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					Professional Article Distribution
    (also known as the “PAD” Technique)

          By James Martell

        Professional Article Distribution
                (also known as the “PAD” Technique)


I have been distributing professionally written articles to other
webmasters for a number of months now. I offer these articles to
webmaster at no-charge providing they agree to leave the 3-5 links
that I have included within the article intact.

For me, this has proven to be a great way to arrange quality inbound
links back to my sites, and this technique can work for you as well, if
you follow my advice.

A Little Background

Early on in my affiliate marketing business, I discovered that I needed
to create ‗Inbound Links‘ to my websites in order to obtain a good
ranking at the search engines.

Like many others, I accomplished this by creating ―links‖ pages and
―swapping links‖ with other webmasters. Initially, and for over two
years this worked well, however as more and more webmasters
began to catch on to this technique, its effectiveness began to

The reason for this was, although many of these webmasters
understood the need for inbound links; they didn‘t understand that
these links should be from pages that relate to their topic, with a
good PageRank and not too many links on the page.

The effect of this lack of understanding was the creation millions of
hodgepodge ―links‖ pages filled with links that provided little to no
value to visitor and a nightmare for the search engine algorithms.

As a result, the search engines had to clean up this mess by
diminishing the effectiveness of these links by making changes to
their algorithms.

And quite frankly, I am glad they did.

I was getting tired of finding a great link partner only to check back a
couple months later to discover the inexperienced webmaster had

destroyed their once great ―links‖ page by adding dozens and dozens
of off topic links.

If you‘re wonder if ―link partnering‖ still works, it does, providing it‘s
done right.

And that means that the page that your link resides on must have a
PageRank of 4 or better, less than 30 total links on the page (and yes
that includes internal links), and is on a similar topic to yours.

Sorry, there are no exceptions to those rules.

Professional Article Distribution – The Missing Link

I stumbled across the Professional Article Distribution system, what I
call the ―PAD‖ technique, quite by accident when I hired a professional
writer to produce an article that my affiliates could use to promote my
training that featured my wife Arlene and her successful ―baby‖ site.

The reason I hired a professional to write the article is because I knew
my affiliates would be more motivated to publish the article if it were
a high quality piece.

And the strategy paid off.

The article has been published on a few very nice sites.

What I hadn‘t planned, that in addition to placing a link to my site,
the author also placed a link within the article to Arlene‘s baby site.

As a result, each time an affiliate of mine published the article on their
site, I had another chance to promote my training and Arlene received
another link to her site.

Then the light bulb went off.

The PAD Technique Has Many Benefits

The great thing about the PAD technique is unlike ―links‖ pages, you
never have to worry about the webmaster adding dozens and dozens
of off topic links.

The PAD technique also lets you control the placement of links within
the article and which anchor text and the landing pages are used.
And, because you are providing the webmaster with a quality article
for his visitors, which is likely to get read, -- you have an opportunity
to attract that reader to your site through one of the links in the

In addition, the inbound links are much more powerful for you
because the article typically has many less links than a ―links‖ page
and is perfectly relevant to your sites content.

And we all know how much Google likes relevancy.

The “Math” Makes Dollars & Sense

Now, it does take about the same amount of work to find a
webmaster who will publish your article as it does to find a link
partner who will publish your link, however the benefits of the PAD
technique to you are far greater.

Let me explain.

When you swap links with another website, you receive one link back
to your site, and you reciprocate by providing a link back. It‘s a fair

Now, when you approach another webmaster, who agrees to publish
your article, which I‘ll show you how to do a little farther along in this
document, you receive a minimum of three links back to your site.

It gets better.

Most of the webmasters who agree to publish our content actually
publishes three of our articles. That‘s three articles each embedded
with three of our links equals nine inbound links to my site versus the
one link I would get from a traditional link partner.

And they are much better links for all the reasons I mentioned above
in the section entitled; ―The PAD Technique Has Many Benefits‖.

Article Distribution

Personally, I look to have each of my three articles each published
three times on three different websites. Let me do a little math for
you just to make sure you I am perfectly clear.
Let‘s assume you hired a professional author who has written three
articles for you. Each one of them is a masterpiece and contains 3
links back to your site.

That‘s three articles times 3 links for a total of nine links.

Now, following the step-by-step system I‘ll outline in a moment, you
start searching for three webmasters who will agree to publish all
three of your articles.

That‘s three articles, each with three 3 links, published on three
websites will give you 27 inbound links to your site.

As a mentor of mine use to say “ain’t that something?”

Publish the Same Article On More than One Site?

Sure. It‘s done all the time. In fact, it‘s a very common practice.

For instance, Associated Press (, a worldwide distributor
of news, broadcasts articles on daily basis to subscriber newspapers
and publications who publish these stories in their print publications
and on their websites.

It‘s very common to see the same story on the,, and
dozens of other websites.

I would say it‘s a pretty safe bet to assume that the search engines
understand that some websites may want to publish the ―same
article‖ on there website.

But don‘t over do it.

And be sure that you‘re distributing quality articles to quality sites
whose visitor‘s will find real value in reading.

If you‘re not comfortable having your article published on more than
one site, that‘s ok as well. Just change the strategy a little and
instead of having three articles written, have nine written and then
distribute each of them to one webmaster for the same effect (9 x 3 =

What ever you decide, I am sure you‘ll agree that the PAD technique
sure beats the heck out of ―link partnering‖.

So, What Exactly Should This Article Look Like?

Typically, the articles that I have written range between 1000-1500

Topics for These Articles Are Endless

Obviously, the possible topics for these types of articles are endless.
For example, it was easy for me to come up with article topics for my
site; I simply had a good look at
the home and product pages.

Right off the bat, because I did the research for the site already, I
knew the West Nile Virus is a hot topic, especially in the US. So, I
decided to have an article written about ―How to Identify the
Symptoms of the West Nile Virus‖.

In addition, I decided to have an article written on ―How to Avoid
Mosquito Bites‖ and ―Five Ways to Eliminate Annoying Mosquito
Problems‖, which will be an article about using mosquito magnets,
traps, netting, pesticides and plants to ward off the little pests.

In all, it took me about 10 minutes to come up with those ideas.

Now, I suggest that you grab note pad and some paper and start
coming up with some ideas for topics for your articles.

One great way to come up with potential topics is to look at your own
site and imagine that a first-class writer has offered to write ten
custom articles for you on any topic – for free!

And the writer will write them for you on any topic you want.

You might have the writer develop articles around safety issues as it
relates to various products. For example:

       Cell Phone Safety – as it relates to driving, or as it relates to
        pumping gas, or as it relates to brain tumors, etc.

           Baby Safety – as it relates to baby cribs, as it relates to baby
            safe at home, as it relates to baby sitting, as it relates to
            vaccinations, as it relates to diet, etc.

           Automobile Safety – as it relates drivers education, as it
            relates to insurance, as it relates to seat belts, as it relates to
            proper fueling, as it relates old age, etc.

           Financial Safety – as it relates to identity theft, as it relates
            to protecting your passwords, as it relates to credit cards, as it
            relates to check fraud, as it relates to insurance, etc.

I could go on and on.

If the safety topic doesn‘t interest you, - how about moneysaving tips
as it relates to credit cards/insurance/shopping online/travel, or why
not review the top 10 cell phones/treadmills/home mortgages?

I am sure you get the idea.

Hiring a Professional Writer Is Mandatory

Generally speaking, it is not hard to give away a highly-informative,
well researched and professionally written 1000-1500 word article to
another webmaster if it will obviously benefit to his visitors.

It‘s for this reason, that I highly recommend hiring a professional
author if you do not have much writing experience.

Trust me on this.

And the cost is minimal to the benefits you‘ll gain.

Where Can I Hire A Professional Writer?

          Doing a Google Search using keywords such as ―freelance writer
           wanted‖ or ―hire an author‖, etc.
          Subscribers to my Affiliate Buzz and Affiliate Marketers
           Handbook can a request free copy of my ―Audio Report #1 –
           Hiring Authors‖ by e-mailing with
           your customer info.

How Much Do I Pay for Each Article?

     Personally, I pay between $30 and $75 per article depending on
      the length and the author that I use.

What Instructions Do I Give the Writer?

     See addendum.

It’s Time to Find Some Publishers

     Very much like looking for link partners, only much easier
      because you don‘t need to find a ―links‖ page.
     You only need to find an ―on topic‖ that has good PageRank and
      already has articles published on their site with a PageRank of
      four or better.
     We look for sites with articles because we can assume that the
      webmaster understands the importance of good content.
     We look for sites with good PageRank because we assume that
      if they do decide to publish the articles, that our articles will also
      inherit a similar PageRank.

Having the Right Mindset

     While you‘re waiting for your articles from your writer I
      recommend that you take 5-10 to look for 100 potential
      publishers for your articles.
     I say 100 because experience has shown us so far that by
      approaching 100 potential publishers using the e-mail provided
      in the Addendum of this report that you can expect 10-15
      webmasters to respond and of those 10-15, three of them will
      publish your articles.

You’ll Need to Be Resourceful

     It may be slow going at first, just link it is when you begin a
      new link partner campaign, however as you continue your work
      you will notice a momentum building.
     And, once you have identified three webmasters who have
      decide to publish your articles, you can always re-approach
      them with more articles at a later date.
     And you can build a relationship with them and ask them if they
      need any other types of articles written.

So There You Have It!

     As with anything new, you may feel a little bit uncomfortable at
      first, however I encourage you to dig in and figure out how to
      use this PAD technique and to make it work for you.


     Sample Article
     Sample E-mail to an Author
     Sample E-mail to Contact Potential Publishers

Sample Article

Making the Perfect Espresso – It’s Easier
Than You Think!
There was a time in the history of coffee when the secret to
brewing Espresso was a closely guarded secret. Simply uttering the
words ―foamed milk‖ or ―double shot‖ was enough to have you

Ok, so maybe that‘s not true. But ask yourself, honestly, when you
go to a coffee shop and see the millions of flavored coffees, lattes,
cappuccinos, and frothy hybrids, doesn‘t it seem like that‘s true?

I mean, where do they come up with this stuff? A double-mocha-
latte with sprinkles and shavings? What was that? You‘d like half
and half with cream? It‘s enough to make your head hurt.

Luckily we‘ve come up with this article to help you with your coffee
problems. Oh, we‘re not going to tell you how to decipher the
garbled coffee-speak you hear when you go to a coffee shop. Only
God can help you with that.

Instead, we‘re going to show you how you can make the perfect
Espresso in the comfort of your own home. Once you start with the
basics, you‘ll be well on your way to becoming a specialty coffee

The Devil is in the Details

The secret to perfect coffee is in the details—in this case, the
ingredients. There are literally hundreds of different home and
commercial coffee machines available on the market, from tiny
countertop personal Espresso machines to full size, industrial
strength commercial Espresso and Coffee makers.

If you have at the proper tools to make your coffee drink then
you‘re way ahead of the game. If you don‘t yet have an Espresso
coffee maker, then you may want to first start with an article on
how to buy the perfect Espresso Coffee maker.

For those of you who came to class prepared, let‘s begin.

Impeccable Ingredients = Excellent Espresso

All coffee drinks, no matter how mundane, start with one
ingredient. Coffee beans. So let‘s start there.

Fresh coffee beans are absolutely essential to making the perfect
Espresso. In fact, they are so important, that some people even
refuse to seal them and freeze them. Instead, they keep a bag of
green coffee beans in their cupboard and roast the beans

In this way, only the freshest possible grounds are used. The longer
beans sit exposed to air, heat, and moisture, the more they lose
their flavor. If can‘t roast your own beans try to at least buy fresh
coffee beans and freeze them in an airtight sealed container. Never
grind your beans ahead of time; they will surely be stale by the
time you are ready to use them.

The second ingredient is the other side of any coffee equation—
water. Without water, there is no coffee. Just as without coffee
beans, you‘re left with a cup of scalding water. This is a paradox
that could only occur in the Matrix.

Thankfully, you don‘t have to be a total Neo to figure it out. Fresh,
distilled water is just as important as fresh coffee beans. Do
yourself a favor. If you don‘t drink distilled water at home, go out
and by a bottle or two of if for your coffee. Considering that coffee
is really just flavored water, it might surprise you to find out how
much chemical additives or minerals really do flavor your drinks.

The Perfect Coffee Drink

Ok, so you‘ve gone out and grabbed a few Espresso recipes, filled
your bucket with fresh distilled water from the town well, and
you‘ve traded in your family cow for a jar of magically sealed
freshly roasted coffee beans. You ask yourself, what‘s next?


Pour your water into your Espresso coffee maker‘s water reservoir.
Remember to measure carefully how much you need. Too much
water could mean a messy clean up later and too little water could
cause the machine to boil dry and damage the pumps inside. As a
general rule, it‘s ok to have a little too much than too little.
Obviously, you‘d rather be cleaning your machine up rather than
replacing it.

When that has been boiling for a while, it‘s time to prime your
steam wand. Simply turn it on for a second or two and let some
steam shoot through it. This is important because steam will collect
inside the hose after it has been shut off, allowing water to
condense inside it. This old, stale coffee water could add a funny
flavor to your Espresso.

While this water is steaming, you can grind your coffee beans to
the consistency you need them. Since every Espresso machine is a
little different, you will have to grind the coffee according to the
specifics of your machine. Some machines even want you to add
the coffee grounds before you start boiling your water. Additionally,
the amount of grounds needed for your Espresso shots will vary
according to the machine, but usually 5 to 10 grams of coffee
grounds are used.

Next, it‘s time to steam your milk. After searching through many,
many Espresso message boards on (You didn‘t
think you were the only one with a coffee fetish, did you?) We
discovered that most Espresso fanatics keep their milk around 160
degrees Fahrenheit. It is important to note that milk will scald at
172 degrees Fahrenheit, so it‘s important not to cross that
boundary. Again, scalded milk will change the flavor of your coffee
drink, which you don‘t want.

Now, add your coffee grounds and brew away! If you are brewing
manually, you will have to experiment a bit with the timing for your
espresso shots. Too little brewing time can leave your Espresso
tasteless, while too much time can make it bitter.

Once you‘ve mastered the fine art of brewing Espresso, you can
branch out and find other flavors for your drinks. Try different
flavored coffee beans or mix them with other flavors to create new
taste sensations. The sky is the limit.

In no time at all you‘ll be creating your own double mochas with
lattes and half and half‘s with cream.

About The Author

Jay Winslow is a successful business writer and coffee aficionado
providing valuable tips and advice for online purchasers of espresso

machines, coffee mugs and specialty coffees from around the word.
His numerous articles offer moneysaving tips and valuable insight.

Point of Clarification:

     In the sample article above I am linking to the „Home Page‟ using the
      keyword “specialty coffees”, to „Product Page #1 using the keyword
      “espresso machines” and to “Product Page #2 using the keyword “coffee
      mugs” as my anchor text.

     In some cases, I will also add a link or two within the article itself if I feel
      it‟s appropriate.

Sample E-mail to an Author

                                                Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Hi Jennifer,

James Martell here.

Thanks. It‘s great to hear you‘re ready to get started. Here‘s an
overview of my requirements and a listing of the fees and payment

        Required Within: 5 business days.
        Article Length: 1000-1200 Words.
        Headline Required: Yes.
        Per Article Fee: $30 US.
        Payment Method: via PayPal on completion of articles.

In addition, please use as many of the keywords that are listed
next to each article below as possible. It's NOT important to use
them all, however I would like as many used as possible, but only if
the words can be used without disrupting the flow of your articles.
It‘s much more important that the article reads well.

Also, please use the keywords that are italicized in bold below
once in the headline and three to five times within the body of the
article. Also be sure to add a few sub-headlines and a bulleted list
if possible. It helps to break-up the text and makes it easier for the
visitor to read.

Required Articles

       Topic: What to look for when buying a car seat
        Keywords: car seats, car seat covers, baby car seat safety,
        infant car seats, mobile, best, reviews, review, ratings, top,
        designer baby clothing, baby high chairs, baby diapers.

       Topic: What to look for when buying a stroller
        Keywords: baby stroller, baby jogging strollers, double
        stroller, jogging stroller, mobile, best, reviews, review, ratings,
        top, baby car seats, designer baby clothing.

       Topic: Ideas about decorating a baby nursery

   Keywords: baby nursery decorating ideas, decorating a
   nursery, mobile, best, reviews, ratings, top, tips, baby diaper
   bags, round baby cribs, square baby cribs, baby monitors, baby

Also, you will want to come up with your own 'About the Author'
credit and be sure to add it to the end of the article. I have
included a sample below. Please be sure to put it into your own
words and write it in such a fashion that I can add three related
keyword links as shown below. Here's a sample:

About the Author

Jennifer Montgomery is a successful copywriter and a stay-at -
home mother of four daughters who loves to provide real-life tips
and advice to consumers who are shopping for baby cribs, baby
clothing and baby highchairs. Her popular articles offer
moneysaving tips and valuable insight.

If you have any questions let me know.


James Martell
Net Guides Publishing, Inc.

Sample E-mail to Contact Potential Publishers

First Request:
Subject: Free Articles for Your Website

Re: [SiteName]

Hi [FirstName],

I am looking to establish myself as a freelance writer. As a result, I‘d
like to offer you a proposal that I hope you find hard to resist.

I can see that you understand the importance of quality content so
I‘d like to ask if you would publish my three 1000 word articles on
your site. All that I ask is that you agree to leave my author ‗Bio‘
and links intact.

Here's a list of the headlines available to you:

    Headline #1
    Headline #2
    Headline #3

I am also prepared to write two or three custom articles at no cost to
you, if those three articles are not suitable.

If you would like to see the articles I am happy to send them to you
in another e-mail.

I look for to your questions or comments.


Freelance Writer

Second Request:

Subject: 2nd Request - Free Articles for Your Website

Subject: Free Articles for Your Website

Re: [SiteName]

Hi [FirstName],

I am looking to establish myself as a freelance writer. As a result, I‘d
like to offer you a proposal that I hope you find hard to resist.

I can see that you understand the importance of quality content so
I‘d like to ask if you would publish my three 1000 word articles on
your site. All that I ask is that you agree to leave my author ‗Bio‘
and links intact.

Here's a list of the headlines available to you:

    Headline #1
    Headline #2
    Headline #3

I am also prepared to write two or three custom articles at no cost to
you, if those three articles are not suitable.

If you would like to see the articles I am happy to send them to you
in another e-mail.

I look for to your questions or comments.


Freelance Writer

Thank You Email
Re: Free Articles for Your Website

Re: [SiteName]


[YourName] here.

Thank you for getting back to me.

I have attached my three articles as requested.

If you decide to publish the articles on your site, and I hope you do,
please be sure to leave my author ―Bio‖ and the links intact.

Also, please send me a link to where they are located so I can add
them to my portfolio for others to see.


Freelance Writer


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