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Dear Partner:

Think back to the moment that changed your life.

We all have them. Later with 20-20 hindsight vision, they seem so clear: Ah-ha! That’s
when I made the decision to change everything.

Maybe it didn’t seem important then, but it was the key to beginning anew. Without that
moment, we’d be someplace else, doing something different and probably less fulfilled.

Mine was a chance meeting with a man who became my mentor, coach, guru and best
friend. He helped me see a way to drag myself out of the quicksand I called my life. The
further I travel from that event nearly a decade ago, the more pivotal it becomes.

I’m planning a viral ebook describing those moments in detail. And I’d like to invite you
to co-author it with me.

I’m going to do all the work, provide you with a customized ebook that you’ve co-
authored, and you collect the money! You’re not going to see a lot of hype here
because the idea is terrific, and frankly, you’d be crazy to pass it up.

Yes, I know. You get lots of offers, but read on. I think you’ll like this. It’s really a no-lose

First, who am I? And why should you partner with me?
I’m new to online marketing, but long in life. I have experience. I’ve reinvented myself
several times – some successfully, some not. But I’ve learned from each experience and
applied what I’ve learned. (If you want to see a resume, click here.)

For two years, I’ve been studying the online marketing world, coaxing myself slowly to
make the first timid steps. In March of this year, I realized how many people there were
like me who wanted to make the same move. The response to my blog, World Wanting
Peace, was so great that I felt confident enough to step out. So, I designed a 60-Day
Experiment to build on online product while people watched. I did the research, spent the
money, and made the mistakes. They could do the same, or watch from the sidelines. My
plan is to do this live every quarter for the next two years building online products and
multiple streams of income.
The first course for Charter Members was free if they signed up before August 1. Today,
I have 790 members and only 20 unsubscribes. The product I built in this course was an
ebook called Bad Dad: 10 Keys to Regaining Trust. It’s attached.
As part of the course, I’m creating what Seth Godin calls an Ideavirus – that’s the viral
ebook called:

Reinvent Yourself Now! It’s never too late!
35 personal stories reveal how people built great success from utter defeat!

What is this ebook about and how do you fit?
We’ve all had challenges. Most of us have faced “utter defeat” in some form or another.
Some have experienced small bumps along the way. Others have faced debilitating
illnesses. Occasionally, people like me had to make a complete change in their lives.

But whatever it took, you changed. You turned it around.

I want to hear how. Millions of people love to hear how you did it. The entire world
wants to hear inspiration and stories of success. The incredibly successful “Chicken
Soup” series of books is built around this concept: overcoming adversity.

You’ve done it. So have I. We have something to share with the world.

Here’s the idea:

   1) Each of the 35 partners submits a 3-5 page (750 – 1500 word) essay about their
   2) Each partner includes a resource box with links to a product or two with affiliate
      links (preferably ClickBank – but not necessary.)
   3) The essays are compiled into a 150-200 page eBook.
   4) Each partner receives a customized eBook and promo kit containing:
          a. Cover will give the title, by Partner and David Perdew
          b. Next page will be about the authors page with Partner bio followed by
              David Perdew bio
          c. First essay in the book will be the Partner’s Essay (followed by David
          d. All the affiliate links in the eBook (except David Perdew’s ebook link)
              will be customized to reflect the Partner’s affiliate id’s. Any sales from the
              book will be linked through the Partner’s affiliate links.
          e. Each Partner will receive a customized promotional kit including:
                   i. Customized version of the eBook
                  ii. Customized set of four text emails to use as a template for
                      distribution to your lists
                 iii. Customized download directory where you can access your ebook
                      from my site (or you can set it up directly on your site.)
                 iv. Customized gift page for downloading the free book
                   v. Link to a monstrous bonus collection page to continue follow up
                       communication with the list
    5) No other re-branding of the eBook will ever be allowed. Therefore, distribution of
       the eBook will always generate income for the Partners.
    6) A special link in the Forward section of the eBook will link to a prospect
       collection page to get on the waiting list for Reinvent 2: the sequel.
           a. Second-level partners with smaller lists will be included in the second
           b. The original 35 partners will receive customized eBooks and promo kits
               similar to that described in section 4 above.
           c. Again, each Partner’s affiliate ids will be added to all the product links.

Who’s invited to this party?
Of course, invited and accepted are two different things, but getting the people with the
best lists onboard is key to the business model. So, I’ve got to begin at the top and build a
product for a group of people who respect one another and would be happy to participate
in the same project.

Ten years ago, I helped produce a book call Georgia on My Mind. It is a photo book
commissioned by a Montana publishing company. The forward was written by a personal
hero of mine, former President Jimmy Carter. Talk about personal reinventions! He’s the
Nobel Peace Prize winner for that trait alone.

When the eBook essays are collected from you and formatted, I’ll give President Carter a
copy and invite him to write a “Forward” to this book about personal reinvention.

I’m limiting this list of invitees to 35 people. If each person’s contribution averages four
pages, we’ll have a 140-plus page ebook chocked full of intimate personal stories of
transformation and success, in addition to a monstrous money-maker for each of us.

The initial list of invitees is below:
 Alan Gardyne         Ed Dale                   Mark Joyner
 Bill Hibbler         Frank Kern                Michael Wagner
 Brad Callen          Jeff Mulligan             Pat O'Bryan
 Bryan Winters        Jenna Glatzer             Patricia Ritsema van Eck
 Craig Perrine        Jim Edwards               Perry Marshall
 David Perdew         Joe Garcia                Robert Kiyoscki
 Derek Gehl           Joe Vitale                Seth Godin
 Dr. Ralph Wilson     Josh Anderson             Shelley Lowery
 Vic Johnson          Kevin Wilke & Matt Gill   Tom Peters
 Ken Evoy             Christopher Knight        Yanik Silver

Pretty gutsy for a newbie like me to approach all these heavyweight winners, don’t you
think? But why not? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

And of course, what I get is ebook sales and more traffic to my sites. That’s all I want.
In this packet, you will find . . .
      A sample of a customized eBook using the first two contributors:
           o Jenna Glatzer, Editor in Chief of Absolute Write with a subscriber base
               of 75,000.
           o Me, David Perdew with a subscriber base of . . . well, you don’t want to
      Copy of Bad Dad: 10 Keys to Regaining Trust
      Copy of Georgia on My Mind
      A letter of intent to be faxed back to me

And lastly . . .
Making money is great. I love to make money. But as I get older, I love to help people.
There are so many people out there in despair because they don’t see a way out of their
situation, even if we perceive the situation to be terrific.

Two years ago, my oldest stepson from a previous marriage was going through difficult
times. The oldest son in a very wealthy family, he couldn’t figure out whether he was, in
his own words, “A rich little poor kid, or a poor little rich kid.” He bounced from job to
job, and religion to religion, trying to find meaning in his life.

He didn’t have to work. He was a trust-fund kid. But he wanted to contribute. Yet the
trauma in his own mind confused him more and more.

In the summer of 2003, he jumped from The Golden Gate Bridge. He was one of 25
bodies recovered from suicides off the bridge that year, and one of 31,655 people who
succeeded in ending their despair in the nation.

More than 438,000 people tried.

There are lots of reasons why someone does this, but loneliness, despair and failure are
major causes.

We can help with this eBook.

Thanks in advance for your participation.


David Perdew