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									      TGS BOWLING menu
                           £1 brunch
                            Perfect with a cuppa!
                   5” toasted teacake with butter & jam.
                       2 toasted crumpets with butter.
                 2 slices of toast with butter & marmalade.

                             £3 menu
                                Choose from: cheese with either beans,
    Jacket Potato               bacon, salsa or pineapple. Tuna mayo,
                                coleslaw or chicken tikka.
                                Filled with a choice of:
   Potato Skins V               cheese & bacon or cheese & salsa.

  Potato Wedges V               With BBQ dip.

 Homemade Salmon
                                With sweet chilli sauce dip & salad garnish.

Breaded Mushrooms V             With BBQ or garlic & mayonnaise dip.
                                Warm Tortilla chips coated with salsa,
       Nachos V                 melted cheese and spring onions.
                                With 2 halves of a griddled baguette & salad
 Hummus & Salsa V               garnish.

                      Kids meals £3
 All served with a choice of fries or jacket potato with beans, peas or salad.
           Includes a free choc ice, apple or satsuma as dessert.

                        Jumbo Fish Finger
                          Chicken Bites
                     Cheese & Tomato Pizza V
                           Scampi | £4
                          Gammon | £4
                                                    £4 menu
      Fresh Baguette*                                With salad garnish, tortilla chips & coleslaw.
   *Choice of white or brown multi grain baguette

      Available fillings: Tuna mayo | Cajun Chicken | Cheese & Pickle V | Ham Salad
             BLT | Chicken Salad | Chicken & Bacon £4.50 | Steak & Onion £5
                                                     Choose two of the following:
   Breakfast Baguette*                               sausage, bacon, sliced mushrooms or egg.
                                                     Toasted baguette with battered chicken,
   BBQ Chicken Melt*                                 BBQ sauce and melted cheese.
                                                     Choose from ham & cheese,
          Grilled Panini                             tuna and cheese or cheese & tomato.
          Battered Cod                               With chips & peas.

     Lasagne Al Forno                                With garlic bread.

 Chicken Tikka Masala                                With basmati rice & mango chutney.

  Farmhouse Breakfast                                Bacon, sausage, egg, tomato & mushrooms.

       Jumbo Hot Dog                                 With fried onions & chips.

    Grilled Beef Burger                              4oz burger with fries & salad garnish.

          Veg Burger V                               With chips & salad garnish & mayonnaise.

       Chicken Burger                                With chips & salad garnish.
                    Double Up! Add a second patty to your burger for £1
            Also for just 50p each why not add extra toppings to your burger:
Cheese, bacon, fried egg, pineapple, hashbrown, jalapeños, fried onion, salsa or BBQ sauce.

                                 Basket meals £4
     Salmon Goujons                                     With fries & tartare sauce.
                                                        Mini fish, scampi & fries
  Mini-Fisherman’s Catch                                with tartare sauce.
        3 Sausages                                      With chips & onion rings.
     Chicken Skewer                                     With BBQ sauce, chips & onion rings.
   Mini-Chicken Basket                                  Chicken wings, chunks & fillets with fries.
                                £6 menu
      All served with a choice of chips or jacket potato, except Fajitas.
                                        Smothered in a tangy BBQ sauce
      Ten Pin Chicken                   topped with bacon & melted cheese.

         Lamb Hotpot                      With chunky vegetables.

      Beef Bourgignon                     With bacon, mushrooms and shallots.

      Breaded Scampi                      With chips & peas.

       Breaded Plaice                     With chips, peas & tomato.
                                          With mushrooms, grilled tomato
    8oz Gammon Steak                      & egg or grilled pineapple.
   Cajun Chicken Breast                   With salsa & salad garnish.
                                          Seasonal vegetables in a tomato &
Mediterranean Wellington V                garlic sauce roasted in a pasty case.
                                          Butternut squash & goats cheese
  Vegetarian Lasagne V                    lasagne with garlic bread.
Sizzling Chicken Fajitas* £7              With grated cheese, salsa, sour cream,
 *Not available on Friday or Saturdays.   flour tortilla & salad garnish.

                      From the grill £9
            All served with a choice of chips or jacket potato.
        Pepper or creamy stilton steak sauces available. £1.30 each.
                                       Rump, gammon, chicken, sausage,
          Mixed Grill                  onion rings, black pudding & an egg.
                                          With onion rings,
     10oz Rump Steak                      mushrooms & grilled tomato.

        Salmon Steak                      With lime butter & salad.
          Sharers, enough for 4, £10
                                  Battered onion rings, breaded mushrooms, small
   Mixed Platter                  sausages, garlic bread, chicken & vegetable nuggets
                                  on a bed of fresh lettuce with BBQ & salsa dip.

                                  Chicken chunks, wings & fillets (at least 12 pieces)
 Chicken Basket                   with a mound of fries and your choice of dip.

                                  Frankfurters, meatballs & chicken chunks
     Meat Feast                   (at least 30 pieces) with a mound of fries & onion rings.
                                  Battered queen scallops, scampi, spicy breaded
Fisherman’s Catch                 prawns and mini fish with a mound of fries and
                                  tartare sauce.

                               Sides £1.50
                  Fries (or big basket for four £3.50)
       Garlic Bread | Onion Rings | Two Corn Cobs | Coleslaw
      Beans | Cheesy Bread Twist | Naan Bread | Curry Sauce.
                             Spiral Fries £2

                 Sweets & pastries £1
                        Yarde Farm Ice-Cream Tubs
       Clotted Cream | Chunky Chocolate | Honeycomb Delight | Mint Chocolate
             Rum & Raisin | Strawberries & Clotted Cream | Lemon Sorbet
                           Chocolate Brownies
                         Cherry Almond Croquante
                              Cinnamon Swirl
                               Danish Pastry
                                    Apple or Apricot crown
                                 Maple Pecan Plait
                                   Pain Raisin
            Add any topping to your sweet or pastry for an extra 50p including:
                        Chocolate, toffee or butterscotch sauce.
              Raspberry or strawberry coulis or a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
                  All pastries are served warm with fresh fruit garnish.

As we handle products containing nuts we can’t guarantee that any items are free from nut traces.
       All weights are approximate uncooked. Fish & poultry dishes may contain bones.
                      Items & prices are subject to change and availability.

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