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					Stainless Steel
flat tube
40mm x 10mm flat tube

Please read these instructions and terms and conditons
carefully prior to installation. Failure to do so may
invalidate the warranty.

                                                         70mm down
Drawings                               x       x         70mm in

Bracket Positions                                                                  Rear entry connections

                                       x       x       70mm in
                                                       70mm up

Pipe Centres
Pipe centres left to right         =            width minus 40mm

Pipe centres from wall             =            95mm - 110mm

Depth from wall                    =            125mm - 140mm

1. Unpack & Inspect
This product should have reached you in perfect condition. Please carefully unpack and inspect this radiator and all fittings. Your point of
purchase must be notified of any shortages or damage within 28 days of delivery. For further information please see terms and conditions
on reverse.
2. Contents                                                                      4. Fix Brackets
You should have:                                                                 1. Insert threaded brackets into the radiator bracket
• 1 Radiator                                                                        holders, loosely attach the bracket sleeves to the
• 4 Mounting brackets                                                               brackets.
• 4 Connecting screws
• 1 Manual airvent                                                               2. Position the radiator against the wall and mark the
• Blanking Plug, if your radiator requires a plug                                   location of the top bracket sleeves (See diagram on
                                                                                    reverse) approx 70mm in from each corner and 70mm
                                                                                    down from the top.
You will need:
• Tape measure                                                                   3. It is essential to accurately mark these positions
• Electric drill and bits                                                           as there is little tolerance for movement on the
• Spirit level                                                                      brackets. Check the positions are level and then
• Allen key                                                                         using the appropriate drill bits screws and plugs fit
• Airvent key                                                                       the top wall bracket sleeves.
• Appropriate wall fixings                                                       4. Re-position the radiator inserting the brackets into
                                                                                    the top bracket sleeves, check it is level and then
                                                                                    mark the location of the bottom bracket sleeves
                                                                                    (See diagram on reverse) approx 70mm in

3 . Installing radiator                                                             from each corner and 70mm up from the bottom.
                                                                                 5. Then using the appropriate drill bits screws and
                                                                                    plugs fit the bottom wall brackets
These are fitted with four, fixed location, brackets; two placed
at the top and two at the bottom.                                                6. Hang the radiator in position, secure the brackets to
                                                                                    the sleeves using the grub screws.

Please note
                                                                             5. Commission Radiator
Please note these radiators are very heavy and require a
minimum of two people to fit.                                                    When commissioning your radiator on an indirect/
                                                                                 closed system we recommend using a suitable mixed
                                                                                 metal inhibitor to protect against scale & corrosion.

Technical Specifications                                                            Terms & Conditions
Materials                               Steel.                                      All products must be inspected once removed from
Connections                                 2” flow   and return.                   the packaging and your point of purchase notified
Testing authority                       EN442                                       within 28 days of delivery of any scratches, blemishes
                                                                                    or other damage. Your point of purchase will then
Maximum operating pressure              16 Bar                                      agree appropriate action.
Packaging                               Wrapped in polythene and boxed.             Imperfect radiators should therefore not be fitted
                                                                                    and we will not accept responsibility for replacement
                                                                                    of scratched or damaged radiators once they have
                                                                                    been fitted. This includes any consequential loss or
                                                                                    cost of fitting.
                                                                                    If we are not notified within 28 days of the date on
Guarantees & Liabilities                                                            the signed delivery note then it will be deemed that
                                                                                    we have fully complied with our obligations and
This product is guaranteed for 20 years. As we are not the manufacturers of
                                                                                    claims will not be considered.
this product we will take all reasonable endeavours to make over to you the
                                                                                    Failure to comply with any of the above may
benefit of any warranty or guarantee given by the manufacturer.
                                                                                    invalidate any claims. We recommend that after you
The guarantees in all cases are subject to the products being installed in
                                                                                    check the product on delivery that it is stored in its
accordance with British and or European standards as well as these fitting
                                                                                    packaging to prevent damage prior to installation,
instructions. The guarantees in all cases are restricted to the free of charge
                                                                                    we cannot accept responsibility for items damaged
replacement or repair of the failed product only. Our liability will under no
                                                                                    after delivery.
circumstances extend beyond the repair or replacement of the product
supplied by us. Claims for either labour in replacement or damage to property
are not admissible. Any goods that are returned, in the event of a problem,
will belong to us.