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									                            Penn State University Affiliates

What are Affiliates?
 Affiliates are any areas that store biographical data on individuals and need to assign
  PSU IDs to these people.
      o Examples:
               ISIS – Stores information on applicants, students & prospects
               WISECAMP - Stores data on the Women in Science and Engineering
                  camp attendees
               FPSID – Stores data on Friends of Penn State account holders, this
                  includes users of online applications like the undergrad application and
                  eLion registration.
 As of Jan. 05 “Those offices assigning PSU IDs must notify constituents of their new
  PSU ID in a timely manner, using consistent methods and wording as specified by the
  Data Stewards. “

How does an organization become an Affiliate?
 To become an affiliate you must request an "affiliate code" for your organization and
  establish who will be able to assign PSU IDs under this code.
 The instructions and forms are available for this at:

How do Affiliates assign PSU IDs to their records?
 If you have historical or current records that will remain online after Jan 1, 2005 they
  will need to be assigned PSU IDs and loaded into the Central ID Repository (CIDR).
  This can be accomplished prior to the conversion via a batch upload of your data as
  described below.

   In the future, affiliates will need to assign PSU IDs as they add new records to their
    systems. This can be done by various methods depending on your needs.
        o For individual entry or for small numbers of records an online web service
            called “Assign PSU ID” can be used to enter the necessary data to create a
            CIDR record. The assigned PSU ID will then displayed and can be printed and
            handed to the individual. Once the PSU ID has been assigned it can be stored
            and used in your local system or file.
        o For entry of a larger number of records as a file, one can upload the file of
            records to CIDR and be returned a corresponding file with the PSU IDs that
            have been assigned. This is the batch upload process also used for the
            historical uploads to CIDR.
        o To incorporate the assignment of PSU IDs directly into your system’s record
            processing, XML Remote procedure calls to the Generalized Interface can be
            used to access the CIDR and perform the various assignment functions. See
            the Generalized Interface services information in the Services section.
What Services are available for Affiliates to enter, view and maintain their CIDR
 Web Services (test:
      o Assign PSU ID
      o Browse Alpha Lookup
      o Browse Alpha Lookup by Affiliate
      o Retrieve PSU ID by Digital ID
      o Retrieve PSU ID by SSN
      o Retrieve PSU IDs by SSNs Conversion Utility (Available thru 03/31/05).
      o Retrieve SSN by PSU ID
      o Retrieve SSNs by PSU IDs Utility
      o Transfer Affiliate Data to AIS (Batch Upload)
      o Maintain Affiliate Data (Update/Add/Delete)
      o Merge/Split/Reassign PSU ID
      o Review/Approve SSN Change Request
      o Initiate SSN Change Request

   Generalized Interface services to assign and work with PSU IDs and instructions for
    using them can be found at
    The main contact for the generalized interface is Eric Helfen
    ( There are various services already developed and
    documented that you may register to use.
        o requestPSUIDAssignment
        o getPSUIDBySsn
        o getPSUIDByDigitalID
        o getSsnByPSUID

How do I load a large number of records into CIDR?
 Batch Upload of Affiliate Data and PSU ID assignment
      o "Transfer Affiliate Data" option from the CIDR Applications
      o When you have uploaded a file please contact Sharon Fontaine
          ( informing her that you have upload data. A batch job
          will then be run to add your records to CIDR and assign them PSU IDs
 The upload requires that your data file be in a 350 character fixed length record
  layout (see below). If you have any problems getting your data in this format contact
  Sara Conkling at, and she can assist with that.

   File layouts
        o For Pre conversion upload:
        o For Post conversion upload:
        o For Affiliate data maintenance:

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