East Rand Chapter                                                                                       and the weekend was ended with a very
                                                                                          Saturday evening we had dinner at the            powerful song that we all sang together
     The theme of the weekend was             Barbara Dobson, Chapter Leader of TCF       Germiston Golf Club and danced the night         “That's what friends are for” and the even
     Peace, Faith, Love and Hope.             East Rand and the opening was by the        away to the music of a DJ.                       more powerful biiiii…gg group hug!
                                              National Chairlady.
We arrived on Friday at St Peters Place in                                                Sunday morning after another lovely
Germiston, where we stayed the weekend.       The first speaker, Bernadette Munzer, is    breakfast at St Peters Place, we packed up
                                              a bereaved mother and trained counsellor,   and left for the Germiston Golf Club.
We were met with coffee/tea and               who felt inspired after the death of her
sandwiches by the most wonderful and          two daughters in 1995 to write a book       The first speaker was Jean Hale, whose
warm members of TCF East Rand and             “Reach out and Touch…when my daughters      brother passed over in 2000. Jean has
countrywide. The TCF people are so            died” with a message of hope, finding       been in formal and complimentary
special, it felt like family that I haven't   healing and a deep inner peace.             medicine's and has a particular interest in
seen for a while that are getting together                                                sound and music therapy and also in the
                                                                                                                                           All the speakers were unbelievable, and
to spend the weekend.                         The next speaker Dr Mervyn Bartholomew      home as a healing tool. Breathing exercises
                                                                                                                                           just to meet and talk to other bereaved
                                              spoke about quantum field effect and its    and the use of touch and vibrational
                                                                                                                                           parents an experience. I came back having
At three o'clock I joined Retha for the       practical application in healing and        therapies results in a return to
                                                                                                                                           made some wonderful friends and having
yearly TCF AGM. The respective Chapter        creating your day.                          homeostatic and energetic balance and a
                                                                                                                                           lots of food for thought. I recommend that
Leaders gave a report of the happenings in                                                sense of well-being, self confidence and
                                                                                                                                           nobody should miss out on the Annual
their Chapters.                               After lunch Dr Trudie Bartholomew spoke     peace.
                                                                                                                                           Gathering and what it could mean for you.
                                              about healing the loss of a loved one
                                                                                                                                           It was a wow experience.
One point that came across strong is that     through hypnotherapy, meditation and        Lou Bognon, the next speaker is a bereaved
                                                                                                                                           Next year, 2010, the National Gathering
all the Chapters are feeling the recession    prayer.                                     mother and practising spiritual healer who
                                                                                                                                           will be held in East London, dates not
the country is experiencing at present, so                                                was told of her gift as a nine year old child
                                                                                                                                           available yet.
finances seem to be a huge problem.           The very entertaining Bishop Boudewijn      growing up in rural Mozambique. She is also
Due to no nominations for National            Goudriaan, the Regionary Bishop of the      the author of four books on spiritual
                                                                                                                                           Report by Lynette Gradwell
Chairperson of TCF SA, Myrtle Fleming         Liberal Catholic Church in SA, was our      healing and teachings.
was re-elected.                               next speaker. The Bishop spoke about the                                                     Thank you so much to TCF East Rand for a
                                              process of dying, what happens when we      The last speaker, Dr Cornelia Higginson is       wonderful and very successful Gathering!
Friday night everybody that stayed at the     die, what sort of experiences await us      dedicated to helping and healing people,         Barbara, you and your team exceeded
Seminary (St Peters Place) enjoyed a                                                      and has taken hypnotherapy one step              yourselves! - Retha
wholesome supper together.                                                                further into the most amazing healing
                                                                                          process, on cellular level. She has been able
Saturday morning we enjoyed a lovely                                                      to speak to people who have passed over,
breakfast at the Seminary before leaving                                                  for over 40 years. Dr Higginson made
for the Germiston Golf Club for the                                                       contact with a number of children that
Gathering.                                                                                have passed over and gave the parents
                                                                                          some messages. She can identify with the
We were welcomed and introduced by                                                        pain and has a deep understanding for
                                                                                          those who have lost a loved one. This was an

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