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Our commitment to you
This Customer Service Code of Conduct is our promise to you, our valued subscriber. Here we will tell it
like it is, from who we are all the way through to what you should do if you feel we haven’t lived up to our

What we’re about
Cell C (Pty) Ltd is the third cellular operator in South Africa. Cell C (Pty) Ltd is wholly owned by 3C
Telecommunications (Pty) Ltd, which in turn is 60% owned by Oger Telecom South Africa, a division of
Saudi Oger, and 40% by CellSAf, a black empowerment organisation.

We are a dual band wireless communications carrier which offers Global System for Mobile technology
(GSM) and support systems to provide our subscribers with a mobile telephony network capable of
providing voice, data and future multimedia communications.

Our trained and motivated team is committed to providing you with a full range of GSM-based services,
together with a high level of customer support and user-friendly response.

We’ve got you covered
We use a number of radio-technology capabilities to provide high quality mobile cellular
telecommunications services throughout the country, and we are continuously expanding our modern dual
band GSM network to ultimately include several thousand radio transceiver base stations.

Urban coverage
Our network is the first national GSM 1800 MHz network which allows for improved mobile
communications in urban areas. This is great because most GSM handsets manufactured since 1999 are
able to work at this higher frequency. If you don’t know whether you’ll be able to use your existing handset
with our service, please check with your service provider.
Rural coverage
As we expand our network to under-serviced and rural coverage areas, we will use the traditional GSM
900 frequency, new extended GSM frequencies and other radio frequencies that are better suited to
provide wide area coverage.

From the outset all our customers will have the benefit of national coverage, equal to that offered by our
competitors. This is achieved through our national roaming agreement with Vodacom, which allows our
subscribers to access the Vodacom network when they are outside of the Cell C network.

Wherever you may roam…
Roaming occurs whenever your Cell C handset detects that it is outside the Cell C coverage area. It will
automatically search for and connect with the Vodacom network until the Cell C network is again detected.
You don’t need to make any changes to your handset or dial a different number, as everything occurs
automatically and should not affect you.

Roaming ensures:
      •    you are provided with full, nation-wide Cell C services at no extra cost while Cell C
           builds its network
      •    a continuation of all services including contracts, billing and troubleshooting and
      that all complaints are handled through Cell C’s service providers
      •    coverage without requiring that you have any relationship or contract with Vodacom

A coverage map indicating our network coverage, including areas where roaming occurs over Vodacom’s
network, is available at your local Cell C Service provider or dealer.

As we continue to expand our own dual band digital network, there will be less of a chance that you will
‘roam’ into Vodacom coverage areas. Nevertheless, we believe the roaming agreement will allow for more
efficient use of rural network equipment already in place.

Your service provider
These are the good folk who provide you with access to the Cell C network, our great cellular packages
and other related services for Cell C.

Service providers essentially buy large blocks of network airtime and package the airtime into various
individual subscriber plans. They operate their own shops, and also provide service through a network of

A complete list of Cell C service providers and dealers can be found on our brochures, by contacting Cell
C Customer Services at 084 140 (or 140 from your Cell C handset), by visiting our nearest regional office.
Hooking it up
To become a Cell C subscriber, simply apply for one of the pre-paid or contract service plans provided by
a Cell C Service provider or dealer.

Each Service provider contracts with you on a different basis. But don’t worry, we keep a beady eye on
things, and all contracts are reviewed by Cell C to ensure conformity with company standards.

All services offered must be in accordance with our official tariffs, which are filed with the regulatory
authority, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA).

As a new subscriber you will get a Cell C starter pack, including a SIM card and instructions on how
to use Cell C’s mobile cellular service. The starter pack also contains your certificate of purchase, the
manufacturer’s handset identification codes, and your private PIN (personal identification number) code.

Just remember, these documents constitute your proof of ownership, and may also be needed to restore
service in the event of theft, loss or defective equipment, so you should always keep it in a safe place.

Service providers and dealers also sell handsets and various other accessories for mobile network users,
but these prices are not regulated in accordance with Cell C’s tariff filings.

Some Cell C handsets may be network locked to the Cell C network. Where this occurs it is because the
handset is subsidised by Cell C and a preferential price is offered to those customers to whom the offer
is made. Please feel free to enquire from your Service provider, before purchasing any handset, as to
whether it is network locked.

You, yourself and your service provider
Your Service provider is identified on the contract forms provided, on the starter pack, and on the handset
package. Should you contact a different service provider, or a dealer not associated with the service provider
from whom you purchased your starter pack, they may be unable to assist you.

If you wish to change service provider or dealer, you may need to purchase a new starter pack. Contract
subscribers are also usually bound by the minimum subscription period applicable to their packages.

Prepaid subscribers may purchase additional airtime packages through any Cell C service provider or
dealer, or through various other sources identified as official Cell C service locations for prepaid recharge.

Should you be a contract subscriber your service provider will send you a monthly bill and will be
responsible for billing and service enquiries, technical support, and complaint resolution.

Responsibility - a fact of life
As a Cell C contract subscriber you are responsible for paying your bills and for making the payments on

How the Cell C service provider can help you
Your service provider should be your primary point of contact for enquiries and complaints. Should they be
unable to assist you, you may contact Cell C’s own Customer Service Centre at 140 or 084140 if you are
not phoning from the
Cell C network, for assistance.

Please note that billing and/or account queries will as a matter of course be handled by your service
provider. In terms of pending changes to national law, all subscribers, whether prepaid or postpaid, must
provide identification and contact details as part of their application for service, in person.

What to expect from your service provider
You have the right to expect informed advice and assistance from helpful, qualified, designated Cell C
providers with regard to:

        •    The choice of package best suited to your needs
        •    Proper instructions in the operation and maintenance of handsets and in the
             installation and replacement of SIM cards and value-added services
        •    Efficient after sales service
        •    Free information regarding standard prices, terms and conditions in accordance
             with which service providers provide Cell C services and products to subscribers
             and potential customers
        •    The opportunity to resolve complaints by way of procedures established or prescribed
             in terms of the license or as agreed with Cell C
        •    Confidentiality: The service provider will ensure that customer information obtained
             or received in the provision of the Cell C service is kept confidential, not disclosed
             or made accessible to third parties or used for a purpose other than the provision
             of Cell C services, unless such information is freely available to the public or is
             required by law or in terms of the license
        •    Access to a customer service centre: Access to service centres may differ, being
             dependent on the operating hours of the service provider. Some of these services
             may be provided at cost to the subscriber. Please enquire from your service provider
             about the nature and availability of services.

Your Customer service centre
We fully recognise the importance of providing a high level of customer service support in acquiring and
retaining customers in South Africa’s competitive mobile cellular environment. That is why we have our
own call centre available to you 24/7, all year round.

In addition, each of our service providers also operates its own customer service centre, which is the
primary point of contact for resolution of enquiries and complaints of Cell C subscribers. Your starter pack
provides the contact number for your Service provider’s customer service centre.

Each Customer Service Centre is charged with, and committed to, providing timely and complete
resolution of subscriber concerns in an accessible and courteous environment. To achieve this, Cell C has
adopted the following principles:

Official Languages: Each Cell C Customer Service Centre will use staff best suited to communicate with
Cell C’s subscribers in their preferred official language during normal business hours.

Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) of differing ethnic and linguistic backgrounds are employed.
Please note that all calls to a Service Centre are recorded.

Centre Staffing: Customer Service Centre staffing is optimised so that at all times a sufficient number of
CSR’s are available to provide timely resolution of each caller’s complaint or query.

CSR Hiring: Cell C and its Service providers are committed to hiring and training a top-quality workforce of
customer service representatives. The representatives are mandated to provide a prompt, courteous and
knowledgeable service and to attend to the resolution of subscriber enquiries and issues.
We are committed to an employee selection and hiring process that provides equal opportunity and
empowerment to qualified personnel, embraces the Employment Equity Act No 55 of 1998, and supports
active recruitment of employees and contractors from historically disadvantaged groups.

CSR Training: As a condition of employment, every Cell C Service Representative must successfully
complete a period of formal instructional training, including on-the-job training (OJT) and periodic
observation and skills testing. This training and testing programme is specifically designed to facilitate
acquisition and retention of the knowledge and skills required for the position.

Each CSR must fully understand and conform to the operational and ethical standards set forth in this
Customer Service Code of Conduct.

Cell C is fully committed to meeting both the letter and spirit of the Skills Development Act No 97 of 1998,
including employment equity, human resource development, training, periodic testing, and official results
Useful numbers on the Cell C network

Call Centre

To access the Cell C customer service centre simply dial 140 from your Cell C
handset. If you are not a Cell C subscriber, please dial 084 140.

Directory enquiries

By dialling 146 you will be able to receive directory assistance in respect of local listed private or business
telephone numbers day or night.

Please note that charges may be levied for operator assistance and related services.

Additionally, please note that your number will not be published in a directory unless you consent to it
being published when you complete the Cell C subscriber application form to become a subscriber to Cell
C’s service. Cell C respects its subscribers’ confidentiality.


In the event of an emergency requiring medical, police or fire department assistance, please call 112.
Calls to this number are fielded by a specialised Emergency Response Centre, contracted by Cell C. The
Cell C subscriber will be connected to the appropriate Emergency Response Centre, at no cost to the Cell
C subscriber.

Please note that Emergency Response Centre personnel are properly equipped to address emergencies.

Network quality

Cell C is committed, through its license agreement, to providing our subscribers with a high quality grade
of service and to availability of the network 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

We are committed to a busy hour network call completion rate of 95% and an overall high network grade
of service. These standards are subject to independent audit and must be periodically reported to ICASA.

Dropped calls

A “dropped call” occurs when a call unexpectedly ends without being terminated by either the caller or the
called person. Our dual band digital network has been designed to optimise connections, maximise call
completion and minimise service disruptions.
But, should you experience a period of abnormal conditions on the network, please call our customer service
centre at 140 or 084 140, if you are calling from a network operated by another operator.

Replacement of SIM cards

If your SIM card is lost, damaged or stolen:
         •   please contact your service provider for a replacement.
         •   please have your certificate of purchase ready, as proof of ownership of your SIM
             card, which will be required.

You will be reconnected to the Cell C network once you have supplied a copy of the certificate to your
service provider or dealer, and purchased the replacement SIM card.

Charging and billing

ICASA approves all our tariffs prior to their publication. These approved tariffs are the maximum prices that
may be charged for any of our services.

Each of our product offerings (e.g. prepaid, recharge vouchers) comes with the tariff and related
information in the package brochure. This information may also be found in separate leaflets, which are
available at the request of the subscriber.

These brochures, leaflets and other published mediums are subject to amendment from time to time and
are available, upon request, at all service provider outlets, from our customer service centre.


Service providers are entitled to charge the customer:
        •    an initial connection charge
        •    a monthly access charge
        •    a charge per call
        •    a SIM card charge
        •    a fee for additional value-added services

Service providers may, in certain circumstances, also require the customer to pay a deposit before the
customer is connected to the network.

This deposit constitutes a contractual payment between the customer and the service provider. It does
not, however, constitute part of any charge related to the provision of the telecommunication service and is
therefore not subject to telecommunications tariff filings.
Each fixed and mobile cellular telecommunications network (i.e. Vodacom, MTN (Pty) Ltd and Telkom SA
Limited) has its own toll-free numbers. A toll- free number is only free of charge to you when you use it on
the particular network.

If you use another network operator’s “toll-free number”, you may be subject to a call charge. The network
on which a call originates determines whether a “toll-free” number dialled, will in fact be free of charge.

For more details about Cell C’s toll free services, please call our Customer Service Centre on 140.

Contract subscribers

Your service provider will be able to provide you with specific advice relating to charges for the use of
Cell C’s network.

Subscribers   will be billed monthly for:
        •     access charges
        •     call charges
        •     operator service charges

Charges for subscriber handsets, additional apparatus and additional services may be incorporated within
the same monthly bill.

Contract subscribers may choose to receive, at cost, an itemised bill, which is a personalised account with
itemised call charges. The charge levied for the each item on the bill will be in accordance with a filed tariff
for the service.

An itemised bill will show all charges, distinguishing between access, calls, operator service charges and
any additional charges. An itemised bill includes the following details for each call made:
        •    number called
        •    date and time of the call
        •    duration of the call
        •    total charge for that call

Prepaid subscribers

Some packages (e.g. prepaid) may be valid for specific time periods, after which usage could be subject
to expiration. Should credits, which accrue in respect of such packages, not have been used within the
expressed time period, they will no longer be valid and neither Cell C nor the Service provider can be
expected to reinstate or refund any lost credit. The responsibility is on the subscriber to be aware of the
relevant time periods. Want to know how much time you have left? Just dial 141.
Printed personalised accounts are not made available to prepaid or other non- contract subscribers. Prepaid
subscribers may check their account balances at any time, free of charge by:
        •    dialling 141 for a voice recording or
        •    press * 101 # for a display on the cell phone’s screen

The screen display option is subject to the model and manufacturer’s set-up of the cellular telephone, and
only a limited list of the numbers dialled can be viewed on the handset.

For account enquiries, you can call Cell C’s Customer Service line (140 on your handset). You will be
assisted telephonically with details and information about your account.

Paying your bill

Payment Method

Your bill must be paid on time to your Service provider by the date specified on your contract.

Tip: Cell C recommends direct debiting as a convenient way to pay monthly charges. This can be done
through a direct debit mandate. This method automatically assists you in making payments on time and
further assists you in making payments should you be away from home or business during the payment
period. This method of payment will assist you in keeping your service costs to a minimum.

Unable to Pay

Non-payment of bills can result in disconnection and may result in legal proceedings against you.
However, should unusual domestic or business circumstances prevent you from being able to pay your
contract-service bill in full, you should contact your Service provider immediately. This may prevent
disconnection from the Cell C Service, and from legal action being taken against you to recover
outstanding payments.

Alternative payment arrangements can be entered into at the discretion of your Service provider. Full
payment of all amounts owing remains your contractual responsibility.

Reconnection of service

In the event you are disconnected because bill payments have not been made, a reasonable fee may be
charged by the Service provider to reconnect you once the arrear amount has been paid and your account
has been brought up to date. These fees are to cover administration costs related to reconnection, and are
subject to the contract between you and your service provider.
The service provider may:
        •   refuse to reconnect in the case where disconnection occurred on the grounds of
        •   require you to pay a security deposit prior to reconnection

The deposit relates directly to risk management and is not subject to tariff filed with ICASA.Your service
provider may not charge a disconnection and/or reconnection fee should you have given due notice of
cancellation upon expiry of the initial contract period.

If you believe you have been wrongfully disconnected or charged for reconnection, you should explain the
circumstances to your Service provider who is obliged to adjust the next bill accordingly.

Reconnection fees are contractual fees levied by the service provider in accordance with the terms and
conditions of the contract. These are not subject to a tariff filed with ICASA.

Billing enquiries

Modern metering apparatus have been installed in each of our Switching Centres. A computer switch
records the number dialled and the duration of each call.

Should you have any questions about calls connected by Cell C, the calls will be checked from our record
of faults and Cell C’s toll ticketing system, which records all calls.

If a fault is found which affected the charge, Cell C will inform your service provider and the bill will be
corrected. Cell C will make every effort to ensure that accurate and complete billing information is supplied
to your service provider.

All bill or account enquiries should always be directed to your service provider. (Should you be dissatisfied
with the service provider’s response, please follow the dispute procedure as set out below).

Fault management services

Network & call-related faults

Faults experienced by subscribers should be reported to Cell C’s Customer service centre. All faults,
including those problems experienced on the Cell C network, as well as problems experienced while
roaming, both nationally and internationally are to be reported to the Cell C Customer service centre. This
can be done by dialling 140 on your handset or 084 140 if you are calling from a network operated by
another operator.

Faults on the network are likely to be specific to one area, and service will probably be restored when you
move to an area covered by another radio base transceiver station. Faults may be reported at any time.
Should the Customer Service Operator not be able to assist you, they will log a fault electronically with the
Cell C Network Control Centre.

The Cell C fault management procedure provides for customer contact no later than 24 hours after the
reporting of a fault. This will be done either via a call to your handset or in the alternative by means of a
text message to your handset, e-mail or fax address.

Before reporting a fault on the network, try to make a call using another handset connected to the Cell C
network. If you are successful, it is likely that your handset is faulty.

Mobile handset faults

Faulty handsets should be referred to your service provider’s fault repair service or to whoever supplied
you with the phone or to the manufacturer. Please read your contract to determine whether a guarantee or
a separate maintenance contract covers the handset. If not, you will be required to pay for the work done
to correct the fault.

Enquiry, complaint and dispute procedures

We realise that mistakes sometimes happen, so if you’re unhappy with something, then please make sure
you let us know. We’ve put together this guide, to help you out with your complaint. It’ll tell you how to go
about it, and what to expect from us in return.

All subscriber enquiries or complaints should be addressed in the first instance to your service provider.
Prepaid customers should contact the Cell C Customer service centre on 140.

In exceptional cases involving an unusual or unresolved problem, Cell C and its service providers will follow
the procedures outlined below in an attempt to resolve an enquiry, complaint or dispute.


The enquiry/complaint will be addressed in a professional manner and within a specified time frame.


Cell C and its Service providers will make every effort to answer calls promptly and give information on
faults to subscribers within 24 hours even if it is not possible to resolve the problem within this time period.

Cell C and its service providers are committed to resolving disputes within one month of complaints being
registered with a service provider.

Cell C is committed to providing a service that will meet the needs and expectations of you, our subscriber.
In the event that you are unhappy with our service, we would appreciate your feedback, as well as the
opportunity to rectify the problem.

Procedures have been established in order to effectively and efficiently respond to any complaints. The
first step is to establish the type of complaint and the potential cause.

All complaints should be addressed to your Service provider. This may be done either by phoning the
Service provider’s customer service line or by visiting one of their outlets. We recommend that you obtain
the full name of the Customer Service Representative handling your complaint.

In the event the Service provider is unable to assist you immediately, he/she will log a fault and attempt to
resolve the complaint and provide a response within 24 hours.

In certain instances, as in where there is a network-related problem, the
Service provider may refer you to our Customer Service Centre.

In the event that we are unable to address your problem to your satisfaction, you have recourse to the
dispute procedure as set out below.


Cell C prepaid users should contact their dealer or outlet where they made the purchase should they have
a complaint about a Cell C Starter Pack or recharge voucher.

The Cell C Customer Service line (140) may be contacted with regard to all other complaints.

Feel like you’ve hit a brick wall?
The following are the steps to follow regarding the resolution of a complaint you might have, as quickly
and effectively as possible.

The procedure applies in all Call Centres, including those operated by independent Service providers, and
the Cell C Customer service centre.

          Step 1: Contact your service provider stated on your contract.
                   One of our CSRs will assist you. If you are unhappy about the way your
                   complaint has been handled move to the next step.
        Step 2: Request assistance from the Customer Service Supervisor.

                  The Customer Service Supervisor will attempt to resolve your complaint in
                  a courteous, professional manner. The problem may be of such a nature that it
                  requires that the Supervisor investigate the matter. The Supervisor must
                  however report back to you within 24 hours. If you are still not satisfied, you
                  should then move to the next step.

        Step 3: Request to speak to the Customer Service Manager.

                  The Customer Service Manager will assess the problem and determine the
                  necessary steps to be taken and, if necessary, personally deal with the
                  complaint. If the Customer Service Manager does not resolve the matter,
                  you may then move to the next step.

        Step 4: Request that the Service provider Customer Service Centre or the Cell C
                Customer Service Centre forward your complaint to the Cell C Customer
                Service Director.

                  In the interests of a speedy resolution and in order that the dispute can be
                  correctly assessed, we recommend that the following be provided in writing:
                        •        comprehensive information on the query or complaint
                        •        full names of the CSRs who have attempted to assist you

The Cell C Customer Service Director will review the complaint by assessing the steps taken by Cell C
and/or the subscriber’s Service provider in resolving the complaint.

The Cell C Customer Service Director will review a complaint if it is forwarded to him/her by the Service
provider or Cell C Customer Service, and on conclusion of the standard complaint procedure as outlined

As a final resort, having given Cell C the opportunity to resolve the complaint, you may then either initiate
legal proceedings against your Service provider in terms of the legal contract with the customer’s Service
provider, or lodge a complaint with ICASA.

ICASA’s address and telephone numbers are available through Cell C’s Customer Service Centre, in the
government pages section of any Telephone Directory or on ICASA’s web site.
We’re all ears!
We always welcome your feedback, so why not get in touch…

Call us on 140 or 084 140 (from a non-Cell C handset)

Mail us at Private Bag X36, Benmore 2010

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