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Thank you for attending the breast assessment clinic. This leaflet


									Thank you for attending the   Why was I asked to attend for                 What can I do if I notice any change
                              assessment?                                   in my breasts?
breast assessment clinic.     One in every 20 women screened is             Please see your GP without delay. He
                              invited to the breast assessment clinic for   or she may wish to refer you to a breast
                              additional tests. Something was noticed       clinic. If you have any further questions,
This leaflet is designed to   on your mammogram (breast x-ray) which        please contact your breast care nurse:
answer some questions you     required further investigation. The doctor
may have about this stage     you have seen at the breast assessment
                              clinic will have explained in more detail     Name: ..............................................................
in the breast screening       why you were invited to attend.
process.                                                                    Tel: ....................................................................
                              What was the outcome of my
                              All the tests that have been carried out
                              are satisfactory.

                              What happens next?
                              You will continue to receive an invitation
                              for breast screening every 3 years. If you
                              are over 70 you will not automatically be
                              invited for screening, but are encouraged
                              to make your own appointment by
                              contacting your local screening centre
                              (see details overleaf).

                              What should I do between now and
                              my next appointment?
                              It is important to check
                              your breasts regularly so
                              that you are aware of any
                              change that may occur.
                              Please read the leaflet
                              Breast awareness:
                              looking out for changes.
                                                             g out fo
                                                        chang         r
Screening centres

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
(also covering South Eastern HSC Trust)
The Screening Centre
12-22 Linenhall Street, Belfast BT2 8BS
Tel: 028 9033 3700

Northern Health and Social Care Trust         For further information on breast
Northern Area Breast Screening and
Assessment Unit
                                            screening in Northern Ireland or for
Level A, Antrim Area Hospital                 this leaflet in other languages or
45 Bush Road, Antrim BT41 2RL
Tel: 028 9442 4425                                   alternative formats, visit
Southern Health and Social Care Trust                  or contact your local
The Breast Screening Unit
Lurgan Hospital                                           screening centre.
Sloan Street, Lurgan BT66 8NX
Tel: 028 3834 7083

Western Health and Social Care Trust
The Breast Screening Unit
Ground Floor, The Nurses’ Home
Altnagelvin Area Hospital
Glenshane Road, Londonderry BT47 6SB
Tel: 028 7161 1443

                                                                                                             Satisfactory test
                                                                                                             results – what
                                          Designed and produced by the Health Promotion Agency               now?
                                          for Northern Ireland and the Quality Assurance Reference
                                          Centre on behalf of the DHSSPS.

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