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       Congregation Beth Israel
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       Andover, MA 01810

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December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)      Congregation Beth Israel                                   Page 1
This is the season of miracles. We begin December by celebrating the holiday of Chanukah, the Feast
of Lights. The rabbis in the Talmud tell us that “On the 25 Kislev begin the days of Chanukah on
which we neither eulogize nor fast. For when the Greeks (i.e. the Seleucids) entered the Temple they
rendered all the oil in the Temple impure. When the kingdom of the Hasmonean House (i.e. the
Maccabees) grew powerful and defeated them, they checked and found only a small container of oil that was sealed with
the seal of the high priest. There was only enough of it to light for one day. A miracle was done with it and they lit
from it for eight days. The following year they established these days as holidays with the recitation of Hallel and
prayers of thanksgiving.”
         This is the story that we all know in various versions of the miracle of Chanukah. The Talmudic account was
written centuries after the events of 165 BCE and is strictly the rabbis’ version of the story. The Books of First and
Second Maccabees, however, written shortly after the events, which each retell the story of the rededication of the
Temple from a historical perspective, surprisingly perhaps, do not mention this particular miracle.
         In First Maccabees we read, “Then they took unhewn stones as the Law directs, and built a new altar like the
former one. They also rebuilt the sanctuary and the interior of the temple and consecrated the courts. They made new
holy vessels, and brought the lampstand, the altar of incense, and the table into the temple. Then they offered incense on
the altar and lit the lamps on the lampstand, and these gave light in the temple….At the very season and on the very day
that the Gentiles had profaned it, it was dedicated with songs and harps and lutes and cymbals…Then Judas and his
brothers and all the assembly of Israel determined that every year at that season the days of dedication (Chanukah) of the
altar should be observed with joy and gladness for eight days, beginning with the twenty-fifth day of Kislev.”
         In Second Maccabees we find also that “They celebrated it for eight days with rejoicing, in the manner of the
festival of booths (Sukkot), remembering how not long before, during the festival of booths, they had been wandering in
the mountains and caves like wild animals. Therefore, carrying ivy-wreathed wands and beautiful branches and also
fronds of palm, they offered hymns of thanksgiving to Him who had given success to the purifying of His own holy
place.” No mention of the oil.
         It seems that the miracle that was celebrated by the Maccabees was the military victory over the Seleucids, the
Syrian-Greeks and the reconsecration of the Temple. They saw the Chanukah observance as an opportunity to celebrate
not only the victory, but the festival of Sukkot, the most favorite holiday of ancient years, which had been neglected due
to the disrepair and desecration of the Temple two months earlier. For the rabbis of the Talmud, living at a time when
the miraculous victory of the Maccabees was all but forgotten due to the conquest of Judaea by the Romans a century
later, the emphasis is shifted to a very different miracle. The story is told of the menorah that wouldn’t go out, but
clearly the rabbis are not speaking of a literal violation of the laws of physics, rather they are using symbolic language.
We, the Jewish people who refused to be assimilated into the culture of Greece or Rome, but continued to maintain our
own distinctive culture and religion are the oil in the menorah. We who refuse to be extinguished after our day, but
continue for not just seven days, which would be the normal course of nature, but eight days, transcending the normal
and reaching a supernatural level of continuity, are the proof of the miracle. It is for this reason when we recite the
second blessing over the menorah, sheasah nisim lavoteinu, who performed miracles for our ancestors, we add bayamim
hahem bazman hazeh, in those days and at this time as well.
         The prayer Al HaNissim, For the Miracles, which is added to the Modim prayer throughout the days of
Chanukah, reminds us that miracles in Jewish tradition are not only those supernatural acts that appear in the Bible, but
the natural wonders of life that occur daily, evening, morning, and afternoon. For all of these miracles which we
constantly experience in the world, we give thanks and praise to the Almighty. It is our survival as a people and our
commitment to the light of Torah, we celebrate as we light the Chanukiah for these eight days.
         Good wishes to all for a joyous and miracle-filled Chanukah and may the new secular year of 2011 bring us all
blessing as well.

Rabbi Edward M. Friedman

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)               Congregation Beth Israel                                          Page 2
                                                               By Leonard Kamlet

Just a few days ago we celebrated Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving began as a harvest festival (in the
same spirit as Sukkot), with a celebration that brought the community (the Pilgrims along with the
Wampanoag and other Native Americans) together, to give thanks for having survived in their new
world. The holiday celebrated today is inspired by this notion and spirit of Thanksgiving.

In celebrating Thanksgiving this year, I had the opportunity to participate in a number of community
events. Along with my son’s Cub Scout den’s families, we were invited to share a Thanksgiving weekend with
Andover’s Boy Scout Troop 77. The troop’s annual event includes an overnight campout for the Scouts, followed by a
dinner for the families in the Troop, together in the outdoors. While most of us think of Thanksgiving as a time when
you gather with family, this community feast briefly brought the holiday back to its origins as a communal harvest
festival, and allowed me to gain a fresh perspective on ways to celebrate Thanksgiving.

This year, Congregation Beth Israel hosted the Andover Clergy Fellowship’s Annual Interfaith Community
Thanksgiving Celebration. I’ve attended three or four of these over the last five years, and once again it was a
wonderful service that allowed representatives from each of the local churches, synagogues and mosques to share how
they express their thanks for the blessings we all receive. In addition to a humorous yet thoughtful speech by Rabbi
Friedman, unique this year were performances by the Merrimack Valley Israeli Folk Dance Group (including a number
of our members led by Anne Schwartz), the Gentlemen Songsters Barbershop Quartet (with Victor Saffrin and Terry
Fetters), and two songs beautifully led by Janice Friedman. The evening was capped with wonderful refreshments (both
hot and cold dishes) prepared by Beryl Rosenthal. To those mentioned here, and all the others who helped make this
year’s celebration a success, I offer my thanks.

I am equally thankful for the great work done by all of our volunteers. Although I haven’t always communicated
directly to each volunteer, I am continuously impressed and grateful that other members within our community create
and run excellent programs.

Almost immediately following Thanksgiving this year is Chanukah. Here we transition from a holiday offering thanks,
to one focused on rededication of the Temple. I’m sure I could probably find a good way to tie together the two
holidays, perhaps how the Maccabees also had something to be thankful for, linking the miracle of the oil sustaining the
Maccabees to the ‘miracle’ of the Native Americans teaching the Pilgrims how to plant and grow crops to survive the
winter. But this month I’d actually prefer to focus on the ‘rededication’ piece as it applies to Beth Israel.

As has been advertised, our Building committee has been meeting this past month, and will continue to meet every
Thursday throughout December, considering all options and paths so that Beth Israel can move forward with a viable
plan for our future. Our short-term goal of this effort is to thoroughly review the options and make a recommendation
to the Board and to the Congregation proposing the path chosen, which could happen as early as January.

This is crucial (and perhaps overdue) work of the congregation, and important to our future success. I would invite
anyone who has questions or input about this process to contact me, or even better to join us at our property at 17
Boutwell Rd for these meetings (we are meeting at 6:15pm on nights where there is an evening minyan, and 7pm on
nights where there is not a minyan; consult the calendar for these dates).

Len Kamlet

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)              Congregation Beth Israel                                         Page 3
Sisterhood News
Following our long-established tradition,
Sisterhood has sent “care” packages to the
children of CBI members who are away at
school. Many thanks to Robin Rose, who once
again coordinated this project, bought the gift
items, and mailed the packages. We have
heard from many youngsters who appreciate
receiving these presents.

There is still time to join Sisterhood and get                When you become a member of Anshe Shem Circle (Circle
involved in the activities that are being planned              of Prominence), you are doing an important and wonderful
for the rest of the year. If you have not paid                mitzvah. By contributing above your membership dues, you
your dues yet, please send your check for $28                 are performing an act of chesed, loving kindness, by helping
(payable to Sisterhood of Congregation Beth                   families in our community who cannot afford to pay full dues.
Israel) to: Eve Kennedy-Spaien, 21 Overlook
Ridge Terrace, #415, Revere, MA 02151.                         Tomchim (Supporter) $250 above membership dues
                                                                       Judy & Jerry Krantweiss
Watch for details about he Sisterhood
Progressive Dinner.                                            Nedivim (Benefactor) $500 above membership dues
On Saturday night, November 6, 26 members
                                                                        Ellen & Jonathan Brody
went to Brookline to see "Five Hours to Paris,"                               Terry Fetters
presented as part of the Boston Jewish Film
Festival. The sold-out showing at the Coolidge                  Manhigim (Leader) $1000 above membership dues
Corner Theater was proudly introduced by its                            Orit & Jeffrey Goldstein
director, visiting from Israel. Following the
movie, our group went to nearby Finale's for
dessert and a chance to chat with the
director. The evening was a lot of fun and we
look forward to planning it again next fall.

           The Building Committee will be meeting
           every Thursday evening in December to
           review the Boutwell Road project.
                                                           Anshe Shem Circle (Circle of Prominence)
           Everyone is invited to attend regularly or          Looking for an opportunity to do even more for CBI?
occasionally - everyone's input is welcome - you
don't need to be a member of the committee to             The last few years have been difficult ones financially for CBI and
participate. Check the calendar for dates and              for many in our community. There are ways you can help. If you
times. We look forward to seeing you.
                                                                are able to contribute an amount above the cost of your
—         Sam Poulten and Howard Spector,
Building Committee Co-Chairs                              membership dues (an area where we are experiencing a significant
                                                          shortfall), we invite you to do an important and wonderful mitzvah.
                                                           Help us balance our financial picture by contributing an additional
Brotherhood News                                          amount when you send in your dues, or at any time of the year. In
                                                            appreciation, you will be recognized as part of our new Anshe
Sunday December 12th: **SPECIAL EVENT**
Group outing to see "Jews In Baseball" special
                                                                 Shem Circle (Circle of Prominence), and you will be
Film Screening at Osgood Landing, 4PM, informal                       acknowledged in the CBI newsletter (or, if you
dinner afterwards. The movie is sponsored by the              prefer, anonymously). Here are the levels at which you can
Merrimack Valley Jewish Federation.                                             participate in this mitzvah:
This feature length documentary film is narrated by             Tomchim (Supporter) - For contributing $250 above
Dustin Hoffman featuring Sandy Koufax, Kevin                           membership dues.
Youkilis, Al Rosen, Yogi Berra, Shawn Green,
Hank Greenberg, Ron Howard, Larry King and
                                                                Nedivim (Benefactor) - For contributing $500 above
many more players and stars. See trailer at                            membership dues. Also a short speech by                     Manhigim (Leader) - For contributing $1000 above
Martin Abramowitz, President Jewish Major                              membership dues.
                                                         CBI appreciates and values the contributions of all its members.
                                                         We thank you for taking this opportunity to make a big difference!
- Dave Brown and Fred Cohn
Brotherhood Co-Chairs

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                     Congregation Beth Israel                                              Page 4
                                                                                  Sisterhood and Religious School of
                                                                                       Congregation Beth Israel
                                                                                       Invite You to Our Annual

                                                                                                   Community Chanukah
                                                                                                    Sunday, December
                We hope you can join us for our next
                     ‘Shabbat on the Road’!                                                                5th
                                                                                              11:45 a.m – 1:30 p.m.
             Friday, December 17, 2010 / 11 Tevet 5771
                                                                               Entertainment, Music, Prizes, Crafts,
            At the home of Toby & Jason Marshall                                Tzedakah Projects, Food, Activities
      33 Hampstead Avenue, North Billerica ~ 978-439-0440
                   Plenty of on street parking
                                                                              Join us for Chanukah fun for the whole
                             Kabbalat Shabbat Services at 6:30pm                                family!
                             Followed by a pot luck dairy dinner            Bring your family’s homemade menorah, made
                                                                             from recycled materials for our chanukiah
Please RSVP to Amy in the office, 978-474-0540 or and indicate how many are planning to
attend and what your potluck item will be. Options are: Appetizer,          Latkes and a light dairy lunch will be served.
Salad, Main Course, or Dessert ~ to serve 8 - 10 people. All items
should be prepared and served either in glass or disposable                        There is no charge for this event.
containers, or be store bought, unopened, and bearing appropriate
hechshers.                                                                 If you have any questions or would like to help
                                                                                        out, please contact
Join together with family, friends & neighbors, in song and prayer,     
with good food and conversation, strengthening our community.
                                                                                         or 978-474-0540

                   First Light 5771                                                       JEWS AND BASEBALL:
        Annual Community Chanukah Celebration                                           AN AMERICAN LOVE STORY
                  & Family Concert                                                        Sunday, December 12, 2010
                  With Todd Herzog                                                                 4:00 PM
                    Saturday, December 4, 2010                                        at 1600 Osgood Street in N. Andover
              7:00 PM at Temple Emanu-El in Haverhill
                                                                                  Feature length documentary film narrated by Dustin
Todd brings Jewish themes to life in popular ballads and contemporary             Hoffman featuring Sandy Kofax, Kevin Youkilis, Al
melodies. Audiences of all ages appreciate his “fabulous voice” and “full,        Rosen, Yogi Berra, Shawn Green, Hank Greenberg,
warm, contemporary sound.” Merrimack Valley temple youth group                    Ron Howard and many more players and stars.
members and Adult singers are invited to sing with Todd during the                Come meet Martin Abramowitz, President Jewish
performance! (Call for details) Todd has been an Artist-In-Residence at           Major Leaguers and other Special
the JCC Maccabi ArtsFest and performed at the Union for Reform                    Guests and enjoy a Raffle and Ball
Judaism Biennial and CAJE Conferences. He has worked with Sarah                   Park Treats. Don’t miss this
McLachlan, Burt Bacharach and Craig Taubman and his music has been                fantastic event for all ages 10-100!
featured in television and film in shows such All My Children, One Life To
Live, The Osbournes and Melrose Place. Advance Ticket prices are $54
for preferred seating, $18.00 for Adults and $9.00 for Children & Seniors.

The Merrimack Valley Jewish Federation is proud to present these interesting and exciting programs open to the entire community. Visit
their website at or contact 978-688-0466 for further information.

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                    Congregation Beth Israel                                                  Page 5
Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration                                   Social Action News
On Sunday Evening, November 21st, Congregation Beth                   Share the Light: Please see details below.
Israel was honored to host Andover’s Annual Interfaith
Community Thanksgiving Service.                                       Christmas Day volunteering cancelled
                                                                      this year: Since Christmas falls on
The evening was very well attended with over 80 people and            Shabbat this year, we are not organizing
clergy from more than 10 different faith organizations in             any volunteer groups for Project Ezra.
attendance. It was a musical evening with various groups
performing, including the Merrimack Valley Israeli Dance              If you want to share your ideas and get involved in social
Group led by our own Anne Schwartz and the barbershop                 action and community service, please contact Susannah
quartet “The Gentlemen Songsters” which featured our own              Abbott or Anne Schwartz at .
Victor Saffrin and Terry Fetters.
                                                                            Please join us in Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World).
“Reflections on Thanksgiving” were presented and
community project volunteers were recognized. A collection
was taken and over $450 was presented to “Neighbors in                                Congregation Beth Israel Social Action Committee
                                                                                                 Share the Light
The service featured different thoughts on Thanksgiving,
Israeli Dancing, music and song. The evening concluded                                   Bring joy to a child in need this holiday season!
with a festive Oneg and more Israeli Dancing.                                     Sponsor A Child: Fulfill a wish list of specific
Thank you to everyone who attended and everyone who                               items a child needs (avg. cost $75 – $100). For
helped make this evening a success!                                               more information, contact Susannah Abbott at
                                                                      Donate A Gift: Place a new-unwrapped toy/winter clothing
                                                                      item in the designated “Share the Light” donation box.
CBI Cares
                                                                      Buy A Gift Card: Suggested $25 gift card to Target, Walmart
A collaboration of Sisterhood and the Social Action Committee,        or Best Buy. (Please place in the Social Action Committee
CBI Cares works with the entire CBI community to provide              mailbox in the office.)
assistance to congregants in need. CBI Cares helps our fellow
congregants by providing meals, rides, and other services for         Gifts should be placed in the “Share the Light” Donation box
members who are, for example, welcoming a new baby,                   located in the foyer by Sunday, December 5th.
recovering from an illness, or weathering a personal crisis. We
hope that congregants will come forward when they have a need,          Share the Light is organized by the Sisterhood of Temple Emanuel,
knowing that there is a support network in place to lend a helping           Andover, in partnership with the following organizations:
hand.                                                                   Mass. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC) in
                                                                        Lawrence, Methuen Housing Authority, Family to Family in Andover,
If you or someone you know could benefit from CBI Cares,                             and Foster Kids of the Merrimack Valley
please contact Sheri Saginor (978) 352-6686 or Maxine Berke at
(978) 251-8862 or email at

                                                           Challah Order Form—Fall 2010/5771

                                                    CBI’s Senior USY chapter is once again arranging for Cheryl Ann’s
                                                    challah to be delivered to CBI weekly on Thursdays. This is a
                                                    sweet deal for you and for tikkun olam, as all proceeds go to
A Note About Donations                              USY’s tzedakah fund. You can place an order for one-time, occasional, or weekly
Donor contributions made to the funds listed in     delivery. To place your challah order, please fill out the form below. This form can
this publication are made for tribute, memorial     be returned to CBI at any time, but to receive a challah on any given Thursday, your
or honorarium purposes only.                        order form must be in the CBI office by the preceding Thursday. Completed forms
Donations received to these unrestricted funds      with payment can be left for USY in the Youth mailbox in the office. Thank you for
are utilized to offset programming,                 your support!
membership services and other general
operating costs of the synagogue. Donations
to donor directed or restricted funds are           Family Name _____________________________________________
accepted subsequent to the establishment of
an endowed, restricted use or donor directed        __challot ($6 per challah) for pick-up on Thursday, Dec. 2                      $____
fund at Congregation Beth Israel in                 __challot ($6 per challah) for pick-up on Thursday, Dec. 9                      $____
collaboration with the Congregation's
Development Committee. For more                     __challot ($6 per challah) for pick-up on Thursday, Dec. 16                     $____
information regarding establishing a fund,          __challot ($6 per challah) for pick-up on Thursday, Dec. 23                     $____
please contact Amy in the office at 978-474-        1 challah each week (Dec)                                                       $24
0540,                      Total Enclosed                                                                  $____

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                   Congregation Beth Israel                                                        Page 6
Often times, this period of the year (from Thanksgiving to New Year on the secular calendar) generates the question of the
December dilemma. When Chanukah coincides with Christmas, many of our non Jewish friends (if they aren’t particularly up –to –
speed on these matters) often seem to think that Chanukah is just the Jewish version of Christmas. This year, Chanukah happens to
come very early (December 1 starting at sunset and continuing through sunset on December 9). This means that by the time
Christmas rolls around, Chanukah will be over and done by about 2-1/2 weeks. Under “normal” circumstances, Many Jews in this
area participate in some sort of Project Ezra type project. (This is a program of the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts whereby
Jews try to work or volunteer for Christian colleagues on Christmas allowing them to enjoy their holiday.) This year, Christmas falls
on Shabbat. For those who observe Shabbat, in most cases, this means that participating in a project of this sort (Project Ezra)
would be very challenging, if not impossible, which is why you probably haven’t seen any mention of this for 2010.
           Christians who aren’t “in the know” might see this as somewhat snobbish. Since there are 52 Shabbats in a year, why can’t
we just give up one to help our Christian friends and colleagues. (Obviously, what one does as an individual may be very different
than a community based standard.) This in fact gets to the very heart of the meaning of Chanukah. Our ancestors under the
guidance of the Maccabees were primarily fighting against the practices of assimilation. So, by participating publicly as a community
in this type of project, no matter how worthwhile it may be, would also publicly negate the value of Shabbat. Thus, it could be said
that by specifically choosing to observe Shabbat, in place of a terrific effort of Tikkun Olam, we are actually reaffirming our beliefs in
Jewish values. When we light the Chanukiah in the window for all to see, this act tells all who pass by that we believe in these
Jewish values even when they are seemingly in conflict with one another, until we sort them and prioritize them and try to understand
them fully.
           For some updates, on October 29th, Sharon Finberg and Chris Duncan hosted the first of our Shabbat on the Road
programs, which was well attended and enjoyed by all who participated. On December 17th, our next Shabbat on the Road event will
be held at the home of Jason and Toby Marshall. Please see page 5 for details. As of now, we have two additional families hosting
these programs in the coming months. This means that there are still a few slots available for hosting. Please contact the Rabbi for
details if you are interested and can help.
           Our nightly minyans continue at Boutwell Road Monday through Thursday on the second and third full weeks of each
month. If you are able to help make the minyans, but haven’t had the chance yet, please contact Jon Brody to schedule your night.
If you are unable to commit to a night, but can occasionally help, we welcome you whenever you can join us.
           As mentioned in last month’s bulletin, we are about to launch the creation of a Chevra Kaddisha, which helps to prepare our
deceased for proper burial. We hope to have the organizational meeting now in early January. Stay tuned for details.
           Finally, this month we are looking forward to celebrating with Daniel Katz for a “stateside” Bar Mitzvah on December 4. (He
had his actual Bar Mitzvah in Israel earlier this year and will now be sharing his simcha with his CBI family.)
           As we light the Chanukiah this year, let us each recall the real meaning of Chanukah and be proud of who we are as Jews.
By doing so, we keep the flames burning brightly that were lit ever so long ago.
                     For the Ritual Committee —          Jeff Tye

Want an easy way to support Israel? You can enjoy purchasing and supporting Israel at the same time! You can significantly boost a country’s economy by
buying the goods it produces. Here is a list of Israeli products that we can purchase and where to buy them.
     Naot shoes are sold in JL Coombs (Andover), Abbot Shoes (North Reading) and at The Walking Company (Burlington Mall and Rockingham Mall).
     They are cushy, comfortable shoes that are very well made and come in many colors and styles.
     Ahava lotions can be purchased in malls.
     Food products made in Israel can be purchased at The Butcherie in Brookline or even in Market Basket and Stop & Shop.
     BeautiFeel, unique jewelry made by Israeli artists, is sold at TJ Maxx.
     You can also buy products made in Israel on the Internet at sites like
For an extensive list of stores that sell Israeli goods, Google” Boston area stores that sell Israeli products.”
Please join David and me on the new Israel Committee to plan activities to help Israel.               With Warm Regards, Tamar Katz

                         THANK YOU TO KIDDUSH / ONEG SPONSORS
 Sponsor                                 Date             Occasion
 Ellen & Jon Brody                       11/5             In honor of Kabbalat Shabbat Services
 Nancy & Fred Cohn                       11/6             In memory of Nancy’s sister, Susan Krevlin Gleicher, at Yahrzeit
 Grades 1 & 2                            11/12            In honor of their participation in Kabbalat Shabbat Services
 Cindy & Burt Ochs                       11/13            In memory of Cindy’s father, Fred Bachner, at Yahrzeit
 Adult Ed                                                 In honor of Kiddush Roundtable
 Tsaadim Families                        11/19            In honor of Tsaadim Shabbat
 Merle & Mike Roesler                    11/20            In honor of Merle’s father, Jack Schlesinger, turning 100 yrs old in December
 Religious School Committee                               In honor of Youth Services
 Rena & Ernie Perelmuter                 11/27            In memory of Beatrice (Betty) Feldbin, Jack Perelmuter and Belle Perelmuter

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                          Congregation Beth Israel                                                           Page 7
                            Family Shabbat Dinners                                                    Help us Recycle
                                                                                                Paper Recycling at CBI is a
One of the most beautiful aspects of Shabbat is gathering around the dinner table together as   collaboration of Social Action
families and community. ALL families are invited to each of these dinners; members of the       Committee and Religious School
class being honored are expected to attend. We will welcome Shabbat together with the
blessings, songs, Kabbalat Shabbat and food. These dinners are a perfect time to invite         How it works:
grandparents and other special friends to join us in celebrating Shabbat. Dinner begins at      • Paper is now collected in all classrooms and
6:30pm, Services at 7:30pm. RSVP to Principal, Rabbi Margaret Frisch Klein by the Monday            office areas, in paper bags
before the dinner.                                                                              • Students monitor fullness of bags
                                                                                                • Volunteers bring full bags home to recycle
                   January 7:          Fifth and Sixth Grade Shabbat Dinner
                   March:              Midrasha Shabbaton                                       How you can help:
                   March 11:           PK/K Shabbat Dinner                                      •   Donate paper grocery sized bags with
                   May 6:              Teacher Appreciation Shabbat Dinner                          handles so we can fill them
                                                                                                •   Bring home a full bag to put in your recycle
    Israeli Folk Dancing in the Merrimack Valley Led by Anne Schwartz
                          Every Sunday 7-8:15 pm
                                                                                                To help out, please contact Anne Schwartz at
 Everyone welcome—no partner needed. 1600 Osgood St, SE Entrance, North
  Andover, MA (former Lucent Bldg) Follow signs to Laser Craze, 2nd floor of
   Bldg. 30. Requested donation: $2 per person per session. For more info,
               contact Anne Schwartz at                                         Thanks for helping in Tikkun Olam
                                                                                                            (Repairing the World).

The Merrimack Valley Chapter of Hadassah - would love for you to experience Hadassah. Women
doing extraordinary things, Tikkun Olam, Linking Generations, Making a difference in the US & Israel.
Mark your calendar for December 8, 2010 and join us for our Donor Gala & Chanukah Celebration.
Featuring enlightening and entertaining Speakers Jean Trounstine and Karen Propp authors of Why I’m
Still Married: Women Write Their Hearts Out on Love, Loss, Sex and Who Does the Dishes. RSVP
Required, couvert $45 + Donation. If you would like to join, or be added to our mailing list, or for
information on our next event, contact Rhonda Saunders at 978-886-2399 or

                                                               Etz Hayim: A Torah Commentary

                                             Here’s a great opportunity to honor or remember a Loved One!
                                                             Donate a new Chumash today!

                           We do not have enough Etz Hayim Chumashim for members and guests when we have a large
                               Simcha. Please help us reach the goal of 50 additional books for our congregation.

                                          A book plate will be added to the inside cover of each book.
                                  Please print how you would like the inscription on the book plate to read:
                   Name of Donor:        ________________________________________________________
                   [ ] In Honor of:      ________________________________________________________
                   [ ] In Memory of: _________________________________________________________

                   Please enclose your check in the amount of $100, payable to CBI, to order a book today.
                                    Return form and check to Amy in the office or mail to:
                               Congregation Beth Israel, 501 S. Main St., Andover, MA 01810

                                                ETZ HAYIM CHUMASH DONATIONS

Ernie & Rena Perelmuter                                     In memory of Belle Perelmuter
Jonathan & Ellen Brody                                      In honor of Dena Brody on her Bat Mitzvah
Jonathan & Ellen Brody                                      In honor of Adam Brody on his Bar Mitzvah
Jonathan & Ellen Brody                                      In memory of Harold & Bernice Brody
Linda & Philip Shamber                                      In memory of Harold & Bernice Brody
Barbara Brody & Martha Abbott                               In memory of Harold & Bernice Brody
Barbara Brody & Martha Abbott                               In honor of Adam & Dena Brody on their Bar & Bat Mitzvah

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                        Congregation Beth Israel                                                        Page 8
                                                                       By Rabbi Margaret Frisch Klein

November was a very exciting month. So much to be thankful           community. Coming to services just plain
for. We had eight special events in a shortened month with           and simple helps them feel comfortable in
Thanksgiving. Classes have been doing amazing things. PK/K           synagogue. Check out the incentive board
students built a doll house synagogue complete with people in        posted in the hall.
pews and a green mezuzah. They went on a mezuzah hunt in the
                                                                  One of the things we learned about the
building and discovered that my office doesn't have one! We'll
                                                                  Talmud is one of the machlochets
be fixing that.
                                                                  (argument, debates) between Rabbi Hillel
1st and 2nd graders had their class dinner, with beautiful hand   and Rabbi Shammai. Rabbi Shammai
made challah covers, homemade challah, food from around the thought that for each night of Chanukah
world and perfect attendance. They also had their first family    the number of candles should be decreased, so that on the first
education program with alef-bet soup, an introduction to          night we would light eight and on the last night just one. Rabbi
kashrut and a scavenger hunt at a local supermarket to buy food Hillel said that it was the opposite. On the first night we should
for a needy family.                                               light one and on the last eight. We know that Rabbi Hillel's
                                                                  opinion won. Why? Because our joy increases with each day and
3rd and 4th graders had a beach party in Tel Aviv and explored
                                                                  with more light. Our shining lights in the school are our
Diezengoff. They also tasted Israeli salad.
                                                                  teachers. They make miracles happen every day they teach and
5th and 6th graders mastered most of the Torah service and        increase our knowledge. Make sure you thank them when you
Hallel, put seeds of kindness on a poster of a pomegranate and see them!
started planning their social action projects. More details on
                                                                  My mother always taught us that Jews around the world were
those next month.
                                                                  celebrating Chanukah. In fact every country has unique fried
Midrasha saw Paperclips and started the synagogue's facebook food for this holiday. We are used to latkes and sufganiyot, but
page. Schoolwide we celebrated National Jewish Book month by in Greece they eat fried zucchini, in Mexico sopapillas, and in
reading Jewish books and adding leaves to our tree. We also       Italy they make a lovely lemon marinated fried chicken that my
celebrated the Global Day of Jewish Learning and learned a little husband serves every year--and only once per year. It is my
bit about Talmud. We were one of 400 communities in 44            Chanukah gift to you!
countries doing this.
                                                                                     —- Rabbi Margaret Frisch Klein
December will be equally exciting. We will light the Chanukah
menorah as a community--December 2 at 5:45-6:15. Stop by
when you are picking up or dropping off your child. Snacks,
candle blessings and a torch race! Special guest will be Rabbi
Rachel Silverman, now from Prozdor, to speak to midrasha
students and parents. We have the return of Kosher Iron Chef--
the Chanukah edition for our midrasha students on December 2.
December 4th is First Light in Haverhill. Come with your families.
Check out the CBI Religious School artwork on display. Always a
family favorite. Details on page 5. December 5th will be our
community-wide Chanukah party from 11:45 to 1:30 sponsored
by Sisterhood. There are exciting new plans and activities, one
of which is a family chanukiah building contest. Build a
chanukiah out of recycled materials for our contest. We will also
be working on a special tzedakah project to tie in with the
school's participation in Share the Light. Classes have been
paired with a child who needs some help this holiday season.
Our projects will make the world a little brighter. We are hoping
to have some very special entertainment and of course, a latke
lunch will be served. Come join us!
Tsaadim is on December 10th and Youth services are on
December 18th. The goal according to the Conservative
Movement is to have children attend services at least 10 times
per year. It reinforces what students are learning in the
classroom, gives them leadership opportunities and helps build

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                   Congregation Beth Israel                                             Page 9
                                                                      M&M Minyan—Youth Shabbat Services
                                                                  Religious School students are expected to attend
                                                                  Shabbat services at least once a month. The
                                                                  Conservative Movement suggests 10 times per year.
                                                                  These opportunities provide community, a chance to
   Got Young Children?                                            practice what students are learning in the classroom, a
                                                                  model for “davening” and of course “oneg” a snack that is
                                                                  the “pleasure” of Shabbat. Traditional nusach is
     Beth Israel has                                              enhanced with modern, upbeat melodies familiar from
                                                                  camp. We use games, drama and discussion to enliven
                                                                  the morning. These services run from 10am-12pm and
    programs for you!                                             then the students will join the congregation for the
                                                                  conclusion of the service.

   Come play, pray and                                                        Dec. 18                Jan. 22
                                                                             Feb. 12                March 12
      grow with us!                                                            April 9 Student led services
                                                                        May 14 Fifth and Sixth Grade Torah Service

              Toddler Play Group:                                 Additionally, each class will participate in a Friday
         Monthly for Toddlers and Parents                         evening Kabbalat Shabbat Service and dinner.
               Sharon Cores, ECE                                                         Please join us.
            $5 donation per session

         Sunday December 5th at 9:30am                                         KITCHEN WISH LIST
                                                                  Listed below are kitchen items that we would like to have
          Additional dates: January 23rd                          here at the Synagogue. Any and all assistance is greatly
            February 13th, March 6th                              appreciated. If you would like to shop and drop, that would
                April 10th, May 15th                              be terrific. If you’d like to make a financial contribution
                                                                  allowing us to make a purchase, that would be wonderful, as
                                                                              2 Lemon Juicers/Reamers
                          PK/K:                                               New all cotton dish towels
              Weekly for 4 & 5 year olds                                      26 quart stainless pot (dairy)
                                                                              1 replacement bowl for the food processor
                Barbara Moverman                                              (check with Adelle or Beryl for details)
                 Sundays at 9am                                               2 sets of kitchen knives - Dairy and Meat
                                                                              3 pairs kitchen scissors - one each for meat,
                                                                              dairy, pareve (red, blue, green if possible or we will
                       Tsaadim:                                               3 trivets - one each red, blue, green
 Monthly dinner for families with young children                              Potholders - multiple red, blue, green
                                                                              Plastic Rubbermaid/Sterilite see-through
   Sharon Cores, ECE and Rabbi Friedman                                       stacking containers with locking lids (shoebox
        $18.00 per family per Shabbat                                         size or larger)
                Friday, Dec. 10                                          Thank you in advance for your kindness and
        Feb. 4, April 8, May 13, June 3                                              generosity. Todah Rabah!

                                                                             Reminder: The January Bulletin
 Toddler Playgroup is open to all Jewish families in the                       Deadline is December 10th
                   Merrimack Valley.
                                                                   Send your articles to
  PK/K is part of Congregation Beth Israel’s Religious
                                                                      with "January Newsletter" in the subject line.
    School. Fees are available by calling the office.

 The Jewish Advocate is offering a FREE 6 month Subscription to new members of CBI who are not current subscribers. Plus they
will offer a FREE 3 month Subscription to existing members who are not Subscribers. Forward your name and address and indicate if
         you are a new or existing member to or call 617-367-9100x120 for more info.

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                 Congregation Beth Israel                                                Page 10
Dear fellow USYers,                                                         Junior USY
Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had a relaxing                               In November, Andover Junior USY was again active at the regional level
Thanksgiving. We have had a great year so far                               with Nerusy’s annual Turkey Dance. We started off the night with our
and are looking forward to continuing this great                            traditional trip to the Cheesecake Factory at the Burlington Mall to enjoy
success in 2011! In November, we had a large                                some delicious cheesecake. Later, at the dance, everyone had a great time
turnout for both the Turkey Dance and our                                   seeing their friends from all over the region. In addition to the regular
Boston trip. Our upcoming event in December will                            dance, there was also an ice cream sundae bar, a karaoke machine, and
be Amesbury Snow Park! Please RSVP to Sadie                                 special games all throughout the night! Everyone there had a lot of fun!
Moverman by December 12. I would just like to                                         Coming up in December, we have another regional event on the
give a personal shout-out to the Andover Sr.                                calendar on December 19th. This time, they have organized an afternoon
board. They have been doing a tremendous job                                for all the Junior USYers at 2Cool Entertainment Center in Canton. 2Cool is
this year, and are continuing to work hard to help                          a party facility with a constantly changing room full of inflatable obstacle
supply all USYers with the best experience                                  courses, slides, moonwalks, and sports games. They also have a separate
possible.                                                                   gaming room with an air hockey table, dance revolution, Wii, Playstation,
If you have any questions about USY, our                                    and racecar simulators. We have reserved these areas for the afternoon
programs or upcoming events please do not                                   and it should be an awesome program with your friends from all over the
hesitate to contact me at                                                   region! In addition, we are hoping to do a program for just the chapter at                                                    some point during the month. Check your email for more info about these
Aaron Bregman— Andover Sr. USY Advisor                                      events!
                                                                             Happy Chanukkah! - -Barry Kaufman, Jr. USY Advisor

Having an event at the synagogue? Spare yourself the tsuris of potchkeeing in the kitchen and Hire-a-USYer! Andover USY
(CBI’s youth group) is available to help set up food for you—from a little nosh to a full Kiddush luncheon—or anything in
between. USYers will set up and replenish food and will clean up afterwards. The cost is $40 per USYer per event, half of
which goes to tzedakah and half of which goes to the USYer. For further information

                                                CBI MEMBERSHIP INCENTIVE PROGRAM
Help us to keep the commandment to be fruitful and multiply…the size of our synagogue. Invite family and friends to give us a try by
 attending Services, Classes and Events. In return, for every new member you bring in to the shul, you will receive a credit to your
          dues of $180 for a new family and $90 for a single membership. So, extend an invitation to someone you know...

                                            Remember: New Members get Two years for the price of One!

                                                                                             at the Synagogue, at noon (with some       PERSONAL SPIRITUAL COACHING - Rabbi
                                                                                             adjustments for holidays)). We continue    Edward Friedman Talmud Torah, the study
                                                                                             our monthly discussion on the weekly       of "Torah". We suggest every member
                                                                                             Torah portion with a new twist. Bring a    seek out options for learning. You name
BASIC JUDAISM - Rabbi Edward Friedman sight-reading the Hebrew, siddur prayer
                                            recitation, getting comfortable with             dairy brown bag lunch. We'll supply the    the topic and we will help you find the
Basic Judaism is open to anyone in the
                                            pronunciation and the "tunes" for chanted        drinks and dessert. December’s date is     answers you're looking for and the rabbi is
congregation and the community.
                                            and sung prayers, and understanding the          Monday, the 6th.                           always available to help you in your study
Ongoing Mondays 6 – 7:30 pm at the
Synagogue.                                  words of the siddur. Sundays from 9:30-                                                     or to answer your questions.
                                            10:30am, at Boutwell Rd. Meeting Dates           LUNCH & LEARN AT CHELMSFORD
                                                                                                                                    SELF-LED STUDY GROUPS - As part of
TALMUD STUDY - Rabbi Edward                 12/12, 12/19, 1/9, 1/23, 2/6, 2/13, 3/6, 3/27,   LIBRARY - Rabbi Edward Friedman (Third our effort to build a learning community at
Friedman This year we will be looking at    4/10, 4/24, 5/1, 5/15.                        Tuesday of each month at the                  CBI, we are seeking members to form
women's involvement in Jewish worship.                                                    Chelmsford Library; usually at 12:30, but     chevruta, or self-study groups, around
Sundays from 9:30-10:30am, at Boutwell      CONVERSATIONAL HEBREW - Yoav Shorr time varies depending on room
                                                                                                                                        topics of their own choosing. A group can
Rd. Dates 12/12 & 19, 1/9 & 23, 2/6 & 13,   This class will focus on building simple      availability). We will study about Jewish     meet for a finite period of time, or on an
3/6 & 27, 4/10 & 24, 5/1 & 15.              sentences and conversing with one another holidays and traditions. Bring a dairy brown
                                                                                                                                        ongoing basis. The Rabbi will be available
                                            about basic, everyday topics. Sundays at bag lunch and we will provide beverages
INTRODUCTION TO THE ZOHAR: JEWISH                                                                                                       to provide direction. We invite members to
                                            10:30am, tracking the Religious School        and dessert                                   propose topics, and better yet – take the
MYSTICAL TEXTS - Rabbi Edward               calendar, meeting at Boutwell Road.
                                                                                          KIDDUSH ROUNDTABLE - Rabbi Edward             initiative and find fellow congregants who
Friedman We will be looking at selections
                                            ALEPH-BET - Yoav Shorr Class which will Friedman Join us for study after services           would like to form a chevruta.
and working out their meaning for modern
Jews. Sundays from 10:30-11:30am, at        focus on how to read the Hebrew alphabet. each month as we learn more about the
                                            Be sure to let us know if you are interested. history and beliefs of Conservative
                                                                                                                                        Watch for information about a Scholar
Boutwell Rd. Dates 12/12 & 19, 1/9 & 23,                                                                                                In Residence Program.
2/6 & 13, 3/6 & 27, 4/10 & 24, 5/1 & 15.    Call for Dates.                               Judaism. Following Shabbat Services
                                                                                          usually the second Shabbat of each
PRAYERBOOK HEBREW—Mark Lang                 LUNCH & LEARN AT CBI - Rabbi Edward month, at 12:30pm
Chevruta (partnered) learning focused on    Friedman (First Tuesday of each month - check it out for events and activities in and around Boston. There’s so much going on! You can create
your own profile and receive notices of events of interest in locations you select. Also visit

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                                       Congregation Beth Israel                                                                      Page 11
                                            COMMUNITY NOTICES
                                                       ~ Refuah Shelamah, Complete & Speedy Recovery
                                                              Howie Flagler
                                                             Bernie Shapiro
                                                             Eve Silverstein
                                                        ~ Mazel Tov, Congratulations
                      Bunny Callahan & Victor Saffrin, on the marriage of their son, Zachary, and Elyssa Besen

                                                            ~ Tanchumim, Condolences
                                 Rivka Gallant, on the death of her mother, Dorothy Gertrude O’Neill

                                                              - Nesiyah Tovah, Good Travels
                                                           Sarah Klein, to Israel
                                                          Judy Mizner, to Israel
                                                        Cassandra Spector, to Israel

                                                          - Todah Rabah, Thank You
        Ernie & Rena Perelmuter, for the first Etz Hayim Chumash Donation in memory of Ernie’s mother, Belle Perelmuter

                                                ¯      - B’ruchim Ha’baim, Welcome New Members
                                                  Lisa & Donald Belanger, Hana & Ethan
                                                           Judith Green Chaloff
                                                               Judy Mizner

From the Adult Education Committee: Some Thoughts on Chanukah
We have all read and sung about Chanukah; how the Maccabees were victorious and rededicated the Temple. Many of us only know
surface details, - how an invader took over the land, forbade Jewish practices and instituted pagan sacrifices in the Temple. There is more
to the story.
The land now called Israel was once part of Alexander the Great’s Empire. Many of the educated and elite adopted Hellenic practices
[synthesis of Greek and local practices] in order to be accepted as citizens of the Empire and to enjoy the privileges involvement in society
gave to them. Jewish religious practices ran the spectrum from strict adherence to little adherence, just as it does now.
After the death of Alexander, the Greek Empire split into three kingdoms. All maintained their Hellenic outlook. Two of those kingdoms,
the Ptolemaic centered in Egypt and the Seleucid kingdoms centered in Syria, vied for control of Israel. Around 200 BCE the Seleucid
King named Antiochus III conquered the land. His policy toward his subjects including the Jews was to allow local practices and
leadership to remain. He was succeeded by Antiochus IV Epiphanes, a more strident Hellenist who wanted the tolerance of local practices
to end. Anti Jewish edicts ensued, forbidding Jewish learning and Temple practices and requiring that only pagan worship could be
performed in the Temple. This move was supported by some of the Jewish political leadership including the High Priests who were
appointed by Antiochus IV.
A family of Cohanim led by Mattathias of Modi’in, and his son, Judah, decided the current high priests were wrong in their path and sought
to reassert rule over the land and reform the Priesthood and Temple practices to a more pure or fundamentalist form. Their actions
resulted in both a civil war and a war against an outside enemy. The revolt was directed first against Jews willing to submit to Greek
custom. Only then was it directed against Antiochus IV, who was forcibly imposing Hellenism upon the Jewish population and plundering
the Temple and the land. The revolt achieved rapid success. This group of rebels attained the name Maccabees which means hammers.
At the end of the year 164 BC, a chanukat habayit [inauguration or dedication] was performed and celebrated in the Temple now purified
of all pagan cults.
This favorite and fun holiday resulting from a civil war, is a good platform for thinking about Judaism and the place of pluralism within
Judaism. What do we consider the pure practice of Judaism? Has it existed since the destruction of the second Temple? Has a pure form
ever existed? Is an Orthodox or Fundamentalist/Haredi standpoint any more authentic and pure than Conservative? What would we be as
Jews and as humans if we didn’t have the influence of logic from Aristotle and modern philosophies regarding man’s place in religion and
in the world?
Last month, the Kiddush Roundtable class discussed how the Conservative Movement was founded and how it is an outgrowth of the
movement to live Jewishly in a modern world. The Maccabees reaction to trying to live Jewishly in a changing world was to preserve
Temple practices as a Jewish expression of worship. It was a static interpretation: “This is Judaism and should not change.” And we are
hugely indebted for that stance, or we would not be here discussing Judaism in the 21st Century. Rabbi Friedman postulates that had
Conservative Judaism existed at the time of the Chanukah story, Conservative Jews might not have eliminated animal sacrifice, but we
might have encouraged the study of Greek and Hellenic philosophy and literature along with our own sacred texts.
So as we light Chanukah candles, please think about how the strength and resiliency of a small group of Fundamentalists allowed
Judaism to prosper into a plurality of practice. Let’s be grateful to them. Let’s also celebrate our option to be Jewish in a very modern and
ever evolving way.    B’Shalom—Adelle Stavis

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                       Congregation Beth Israel                                                   Page 12
From                            To                                  Occasion
Bonnie & Jess Heines            Ernie Perelmuter & Family           In memory of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Les Tye                         Ernie Perelmuter & Family           In memory of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Jerry Golner                    Ernie Perelmuter & Family           In memory of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Merri & Gil Brown               Ernie Perelmuter & Family           In memory of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Elaine & Sam Winic              Ernie Perelmuter & Family           In memory of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Elaine & Sam Winic              Toby Marshall & Family              In memory of grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Elaine & Sam Winic              Shari Perelmuter                    In memory of grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Elaine & Sam Winic              Lenny Spector & Family              In memory of wife, mother, Wendy Spector
Elaine & Sam Winic              Mildred Spector                     In memory of daughter-in-law, Wendy Spector
Elaine & Sam Winic              Tina & Howard Spector               In memory of sister-in-law, Wendy Spector
Harriet & Herb Shanzer          Rena & Ernie Perelmuter             In memory of mother, Belle Perelmuter
Harriet & Herb Shanzer          Toby & Jason Marshall & Family      In memory of grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Stavis/Cuthbertson Family       Rena & Ernie Perelmuter             In memory of mother, Belle Perelmuter
Stavis/Cuthbertson Family       Toby & Jason Marshall & Family      In memory of grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Stavis/Cuthbertson Family       Tina & Howard Spector               In memory of sister-in-law, Wendy Spector
Rabbi Ed & Janice Friedman      Ernie Perelmuter & Family           In memory of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Jacqui & Len Kamlet             Ernie Perelmuter & Family           In memory of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Cynthia & Eric Kaplan           Ernie Perelmuter & Family           In memory of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Alisa & Mark Himelfarb          Bunny Callahan & Victor Saffrin     In honor of the forthcoming marriage of Zachary Saffrin & Elyssa Besen
Rabbi Ed & Janice Friedman      Mitch Guttentag                     Get well wishes
Rabbi Ed & Janice Friedman      Mark Lang                           Get well wishes
Jacqui & Len Kamlet             Mitch Guttentag                     Get well wishes
Jacqui & Len Kamlet             Mark Lang                           Get well wishes
Libbie Glazer                   Sharon Sevigny and the              In memory of mother, Madeline Richards
                                  Richards Family
Jeff & Gayle Tye & Family       Mark Lang                           Get well wishes
Jeff & Gayle Tye & Family       Mitch Guttentag                     Get well wishes
Jeff & Gayle Tye & Family       Victor Saffrin & Bunny Callahan     In honor of the marriage of Zachary Saffrin and Elyssa Besen
Jeff & Gayle Tye & Family       Ernie Perelmuter & Family           In memory of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Rabbi Ed & Janice Friedman      Victor Saffrin & Bunny Callahan     In honor of the marriage of Zachary Saffrin and Elyssa Besen
Jacqui & Len Kamlet             Victor Saffrin & Bunny Callahan     In honor of the marriage of Zachary Saffrin and Elyssa Besen
Gail & Mark Rosengard           Perelmuter & Family                 In memory of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter

From                            To                                  Occasion
Carole & Joel Shyavitz & Family Rena & Ernie Perelmuter             In memory of mother, Belle Peterlmuter
Carole & Joel Shyavitz & Family Toby & Jason Marshall & Family      In memory of grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Peterlmuter
Carole & Joel Shyavitz & Family Shari Perelmuter                    In memory of grandmother, Belle Peterlmuter

From                            To                                  Occasion
Paula & Howie Flagler           Ernie Perelmuter & Family           In memory of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Tina & Howard Spector           Ernie Perelmuter & Family           In memory of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter
Paula & Howie Flagler           Mitch Guttentag                     Get well wishes
Paula & Howie Flagler           Mark Lang                           Get well wishes
                                                                                                                       (Continued on page 14)

Mourner                      Departed                                Mourner                        Departed
Zoila & Larry Feldman        Fannie Moore, Aunt                      Natalie Greenblatt             Dora Serkman, Beloved Mother
Zoila & Larry Feldman        Polly Feldman, Aunt                     Jerry & Judy Krantweiss        Herman Krantweiss, Father
Rhonda E. Saunders           Ida Gilman Seigel, Grandmother          Mark Himelfarb                 Rae Himelfarb, Mother
Rosely Cohen                 Anne Linder, Mother                     James Gerson                   Samuel H. Gerson, Father
Barbara Pofcher              Lillian Finkelstein Pivnick, Mother     Stephen Cohen                  Benjamin Cohen, Father
Barbara Pofcher              Harry Pofcher, Father-in-Law            Gary Mauser                    Herman Mauser, Father
Bonnie Heines                Leonore Rambach, Mother                 Shirley E. Bishoff             Bire Bishoff, Father-in-Law
Nathan Zeller                Bertha Simon-Schatz, Sister             Eve Silverstein                Morris Sadagursky, Father
Ronnie Soreff                Lena Karp, Mother                       Eve Silverstein                Rose Sadagursky, Mother

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                      Congregation Beth Israel                                                    Page 13
                             The following names will be read on Shabbat - Yahrzeits
                              Zichronam livracha, may their memories be for a blessing
Dec 4 / 27 Kislev                  Dec 11 / 4 Tevet                   Dec 18 / 11 Tevet                    Dec 25 / 18 Tevet
Bella Bernstein                    Eva Bernstein                     Esther Alexander                     Hannah Bennoun
Ida Bernstein                      Nathan Bernstein                  Louis Baratz                         Bessie Brams
Mitchell Louis Borke               Louis H. Bloch                    Rose Barlofsky                       Louis J. Brams
Pauline Broady                     Harry Cohen                       Anna Baskin                          Simon Dubinsky
Herbert Bunin                      Max Cohen                         Joseph D. Bernstein                  Edward Fine
Ida Smith Cohen                    Oscar Edelstein                   Nathan Brodsky                       William M. Franks
Raymond Eichenbaum                 Myer Falk                         Minnie Tuton Cohen                   Hyman Gass
David Gerstein                     Pearl R. Feinman                  Bessie Corr                          Irving Goldstein
Benjamin Goldberg                  Jacob Finberg                     Samuel Curley                        Lillian Goldwasser
David Samuel Goldberg              Nathan Friedman                   Philip Davidson                      Irving Greenberg
Fannie Greenbaum                   Israel Froman                     Ethel Feuer                          Robert Himelfarb
Benjamin Greenstein                Isadore Garnick                   Rebecca Filler                       Laura Jaktsis
Annette Gruber                     Elaine Goldstein                  Bess Finkle                          Gilbert Kaplan
Dorothy Herscot                    Nathan Greenbaum                  Rebecca Garnick                      Pauline Sokolow Kaplan
Anne Jacobs                        Gertrude Greenblatt               Israel Gedansky                      Sarah Knopf
Lottie Karp                        Sydney Greenhouse                 E. Mary Gruber                       Rose Kritzman
Louis Kates                        Betty Kleinbart                   Dr. Ralph Heifetz                    Eli Landy
Beatrice Kleider                   Joseph Lasser                     Sidney Herscovitz                    Sarah Leventhal
Max Levine                         Mary Leavitt                      Sally Hurwitz                        Frances Levin
Morris Levy                        Minnie Levine                     Helen Jacobson                       Dr. Herman S. Levine
Joseph Lipchitz                    Martin Lieberman                  Millie Kaplan                        Morris Levine
Minnie Makovsky                    Bessie W. Novick                  Jennie Levy                          Wallace H. Levy
Lewis Marmer                       Malcolm Ochs                      Abraham Rosengard                    Robert Arthur Novick
Dr. Abraham Meister                Rebecca Rappaport                 Louis Sanft                          Norman Rosen
Louis Pearl                        Joseph J. Ravich                  Helen Schwartz                       Esther Rostler
Jack Perelmuter                    Lillian Roffman                   Mitchell (Motle) Schwartz            Ruth Saffrin
Jerome Porton                      Ben Rostler                       Samuel Schwartz                      Mildred Schulman
Grace Rappaport                    Jack Shatz                        Maurice Seeche                       Jacob Scolnick
Seymour Rosenstone                 Jennie Steinberg                  Mary Silverman                       Irving H. Ward
Nettie R. Schneider                Morris Steinberg                  Dr. Jay Slosberg                     Melvin Wolk
Irene Siegal                       Barney Trager                     Frank H. Sobil                       Jeffrey Yafa
Ruth Siegal                        Max Vinecour                      Jay Tichenor                         Bernard Albert Zarkin
Samuel Soreff                      Jenny Zeichner                    Joseph Vinecour                      Rose Ziskind
Ida Waldimer                                                         Frank Warshawsky
                                                                     Rose Weisman
                                                                     Harry Winic
                                                                     Mary Wolfe
                                                                     Harry Zubick

Kind and Generous Donations (Continued from page 13)

From                          To                                    Occasion
Tina & Howard Spector         Mitch Guttentag                       Get well wishes
Tina & Howard Spector         Mark Lang                             Get well wishes
Paula & Howie Flagler         Victor Saffrin & Bunny Callahan       In honor of the marriage of Zachary Saffrin and Elyssa Besen
Tina & Howard Spector         Victor Saffrin & Bunny Callahan       In honor of the marriage of Zachary Saffrin and Elyssa Besen
Terry Fetters                 Tina & Howard Spector                 In memory of sister-in-law, Wendy Spector
Terry Fetters                 Ernie Perelmuter & Family             In memory of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter

From                      To                                        Occasion
Barbara & Paul Garnick    Bunny Callahan &Victor Saffrin            In honor of Zachary’s forthcoming marriage to Elyssa Besen
Barbara & Paul Garnick    Ernie Perelmuter & Family                 In memory of mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter

From                      To                                        Occasion
Esther & Neal Kaufman     Toby & Jason Marshall & Family            In memory of grandmother, great-grandmother, Belle Perelmuter

From                          To                                    Occasion
Terry Fetters                                                       In support

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                      Congregation Beth Israel                                                   Page 14
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                                 Kiddush Queen Caterers                                                               Spend wisely and still celebrate in style!
              It can be difficult to celebrate a simcha or sponsor a kiddush. There is never enough time or money. Here's a
              solution: hire the shul. CBI now offers a program that lets you hire the synagogue to prepare your kiddush or to
              provide delicious home-cooked food for a simcha. All preparations are done in the CBI kitchen but with the home-
 cooked touch we all prefer.
 Hiring the shul can save time, save money, and help everyone. Services include developing your menu, shopping, and cooking. For
 sponsoring an ordinary kiddush, the service includes set up and clean up. And every time you hire the shul to cater a kiddush or
 simcha, a portion of your fee will go to whatever CBI fund you wish. You can support operations, the religious school, the library, or
 the building fund, thereby fulfilling the mitzvah of tzedakah. If you are going to spend the money, why not support our community in
 the process?
 If you are interested in sponsoring a kiddush and letting the synagogue take care of the hassle, please contact Amy Sherr in the
 synagogue office and reserve your date. "Lettuce" do it for you!    Beryl Rosenthal & Adelle Stavis, Kitchen Committee Co-Chairs

    Our Website’s Resource Pages - Please be sure to check out the Resources tab on our website,
   There are audio files available for your listening pleasure and learning of Shabbat and Weekday Evening Services, Passover
 Melodies, Haftarah Trope, and more. There are photographs from special events, articles of interest, and links to newspapers and
  local communities. You will also find various forms and reference material related to synagogue life. Please take a look. Your
                          feedback is always welcome! Send comments to

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                                       Congregation Beth Israel                                                                          Page 15
                                                               JNF Tree Certificates - A New Donation
   To place an ad or receive more                                          Opportunity!
        info about advertising,                               For a contribution of $18, you can request a personalized
                                                               JNF (Jewish National Fund) Trees for Israel certificate be
   please contact Leslie Silverstein,                          sent to the recipient of your choice, for any occasion. To                             learn more about the wonderful work of the Jewish National
                                                                  Fund, log onto their website, What a
                                                             meaningful way to honor, memorialize and celebrate friends
                                                              and loved ones at birthdays, anniversaries, b’nei mitzvah,
       PLEASE PATRONIZE THE                                   accomplishments, get well wishes, in memory, and more.
                                                                   Please call or email Amy in the office for more
   ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT CBI!                                  information and to order your certificates today!

                                                                                              The Best New
                                                                                            Event Venue in the
                                                                                             Merrimack Valley

                                                                   Weddings    Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Showers
                                                                   Fundraisers Golf Outings      Parties

                                                               Lunch & Dinner
  1109 Osgood Street      Tel: 978-688-4442                       Wed – Sat       Dracut, MA (978) 459-5129
  N. Andover. MA 01845 Fax: 978-794-8694                       Sunday Brunch

          Maintenance Man
        Catering to the needs of your
                                                               GOLDMAN FUNERAL
      household repairs, lawncare, and                             CHAPEL
         automotive maintenance.                             174 Ferry Street, Malden, MA 02148-5625

    Please contact Roger Roy, Facilities                                 HARVEY GOLDMAN
          Manager at Beth Israel                                           JAY GOLDMAN
         at 508-423-1086 (cell) or                           Boston Area: 781-324-1122 Toll Free: 800-982-3717                              Fax: 781-324-7553 Email at

                      Annie’s Book Stop
                              At Drum-Hill
                         Open 7 Days a Week!

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)           Congregation Beth Israel                                              Page 16
     Family owned and operated for 5 generations
              in the Merrimack Valley
                                                          Monument Works
                                                              Memorials of Distinction

                                                           MONUMENT – MARKERS
                                                           CEMETERY LETTERING
                                                               1025 Lawrence St.
                 978.372.9311                                  Lowell, MA 01852
             106 Summer St. Haverhill                           978 – 452 – 7821
             210 So. Main St. Bradford

     Cowan Insurance
       Agency, Inc.
              359 Main Street                               Rooted in Jewish values and featuring fine
             Haverhill, MA 01830                            Kosher dining, Woodbridge Assisted Living
                                                             and the Legacy Program for those with
                                                            memory impairments, honors our elders by
   Phone: (978) 372-1451                                     maintaining their dignity while providing
                                                               security and support in a culturally
             Fax: (978) 521-4669                             comfortable and elegant environment.
                                                              For More Information please contact:
     Specializing in Business & Personal                                   MARTA STURM
                  Insurance                                        Woodbridge Assisted Living
                                                             240 Lynnfield Street, Peabody, MA 01960
                 Service by People,
                  Not Voice Mail                            

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)        Congregation Beth Israel                                Page 17
    OFFICE                     NAME                            COMMITTEES
    President            Len Kamlet
    First VP             Howard Spector              Building, House
    Second VP            Jeff Tye                    Ritual                                           CBI Office
    Third VP             Sam Poulten                 Building
                                                                                                     The Synagogue
    Fourth VP            Eric Kaplan                 Building                                         office is open:
    Clerk                Jim Shainker                Development, Social Action,                        M-W, 9-5
                                                     Building                                             Th, 9-6
    Corresponding        Rochelle Pawlowski                                                               F, 9-12
    Secretary                                                                                      If you’re planning a
    Treasurer            TBA                                                                            trip to the
                                                                                                     synagogue, it’s a
    DIRECTORS            Neal Berke                  Building                                        good idea to call
                         Jonathan Brody              Finance, Membership                                  ahead.
                         Nancy Cohn                  Adult Ed                                      Office: 978-474-0540
                                                                                                    Fax: 978-474-1915
                         Beryl Rosenthal             Religious School
                         Sheldon Rubin               Building, Fundraising
                         Jeff Saunders
                         Adelle Stavis               Religious School

 OFFICE / STAFF                                                  
 Rabbi Edward Friedman =                  Membership, Jonathan Brody =
 Administrator, Amy Sherr =              
 President, Len Kamlet =              Newsletter Advertising, Leslie Silverstein -
 Treasurer, TBA =                     
 Board - Leadership & Staff =             Newsletter Articles, Amy Sherr =
 Religious School Principal, Rabbi Margaret Frisch Klein =       Newsletter Editors, Marilyn Freedman & Merle Roesler =
 Sr. USY Advisor, Aaron Bregman =         Newsletter Publisher, Jacqui Kamlet =
 Jr. USY Advisor, Barry Kaufman =         
 Kadima Advisor, Dara Tye =              Publicity / Communication, TBA -
                                                                 Religious School, Beryl Rosenthal =
 COMMITTEES, ETC.                                                
 Adult Ed, Yoav Shorr =                 Ritual, Jeff Tye & David Cores =
 Brotherhood, Dave Brown & Fred Cohn -                           Sisterhood, TBA =
                           Social, TBA =
 CBI Cares, Maxine Berke & Sheri Saginor -                       Social Action / Chesed, Susannah Abbott, Anne Schwartz & Jim
                                        Shainker =
 Development, Jim Shainker =        Technology, TBA =
 Finance, Jonathan Brody =              Webmaster. Rick Pike =
   Abatement =                        Youth, Tanya Gould =
 Governance, TBA =
 House, Howard Spector =
 Long Range Planning, Jim Shainker =

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                Congregation Beth Israel                                               Page 18
                                                                                  December 2010
                                                                                                     Kislev—Tevet 5771

Sun                   Mon              Tue                Wed                Thu               Fri                 Sat

                                                           1 24 Kislev       2 25 Kislev       3     26 Kislev     4 27 Kislev
            Reminder                      Remember                                                                 Parshat Miketz
  Nightly Minyan is held M-Th on                           Chanukah: 1       Chanukah: 2       Chanukah: 3
                                          Israeli Folk                                                             Chanukah: 4 Candles
 the 2nd and 3rd full weeks of the                          Candle             Candles           Candles           9:30a Shabbat
                                        Dancing every                                          3:54p Candle
  month. UNLESS there's a shiva                                              4p RS                                    Services
 minyan needed at a congregant's         Sunday from                                             Lighting          Daniel Katz Bar
  home - then it will be held at the       7-8:15pm                          6:15p Midrasha
  shiva home. Watch for special        at 1600 Osgood                        6:15p Building                           Celebration
     announcements from the             Street in North                        Committee                           7p MVJF First Light in
           Synagogue.                       Andover                          7:30p Minyan                             Haverhill

5     28 Kislev       6   29 Kislev    7   30 Kislev       8   1 Tevet       9   2 Tevet       10    3 Tevet       11    4 Tevet
9a RS
                      Chanukah: 6      Rosh Chodesh        Rosh Chodesh      Chanukah: 8th     3:53p Candle        Parshat
9:30a TPG               Candles         Tevet               Tevet              Day               Lighting          Vayigash
11:45a Sisterhood     12p Lunch and    Chanukah: 7         Chanukah: 8       4p RS             6:30p Tsaadim       9:30a Shabbat
   Chanukah Party
10:30a ConvHebrew       Learn,          Candles             Candles          6:15p Midrasha    Freshman              Services
12:30p USY Board        Andover                                              6:15p Building    Kinnus              Roundtable after
2p Jewish Scouting    6p Basic                                                 Committee                             services
4:15p USY Candle
    Lighting&Lounge     Judaism

12 5 Tevet            13    6 Tevet    14    7 Tevet       15    8 Tevet     16 9 Tevet        17   10 Tevet       18    11 Tevet
9a RS                 6p Basic         7:30p Minyan        7:30p Minyan      9:30a Baskets     Asara B’Tevet       Parshat Vayechi
9:30a Talmud &          Judaism                                                Support Group   3:54p Candle        9:30a Shabbat
  Prayerbook          7:30p Minyan                                           4p RS               Lighting            Services
  Hebrew                                                                     6:15p Midrasha    6:30p Shabbat on    10a Youth
10:30a Zohar &                                                               7 Building           the Road, with     Services
  Conv. Hebrew                                                                 Committee          the Marshalls,
12:15p RS Staff                                                              7:30p Minyan         No. Billerica

19 12 Tevet           20    13 Tevet   21    14 Tevet      22    15 Tevet    23    16 Tevet    24 17 Tevet         25    18 Tevet
9a RS                 6p Basic         12:30p Lunch &      7:30p Minyan      7p Building       3:57p Candle        Parshat Shemot
9:30a Talmud &          Judaism           Learn—           USY Intl            Committee         Lighting          9:30a Shabbat
   Prayerbook         7:30p Minyan        Chelmsford         Convention,     7:30p Minyan      6:15p Shabbat         Services
   Hebrew                                                                                         Dinner—Kosher
                                       6:30p Board of        Orlando         USY Intl             Chinese Food
                                                                                                                   USY Intl
10:30a Zohar &                                                                                                       Convention,
                                          Directors                            Convention,     7:30p Kabbalat
   Conv. Hebrew                                                                                                      Orlando
11a RS Comm                            7:30p Minyan                            Orlando            Shabbat Srvcs
                                                                                               USY Intl Conven-
Jr. USY—2 Cool                                                                                    tion, Orlando

26 19 Tevet           27 20 Tevet      28 21 Tevet         29 22 Tevet       30 23 Tevet       31   24 Tevet
Winter Break          6p Basic         USY Intl            USY Intl          Winter Break      4:02p Candle
No RS                   Judaism         Convention,         Convention,      No RS               Lighting
No Adult Ed           USY Intl          Orlando             Orlando          6:15p Building
USY Intl                Convention,                                            Committee
  Convention,           Orlando                                              USY Intl
  Orlando                                                                      Convention,

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                    Congregation Beth Israel                                               Page 19
                                                                                       January 2011
                                                                                                  Tevet ~ Sh’vat 5771

Sun                  Mon                Tue                  Wed                Thu                Fri                    Sat

                 Reminder                                                                                                 1     25 Tevet
                                                   Remember Israeli Folk
   Nightly Minyan is held M-Th on the                                                                                     Parashat Vaera
                                                 Dancing every Sunday from
  2nd and 3rd full weeks of the month.                                                                                    9:30a Shabbat
     UNLESS there's a shiva minyan
                                                         7-8:15pm                                                           Services
 needed at a congregant's home - then             at 1600 Osgood Street in
    it will be held at the shiva home.                 North Andover
   Watch for special announcements
            from the Synagogue.

2 26 Tevet           3     27 Tevet      4    28 Tevet        5    29 Tevet     6   1 Sh'vat       7    2 Sh'vat          8   3 Sh'vat
No RS                6p Basic Judaism                                           Rosh Chodesh       4:09p Candle
                                         12p Lunch &                                                                      Parashat Bo
                                                                                    Sh'vat           lighting
No Adult Ed                              Learn—Andover                                                                    9:30a Shabbat
                                                                                4p RS              6:30p 5th/6th Grade
Holiday Break                                                                                         Shabbat Dinner        Services
                                                                                6:15p Midrasha
                                                                                                   7:30p Kabbalat         Roundtable
                                                                                                      Shabbat Svc         Gr 1 & 2 Havdalah
                                                                                                   7:30p Freshman

9     4 Sh'vat       10 5 Sh'vat         11   6 Sh'vat        12   7 Sh'vat     13    8 Sh'vat     14 9 Sh'vat            15    10 Sh'vat
9a RS                6p Basic Judaism                                                              4:17p Candle
                                         7:30p Minyan         7:30p Minyan      4p RS                lighting
9:30a Talmud &       7:30p Minyan                                               5:30p Parent /                              Beshalach
                                                                                                   6:30pm Shabbat
   Prayerbook                                                                   Teacher Conf.                             9:30a Shabbat
                                                                                                     on the Road
   Hebrew                                                                       6:15p Midrasha                              Services
                                                                                                     with the
10:30a Zohar &                                                                                                            Bat Mitzvah of
   Conv. Hebrew
                                                                                7p MVJF Board        Berkes,
                                                                                7:30p Minyan         Chelmsford             Amanda Kamlet
2p Jewish Scouting

16    11 Sh'vat      17 12 Sh'vat        18   13 Sh'vat       19   14 Sh'vat    20  15 Sh'vat      21 16 Sh'vat           22  17 Sh'vat
                     Office Closed                                                                 4:25p Candle
No RS                                    12p Lunch &          7:30p Minyan      Tu B'Shvat                                Parashat Yitro
No Adult Ed          MLK Day             Learn—                                 4p RS                                     9:30a Shabbat
                                                                                                   7:30p Tu B’Shvat
                     6p Basic Judaism    Chelmsford                             6:15p Midrasha                              Services
                                                                                                     Seder with
                     7:30p Minyan        6:30p Board Mtg                        7:30p Minyan                              10a Youth Service
                                         7:30p Minyan                                                                     7p NERUSY
                                                                                                                            Kadima Event

23    18 Sh'vat      24    19 Sh'vat     25   20 Sh'vat       26   21 Sh'vat    27    22 Sh'vat    28 23 Sh'vat           29  24 Sh'vat
                                                                                                   4:34p Candle
9a RS                6p Basic Judaism                                           4p RS                                     Parashat
9:30a TPG                                                                       6:15p Midrasha                              Mishpatim
9:30a Talmud &
                                                                                                   NERUSY Officers        9:30a Shabbat
   Prayerbook                                                                                        Kinnusim               Services
10:30a Zohar &
   Conv. Hebrew

30    25 Sh'vat      31    26 Sh'vat
9a RS                6p Basic Judaism
10:30a Conv.

December 2010 (Kislev ~ Tevet 5771)                       Congregation Beth Israel                                                  Page 20

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