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       Congregation Beth Israel
       501 South Main Street
       Andover, MA 01810

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November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)   Congregation Beth Israel                                        Page 1
        The question sometimes comes up in Hebrew School why we say the
blessing of “Borei pri ha-etz” (Who creates the fruit of the tree) over grapes, while the
blessing for wine is “Borei pri hagafen” (Who creates the fruit of the vine). Aren’t
grapes actually the fruit of the vine? Ordinarily the blessing for any drink, including
the juice of various kinds of fruit, is the more general blessing of “Shehakol nihyeh bidvaro” (Who
causes everything to come into being by His word), yet for grape juice and wine we say the special
blessing of borei pri hagafen. How come?
        One could ask similar questions about the blessings for wheat and other grains and the
products made from them. If one eats the roasted grains, the blessing is “borei pri ha-
adamah” (who creates the fruit of the earth). If you grind up the grains and make flour and cook it
into pasta or pastry, we say “borei minei mezonot” (who creates all kinds of food). Only when it is
made into bread do we say “hamotzi lechem min ha-aretz” (who brings bread forth from the earth.)
Why the separate blessings?
        Clearly bread and wine are considered unique products. They symbolize the food that we
eat. In fact, when one says hamotzi over bread before a meal, it covers most of the other foods that
one will eat during the meal and one need not say separate blessings for each additional item
served. The Psalmist singles out bread and wine for special mention as he praises God’s creation
in Psalm 104: “You cause grass to grow for cattle and plants for people to cultivate, enabling them
to bring forth bread from the earth. It is wine that gladdens the human heart, oil that makes the face
shine, and bread that sustains human life.”
        When one munches on parched kernels of wheat or picks off a handful of grapes, one
accepts the gifts of the products of the earth pretty much as they are. However when we drink wine
and eat bread, we celebrate our partnership with God in the production of these sophisticated
products. We recognize the many steps that must go into the production, some on God’s part and
others by human intervention. Beyond that (for other dishes also may require elaborate preparation
exceeding that of a loaf of bread), these products, in the words of the anonymous author of the 13th
century halachic work “Sefer Kol Bo,” have been changed in such a manner as to elevate them in a
spiritual way. The sages count ten types of labor that goes into making a loaf of bread and ten
mitzvot that one must fulfill prior to eating it. Even though the earth was cursed because of Adam’s
sin, the power of repentance is so great that God has forgiven us and brings forth bread from the
earth to sustain us. Bread symbolizes the power of repentance and the grace of God. Wine is a
symbol of joy and celebration. We sanctify the Sabbath and other holy days with Kiddush over the
wine and when there is no wine, we can make Kiddush over bread. These two, wine and bread,
become sacred foods, not in the Christian sense of the Eucharistic meal, but in our own way of
opening our homes to the Divine Presence and acknowledging the gifts of God on our table.
        The Talmud recognizes that we all have the power to elevate the food that we eat to that of a
spiritual gift rather than simply see it as fuel to run our internal engines. When we acknowledge
God’s gift of the food we eat through the simple blessings at the table, we transform the food. Prior
to the blessing, one must say, “the earth is the Lord’s and all that it contains,” however, says the
Talmud, once we make a bracha, we can say instead, “the heavens are the heavens of the Lord,
but the earth has God given to humankind.” Words of thanks are all God asks in return for His
manifold blessings. Let us offer thanks during this season of Thanksgiving for the many gifts that
the Almighty has showered upon us.

                Rabbi Edward Friedman
November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)   Congregation Beth Israel                                Page 2
                                                        By Leonard Kamlet

        It’s been a few months since I mentioned that I would someday write an
article about procrastination, and I’ve already missed this month’s bulletin deadline,
so I think it’s an appropriate time to take the opportunity to write that article.
        Among the many quotes from Mark Twain, regarding procrastination he once
said “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” And
given that his authorized biography just came out this past month, 100 years after
his death, it seems like a fitting statement.
        On the surface, it seems convenient to put off tomorrow’s task. We all certainly have plenty
to keep us busy these days. Electronic devices tend to be deemed ‘time-saving devices’ in the
same vein as Orwell’s “1984” Ministries; in the end we spend more time than we would without
them. Work tends to demand more of our time and attention. Family members are each on their
own busy schedules, so finding any time together is more precious and preferred to be shared,
taking time away from individual tasks.
        What do we benefit from procrastination? If you take a step back and look at the
consequences, it rarely seems worth it. George Claude Lorimer said it well: Putting off an easy
thing makes it hard. Putting off a hard thing makes it impossible. While we are certainly able to
push off many of our daily tasks, procrastination creates more pressure to perform when you get to
the task (e.g. missing a deadline for a bulletin article!). In addition, it makes it much harder to share
the work with others – there is less time to find someone to help, and more frequently they may be
less willing or unable to help on short notice. The work that can get done either does not meet your
own expectations because it was rushed, or is done but only at the expense of the next task.
        So how do we correct this path? While we recognize that it is easy to procrastinate, in theory
the solution is easy – simply don’t delay in action. There is more than enough that needs to be
done; simply pick a task that needs to be done and complete it.
        The best way to get something done is to begin. In the past month we have seen forward
momentum at Beth Israel on a number of fronts. Our Adult Education committee had a successful
event with guest speaker Hilary Krieger from The Jerusalem Post (see the write-up also in this
month’s newsletter). Our youth groups (Kadima, Junior USY and Senior USY) have gone on a
number of outings with other area youth groups. Our Building Committee has been re-energized,
and is working on resolving the direction of that project so that Beth Israel’s future can be secured.
The Adult Education classes began in late October, and October 31 our new Israel Committee
began its work.
        I invite you to join us. Join in the activity listed above, or help Beth Israel in other areas.
Help publicize upcoming fundraisers; bring people to the events being planned. Attend an Adult Ed
class. Host a Shabbat on the Road Friday night service. Attend our weekly Shabbat service, and
come to a nightly minyan during the second and third weeks this month.
        As in other areas of our lives, there is little to be gained through procrastination.
Opportunities await all of us if we choose to act and not wait.

                Len Kamlet

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)    Congregation Beth Israel                                  Page 3
              Join us for the
         Jewish Film Festival
             Showtime 7pm
       Saturday, November 6th
   at the Coolidge Corner Theater
      For H a m e s h S h a o t                     When you become a member of Anshe Shem Circle (Circle
             Me’Pariz                                of Prominence), you are doing an important and wonderful
                                                    mitzvah. By contributing above your membership dues, you
       Directed by Leon Prudovsky                   are performing an act of chesed, loving kindness, by helping
                                                    families in our community who cannot afford to pay full dues.
  “Five Hours from Paris” a comedy.
                                                     Tomchim (Supporter) $250 above membership dues
  Tickets are $15pp. Sisterhood has                          Judy & Jerry Krantweiss
 purchased a block of tickets. Call or
 e-mail today to purchase your tickets               Nedivim (Benefactor) $500 above membership dues
 before they sell out. After the show,                        Ellen & Jonathan Brody
    we plan to go out for dessert.                                  Terry Fetters
  Let us know if you are interested in                Manhigim (Leader) $1000 above membership dues
             carpooling.                                      Orit & Jeffrey Goldstein
   To Purchase Tickets—Contact
 Barbara Moverman or Michelle Soll

                   The Building Committee will be meeting every couple of weeks over the next few months to
                   review the Boutwell Road project. Everyone is invited to attend regularly or occasionally -
                   everyone's input is welcome - you don't need to be a member of the committee to participate.
                   Watch your mail for a schedule of upcoming dates. We look forward to seeing you.
                           Sam Poulten and Howard Spector - Building Committee Co-Chairs

                           Anshe Shem Circle (Circle of Prominence)
                             Looking for an opportunity to do even more for CBI?

     The last few years have been difficult ones financially for CBI and for many in our community. There
     are ways you can help. If you are able to contribute an amount above the cost of your membership
    dues (an area where we are experiencing a significant shortfall), we invite you to do an important and
   wonderful mitzvah. Help us balance our financial picture by contributing an additional amount when you
   send in your dues, or at any time of the year. In appreciation, you will be recognized as part of our new
   Anshe Shem Circle (Circle of Prominence), and you will be acknowledged in the CBI newsletter (or,
        if you prefer, anonymously). Here are the levels at which you can participate in this mitzvah:
                     Tomchim (Supporter) - For contributing $250 above membership dues.
                     Nedivim (Benefactor) - For contributing $500 above membership dues.
                     Manhigim (Leader) - For contributing $1000 above membership dues.
   CBI appreciates and values the contributions of all its members. We thank you for taking this
   opportunity to make a big difference!

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)        Congregation Beth Israel                                              Page 4
                     Congregation Beth Israel is honored to host the
                Andover Interfaith Community Thanksgiving Service
                       Sunday, November 21st, at 5:00pm
                          All are invited to attend this wonderful and important event. Many local clergy
                            and members of their congregations will be joining us. It will be a musical
                         evening with various groups performing. “Reflections on Thanksgiving” will be
                           presented and community project volunteers will be recognized. A special
                                candle lighting ceremony will be held. And, of course, there will be
                            refreshments for all. We hope you can join us for this meaningful service.

                             CBI MEMBERSHIP INCENTIVE PROGRAM
  Help us to keep the commandment to be fruitful and multiply…the size of our synagogue.
      Invite family and friends to give us a try by attending Services, Classes and Events.
   In return, for every new member you bring in to the shul, you will receive a credit to your
   dues of $180 for a new family and $90 for a single membership. So, extend an invitation
                                  to someone you know...
                    Remember: New Members get Two years for the price of One!

     “SHABBAT ON THE ROAD” — An Exciting Friday Evening Program!
            December 17th hosted by the Marshall Family in North Billerica
              January 14th hosted by Maxine & Neal Berke in Chelmsford
           April 29th hosted by the Jacobson/Roberts Family in North Andover
                                 We are excited to bring our Shabbat
                        Service out into the various neighborhoods in the
                        Merrimack Valley through a new and exciting                           Chanukah is
                        program called “Shabbat on the Road.” The idea
                        is to provide more Friday evening Kabbalat
                        services for those congregants who prefer the evening service
rather than (or in addition to) the Saturday morning worship, as well as to provide more
opportunities for us to socialize with one another as a congregation. In addition, we hope     First Candle is
you will invite your neighbors who are not affiliated to come to these events to meet our      December 1st!
congregation and consider becoming a part of it.
         About once a month, we plan to hold a Shabbat Service and a pot luck dairy
Shabbat dinner at the home of one of our Beth Israel members, from about 6:30pm to           Mark your calendar:
about 9pm. The host, aside from providing a venue, would be expected to provide only a
main dish (e.g. Vegetarian Lasagna, Baked Ziti, or other dish), soft drinks, and paper
goods (disposable plates, flatware, napkins, cups). Participants would be asked to RSVP         First Light on
to Amy in the office and indicate how many people plan to attend and whether they would       Saturday, 12/4, in
be bringing a salad or appetizer or a dessert to serve 8 - 10 people. All items should be
dairy or parve and served in a disposable or glass container. Regardless of your level of         Haverhill.
Kashruth observance, we would welcome your participation as a host. We ask that all
food be dairy or parve and prepared and served either in glass or disposable utensils. For
packaged items we ask that you provide only items bearing a heksher (a kosher symbol
like the O-U or O-K and such). I would be happy to answer any specific questions that        Chanukah Party on
might arise. The service will be led by myself and interested congregants and we will          Sunday, 12/5.
provide siddurim and kippot.
         If you would like to be one of those hosts please contact me and I will help you
find a date that works for you. — Rabbi Ed Friedman                                              And more!
November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)          Congregation Beth Israel                                     Page 5
                                        LOVE TO SHOP?!
                 Want an easy way to support Israel? You can enjoy purchasing and supporting Israel at the same time!
                 You can significantly boost a country’s economy by buying the goods it produces. Here is a list of Israeli
products that we can purchase and where to buy them.
    Naot shoes are sold in JL Coombs (Andover), Abbot Shoes (North Reading) and at The Walking Company
    (Burlington Mall and Rockingham Mall). They are cushy, comfortable shoes that are very well made and come in
    many colors and styles.
    Ahava lotions can be purchased in malls.
    Food products made in Israel can be purchased at The Butcherie in Brookline or even in Market Basket and Stop &
    BeautiFeel, unique jewelry made by Israeli artists, is sold at TJ Maxx.
    You can also buy products made in Israel on the Internet at sites like
For an extensive list of stores that sell Israeli goods, Google” Boston area stores that sell Israeli products.”
Please join David and me on the new Israel Committee to plan activities to help Israel.

          With Warm Regards, Tamar Katz

Social Action News
Thanks to all who attended our recent committee meeting. We have some interesting projects planned, so watch for details and
please join us! If you were unable to attend but have some ideas, please contact us.
Thanksgiving Interfaith Project: TBD
Advance Notice: Since Christmas falls on Shabbat this year, we are not organizing any volunteer groups for
Project Ezra.
If you want to share your ideas and get involved in social action and community service, please contact Susannah
Abbott or Anne Schwartz at
                                             Please join us in Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World)

An Evening with Hilary Krieger
           On Erev Shabbat, Friday, October 15th, Congregation Beth Israel hosted Hilary Krieger, Washington Bureau Chief of The Jerusalem
Post. The evening was very well attended: over 50 people came for dinner, which was followed by services, the talk, Q&A, and an Oneg.
           The title of the evening's talk was "In Sickness and in Health: The U.S.-Israel Relationship." Ms. Krieger spoke for twenty minutes, then
fielded questions from the audience for the remainder of the hour. She impressed everyone with a solid knowledge of the topic, was well
informed, presented everything well, and clearly tried to avoid bias or dogma. There were many good questions from the audience. Unfortunately,
it is impossible to really do justice to her presentation in this brief recap.
           Hilary framed the discussion using the catchy “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” Starting with the “Ugly”, she talked about such things
as Iran and the nuclear issue, and the huge stockpiling of missiles by Hamas. The “Bad” included the settlement building issue and that this
current peace process may turn out to be the shortest ever. Israelis want peace but are skeptical that it can happen. The U.S., under Obama,
displayed some of the same errors that many other administrations did: by not understanding the cultural differences and realities of the Middle
East. Obama, always the pragmatist (and not following his advisors' advice), believed that by putting the right conditions together, everyone would
go forward and cooperate. If the Israelis make a gesture, he believed, the Arabs would follow suit and meet half-way. Instead, however, the Arabs
only retreated further from compromise; hence the current stalemate.
           Then, there was the “Good.” For example, while the Obama administration is viewed by many as unfriendly toward Israel, U.S. relations
with Israel have recently been as strong as ever in terms of such things as security relations and financial support. Partly with American diplomatic
support, Israel was recently accepted to the OECD, the exclusive club of developed countries. Israel has recently enjoyed one of the best
economic growth rates in the world, and receives more venture capital than both France and Germany combined. In the West Bank, where
shopping malls are beginning to crop up, Palestinians are recognizing that they have something to lose, and should focus on economic
development. And, on a hopeful note, this was the first year when there hasn't been a suicide bombing.
           At the end of the evening, after the Q&A session, many attendees stayed to chat informally. Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening in
all its aspects.
                      --Yoav Shorr

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)                      Congregation Beth Israel                                                         Page 6
When I look out the window at this time of year, or better yet, even actually go outside, I can’t help but notice the beauty of
this season, with almost all of one’s senses. Many of the trees are beginning to display their special colors, like a stadium
full of fans showing their team’s colors. I especially love the trees that don’t seem to hold anything back with their scarlet
reds, flaming oranges, glittering golds, and even some deep chocolate browns, that literally could be an artist’s palette.
There’s often a breeze in the air with a slight chill that makes the skin tingle. As the leaves begin falling, we often hear a
special crunching underfoot. It’s not uncommon to walk past a home, a restaurant, or an event and inhale the wonderful
smells of apple, pumpkin, and / or cinnamon. Just like all cycles though, these wonderful sensual delights will soon give
way to others that can be just as beautiful in their own right.
          As we all know, Jews around the world recently completed the end of one special cycle and the beginning of the
next. Amidst all the pure white of this retrospective look at the year gone by, through the joy and ruach of dancing and
singing with our Torahs, CBI was definitely the place to be this year. Maybe you still feel the reverberations from all our
shofar blowers deep within your soul as the final Tekiah heralded the end of Yom Kippur. If you had the opportunity to
smell the deliciously fragrant etrogim while shaking the leaves of the lulav during the singing of Hallel, maybe this is the
memory that you cherish most. For some, it may be eating in our beautifully decorated Sukkah with all its spectacular
greenery, or seeing the Torah completely unrolled in all its splendor, held aloft by young and old alike, that most clearly
stands out in your mind. Couple these with the words and thoughts that were so poignantly expressed in the sermons and
speeches we heard and in the prayers we read or chanted, these wonderful recollections will hopefully stay with us
throughout the year and guide us on the proper path.
          If you look elsewhere in this Bulletin, you will find the list of thank-yous to everyone who helped to make our Holy
Day/Holiday season so special. We sincerely hope that no one was inadvertently left off this list, and if so, we offer our
humble apologies. Many even served in multiple capacities that led to the enhancement of our services for all. In his
address to the congregation during the High Holy Days, Len referred to the story of “Acres of Diamonds” and how we too
don’t really have to look very hard to find our own “diamonds” amongst ourselves. This is the type of participatory service
that bodes well for our congregation, and in turn makes it very special.
          Amidst all the chaos and preparation for the above, the Ritual Committee has also been working hard in several
other areas. As I mentioned in last month’s column, we have been working on creating a guide for common Jewish
mourning practices, that is now ready to be placed on our website (if it hasn’t been done already as you read this). Copies
will also be available for those experiencing this most difficult and emotional time. I also mentioned in last month’s column
that we are in the process of trying to create a functioning Chevra Kaddisha that will attend to the needs of preparing the
deceased for burial. As a result of this note, I was contacted by another Valley synagogue. They already have all the
equipment needed and have contacts with most of the Valley’s funeral homes. This is where you come into the picture!
Soon, we will be asking for your help in making the Chevra Kaddisha a reality. Training will be provided and all are
welcome and encouraged to get involved. We expect to host a coordinating meeting in the near future to make this a
Valley-wide collaborative endeavor. Stay tuned for details. Believe it or not, we are already looking at the next round of
holidays. We are also looking for help in coordinating each of them so these too can be as wonderful and meaningful as
our fall holidays. All that’s needed is to choose your holiday, let us know with which one you would like to help, and
together, we’ll get things moving forward. Maybe think about hosting a “Shabbat on the Road”. A number of dates are still
available. Contact Rabbi Friedman for details. As always, it’s never too late to volunteer to help with our evening
minyanim. Lately, we’ve been struggling a bit for some of the minyanim, so YOU might just be that tenth person!
          As we enter each new cycle, whatever that might be, let’s resolve to experience the beauty of each. Initially, it
may be hidden, but is soon uncovered if we look hard enough. Who knows? Maybe we’ll all become great artists in our
own way.
                   For the Ritual Committee, Jeff Tye

 Sponsor                                     Date         Occasion
 Ethel Somers                                 10/2        In honor of her grandson, Nachum Brandt, becoming a Bar Mitzvah
 Adult Ed Committee                           10/9        In honor of Kiddush Roundtable
 Adult Ed Committee                           10/15       In honor of “An Evening with Hilary Krieger”
 Bunny Callahan & Victor Saffrin              10/16       In honor of their son Zachary, and his fianceé, Elyssa Besen, being
                                                            called to the Torah at their Aufruf
 Tsaadim Families                             10/22       In honor of Tsaadim Shabbat
 Orit & Jeff Goldstein                        10/23       In honor of Shabbat
 Sharon Finberg & Chris Duncan                10/29       In honor of Shabbat on the Road
 Tina & Howard Spector                        10/30       In memory of Tina’s father, Seymour Moritz

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)              Congregation Beth Israel                                            Page 7
                             Family Shabbat Dinners                                                       Help us Recycle
One of the most beautiful aspects of Shabbat is gathering around the dinner table               Paper Recycling at CBI is a
together as families and community. ALL families are invited to each of these                   collaboration of Social
dinners; members of the class being honored are expected to attend. We will                     Action Committee and
welcome Shabbat together with the blessings, songs, Kabbalat Shabbat and food.                  Religious School
These dinners are a perfect time to invite grandparents and other special friends to
join us in celebrating Shabbat. Dinner begins at 6:30pm, Services at 7:30pm.                    How it works:
RSVP to Principal, Rabbi Margaret Frisch Klein by the Monday before the dinner.                 • Paper is now collected in all
                    Nov. 12:         First and Second Grade Shabbat Dinner                         classrooms and office areas, in
                    Dec. 3:          Third and Fourth Grade Shabbat Dinner                         paper bags
                    January 7:       Fifth and Sixth Grade Shabbat Dinner                       • Students monitor fullness of bags
                    TBD Jan/Feb: Midrasha Shabbaton                                             • Volunteers bring full bags home to
                    March 4:         Sixth Grade Shabbat Dinner                                    recycle
                    March 11:        PK/K Shabbat Dinner
                    May 6:           Teacher Appreciation Shabbat Dinner                        How you can help:
                                                                                                • Donate paper grocery sized bags
                                                                                                   with handles so we can fill them
Kosher Meat Notice From Costco:                                                                 • Bring home a full bag to put in your
        It appears that the sales of Kosher meat and other                                         recycle bin.
products available only at Waltham and Stoughton locations, are
not as robust as Costco had hoped. Some changes are coming                                      To help out, please contact Anne
and we await clarification from Costco.                                                         Schwartz at
        In the meantime, you might consider stocking up. Buy                          
their kosher products or we run the risk of losing them in our
community. That would be unfortunate since the pricing and                                      Thanks for helping in Tikkun Olam
quantity is great.                                                                              (Repairing the World).

Dear Fellow Congregants,
                                                                  Challah Order Form—Fall 2010/5771
The year 5770 blessed CBI with a large number of
B’nei Mitzvah and, therefore, many celebratory             CBI’s Senior USY chapter is once again arranging for Cheryl Ann’s
Kiddushim. And many other families sponsored a             challah to be delivered to CBI weekly on Thursdays. This is a
Kiddush in memory of loved ones, in honor of special       sweet deal for you and for tikkun olam, as all proceeds go to USY’s
events, and ‘for no reason at all’ except for wanting to   tzedakah fund. You can place an order for one-time, occasional, or weekly delivery.
do a good deed. However, there were several dates          You may wish to order double during the week preceding a Thursday holiday. To
that were not covered due to lack of sponsorship. I        place your challah order, please fill out the form below. This form can be returned
would like to remind you that in 5771, the Mitzvah of      to CBI at any time, but to receive a challah on any given Thursday, your order form
providing a Kiddush after Shabbat morning services is      must be in the CBI office by the preceding Thursday. Completed forms with
available to all members of our congregation. There        payment can be left for USY in the Youth mailbox in the office. Thank you for your
are many opportunities for sponsorship - honor a           support!
birthday, anniversary, birth, graduation, etc; remember
a loved one at yahrzeit; or just sponsor out of            Family Name _____________________________________________
generosity. This is an easy and straightforward way to
fulfill a mitzvah and I would be glad to assist in any
                                                           __challot ($6   per challah) for pick-up on Thursday, Nov. 4                $____
way possible. In my role as the Kiddush Sponsor
Coordinator, I am making calls to congregants, but         __challot ($6   per challah) for pick-up on Thursday, Nov. 18               $____
you don’t need to wait to hear from me. If you know a      __challot ($6   per challah) for pick-up on Thursday, Dec. 2                $____
date that you are interested in sponsoring Kiddush,        __challot ($6   per challah) for pick-up on Thursday, Dec. 9                $____
please feel free to call or email me. I would love to      __challot ($6   per challah) for pick-up on Thursday, Dec. 16               $____
hear from you!
                                                           __challot ($6   per challah) for pick-up on Thursday, Dec. 23               $____
Toby Marshall; 978-439-0440;                              1 challah each week (Nov-Dec)                                               $36

                                                           Total Enclosed                                                              $____

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)                      Congregation Beth Israel                                                     Page 8
                                                                                      By Rabbi Margaret Frisch Klein
We want to hear from you! What did you like as a child about Hebrew                through food and recipes. This month's recipe
School? What was your least favorite part? What do you think is essential to       (and story) come from her book. Note another
learn in Hebrew School so that your children are competent adult Jews? It is       Sukkot/Thanksgiving connection and the melting
one thing for me and the school committee to work on curriculum and we             pot nature of American Judaism:
are, but ultimately this is your school. What is important to you? Hebrew?
                                                                                   Moroccan Pumpkin Soup with Chickpeas in
Community? Yiddishkeit? Values? In the past month of speaking to parents
                                                                                   Massachusetts (Joan Nathan, page 128-129)
I have heard each of these answers. The Congregation Beth Israel
                                                                                   When Batsheva Levy Salzman was a child in
Religious School Mission Statement provides a good overview of our
                                                                                   Morocco and then in Israel, her mother would
mission, vision and goals. We want to "instill in our children a lifelong,
                                                                                   prepare pumpkin soup for Sukkot. As a child, she
loving commitment to Conservative egalitarian Jewish religious practice and
                                                                                   watched her mother cook and helped her. Later,
ethics, the Jewish family, the Jewish community, the Jewish people and the
                                                                                   when Batsheva married an American and moved
State of Israel." We are certainly getting there.
                                                                                   to Boston, she began cooking Moroccan for her family and friends. "My
Exciting things are happening all over the school. Toddler Play Group,             American-Jewish family likes the pumpkin soup for Thanksgiving," she said.
Tsaadim and Pre-school have all been doing lots of crafts, stories and             And so does Caraways, a gourmet shop in Wayland, Massachusetts where
songs. We formally welcomed our 1st and 2nd Graders with a special                 she lives. Word spread about her Moroccan cooking. At a fund-raiser for
Consecration blessing as part of Simchat Torah. They treated us with their         Temple Shir Tikvah in Wayland, ten people paid about $250,000 for a
rendition of Eitz Chayim Hee. Check out the Garden of Eden growing in the          Moroccan feast of ten different hors d'oeuvres, baked fish, stuffed chicken,
First and Second Grade Classroom. They are learning their Hebrew letters           couscous and dessert. "I cook exactly the way my mother taught me," she
and can already decode Shabbat! Our wandering 3rd and 4th Grade Jews               said. "I cook with my eyes and not for the measurement."
have created a bulletin board about blessings--so very appropriate as we
approach Thanksgiving with its emphasis on gratitude and blessings. They           1 12 ounce can of chick-peas
have become very skilled at leading the Barchu. Ask them about that word           2 pounds pumpkin or butternut or calabaza squash peeled, cut into chunks
and how it relates to knee. Also ask them about Borei and Beresheet. Our           1 onion peeled and quartered
5th and 6th graders have learned much of the Torah service and are now             1/2 pound stewing beef, cut into 2 inch chunks
working on some key words. They also have learned about values and                 8 cups water or to cover
lashon hara (evil speech or gossip). They have made a chain that hangs in          2 teaspoons cinnamon or to taste
their classroom that shows how good speech can make us stronger by                 2 cups chicken soup
uniting the links. There is also a confetti puzzle of things that they shouldn't   2 tablespoons sugar or to taste
say. I doubt anyone could put it back together! Our midrasha students are
busily learning about Holocaust and some of the contributing factors like          1. Drain the chick-peas and peel off the outer skin. 2. In a soup pot mix the
prejudice and bystander behavior. They also tell me that Conservative              squash, chick-peas, onion and beef and cover with the water. Simmer
Judaism is Goldilocks Judaism. It is "just right", neither too lenient or too      covered for 2 hours or until the meat is soft enough to eat. 3. Add
observant.                                                                         cinnamon, chicken soup, and sugar. Blend, but do not puree, all the
                                                                                   ingredients in a food processor. Adjust the seasoning to taste. 4.Reheat
While there are no Jewish holidays in November and the Hebrew month is
                                                                                   and serve. If the soup is too thick add more water when reheating.
sometimes called Mar (bitter) Heshvan, it is National Jewish Book Month. I
encourage you to read a Jewish book with your child. We will be doing a            If I am talking about Thanksgiving, Chanukah cannot be far behind. Watch
"Tree of Life" of books. For every Jewish book that a child comes to me and        for additional information in upcoming emails and flyers, but mark your
explains they can add a leaf to the tree in the hall. We will keep this going      calendars today for Sunday, December 5th for Chanukah Chappening, our
until Tu B'shevat--the New Year of the Trees, this year in January.                own celebration.
Some say that Thanksgiving is not a Jewish holiday. While the Puritans             And if we are talking about Chanukah, snow may also not be far behind. If
were not Jewish, they did base their celebration of Thanksgiving on Sukkot,        the Andover Public Schools are cancelled or dismissed early for snow or
our harvest festival. In fact William Bradford, the governor of Plimouth           other weather related reasons, religious school will most likely be cancelled
Plantation, learned to read Hebrew so he could speak to God in the                 as well. All cancellations of this nature will be reported on WBZ News Radio
language that world was created. The language of being thankful is very            1030 and WBZ4 News. In addition, we will use the synagogue mass
similar to the modim anachnu lach prayer in the Amidah. Rabbi Meir in              message system, send you an email and leave a message for you on the
Menachot 43b taught that we should say 100 blessings a day. See if you             number you provided the synagogue. We will make every effort to notify you
can come up with a list at your Thanksgiving tables. Start dinner with borei       at the earliest possible opportunity after a decision has been made.
pri hagafen or motzi. One of the Jewish books I am thankful for is Joan
                                                                                                        —- Rabbi Margaret Frisch Klein
Nathan's Jewish Cooking in America. It tells the story of American Judaism

                  The Merrimack Valley Chapter of Hadassah - would love for you to experience                  Israeli Folk Dancing in the Merrimack Valley
                  Hadassah. Women doing extraordinary things, Tikkun Olam - Repairing the World,                              Led by Anne Schwartz
                  Linking Generations, Making a difference in the US and Israel.                                            Every Sunday 7-8:15 pm
                  Mark your calendar for December 8, 2010 and join us for our Donor Gala and Chanukah            Everyone welcome—no partner needed. 1600
                  celebration. Featuring enlightening and entertaining Speakers Jean Trounstine and               Osgood St, SE Entrance, North Andover, MA
                  Karen Propp authors of Why I’m Still Married: Women Write Their Hearts Out on Love,          (former Lucent Bldg) Follow signs to Laser Craze,
                  Loss, Sex and Who Does the Dishes. Details to follow! If you would like to join, or be        2nd floor of Bldg. 30. Requested donation: $2 per
added to our mailing list, or for information on our next event, contact Rhonda Saunders at 978-886-2399        person per session. For more info, contact Anne
or                                                                                              Schwartz at

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)                            Congregation Beth Israel                                                               Page 9
     Toddler Play Group:
                                                                                       Weekly for 4 & 5 year olds
   Monthly for Toddlers and      Got Young Children?                                     Barbara Moverman
            Parents                                                                        Sundays at 9am
      Sharon Cores, ECE             Beth Israel has
    $5 donation per session
           Nov 7th
        December 5th
                                  programs for you! Monthly dinner for families with
         January 23rd                                       young children
        February 13th            Come play, pray and    Sharon Cores, ECE and
          March 6th                                        Rabbi Friedman
          April 10th                grow with us!    $18.00 per family per Shabbat
           May 15th                                                                    Friday, Nov. 19, Dec. 10
        All at 9:30am                                                               Feb. 4, April 8, May 13, June 3

                    Toddler Playgroup is open to all Jewish families in the Merrimack Valley.

       PK/K is part of Congregation Beth Israel’s Religious School. Fees are available by calling the office.

 M&M Minyan—Youth Shabbat Services                                        KITCHEN WISH LIST
Religious School students are expected to attend               Listed below are kitchen items that we would like to have
                                                               here at the Synagogue. Any and all assistance is greatly
Shabbat services at least once a month. The                    appreciated. If you would like to shop and drop, that would
Conservative Movement suggests 10 times per year.              be terrific. If you’d like to make a financial contribution
These opportunities provide community, a chance to             allowing us to make a purchase, that would be wonderful,
practice what students are learning in the                     as well.
classroom, a model for “davening” and of course                            2 Lemon Juicers/Reamers
“oneg” a snack that is the “pleasure” of Shabbat.                          New all cotton dish towels
Traditional nusach is enhanced with modern, upbeat                         26 quart stainless pot (dairy)
                                                                           1 replacement bowl for the food processor
melodies familiar from camp. We use games, drama
                                                                           (check with Adelle or Beryl for details)
and discussion to enliven the morning. These                               2 sets of kitchen knives - Dairy and Meat
services run from 10am-12pm and then the                                   3 pairs kitchen scissors - one each for meat,
students will join the congregation for the conclusion                     dairy, pareve (red, blue, green if possible or we
of the service.                                                            will label)
                                                                           3 trivets - one each red, blue, green
                     Nov. 20                                               Potholders - multiple red, blue, green
                                                                           Plastic Rubbermaid/Sterilite see-through
           Dec. 18              Jan. 22                                    stacking containers with locking lids (shoebox
          Feb. 12              March 12                                    size or larger)
           April 9 Student led services                              Thank you in advance for your kindness and
    May 14 Fifth and Sixth Grade Torah Service                                    generosity. Todah Rabah!

Additionally, each class will participate in a                    Thank you to Suzanne and Ron Grosz for a
Friday evening Kabbalat Shabbat Service and                       food processor. It will be put to good use!
dinner. Please join us.

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)         Congregation Beth Israel                                             Page 10
Sr. USY                                                                                    Kadima
Andover USY got off to a great start in October. We began the month with our Lazer         The opening events for Kadima have been
Tag opening event for Jr. and Sr. USY. We all met at the temple for a short and            great! The boat cruise was a big success,
sweet Havdalah service that the kids loved, and then piled into the big white van and      even if it was a little chilly. We also had an
drove to Lazer Quest in Danvers. Everyone had a blast running through the maze             event with the MVJF at Davis' Mega Maze and
trying to score points off all of our AUSY friends. Also, we (the Andover USY Board)       not only was CBI well represented, we had a
had our first ‘Membership Drive’, where we drove to potential members’ houses to           lot of fun meeting others in the region.
bring them membership forms! It was a really productive day! At the end of the             Our next NERUSY event is on November 21st,
month, a group of Andover USY leaders attended the New England Region USY                  the Kadima Splash and Supper at Coco Key
Leadership Retreat at Camp Ramah, Palmer. All of us learned helpful skills to use as       Indoor Water Resort. The price is $15 and the
we continue to grow into Jewish leaders, and had an awesome time seeing all of our         RSVP DEADLINE is November 15th. Please
friends. We are more than excited for this upcoming year, and can’t wait to put our fun    see the flyer below for more details. You can
and new ideas into action!                                                                 also email or call
And don’t forget – Next time you’re at the temple, be sure to look near the back door      978454-5423 for more information.
for the new AUSY “CBI GOES GREEN” recycling bins. Not only are they for the                Although it seems like we have only had
temple, but they are also for you! Feel free to bring your paper and plastic recyclables   regional events, we will be having chapter
to the temple, and we will be sure to get them recycled!                                   events soon.
Sadie Moverman—Andover USY Board, Membership and Kadima Vice President                     Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!
                                                                                           Dara (Kadima Advisor)

                                                                                            Hey Junior USY!
                                                                                                       Junior USY had a very busy month
                                                                                            in October. We started off the month with our
                                                                                            opening chapter event, which was a joint
                                                                                            program with the senior USYers. We met at
                                                                                            CBI for Havdalah and icebreaker games
                                                                                            before heading to Laser Quest in Danvers for
                                                                                            some intense games of laser tag. Everyone
                                                                                            had a great time running and hiding in the
                                                                                            maze and trying to take out their fellow
                                                                                                       The following weekend, we joined
                                                                                            up with all the 5th-8th graders from across the
                                                                                            MVJF for a trip to Davis’s Mega-Maze, one of
                                                                                            the world’s largest hedge mazes. Every year,
                                                                                            the farm turns their corn field into a giant
                                                                                            maze, complete with bridges, dead-ends, and
                                                                                            surprises at every turn. This year, the theme
                                                                                            was Survivor and the maze even had
                                                                                            clearings shaped like each of the continents
                                                                                            cut inside. Everyone had an awesome time
                                                                                            trying to ‘Survive’ the maze and be the first
                                                                                            group to find their way out. It was also a great
                                                                                            chance to meet people from all over the
                                                                                                       Coming up in November, we have
                                                                                            Nerusy’s annual Turkey Dance and our
                                                                                            annual dinner at the Cheesecake Factory
                                                                                            beforehand. We’ll also have our annual
                                                                                            Lowell Devils hockey game and sleepover
                                                                                            program as well as many other great events!
                                                                                            - Barry

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)                    Congregation Beth Israel                                                 Page 11
                                   COMMUNITY NOTICES
                                        ~ Refuah Shelamah, Complete & Speedy Recovery
                            Mitch Guttentag, Mark Lang, Kayla Minkle & Judy Sokol

                                            ~ Mazel Tov, Congratulations
    Bunny Callahan & Victor Saffrin, in honor of their son, Zachary, and his fiancée, Elyssa Besen, on the
                    occasion of their Aufruf, in honor of their forthcoming marriage

                                                    ~ Tanchumim, Condolences
                     Ernie Perelmuter & Family, on the death of their mother, grandmother,
                                  great-grandmother, Belle Mintz Perelmuter

                                                      ~ Todah Rabah, Thank You
              Yoav Shorr, for the wonderful Adult Ed program “An Evening with Hilary Krieger”

       Come chill with us at                     Do You Like Boston? How about          The Jewish Advocate is offering
                                                 making new friends? Are you in           a FREE 6 month Subscription
     AUSY Tye Dye Lounge!                                                               to new members of CBI who are
  Our very first lounge of 5771!                        9th-12th grade?
                                                                                           not current subscribers. Plus
      Sunday, November 7th,                     If you answered YES to any of the
                                                                                         they will offer a FREE 3 month
          6:30-8:30pm                                                                        Subscription to existing
                                                    above questions, come join                 members who are not
 Only $10 for snacks, tye dying,               Sr. USY for an afternoon in the city.               Subscribers.
         and much more!                               Sunday, November 14th
 We will provide white t-shirts to                        from 12:15-5pm                Forward your name and address
                                                    Pick up and Drop off at CBI         and indicate if you are a new or
dye. Feel free to bring additional                                                            existing member to
 white clothing you wish to dye!               Cost is $16 (bring extra for lunch and
 If you have any questions, or to                                                 or call 617-367-
                                                   RSVP to Sadie Moverman by               9100x120 for more info.
RSVP, contact Sadie Moverman at                          November 17th at                  

         HIRE-A-USYer                                Junior & Senior USYers—Thanksgiving is
                                                     coming, which means that Turkey Dances are
Having an event at the                               coming even sooner!
synagogue? Spare yourself the
                                                      Join us on Wednesday, November 24th as we
tsuris of potchkeeing in the
                                                           make our annual pilgrimage to The
kitchen and Hire-a-USYer!
Andover USY (CBI’s youth
                                         Cheesecake Factory before heading to the Turkey Dances.
group) is available to help set           Cost of the event is $18 plus money for The Cheesecake Factory. We will
up food for you—from a little                        leave from CBI at 4pm and arrive back at 12:30am.
nosh to a full Kiddush                                   Sr USY Dance at Temple Emanuel in Newton
luncheon—or anything in                                Jr. USY Dance at Temple Emeth in Chestnut Hill
between. USYers will set up
and replenish food and will               You must be a registered USY member to get those membership
clean up afterwards. The cost                    forms in! RSVP by November 17th to Aaron Bregman at
is $40 per USYer per event,                            
half of which goes to tzedakah           *If you attend the Turkey Dance you can save $5 on the cost of the upcoming
and half of which goes to the            Riverhawks Hockey Game in December! Please note, there are no refunds for
USYer. For further information                                  the NERUSY Turkey Dances.
November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)            Congregation Beth Israel                                      Page 12
Join us November 7th—Global Day of Jewish Learning. Jews all over the World will be studying together in celebration of
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz completing his monumental translation and commentary on the Talmud. His mission has been to
give Jewish texts and learning back to the Jewish people. To mark this achievement, communities around the world are
joining in a Global Day of Jewish Learning. We look forward to seeing you, your family, friends & neighbors. We also hope
to see you at one or more of our regularly scheduled Sunday classes this year. Thank you. Yoav Shorr

Adult Education at CBI continues to provide opportunities to learn, and holidays)). We continue our monthly discussion on the weekly Torah
all are warmly invited to attend our programs. Here is our course lineup: portion with a new twist. Each month we will focus on the commentary
                                                                          of a different medieval or modern rabbi and get a sense of how different
BASIC JUDAISM - Rabbi Edward Friedman This is a wide-ranging              commentators approach the enterprise of learning Torah. Come join us
class about the key beliefs, practices, and sources of our Jewish         and bring a dairy brown bag lunch. We'll supply the drinks and dessert.
tradition. Taught by Rabbi Friedman, Basic Judaism is open to anyone
in the congregation and the community. Ongoing Mondays from 5:30
                                                                          LUNCH AND LEARN AT CHELMSFORD LIBRARY - Rabbi Edward
– 7:00 pm at the Synagogue. To RSVP, or for more information,
                                                                          Friedman (Third Tuesday of each month at the Chelmsford Library;
contact Rabbi Friedman, 978-474-0540,
                                                                          usually at 12:30, but time varies depending on room availability).
TALMUD STUDY - Rabbi Edward Friedman Come study the                       Each month we will meet in Chelmsford at the library for lunch and to
fundamental text of Jewish life, engage in the ongoing discussions of     study about Jewish holidays and traditions. Invite your friends to join us
our ancient rabbis about issues of importance then that continue to       for these monthly programs. Bring a dairy brown bag lunch and we will
affect us today. This year we will be looking at women's involvement in provide beverages and dessert
Jewish worship. Sundays from 9:30-10:30am, at Boutwell Road.
                                                                          KIDDUSH ROUNDTABLE - Rabbi Edward Friedman Join us for study
Meeting dates 11/7, 11/21, 12/12, 12/19, 1/9, 1/23, 2/6, 2/13, 3/6, 3/27,
                                                                          after services each month as we learn more about the history and
4/10, 4/24, 5/1, 5/15.
                                                                          beliefs of Conservative Judaism. We'll be using Rabbi Neil Gillman's
INTRODUCTION TO THE ZOHAR: JEWISH MYSTICAL TEXTS - Rabbi                  book as our text this year as we go from the origins of our movement in
Edward Friedman Everyone's talking about Jewish mysticism and its         18th century Germany to discussing contemporary concerns for
fundamental text, the 13th century Zohar. Professor Daniel Matt has       Conservative/Masorti Jews around the world. Following Shabbat
been working on creating a modern English translation and commentary Services usually the second Shabbat of each month, at 12:30pm
to this difficult book. We will be looking at selections and working out  starting on November 13th.
their meaning for modern Jews. Sundays from 10:30-11:30am, at             PERSONAL SPIRITUAL COACHING - Rabbi Edward Friedman Talmud
Boutwell Road. Meeting Dates 11/7, 11/21, 12/12, 12/19, 1/9, 1/23,        Torah, the study of "Torah" in its broadest sense encompasses many
2/6, 2/13, 3/6, 3/27, 4/10, 4/24, 5/1, 5/15.                              areas of interest and countless volumes of our tradition. We want to
PRAYERBOOK HEBREW—Mark Lang Chevruta (partnered) learning                 suggest that every member seek out options for learning that text or
focused on sight-reading the Hebrew, siddur prayer recitation, getting    those skills that you are most interested in. You name the topic and we
comfortable with pronunciation and the "tunes" for chanted and sung       will help you find the answers you're looking for and the rabbi is always
prayers, and understanding the words of the siddur. Sundays from          available to help you in your study or to answer your questions.
9:30-10:30am, at Boutwell Road. Meeting Dates 11/7, 11/21, 12/12, SELF-LED STUDY GROUPS - As part of our effort to build a learning
12/19, 1/9, 1/23, 2/6, 2/13, 3/6, 3/27, 4/10, 4/24, 5/1, 5/15.            community at CBI, we are seeking members to form chevruta, or self-
CONVERSATIONAL HEBREW - Yoav Shorr Whether you are Goldberg study groups, around topics of their own choosing. A group can meet
who goes to Shul to speak with God, or you are Greenberg who goes to for a finite period of time, or on an ongoing basis. The Rabbi will be
Shul to speak with Goldberg, wouldn't it be fun to do some of it in       available to provide direction. We invite members to propose topics,
Hebrew? This class will focus on building simple sentences and            and better yet – take the initiative and find fellow congregants who
conversing with one another about basic, everyday topics. Sundays at would like to form a chevruta.
10:30am, tracking the Religious School calendar, meeting at               SEMINARY SHABBAT (March 4th-5th, at CBI). On Seminary Shabbat
Boutwell Road.                                                            weekend, a visiting rabbinical student from the Jewish Theological
ALEPH-BET - Yoav Shorr Class which will focus on how to read the          Seminary will once again sharing some aspect of their training. We will
Hebrew alphabet. Be sure to let us know if you are interested. Call for share a Community Shabbat dinner Friday night March 4th and continue
Dates.                                                                    on March 5th with Shabbat Services as we participate in this process of
                                                                          educating and training our future spiritual leaders. Please mark your
LUNCH AND LEARN AT CBI - Rabbi Edward Friedman (First Tuesday calendar for this wonderful weekend.
of each month at the Synagogue, at noon (with some adjustments for

A Note About Donations
Donor contributions made to the funds listed in this publication are made for tribute, memorial or honorarium purposes only.
Donations received to these unrestricted funds are utilized to offset programming, membership services and other general operating costs of the synagogue.
Donations to donor directed or restricted funds are accepted subsequent to the establishment of an endowed, restricted use or donor directed fund at
Congregation Beth Israel in collaboration with the Congregation's Development Committee. For more information regarding establishing a fund, please contact
Amy in the office at 978-474-0540,

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)                          Congregation Beth Israel                                                            Page 13
                    HIGH HOLY DAY and HOLIDAY THANK YOUs 5771
We are grateful to so many people for their hard work, long hours, dedication and service to make the High Holy
     Days (and the holidays that followed) here at Beth Israel, meaningful and joyful for all who attended.

Professional Staff: Rabbi Edward Friedman, Amy           Robin Insuik, Howard Spector, Gayle Tye, Rebecca
Sherr, Rabbi Margaret Frisch Klein, Roger Roy, Guest     Cuthbertson, Ileane Greenstein, Jacqui Kamlet, Andy
Hazzan Judith Berkson                                    Lazar, Rebecca Abbott, Bruce Shainwald, Amy
                                                         Friedman Lee, Susannah Abbott, Merle Roesler, Janice
Board of Directors: Len Kamlet, Howard Spector, Jeff     Friedman, Elyse Wallach, Jon Brody, Ron Grosz, Toby
Tye, Sam Poulten, Eric Kaplan, Jim Shainker, Rochelle    Marshall, Bunny Callahan, Robin Rose, Sandy
Pawlowski, Neal Berke, Jonathan Brody, Nancy Cohn,       Greenberg, Sheri Saginor, Caren Jacobson, Steve
Beryl Rosenthal, Sheldon Rubin, Jeff Saunders, Adelle    Siegal, Emily Marget, Barbara Moverman, Elaine Winic,
Stavis                                                   Adam Samansky, Brian Adler

Ritual Committee: Jeff Tye, David Cores, Victor
Saffrin, Mark Lang, Rena Perelmuter, Elaine Winic, Paul Ushers: Sam Poulten, Jerry Brecher, Dave Brown,
Garnick, Adam Samansky, Terry Fetters, Jerry Golner, Howard Eichenbaum, Arno Topp, Cheryl Topp, Larry
Jonathan Goldfield                                      Soll, Bernie Shapiro, Yona Carmichael, Morris
                                                        Weisman, Peter Edelstein, Bob Bender, Jonathan
Youth Services: Rabbi Margaret Frisch Klein, Dara       Goldfield, Graciela Trilla, Robin Insuik, Doug Ely, Judi
Tye, Sharon Cores                                       Ely, Fred Cohn, Rick Pike, Mark Lang, Jeremy Finkle,
         Assisting Students: David Tye, Ali Flagler,    Elaine Winic, Burt Ochs, Adam Samansky, Jon Brody,
Noah Tye, Rebecca Marget, Rose Carmichael, Emma         Howie Flagler, Maury Cohen, Howard Spector, Yoav
Ginsburg, Sadie Moverman, Jen Marget, Rebecca Adler Shorr, Brian Adler, Terry Fetters, Adelle Stavis, Mark
                                                        Dorros, Sandra Dorros, Emily Marget, Neal Berke, Bob
Programming for our Youngest Members in                 Moverman, Toby Marshall, Jason Marshall, Marlyse
Babysitting: Sharon Cores                               Schwartz, Tamar Katz, David Katz, Jim Shainker
         Babysitters: Gail Desmarais, Sharon Leigh
                                                        Kiddush / Oneg Coordinator: Emily Marget, with
Shofar Blowers: Adam Samansky, Sam Poulten, Len assistance from Jen Marget and Rebecca Marget
Kamlet, Jonathan Goldfield, Ben Lang, David Tye                  Accommodaters: Aneta Grzejka, Amy Barnett
Baal Makri – Jerry Golner
                                                        Lobby Decorations / Flower Coordination: Tanya
Torah Readers / Haftarah Chanters: Brian Adler, Jeff Gould
Tye, Emily Samansky, Jason Grosz, Elaine Winic, Victor
Saffrin, Alan Friedman, Adelle Stavis, Terry Fetters,   Food Drive: Coordinated by Susannah Abbott, and
Peter Edelstein, Len Kamlet, and Jonathan Goldfield;    Anne Schwartz on behalf of the Social Action
and Rabbi Friedman for all the readings for Sukkot,     Committee
Shemini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah
                                                        Summer Mailings, Indoor/Outdoor Preparations:
Gabbaim: Mark Lang, Jerry Golner, Rena Perelmuter       Rena Perelmuter, Sam Spector, Rebecca Lee, Max Lee,
                                                        Amy Friedman Lee, Jesse Girrell
Guest Speakers: Laurie Tishler-Mindlin, Emma
Ginsburg, Lily Guttentag                                Simchat Torah Dinner: Sponsored by the Samansky
Davening (other than the Rabbi or Cantor): Terry                Accommodater: Aneta Grzejka
Fetters, Victor Saffrin
                                                        Sukkah Set-Up/Take-Down Crews: Mark Lang, Adam
Assigned English Readings: David Cores, Louise          Samansky, Jason Marshall, Len Kamlet, Rick Pike, Paul
Borke, Mimi Rosenberg, Mitch Guttentag, Phyllis Jones, Garnick
Burt Ochs, Robin Pike, David Silverstein, Howard
Eichenbaum, Cheryl Topp, Paula Tye-Flagler, Yona
Carmichael, Saul Levine, Les Tye, Bernie Shapiro, Judi
Ely, Rhonda Saunders, Nathan Zeller, Neal Berke,

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)       Congregation Beth Israel                                    Page 14
Sisterhood News
The Sisterhood year began with a delicious brunch on October
3rd. Many thanks to Adelle Stavis and Merle Roesler for
volunteering to coordinate the event and to the dedicated           December 6th— Welcome the First-Ordained North
members who arrived early to set up and stayed late to clean
                                                                    American Reform, Reconstructionist & Conservative
                                                                    Women Rabbis and Orthodox Rabba to Boston!
Some interesting ideas were proposed for programs and
projects: a Rosh Chodesh group, an exhibit featuring the works      Hold the date for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity -- the
of talented women in our congregation, a day of pottery             gathering together of the pioneers of American Jewish life who
making, a plan to make the synagogue more user friendly for         became the first women rabbis/rabba in their respective
people with disabilities, and a trip to the Jewish Film Festival.   religious communities. The evening features Hanukkah
In order for these programs to take place, we need coordinators     candle-lighting by our invited guests and every woman rabbi
and committees. If you can spare a few hours to work on these       in attendance from New England, a panel discussion
programs, send an e-mail to and         moderated by Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld (Dean of Hebrew
someone will get in touch with you.
                                                                    College's Rabbinical School), and musical selections by a
Sisterhood depends on your dues to fund these programs. If you
                                                                    group of local female singers.
have not paid your dues yet, please send your check for $28
(payable to Sisterhood of Congregation Beth Israel) to:             When: Monday, December 6 beginning at 7:15 pm
Eve Kennedy-Spaien, 21 Overlook Ridge Terrace, #415, Revere,        Where: Temple Reyim, 1860 Washington Street, West Newton
MA 02151
                                                                    For more details about "Raising Up the Light", call Marilin
A meaningful part of the Sisterhood year is Sisterhood Shabbat,     Lipman at 617-244-6506, ext. 10 or
where our members take an active role in a Shabbat service. If
you would like to coordinate this service, or any of our other       Contact the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts at 617-244-
annual events, such as the Chanukah Party, Progressive Dinner,
                                                                             6506, ext. 10 or
Torah Fund Event, Purim Carnival, etc., e-mail us at - check it out for events and activities in and around Boston. There’s so much going on! You can
create your own profile and receive notices of events of interest in locations you select. Also visit

                                                                      Come Earn your Jewish Scouting Award!
CBI Cares
                                                                    All levels of Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts
A collaboration of Sisterhood and the Social Action                 are encouraged to participate.
Committee, CBI Cares works with the entire CBI
community to provide assistance to congregants in                   Program meets 4 Sunday Afternoons 2:00-3:30pm
need. CBI Cares helps our fellow congregants by                     November 7th, December 5th, January 9th &
providing meals, rides, and other services for members              February 6th, at Congregation Beth Israel, 501 South
who are, for example, welcoming a new baby,                         Main Street, Andover, MA.
recovering from an illness, or weathering a personal
                                                                    Awards ceremony will be, Friday Evening, February
crisis. We hope that congregants will come forward
                                                                    18, 2011 at a Scout Shabbat Dinner and Service.
when they have a need, knowing that there is a support
network in place to lend a helping hand.
If you or someone you know could benefit from CBI                   Program is being facilitated by: Jacqui Kamlet,
                                                                    Leader of Troop 60156 & Len Kamlet,
Cares, please contact Sheri Saginor (978) 352-6686 or
                                                                    Cubmaster for Andover Pack 77.
Maxine Berke at (978) 251-8862 or email at                                          Registration fee is $18. Scouts who would
                                                                    like to participate in the workshop must
                                                                    RSVP by October 15th to Jacqui Kamlet,
                                                          ,. Forms will be
                    Reminder:                                       in the office. Please let us know of any
               The December Bulletin                                allergies when registering.
            Deadline is November 10th
                Send your articles to with
      "December Newsletter" in the subject line.

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)               Congregation Beth Israel                                             Page 15
From                                    To                                   Occasion
Merri & Gil Brown                       Bunny Callahan and                   In honor of the aufruf of Zachary Saffrin and Elyssa Besen
                                          Victor Saffrin
Rabbi Ed & Janice Friedman              Leonard Spector & Family             In memory of wife and mother, Wendy Spector
Jacqui & Len Kamlet                     Leonard Spector & Family             In memory of wife and mother, Wendy Spector
Rabbi Ed & Janice Friedman              Mildred Spector                      In memory of daughter-in-law, Wendy Spector
Jacqui & Len Kamlet                     Mildred Spector                      In memory of daughter-in-law, Wendy Spector
Rabbi Ed & Janice Friedman              Tina & Howard Spector                In memory of sister-in-law, Wendy Spector
Jacqui & Len Kamlet                     Tina & Howard Spector                In memory of sister-in-law, Wendy Spector
Arno & Cheryl Topp                      Leonard Spector & Family             In memory of wife and mother, Wendy Spector
Les Tye                                 Leonard Spector & Family             In memory of wife and mother, Wendy Spector
Les Tye                                 Mildred Spector                      In memory of daughter-in-law, Wendy Spector
Les Tye                                 Tina & Howard Spector                In memory of sister-in-law, Wendy Spector
Les Tye                                 Pearl Styman & Family                In memory of sister, Lillian Brand
Ethel Somers                            Mildred Spector                      In memory of daughter-in-law, Wendy Spector
Ethel Somers                            Leonard Spector & Family             In memory of wife and mother, Wendy Spector
Merri & Gil Brown                       Tina & Howard Spector                In memory of sister-in-law, Wendy Spector
Jim Shainker                            Tina & Howard Spector                In memory of sister-in-law, Wendy Spector
Jerry Golner                            Tina & Howard Spector                In memory of sister-in-law, Wendy Spector
Michelle & Larry Soll                   Leonard Spector & Family             In memory of wife and mother, Wendy Spector
Susannah Abbott & Anne Schwartz         Maxine Berke                         In appreciation
Susannah Abbott & Anne Schwartz         Sheri Saginor                        In appreciation
Barbara Pofcher                         Pearl Styman & Family                In memory of sister, Lillian Brand
Evelyn & James Gill                     Pearl Styman & Family                In memory of sister, Lillian Brand
Cindy & Burt Ochs & Family              Leonard Spector & Family             In memory of wife and mother, Wendy Spector
Cindy & Burt Ochs & Family              Tina & Howard Spector                In memory of sister-in-law, Wendy Spector
Cindy & Burt Ochs & Family              Mildred Spector                      In memory of daughter-in-law, Wendy Spector
Guttentag Family                        Adelle Stavis and                    In honor of Ian becoming a Bar Mitzvah
                                          Doug Cuthbertson
Guttentag Family                        Tina & Howard Spector                In memory of sister-in-law, Wendy Spector
Les Tye                                 Elsie Levine                         In memory of brother, Daniel Bernstein
Les Tye                                 Bunny Callahan and                   In honor of the forthcoming marriage of Zachary Saffrin and Elyssa Besen
                                         Victor Saffrin
Ellen & Jon Brody                       Leonard Spector & Family             In memory of wife and mother, Wendy Spector
Ellen & Jon Brody                       Tina & Howard Spector                In memory of sister-in-law, Wendy Spector
Ellen & Jon Brody                       Mildred Spector                      In memory of daughter-in-law, Wendy Spector
Maxine & Neal Berke                     Tina & Howard Spector                In memory of sister-in-law, Wendy Spector

From                                     To                                   Occasion
Paula & Howie Flagler & Family           Leonard Spector & Family            In memory of wife and mother, Wendy Spector
Paula & Howie Flagler & Family           Mildred Spector                     In memory of daughter-in-law, Wendy Spector
Paula & Howie Flagler & Family           Tina & Howard Spector               In memory of sister-in-law, Wendy Spector

From                                     To                                   Occasion
Paul H. Garnick                                                               In memory of mother, Sylvia Garnick, at Yahrzeit

Mourner                          Departed                                Mourner                          Departed
Ed Boroda                        Rachel Boroda, Mother                   Joan & Lou Martins               Miriam Hoffman, Mother
Ed Boroda                        Soly Boroda, Father                     Natalie Greenblatt               Allen Greenblatt, Beloved Husband
Ethel Kamien                     Ida Kamien, Mother-in-Law               Ronnie Berman                    Rhoda Heymann, Mother
Rebecca Fishbein                 Herman Fishbein, Father                 Bernard Delin                    Samuel Delinsky, Father
Faith Guest                      Bessie Louise Muscovitz, Mother         Les Tye                          Estelle Segal, Sister
Faith Guest                      Max Louis Muscovitz, Father             Edward Greenblatt                Allen Greenblatt, Brother
Kenneth Berkowitz                Ben Berkowitz, Father                   Stephen Kates                    Ethel Katze, Grandmother
Laurence S & Edna Levine         Samuel David Levine, Father & Husband   Sam Poppel                       Dora Poppel, Mother
Ethel Kamien                     Ray Niedergang, Mother                  Larry Soll                       Fay Soll, Mother

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)                       Congregation Beth Israel                                                        Page 16
                               The following names will be read on Shabbat - Yahrzeits
                                Zichronam livracha, may their memories be for a blessing
Nov 6 / 29 Cheshvan                        Nov 13 / 6 Kislev                           Nov 20 / 12 Kislev                           Nov 27 / 20 Kislev
Saul Arkin                                 Bernice S. Abramson                         Sylvia Abramson                              Fannie Artenstein
Bertha Bacon                               Fred Bachner                                Paul Bain                                    Harry Bower
Abraham Bain                               Arnold Bacon                                Sarah Freda Bishoff                          Berta Brudnick
Herman Bell                                Annie Bass                                  Jennie Brindis                               Samuel Cohen
Myer P. Bernstein                          Samuel Bendixson                            Murray Cohen                                 Goodman Gafin
Samuel Blotner                             Pearl Benson                                Beatrice (Betty) Feldbin                     Jacob Gardner
Louis Bord                                 Jennie Berman                               Abraham B. Franks                            Jacob Garnick
Elizabeth H. Cohen                         Marilyn Lee Block                           Rose Gass                                    Henrietta Gerstein
Harry H. Friedman                          A. Albert Broad                             Kaity Gedansky                               Bertha Gofman
Samuel Gilboard                            Benjamin Chalin                             Melvin Glazer                                Israel Goldberg
Susan Krevlin Gleicher                     Harriet Cohen                               Lena Pessia Goldberg                         Lester Henry Goldberg
Bessie Goldberg                            Minnie Doppelt                              Murray Green                                 Samuel Goldberg
Fannie Goldblith                           Hilda Entes                                 Max Greenberg                                Nelly Gottlieb
Harry S. Goldman                           Flora L. Faber                              Elizabeth H. Greenglass                      Ina B. Greenblatt
Lee Gould                                  Rose (Zelinsky) Fagerson                    Joseph Halpern                               Sadye (Ostro) Grossman
Ida Kaplan                                 Max Farman                                  Sanford Hershfield                           Abraham Gustat
Lena Levin                                 Lena Gerson                                 Jennie Eva Hoffman                           Aaron J. Harris
Rose Lightman                              Jay J. Goodman                              Irving S. Horowitz                           Herbert Harris
Nathan Livine                              Lee Greenberg                               Frances Issenberg                            Shirley (Faigel) Hirshberg
Aleck Loftus                               Alex Heifetz                                Samuel Katze                                 Richard Holzman
Morris Muscovitz                           Mae Feldman Kahn                            Benjamin Kazer                               Dr. Max Hymen
Max Newman                                 Jennie Kallman                              Kolman Malis                                 Frances Issenberg
Sylvia Neyman                              Stephan P. Karp                             Jacob Moshe                                  Leah Freda Kaplan
Leo H. Penn                                Eliot Kates                                 Leo Pepper                                   Etta K. Karp
Mildred Rainen                             Sidney Kutel                                Samuel Poulten                               Leo Katze
Jessie Risman                              Oschar Lehr                                 Jacob Primak                                 Herman Krantweiss
Bennett Rogers                             Marcia Lovitt                               Max Rosengard                                Benjamin Kroll
Nathan Rogers                              Lena Marmer                                 Samuel Rostler                               Harry Lovitt
Anna Rostler                               Adele F. Mascott                            Lillian Schacter                             Emily Platt McDaniel
Irving Rubinstein                          David M. Meyers                             Chester R. Schneider                         Samuel Porton
Bertha Rifkin Shapiro                      Jacob Posternak                             Pearl Schwartz                               A. Sidney Roth
Sidney Slavin                              Abraham Rick                                Morris J. Shapiro                            Esther Schub
Lena Swartz                                Frances Sadow                               Phillip Snyder                               Benjamin Shuman
Nathan Tucker                              Mrs. David Salovitch                        Lena Spector                                 Maurice Lewis Silverman
Goldie Weisberg                            Manuel Segal                                Minnie Stein                                 Fannie Silverwatch
Philip Winer                               Rebecca Shapiro                             Hilda S. Steinberg                           Rose Sobil
Abraham Wolf                               Joseph Shyavitz                             Sarah Wolff                                  Celia Tinter
Max Wolff                                  Melvin R. Silver                                                                         Nathan Warshawsky
Miles Zubick                               Dr. Maurice J. Silverman                                                                 Rebecca Weinstein
                                           Hilda Smith                                                                              Samuel Weisberg
                                           Morris Spector                                                                           Esther Wiseman
                                           Samuel Swartz                                                                            Alyssa Becker Zeller
                                           Oscar Tenenbaum
                                           Dora Vinecour
                                           Harry Zeller

Scrip is Back!              Need gifts for birthdays, b’nei mitzvah, teacher appreciation, or employee incentives? Need gifts which are easy to ship? Purchase Great
Lakes Scrip through CBI. It’s one stop shopping. Save time and energy while supporting the synagogue! Everyone wins! What Is Scrip? Ordering gift cards through
the Scrip program helps raise money for Beth Israel! There is no additional cost to you and you won't have to run around to different restaurants & stores for gift cards.

Double Bonus: Amazon scrip helps us in two ways when you use the Scrip you purchased when
                you place an order via the link on the CBI Website!!!
The comprehensive list of participating retailers is available at See the order form on the CBI website, under the Resources tab. Orders will be
placed monthly and are expected to arrive within 10 days of placing the order. For more info, contact Adelle Stavis at

Congregation Beth Israel is an Amazon Associate!                             Don’t forget to use the Amazon link on our home
page when shopping online. We benefit from each purchase made, with no additional cost to you. And, you can pass this link
along to all your friends, family members, business associates, etc. to use each time they shop online at The link
is available on the home page of our website,, and you can bookmark it in your favorites for easy access.

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)                                Congregation Beth Israel                                                                     Page 17
The Merrimack Valley Jewish Federation is proud to present the following interesting and exciting programs open to the entire
community. Visit their website at or contact 978-688-0466 for further information.

                     A NEW YOU
      Bring Joy, Energy and Wellness to your Life
                       MVJF Women’s Philanthropy Dessert & Discussion
                                  With   Lynne Rothstein
         Thursday, November 18, 2010 7:00 PM at Temple Emanuel in Andover
Join us for an informative and enjoyable introduction to energy medicine. The evening will include demonstrations and
a chance for each of us to learn and practice techniques that we can use to live happier, healthier lives. Lynne Roth-
stein has over 25 years experience as a licensed Mental Health Counselor and is certified in Energy Medicine, Emo-
tional Freedom Technique and Level 3 Reiki. She has a practice in N. Chelmsford called Pathways to Change. Couvert
$18.00 - Sponsor Tickets $54.00. Please RSVP by November 11, 2010.

                                                               First Light 5771
                                         Annual Community Chanukah Celebration
                                                   & Family Concert
                                                                 With Todd Herzog
                              Saturday, December 4, 2010 7:00 PM at Temple Emanu-El in Haverhill
                       Todd brings Jewish themes to life in popular ballads and contemporary melodies. Audiences of
                       all ages appreciate his “fabulous voice” and “full, warm, contemporary sound.” Merrimack Val-
ley temple youth group members and Adult singers are invited to sing with Todd during the performance! (Call for de-
tails) Todd has been an Artist-In-Residence at the JCC Maccabi ArtsFest and performed at the Union for Reform Juda-
ism Biennial and CAJE Conferences. He has worked with Sarah McLachlan, Burt Bacharach and Craig Taubman and his
music has been featured in television and film in shows such All My Children, One Life To Live, The Osbournes and Mel-
rose Place. Advance Ticket prices are $54 for preferred seating, $18.00 for Adults and $9.00 for
Children and Seniors.

                         Sunday, December 12, 2010 4:00 PM
                           at Osgood Landing in N. Andover
Feature length documentary film narrated by Dustin Hoffman featuring Sandy Kofax, Kevin Youkilis, Al Rosen, Yogi Berra, Shawn
Green, Hank Greenberg, Ron Howard and many more players and stars. Come meet Martin Abramowitz, President Jewish Major
Leaguers and other Special Guests and enjoy a Raffle and Ball Park Treats. Don’t miss this fantastic event for all ages 10 – 100! Visit for ticket information and other details.

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)                 Congregation Beth Israel                                                Page 18
                       JNF Tree Certificates - A New Donation Opportunity!
   For a contribution of $18, you can request a personalized JNF (Jewish National Fund) Trees for Israel certificate be
  sent to the recipient of your choice, for any occasion. To learn more about the wonderful work of the Jewish National
   Fund, log onto their website, What a meaningful way to honor, memorialize and celebrate friends and
loved ones at birthdays, anniversaries, b’nei mitzvah, accomplishments, get well wishes, in memory, and more. Please
              call or email Amy in the office for more information and to order your certificates today!

                           Kiddush Queen Caterers
                                                       Spend wisely and still celebrate in style!
                  It can be difficult to celebrate a simcha or sponsor a kiddush. There is never enough time or money. Here's a
                  solution: hire the shul. CBI now offers a program that lets you hire the synagogue to prepare your kiddush or to
 provide delicious home-cooked food for a simcha. All preparations are done in the CBI kitchen but with the home-cooked touch we
 all prefer.
 Hiring the shul can save time, save money, and help everyone. Services include developing your menu, shopping, and cooking. For
 sponsoring an ordinary kiddush, the service includes set up and clean up. And every time you hire the shul to cater a kiddush or
 simcha, a portion of your fee will go to whatever CBI fund you wish. You can support operations, the religious school, the library, or
 the building fund, thereby fulfilling the mitzvah of tzedakah. If you are going to spend the money, why not support our community in
 the process?
 So if you are interested in sponsoring a kiddush and letting the synagogue take care of the hassle, please contact Amy Sherr in the
 synagogue office and reserve your date. "Lettuce" do it for you!
 Beryl Rosenthal & Adelle Stavis, Kitchen Committee Co-Chairs

    Our Website’s Resource Pages - Please be sure to check out the Resources tab on our website,
   There are audio files available for your listening pleasure and learning of Shabbat and Weekday Evening Services, Passover
 Melodies, Haftarah Trope, and more. There are photographs from special events, articles of interest, and links to newspapers and
  local communities. You will also find various forms and reference material related to synagogue life. Please take a look. Your
                          feedback is always welcome! Send comments to

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)                 Congregation Beth Israel                                                 Page 19
      To place an ad or receive more                                                          The Best New
       info about advertising, please                                                       Event Venue in the
                                                                                             Merrimack Valley
         contact Leslie Silverstein,                                 Weddings    Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Showers
                                                                   Fundraisers Golf Outings      Parties
       PLEASE PATRONIZE THE                                    Lunch & Dinner
   ADVERTISERS WHO SUPPORT CBI!                                   Wed – Sat         Dracut, MA (978) 459-5129
                                                               Sunday Brunch

                                                                                D.B. the D.J.
                                                                             Musical Entertainment
                                                                            and Sound System Design

                                                                                                   DAVE BROWN
  1109 Osgood Street      Tel: 978-688-4442                   Phone/Fax (978) 794-2037            35 Old Farm Road
                                                              Email:   North Andover, MA 01845
  N. Andover. MA 01845 Fax: 978-794-8694

         Maintenance Man
        Catering to the needs of your
                                                               GOLDMAN FUNERAL
      household repairs, lawncare, and                             CHAPEL
         automotive maintenance.                             174 Ferry Street, Malden, MA 02148-5625

    Please contact Roger Roy, Facilities                                  HARVEY GOLDMAN
          Manager at Beth Israel                                            JAY GOLDMAN
         at 508-423-1086 (cell) or                           Boston Area: 781-324-1122 Toll Free: 800-982-3717                              Fax: 781-324-7553 Email at

                     Annie’s Book Stop
                              At Drum-Hill
                        Open 7 Days a Week!

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)        Congregation Beth Israel                                       Page 20
     Family owned and operated for 5 generations
              in the Merrimack Valley
                                                           Monument Works
                                                               Memorials of Distinction

                                                            MONUMENT – MARKERS
                                                            CEMETERY LETTERING
                                                                1025 Lawrence St.
                 978.372.9311                                   Lowell, MA 01852
             106 Summer St. Haverhill                            978 – 452 – 7821
             210 So. Main St. Bradford

     Cowan Insurance
       Agency, Inc.
              359 Main Street                                Rooted in Jewish values and featuring fine
             Haverhill, MA 01830                             Kosher dining, Woodbridge Assisted Living
                                                              and the Legacy Program for those with
                                                             memory impairments, honors our elders by
   Phone: (978) 372-1451                                      maintaining their dignity while providing
                                                                security and support in a culturally
             Fax: (978) 521-4669                              comfortable and elegant environment.
                                                               For More Information please contact:
     Specializing in Business & Personal                                    MARTA STURM
                  Insurance                                         Woodbridge Assisted Living
                                                              240 Lynnfield Street, Peabody, MA 01960
                Service by People,
                 Not Voice Mail                              

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)      Congregation Beth Israel                                Page 21
    OFFICE                     NAME                            COMMITTEES
    President            Len Kamlet
    First VP             Howard Spector              Building, House
    Second VP            Jeff Tye                    Ritual                                           CBI Office
    Third VP             Sam Poulten                 Building
                                                                                                     The Synagogue
    Fourth VP            Eric Kaplan                 Building                                         office is open:
    Clerk                Jim Shainker                Development, Social Action,                        M-W, 9-5
                                                     Building                                             Th, 9-6
    Corresponding        Rochelle Pawlowski                                                               F, 9-12
    Secretary                                                                                      If you’re planning a
    Treasurer            TBA                                                                            trip to the
                                                                                                     synagogue, it’s a
    DIRECTORS            Neal Berke                  Building                                        good idea to call
                         Jonathan Brody              Finance, Membership                                  ahead.
                         Nancy Cohn                  Adult Ed                                      Office: 978-474-0540
                                                                                                    Fax: 978-474-1915
                         Beryl Rosenthal             Religious School
                         Sheldon Rubin               Building, Fundraising
                         Jeff Saunders
                         Adelle Stavis               Religious School

 OFFICE / STAFF                                                  
 Rabbi Edward Friedman =                  Membership, Jonathan Brody =
 Administrator, Amy Sherr =              
 President, Len Kamlet =              Newsletter Advertising, Leslie Silverstein -
 Treasurer, TBA =                     
 Board - Leadership & Staff =             Newsletter Articles, Amy Sherr =
 Religious School Principal, Rabbi Margaret Frisch Klein =       Newsletter Editors, Marilyn Freedman & Merle Roesler =
 Sr. USY Advisor, Aaron Bregman =         Newsletter Publisher, Jacqui Kamlet =
 Jr. USY Advisor, Barry Kaufman =         
 Kadima Advisor, Dara Tye =              Publicity / Communication, TBA -
                                                                 Religious School, Beryl Rosenthal =
 COMMITTEES, ETC.                                                
 Adult Ed, Yoav Shorr =                 Ritual, Jeff Tye & David Cores =
 Brotherhood, Dave Brown & Fred Cohn -                           Sisterhood, TBA =
                           Social, TBA =
 CBI Cares, Maxine Berke & Sheri Saginor -                       Social Action / Chesed, Susannah Abbott, Anne Schwartz & Jim
                                        Shainker =
 Development, Jim Shainker =        Technology, TBA =
 Finance, Jonathan Brody =              Webmaster. Rick Pike =
   Abatement =                        Youth, Tanya Gould =
 Governance, TBA =
 House, Howard Spector =
 Long Range Planning, Jim Shainker =

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)             Congregation Beth Israel                                               Page 22
                                                                                      November 2010
                                                                                                   Cheshvan—Kislev 5771

Sun                     Mon              Tue                  Wed                Thu                Fri                 Sat

                        1 24 Cheshvan 2 25 Cheshvan            3 26 Cheshvan     4 27 Cheshvan      5 28 Cheshvan        6 29 Cheshvan
                        5:30p Basic     ELECTION DAY           4p RS             4p RS              5:15p Candle         Parshat Toldot
                          Judaism         Remember to                            6:15p Midrasha       Lighting           9:30a Shabbat
                        7:30p Baskets        Vote!                                                  8p Kabbalat            Services
                          Support Group 12p Lunch &                                                   Shabbat Svcs       7p Sisterhood to
                                                                                                                           Boston Jewish
                                                                                                                           Film Festival

7 30 Cheshvan           8     1 Kislev   9   2 Kislev          10   3 Kislev     11   4 Kislev      12    5 Kislev       13 6 Kislev
   Daylight Savings     Rosh Chodesh     7:30p Minyan          7:30p Minyan      Veterans Day       4:08p Candle         Parshat
   Ends                  Kislev                                                    Observed           Lighting             Vayetzei
Rosh Chodesh Kislev
9a RS                   5:30p Basic                                              No RS              6:30p 1st & 2nd      9:30a Shabbat
9:30a Talmud & Prayer     Judaism                                                7:30p Minyan         Grade                Services
   book Hebrew
10:30a Zohar & Conv.    7:30p Minyan                                                                  Shabbat            Roundtable after
   Hebrew                                                                                                                  services
2p Jewish Scouting                                                                                    Dinner

14 7 Kislev             15   8 Kislev    16   9 Kislev   17 10 Kislev            18   11 Kislev     19    12 Kislev      20 13 Kislev
9a RS                   5:30p Basic      12:30p Lunch & 7:30p Minyan             9:30a Baskets      4:01p Candle         Parshat
9:30a TPG                 Judaism           Learn—                                 Support Grp        Lighting             Vayishlach
10:30a Conv.            7:30p Minyan        Chelmsford                           4p RS              6:30p Tsaadim        9:30a Shabbat
  Hebrew                                 6:30p Board Mtg                         6:15p Midrasha                            Services
12p RS Staff                             7:30p Minyan                            7:30p Minyan                            10a Youth
  Meeting                                                                                                                  Services

21 14 Kislev            22   15 Kislev   23    16 Kislev       24  17 Kislev     25    18 Kislev    26    19 Kislev      27 20 Kislev
9a RS
9:30a Talmud & Prayer   5:30p Basic                            USY Turkey        Thanksgiving       Office Closed        Parshat
   book Hebrew            Judaism                               Dance            Office Closed      3:57p Candle           Vayeshev
10:30a Zohar & Conv.                                                             No RS                Lighting           9:30a Shabbat
11a RS Committee
12p Kadima @ Coco
5p Interfaith
   Thanksgiving Svc

28 21 Kislev            29   22 Kislev   30    23 Kislev
No RS                   5:30p Basic                                                                              Reminder
                                                                 Remember Israeli Folk                 Nightly Minyan is held M-Th on
                                                                 Dancing every Sunday                 the 2nd and 3rd full weeks of the
                                                                                                       month. UNLESS there's a shiva
                                                                     from 7-8:15pm                    minyan needed at a congregant's
                                                                at 1600 Osgood Street in               home - then it will be held at the
                                                                                                       shiva home. Watch for special
                                                                     North Andover                        announcements from the

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)                     Congregation Beth Israel                                                Page 23
                                                                                  December 2010
                                                                                                    Kislev—Tevet 5771

Sun                  Mon               Tue                Wed                Thu              Fri               Sat

                                                           1 24 Kislev       2 25 Kislev      3     26 Kislev   4 27 Kislev
            Reminder                      Remember                                                              Parshat Miketz
  Nightly Minyan is held M-Th on                           Chanukah: 1       Chanukah: 2      Chanukah: 3
                                          Israeli Folk                                                          Chanukah: 4 Candles
 the 2nd and 3rd full weeks of the                          Candle             Candles          Candles         9:30a Shabbat
                                        Dancing every                                         3:54p Candle
  month. UNLESS there's a shiva                                              4p RS                                 Services
 minyan needed at a congregant's         Sunday from                                            Lighting        Daniel Katz Bar
  home - then it will be held at the       7-8:15pm                          6:15p Midrasha
                                                                                              6:30 3rd/4th         Mitzvah
  shiva home. Watch for special        at 1600 Osgood                        7:30p Minyan                          Celebration
                                                                                                Grade Dinner
     announcements from the             Street in North                                                         MVJF First Light in
                                                                                              7:30 Kabbalat        Haverhill
           Synagogue.                       Andover                                             Shabbat Svc
5 28 Kislev          6   29 Kislev     7   30 Kislev       8   1 Tevet       9   2 Tevet      10    3 Tevet     11    4 Tevet
Chanukah: 5          Chanukah: 6       Rosh Chodesh        Rosh Chodesh      Chanukah: 8th    3:53p Candle      Parshat
9a RS                  Candles           Tevet              Tevet              Day              Lighting        Vayigash
9:30a TPG            5:30p Basic       Chanukah: 7         Chanukah: 8       4p RS            6:30p Tsaadim     9:30a Shabbat
Sisterhood             Judaism           Candles            Candles          6:15p Midrasha   Freshman            Services
   Chanukah Party    7:30p Baskets     12p Lunch &                                            Kinnus            Roundtable after
10:30a Conv.
                       Support Group   Learn—Andover                                                              services
2p Jewish Scouting

12 5 Tevet           13    6 Tevet     14    7 Tevet       15    8 Tevet     16    9 Tevet    17   10 Tevet     18    11 Tevet
9a RS                5:30p Basic       7:30p Minyan        7:30p Minyan      9:30a Baskets    Asara B’Tevet     Parshat Vayechi
9:30a Talmud &         Judaism                                                 Support        3:54p Candle      9:30a Shabbat
  Prayerbook         7:30p Minyan                                              Group            Lighting          Services
  Hebrew                                                                     4p RS            Shabbat on the    10a Youth
10:30a Zohar &                                                                                  Road with the
                                                                             6:15p Midrasha                       Services
  Conv. Hebrew                                                                                  Marshall
                                                                             7:30p Minyan
                                                                                                Family, No.
19 12 Tevet          20    13 Tevet    21    14 Tevet      22    15 Tevet    23    16 Tevet   24 17 Tevet       25    18 Tevet
9a RS                5:30p Basic       12:30p Lunch &      7:30p Minyan      4p RS            3:57p Candle      Parshat Shemot
9:30a Talmud &         Judaism            Learn—           USY Intl          6:15p Midrasha     Lighting        9:30a Shabbat
   Prayerbook        7:30p Minyan         Chelmsford         Convention,     7:30p Minyan     6:30p Shabbat       Services
   Hebrew                              7:30p Minyan          Orlando         USY Intl           Dinner—Kosher   USY Intl
10:30a Zohar &                                                                                  Chinese Food      Convention,
   Conv. Hebrew                                                                               USY Intl            Orlando
11a RS Comm                                                                    Orlando          Convention,
Jr. USY—2 Cool                                                                                  Orlando

26 19 Tevet          27 20 Tevet       28 21 Tevet         29 22 Tevet       30 23 Tevet      31   24 Tevet
Winter Break         5:30p Basic       USY Intl            USY Intl          Winter Break     4:02p Candle
No RS                  Judaism          Convention,         Convention,      No RS              Lighting
USY Intl             USY Intl           Orlando             Orlando          USY Intl
  Convention,          Convention,                                             Convention,
  Orlando              Orlando                                                 Orlando

November 2010 (Cheshvan ~ Kislev 5771)                 Congregation Beth Israel                                           Page 24

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