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					                                  Dear SCSHSA Member:                         Jessica – Beaufort/Jasper EOC HS
                                                                              Sarita Williams – Aiken/Barnwell HS
                                  Thank you for becoming a member of          Wanda Davis – SCHS Collaboration
                                  the South Carolina State Head Start         Office
                                  Association. SCSHSA is growing and          ARTICLE I: NAME
                                  well on its way to shaping the future of
                                  Head Start in South Carolina. Our           The name of the Association shall be
                                  focus is on issues and advocacy to          the South Carolina State Head Start
                                  ensure high quality comprehensive           Association Inc.
 SOUTH CAROLINA STATE             service delivery for every eligible child
HEAD START ASSOCIATION,           and family in South Carolina.               ARTICLE II: PURPOSE
                                  This booklet contains the Association’s     The purpose of the S.C. State Head
    GENERAL BY-LAWS               bylaws     outlining    the   purpose,      Start Association Inc. shall be to
(Adopted: 1998 – Revised: 2006)   organizational structure, and mode of       provide a state forum through which
                                  operation for SCSHSA. As you review         Head Start Staff; Parents, Friends and
                                  the bylaws, plan to become an active,       Directors receive and act upon
                                  involved and responsive member of the       information to be used for professional,
“Investing in Our Future… One     SCSHSA.                                     statistical, and technical assistance
        Child at a Time”                                                      concerning      child    and     family
                                  We are counting on you. Thank You.          development.

                                  Sincerely,                                  ARTICLE III: QUORUM
South Carolina State Head Start   Evelyn Patterson, SCSHSA President
       Association, Inc.                                                      A quorum shall be 1/3 of the active
         P.O. Box 81              SCSHSA Bylaws Committee:                    membership present at any regular or
Columbia, South Carolina 29201                                                called meeting.
                                  Jerome Thompson - Chairperson
                                  Evelyn Patterson – Darlington Co.           ARTICLE IV: MEMBERSHIP &
                                  CAA HS                                      DUES STRUCTURE
                                  Deloris LeGrant – Sumter #17 EHS
                                  James McLaughlin – Pee Dee CAP HS           Section 1. Membership in the South
                                  Cedric Kirkmam – Wateree CAA HS             Carolina State Head Start Association
Inc. shall be open to each Head Start                                                 ii. 6. Staff and others can serve/be elected
Project Directors, Staff, Parents,           Section 4. Members shall have the            into other positions. (vice-president,
Friends, Volunteers and Corporations.        following rights and responsibilities:       treasurer, secretary and parliamentarian)
Section 2. Individual Program                    1.         To receive information iv. 7. To be eligible for appointment to
membership in the Association is                    pertinent to the maintenance,         membership on Standing or Ad Hoc
based upon the programs funded                      development and activities of         Committees.
enrollment.                                         the Association through their v.
a. 1 – 400 children = $400.00                       agency and the SC CAP 8. To participate in an annual Association
b. 401 - 800 children = $800.00                                                           Self-Assessment.
c. 801 - 1200 children = $1,200.00               2.         To receive written       vii.
d. 1201 – 2,400 children = $1,600.00                notices of meetings of the      viii. Section 5. Non-Members shall not have
e. 2,401(+) children = $2,000.00                    Association through the SC            the rights of a member.
f. State Collaboration Office =                     CAP Office.
   $250.00                                                                                    ARTICLE V: EXECUTIVE
g. Corporate Sponsors = $250.00                  3.         To receive a synopsis of          COMMITTEE
h. Migrant Head Start Programs -                    the minutes of all regular and
   $250.00                                          special meetings of the                   Section 1. The Executive Committee
                                                    Association and Executive                 shall be comprised of the Officers of
Section 2-B. Individual Membership                  Committee.                                each Affiliate (i.e., Head Start
dues are based upon the following dues                                                        Directors, Staff, Parents and Friends)
structure.                                       4.         To have available, upon
a. Head Start Director =$25.00                      request, a completed copy of the          Section 2. The Executive Committee
b. Executive Director = $10.00                      minutes.                                  shall meet quarterly or more often as
c. Staff = $5.00                                                                              needed.
d. Friend = $5.00                                5.          To be eligible for
e. Parent = $3.00                                   election to the Executive                 Section 3. Special meetings of the
f. Community Volunteer = $3.00                      Committee, or serve as an                 Executive Committee may be called by
                                                    Officer of the Association.               the President.
Section 3. Annual Membership dues
in the Association shall be from spring i. HS Director can ONLY serve as the                Section 4. The property and business
conference to spring conference of the     Association President.                           of the Association shall be managed
following year.                                                                             and the policies of the Association shall
be set by the Executive Committee.        and resolutions of the Executive            President or by the Executive
Executive Committee members shall         Committee is carried into effect. The       Committee through the President. All
make every effort to assure that their    President shall always be an active         Original minutes shall remain on file at
constituents are knowledgeable of         representative of the Head Start            the SC CAP Association Office in a
pending policy decisions and have         Director’s Affiliate, Region IV Board,      designated file cabinet assigned to the
opportunity to make input into the        and can serve more than four years or       Association.
development of such policies.             at the discretion of the Association.
                                                                                      DUTIES OF TREASURER
Section 5. An Annual Self-                DUTIES OF VICE-PRESIDENT
Assessment will be conducted by the                                                   The Treasurer shall have custody of all
Executive Committee of the                In the absence of the President or in the   funds and securities belonging to the
Association.                              inability or refusal to act, the Vice-      Association and shall receive, deposit
                                          President, unless otherwise determined      or disburse the same under the direction
 ARTICLE VI: OFFICERS                     by the Executive Committee, shall           of the President and or Executive
                                          perform the duties of the President, and    Committee. He/She shall keep full and
Section 1. The Officers of the            when so acting shall have all the           accurate accounts of the finances of the
Association shall be a President, Vice    powers of and be subject to all the         Association. He/She shall cause a true
President, Secretary, Treasurer, and      restrictions upon the President.            statement of the assets and liabilities of
Parliamentarian. The Officers shall be                                                the Association as of the close of each
charged with those duties, which          DUTIES OF SECRETARY                         fiscal year, all in reasonable details, to
usually are assigned to such officers.                                                be made and filed at the SC CAP
All Officers MUST be an active            The Secretary shall keep accurate           Association Office. Copies of the
member of both the State & Regional       records of the acts of the Association      financial report shall be distributed to
Associations and their Programs MUST      and the Executive Committee. He/She         all member agencies and individual
be members of both Associations to        shall give notices required by law and      members present at the Association’s
serve locally.                            by these bylaws. He/She shall               Quarterly Meetings.
                                          maintain a current record of the names
 DUTIES OF PRESIDENT                      and addresses of the Offices of the         DUTIES OF PARLIAMENATRIAN
                                          Association and Affiliates. He/shall in
The President shall be the Chief          general perform all duties incident to      The Parliamentarian shall be
Executive Officer of the Association,     the office of the Secretary and such        responsible for maintaining order
shall serve as Chair of the Executive     other duties as shall be assigned to        during all meetings in accordance with
Committee and shall see that all orders   him/her from time to time by the            Robert’s Rule of Order.
                                           period from the time of appointment to      Guidelines” to the Executive
Section 2. The Officers of the             the next annual meeting of the              Committee by the end of July.
Association are elected by members         Association and shall be regarded as a
of the Association, which should be an     partial term of office.                   Standing Committees are as
Officer of an Affiliate.                                                              follows; Bylaws, Membership,
                                           ARTICLE VII: STANDING                      Fundraising, Budget & Finance,
Section 3. A slate of New Officers         COMMITTEES                                 Fatherhood, Health Network, and
are presented by the Executive                                                        Transportation
Committee and approved by members           The Executive Committee, by
of the Association.                          resolution adopted by a majority of
                                             the members of the Association,        Section 1. By-Laws Committee
Section 4. The Officers shall assume         may designate and appoint one or
their duties & responsibilities from the     more committees, each of which          The by-laws committee shall
day of election and have until June to       shall include one or more members        review and amend the by-laws as
complete the transition, during this         of the Association (Director, Staff,     needed yearly.
period, the new officers will assume         Parent, and Friend) and one or more
voting privileges.                           members of the Executive                All amendments shall have at least
                                             Committee.                               but not limited to three readings by
Section 5. The Officers shall serve for                                               the Association before being passed
a term not to exceed four years, except     All members of Standing                  and adopted.
for the President.                           Committees must be active
                                             members of the Association.             The Executive Committee and
Section 6. After the Annual Meeting                                                   President shall ensure the by-laws
all official documents shall be turned      The Committees may have and              and procedures are being followed.
over to new Officers within two weeks.       exercise authority designated by the
                                             Executive Committee in carrying        Section 2. Membership Committee
Section 7. VACANCIES                         out their tasks as long as they
                                             comply with the bylaws and              This committee will solicit
Vacancies in any Office of the               procedures.                              membership into the Association
Association shall be filled by the                                                    through the Head Start Programs
Executive Committee. A term of office       Each Committee Chair will submit         (i.e., staff, parent, friends,
in cases where a person is appointed by      a one-page “Plan of Action” and          community partners, volunteers,
the Executive Committee shall be the         develop written “Procedural              corporate, etc.).
                                                                                   Shall work together to ensure
 In August of each year, the              The budget and finance committee        Programs are aware of statewide
  membership committee will                 shall work closely with the             transportation issues and efforts.
  implement our Membership                  Association’s Treasurer to ensure
  Campaign”, using flyers, post             the financial accountability and      ARTICLE VIII: AFFILIATES
  cards, letters, etc. This campaign is     procedures are closely followed and
  ongoing.                                  in place.                             Section 1. All Affiliates shall abide by
                                                                                  the By-Laws set forth by the
 The Committee will work closely          The committee shall review and        Association. Affiliates shall meet in
  with the State CAP Office to store        monitor all expenditure reports.      conjunction with the Association’s
  Membership information in a Data                                                quarterly meetings or when necessary
  Base System. All collected funds         The Treasurer will distribute         and shall be comprised of active
  are forwarded to the State CAP            quarterly reports at Association      individual members and Head Start
  Office to the Association’s               meetings.                             Programs. Affiliate Committees shall
  Treasurer for “immediate” deposit.                                              be named as follows: Head Start
  An Annual membership roster will         All distribution of funds MUST        Director’s, Staff, Parents, and Friends.
  be listed in the Association’s            have approval and signature of the
  Annual Report.                            President.                            Section 2. Affiliate meetings shall be
                                                                                  conducted in such a manner as The
Section 3. Fund-raising Committee         Section 5.    Fatherhood Network        Executive Committee shall determine,
                                                                                  provided that accurate records/minutes
 The fund-raising committee shall         Encourage male involvement on the     of all meetings of each affiliate shall be
  coordinate and implement activities       State level.                          presented to the Association and
  that will bring revenue for the good                                            submitted to the Secretary at the close
  of the Association.                     Section 6.   Health Network             of the Association Quarterly meeting or
                                                                                  as necessary by the Affiliate
 All raised funds are forwarded to        Shall work together to enhance and    Secretary/President.
  the Association’s Treasurer within        strengthen collaborative efforts as
  ten working days for “immediate”          pertain to health & wellness issues   Section 3. Affiliates shall adhere to
  deposit.                                  for children, families and staff.     the mission and vision of the
                                                                                  Association when conducting all
Section 4. Budget and Finance             Section 7.   Transportation Committee   business.
ARTICLE IX: REGION IV BOARD                  Board Member for the year.               The Executive Committee may
APPOINTMENTS                                 Stipends will ONLY be based on            authorize the President to enter into
                                             the availability of funds through the     any contract or execute and deliver
 Representatives to the Region IV           Association.                              any instrument in the name and on
  Head Start Association Board from                                                    behalf of the Association, and such
  the Association will consist of the      Written approval to be elected and         authority may be general or
  following nine individuals: (1) State     serve as an Officer of an Affiliate        confined to specific instances as
  Association President, (2) Head           must be obtained from the                  defined by the Executive
  Start Directors, (2) Staff, (2)           Program’s Head Start Director prior        Committee.
  Parents and (2) Friends certified by      to election.
  State President to serve on the                                                    Section 2.   Loans
  Region IV Board.                         Programs must provide financial
                                            support for program                       No loans shall be contracted on
 Each Board membership presents            representative(s) to attend meetings       behalf of the Association and no
  Officers (President & Vice                                                           evidence of indebtedness shall be
  President) of each Association           Affiliate Officers shall alternate         issued in the name unless
  Affiliate Committee.                      meetings, unless represented               authorized by a resolution of the
                                            program pays for full travel.              Executive Committee. Such
 Members will serve a term of two-                                                    authority may be general or
  years.                                  Representatives to the Region IV Head        confined to specific instances as
                                          Start Association Board can also             defined by the Executive
 Elected Board Members are asked         consist of members “elected” by the          Committee.
  to attend at least four quarterly       Region IV Head Start Association
  meetings but not less than two.         President. These slots are not inclusive   Section 3.   Checks & Drafts
                                          of the above nine slots, nor is travel
 The Association will only provide       provided.                                   All checks, drafts or other orders
  full travel for the expenses of the                                                  for the payment of money, issued in
  Association President.                  ARTICLE X: CONTRACTS,                        the name of the Association, shall
                                          LOANS, CHECKS, AND                           be signed by the Association’s
 The Association will allot a            DEPOSITS                                     Treasurer, as authorized by the
  maximum stipend of $200.00 per                                                       Association’s President by way of
  Board Member/per quarterly              Section 1. Contracts                         an authorized payment voucher.
  meeting, not to exceed $800.00 per
Section 4.   Deposits                      against all cost and expense reasonably
                                           incurred by or imposed upon him/her in     ARTICLE XII: ANNUAL
 All funds of the Association shall       connection with any action, suit, or       MEETINGS
  be deposited immediately to the          proceeding in which he/she may be
  credit of the Association.               involved by reason of him/her being or      The Annual Meeting of the
                                           having been a Director, Officer, or          Association shall be held each year
                                           Agent. The foregoing right of                on a month and specific days to be
                                           indemnification shall not be exclusive       selected by the Joint Planning
Section 5.   Bonds                         of other rights to which any such            Committee.
                                           Director, Officer, or Agent may be
 The Executive Committee may by           entitled as a matter of law.                The Joint Planning Committee
  resolution require the President and                                                  consists of the following
  Treasurer of the Association to give     Section 2. Insurance                         Associations; Head Start, SCCAP,
  bond to the Association, with                                                         and SC CAP Directors and the
  sufficient sureties, conditioned on      The South Carolina State Head Start          Collaboration Office and SCCAP
  the faithful performance of the          Association, Inc. shall have the power       Office staff.
  duties of his/her respective office or   to purchase liability insurance on
  portion, and to comply with such         behalf of the current Executive            ARTICLE XIII: RULES
  other conditions as may be required      Committee and any such person who is
  from time to time by the executive       currently an Officer of the South          Robert’s Rules of Order shall be held
  Committee. The premiums for such         Carolina State Head Start Association,     as the Parliamentary authority of S.C.
  bonds shall be paid by the               Inc.                                       Head Start Association.
  Association. (If there is coverage).
                                           Section 3. Auditor                         ARTICLE XVI: AMENDMENTS
PROVISIONS                                 A Certified/Non-Certified Public           These By-Laws may also be altered,
                                           Accountant or Fiscal Specialist shall be   amended, added to, or repealed at any
Section1. Generally                        contracted to audit the records of the     Mid Fall and or Annual Meeting of the
                                           Association annually or at times as the    Association by an affirmative vote of
The South Carolina State Head Start        Executive Committee may deem               2/3 of active members present, who are
Association Inc. shall indemnify each      advisable. The audit report shall be       voting, provided notice of such change
Director, Officer, or Agent to the         open to inspection by any member of        shall have been circulated to the
maximum extent permitted by law            the Association.                           membership in writing at least thirty
(30) days prior to the meeting. The By-
Laws Committee shall present all
amendments to the Executive
Committee prior to presentation to the
over-all Association. The amendments
shall become effective at the close of
the Mid-Fall and or Annual Meetings.
The By-Laws shall have three readings
prior to adoption.

Adopted and approved by the
Association this 7th day of December,

   Reading I – September 28, 2006
    Reading II – October 27, 2006
   Reading III – November 10, 2006