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									                       YAHOO MESSENGER 10

Yahoo Messenger allows users to keep friends, keep up with what they are sharing on
Flickr, Twitter and more. With it you can warm up your web cams.

Yahoo Messenger, you can touch with your friends by sending instant messages, free
calls from PC to PC, sharing photos and files, send free SMS messages, and much more.
Over instant messaging with friends who use Windows Live Messenger.

Using Yahoo Messenger, you can make a call quality video to a friend with synchronized
audio, right in the IM window. In the new "Yahoo Updates", you're sure to find more to
talk about with your friends.

It's added another point of view of your contact list that shows a real-time stream of
updates thereof, including changes Messenger status message. If they agreed to exchange
their updates through Yahoo, you will be able to see what they say on Twitter, reading
about Yahoo! Buzz, listen on, and more.

You can change language easily. When you start Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta, you will see
a new menu language on the login screen. Choose from 16 different languages and
buttons, menus and different parts of the interface will change only if language.What 'It is
also added a couple new ways to organize your contacts list.

The interface of Yahoo Messenger 10 has changed, and the style resembles the interface
of MSN - compared to previous versions, it is clearer and more respectful of the
experience. In others, it is added designs new icon on the toolbar in the IM window, and
you can also find specific buttons for video calls and voice calls.
Yahoo Messenger 10 is easy to install by following the installation wizard. IM as a
lightweight, it does not take long to complete the installation process. Yahoo Messenger
supports all Windows and is also available for Mac OS X, iPhone, WUI, UNIX.

Like most rivals MSN, Yahoo Messenger has owned a large number of users. While
users of MSN are the main part of the IM market, there are users more stability to the
taste of Yahoo Messenger that its user-friendly features. The new version of it could
bring you a new way to differentiate the older versions, definitely.

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 and other PC software’s visit:http://www.soft-

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