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Engen scores a GOAL!                                                                           TRUST!

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                  Winners                                    celebrate the passion and stories
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Looking inside        FIELD SERVICES
                      SSM - Conference was a smokin’ affair and
                 4    Build Your Dreams winner Eugene Luphoko
                      UCM - UTD and Large Local go on their best
                 6    teambuilding breakaway yet
                      TBFS - News & Successes, Regional Breakaway,
                 8    Learnership Candidate Bongani Ngubane and
                      Build Your Dreams competition finalists
                      PFMS - News, stories of winners and entrants
                 12   in Build Your Dreams Competition,
                      Good Fellows golf club give back to the
    4      16         community and Mbokodo on the roll

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                                                                “An exceptional human
                                                                 platform – that’s what our
                                                                 competitive advantage is
Expanding                                                        all about.”
our Horizons                                  Chris Olivier

        he Smollan Group has had the privilege of being
        the foremost player in South Africa for many
        years. However, this does not mean that we can
        rest on our laurels and assume that we will retain
our position forever. We need to continue to grow and an
obvious area for growth, and one that Smollan is actively
targeting, is that of international expansion. It has
become apparent during our investigations into the
possibility of moving into other geographies, that the
services we offer in South Africa are very applicable to
other developing countries.

As exciting as it is to move into new countries, we need to
also consider the implications of this. Suddenly we are no
longer only competing with local, known competitors.
International expansion means that we need to be able
to provide services which provide better value than our
rivals - competitive advantage but on an international

However the benefit of operating in multiple markets
also offers great advantage for our South African
                                                                       Editor’s message
business. These differing markets give us access to
                                                                       It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the
working with international retailers that require
                                                                       ‘new’ look Rockface. In keeping with the times we have
different levels of technology integration and service
                                                                       overhauled the look and feel, whilst keeping the
methodologies. Having access to this, in turn, gives our
                                                                       articles, that I hope, you enjoy reading and find inform-
South African operation the opportunity to benefit from
these learnings and/ or to transfer those which add to the
holistic competencies of the organisation.                             In this edition you will notice that we highlight Living
                                                                       the Brand and the results of the Build Your Dreams
Many of the investigations that we are currently under-                competition, which was launched in honour of the
taking have been introduced to us due to our strong
                                                                       Smollan Group's 75th birthday and culminated with the
relationships with our existing clients and customers,
                                                                       winners being announced at the Johannesburg
and where they expand they think of us to go with them.
                                                                       Management review on 11th September; what an
Suddenly the relationship and your ongoing service
                                                                       incredible day that was. Congratulations to all the
delivery, that you have worked hard to cultivate with your
                                                                       winners, you are an inspiration to us all.
client, bring an expansion opportunity to the Group.
                                                                       As with previous issues, all contributions and comments
All of us are going to have to learn to adapt to new
                                                                       are welcome, please submit to the editor - Kirsten Zeelie
markets and new competitive forces, changes that are
both exciting and hugely challenging. However, we are
very clear that each country will require focussed                     Contact details: Kirsten Zeelie
attention by its local management at all times. A brave                Address: Hathorn House, 27 Hathorn Avenue , Maryvale
new world is opening before us and I invite you all to                 Fax: (011) 485-2425 Tel: (011) 640-8057
come on the journey!                                                   Email:

                “    What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.
                     It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that
                     every path may lead to peace.

                                                                                                         - Agnes M. Pharo

                                                                                                        FIELD SERVICES

                                           profile                                    on Eugene Luphoko
                                             Written by Justin Vieira

                                             The SSM team would like to congratulate Eugene Luphoko,
                                             who is the lucky winner of R 75 000 in the Build your Dreams –
                                             Win a Home competition.
                                             Eugene is a fine example of someone who has joined the company and given
                                             his full commitment to his work. He has always shown a willingness to learn
                                             and stays alert. His manager Bronwyn Jansen van Rensburg describes Eugene
                                             as ‘ambitious, hard working, direct yet tactful and a pleasure to work with'.

                                             Eugene was born in Katlehong and lived in
                                             Soweto for a short time whilst growing up
                                             before returning to Katlehong to com-
                                             plete his schooling. He completed his
                                             Matric in 1997, and thereafter enrolled for
                                             a Diploma in Marketing Management at
                                             Intec College. He was however, unable to
                                             complete his studies for financial reasons
                                             and needed to join the working world. His
                                             first job was at Meyersdal Spar where he
                                             started as a casual in 2001. He worked
                                             there until 2004 when he joined Smollan
                                             as a 'roaming' merchandiser in the Spar

                                             Eugene's commitment and potential was rewarded last year when he was
                                             awarded a bursary from the Smollan Group in order to complete his studies in
                                             Marketing Management at Unisa.

                                             Eugene was thrilled to win R 75 000 this year in the Build your Dreams – Win a
                                             Home Competition. However, as it sometimes happens in life, his joy of
                                             winning the competition was tempered by the unfortunate and untimely
                                             passing away of his mother.

                                             Eugene has promised to use the money to complete the building of the family
                                             home in tribute to his beloved mom.

                                             I am sure you will all join us in wishing him everything of the best with the
                                             finishing of his family home and also with his career with the Smollan Group.

[Western Cape on the move]
Paul Francis has been with the business for 6 years. He started as a Fieldmarketer, progressed to an Area Marketer
and after that Fieldmanager. Paul has now been promoted to Regional Manager handling the Shoprite Checkers
and Spar Accounts.

Rashaad Jacobs joined SSM in March 1999 as a Fieldmarketer. In August 2005 Rashaad was promoted to DC
Controller at Shoprite Checkers and in June 2007 became an Admin Officer. In November 2007 Rashaad will take
up his new promotion as Fieldmanager covering the bottom end.

Gaynor Johnson joins us as Receptionist and comes with a strong administrative background.

Jillian Nel joins us as HR Officer based in Cape Town. Prior to joining SSM, Jillian worked for the Foschini Group in
their @home division of the HR Department.

Daleen Thulsiapersadh moves from Receptionist into an admin position. Included in her various duties is the co-
ordination of the Oceana Brands account.

    UCM   Vish Singh    UTD & Large Local go on their best team building yet

                       Two months ago it was decided that the UTD and Large Local management
                       teams would go away on a team building session. Vish Singh (Coastal Regional
                       Ops Manager) agreed to be the lead organiser of the event. This was a mammoth
                       task! Costs around South Africa were increasing and it was difficult to find a
                       place that our management teams had not already been to in the past for similar
                       events. The challenge was on to make this the best conference yet. Before I go
                       any further I would like to take this opportunity to thank Deshnee Subben and
                       Chris Pillay, without their assistance this event would not have been possible.

                       After a lot of consideration and planning, it was decided that the Drakensburg
                       Golf and Leisure Resort in Underberg would be the best location for our
                       breakaway. Our plan was simple yet effective:

                       The first and most important task on our agenda was to undertake a social
                       responsibility project at a school in Underberg. The Manager of the Drakens-
                       burg Golf and Leisure Resort referred us to Bergview Primary School, a facility
                       that they also support. There are 32 children in this school between the ages of 4
                       and 12 years old and they come from extremely poor homes. Perhaps the sad-
                       dest part of this is that most of these children do not have parents and only eat
                       one meal a day. Two teachers run the school and we were told that these kids are
                       extremely eager to learn even under their current circumstances.

                       My objective was to go to the school and give these children something that they
                       would never forget. It was decided that each child would receive a bag full of
                       goodies. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our sponsors:
                       Unilever for generously sponsoring the goody bags which contained a cap, a
                       Sunsilk jersey, a Knorrox jar with 5 units of Knorrox cubes, a Sunsilk ruler, a

                                                                                                                   FIELD SERVICES

                                                                  Our objective was achieved in every way thanks to the
                                                                  generosity of the UTD and LLS Managers, Admin Staff and Charl
                                                                  Grobbelaar, our Business Unit Manager. Thank you for putting a
                                                                  smile on the children's faces! Each and every one of you will
   “My objective was to go to                                     always be a special part of the team.

    the school and give these                                     After all that hard work the day was not yet at an end. After
                                                                  lunch and a brief rest, Harold from Unilever, spoke to the team
    children something that                                       about HIV/AIDS. Harold has been working for Unilever for
                                                                  almost 30 years and has great knowledge on this subject.
    they would never forget.”                                     Although we all thought that we knew everything there was to
                                                                  know on the subject, everyone walked away with new insight.
                                                                  Thereafter each Regional Manager presented an update to the
                                                                  team on what we have achieved this year and what we need to
                                                                  focus on going forward. The evening was rounded off with
                                                                  Karaoke and, I must say, that some of our managers are really
                                                                  good singers. Wynand De Klerk, in particular, has hidden vocal

                                                                  On Friday morning we received training by William-John Willis
                                                                  from the Smollan Training Centre on Guiding, Coaching and
                                                                  Motivating. The UCM Regional Management team recently
                                                                  attended this training in Pretoria. The training was thoroughly
                                                                  enjoyed by all staff and the managers could not wait to
                                                                  implement what they had learnt. Fun and games were planned
                                                                  for Friday afternoon but bad weather put an end to this idea.
                                                                  However, our disappointment soon gave way to excitement as
                                                                  the rain turned to snow and within minutes everything was
                                                                  covered in white! The team had so much fun building snow-
                                                                  men and taking photographs. For most of us it was the first time
                                                                  that we had experienced snow!

                                                                  All in all, a great time was had by all! There was a good balance
Sunlight bucket, 5 mini bottles of Lux body wash, a Knorrox       between work and fun and we all leant something new. Thank
lunch tin, a Sunsilk cooler bag and a Sunlight bag to put         you to everyone in our team for a great year so far and to Charl
everything in.                                                    Grobbelaar for his continued support.
UTD who sponsored crisps, fruit, juice and Oreo biscuits for
each child as well as the colouring books, pencils and puzzles.   Team, stay as great as you are and don't forget to ensure that
The UTD managers who volunteered to give R50 each towards         each day is filled with great execution:
the jungle gym that came to R1000.                                Have an obsession for shares
Alan Bothma, the owner of Power Brand, who sponsored the          Have an obsession for brilliant basics
school sign board with two poles.                                 Have an obsession for our people
Sagie Munsami, Admin Assistant UTD Coastal, who sponsored         Drive trader loyalty and fieldcomms
the sand and stone to hold the board in the ground.               Deliver a brilliant client satisfactory survey
Deshnee Subben, Temporary Admin Assistant UTD Coastal,            OPSI is coming - focus on planning
who sponsored a cellphone for the school.
                                                                  AND Behave as per the following
The next step was to arrange to spend two hours at the school.
Once this was confirmed with the School Manager, Helen, a list    Vital behaviours
of tasks to be completed was compiled. The managers were          Treat others as you want to be treated
put into groups and each group had a specific task to complete    Be brilliant at the basics
– the first group put up the signboard while another group put    Face the brutal facts
up the jungle gym. The last group were assigned to colour with    Be firm but fair
                                                                  Be committed to each other's success
the children and to help them put the puzzles together. All of
                                                                  Action no debate
our Managers completed their tasks and felt the joy of doing
something for those less fortunate than themselves. The           Unacceptable behaviour
highlight of this exercise was when the children from the         Never risk safety
school got together and sang to us and the boys did a gumboot     Don't agree without commitment
dance that was exceptionally well done. We ended off our visit    Don't be a whiner, be a fixer
with each Manager giving out goody bags to the children. The      Don't operate in silos
children were overwhelmed and
Helen explained to us that what
we had given them was more
than they had received in their
entire lives. As the afternoon
drew to a close, there was one
more suprise left for the school -
Deshnee Subben, Temporary
Admin Assistant UTD Coastal,
and her husband sponsored a
cellphone to the school as they
did not have a phone or any
other form of communication.


Wet Demo at Wellington Spar

A wet demo was held by TBFS Western
                                                Henrico Crous

                                                OK Foods Division Trade Show

                                                 The OK Foods Division Trade Show was held
                                                                                                          estern Cape

                                                                                                  Shoprite boerewors competition

                                                                                                  During the month of August the TBFS
Cape, at Spar Wellington to promote the          at the Barnyard Theatre at Willow Bridge         Western Cape team assisted the various
Unite Against Hunger Campaign. The               this year. TBFS C&G participated in full with    stores on each Saturday, with the pre-
opportunity was also used to promote the         a combined display on Consumer, Grains           liminary rounds to determine the regional
new All Gold Upside Down Sauces range as         and Culinary. All new innovation lines were      winner of the best boerewors recipe
well as the All Gold Spanish and African         presented to Sentra and OKFD members             competition. All the winners from the
tomatoes to consumers in store. Thanks to        and management.                                  regions will compete in the final round at
Jeanne Klomp and Jackie Mtotwa who                                                                the Lost City to determine the national
initiated this. Also thanks to Richard Adonis    Thanks to Alan Makinson, Bennet Basnett          winner of the best boerewors of the year.
from Culinary for the free stock.                and Robert Stevenson for assisting with
                                                 free stock.                                      All Gold was one of the main sponsors of the
                                                                                                  competition and we assisted every
Breakaway Weekend                                                                                 weekend with braaing and selling
                                                 Purity and Elizabeth Anne's                      boerewors rolls and promoting our All Gold
                                                                                                  products to the public. This was a highly
We decided to put a theme to our                                                                  successful initiative which helped to
Breakaway weekend for 2007. As there are         Purity and Elizabeth Anne's sponsored the        strengthen our relationship with Shoprite
a lot of new faces in TBFS Western Cape, we      annual Baby Show in Roberton that took           Checkers.
decided to stay in the Mother City with the      place on the 29th of September. We decided
theme of "Cape Town - Land, Sea and Air".        to make it a team effort this year, and          Thanks to Alan Makinson for the use of the
This took the form of a bus tour around the      everybody who was able to assist with the        All Gold trailer as well as the free stock at
Cape Peninsula, where some people                dressing up of the hall as well as the display   these events. A special word of thanks to
suffered from "motion sickness". For the         building went through to assist. The day         the TBFS team involved, as a lot of personal
sea excursion we took a cruise with the Sea      was a huge success with over 200 entries.        time over weekends had to be sacrificed for
Horse Restaurant Boat from the Waterfront                                                         this initiative. Your effort is appreciated.
(sea sickness this time), as well as the         Helen Trichardt from Purity came all the
Extreme Jet Boat that was absolutely             way from Cape Town to give a talk on how
brilliant. Unfortunately our scheduled           to feed your baby, and was also one of the
"Huey Chopper" trip had to be cancelled          judges. A special thanks to Bennet Basnett       Shoprite Checkers Christmas
due to poor weather conditions. A fun time       from Consumer and Richard Adonis from            Roadshow
was had by all, and everybody got to know        Culinary for the prizes as well as their
their colleagues on a personal level.            attendance on the day. Thanks also to Nicky
                                                 Weiner from TFD who assisted with the            The Shoprite Checkers Western Cape
                                                 judging on the day.                              Christmas roadshow was held at Ratanga
                                                                                                  Junction at Century City this year. Culinary
                                                                                                  and Grains had a big presence at the show
“Continuous                                      To the TBFS team on the day, well done on a
                                                 fantastic team effort.                           where we had a combined display, as well
                                                                                                  as a wet demo on the new Tastic Simply
 improvement                                                                                      Delicious range and Golden Cloud muffin
                                                                                                  mixes. A selection of muffins could be
                                                 Doom - Toyota Fortuner hand-                     tasted by the various Shoprite and Checkers
 and innovation;                                 over                                             managers, as well as the authentic Tastic
                                                                                                  curries with rice. We were also present with

 keeps us                                        Estelle Raymond was the lucky winner of
                                                 the Doom Toyota Fortuner promotion. She
                                                                                                  the All Gold bottle caravan where we
                                                                                                  braaied the previous year's Shoprite
                                                                                                  winning boerewors. This we sampled with
                                                 purchased her stock at PnP Tygervalley. We
 relevant,                                       decided to do the handover of the
                                                 Fortuner's keys in store to attract some
                                                                                                  the new Upside Down sauces range.

 effective and                                   attention (and to get a free Doom display
                                                 for the weekend). We definitely have a loyal
                                                 Doom user for life!!
                                                                                                  Thanks to Alan Makinson from Culinary for
                                                                                                  the free stock, as well as Barbara Vlok and
                                                                                                  Robert Stevenson from Grains for the free
 efficient.”                                     Special thanks to Bennet Basnett for his
                                                                                                  stock and wet demos. To the TBFS team on
                                                                                                  the day, well done and thanks for a
                                                 assistance.                                      successful event.
 - Arno Shworer

                                                    FIELD SERVICES

                                          1 2
1. Wet Demo at Wellington Spar

2. Breakaway weekend

3. Shoprite Checkers Christmas Roadshow

4. Doom - Toyota Fortuner handover

5. Shoprite Boerewors competition

6. OK Foods Division Trade Show

7. Purity and Elizabeth Anne’s

                                          3 4

                                          5 6   7

                                                                                                 Snacks & Treats
                                                                                                 The company gave the regions the
                                                                                                 opportunity to breakaway from our
                                                                                                 busy daily routine and enjoy a weekend
Johannesburg Breakaway                                                                           with colleagues. The aim of these break
                                                                                                 away weekends are to strengthen
Written by Josephina Smelt                                                                       team relationships between Regional
                                                                                                 Manager, Fieldmanager, Area Marketer
Since starting at TBFS only four months ago the breakaway was a perfect opportunity              and HR.
to get to know everyone behind the scenes and on a more personal level.
                                                                                                 The weekends also give teams the
On the day of arrival the whole team took part in a lot of fun activities like fishing, volley   opportunity to voice work related
ball, pool and the first day ended with a nice dinner and some dancing. A lot of new             concerns. For each different venue
talent was discovered on the dance floor.                                                        there was an immense lot of fun and
                                                                                                 enjoy had by all.
The Saturday was filled with planned activities. The first activity of the day involved a
helicopter ride to the top of a hill to have a champagne breakfast. In hindsight, this
whole idea sounded very romantic to me, but that all changed as soon as I got into the           Western Cape
helicopter. The pilot decided to conduct some combat manoeuvres that had me                      We went to the Tsitsikamma Forest just
fearing for my life though everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves                        outside Plettenberg Bay. Activities in-
tremendously. It was a wonderful experience, which the whole team enjoyed.                       cluded: Zip lining, Tree Swinging and
                                                                                                 Paint Ball Gaming. It was honestly the
The next activity was go-carts that brought out everyone's competitive edge, some of             best time we have ever spent together
us, including myself, took the race very leisurely as if we were driving Miss Daisy. The         as a team - there was not a moment
day was rounded off by our last activity, which was paintball. I discovered that through         without hysterical laughter!
playing the game a good technique to use was actually to hide behind the biggest rock
or tree. Therefore I could not understand why I was the only “clean” person after the            Free State
game, since all the other team members were covered in paint. Needless to say that               This was the first real opportunity for
after our day of intense activities it was an early night for most of us to prepare for our      us all as a regional team to get to-
trip home the following day and to make a quick recovery on Sunday to get back to                gether since the start of Beverages.
work on Monday.                                                                                  All the necessary arrangements for the
                                                                                                 weekend at Aldam Estate about a
Overall the breakaway was a wonderful, enjoyable experience that all team members                130 km from Bloemfontein were made
will remember.                                                                                   and all the fun started once we arrived.
                                                                                                 Our team building activities for the
                                                                                                 weekend were archery and Ready
                                                                                                 Steady Cook. For the archery exercise
                          Learnership Candidate                                                  we were divided into two teams. This
                                                                                                 was great fun and we got to learn more
                          Written by Kim Barnard                                                 about one another. Our Ready Steady
                                                                                                 Cook was a potjie-kos competition,
                          Bongani Ngubane has been with TBFS for two years.                      where we were divided into three
                          Bongani started his career in TBFS as a Customer                       teams, Rio Carnival, Russia and
                          Management Learner in 2005 where he was working in                     Jamaica. It took a couple of hours to
                          the Culinary & Grains Sales Support Department. He has a               cook these potjies and we had to pres-
                          vibrant personality and ensures that everyone knows him.               ent to the judges for tasting. We also
                                                                                                 had to make cocktails and had fun, be-
     Bongani was promoted to Area Marketer in the Snacks, Treats & Beverages                     cause we had some ‘mean’ cocktails
     Division in the Spar Specialist Team in April 2007. Bongani has continued to                come out of the experimenting ses-
     grow this account and has developed outstanding relationships with his                      sions. THANKS TO ALL WE HAD A GREAT
     customers.                                                                                  TEAM BUILDING WEEKEND!

     Bongani is currently on the Generic Management Level 4 Learnership                          Eastern Cape
     programme and at the tender age of 21 he is showing great potential. This
                                                                                                 What a fun time we had! We went
     young man is hungry to be successful and gives his full commitment to
                                                                                                 quad bike riding, abseiling, multiple
     everything that he does. Bongani takes the Learnership Programme very
                                                                                                 zip lines, rock wall climbing and had a
     seriously and is privileged that TBFS has given him this opportunity to further
                                                                                                 canopy tour. Everybody had a splen-
     his knowledge in order to be a great candidate for TBFS in the FMCG industry.
                                                                                                 did time and enjoyed the break away
                                                                                                 very much. Thank you for such an op-
     Bongani's aspiration is to be the best person he possibly can be.
                                                                                                 portunity to build the team spirit

                                                                                                 On behalf the KZN team we would like
TBFS was fortunate to have 3 finalists in the lucky draw of the “Build Your
                                                                                                 to say thank you for providing us an op-
Dreams” competition launched as part of “Living the Brand”.
                                                                                                 portunity to go on our Breakaway .The
                                                                                                 team bonded extremely well and is
These were:
                                                                                                 geared up to drive the business to new
C-Band: Marius van der Walt and Sonelle de Villiers. B-Band: Winston Gwayi
Although our finalists did not win any of the prizes, TBFS are proud of them
and regard them as Winners in their own right.

                                                 FIELD SERVICES

    Breakaway                            1   2

3                                            4

    1. Inland East                       5   6
    2. KZN
    3. Inland South
    4. Eastern Cape
    5. Western Cape
    6. Free State

    To Management:
    Thank you for the opportunity

    To Employees:
    We hoped you enjoyed your
    experiences, found time to
    strengthen old bonds and establish
    new ones

                                                                                                         Stories of
            PFMS                                            News                                         our Living
                                                                                                         The Brand

Written by Bejay Ramguthee, KZN

Integrity, Passion, Results Orientation,
Innovation, Discipline and Urgency. I eat,
sleep and dream these values that inspire
me to live life to the fullest be it at work or
in the home environment.

When “Living the brand” was launched in            Written by Billy Jack, Western Cape
KZN in July '06, it really struck me that I have
been living these values since my inception        My Line Manager, Ulin Herring encouraged
in the Smollan Family from 1990. When              me to enter the competition. Ulin believed
the “Build your Dreams” competition was            in me, had faith in me and was convinced
launched I was determined to win because I         that I could be a winner. It has always been
heard a little voice that whispered to me          a dream of mine to own a home. My mother
saying, “If you live it then you can dream it”.    died when my sisters and I were very young.
What started off as a dream ended in a             I then took on the responsibility of raising   Written by Tanya Filmer, Port Elizabeth
reality on the 11th September 2007, I was          them. This is what I believed my mother
drawn as the winner in the fieldmanager            would have wanted me to do. With the           I entered the “Living the Brand” competi-
category. I was overcome with excitement           encouragement of my line manager, I            tion to share how I implemented the core
because my determination had paid off in           convinced myself that I too could be a         values:
the end. I felt truly proud to be chosen as an     winner.                                        1. PASSION
ambassador for “Living the Brand”.                                                                2. INNOVATION
                                                   Living the Brand means that I believe in the   3. DISCIPLINE
It was always my dream to have a home of           Company. I also believe in the Brand. I eat,   4. URGENCY
my own and winning this competition will           drink and sleep the Brand. I believe in the    5. INTEGRITY
help to build my dream home. It may not be         Brand 100%. I have faith in the Company        6. RESULTS ORIENTATION
a palace or mansion but a home that I will         and believe in always going the extra mile.
be proud of especially for my two kids who                                                        I am excited to have learned that I was
are my pride and joy.                              BUILD YOUR DREAMS COMPETITION                  recognized at the highest level. Thank you
                                                   Billy Jack, Finalist in the Field marketer     for the recognition bestowed upon me. It is
I would love to thank the Smollan Group for        category in the Build Your Dreams              greatly appreciated and I am very proud to
this great initiative. I leave you with the        Competition, received the Chairman's           be associated with a company of this
following “Words of Inspiration” below.            Award of R25 000,00. Well done, Billy.         calibre.

            “My thoughts are my creation.
             My actions are my responsibility.
             I am ruthless in execution.
             Damaging remarks do not destroy
             my self-esteem and my self confidence.”
               - Bejay Ramguthee

                                                                                                                         FIELD SERVICES

Urgency, Innovation, Discipline, Passion, Integrity and Results Orientation. You decide whether
these are just words that you remember vaguely or that these are actually values that you live by!


Written by Victor Majola
                               on the roll
Urgency, Innovation, Discipline, Passion, Integrity and Results Orientation. You decide whether these are just words that you remember
vaguely or that these are actually values that you live by! Good values that bring awesome rewards to those that observe them. At PFMS we
have just had a prize-giving ceremony for top performers in a sales drive for Pure Joy and Melrose. If you thought a 100% growth was a
dream, we go as high as, wait for it, 1447%.

What is Mbokodo? It is a rock and it's on a roll and it crushes everything in its way. You cannot stop this young team. First and third prizes
went to Mbokodo and the lowest member achieved 292% growth.

                                                                                          [on the move]
                                                                                           Clement Behr joined PFMS Western
                                                                                           Cape on 1st September 2007 as Field-

                                                                                           Nathier Sha joined PFMS Western Cape
                                                                                           on 21 September 2007 as Field-

                                                                                           Koelsum September was promoted
                                                                                           from Admin Assistant EC to Field-
Clive Pillay (pictured above), whose car looked like a delivery van                        manager in August 2007 to oversee the
after winning first prize in this incentive received more than R12,000                     Jeffreys Bay / Humansdorp area. We
worth of goodies. A Home theatre surround system for Pure Joy and a                        recently acquired the business in this
DVD player for Melrose. Well Done Clive!                                                   area. The PFMS presence is already
                                                                                           visible, with an increase in turnover and
                                                                                           staff that go the extra mile to add value
                                                                                           to our clients business. On 24
                                                                                           September Koelsum offered to use her
                                                                                           public holiday to promote Parmalat’s
                                                                                           innovative launch of Pure Joy Light at the
                                                                                           Jeffreys Bay Shell Festival with extremely
                                                                                           positive response from the public.

                                                                                           Tarryn Petzer - joined the PFMS team as
                                                                                           from the 01/10/07 as a Fieldmanager
                                                                                           and will be covering the George Region.

                                                                                           Wayne Greenhalgh - joined the PFMS
                                                                                           team as from 01/10/07 as a Field-
                                                                                           manager and will be covering the East
                                                                                           London, Border Area.

                                                                                           Yvette Boswell - joined the PFMS EC
                                                                                           team as the new Admin Assistant as
                                                                                           from 23/07/07.

Katlego Mokwana (pictured above with Gillian Stead) won himself a
DVD player for Pure Joy. What a Joy! See you at the next prize giving

We are “Passionate” about what we do and this includes winning. A
special thanks to Gillian Stead for arranging a great incentive!

                                                         Customer Day
                                                         Trade Centre Bloemfontein

     Rookie to Silver                                    Written by Hendric Human

                                                         We as the PFMS Free State Team participated at the Bloemfontein Trade
                                                         Centre Customer Day held on 27 - 29 September 2007.
     Written by Tania Hawkins
     Modise Motsumi started his career, as a             We received hampers from the Parmalat Bloemfontein DC which we
     sales consultant for Sportsman's Warehouse          used as in-store give-aways for Consumers who spent R200 or more on
     in 2000 after completing his national               any of the Parmalat products.
     diploma in Marketing, at the Tshawane
     University of Technology. His aspiration at         We built two huge displays in the fridge on Steri Stumpies and Cabana
     this time were to become a brand manager.           Gold to promote the products. Nando Denobili (Fieldmanager - BFN)
     One year later he joined the banking                and I promoted the products and advised consumers that if they
     industry as a teller at Absa Bank. Shortly          presented their till slip at the exit door of the store they stand a chance
     afterwards he was promoted to sales                 of winning a Parmalat hamper, which Tertuis Botes (Fieldmanager -
     consultant still with the Absa Bank group. In       Welkom and BFN) randomly selects as lucky draws.
     this period he continued his studies and            Victor Nai (Field Marketer) and George De Ru (Spar Field Marketer) were
     acquired his Bachelors Degree in Marketing          filling the gaps on shelf and displays and ensured good stock
     Technology.                                         availability throughout the entire promotion. This was great team work
     Modise left the banking industry for the            from the Free State team and the promotion was very successful, as
     automotive industry and joined the Ford             sales were nearly doubled.
     Motor Company of South Africa at their
     Wonderboom branch in Pretoria as a Sales            The PFMS team were congratulated by the store management team for
     Executive in 2005. After evaluating his goals       our effort and success in their Customer Day.
     and aspirations, he decided to pursue a
     career in which he felt he could make a
     difference. Upon making this decision he
     studied further and acquired a certificate in
     Advanced Marketing from the University of
     South Africa.                                                                               “Our mission
     Modise joined the Smollan Group in 2006
     as a merchandiser for Parmalat Field                                                         is to enjoy the
     Marketing Services, wanting to make a
     difference. He made an impression from
     day one, adding value through all the
                                                                                                  game of golf
     experience he acquired. Doing the ordinary
     is not on his portfolio. Achieving excellence
                                                                                                  and give some-
     and always going the extra mile are some of
     the goals and objectives he strives for. He
                                                                                                  thing back to
     started to outshine his fellow colleagues
     and applied for an Area Marketers position                                                   the community.”
     in May 2007. He was successful in his
     application and joined the PFMS Inland
     North team.
     Modise assisted the Inland North team in
                                                      KZN help needy children
     Pretoria when a Fieldmanager's position          Written by Marius Dekooker
     became vacant. It was soon realised that
     he is a force to be reckoned with, as he         The Good Fellows golf club is a bunch of guys who play social golf together
     comfortably stepped into the duties of a         every other weekend, our mission is to enjoy the game of golf and give
     Fieldmanager. A unanimous decision was           something back to the community. We have a annual charity that the club
     taken to promote Modise to the position of       supports. Last year the club supported HOSPICE and this year we decided on
     Fieldmanager.                                    Collin House Orphanage that is situated in Benoni. As none of the children
                                                      have ever seen the sea, we decided that it would be a great experience if we
     He officially started 1 August in the capacity   could organize a trip to the sea for the kids.
     of Fieldmanager Pretoria Central for PFMS
     Inland North. He has since been rewarded         We started our fundraising in February and by August had raised enough
     for his hard work when he received the           money to make their dreams come true, 16 kids and their social workers left for
     second prize of a 74cm LG Flatron Flat
                                                      Durban on the 22nd of September on a Greyhound bus. The one problem that
     Screen television for achieving the second
                                                      we did encounter was how best to get them from Rotunda in Durban to the
     highest sales volumes on Pure Joy in
                                                      youth camp in Zinkwazi. This is where Deon Du Toit and his amazing bunch of
     Gauteng and surrounding area's. I would
                                                      Fieldmanagers came to the party. They picked up the children and social
     like to congratulate Modise on this out-
                                                      workers at 5pm on the Saturday and drove them to Zinkwazi. The kids had an
     standing achievement and thank him for an
                                                      amazing time that was filled with a lot of activities, and seeing the sea for the
     excellent effort.
                                                      first time. The team returned to pick them up on the Tuesday morning and
     Modise would like to further his studies and     transported them back to Durban in time to catch their bus. A great thanks
     obtain his MBA or MBL in the next four years.    goes out to them for making 16 kids dreams come true.
     We are looking forward too many of his
     great achievements to come.                      Special thanks also goes out to Theo De Kooker & the Beacon team who
                                                      arranged sweets hampers for the kids.
                                  FIELDMARKETING PLUS

       GOAL                                    Paul O’Connell

In 2006 Engen decided to have a competition know as GOAL.
This competition was run to promote dynamic service through
all the different facets in the convenience market. These facets
include RSD 23, RSD 25 (Monthly Checklists done on sites) Fuel
Volumes, Shop Turnovers, Dynamic Service, (Petrol Pump
attendants offering extras such as oil, water and tyre pressure)
and up selling.

The Goal Incentive Scheme was implemented in August 2006,
for a period of nine months, and terminated in April 2007.
Fifty-two teams competed against each other, which
consisted of a staff member from Engen; know as a Network
Manager (NWM) and a CMA from Engen FieldMarketing. These
two individuals managed a store universe of 28 sites. Each
universe or team was given a name i.e. The Ambassadors. The
teams played against each other through the course of the
season. Factors which determined points scored, were RSD 23,
RSD 25, Fuel Volumes, Shop Turnovers, Dynamic Service and
Up selling.

A league table was implemented so that the various teams
could see were they were placed.

Commitment and the hard work of various team players and
support people contributed to The Ambassadors being the
winners at the end of the Season 1.

As in all competitions there was a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes:
3rd was a trip to any major sporting event in the country
including flights and accommodation.
2nd prize was a weekend at a 5 star game lodge in PE.
1st prize was a holiday of a lifetime. This included flying to
Dubai, then on to Venice. From Venice climbed on board a
floating 5 star hotel travelling around Croatia, Turkey and the
Greek Islands.

First stop after departure was Dubai. Humidity of 85% and
temperature of 43°C hit us, as we set foot in Dubai. Apart from
site seeing, the evening entertainment was 4 x 4 dune bashing
– which was quite an incredible experience.

The next stop was Venice – a two day stay, where after we left
on Splendour of the Seas, for a seven day cruise, to Dubrovnik -
Croatia, Kusadasi - Turkey, Santorini and Corfu, and then back
to Venice. Splendour of the Seas, on it's own, was an incredible

Season 2 kicks off, 31st October 2007, for another nine-month

     Engen Field Marketing would like to welcome
     Ryan Farrell, Mbongeni Dubazana (AKA Dubs)
     and Jaco Botes


  BRAND ALLIANCE                               Carmel Peinke

A     s we head in the direction of the “Silly Season”, and everybody starts
      thinking about winding DOWN, at BRAND ALLIANCE we're getting ready to
      gear UP for the festive season that lies ahead!

As you would probably know, we are in the fortunate position of working in the
'out of home' space…. What this means is that we get to engage with consumers
when they are in their FUN ZONE, i.e. either eating out at a restaurant, relaxing in a
coffee shop, sweating in a sports club or partying the night away in a pub or club!
Research tells us that this is when they are MOST responsive to brand engagement
initiatives…. so we use this “out of home” space to give our clients' brands
personality and dimension! We introduce consumers to new or existing brands
(through sampling or trial activation), convince outlet owners to stock the brands,
manage shelf health, ensure brand hygiene is maintained and generally eat,
sleep, walk and talk 'our' brands.

“Eating, sleeping, walking and talking” the brand has just become a whole lot
more interesting for the BRAND NEW Ceres Beverage Company Brand Activation
Team. We are very proud to announce that we recently secured The Ceres
Beverage Company as a client for Brand Alliance. This team's “basket of bever-
ages” includes PEPSI, Ceres Fruit Juice, Liqui Fruit, Lipton Ice Tea, Fruittree and
many associated brands. We now have an offering in carbonated beverages, fruit
juices and ice tea categories, which makes us a formidable player in the beverage

Within this division, we really do have a little something for everyone: we offer a
healthy alternative (fruit juice); we 'get out there and play' with Lipton (tea can do
that to you); and we activate the Pepsi brand at major sporting events and live
music concerts. As shown in this article are pictures of brand activation taking
place at the 20/20 cricket world cup, and (more recently) our Gauteng team had
the privilege of attending the Black Eyed Peas concert that was sponsored by
none other than PEPSI!!

                                                So, despite the fact that our brand
                                                activation team sometimes looks a
                                                little 'worse for wear', and some-
                                                times the hours are gruelling…. we
                                                believe that we are in the best
                                                possible position to influence
                                                consumer's experience of a brand….
                                                to give a brand LIFE… to power the
                                                brand into the heart and mind of
                                                the consumer….

                                                                                         We welcome Megan Rohrs (Regional
                                                                                         Manager KZN); Brendan Morgan has
                                                                                         joined us again as Brand Activation
                                                                                         Consultant for the Ceres Beverage
                                                                                         Company. Charity Sekgaphane &
                                                                                         Johnny Khutwane have joined us as
                                                                                         Brand Activation Consultants.

                                                                                         We hope that your stay with us
                                                                                         affords you an opportunity to grow

                                                                     ORGANISATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS

 BEE Share Trust
                                                        FAQ’s                                 Smollan Pension

                                          This column will feature as a “regular” in @Rockface, if you
                                          have any questions regarding your pension, please email
                                 the answers will be posted in
                                          the next edition of @Rockface.

                                          September 2007

                                          What are the implications of the change in tax laws
                                      1   surrounding my pension?

                                          The first change is that income earned by the pension fund is
                                          no longer taxed. This tax was known as Retirement Fund Tax
                                          (RFT) and was abolished from March 2007, and this is good
                                          news as it increases the investment return.

                                          Secondly the tax formula for members who retire after
                                          1st October 2007 has been changed and is no longer related
                                          to the number of years of contribution to the fund. The new
Are you a beneficiary of the              formula works on the benefit payable, in that, the first
Smollan Black Economic                    R300 000 is tax free, the next R300 000 is taxed at 18%, the
                                          next R300 000 is taxed at 27% and the balance at 36%.
Empowerment Trust?
                                          If I withdraw my pension from my previous company and
Do you want to make sure your         2   pay tax on the withdrawal, then I transfer it to Smollan and
                                          withdraw again when I leave or retire, do I pay tax again?
interests are well represented?
                                          Firstly, if you transfer your funds into the Smollan pension
Do you want your voice to be              fund - you will not pay tax. You can also transfer your previous
                                          company pension into a Preservation Fund - which again
heard?                                    avoids paying tax until you withdraw your pension benefits
                                          either before retirement or on retirement

As communicated at the manage-
ment review in September there
                                      3   What happens to my contribution monthly after month?

                                          Your contribution and the company's contribution are
are two employee elected trustee          invested. All the monies paid in by you and on behalf of you
vacancies for the Smollan BEE             by the company, are allocated to your own account. All
Trust. Nominees should preferably         investment returns (interest and increase in value) are also
                                          transferred to your account. When you leave, retire or die, all
be residing in the Gauteng area           the money against your name is paid to you.
due to logistical requirements.
Beneficiaries are requested to
submit nominations for trustees to
                                      4   How do I know how much is in my pension and does it
                                          fluctuate depending on the market and the economy?

Gerhard Snyman at the following           Around October of each year, you will receive a benefit
email address:                            statement, which gives you the value of your pension fund.
                                          You may request the value at any other time via the Payroll, or sub-            Department and they will obtain a value for you. With regards
mit your nominations to your HR           to fluctuation, you are correct in that the fund will fluctuate
managers for collation and submis-        based on the fluctuation of the assets in which the funds are
                                          invested - for instance, if the market rises your value will tend
sion to Gerhard. Nominations close        to rise too, if the market falls, your value will tend to fall too.
on the 31st December 2007. A              We have three different funds ranging from conservative to
voting process will then take place       aggressive and the more aggressive the more volatile
                                          (changeable) the fund tends to be.
during January 2008 and the two
nominees with the most votes will
be appointed into the two vacant


                     Live the Brand – Build your Dreams!

     celebrates the passion and stories
     of 20 of our great people
     “Brands are the stories that unite us all in
      a common purpose within an enterprise,
      and connect us with the people we serve
      on the outside. These brand stories give
      meaning to who we are and what we do.
      They're a special kind of story—they're
      strategic; they build on themselves
      chapter by chapter, over time; they grow
      as they respond to changing customers
      and changing markets.

      Brand stories are what drive our critical
      interactions with our customers and
      Mark Thomson

                                                                                 ORGANISATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS
        Bejay Rumguthee receives his cheque

                                                           Build Your Dreams                                  Competition

                                                      “Build your Dreams” celebrates the passion and stories of 20 of our
                                                      great people, who, through applying the Smollan Values in their
                                                      actions, day by day, bring greatness to our brand and those of our
                                                      clients and customers.
                                                      We began our journey 2 years ago when, together with many of our
                                                      people, we defined the blue print – those behaviours which differen-
                                                      tiate us from our competitors and make us, and our service, stand out
                                                      from the crowd.
                                                      In January, we launched the “Build Your Dreams” competition with
                                                      the objective of recognising and rewarding those in our business
                                                      who Live the Brand and Go the Extra Mile. We received over 600
                                                      entries. Each was carefully checked for eligibility both internally and
                                                      externally to the organisation. Three levels of judging were then held.
                                                      The final judging panel consisted of 5 judges from inside and outside
                                                      of the organisation who judged the short listed entries independ-
                                                      ently of each other, according to a pre-defined list of criteria. Scores
                                                      were then submitted to our external administrator who averaged,
                                                      verified and identified the top scorers per region.
             Winners of the Chairman's award,
Billy Jack and Tanya Filmer with Doug Smollan         The finalists clearly demonstrated how they provide the optimal
                                                      brand experience through their service delivery, interactions and
                                                      focus on value add to the business of their clients and customers.
                                                      At the finale on 11th September, out of our 20 national finalists, 2 of
                                                      our people each won R75 000 with which they will be able to “Build
                                                      their Dreams”.
                                                      There were also 2 Chairman's Awards given to the finalists whose
                                                      entries demonstrated exceptional effort.

                                                           winners         And the winners are….
                                                              Eugene Luphoko – SSM Inland
                                                              Bejay Rumguthee – PFMS KZN
                                                                  Recipients of the Chairman's Award….
                                                            Billy Jack – PFMS Western Cape
       10 of the finalists receive their cheques           Tanya Filmer – PFMS Eastern Cape
     from Chris Olivier while Eugene Luphoko
                              (far right) looks on
                                                                  Well Done! You have done us proud!

                                                      We are The Brand!
                                                      We Live The Brand!
                                                     We Go The Extra Mile!

                                                                 HIV causes poor nutrition. Poor nutrition makes HIV worse.
                                                                 A vicious cycle.

                                                                 HIV lives in your immune system and weakens it. HIV also

                                                                 reduces absorption of food, which weakens the body's ability
                                                                 to resist all kinds of diseases. Poorly nourished people are much
                                                                 more likely to get severe diarrhoea, TB and other infections.
                                                   Information   Good food helps prevent disease, and also helps the sick body
                                                                 to fight diseases and recover. Don't stop eating when you get
                                                                 sick. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding also need
                                                                 more food.

       [HIV also needs food                                      Eat lots of fruit and vegetables

       as treatment]                                             The white blood cells of the immune system are made up of
                                                                 protein. They also need vitamins to function well. Your body
                                                                 gets vitamins from fruit, vegetables and meat.
       Before doctors in the USA recognised AIDS                 What matters most is that you eat enough
       as a disease, ordinary people had already
       identified it in Uganda. They called it                   You can eat more if you eat the food you like. Eat the foods you
       “slimming disease”. In isiXhosa it is called              have always eaten. Expensive foods are not better than cheap
                                                                 foods. Often expensive food has been processed a lot in
       isifo ugawulayo. This means your body gets                factories, which makes it lose nutritional value.
       smaller and smaller like a piece of wood
       that is being chopped into small pieces.                  Eat at least three meals a day
       Many symptoms come with HIV. Losing
       weight is a central part of the disease                   Eat three meals a day. It is good if one meal includes some
                                                                 protein (soya, beans, lentils, eggs, fish, chicken, meat etc). Try
       process of HIV infection. HIV is already                  to eat some snack like fruit, nuts or sour milk in between.
       inside the body long before you start losing              Drinking alcohol and smoking is discouraged.
       weight. The treatment is anti-retroviral
       medicines and good nutrition. Healthy                     Alcohol provides no real nutrition. It also makes you eat less.
       eating is important with all diseases. With               Alcohol weakens the immune system. Alcohol speeds up
                                                                 reproduction of the HIV virus. Thus alcohol is bad for the health
       HIV this is even more so.                                 of people living with HIV. Smoking also makes you eat less and
                                                                 smokers tend to get more chest infections.

                                                                 Eat a balanced diet
       Prevent Losing Important Muscle weight
                                                                 All foods fall into one of the following three groups:
       People Living with HIV mainly lose muscle weight.
       The shrinking of the muscles is not noticed for a long    Bodybuilding foods (protein)
       time, because the fat around the muscles is not lost.     Beans, soya, peanuts, eggs, meat fish, chicken
       This hides the loss of the muscle weight. Muscles are
       made up of a chemical called protein. Thus it is im-      Energy-giving foods:
       portant that you eat protein foods such as meat.          Maize, millet, rice, potatoes, sugar, oils and fats
       Eat lots of energy foods to prevent wasting               Foods with vitamins that protect against infections:
                                                                 Fruit and Vegetables
       Since your body has to fight the HIV virus as well as
       other infections, it needs more energy. It is cheaper     Try to eat food from each of these groups every day. This
       to eat lots of staple foods like pap than to eat lots     ensures a balanced diet. Also remember to eat three to five
       of meat, which is expensive. Food many people eat         times a day.
       every day like pap, bread, rice, potato and
       mngqusho contain lots of energy. These foods and
       fats and oils provide chemicals called complex
       sugars. Complex sugars provide energy to the body.
       When your body runs out of these energy rich foods
       it will use energy stored in your body. Before you
                                                                        [Hints & Tips]
       were infected with HIV our body would use up stored               Eat foods you like eating.
       fat when it needed extra energy. The HIV virus                    Eat the same foods you have always eaten.
       changes this. Your body will now use up protein                   Make meals sociable events.
       (stored in muscle) to get extra energy. If you do not             Eat with your friends and family.
       eat enough, you will now lose muscle and not fat.                 Take your time when eating and relax.
       This is called wasting. Provided you eat enough                   Eat small amounts often.
       energy foods regularly this will not happen. You will             Mix vegetable oil, margarine or peanut butter
       prevent your body from losing protein, which is                   into porridge.
       easier than having to top up.                                     Eat cooked vegetables. They are easier to eat than
                                                                         raw vegetables.
                                                                         Liquid and soft foods are easier to swallow.
       Want to know more? Need support or additional                     Drink plenty of water.
       information?                                                      Take vitamin tablets.
                                                                         Go to a clinic for advice and medications for
       Contact Peter Adams on the Smollan HIV Counselling                specific problems.
       Line 0861 102 449 or on his personal line 082 853
       0300. It's confidential and the support is free.
                                                                                                     (Adapted from a TAC Fact Sheet)
                                                                                                   CELEBRATING DIVERSITY

           “If music is the food of life, play on.”
Written by the Employment Equity
Committee Tigerbrands
                                                                      THE SPIRIT OF
We all met at the Victory Theatre's
dining area for cheese and wine at                                    TOGETHERNESS                                  Africa Umoja
19h00, before the big event. At
20h00 we all proceeded to the Theatre.

Starting with the beat of the drums the stage
came alive. The narrator of the musical spoke
with such great passion, awe and humbleness as      Written by Jeannette Macnab
he narrated the story and explained each scene
of the musical. He took us on a musical roller      Event date: Thursday, 11th October
coaster.                                            Over the years, it has been customary for the business to celebrate diversity by
                                                    doing something special on or about Heritage Day. In the past we have:
Africa Umoja tells the moving tale of the
indigenous South African music - from the           dressed in traditional outfits and shared something of our heritage with our
earliest rhythms of Kwela to the now Kwaito and     colleagues in our team as well as in other diverse teams;
everything in between.                              we visited the Apartheid museum, the Constitutional Court and Women's
The beautiful costumes and detailed beadwork        we also enjoyed industrial theatre relating to the understanding of people
& well–choreographed dances captured the            living with disabilities.
spirit of the people. The snake dance was
unbelievable.                                       This year however, we thought it would be apt to recognise and thank the
                                                    members of the Diversity Forum and various Employment Equity Committees
From the African tribal dances, to jazz clubs,      by inviting them to enjoy an “evening of togetherness”.
shebeen queens, gospel music, and old man's
blues and club scenes - there was something for     The members and their partners who were invited to the newly revamped
everybody.                                          Victory Theatre in Houghton also enjoyed a stunning Cheese and Wine. A big
                                                    thank you to Parmalat who sponsored some excellent cheeses for the occasion.
While the heart is saddened by cold stories of
forced removals your feet continue to stomp         A number of managers, including Doug Smollan's wife, Carolyn and Sean Leas's
along with the explosions of gumboot                wife – Ilse joined us, in what was a truly an enjoyable evening as we sat back
dancing… and 'the mosquito...' ever so hilarious.   and enjoyed the amazing talent that this country has to offer. Umoja Africa
The spirit of togetherness was felt in the songs    takes us through the history of South Africa through music - we moved from the
they sang. Together in pain and despair - they      traditional music of the rural people with the Zulu dancing, to the dance and
sang, together in happiness and jubilation - they   song of Sophia Town, gumboot dancing of the mines to Gospel music to today's
sang & danced, together in sadness and              Kwaito. It was a happy evening filled with energy, song and dance.
loneliness - they sang. It was evident that the
one thing that kept their minds, hearts, souls      Thank you to all the members of the Employment Equity Committees and the
and spirits alive was song and dance and what       Diversity Forum and for your commitment to these initiatives and for fostering
the narrator called “the devil's juice” –           a Spirit of Togetherness - Umoja!!
Umqombothi - Alcohol of cause. “If music is the
food of life, play on.”

I was amazed by the energetic, vibrant and
rhythmic performances; just watching them on

stage was an out of body experience on its own.
                                                     This is what some of our people had to say about the evening:
To Jeannette MacNab and the rest of the
Smollan Directors a big thank-you, this gesture      What a show! I enjoyed each and every minute of it. Thanks to you.
was indeed motivating and inspiring. From the        Please say thanks on our behalf to the Smollan Directors as well.
EE Committee of TBFS, it was an experience we        – Vusi Mkabela, Finance Department
will never forget.
                                                     What an awesome show – not what I expected, it blew me away.
                                                     – Tania Hawkins, PFMS

                                                     Exhilarating and a superb show – well worth it. – Francois Senekal

                                                     Really enjoyed the show, great experience. – Annelize Nagel, Finance

                                                     Fantastic and everyone said it was great and would watch it again.
                                                     The food and wine was great as well. – Brian Nyembe

                                                     What a super show – I'm definitely going to take my mother.
                                                     – Lizzy Tshepe


     TO BUSINESS                                         Colleen Rose

     Swami Parthasarathy visited South Africa
     recently as a guest of the Smollan Group.

On the 8th August I was privileged to be
invited by Doug Smollan to attend a lecture
by Swami Parthasarathy at the Nedbank
auditorium in Sandton. Doug has travelled
a long road with the Swami and it was
through his influence that the Swami
agreed to come to South Africa and address
a group of people about his unique
philosophy of life. Doug has been to India
to study under the Swami and from the
minute that the very humble man started
to speak, I knew that I was in the presence
                                                 “The mind incessantly worries about
                                                 what has happened in the past and is
                                                 anxious as to what will happen in the
                                                 future. This saps human energy. And
                                                 leaves the individual tired and
                                                 fatigued. Moreover, the mind's
                                                 uncontrolled pursuit of desires and
                                                 attachments can devastate the personal-
                                                 ity. One therefore needs to develop a
                                                 powerful intellect to control and direct the
                                                 mind's activity to enjoy productivity and
                                                 mental peace.”
                                                                                                  “You gain concentration when your mind is
                                                                                                  with your action. The mind has a natural
                                                                                                  tendency to worry over the past or become
                                                                                                  anxious of the future. You need a devel-
                                                                                                  oped, strong intellect to focus your mind
of great wisdom. He is 80 years old and still                                                     on the present job. Concentration is the
opens the batting for his cricket team. I        He cites the biblical example of Christ          technique exercised by the intellect to hold
hear a rumour that a certain director of our     being tempted by Satan. Christ resists all       the mind on the present occupation
business was bowled first ball by this           temptations, “Get thee behind me Satan, I        without allowing it to slip into the past or
amazing man. The Swami has lectured all          will have none at thy hands.” Satan              future.”
over the world to corporates and academ-         represents the mind and Christ, the
ics and he, himself, has degrees from the        intellect. Regardless of what your spiritual     The second discipline, consistency, is “the
London University in Law and Science. But        beliefs may be, examples such as this one –      skill of directing your actions towards the
he doesn't talk down to anyone and I was         which is really a debate between the mind        ideal, goal set to achieve. Consistency is
truly moved by his simple but profound           and the intellect – are universal to all         impaired by the ramblings of the mind. As
views. Swami was accompanied by a                religions. What this story shows us is that if   you work towards the goal the mind slips
number of his students who were wel-             the intellect is powerful, temptation, in all    into other attractions. The actions then do
comed into Doug's home and who were              is forms, can be resisted.                       not flow in the direction of the set goal.
there to interact with the guests and                                                             Herein, your intellect plays a significant
expand on the message that Swami had             Intellect is not Intelligence                    role to keep all actions moving towards it.
delivered in his lectures. I left the venue      Parthasarathy distinguishes a powerful           When your intellect channels actions in the
realising that many of the views that I have     intellect from mere intelligence. “Intelli-      set direction you gain consistency.“ He
held had been challenged – and that life         gence is built in an individual by gaining       likens this consistency of purpose to the
could be a lot more fulfilling if we all         information, knowledge from external             strength of water, wind or light which flow
followed the message of this gentle man.         sources. From teachers and textbooks,            in one direction: “Consistency of purpose
Thank you to Doug for arranging the visit,       from schools and universities and other          yields power and strength, but it is
for opening his home to the Swami and his        information bureaus. One may be very             achievable only when the intellect is strong
students, and for inviting me to be present      intelligent and yet have a poor intellect.       enough to drive the actions one way
at this very special day                         Such a person would lack control over the        towards the chosen goal. “
                                                 minds demands and suffer from stress,            The third element of success is what
Develop the intellect to achieve business        addictions and ailments.” He claims that         Parthasarathy calls the spirit of co-
success                                          modern education is limited to developing        operative endeavour. “By the end of World
                                                 intelligence. There is no programme any-         War 2, Germany and Japan were devas-
Intellect is the magic word from Swami           where to build the intellect.                    tated. Today they are among the leading
Parthasarathy, lecturer, author and modern                                                        economies of the world. That is because
exponent of Vedanta, the ancient Indian          He further explains that the intellect is the    they were placed in a position, which
philosophy that explores the eternal             faculty to think, to reason, to judge, to        forced their people to work in a spirit of co-
principles of life and living. An internation-   decide on the pros and cons of life. The         operative endeavour to rebuild their
ally acclaimed management consultant,            capacity to question, enquire and not to         respective nations. The US and Australia are
Parthasarathy says success in business is        take anything for granted.                       also excellent examples of what can be
dependent on the three disciplines of                                                             achieved through co-operation. Any
concentration, consistency and coopera-          The three Cs                                     organisation that is able to create and
tive endeavour.                                  In business, as in life, Parthasarathy           harness that level of teamwork and
                                                 explains, the qualities of concentration,        collaboration can achieve success.”
                                                 consistency and co-operation are key.
                                                                                                  In his latest book, The Fall of the Human
[The Human Composition]                                                                           Intellect, Parthasarathy highlights the
Parthasarathy reveals that the inner personality of the human                                     importance of reviving the art of thinking
                                                                                                  so that we can save ourselves from
being is constituted of the mind and the intellect. The mind                                      extinction. “The lack of thinking has
                                                                                                  resulted in stress, loss of productivity and
comprises likes and dislikes, feelings, emotions and impulses.                                    dysfunctional relationships at personal,
The intellect is the reasoning, judging, analysing faculty within.                                community and international levels. By
                                                                                                  developing the intellect, we can enhance
                                                                                                  clarity in thinking, mental peace and
                                                                                                  productivity in action.”
                                                                                   INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

                                                      “The QMS team's purpose is
                                                       to ensure that all the
                                                       various Business Units use
QMS                                      Team          the same processes and
                                                       procedures, without losing
The QMS team currently has representatives from
most of the Business Units in Smollan.
                                                       their competitive
From left to right in pic above: Des Devitt (UCM),
Andre Jonker (SSM), Dewan Hamman (PFMS), Esmari
Glinister (QMS Manager) and Mareli Strydom (TBFS).
In general these representatives are called BI's,      Implementation of Route Optimisation:
Business Intelligence Managers.
                                                       The Route Optimisation second trial was conducted in the
The QMS team's purpose is to ensure that all the       coastal area where crucial information about coastal and rural
various Business Units use the same processes and      areas was compiled and incorporated in the system
procedures, without losing their competitive           requirements list. Thank you very much for the trial 2
advantage. This means that they have to develop        members.
processes that:
Enable optimal resource application                    A third trial was conducted, to ensure that all issues identified
Proper measurement                                     have been resolved.
Enhance productivity
                                                       Currently Route Optimisation has been implemented in the
They also need to:                                     Inland region. This is a system implementation only, which
Facilitate strategic growth                            means that no drivers will be affected or requested to be out of
Facilitate operational excellence, this is done by     the trade during the Christmas rush.
conducting call cycle audits, improving ROI (return
on investment) etc.                                    A system implementation means that for every store serviced
                                                       by field-staff the store location needs to be geo-coded, every
The real challenge is to provide operations with       route (call cycle plan) needs to be imported into the Route
support, with the proven benefits being enhanced       Optimiser and each drivers' home address has to be geo-coded.
decision-making, improved performance manage-          All stores, in the same shopping centre, need to be clustered.
ment and competitiveness. For BI this means the
need to seriously simplify current processes and       Geo-coding of home addresses means that the longitude and
procedures.                                            latitude of the drivers' home addresses are gathered and stored
                                                       in the payroll system as part of all the confidential information
Currently the BI Managers are involved in the          of that employee. The longitude and latitude, of each driver
process of implementing Route Optimisation.            home address, will then only be made available to the Route
                                                       Optimizer (FLO) system. This information will be handled with
                                                       the utmost confidentiality and not be distributed except to
                                                       the Line Management with permission. Currently Line
                                                       Management know their employees home addresses because,
                                                       if required, it is used to send telegrams.
[trial 2 members]                                      Field implementation of Route Optimisation for Inland will
                                                       start in January 2008. This will require all drivers to attend a
                                                       morning session where the QMS team will show them their
TBFS                                                   planned route as well as the new, recommended and
Jeanne Klomp, Greg Glover, Lynne Haefele and           optimised route.
Cheryl Sampson.
                                                       Once field implementation is completed and all optimised
PFMS                                                   routes captured in call cycles as the new plan, drivers will be
Deon Van Eyk, Asad Gaffar, Willie Makokga,             measured to see whether they are following their new routes.
Refaat Meyer and Carl Rautenbach.                      During the various trials several reasons were documented as
                                                       to having an impact on a driver being able to follow his route;
SSM                                                    public holidays, leave, meetings, training, road works and lots
Rhonwen Wwilliams, Brendon Liberty,                    more and these will form part of the “accepted exceptions”.
Jeanne Mouton, Steven Whitlam, Marlin Moodley
and Rohanne Hamman.                                    Please feel welcome to mail Esmari Glinister with any questions
                                                                                                   INDUSTRY INSIGHT

                                                            “There really are some
                                                             amazing individuals who
                                                             are making a difference
The last word                             Mike Lawson        in this business by
                                                             committing themselves
                                                             to their work in a very

    W                                                        personal way.”
                  hat is it that makes this organisation
                  great? Is it the wealth of industry
                  knowledge we have collectively
                  accumulated over 7 decades that gives
    us the ability to accomplish great results for our
    clients? Is it the tried, tested and trusted systems
    and standards that constantly underpin our
    activities with swift and smooth operational
    excellence? Is it the clients themselves – that boost   As we approach the demands of another busy Christmas
    and demonstrate their confidence in us through          Season, we rely that much more upon the performance of our
    unrivalled support that often positions us as a         ambassadors at the rockface. Whilst the spotlight is on you –
    strategic extension of their team? Is it the unique     use it to shine!
    culture that's rooted in a family business that has
                                                            I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their contribution
    evolved into a corporate without losing its humble
                                                            to our success and to wish you and your loved ones a safe and
    and innovative personal touches? I think most of us
                                                            peaceful Christmas and a very happy new year.
    will agree that the answer is a combination of all of
    these together with the most important factor of all
    – our people, their passion and loyalty and their
    winning attitude!

    Nowhere else was this better reflected than in the
    long service award ceremonies that I recently
    attended in Cape Town and Johannesburg, where I
    was struck by the enormous sense of belonging that
    exists amongst everyone. When we also honored
    the top 20 'Living the Brand' finalists who
                                                                      [Christmas gift
    demonstrated what it is like to 'Live the Brand' on a
    daily basis, often despite difficult personal                      suggestions:]
    circumstances, the sense of pride was almost
    tangible. There really are some amazing individuals
    who are making a difference in this business by                    To your enemy, forgiveness.
    committing themselves to their work in a very                      To an opponent, tolerance.
    personal way.
                                                                       To a friend, your heart.
    As we reflect upon this business and the role of its               To a customer, service.
    people after another challenging and successful
    year, let us take the opportunity to salute those
                                                                       To all, charity.
    unsung heroes who truly are our ambassadors right                  To every child, a good example.
    at the Rockface. From the tea ladies that serve our                To yourself, respect.
    visitors in each branch, to the receptionists, admin
    clerks, merchandisers, fieldmarketers and field
                                                                       - Oren Arnold
    managers. It is the work that you do and the positive
    attitude and behaviour that you demonstrate that
    are the cornerstones in maintaining our position as
    the leading service provider in the FMCG Industry.
    Those who 'live the values' that are intrinsic to the
    Smollan Group will reap the rewards as we continue
    o chterish and promote potential from within.

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