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					    News for ECU Students                                                                                                                                      Spring 2006

                                                                                                                                     CELEBRATE MULTICULTURAL
                             Incorporating                                                                                           WEEK 3-7 OCTOBER
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                                                                                                                                                JOONDALUP CAT BUS
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     Overseas students meet Aussie favourites
    More than 70 overseas students                                                                                                              studies.
    visiting ECU got up close and                                                                                                                  Tim is completing a Bachelor
    personal with some of Australia’s                                                                                                           of Science in digital media and
    favourite furry friends at Joondalup                                                                                                        hopes to gain work as a programmer
    Campus.                                                                                                                                     or graphic artist.
       The students, from Japan’s Hyogo                                                                                                            Marissa is enrolled in a Bachelor
    Prefecture, were visiting Perth with                                                                                                        of Arts, majoring in Japanese and
    the Floating University run by the                                                                                                          English, and plans to travel overseas
    Hyogo Joint Summer Session at Sea                                                                                                           as an English as a Second Language
    Program.                                                                                                                                    (ESL) teacher.
       Every two years, 500 university                                                                                                             The purpose of the Floating
    students and 85 staff are sponsored                                                                                                         University is to offer the experience
    to board the Floating University.                                                                                                           of community life on board a ship,
       In 2006 ECU students Tim Oliver                                                                                                          strengthen co-operation between
    and Marissa Richardson were                                                                                                                 universities       and     encourage
    awarded full scholarships for the                                                                                                           international       awareness      to
    trip, which included airfares to                                                                                                            students.
    Japan and a two-week voyage                                                                                                                    While on board, students
    to Fremantle.                                                                                                                               participate in language and cultural
       Tim and Marissa both take                                                                                                                seminars, exchange activities and
    Japanese as part of their university                        International students enjoying koalas at Joondalup Campus                      various team building workshops.

Wall-to-wall technology
Joondalup’s new Library and Technology Centre, about              Cafe or the library.                                          Operations Centre to monitor activity across the
to be handed over, will be an epi-centre for smart                   One of the main features of the new building is the        university.
communications.                                                   200-seat e-lab, doubling the capacity of the current             The new building is also the first at ECU to be fitted
    Builders have almost finished work on the $35 million         facility at Joondalup.                                        with a diesel generator, ensuring that the Data Centre,
building and ECU will take possession by mid-October.                LCD screens will display information to students and       Network Operations Centre and core communications
    Gracing the Joondalup Drive entrance to the campus,           staff and nine meeting rooms will be kitted out with          equipment will be operational in the event of a power
the new complex looks impressive from the outside.                the latest multimedia equipment, including projectors,        failure.
    But it’s what’s on the inside that makes it even more         screens and audio systems.                                       “This is very significant because it means we will
remarkable.                                                          For the first time, the new building will also provide a   have enhanced protection for one of the most valuable
    From top to bottom, the ‘clever’ building has been            central base for the University’s IT department, including    assets of the university - its corporate data - and less
fitted with state-of-the-art technology.                          a new Data Centre, project testing room and IT Service        loss of productivity,” explains Mark Ridge, Manager IT
    If you’re sporting a laptop, you’ll be able to hook up to     Desk.                                                         Support Services.
the internet almost anywhere in the building using the               The Data Centre will be fitted with the latest early          “No matter what, we will be able to monitor, manage
University’s wireless network.                                    smoke detection system and include a separate viewing         and fix any IT issue at any time.”
    There will also be formal and informal spaces to ‘plug        room for staff and student groups.                               The new library will be fitted out over the next few
in’ around the building, whether you’re in the new Aroma             The department will also have a dedicated Network          months and open in first semester 2007.

                                              Edith Cowan University is a market leader in education for the service professions.
                                                              It is Western Australia’s second largest university,
                                                     with three metropolitan campuses and a regional campus in Bunbury.
2                                                                            Campus BUZZ

YOUR SAY: Should smoking be banned on campus?
Buzz hit the hallways at ECU to ask students whether smoking should be banned on campus. Here’s what they had to say:

             Jacqui                              Sarah                               Amber                               Amelia                                Robbie
“At Mount Lawley                      “Smoking is very                    “Yes it should be                    “I don’t think it should            “Non-smokers? Ha!
I find that people                    unattractive,                       banned on campus                     be banned on campus                 who cares what
always tend to                        especially for girls.               but maybe not in the                 because it is a part of             those ‘pink lunged’
smoke in open                         Banning smoking                     tavern gardens.”                     society, as much as                 sissies think...”
spaces, so the smoke                  everywhere                                                               we may not like it.”
doesn’t ever bother                   would be doing                          What do you think? Should smoking be banned on ECU’s campuses? Send
me! I don’t think it                  those girls who do                      your opinion about this or any other issue, to (please put
should be banned.”                    smoke a favour.”                        ‘Buzz’ in the subject line) and we’ll try and include as many as possible in
                                                                              the next edition of Campus Buzz (summer 2007).

Food, fun at Multicultural Week
                                                                                                                   Mount Lawley Campus will come alive with the sounds
                                                                                                                   and sights of different cultures from 3-7 October as ECU
                                                                                                                   celebrates its annual Multicultural Week.
                                                                                                                       In addition to stalls selling a variety of goods and delicious
                                                                                                                   food, there’ll be a multicultural carnival, international
                                                                                                                   games, international movie festival, sumo wrestling and
                                                                                                                   traditional arts and craft workshops.
                                                                                                                      In keeping with tradition, the week will culminate in the
                                                                                                                   ever popular ECU Cup of Nations soccer tournament on
                                                                                                                   Saturday 7 October at the Joondalup Campus.
                                                                                                                      ECU has more than 3000 international students hailing
                                                                                                                   from over 80 countries.
                                                                                                                      The theme of Multicultural Week is Love, Peace, Diversity
                                                                                                                   and Unity.

                                                                                                                                BUZZ        is produced by

 ECU student villages                                                                                                    ECU Corporate Relations in the Office of
                                                                                                                            Marketing and Development and in
                                                                                                                         collaboration with the ECU Student Guild

 become ‘waterwise’
    ECU has taken the next step towards environmental       ECU Environment Officer Mel Barter says it’s a
                                                                                                                           Editors: Leanne Pitcher, Shane Newton
                                                                                                                        Contributions from students are welcome
                                                                                                                               and should be submitted to
    sustainability by fitting water-saving showers       great example of something that we could all do to                
    throughout the student villages on all campuses.     improve water efficiency within our own homes.
                                                                                                                                   or phone 6304 2050
       These showers are expected to reduce the             “It is certainly a very positive step forward!”
    amount of water used in showers by up to two-        she says.                                                                  Advertising Contact
    thirds as well as reducing the energy required for      For more tips on water-saving strategies for the                 Email:
    water heating.                                       workplace, go to
                                                                           Campus BUZZ                                                                                      3

                                                                                      CAT bus a winner
                                                                                       ECU students have embraced the                Cox says the University is a strong
                                                                                       new Joondalup CAT bus with such               supporter of public transport.
                                                                                       enthusiasm that it’s become a bigger hit         “It promotes better health and
                                                                                       than expected.                                protects the environment by reducing air
                                                                                          The free service, launched in January      pollution,” he says.
                                                                                       this year, has already exceeded the              “As a university, we are keen to
                                                                                       expected annual number of 95,000              contribute to any activities that provide
                                                                                       travellers.                                   significant environmental benefits.
                                                                                          In fact, according to a recent passenger      “We also have a strong commitment
                                                                                       satisfaction report, almost 114,000           to ensuring our staff, students and
                                                                                       commuters used the service within the         the Joondalup community receive
                                                                                       first five months.                            comprehensive services.”
                                                                                          More than 60 percent of these                 The Joondalup CAT service is a
                                                                                       passengers were students or staff using       partnership between the Public Transport
                                                                                       the bus to travel to and from university,     Authority of Western Australia, the City
                                                                                       many of who say they no longer need to        of Joondalup and ECU.
                                                                                       drive to work.                                   Buses run in both directions between
                                                                                          The popularity of the service has also     the City of Joondalup (including the train
                                                                                       helped reduce local road congestion,          station), the learning precinct (ECU,
                                                                                       with students preferring to use the CAT       TAFE and the Police Academy) and the
                                                                                       bus for trips around the Joondalup area.      Joondalup Health campus, leaving every
                                                                                          ECU Vice-Chancellor Professor Kerry        15 minutes.
           Professor Kerry Cox chatting to an ECU student on the CAT bus

Teach English                                                        Paving the way for Mount
worldwide                                                            Lawley development
CELTA@ECU is offering fulltime and part-time courses in               Demolition of the old gymnasium at Mount Lawley is paving the way for future development of
2007.                                                                 the campus.
   The part-time courses will run from 6 March to 27 May and             Work started in mid-September on the demolition of the disused gym, which was built about
5 June to 26 August, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and             30 years ago.
Saturday mornings for 12 weeks.                                          Capital Projects Manager Ron Hewitt says the demolition has been carefully timed to finish by
   The full-time courses will run from 2 to 31 January and 11         10 November, to avoid disruption during exam time.
June to 20 July.                                                         “The contractors are using a range of measures to keep noise and dust to a minimum,” he
   CELTA is an internationally-recognised qualification that,         says.
coupled with an undergraduate degree or three-year diploma               “Most of the traffic associated with the demolition is being restricted to using the Central
in any field, qualifies you to teach English to speakers of other     Avenue entrance and the road running north from the Building 10 site and along Stancliffe
languages in Australia (at language schools) or abroad.
   To find out more phone Dee-Dee Lovering or Helen Broady
                                                                         In the meantime, planning is progressing to relocate some of the University’s business functions
at 9442 1412, e-mail or visit www.                                        from Churchlands to Mount Lawley.
4                                                                              Campus BUZZ

It’s time to say goodbye!
This is my last article as Guild President. Come 30           stronger relations.                                            positions redundant. In
November, I will be handing over the reins. This reminds         Trust Fund: The Guild has set up a Guild Charitable         1995 only 13 percent of
me to encourage all ECU students to participate in the        Trust Fund which will enable the Guild to invest its           students were members
upcoming Guild Senate elections in October.                   unspent funds and acquire funding from the community.          of the Guild and this
Experience                                                    The board of trustees is not the Guild Senate, but a           dropped to 6 percent in
In hindsight, I am glad I raised my hand for the Guild        separate team of professionals who will provide advice         1999. The membership
President’s office. It is a challenge though, and one needs   on how to invest and spend those funds.                        for second semester
dedication and people skills to be able to execute their         Clubs and Activities: The Guild has more than 25            2006 is now up to about
duties. Being President has broadened my understanding        affiliated clubs and societies - the highest number ever       35 percent. A big thank
of what leaders in the corporate world deal with on a         reached. This total excludes groups operating under the        you and well done
daily basis. While the Guild comprises people with            International Students Council. There have been weekly         to the students who
different views on political, ethical and management          activities conducted in the three main campuses and            continue to support the Guild in these challenging times.
issues, at the end of the day clear decisions have to be      student participation has been good.                           The Guild has made a resolution to set the Amenities
made.                                                            International Students Council: The annual                  and Services fees for 2007 at $25 per semester, instead
The milestones                                                Multicultural Days conducted by the ISC have been              of $50 for full time students. This is partly due to the fact
   Staff: The Guild has changed its management and            successful in celebrating different cultures. The African      that the University has contributed to the key services
employed staff that can work effectively within the ECU       Cup of Nations organised by the African Students               that are provided by the Guild. Also, the Guild feels $25
cultural environment. This has proven to be an effective      Association has attracted hundreds too.                        per semester is more affordable for students.
and cost saving venture.                                         Common rooms: The University has agreed in principle        Acknowledgement
   Relationships: I leave behind a healthy relationship       to provide student common rooms at Joondalup and               I would like to thank the student community for giving
between the Guild and the University, which benefits both     Mount Lawley. It is hoped these rooms will be operational      me the opportunity to be President for two years.
organisations. The ECU Council, through the Chancellor        for the start of semester one, 2007.                           Thanks also to my colleagues in the Senate, staff and
and the Vice Chancellor, has been supportive of the           The challenges ahead                                           ECU management. I want to thank my wife, Ntina, for
Guild. They acknowledge the importance of the role the        The Guild has learned from the previous advent of VSU in       believing so much in me and allowing me to be involved
Guild plays in the University and this is evidenced by the    the 90s, which is why we closed some activities in order       in the Student Guild issues. I am looking forward to
$460,000 to be committed to key activities conducted by       to be cost-effective. These included the shops which           finishing my studies too at the end of this year.
the Guild. The next Senate has a challenge to build even      were making a loss, and all in all we made about 12 staff                                 - Umile Gwakuba, President

                                                                    ECU student wins DJ comp
                                                                    Andrei Fazekas is a whiz with the vinyl.                     on Triple J radio, DJ career mentoring sessions with
                                                                       After battling it out in earlier heats, the ECU student   Mark James and the opportunity to play at a Two
                                                                    won the state final of the Future DJ competition at          Tribes event.
                                                                    Eurobar Northbridge in September.                               Better known as Deviance, Andrei is a member of
                                                                       Andrei is now off on an all expenses paid trip to         ECU’s DJ club The Beat Collective.
                                                                    Melbourne to compete against Australia’s finest at              Other members of the club - Tim Bale (eetha)
                                                                    the national final on 26 October.                            and Mark Wright (Markey) - placed fourth and fifth
                                                                       If he wins, he will score an interview and DJ mix         respectively at the state final.

Andrei Fazekas, aka Deviance, is off to the national final of
                the Future DJ competition
                                                                            Campus BUZZ                                                     5

Guild Idol                                                                                                    Lead
reveals talent
Australian Idol is back in full swing, and ECU students have certainly
                                                                                                              On Oz
been getting into the spirit of this popular television event.
   In the first week of September, hundreds packed the taverns at
Joondalup, Mount Lawley and Churchlands to hear some of their
peers show off their vocal talent in ECU’s own Guild Idol.
   The singing competition is hosted by the Student Guild twice
a semester and has been co-ordinated by Activities Officer Jono
                                                                                                              in WA
Zahra and colleague Paul Harnett for two years.                                                               Want        to     become
   Jono says Guild Idol is fantastic because it brings students                                               more involved in your
together.                                                                                                     community?
   “Those who participate always have fun, and it gives them the                                                 Lead On Australia - a
opportunity to make a fool of themselves,” he says.                                                           program that builds the
   While most students are ‘amateur,’ Jono says that the                 Sheldon                              capacity of the community
competition does uncover the occasional talent.                                                               by developing young
   When asked if he thought beer improved singing, Jono was                                                   people - has set up a
emphatic in his reply.                                                                                        new office in Bayswater,
   “Yes and it also helps if the audience has a few beers, as they                                            Western Australia.
can’t tell how terrible the singing is!” he says                                                                 Lead On provides
   After their moment of glory, each contestant was given a                                                   exposure for young people
rating out of 20 by judges Jono and Paul – 10 points for audience                                             to real-life business and
participation, five for song selection and another five for vocal                                             community         projects,
quality.                                                                                                      allowing them to gain
   The winner at Mount Lawley was Sheldon singing Christina                                                   hands-on        experience
Aguilera’s hit single Beautiful.                                                                              which can be added to
   Ashleigh won Joondalup with a delightful rendition of Zombie                                               their resumes.
by the Cranberries while Churchlands was taken out by Karen and                                                  For more information
Jervase singing Crazy in Love by Beyonce.                                                                     go to
   All winners received a $50 cash prize.                                                                     au or phone 9272 0055.
                                                      - Thomas Tan       Ashleigh         Karen and Jervase
6   Campus BUZZ
                                                                               Campus BUZZ                                7

Sublime sounds at Lunch Break
Blue skies, fresh breezes, funky tunes - it was a beautiful   media relations, staging/sound set-up and corporate
start to spring at the Beat Collective’s recent Lunch Break   communications, as well as opportunities to perform on
event at Mount Lawley.                                        and off-campus.
    Students were treated to the sublime sounds of DJ            Through their website,
Jabz spinning hip-hop, house and electro.                     they operate as a “talent gateway” - a DJ network -
   First-year breakdancers from ECU’s student “Boodi          rather than simply a university social club.
Club” got things shaking and The Beat Collective                 They support the long term development of young
members were kept super-busy selling hot dogs and             people and are keen to build partnerships with local
answering questions from students.                            businesses, community organisations and the media -
   The aim of the event was multi-purpose - to fundraise      providing the professional equipment and infrastructure
for future club activities, increase awareness of the club    needed to support young people interested in a career
on campus and extend its membership base.                     in the dance music industry.
   By 1.30pm they had sold out of hot dogs (all 180 of           Getting involved is easy - drop into the Guild Office
them), added 57 new names to their mailing list and           at Mount Lawley and ask for Mark or write to them at
roped in three new members.                         
   If you missed out on being there, don’t worry because         Full membership costs just $25 and in return you get a
the next event will be even bigger and better.                customised Beat Collective t-shirt, bag, ear-plugs, pen,
   Based at Mount Lawley, The Beat Collective is a            pizza coupons and a membership card for discounts at
not-for-profit dance music DJ network. Members learn          food, fashion, venues/clubs and music stores across
professional industry skills such as event management,        Perth.
8   Campus BUZZ
                                                                          Campus BUZZ                                                                                     9

Let’s party, party, party!                                                                                            Calling all
The Student Party Association (SPA) has held some
pretty awesome parties over the year, starting with the
                                                          a Better Late than Never party at Churchlands Campus,
                                                          celebrating the launch of Happy Hour at the tavern. The
                                                                                                                      ‘psychos’ for
Back to School party at Claremont Hotel, which saw        party included DJs, bands, jelly wrestling and a heated
everyone dressing up in school-related costumes. Next
was the End of Summer Pub Crawl which started at the
                                                             For the rest of the semester, SPA has organised
                                                                                                                      fun, friendship
Joondalup ECU Tavern and made its way down the coast      another party at Churchlands on 4 October celebrating      ECU finally has a Social Psychology Society.
in the coolest party buses in Perth.                      the nurses’ graduation, which will include more bands,        Last semester a group of ‘psychos’ got together
   In semester two, Battle of the Beasts (Ape Man vs.     DJs and a spa. There will also be a cocktail party on 13   and formed the ECUSPS (ECU Social Psychology
Wolf Man) was held at the Mount Lawley Campus and         October in conjunction with the ECU Guild at Joondalup     Society).
another successful pub crawl adopting the traffic light   Campus. The very last event planned for the year is the       All students who study psychology as a minor,
theme took place. This pub crawl not only sold out, but   Halloween Pub Crawl on 3 November which will take          major or elective are welcome to join.
over sold three days before the event. There was also     everyone to pubs and clubs around Perth.                      The society has a number of activities planned
                                                                                                                     including BBQs, an intervarsity cocktail party and
                                                                                                                     a wine and cheese night.
                                                                                                                        For those who prefer more educationally
                                                                                                                     stimulating events, there will be debates,
                                                                                                                     discussion groups and presenters.
                                                                                                                        ECUSPS is all about having fun, making friends,
                                                                                                                     meeting new people and learning more about the
                                                                                                                        The next event planned is a BBQ in the last
                                                                                                                     week of second semester.
                                                                                                                        Becoming a member will cost you only $5, and
                                                                                                                     this lasts until December 2007.
                                                                                                                        Once you’ve made your payment at the
                                                                                                                     psychology office in Building 30, you will be
                                                                                                                     issued with a membership card.
                                                                                                                        This will give you a 10 percent discount at any
                                                                                                                     event as well as at the ECUBAR all year round.
                                                                                                                        For inquiries regarding ECUSPS please email
10                                                                            Campus BUZZ

Get help going into your first job
This time of the year can be a little scary for university students, with the completion
of another semester just weeks away.
   For some students this entails a last minute rush of assignments and, more daunting,
the nearing of exams.
   But for many, this also means graduation.
   Graduation - just saying the word is enough to get most students excited. However,
graduating is not all fun and games.
   Sure, it is a great relief to have finally completed your university studies. But now
the task of finding a job is so much closer and is a very real, scary and often difficult
   If this relates to you, don’t be alarmed because there are people out there who are
willing, committed and successfully helping graduates secure their first job in the real
   One organisation that has been working hard for over 30 years to promote and foster
employment and career opportunities for graduates is Graduate Careers Australia
   GCA is a not-for-profit group with representatives from employers, universities and
government.                                                                                    This means that 6.9 percent of graduates were not working and still looking for
   It measures the success of graduates gaining first time employment through its           full-time employment.
Graduate Destination Survey.                                                                   By now you are probably wondering how you can ensure that you don’t become a
   According to last year’s survey, the results show that, 80.9 percent of bachelor         graduate who falls into the unemployed statistic.
degree graduates were in fulltime employment four months after completing their                The GCA website recommends that if you are in your final year and hope to be
qualifications. A further 12.3 percent were working on a part-time or casual basis          working in a graduate position next year, there are several things you need to be doing
while continuing to seek fulltime employment.                                               between now and the end of the year:

     • Start early – many graduate employers looking to recruit (for 2007) start the process in first term. Visit the Careers Centre, register on the jobs database and
       learn how to participate in graduate recruitment programs. Check the careers website and any jobs bulletins often to keep up-to-date on the latest employer
       information sessions, career fairs and job search workshops.
     • Identify career paths – find out where graduates in your major subject area have become employed.
     • Identify your skills, values and interests – if you haven’t done so already, ask if any self-assessment tools are available to help you learn more about yourself.
     • Explore all career options – browse through the Careers Resource Library to research companies, check out scholarships opportunities, postgraduate study or
       work overseas.
     • Get work experience – if you haven’t had the chance to gain much work experience, consider doing so now. Look at working part-time or volunteering to get the
       experience you need. Talk over any skills gaps with a careers adviser and make a plan to develop the required skills.
     • Balance your life – employers look for ‘all rounders’ with interpersonal and social skills as well as technical/academic skills.
     • Prepare for job applications and interviews – don’t wait until you find the ‘perfect’ job. Start preparing a basic resume and learning interview skills now.
     • Meet the players – attend career fairs and employer information sessions. Find out what employers are looking for and identify the ones you are most interested

      If you would like more information about getting your future started after university or would like a list of upcoming career expos and fairs running
      throughout Australia, simply log onto the GCA website at

                                                                      Young professionals
                                                                      have a ball networking
                                                                      ECU students were among the 470 people who              professionals. It gives you the motivation to work
                                                                      attended this year’s Young Professionals Network        hard and something to look forward to,” he says.
                                                                      Ball at Burswood Grand Ballroom.                           YPN Committee member Katherine Ginbey said
                                                                         The Moulin Rouge-themed event not only               the ball was an overwhelming success.
                                                                      attracted working professionals from a range of            “With a hot line up of entertainment, sumptuous
                                                                      industries including public relations, medicine,        food and a sizzling theme, a fantastic night was had
                                                                      engineering, accounting and law, but also students      by all,” she says.
                                                                      interested in networking and making contacts.              YPN gives young professionals the opportunity to
                                                                         ECU public relations student Stephen Burge           network between industries.
                                                                      says industry events like the YPN ball are really          If you are interested in becoming a member
                                                                      worthwhile because they give university students        please contact your own industry body. If your
                                                                      the opportunity to put their study into context.        organisation is not affiliated with the YPN email
 Sally Crabb, Holly Hands, Stephen Burge and Shane Newton                “It’s really inspiring to meet successful young
                 get into the spirit of the ball
                                                                        Campus BUZZ                                                                                    11

   Talent on the menu at Degrees
ECU students working at                                                                                                                       First-year home economics
Degrees Brewery Restaurant                                                                                                                and education student Lisa
don’t just cook up a storm in                                                                                                             Fewell says working at Degrees
the kitchen…they also learn                                                                                                               has given her a broad overview
the skills needed to enter                                                                                                                of the hospitality industry.
management positions in the                                                                                                                   “It’s been a great opportunity
hospitality industry.
                                                                                                                                          because I know what I’m
   Located at the Joondalup
                                                                                                                                          learning is helping me prepare
Campus, Degrees works on
the philosophy that students                                                                                                              for my career,” she says.
need to experience all facets                                                                                                                 “I look forward to using
of the hospitality industry,                                                                                                              the skills I’ve gained here to
from the kitchen to front-of-                                                                                                             one day help teach upcoming
house and behind the bar.                                                                                                                 students who are interested in
   Hospitality Management                                                                                                                 the industry.”
Lecturer David Donovan says                                                                                                                   As well as being a teaching
the aim is not to create chefs,                                                                                                           facility, Degrees Brewery
but to give students a holistic                                                                                                           Restaurant is also open to the
hospitality experience.                                                                                                                   public.
   “Working         in      an                                                                                                                From 12-2pm Monday to
environment like this teaches
                                                                                                                                          Thursday during semester, you
students         commitment,
                                                                                                                                          can enjoy a three-course meal
passion and enthusiasm
- three vital values which                                                                                                                made from the freshest local
aren’t always found in the                                                                                                                produce for just $15.
                                    Hospitality Management Lecturer David Donovan and student Lisa Fewell prepare one of Degrees’
industry,” says David.                                                                                                                       Book on 6304 5399.
                                                                           famous dishes

Teaching students fly to Mauritius
ECU teacher education students have again made the
pilgrimage to Mauritius for some practical, hands-on
work experience.
   The group boarded the plane on 22 September to
spend two weeks in Mauritian classrooms teaching
   They also took with them a horde of secondhand
books donated by Mosman Park Rotary Club, to share
among the school libraries.
   This international trip is offered as part of the
students’ fourth year of study and can be used as part
of their final practical assessment.
   Education and Literacy Education lecturer Janet
Fellowes says this is the second year ECU students
have collected books for Mauritius.
   “Many schools in Mauritius do not have libraries
or, if they do, they only have a small range of books,”
says Ms Fellowes.
   “The book drive project is an important initiative as
it allows us to provide a vital, much-needed resource
that contributes to children’s literacy development.
   “It is only a beginning but it means many schools
in Mauritius now have libraries which give children
access to books beyond classroom texts, to read and
   Australian High Commissioner in Mauritius, Ian
McConville, says previous book drives have generated
enormous goodwill.
   The books were transported with the generous
support of Air Mauritius.                                                ECU student Selby Giles and a Mauritian student use one of the donated books
12                                                                               Campus BUZZ

 Why formatting does not erase information
Have you got a secondhand computer to offload?                 details and pornography to critical installation details        “What’s even scarier is that a lot of the auction
   If so, it’s vital that you properly erase all information   with national security implications.                        houses and sellers advertise with notices that the PCs
on the hard drive before you even think about hitting the         Computer Security Lecturer Craig Valli says it’s so easy may contain information,” he says.
classifieds.                                                   to access the information from the disks, and anyone            “Machines retain the identity of an individual and,
   According to research conducted by ECU in partnership       with limited IT skills could do it.                         as computers become more personalised, so does the
with the University of Glamorgan in Wales and British                                                                      information.”
Telecommunications (BT), formatting your hard drive                                                                            Head of Security Technology Research at BT and
before you sell it is not enough to permanently erase the                                                                  Adjunct Senior Lecturer at ECU, Andy Jones, says
data on the disk.                                                                                                          it’s difficult to understand why there’s still such poor
   This means many students may be taking a huge risk                                                                      cleansing of disks when there are free programs like
by selling machines still containing old assignments,                                                                      Eraser available.
letters, resumes, spreadsheets, phone numbers and                                                                              Eraser is an advanced security tool (for Windows)
other personal information.                                                                                                which allows you to completely remove sensitive data
   The researchers tested more than 300 pre-owned                                                                          from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with
hard drives in Australia and the UK and discovered                                                                         carefully selected patterns.
easily-accessed and potentially damaging trade secrets,                                                                        Eraser is free and its source code is released under
personal and business information.                                                                                         GNU General Public License. Get your copy from www.
   Data left on the drives ranged from personal banking                                                          

Pumping iron for research                                                                                            Gold for intervarsity
Three ECU scholars will strengthen their research         David says being awarded a scholarship by an               teams
skills after receiving scholarships from the US’       internationally respected organisation like the               ECU has been on a winning streak in the last two intervarsity
National Strength and Conditioning Association         NSCA is a huge thrill.                                        sports events.
(NSCA).                                                   For his Masters, David is conducting a research               The mixed Futsal (indoor soccer) team won an absolute
   Naruhiro Hori was awarded a Graduate                study to test the acute effects of resistance training        thriller final in overtime against Curtin University. The team
Research Grant (Doctoral). Naoki Kawamori              on trained athletes, specifically footballers.                managed to overcome cramps, injuries and no female subs to
and David Kinsella each received a Challenge              To obtain a baseline he will test 30 Perth players         win 6-5. Kyriacos Christou who captained the team showed
Scholarship to help them seek an undergraduate         for strength, power, acceleration and agility                 amazing talent and courage as team goalie to keep the
or graduate degree in a strength and conditioning-     before a 30-minute high intensity resistance                  opponents at bay.
related field.                                         training session, representative of an in-season                 The ECU mixed doubles tennis team also won gold in
                                                                       program.                                      the intervarsity tournament. Sport Science students Darius
                                                                          The same tests will then be                Eshete and Alyce Kelly dominated the competition to finish
                                                                       performed 10 minutes after the                undefeated.
                                                                       session and again in 24 hours, 48                The next intervarsity events are cricket and the Have-A-Go
                                                                       hours, 72 hours, 96 hours and 120             Day. If you’re interested in competing in any of these please
                                                                       hours.                                        contact Brendan at ECU sports on
                                                                          David’s aim is to provide valuable
                                                                       information about recovery times to
                                                                       help fitness coaches schedule their
                                                                       weight training sessions for the
                                                                       best results.
                                                                          “A lot of strength and
                                                                       conditioning coaches schedule their
                                                                       programs based on gut feelings or
                                                                       previous experience,” says David,
                                                                       who already has a Sports Science
                                                                       degree from ECU.
                                                                          “But no one has ever really looked
                                                                       at the recovery period and the effect
                                                                       this has on a player’s performance,
                                                                       especially team sports athletes.”
                                                                          The awards were presented at
                                                                       the 29th NSCA National Conference
                                                                       in Washington, DC. The NSCA
                                                                       is the largest health and fitness
                                                                       association in the world, with more
                                                                       than 33,000 members around the
                                                                       globe.                                                           Undefeated: Alyce Kelly