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                           @ the cafe

                    Seasonal fresh fruit platter
                          $ 4.50 p.p.
        Mixed fruit platter with fresh and dried fruits & nuts
                              $ 5.50 p.p.
Croissants - ham, cheese, tomato, baby spinach & seeded mustard
                            $ 3.50 p.p.
 Wrap - scrambled egg, baby spinach, mozzarella & tomato relish
                          $ 6.50 p.p.

                     Breakfast Packages
                       Breakfast Package 1
                         Fresh fruit platter
                     Mini sweet muffin (3 p.p.)
               Your choice of orange or apple juice
                        Take away / Dine in
                            $ 8.00 p.p.

                       Breakfast Package 2
                     Fruit salad with yoghurt
       Savoury croissant with ham, cheese & tomato relish
                    Mini sweet muffin (1 p.p.)
             Your choice of orange or apple juice
                        Take away / Dine in
                            $ 10.00 p.p.

                       Breakfast Package 3
                    Fruit salad with yoghurt
             Banana bread with cinnamon butter
            Pan toasted cheese & tomato sandwich
             Your choice of orange or apple juice
                            Dine in only
                            $ 11.00 p.p.

                     MINIMUM ORDER 6 PEOPLE

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Morning & Afternoon Tea
                      $ 5.00 p.p.
               (please select 2 choices)
                      $ 7.50 p.p.
               (please select 3 choices)
                      $ 9.50 p.p.
               (please select 4 choices)

           Mini sweet muffins (2 per person)
          Assorted petit cakes (2 per person)
  Assorted mini gourmet cakes and tarts (1 per serve)
        Scones with butter & jam (1 per serve)
       Savoury filled mini croissants (1 per serve)
  Apple & berry custard Danish squares (1per serve)
    Vegetable quiche slice served cold (1per serve)
               Cookie plate (1 per serve)
           Ribbon sandwiches (2 per serve)

                   Fresh Fruit Platter
                  Serves 10-12 people
                        $ 25.00

               Individual Berri Juice
          orange/apple/pineapple/multi V
                     $ 2.80 p.p.

                   Orange or apple
                       serves 6
                        $ 5.50

                Tea and Coffee Station
                      $ 2.50 p.p.

              MINIMUM ORDER 6 PE0PLE

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                              Light Lunch Packages
                Traditional sandwich, cheese & cracker pack with juice
                                       $ 7.50 p.p.
                    Traditional sandwich, fruit salad, cookie & juice
                                      $ 9.50 p.p.
                 Gourmet Turkish sandwich, fruit salad & bottled water
                                    $ 11.00 p.p.
                       Savoury salad wrap, cookie & small juice
                                     $ 11.00 p.p.
                                 Gourmet salad bowl
                                     $ 8.00 p.p.
                              Traditional garden salad
                     with choice of chicken, ham, salami or beef
                                      $ 9.00 p.p.

                             Delux Lunch Packages
                                    Your choice of:

               Traditional sandwich, fruit salad, lamington & juice/water
             Ham & salad wrap, cheese & crackers, muffin & juice/water
           Ham, cheese, tomato croissant, fruit salad, cookie & juice/water
                Gourmet fresh salad roll, banana bread & juice/water
            Cold bbq chicken with aussie salad bowl, muffin & juice/water
Cold meats with aussie salad bowl, scone with butter & jam, piece of fruit & juice/water

                                      $ 12.50 p.p.

                               MINIMUM ORDER 4 PEOPLE

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                  Deli Platter
                    Cold Meat & Antipasto Platter
    Selection of ham, chicken, salami, antipasto & gourmet bread
                             $ 12.00 p.p.
                          Cheese & Fruit Platter
          Selection of fresh fruits, assorted cheeses & crackers
                                 $ 6.50 p.p.
                            Cheese Platter
            Selection of cheeses, dried fruit, nuts & crackers
                              $ 8.00 p.p.
                                Dip Platter
        Selection of dips, pate, cheeses,veggie sticks & crackers
                                $ 8.00 p.p.
                               Sweet Platter
     Selection of bite size pieces of sweet cakes, muffins & cookies
                                $ 5.00 p.p.
                                Fruit Platter
       Selection of fresh seasonal fruit and sweet honey yoghurt
                          (serves 12 -15 people)
                                  $ 25.00

                      MINIMUM ORDER 10 PEOPLE

     Savoury Salad Bowls
Asian noodle salad with toasted sesame seeds, coriander, chilli & lemon
 Cous cous with apple, cranberry, apricot and almond citrus dressing
        Pasta salad with parmesan, pesto & balsamic dressing
        Potato salad with bacon, egg & seeded mustard mayo
    Mixed vegetable salad with tangy tomato & balsamic dressing
  Curried rice salad with lentil bean, chickpea, tomato and coriander

                               $ 10.00
                    1kg container serves 6-8 people

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          High Tea
         Your choice of tea or coffee
             Finger sandwiches
           Selection of mini sweets
                 $ 8.00 p.p.

         Your choice of tea or coffee
             Ribbon sandwiches
             Gourmet mini tarts
                 $ 12.00 p.p.


Sandwich Platters
    Four point assorted sandwich platter
                  $ 5.00 p.p.
               $ 7.50 / 1.5 p.p.

Assorted triple-decker ribbon sandwich platter
                  $ 6.00 p.p.

            Assorted wrap platter
                 $ 6.50 p.p.

      Assorted Turkish Sandwich Platter
                 $ 8.00 p.p.


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                      Finger Food

Smoked salmon cucumber rounds with cream cheese, capers, lemon and pepper
           Risotto balls with spinach, cheese, mushroom and thyme
            Olive parmesan puff pastry sticks with chilli tomato dip
           Chicken rice paper rolls with crisp vegetables and herbs
                    Mini meat balls with tangy bbq sauce
                         Melon and proscuito wraps
                   Chicken and chive cream crepe wheels
        Mini garlic brushetta with tomato, avocado and basil balsamic
                Assorted sushi rolls with soy, ginger and wasabi
              Creamy egg, dill and cracked pepper val a vonts
Omelette rolls with baby spinach, mozzarella, avocado and double smoked ham
                              70’s cocktail sticks
                                 Mini quiche

                                  $ 5.00 p.p.
                           (please select 2 choices)
                                  $ 7.50 p.p.
                           (please select 3 choices)
                                  $ 9.50 p.p.
                           (please select 4 choices)

                           MINIMUM 20 ITEMS EACH

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Booking Confirmation
Thank you for choosing to book Busy Beat catering services.
This form along with a $50 date holding fee is necessary to secure your booking. This fee is not refundable on
cancellation. Please complete and return this form via fax to (07) 3884 5750 or email: busybeat@busyinc.com.au


Pricing and Supply of Services
Prioes quoted are valid for 3 months from the date of quotation.
Prices quotes include GST unless otherwise stated.
Disposable platters will be used on all catering unless overwise supplied.
All menu selections are provided subject to market availability.
Out of Cafe hours will incur staff charges.

Dietary Requirements
Busy Beat will cater for all dietary requirements with prior consultation. Where a dietary requirement dictates a new menu
to the one selected, surcharges will apply. Busy Beat is unable to cater for dietary requirements without prior notice.

Breakages and Loss of Equipment
A comprehensive range of catering equipment is available for hire. Busy Beat staff take all due care with equipment
however, accidents do happen. Clients are not expected to pay for breakages or losses incurred by Busy Beat staff,
however, any equipment that is supplied for the clients use (e.g. glassware/crockery/hired items) that is accidently
broken or lost will be charged at full replacement cost.

Cancellation and Fees
We require a minimum of 3 days notice on all bookings.
The confirmed final catering number is required 48 hours prior to the date of delivery.
A minimum of 2 days notice is required for cancellation. A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged after this time.
All payments are to be finalised on the date of delivery. Payment can be made unpon invoice by direct deposit into our
bank account or via cheque.You can also make arrangments to pay via cash, credit card and eftpos at the store.

All hot food will be delivered cold. There is no delivery fee for locations within the Ipswich metro area, however a small
delivery may apply to suburbs outside this area or orders may be picked up from our premises.

Reservation Details
 Date of Booking:
 Number Of Guests:
 Food Arrival Time:
 Menu Selection:

 Special Requirements:

 Contact Phone:
 Delivery Address:

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