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Expertise - MIT NextLab


									     Please write briefly your chosen expertise for the NextLab incubation process Spring 2009:

     Name                      Tech Social Bus               Science ultural
                                                 Policy Medical/Health          Field of Expertise
                                                                          Project Management

 1   Claire Cunningham                     Bus                                  Entrepreneurial finance
 2   Chizoba Nnaemeka                      Bus                      Cul   PrM   Business / Finance - expertise in capital m
 3   Yulia Surya                     Soc   Bus                      Cul   PrM   -Knowledge about basic cultural aspects o
 4   Yanina Seltzer                  Soc   Bus                      Cul   PrM   My area of academic and professional foc
 5   Mark Younger                    Soc   Bus                                  Double bottom-line, profits/social mission
 6   Jonathan Hayes                  Soc   Bus   Pol                            Designing innovation processes, based on
 7   Gyorgy Paris                          Bus                                  Mobile value added service development,
 8   Alexis Geaneotes                      Bus   Pol                            Experience in business consulting specific
 9   Sunish Gupta                          Bus                            PrM   Alliance and Systems Architecture, System
10   Ipshita Nag Deepak                    Bus                            PrM   Expertise in project/ program manageme
11   Albert Chang                          Bus                            PrM   Project marketing, financing
12   Rafael de Cardenas                    Bus                            PrM   I have spent the last 16 years starting up
13   Oscar Howell                          Bus                            PrM   As IT Head of the largest domestic expre
14   Alex Shih                 Tec         Bus                                  - Involved in strategy and execution of so
15   Jeff Shi                  Tec         Bus                                  Technical: java programming Business: w
16   Armando Valdes            Tec         Bus                                  I have worked for 3 years for an IT consu
17   Swaminathan Sekar         Tec         Bus                                  Worked in semiconductor sector in Asia a
18   Samir Sawant              Tec         Bus                      Cul   PrM   Technical - System Architect Business/Fin
19   Prashant Paliwal          Tec         Bus                            PrM   Part of the team driving the Nextlab Incu
20   Boling Jiang              Tec         Bus                                  I have a very strong interest in mobile ap
21   Douglas Jardine           Tec         Bus                                  Douglas will be assisting with both the te
22   Nitin Gulati              Tec                                        PrM   I have experience with IT architecture, an
23   Mark Yen                  Tec                                              I have expertise in Java and Python, so I
24   Hank Huang                Tec                                              Programming and Systems Design
25   Adrian X Rodriguez        Tec                                              I have 5 years of experience in Linux / vir
26   Rajeev Koz                Tec   Soc                                        I have a fair amount of expertise, interes
27   Chad N. Tidd              Tec                                        PrM   Technical Project Management.
28   M. Ehsan Hoque            Tec   Soc                            Cul         FrontlineSMS, database management and
30   Scot Frank                Tec                           Sci    Cul   PrM   Skill in developing mobile applications, we
29   Joshua Haynes                                                  Cul         Social / cultural / managerial adaptability
31   Chris Moses                                       Med Sci                  I am majoring in Brain and Cognitive Scie
32   Richard Lu                                        Med                      I am an internist and have an interest in
33   Elmer Soriano                   Soc               Med                      research and consultancy in: local govern
34   Eric White                      Soc                                        Economic analysis - evaluating a project's
35   Preya Sharma                    Soc         Pol                            International economic development and
36   Natalia Maya                                Pol                            Even though I just start to learn about all
pring 2009:

neurial finance
 / Finance - expertise in capital markets and various asset management vehicles, specifically hedge funds. Also familiarity with the venture c
 ge about basic cultural aspects of developing countries -Some knowledge about bringing technological initiatives to developing countries ..
of academic and professional focus is in the intersection of international business and development economics, namely market-driven solutio
ottom-line, profits/social mission tradeoffs, social enterprise experience in Central America, South Africa, & South Asia in online marketplace
g innovation processes, based on open innovation. *Creating business models for next-generation technology in energy,banking and infras
 lue added service development, implementation, operation, management (content, payment, corporate applications, industrial devices), M
ce in business consulting specifically in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Experience working in bottom of the pyramid strategies an
 nd Systems Architecture, Systems Thinking and Strategy and Collaboration
  in project/ program management, consulting.
 arketing, financing
 ent the last 16 years starting up different projects ( corporate and non-corporate, for-profit and non-for-profit); building their correspondent
ad of the largest domestic express delivery service in Mexico I have expertise in logistics and related technology (SCM, ERP, Trace&Trackin,
d in strategy and execution of social ventures that address impoverished areas in urban areas. Pursuing SDM degree. - Technical training (B
 : java programming Business: wrote business plan before
orked for 3 years for an IT consulting company, helping financial institutions figure out their IT strategy, designing systems architectures, re
n semiconductor sector in Asia and US, and as a consultant in East, south and southeast asia in various sectors. Also been working on educ
  - System Architect Business/Finance - Project Valuation Project Management - 8 Years Cultural - Extensive Travel in India, Education/Exp
 e team driving the Nextlab Incubator at MIT. Share the vision of the Nextlab faculty in realizing a sustainable incubator.
very strong interest in mobile applications and development. I'm currently working on a mobile-related startup and am willing to do what I c
will be assisting with both the technical aspects and business plan aspects of the mobile logistics project. His extensive technical knowledge
 perience with IT architecture, and IT Project Management. I have work on many open source platforms including Java, UNIX, C++, and hav
 pertise in Java and Python, so I am primarily going to be contributing to the technical side of this venture.
ming and Systems Design
years of experience in Linux / virtualization test and development for IBM system x servers.
fair amount of expertise, interest and experience in * working with non-profit groups focused on developmental issues in India * technolo
  Project Management.
SMS, database management and design
 veloping mobile applications, web applications, website design, database backend, programming (ruby, python, java, perl), air quality mon
ultural / managerial adaptability gained through extended experience in a wide range of sectors in numerous different cultures and countrie
oring in Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT. I am in the midst of incubating a neurotechnology start-up based on EEG, a brain-imaging tec
nternist and have an interest in software engineering but an far from an expert in software engineering.
 and consultancy in: local governance, knowledge management, community development
   analysis - evaluating a project's welfare impact. Thinking about how projects can have the widest benefit to all.
onal economic development and impact evaluation on the Next Billion.
ugh I just start to learn about all the things related to policy here at MIT, I consider that my previous professional experience gave me some
amiliarity with the venture capital industry, particularly in the consumer/media space. Work experience: Goldman Sachs, Rudyard Partners P
es to developing countries ...currently involved in OLPC initiatives for Indonesia -Have various contacts (telecom industry, gov't , etc.) in a d
 amely market-driven solutions to persistent social problems. I'm particularly interested in the role of mobile phones and technology at the B
h Asia in online marketplaces, alternative energy & microfinance
 n energy,banking and infrastructure *Systems for telemetry, wifi networks, distributed scale-free networks modeled on resilient self-evolvi
 ions, industrial devices), Mobile network operator operation, service development, management Advertising and marketing in general
of the pyramid strategies and business model evaluation for consumer goods company in Africa.

building their correspondent managing teams and helping these teams to perform in order to undertake the expected growth and to face th
(SCM, ERP, Trace&Trackin, WMS). I have also incubated and started 3 technology based businesses (2 dot coms, one SaaS/ASP business)
gree. - Technical training (B.S. in mechanical engineering/professional experience in systems and indirectly with software).

ng systems architectures, redesigning processes to make them more efficient. I also have experience designing mobile systems and have rec
 Also been working on education and community development initiatives with few NGOs in India, and will have connections to many NGOs i
avel in India, Education/Experience in India, Relations with Groups working in Rural India

nd am willing to do what I can to help other teams.
tensive technical knowledge will allow him to architect and oversee the development of an efficient and scalable platform. Knowledge gaine
g Java, UNIX, C++, and have some exposure to mobile technologies such as SMS (Java Connector Architecture) and VoiceXML. I have also

l issues in India * technology selection and system architecture * wireless business - specifically, service providers

 java, perl), air quality monitoring, water quality testing and water treatment planning, GIS, field research, team leader experience on cond
ferent cultures and countries.
on EEG, a brain-imaging technology. I am organizing a science and technology conference in Tokyo, Japan slated for this summer.

al experience gave me some knowledge about how incorporate ICT based solutions in developing countries.
n Sachs, Rudyard Partners Project management - Have coordinated various activities, mainly volunteer-based, both in college and since. Exp
 industry, gov't , etc.) in a developing country (Indonesia)
nes and technology at the Base of the Pyramid. I have previous experience in politics, development economics, business and project manag

deled on resilient self-evolving designs. Behavioral and evolutionary economics. * Southern Africa. Central America (Honduras ,Guatemala)
nd marketing in general

ected growth and to face the challenges and risks derived from success.
s, one SaaS/ASP business)

mobile systems and have received several national and international awards for technical designs and business plans.
connections to many NGOs if needed.

 platform. Knowledge gained in the Sloan MBA program will allow him to investigate market opportunities and correctly position the produc
 and VoiceXML. I have also worked on middleware and database technologies.

m leader experience on conducting site visits and needs assessment, East, South, and South-East asian cultural expertise (6 years)

d for this summer.
oth in college and since. Experience: Les Restos du Coeur (poverty and famine alleviation organisation) Cultural: Of Nigerian heritage, from

business and project management particularly in the Latin American region. Business at the BoP

ica (Honduras ,Guatemala) Southern Europe.

orrectly position the product in the market place.

expertise (6 years)
: Of Nigerian heritage, from New York, where I attended an International school (French) from age 5 to 17. Have visited 5 continents and
ve visited 5 continents and worked on 3 (North America, Europe, and Australia). Before Sloan I was a foreign affairs journalist for France's
ffairs journalist for France's largest newspaper. More importantly, I enjoy interacting with people of various backgrounds.

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