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									                                       Webinar Four
I‟d like to welcome everyone today to the Ad-Based Internet Marketing session number
four. Today, we‟re going to talk about something different and what I mean is the next step
or next phase of the system. We‟ve gone through phase one, which was literally doing
your marketing research, which is very important.

Then we went through phase two, which was a very in-depth detail at Google AdWords, as
far as how it works on Google‟s site itself. In phase three we went into Google site
targeting and we‟re still not finished with those things, we‟ll come back and re-visit those in
our next session.

Today‟s session is phase four of the system, so let‟s get right into this and start with what
we want to cover this week, because there‟s a lot of information to cover. What we‟re
going to talk about today is called private label rights (PLR), which is the term I‟ll use
throughout this webinar, because it‟s shorter than having to say private label rights every

Let‟s talk about what PLRs and I‟ll tell you how this fits into what we‟re doing. PLRs are
ready made products completely finished and most importantly they‟re nameless, meaning
there are no author‟s names on them, which is very important. That means you can put
your name on the product and it‟s 100% legal, because these products are designed to do
that. This way we can take full credit, it‟s like having a ghostwriter.

Many times I use the example of Donald Trump, Tony Robbins and many people know
they each write books, which is part of their marketing strategy, but I know for a fact
neither of them sits down or locks themselves in a closet for three to five months to write a
book; they have ghostwriters that do it. In fact, some of their ghostwriters are my students
that use my marketing techniques. They write for Donald Trump as well as Tony Robbins.

Don‟t feel ashamed or feel that a product is inferior, because someone else has written it
that‟s not the case whatsoever. PLR products come with, which is why I‟m excited about
it, as I said they are ready made products. The product itself comes in a Word document
or a PDF file. A PLR product comes with a product in a Word document, so you can edit it
and many times it comes as a completed product in the form of a PDF file as well.

Most importantly I‟m looking for the Word document, because I can edit this product

Number two, it comes with a website with an Opt-in page, a sales letter and many times it
will even come with a thank you page. Meaning, after a person buys they will get a page
where they can download the product. Many times this is already created for you, so
again, we have the product, in some cases the Opt-in page, definitely the sales letter and

                                       Webinar Four
most of the time the thank you page for after they‟ve purchased where they can go to
download the product.

It‟s very important that no name is attached to the product, which means you legally again
have the right to go in and put your name or even a ghost name on this product, a pen
name onto the product and make it appear that you are the one that took the time to go
ahead and create or write this particular product. As you can see it‟s a very all inclusive
type of idea and the great part about this is that they‟re all over the Internet.

People are actually lazy. I‟m not referring to you, I‟m referring to the people who created
these private label right products they‟re lazy and they feel the only way they can make
money is by selling the rights to the product rather than selling the product themselves, so
I am more than willing to go ahead and take advantage of those people, because they
deserve it.

They get what they want, which is a couple bucks for the products and we can usually get
them for next to nothing. We‟ll go through and look at products on the Internet. We‟ll find
some live to give you an idea of how easy it is to get your hands on these types of

A typical PLR product looks like this. Your PLR comes with a website, sales letter, the
thank you page and the product, basically what we just talked about. This is what normally
comes with a PLR product, so you‟ve got four components that you need and if you had to
add one more component sometimes an Opt-in page so again, it‟s the complete system as
far as what you need to start making money online.

Many people confuse PLR products with resell rights. I have to let you know that PLR
products are not resell right type products. Resell right products are products that come
with the ability for you to resell them. You‟ll find this many places you go on the Internet. I
want to cover this so you don‟t make a mistake of buying or getting your hands on a resell
right product, because a resell rights product has restrictions.

Many people confuse this with PLR products, but resell rights products come with a
website, a product and a sales letter. Sounds familiar doesn‟t it? So what‟s the
difference? The difference is you can not change the authors name on a resell right
product you have to leave their name in. In fact, they don‟t give you the source code or the
raw material that the product was created out of.

They‟ll give you a website, but whose name is on the website? The original authors name.
They‟ll give you the sales letter and the product, and inside the product whose name is on
the product? The original author‟s, so the author is the one getting the notoriety and

                                       Webinar Four
credibility, is getting the advertising, but what are you getting? If you‟re okay with that
you‟re getting the money. So in that respect it‟s a good deal, but I have a hard time with
advertising somebody else.

Why can‟t I advertise myself or create a brand of my own, maybe create a company that
specifically sells PLR products, meaning my own products where people believe that I
created the products and I‟m building a brand around that myself. So instead of promoting
somebody else I‟d rather promote my own company or my own brand.

You cannot brand the product on your own with resell products just as I mentioned, but
there are some very distinct advantages to PLR products. Not only can you edit the
product and do all these other things with it, but the biggest advantage is that you can
purchase them rather inexpensively.

For example, I was online looking around and I‟ll show you some of the places I go to find
PLR type products. I ran across this package of PLR products I received and bought for
$5. Here‟s what you have to understand; this particular package of products I bought for
$5 contained roughly between 600-700 PLR products. I don‟t know what that boils down
to literally pennies per product and obviously the person selling it weren‟t all there.

Why would you do that for $5? They had obviously spent money on this, themselves and
they‟re selling it for $5, it doesn‟t make sense, but sometimes you run across things that
don‟t make sense. I know why they sold it for $5 and that‟s because they felt the only way
they could make money was by selling the rights to all these products. In my case, I‟m
thinking if I just sold one product for $27 then I can make, not only my money back, but I
could multiply it four to six times.

That was a tremendous deal. Are you always going to get products or a ton of products for
$5? No, you‟re not. Typically, what you‟ll get your hands on for PLR is roughly in the area
of $27 to as much as $50. You‟ll usually get somewhere in the area of nine to twelve
products somewhere in that range, so I usually end up spending $3 to $5 for each of these

A website, an Opt-in page in some cases, the sales letter already written and the product
created and I can pick it up for $3 to $5 each; doesn‟t that sound fishy? It does, but it isn‟t,
because people don‟t understand the power of marketing. I want you all to write this down.

                           Most people don‟t know how to market!

If you even do a search for many of these PLR products what‟s going to happen is this.
You‟ll find you can barely find anybody marketing any of these products online oddly

                                       Webinar Four
enough. Sometimes you‟ll be the only person out of hundreds and in some cases,
thousands of people out there actively marketing this product. Yes, the odds are that other
people can market these product‟s that‟s a fact, but what you have to understand is that
most of them won‟t.

Very few people will and that‟s the biggest advantage, because not a lot of people do this,
especially using the methods that I‟ve been teaching you. You can also put these products
online fairly fast. When I say fast, once you have the system down you can put these
products online within a few hours. At first, it may take you some time, because you may
have other people do the work for you.

In fact, most of the time I would suggest you have other people do the work for you and
we‟ll show you where to go and how to get that done. Many times you can have this
complete product hosted online at say, the longest time of eight hours, which is really long.
Most often it takes one to three hours at best and that‟s if you‟re doing much of the work
yourself. If you have someone else doing it they can probably do it much faster than you
and we‟ll show you how to get that done.

Another advantage is that your time commitment is very low as opposed to sitting down
and creating the product yourself, your time commitment is next to nothing. Here‟s the part
that people need to get over and that is, they are important. You are not important. I am
not important. You need to get over that. You need to get over the fact that everything
has to be about you, written by you or created by you. It doesn‟t matter.

Most of my best selling products weren‟t done by me. I did not create them, I outsourced
them. In my case, much of that was software, but I outsourced all of that. Yes, I did the
marketing, which is what I should be doing, because that‟s what my job is and that‟s also
what your job is as well is that of a marketer. You can outsource almost every aspect of
your business, but you can‟t outsource your marketing, because very few people know
how to market.

The other key advantage of this is that you don‟t need to be an expert in any area. How
could you possibly be an expert in all the various ways you can put up a product online?
You can‟t, can you? If I wanted to go into three or four health markets I couldn‟t sit down,
study and learn all there is to know about that, but I could simply buy a product from
someone that created a product on that particular topic where I walk in and as I said, for $3
to $5 pick up that product and start marketing it.

It‟s very simple. It‟s easy and the best part of it is that you can do it yourself. You have a
high profit margin. Remember, we‟re buying these things for $3 to $5 on average, so
when you think about this, if you‟re marketing it for $17 you‟re still tripling your money

                                        Webinar Four
every time you sell it, but in fact, you get your money back once so everything after that is
profit. Many times you‟ll find out this product you bought for $3 to $5 you‟ll find you can
sell for $27, $37, $47 or even more in some markets.

So you have a great hot profit margin. The great part too is that because it‟s digital you
have no delivery costs whatsoever and it all goes out automatically, you have no part in it
whatsoever. In fact, once you set this up you can‟t even screw it up and that‟s the cool
part about this. Many people I‟ve found don‟t get to the level of success they want,
because they tend to do something that‟s going to mess up their chances for success.

After you set a PLR product up, even after you have it set up you can‟t mess it up and
that‟s the great part, so your chances for success are much greater. You can profit quickly
again, this is a variation of what we talked about a moment ago, but the reason I put this
one down is, because as opposed to other types of products, services or anything else you
do many times we have to wait.

We have to wait to get into profit. In this particular case we only have to make one sale to
get our money back and make money. With the first sale, we can not only get our money
back that we had invested, but number two and more importantly we can be in profit. The
idea of a business is to turn a profit. We are not a non-profit organization and I‟m sure
you‟re not either. What you want to do is get into profit as quickly as possible and stay in

More importantly, out of everything I just mentioned is that you own the product out right.
You don‟t have to pay a royalty to anybody, you have the product. You are responsible for
the customer service if there is any, but remember we‟re dealing with information products
there‟s not a lot of customer service that goes along with these products, because they‟re

In fact, for the most part, if you set this up right all you have to do is set people up with the
product, automate the ordering process and let them know if it‟s a PDF file they‟ll be
opening, so you‟ll have to give them a link to the PDF reader and tell them how to open it.
It‟s not difficult to open a PDF file in fact, I‟m sure most of you viewing and listening to this
webinar have opened a PDF file at one time or another in your life.

That makes it easy, so if a person just has to open a PDF file you can see that your
customer service questions are cut down to a minimum. You do need some tools to
operate a PLR type business. There are only three things you need. We‟re going to make
this easy; because there‟s not a lot that you have to do.

                                      Webinar Four
    Number one is to get a hosting account.

You have to have a hosting account to put your websites on. There are many different
ways to get a hosting account. You can look all over the Internet, but I‟m biased and I‟ll be
up front with you about this. I own a company called Hostorix, which is my hosting
company. The advantage of Hostorix is that it‟s redundant.

Your website won‟t go down by using a Hostorix account and you can host an unlimited
number of websites using our system. We‟ll explain how to do that. You don‟t have to use
Hostorix, but it‟s highly recommended.

    Number two you need an Autoresponder.

There are a lot of different places where you can get an Autoresponder on the Internet and
some of you probably already have one, but for those of you who don‟t know what an
Autoresponder is it‟s simply a way that, when it receives an email from somebody it sends
out an automated message to them. You can send them a series of automated messages,
it‟s very important for your market.

You can go to many different places online to get Autoresponders such as 1ShoppingCart,
GetResponse, AWeber and we‟ve actually teamed up with AWeber not too long ago and
created something pretty cool, which I highly recommend.                    It‟s called You can go there for $19 per month, you can have an
unlimited number of Autoresponders using this, so you can‟t go wrong and that‟s the
AWeber system.

What we did was we created AutoresponderGenerator for people to begin using. You can
use it immediately, you can set your account up instantly and you‟re all set. AWeber
happens to be the oldest company that exists as far as Autoresponders in the
marketplace. They know what they‟re doing, their system is flawless in my opinion and at
the same time you‟re going to have a great service, which is very important.

    Number three is a payment system.

You don‟t have to have anything elaborate to use for PLR products, why? What are we
doing? We‟re selling a digital product, so you don‟t have to have anything elaborate. In
fact, something as simple as ClickBank and if you go to you can sign up as
a merchant there. It will cost you $50 and you can sell an unlimited number of products as
a merchant there. It‟s very easy to market with ClickBank.

                                       Webinar Four
What they do, for those of you who don‟t know about this, is that ClickBank will take your
credit cards for you, you don‟t need a merchant account with this scenario. They will take
your money for you, process the credit cards and will even accept Paypal into their system
then what they‟ll do is they‟ll manage your affiliates for you as well as send you a check
every two weeks.

They‟re going to charge you a little more than a merchant account, because they‟re taking
the responsibility, the risk and doing all the management, of which they‟ll charge you seven
and a half percent of every sale you have. When I first started on the Internet for the first
three to four years online I optimized ClickBank. That‟s how I got started, so this isn‟t a
bad way to get started, you‟re following in great footsteps.

You can get started nearly overnight and ClickBank will manage your money so you can
begin accepting orders literally in a day or two. ClickBank is a great way to start taking
payments. You can always get something more sophisticated later on, but in reality I‟m
going to tell you these are the only things you truly need.

    If there were four things, I would tell you that you need a domain name as well.

I assumed that you knew that, but again, a domain name is very important. Where will you
send people to for the website? You can go to something as simple as
You can register a domain name there, which you‟ll need for your hosting account as well
when you set that up. This is very inexpensive like $8/$9 to get a domain name, but its
part of the process.

So the three abovementioned elements plus a domain name is all you need to market on
the Internet. Can you see why I‟m excited about PLR products, because as opposed to
anything else on the Internet; this is simple. There are only four elements you need. In
fact, it‟s interesting there are only four elements for the website and four elements as far as
the tools you need and if you have both you‟re already ready to market.

You‟re ready to get going, which is why it doesn‟t take a lot to get up and running. I want
you to write something down that‟s very important to understand and that is the psychology
of how you think, which is important. One of the things I tell people all the time is that you
have to remove the objection to succeed, so let‟s talk about this briefly.

I want you to write this part down. The more time it takes for you to go from idea to fruition
the less likely odds are that you succeed. Why do I say that? If something takes a long
time, you lose interest that‟s a fact. If it‟s going to take two to four weeks to get something
up, running and maybe making money the odds are you probably won‟t do it. Many people
in many situations won‟t do it.

                                        Webinar Four

Now, I have some big projects and I know they‟re going to take months ahead of time. I
know the process and we all probably have things like that in our life, but we tend to lose
interest after a certain point and time unless we start seeing something that will keep us
excited. Therefore, when we‟re talking about a PLR product where we can set it up in a
few hours our interest level is still very high, so we‟re still excited about this and putting it

I put one up the other day, as part of a process I have and I‟ll show you that website, why I
was excited, I‟ll show you results I have and where I am in the next stage for this, because
there is a certain amount of staging for the product, I do things in stages, so I‟ll tell you
what my stages are as we go through this, so again those are the four pieces we need,
three pieces plus the domain name and you‟re all set.

There are many mistakes people make with PLR products. Since it‟s so easy and simple it
stands to reason that a lot of people make mistakes in putting these particular products in
use in their business. Let‟s look at some of these mistakes. There are quite a few and
we‟ll highlight the bigger of these mistakes right off the bat.

   1. The biggest mistake is they do nothing.

You could take that two different ways. First, they buy a PLR product and they don‟t do
anything with it, which is a big mistake. More importantly, and what I‟m referring to is they
take the product, the way it looks, the way it feels then they just throw it up online hoping it
will work. That‟s a possibility, but no, why would you use the same look, feel and product
as hundreds, if not thousands of other people all over the world?

When you do that you‟re saying here‟s another one of those sites, let‟s see if it works. It
didn‟t work for that guy, but I‟m going to throw I up myself and see if I can make it work.
You don‟t want to do that, because that‟s the wrong way to do it. There are simple ways to
do things, there‟s a right way to do things and more importantly, there are wrong ways to
do things and this is the wrong way.

I don‟t want to look like everybody else on the Internet. In fact, in everything I do and this
is one of the secrets to my success is that in everything I do, what happens is I try to figure
out how I can distinguish myself amongst everybody else out there in the marketplace
whether it‟s providing more information, providing it in a different way or a more simple
way, which many times is a lot easier to do and more so with a different look and feel.

I can then distinguish myself amongst all the other products and marketers with some
simple things that most people don‟t pay attention to. You don‟t that‟s the answer to this

                                       Webinar Four
question is why would you want to do the same thing as everyone else? You don‟t, make
yourself look different.

Let me tell you a story. I was in the car the other day and we decided we were going to
have subs for dinner. I took my son with me who is 14. We were driving down the road
and we go inside a place we have in Raleigh called Jersey Mike‟s. I love their subs, we
placed our order and as we‟re walking out, I don‟t know why but I made the comment when
you get older you should get your own sub shop.

He said why would I have my own sub shop? I said why not? I said I‟ll put up the money
you run the sub shop. I said it‟s yours and he said I don‟t want to run a sub shop and I
said okay. Then we were in the car, we were talking in the car, he‟s already thinking about
franchising it… he says if I was to run my own sub shop do you know what I would do? I
said what? He said I would do it just as they have it there.

I said that‟s not enough. I said you need to make a difference. You need a unique selling
proposition. He thought about it for a second and I was proud of what he said to me,
because I thought it was brilliant. After he thought for a couple minutes he said, I‟m going
to start a sub shop and I‟ll give them an unlimited number of subs. An all you can eat sub
shop and I thought that‟s a little different than all the other sub shops out in the

That‟s what separated him from the rest of the crowd was his idea. To make the sub shop
bigger than any other sub shop, make it more sit down where people can bring in their
entire family then he would have carving stations for all the meat like you would in a fancier
restaurant and have unlimited number of subs.

I was proud of him for looking at this idea and thinking about it. Ever since then I‟ve been
thinking about opening my own sub shop, but getting back to my point. What I told him is
the same advice I‟m going to give you. It‟s not enough to do the same thing as everybody
else. What you need is a unique selling proposition and it can be something as simple as
a different look and feel; a higher end or higher quality than your competitors and that‟s
enough on the Internet in most cases.

There are other things that we‟ll add to it as we go through this for you to separate yourself
in a bigger way. So you have full control that‟s what you need to understand. Remember,
this is your product you own it and you have 100% complete control over the process, but
you have to remember that full control comes with full responsibility for your future. If you
do what I just described, take the product don‟t change it just throw it up online and hope
to make money you are an idiot.

                                       Webinar Four
That‟s what most people do on the Internet they don‟t know any better, so some of them I‟ll
give them a break, but other people that do know better and still do it they‟re idiots. After
I‟ve just described this all to you and you still do this you‟re an idiot at this point if you
continue on. Don‟t be an idiot, do what I‟m going to tell you to do. I‟m going to show you
how to do it. I‟m going to give you examples of how to do it the right way, because you
need to take control.

This is your business. This is not some cheap fly by knight deal. This isn‟t some kind of
hobby, this idea I‟m showing you right now coupled with all the other weeks isn‟t a way to
make a couple extra hundred dollars a month. This is a way to make hundreds of
thousands of dollars if you choose to. If you want to make an extra $5,000 or $10,000 a
month that‟s great, but more so, this is much bigger than that.

I hope you understand what it is we‟re going through, because I‟m showing you something
that I‟m implementing and using in my own business right now and we‟ll be doing this in a
very big way. This isn‟t theory. These are things we‟ve done. These are things I‟ve
taught. These are things other people have already done as well and we‟ll show you that.

Again, don‟t look at this as something you do on the side this is a complete business in
itself and I‟m going to prove it to you. Now other mistakes people make

   2. Charging too little for the product

Meaning it‟s a PLR so what we‟re going to do is charge $5, because I paid $5 to get the
product then I only have to make one sale. If I make one sale from this product what‟s
going to happen? I‟ll get my money back and for $5 people will line up a mile down the
street to buy my product, because it‟s tremendous value, for very little money. Great idea.

Great concept and that may work in retail establishments with the proper advertising
behind it, but on the Internet where you‟re a dime a dozen it doesn‟t work. What you want
to do is charge the proper amount of money for the product. In fact, many times we can
double, triple or quadruple the amount of money we charge for that particular product and
make as much if not more money than the lower price product.

Many people make the mistake of giving them away free. It‟s a PLR it doesn‟t have any
value so I‟m just going to give these away, because I‟m going to generate leads with these
products then what I‟m going to do is sell them something else on the back end. That‟s a
way to use it, but if that‟s all you‟re thinking of for a PLR type product that‟s where you‟re
dead wrong, because we don‟t want to give them away free.

                                       Webinar Four
In fact, most of you know I give nothing away free; therefore, people value what I have and
they value the time I take and that I put into doing these things, so we don‟t ever want to
give things away free unless there is a big reason for doing it. There‟s one model I‟m
getting ready to do, which we‟ll talk about in the next session. Remember this, as I said
just because you got a good deal on this product doesn‟t mean the product has no value.

Don‟t judge the product by what you paid for it that‟s what I‟m trying to point out to you. It
means that chances are just because you got a good deal the person who sold it to you is
probably an idiot. Let‟s just call it what it is up front. Other mistakes people make with
PLR products. You see I spend a lot of time telling you the mistakes and the reason I do
that is so you don‟t make the same mistakes. It also leaves you open to accept what it is
I‟m going to talk about and how I‟m going to fix these mistakes as we go along.

You have to understand the past to understand the future. That‟s why children in school
and people in college study history isn‟t it? You have to understand the past before we
can look to the future, because it‟ll make the future easier to read as far as predictability.

   3. The next mistake is not completing the process.

Again, we want to finish the process. There are four distinct parts to complete the Internet
marketing model. I have a very distinct system where it comes to Internet marketing that‟s
different than most systems you will look at, but there are four distinct parts to my Internet
marketing model. I‟m going to make it simple for you all to understand. You need all four
parts to maximize the revenue you can generate.

If you only go halfway you‟re not going to make as much money as you possibly can. You
want to go all the way. This is a business. As I said earlier this whole system is a
business. What we‟re showing you is a way to run a business. You need to understand
that. Your objective in a business is to make the most amount of money from the time and
effort you put into it.

What I‟m really saying is, do you want to spend your time wisely or do you want to waste
your time. I don‟t think any of you want to waste your time, because the greatest sin for
anyone is to waste their time doing anything. Time is the one thing in the world that you
can never get back, so for the time you‟re sitting in front of the computer, for the time
you‟re spending money on somebody else you want to get the most value out of it and you
want to make the most amount of money in the business.

There‟s only so much time, no matter what you do or say you can never get that time back,
so make the best use of that time, because that‟s usually the time you‟re spending away
from your family that‟s usually time spent from doing the things you love to do and again,

                                       Webinar Four
you can never get time back on your side, so spend it wisely. That‟s why I‟m showing you
these techniques and that‟s why I‟m explaining this to you.

Let‟s look at the Internet marketing model to get the maximum amount of money from your
business and from your Internet specifically. Let‟s look at this. It starts with an Opt-in
page, very simple. The Opt-in page is followed up with something very simple called a
sales letter.

The sales letter is followed up with an order page. The order page usually has something
else on it, which is an up-sell in one way shape or form. Then that is followed up with the
completed sale page, which is the thank you page in this scenario. The beautiful part
about this entire system is the fact that there‟s only four parts to the process. When you
look at all four parts to the process if you are using this model I can tell you at any time and
in what aspect your business is broke.

You need to track only four numbers in your business. With these four numbers on the
Internet I can tell you to a „T‟ what is wrong with your process. I can tell you what to look
for and I can usually fix it in a couple minutes, if you‟re using these four processes and if
you‟re using these numbers; if you‟re tracking these numbers more importantly, I can tell
you everything there is to know about your business.

Also, it‟s very simple I don‟t need some complex piece of software to sit down, analyze and
crunch numbers and everything else. I need a tracking piece of software that I can trust to
track these numbers so I can look at it, analyze the status of my business and here are the
four numbers you need to know.

   1. The number of unique visitors that came to your website

   2. The number of people that actually gave me their name and email address when
      they got to my website.

   3. The number of people that went from my sales letter to my order page, and

   4. The number of people that actually completed the whole process

Those four numbers that can tell you everything there is to know about you and certainly
your Internet marketing business. A lot of people have a hard time with the Opt-in page,
which I‟ll talk more about later, but the Opt-in page is one of the most critical pages of this
whole puzzle.

                                       Webinar Four
An Opt-in page is where we force people to give us their name and email address. Then
and only then are we going to show them our sales letter. We force people to give us their
name and email address before they see our sales letter. Remember this, the average
direct response website on the Internet converts somewhere in the area of 3% to give
everyone the benefit of the doubt.

What does that number really mean? It means that 97% of the people said no. Don‟t
focus on the 3% focus on the 97%, because the 97% is what people are missing? The
97%, if I‟ve made millions of dollars with only 3% of the people buying my product and I
have, how much more money did I leave on the table over here with the 97% of the people
that didn‟t buy my product and services?

That‟s where all the money is, not just some of it, but where all the money is; is in the 97%.
Therefore, by using an Opt-in page I can gain back some of those people and doing that I
can market to them tapping into more of these 97% and that‟s where the money is. That is
where you need to pay attention and that‟s exactly why you should have an Opt-in page in
front of every sales letter you have online.
If you don‟t have an Opt-in page in front of your sales letter you are what I would refer to
as a wimpy marketer. I don‟t want to put an Opt-in page, what of all those people that
don‟t see my sales letter? Who cares? It‟s very simply let me lay it out for you. If they‟re
not willing to give you their name and email address now they‟re not willing to give you the
name and email address four minutes from now and they‟re not willing to give you their
credit card four minutes from now.

Again, if they don‟t give us their name and email address now four minutes from now on
the sales letter do you think they‟ll be ready to give us their credit card? No, so what
happens to all those people? They go away, because I don‟t want to deal with them and
you don‟t need to deal with them either. You don‟t have to sell your product to everybody
you just need to sell your product to the people that actually want it.

Make people jump through hoops and they will buy your product. Then more people will
buy your product, because they had to go through those hoops. People appreciate it more
in some weird demented way, but what happens is every time you put an Opt-in page in
front of the sales letter sales will double; almost every single time.

I want you to look at number three and four for a moment. Section three says the order
page and section four says the completed sale. There are two things I left off this graphic
and I want you to make a note about it. Number three says order page, it should say order
page slash up-sell. Number four should be completed sale, which is the thank you page
and on the thank you page you should make an additional offer.

                                       Webinar Four
Even after they have purchased something from you; you should try to sell them again. So
on the order page you‟re buying XYZ product today and because you‟re buying that we‟ll
give you a discount to buy ABC product, would you like to take us up on that? No, great;
Yes, great let‟s go on. Then on the thank you page, thank you for purchasing XYZ product.

Customers that have purchased XYZ product also have been known to purchase this
product. In fact, if you go ahead and purchase it today we‟ll give you a discount. Yes,
you‟re bribing them, but the point is they‟ve committed to spend (x) number of dollars with
you and now we‟re just seeing how much more they‟re willing to spend that‟s what we‟re

How much more are they willing to spend with us, we don‟t know and we won‟t know until
we ask. Let‟s ask them and the results will be surprising many times. I have one product
and it‟s been this way for years and years I‟ll say in estimation around four years if not
more. I simply put an up-sell on this one particular product to a very complimentary

When they went to order, which the product was $97 that they purchased initially, when
they got to that page they said, because you‟re purchasing this product today you‟re also
eligible to receive a discount on this product. This product normally sells for $97, but you‟ll
be able to get it for $77. In fact, we‟ll give you a 25% discount if you go ahead and
purchase it today. Here are the results.

The bottom line is, I took people from a $97 dollar product up to a $169 sale and 52% of
the people take me up on it. Think about that 52% so I‟m getting 75% more money than I
was previously and at the same time, it was seamless and I‟ve been using that same
strategy on that website for years and years. I couldn‟t tell you how many hundreds of
thousands of dollars that one strategy is worth.

You need all parts of the process to make this model work and maximize the amount of
time that you have in your business. We want to maximize the amount of time. We want
to maximize the amount of money. We want to maximize the whole process to build a
complete business, not a partial business.

Again, it‟s important you understand and if there‟s anything you remember out of anything
I‟ve ever said this is the page you should understand, because this one page as simplistic
as it may seem is the key to making millions of dollars on the Internet. Once you
understand the psychology and power behind one single page, I can guarantee you that
you will understand everything there is to know about Internet marketing.

                                       Webinar Four
Your goal is how many steps? Four that‟s it. You need to know how many numbers, four
that‟s it. If you understand your four numbers and how they relate to one another and if
you understand what should happen on each phase of this process then you have all the
secrets to succeed in Internet marketing and anything else anyone ever tells you is some
variation of one of these four steps that‟s it, because there is nothing else!

Let me explain something else to you, most marketers don‟t use all four steps. They use
two steps. In most cases, they use a sales letter, an order page, a thank you page and
that‟s about it. Sometimes it‟s just a sales letter and that‟s it. People use three pieces of
the puzzle, but they don‟t use all four, but the fact is you need all four to maximize the
amount of money and you need to do it in the right way.

Most people have a sales letter, an order page and a thank you page, except the sales
letter is okay. The order page is okay, but they don‟t ask for an up-sell. The thank you
page is okay, but they don‟t try to sell them something else on the back-end, so they just
left out two of the biggest pieces of the puzzle there to increase their business 75 to 100%
of the time.

That‟s left out and nine times out of ten that‟s what most marketers do. Some marketers
get fancy and what they‟ll do is a sales letter, then an order page and they‟ll try to up-sell
them to something on the order page, but on the thank you page oh no, we don‟t want to
ask them anything again so they leave out a piece of the puzzle. Therefore, they don‟t
maximize all the revenue.

We‟re not talking about brand new marketers on the Internet, I‟m talking about people that
are on the Internet right now that have been on the Internet for years and years except
they don‟t know any better. I‟m telling you with this system and you putting it into place
you‟ll make more money than these other people and you‟ll have higher value per visitor
than these other people as well. This is going to carry into everything you do on the
Internet, so pay close attention to what I say and pay close attention to this particular

Definitely come back and reference this and re-listen to this repeatedly until you
understand this as well as I understand this and then you will truly understand the power of
Internet marketing. This is what changed everything the way I do and has changed the
people that I‟ve taught this too, it‟s changed their businesses and who knows how many
millions of dollars this has been responsible for.

In fact, I wouldn‟t just say millions of dollars I would say more so this has been tens of
millions of dollars that this model I‟ve not only done for myself, I‟ve shared with other
people and have been responsible for as far as increased sales.

                                        Webinar Four

The questions are these two things.

    Where do I find PLR products?
    What do I do with them once I get them?

The other part is I‟m glad you asked, because we‟re going to cover that. Let‟s start with
where to find PLR products. As I said earlier and I‟ll continue to say is that PLR products
are for the most part simplistic in nature, easy to find they‟re all over the place. A simple
resource and in my opinion probably the best resource to find, PLR products is Google.

Yes, Google as many of you know is very popular these days. We use it and I tend to like
Google, because of its simplicity, but also because of its resources and what it has
available for us to use in our marketing. I mean what we‟re going to do is go to Google
and search for the words private label or we can search for the letters PLR, which stands
for private label rights.

For example, you might go to Google and type in the words private label eBooks. You
might type in PLR eBooks and you can even get fancier by typing PLR eBooks then what
you can do is type in a specific niche or type of product and that‟s easy to do. Let‟s search
doing it live and look at some of the different products we can use.

Let‟s go to Google‟s main page. Here we are at Google and all we have to do is search.
We‟re going to type in “private label eBooks”. First, let‟s look at the paid listings. Number
one this one catches my eye private label eBooks let‟s open this in a new tab. There‟s
Nicheology, which is run by some friends of mine that I‟ve promoted in the past. Let‟s look
at this one that says private label wholesaler. I‟m opening all of these in new windows so
we can come back and view these products later.

We‟ll open all these and I‟m going to click on just a few of these, because there are so
many that we don‟t have to go too far, but that also brings up another point in that, if
everyone else is just clicking on the first page here you probably don‟t want to do that
since we‟re competing with everyone else. Then again, maybe we do, because that‟s what
everyone else is thinking too, so it‟s like a catch-22.

Let‟s look at this site. I have no affiliation with any particular site here. Grab full PLR to 24
hot products and claim them as your own. That sounds good, all for just $14. It says sales
page analyzer, database back-up, 101 tips for traveling on a budget. Let me explain
something to you as we‟re going through this. First, I want products that aren‟t marketing
related. I want products that the average every day consumer is going to buy.

                                      Webinar Four
The 101 traveling tips on a budget that‟s okay. The 101 tips for selling your home that
could be popular right now, especially in the U.S. Understanding acne cures always a very
high topic. Then there‟s 101 tips to help your child stop bed wetting. Let‟s talk about this
there are two products we saw with 101 tips on it, the problem is I find the PLR products
that are built around 101 tips are just that 101 tips.

They don‟t go into any descriptions about any of this, so they have a couple products here,
but the question is, if I only want one or two of these is it worth spending $14 for? There
are three of them that‟s probably okay at $14 I can‟t go too wrong. Looking at another one,
it‟s funny, because you get PLR products on how to sell PLR products and I find that
somewhat interesting when I run across those types of products.

This one isn‟t very good and again, I have no idea about what these products are I‟m just
going by face value as far as what I see and what these products are about. Who else
wants to learn the secrets to PLR eBooks. This guy sells a course on PLR eBooks that‟s
not something I would be interested in. You can instantly and effortlessly have 27 highly
profitable eBooks you can stick your name on to earn you money while you sleep.

That sounds good, let‟s see what you get. The first product is on PLR eBooks that‟s crazy,
what they‟re doing is looking for us to join a membership site for PLR products. I don‟t
want to pay for it monthly I just want a one-time shot. Here‟s another one where you can
make a small fortune over and over again with PLR products and kick your business.
They want us to Opt-in. It‟s very smart on their part, but we‟re not going to do that today.

Nicheology this is one of the oldest PLR sites up. I have marketed this. Many people
know I endorse this 100%. I‟ve done that from the beginning. Paul Evans recently bought
that from a friend of mine Ryan Deiss. It‟s a great membership site as far as what you
receive for your value each month. I believe it‟s $27 a month and if you were going to join
something I don‟t think you can go wrong for $29 a month or whatever the price may be to
join this particular site.

This would be one I would recommend 100% without a doubt. PLR and master resell
rights 218; this is the one I clicked on the right hand side of the page. Product number
one, getting paid for what you think MySpace marketing, Remember, I said stay away from
the marketing books. Here‟s another one PLR products how to make money with PLR
products, isn‟t that like a scheme when you think about it? I‟m going to sell you a product
teaching you how to sell other people products about PLR products and they‟re going to do
the same.

They have a bunch of products here, so let‟s skip past all the junk. Internet marketing tool
kit, Insider nutrition that could be good, we don‟t know. A guide to health insurance,

                                       Webinar Four
Graphics designer, viral marketing…remember anything marketing related stay away from
it. Marketing with colors, some of these things are old and they look old, so I‟m not into all
these products, because they aren‟t PLR.

Many of these products if you look have the person‟s name on the front. They aren‟t PLR
products, what they are is resell rights products so you don‟t have the rights to it. Look
here they have a PDF icon and they have a Word icon. We want the ones with both of
those, because we want to be able to edit it. Nothing here is very exciting, but that was
just the first page.

Let‟s move on to page two. I typed in the words private label eBooks, we‟ll open several to
look at and many of these are clubs, which is okay. Let‟s go back to search and type in
PLR eBooks and we‟ll look at this one first. Some of these I know what they are that‟s why
I‟m selectively picking certain ones. The reason why I‟m collectively picking certain ones is
that I know they have more value.

I‟m not trying to do your work for you, but I know it makes it easy. We‟ll look at PLR
eBooks that looks good so we‟ll open that in a new window. We‟ll scroll down a bit more.
Again, I have nothing prepared for you all as far as being able to do this all I‟m doing is
showing you what we‟re finding out as if I were you, so let‟s look at this there‟s nothing on
the site it‟s a blanket site.

The next one is cool and it‟s totally out of the blue. This is a site advertised on all my
software products across the top, so this guy is a very smart individual. I think that‟s funny.
However, he doesn‟t have a lot of information on PLR products. This other site we have is
called PLR Pro. I know a little about the site. I don‟t know the people personally, but I do
know some people involved with this and this is another site that gives you some great
eBooks every month on a monthly basis.

I‟ve heard some great things about this particular product so that one I can be sure of. For
just one monthly payment you‟ll receive the equivalent of memberships to seven PLR
content …I‟m not sold on this one it sounds fishy. Discover how to supercharge your niche
marketing activities by eliminating the tedious task of info product creation with this super
hot PLR eBook package Black Mold Secrets.

They got my attention right off the bat. Immediately I didn‟t see a bunch of marketing stuff
so that got my attention by talking about mold. The second one is about eBay.
Remember, I said don‟t market marketing products, but eBay is different, because it
appeals to the mass market. I‟m okay with eBay stuff. Here‟s another one writing for
cash, increase your ability to earn extra cash whenever you want.

                                      Webinar Four
That sounds like a mass market product doesn‟t it? Number one go cable and
supercharge your Internet connection, how to attract butterflies to your garden; I don‟t
know if I‟d pay for that, but it sounds good. Lose weight without starving yourself, tough
market, but still along my guidelines. Genius guide to online profits, not so good. The next
one protecting yourself from identity theft, let‟s look at this.

Here‟s a product and under each of these has a sample sales letter that it comes with, the
problem is when I click the sales letter it says page can‟t be found so we don‟t have to
worry about that. They‟re saying it comes with a sales letter so I‟ll trust and believe them
for now. Getting to know your anxiety, holiday survival, Writing for fast Christmas cash,
Ultimate gift basket crafting guide and the infamous $10,000 profit plan and all of this for

That‟s what I‟m talking about. You have several good products here, I don‟t know how
many total, but there‟s quite a few for $27 and that sounds like a good deal to me. Would I
buy that, of course I would? Let‟s look at a few more sites. I‟m going back I thought I saw
something, need hot PLR eBooks we‟ll look at that one. Again, I‟m searching just like you
would do, so 300+ PLR products.

That sounds good to me, see I like clicking on the people that are paying money, because
they‟re paying money for it so they‟ve put some time into their offer. Let‟s look at some of
the sites we just opened. Niche empires looks good, there‟s an audio playing and it says
discover how you can create hundreds of new automatic set and forget streams by niche
markets within minutes.

They have core niche products that looks good. They have golf as well as some of the
products we‟ve recently 384 products in total. They have a bunch of articles with them,
some software stuff, which is always cool and graphics. They have information products,
audio products that‟s good, some bonuses so let‟s look at some of them. Here are the
ones they‟ve added just this month.

Anxiety and depression,                            Make money online,
How to make your home sell,                        Rainy day activities,
Meditation and self-enlightenment,                 Ebay stuff,
Orange recipes,                                    Teach yourself guitar overnight,
Real estate investment secrets,                    Procrastination market,
Aromatherapy,                                      Valentines Day,
Easing your stress with yoga,                      Disorders of the brain,
100 weight loss tips, alternative medicine,        Stretch market tips,
How to love your job,                              Baby nursery,
Lose weight and burn calories,                     Dealing with kidney stones, and

                                       Webinar Four
Lowering your cholesterol…All those sound good 384 products total.

I‟m not trying to sell this to you I‟m just reading what they have here. Let‟s check out the
price. By paying a one time fee of $67 I‟ll receive six months of unlimited access that‟s
$10 a month with a minimum of ten new product additions each month. For a one-time fee
for the next six months I‟ll be guaranteed at least 10 new products that‟s what I‟m reading
for $67. I don‟t know how you feel about it, but that sounds like a good deal to me.

You‟re looking for products like that. Would this be a product I would buy? Absolutely, it‟s
a no brainer. This site, I know the person who owns this site I met him, he‟s in Singapore.
He has good products, but what I‟m concerned with is that many of these products are
about marketing and we don‟t want that. We want niche related products. I know his
products are good like outsource tactics, Internet marketing jumpstart, super affiliate
marketing, but I don‟t care about those products.

If I sell products about marketing and they‟re PLR, I‟m not talking about for myself but I‟m
talking about for you. I can sell marketing products all day long, because I‟ve established
myself as an Internet marketer. You on the other hand don‟t, you don‟t need to and you
don‟t want to. It‟s a big market and very incestuous as you can see, which is what we
don‟t want. This particular idea with a bunch of marketing books we don‟t want this.

Brandable PLR eBooks, brand new dating eBook this guy has a bunch of products here,
watch this video for instructions we don‟t want to watch a video. Maybe there are some
cool eBooks we don‟t know about on the inside. Let‟s see what he‟s got to offer. There
are a few products here, nothing major herbal cures that‟s a good one, I own that one.
Finding love again that‟s good. Brandable eBooks, then we have three products we can
actually private label that are niche market products.

I found a site the other day and I‟ll show it to you. What I‟m looking for is a toolbar that I
looked at yesterday. I may not find it, but I‟ll look to see if it‟s easily found. The key is to
keep looking and I‟ll provide you with other secrets here. These are cool things and you
can look through Google. For example, if I was looking for a real estate eBook I‟ll type in
“private label real estate ebook”.

Then we‟ll do a search and see what results we get. Master resell rights, I won‟t let that
throw me off, but we‟ll keep that open. The eBook is $7 and we‟ll look to see if there‟s
something here we can market. Oddly enough, this was the site I was looking for a few
minutes its called Why am I looking at this site and why should
you even care about this site?

                                         Webinar Four
We have some niche products available, so I‟m going to click on the link that says niche
products and the reason I‟m going to click on that is because that‟s what I‟m looking for.
I‟m looking for niche related products, I don‟t want marketing or business products I want
niche products. Why do I want niche products? We want to go after the mass market.
The reason we want to go after the mass market is, because there‟s a bigger market.

Internet marketing is a small niche, so let‟s look we have woodworking 101, would
everyone agree that woodworking is a niche market? Of course you would. Save your
marriage, real estate 101, anxiety and depression let‟s look at this one, because this is a
great niche. It‟s $3.99, but here‟s the other thing I want you to notice about this particular
product, we have images of the actual sales letter you receive.

When I click on this a little window pops up in front of me and I can see what the sales
letter looks like so you‟ll see that shortly. You‟ll see this little window in front of it and this
is very cool, because of the fact that with this particular site you have the sales letter in
front of you, you have a number of pieces to this product that will give you a huge
advantage in the marketplace, so you want to look at that.

Again, you can look at the sales letter. Every website here has products with it.
Professional lawn care, potty training, self-defense for women, dealing with road rage, dog
basics; I‟ll tell you I was impressed with the number of products this person had on this
site, which made it important for me. I‟m talking from a marketer‟s standpoint where I
would go and easily buy one of these products.

I want that product, I want to market to that marketplace and here‟s another one
scrapbooking made easy and these are PLR products. I don‟t have to buy a huge
package; for $3 to $5 I can buy these. Home remedies for head lice, single parenting,
stress management, bird watching, osteoarthritis, the guide to summer hair care, how to
pick a pet for your child.

It‟s a neat website that has a ton of products, a healthier you, autism, power of charisma, a
big book of puppy names, romance ideas for couples and the reason why I‟m showing you
this is, because there are so many things we can use from here. Men‟s quick start guide
to dating women it‟s a big market, cerebral palsy tips, babysitting, 40 ways to get rid of
your stretch marks.

How to get work with the federal government that‟s a big market; understanding the
phases of the female body, overcoming co-dependency there are a number of sites and
yes I‟m endorsing it definitely. I‟ve never purchased anything from here, but I found it
literally just yesterday as I was online myself searching for PLR products that I could

                                       Webinar Four
market, so this is a resource that looks good and where I think you can find some great
markets and many other things you can look at.

There are PLR books, eBooks, software, scripts, miscellaneous guides there are a number
of different things available, so it‟s a great resource for you to market. You get the idea
and in fact I‟ll show you one more go to and here we are. It‟s a
message board, it‟s one of the most popular message boards on the Internet, but as we
scroll down you‟ll see a category called business. I want to show you a couple different

The last category which I‟ll highlight for you so you‟ll know where you‟re looking at buy sell
or trade that‟s what we‟re looking for. A couple different things, we have different
categories, freebie sites, domains, content, template, services, link exchange, link sales,
contests and vouchers. We want content that‟s what we‟re looking for and we‟ll find
people selling content for next to nothing for the most part.

We have people selling articles on decorating, unique custom articles, articles on
gardening, content writer, databases, weight loss articles, here we go mega September
sale it‟s still running and posted unless this person took it down. We‟ll look at that,
because that‟s what we‟re looking for. You‟ll find articles for nearly next to nothing as well,
but let‟s look at the September sale. It‟s a hot topic that‟s why it‟s at the top.

There are 54 databases, codes and a bunch of products it‟s just this huge product. They
give you images about it that looks good and the whole thing is $10. If you were one of the
first two buyers you get it for $8 and that‟s something to consider, but you‟ll see other
offers like that in here. I look at this site every day and it only takes a second, because I
usually scroll to see what‟s new.

Fantastic eBook turnkey script, eBooks for $10 that sounds good, resell right products, not
PLR, which is what we want it‟s very important we need PLR products. Let‟s look at one
more page to give you an idea. Mega script, wall papers, blog script there‟s a number of
different things so anyway, look in this area and you‟ll find products, PLR products and you
can do a search. You can click search this forum and you can search on the terms private

This is an easy way to do this. It‟s simple, you don‟t have to do too much and it‟s a good
deal. Let‟s switch back, because now that we get the product we want to switch back to
the PowerPoint. What we want to do is, what do you do with them. This is important as
far as what you do with the products once we get them.

                                       Webinar Four
First, we‟re going to give you a list. We‟re going to change the look and feel. Change the
headline. We‟re going to alter the sales letter, remove non-performing elements and I‟m
going to go over each one of these in detail. We‟ll add conversion elements and things to
make it sell better. Increase the number of call to actions that‟s very important. Again,
when I say call to actions how many times we ask them to buy. Increase the price, we‟ll
add bonus items and test all the things above.

These are the items we‟ll do to our PLR products. Again, we‟re turning a simple product of
$3 to $5 in reality into a complete business. We need to do a bit of work to it to make that
happen. Let‟s start with the first one regarding its look and feel. Why am I going to
change this products look and feel? It‟s very simple, it‟s because other people are selling
this online. Make yourself stand out. You want to make yourself look different than
everybody else.

If you don‟t make yourself look different then you‟ll fall between the cracks and no one will
ever notice you. That‟s not what we want we want you to stand out above and beyond
everybody else. How do we do this? We need new graphics that‟s the simple way. We
can get new graphics for the site, so I did the research for you about people I know and
trust to create graphics and your website design for you. All you have to do is go there
and order it from them.

Here‟s a list of people and again, you‟ll come back to this later on of graphic designers.

   , who is a friend of mine named Vaughn Davidson.

He has done website for many of the major marketers at one time or another. This is a
great resource. Let‟s go to his website and check it out so you can see what he does.
These are graphics so you can do all this stuff yourself. He designs these graphics for
you. You can get as complicated as you want or you can get a whole package of things
for your website graphic. I‟m going to show you a website branding sample of what he‟s
done for other people where he‟s designed the whole look and feel of the website.

These are some older ones he did. Let‟s just click on one to give you an idea of what this
may look like. You can click on one and you‟ll see some samples. He does a great job.
Let‟s go back and look at some of the other ones next. We won‟t look at all of these, but
we‟ll look at a few of them as we‟re going though this.

    is another resource.
    is another resource.

                                       Webinar Four

Ryan does many things for many of the top marketers online. On the website you can see
he‟s done some stuff with Mike Filsaime. His designs are a bit higher end as far as the
design goes. I think he‟s done a great job on many of these websites. I‟m trying to see
some examples from his gallery. I don‟t know how much each of these people charge, for
their work, but I can tell you most of the people I‟m recommending are well worth it. It‟s
inexpensive I can tell you that.

You can click on the website here and it‟ll take you to it. He doesn‟t write the sales letter
for you I want to be clear on that, but what he does is he designs the website. It‟s a cool
website, different and it has great branding behind it. He focuses in on that a bit. I‟m just
trying to give you an idea of what he does. He integrates things and does a fairly good job
as far as design backgrounds to make things look different.

These are done for individuals, but you will own these products so you want to take pride
in what you‟re doing on the Internet always.


I looked at this individual‟s designs and was very impressed with what he did. The look
feel and how he does his work, I want to look over his portfolio. I was immediately
impressed when we first saw this. Here‟s a graphic he did for a product and this is the
website design itself. He does a very professional job and I‟d be happy with him designing
something for me.

Mastermind lesson‟s is different and I could go either way with this one. It looks good, let‟s
look at a few more of his designs, because I want to give you an idea of what he can do.
What we‟re doing is wrapping the product in its own packaging, which is what you want.
Everything looks good. Unleash the power of your mind by John Doe I like it. He does
good work, I highly recommend it.

Money Mind; Developing your financial IQ. There‟s a CD graphic he designed, so again
my whole point in showing you this was to give you an idea of what these individual‟s do.
These are resources, so you can come back and look at this again later.

After we‟ve re-designed the website to look and feel there are a few little things we need to
do to it. The other part I want to explain is that I understand many of you are not
technically oriented. In fact, many of you shouldn‟t be doing anything technically oriented
and that‟s not anything bad to say it‟s just a fact. You shouldn‟t be doing these things,
you‟re better off having someone else do them for you and that‟s okay.

                                       Webinar Four
We‟ll show you several places where you can outsource this. Changing the headline,
which is the most important thing on the page, see these products are created to resell by
the originator. They were originally designed to be resold to other people. Remember,
you‟re buying a PLR product and they didn‟t put a lot of time into the header, but the
headline is the most important aspect of the website.

One of the things you can do is look at the well known websites on the Internet that do use
a direct response copy mechanism and look at their headlines. Look at what they‟ve done
and how they‟ve done it. Look at the formula and underlying principle of the actual
headline. Don‟t just look at the headline for its face value, but look at the underlying
principle of the headline itself.

The question you need to answer is how can you use something similar with your products
that you‟re marketing on the Internet? Let‟s stop and take a time out for a moment. Many
of you are looking at this thinking these are big boring and long sales letters. Yes,
absolutely because this has been proven to work on the Internet and that‟s a fact. This
has been proven above and beyond anything else to increase sales without a doubt.

One sales letter long, written, giving as much detail as you can about that particular
product that‟s the type of sales letter we‟re looking for. A short sales letter does not work;
if it did you‟d see me using it all the time. You also need to understand that in the sales
letter the most important element of a sales letter is the headline itself. To make this easy
for you I‟ve created two headline templates that are very basic as far as what they do.

In looking at the first one, which would be a headline at the top of your sales letter.

    If you want to do this, this and this then this will be the most important letter you‟ll
     ever read.

    You can reword that and say, if you want to know how to do this, this and this then
     this will be the most important letter you‟ll ever read.

    Have you ever wanted to do this…

Do you see what I mean, you can rephrase that a number of different ways, but the idea is
that you give them three things they want to do. If you want to accomplish this, this and
this then this will be the most important letter you‟ll ever read. Three things they want;
however you state it, but then it‟s an „if then‟ statement. If you want this then you should
do this or pay close attention to this.

                                       Webinar Four
There‟s a second simple headline template. Again, these are very generic. I designed
them that way. These are not mine they‟ve been around for a number of ways I‟ve just
modified them a bit, nothing major.

Discover how to blank-blank and blank in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Provide three benefits…I want three things they want to know up front. The reason why
using a little psychology not much, but the reason I‟m doing this is because in a headline if
you mention three different items you increase the odds that they want to do one of them,
so we‟re just playing with the odds here a bit. This way we‟re appealing to the speed
aspect of this as well.

Two simple headlines you can use for any one of these websites, not a big deal. Most
importantly, the best way tot find headlines is to look at other people‟s, other sites and how
they can be modified to fit into what it is you‟re marketing that‟s where you‟ll get the most
out of this.

Alter the sales letter by doing a number of different things. The first question you want to
have is, if you look at the sales letter you‟re given you want to ask yourself how it can be
made better. What is it missing? When you‟re reading this, are there any questions left
unanswered in your mind? You don‟t have to be some copywriting guru to do this. You
can look at it it‟s just common sense.

Most of marketing is all common sense. You don‟t need to spend years and years
researching copy it‟s very easy to write copy if you just think what an average person
thinks. You and I are average people, so you don‟t have to be a college degree person to
do this. In fact, the less college you have the better you‟ll be. Let me Let me make my
disclaimer right now.

What I‟m saying is many times when you know more about English and things of that
nature, what will happen is it‟ll mess up your marketing skills greatly, because you‟re trying
to be grammatically correct. Me, I don‟t care because I want what‟s going to work best and
you‟ll find that most of the rules you learned in English don‟t apply when it comes to
marketing and, especially when it comes to writing a sales letter.

We‟re writing it to grab people‟s attention not for people to judge us on how proper we are.
The simplest strategy to a better sales letter without any experience at all I was actually
writing that down thinking that was a great headline. The simplest strategy to a better
sales letter, not even a better sales letter, but a great sales letter without having any

                                       Webinar Four
You‟re going to look for the various nouns in your copy. This could be in a paragraph, in a
headline wherever it doesn‟t matter. What you‟ll do is add more descriptive adjectives
before the nouns and more descriptions any way you look at it about what it is you‟re
talking about.

The idea in copy is always to paint a picture in someone‟s mind about the product for in a
picture, more so about the problem. What is everyone buying a product for? They‟re
buying it for the solution to a problem, which is very important to understand. Here‟s a
simple example, get your hands on my new course today. That sounds pretty easy, a
statement I like it, get your hands on my new course today, but let‟s be a little more

Here‟s the rewrite…here‟s what you need to do right now. How did I start that off? With a
call to action didn‟t I? Drop everything you‟re doing and get your hands on my incredible
new step-by-step system, instead of saying course I say system. It was the incredible new
step-by-step system, which will lead you every step of the way starting right now…TODAY.
I said the same thing, but I was more descriptive in everything I said.

That may seem extreme to some of you, but when you go through your copy and you
expand on a sentence-by-sentence basis how can you be more descriptive in this one
sentence as far as what it says? If you do that with every sentence you‟re writing
suddenly, you‟ll have a major sales letter that will work tremendously for you in the long

You don‟t have to go way over the top. Obviously, I would have put this sentence at the
end of a sales letter of course, this whole section, but for the most part if you say
something simple get your hands on my new course; no get your hands on my incredible
new course today; my amazing new course; my mind blowing or step-by-step, not just my
new course…today.

We could have just added simple words like that. For example, a long time ago when I
was a boy growing up that‟s a sentence; a long time ago when I was a young boy growing
up. I was walking down a street. Again, that‟s a sentence, easy enough and sounds
simple…I was walking down a deserted back road in fact, dust was flying everywhere.
Tumbleweeds were rolling across the street it was that dry and dusty outside.

See the difference, being more descriptive. Great writers are great writers, because they
can describe well and can paint a picture in a person‟s mind. I‟m not a great writer, but I
can add little things to make my story a little more descriptive and the best part is you can
too. You can‟t screw it up that much, so that‟s the great part, because if I can do it and I‟ll
tell you I have the worst English as far as writing goes as anyone has.

                                         Webinar Four

I can write great copy when I want to, so you can do this too. This is the secret I‟ve used
repeatedly through all these years to write incredible copy. You can do this too, so this is
one technique that will allow you to write an amazing sales letter or even better, we‟re not
writing it are we? We‟re rewriting it, editing what someone else has already done. I‟m not
asking you to start from scratch with a sales letter.

I‟m saying you have a sales letter that you got with this PLR product. What we‟re doing is
nothing more than editing this letter, nothing major.

    The next step is to remove non-performing elements.

If it doesn‟t work bottom line; get rid of it. Certain elements can be gotten rid of. In fact,
here‟s a classic example of bad English and that‟s okay isn‟t it, because we don‟t have to
have good English.

Background words on the page, many times when you have a website they‟ll put all these
words on the background of the sales letter. I‟ll show you an example later.

Irrelevant pictures, many times people put pictures in the wrong place of a sales letter.
You can get rid of all that stuff it doesn‟t matter. Fake testimonials; John Doe from NC it‟s
a fake testimonial, it looks like a fake testimonial get rid of it you don‟t need it and it‟ll ruin
your credibility.

Crappy looking book covers. We just saw these people who have created some amazing
book covers online, digital book coves and e-covers, but many times if you have a bad
looking one it will do more harm than it will good. If it has a bad looking book cover get rid
of it entirely or have someone redo it.

Crappy looking guarantee graphic again, technical terms I‟m using. The key is you want
everything to look professional. The more professional it looks the more likely people are
to order from you. Remember, the only thing they‟re judging you on is your look and feel
initially in the first five to ten seconds. Number two, what‟s happening is they‟re judging
you by the words on your page.

Anything that throws off the signal where it seems as though you‟re not legitimate or on the
up and up, what are they going to do; they‟ll leave and we don‟t want that.

Graphic buttons, we want to remove all graphic buttons on the page, because as many
people know I don‟t believe in them, because if a button is a graphic people don‟t know it‟s
a button. A button on the Internet has been the same since the very beginning of the

                                        Webinar Four
Internet. It‟s gray with black text on it and its ugly that‟s what a button looks like. It is not
orange, does not have yellow text on it and all this other fancy stuff.

It‟s gray with black text and its ugly that‟s what a button looks like. It should always be that
way, don‟t try to retrain people on the Internet. When you get more advanced feel free to
test. Right now go with the flow and what people know.

    Next step, how do we increase conversion?

We need to add conversion elements when at all possible, which are elements proven to
increase the likelihood of people buying; things that help you sell better. The easiest thing
you can add to help you sell better is audio whether it‟s on an Opt-in page or a sales letter.
Imagine your website talking.

Many of my websites, when you first go to my Opt-in page or sales letter in some cases,
you‟ll see that my voice starts talking to you. It‟ll say thank you for coming to blah-blah-; fill in your first name and primary email address then click the submit button right
now. Needless to say that‟s different than what they‟ve experienced on other sites and
what happens?

That increases my conversion and the likelihood of me getting the person‟s name and
email address. It increases the likelihood of me getting the sale as well. The easy way for
us to do this is what‟s called Audio Generator, which is a product of mine. It‟s a product
we developed years ago. Myself and several partners that created this with me were the
first ones on the Internet to start using audio as a marketing tool.

Therefore, we developed a service that does this. We serve hundreds of thousands of
audio messages a month, actually I heard it was 25 million audio messages in a 30-day
timeframe, which gives you an idea. We go through terabytes worth of bandwidth of traffic
every month just for that one service, because it‟s so popular since it‟s so easy.

You can be a technophobe and still be able to use the service. The way it works in it‟s
simplicity is you don‟t have to be technical. You get an 800 number, pick up the phone dial
the number, leave a message, hang up then there‟s a code on our website that you copy
and paste onto your website, which creates your audio button that‟s how easy it is. That‟s
why I recommend it, especially for the people that do not know anything about the Internet,
especially that aren‟t technical.

You can still put an audio button on your website. You can put a message to your
customers on the website just by using your phone that‟s why it‟s easy and why I
recommend it to everyone.

                                        Webinar Four
Bigger call-to-action elements– when you‟re asking people to order or buy use bigger links.

A certificate, a guarantee graphic– when you put your guarantee on use a graphic to
display what your guarantee looks like.

An order area, let people know this is the space on your sales letter where they should go
to buy the product. They should have things like credit card symbols in that area, so you
need to have those icons in this area as well, because just like a store puts them in their
window a website should have them in their order area where people can actually buy.

The last piece is you want to add testimonials to the website. When people buy from you,
get their testimonials. Ask them for their testimonials. Bribe them to get their testimonials,
but get a real testimonial from a real person, get their picture, if so get their audio, get it on
your website and that will help you convert more prospects into buyers.

Increase the price. Most often you can increase the price and make more money. The
pricing of your product boils down to just one simple thing, which is what the market will
bare that‟s all that matters. You don‟t know how much your product should be priced at.
I‟ll tell you I can guess and I may be close, because I‟ve seen a lot, but I don‟t know what
your product should be priced at.

I don‟t know information on every single market on the Internet, so you need to understand
that the market is going to make the decision as to what the price should be for your
particular product. That‟s very important for you to understand, look at your competitors
pricing. The simple thing you should do is go out immediately, look at your competitors in
the marketplace right now and the question, you need to ask yourself is, are you on the
high side or are you on the low side?

You want to be on the high end. You don‟t want to be on the low end, because people
associate price with quality. People always associate price with quality. I‟ll ask you a
question right now. Imagine two wooden boxes in front of you. One on your left and one
on your right hand side. They‟re in front of you right now and they look the same for the
most part except one box you‟re interested in sells for $50.

The second box sells for $500, which one is better based upon what you know and the
knowledge you have in front of you now. You can‟t ask what‟s in the box it doesn‟t matter
what‟s in the box. In fact, there may be nothing in the box, but which one is the better
box? Most people would say the $500 box. They‟d have no idea why, just because it
costs more that would be their answer, which is how most people price products on the

                                       Webinar Four
That‟s how people look at your products always the same higher price, better value and
we‟ve been trained like this with everything we deal with in society. Therefore, you want to
be on the high end there is no magic number as to what your product should sell at. You
simply want to raise your price until people stop buying. You want to start with your lowest
price going up. You can‟t start at a high price and then go down.

If I‟m selling a product for $100 and I sell it to 10 people then decide I‟m not getting enough
sales let me lower the price then to $80. What did I just do, I just made 10 people mad
didn‟t I? Let‟s look at the other side, let‟s say I have a product and I‟m selling it for $30.
Then I say I wonder how much more people would pay for this product so I raise it to $50.

The people I sold it to at $30 are happy, because they feel they got a good deal on the
product as opposed to feeling like they were ripped off. Always start with your lower price
and then raise it. Information products will range from $17 to $97. For the most part
information products will be $17, $27, $37, $47 and up to $97 for nearly all your products
and that will give you an idea of what you‟re looking for.

You can also add bonus items. Bottom line is that everyone wants a deal. The better deal
you can make them the better off they‟ll be, the happier they‟ll be and the more they‟ll buy,
so don‟t give them a deal with your price, price isn‟t a negotiating factor. You don‟t deal
with price you deal with value. Price is never part of the equation whenever you‟re
negotiating anything.

Here‟s the price, I can‟t budge on the price, but what I can do is I can give you other things
to make it more valuable, so give them additional bonus items to make the price more
valuable to them to justify the price more. These items you‟ll give as bonus items; I‟m
recommending digital products of course, but they must also be complimentary to your
original product or offer you made.

For example, if I‟m selling a book on acne I don‟t want to sell them a book on foot care I
want to sell them another thing that has to do with skin care, acne or something that has to
do with what my original product was that‟s very important.

Use other PLR products you can buy. For example, if you have a diet product you can
take it and find other diet products that you can use as bonuses, why not. Look for other
products you can use as bonuses for your product. You need to keep it consistent. You
need to keep it relevant all across the board, very important. You don‟t want to give
people a huge boatload of bonus items.

You want to keep the bonus items between three and five. Too many bonus items and it
looks ridiculous. Order my book today and get 57 different bonus items that‟s ridiculous

                                       Webinar Four
and stupid, so what you want to do is keep it realistic. If you buy this we have these other
products that will help you use that product more effectively and here they are. Here‟s
some value behind that too.

The last piece is that you want to test all the above. Testing separates winners from
losers. If you want to make a lot of money on the Internet then you will test your sales
letter every day. I never stop testing. Always testing, find out what‟s working and what‟s
not working.

In webinar five we‟ll be going over testing and how to automate for your products, because
there‟s a lot involved in testing, so I don‟t want to go over it all in one session with
everybody. I want you to understand this, a little better, so I want to spend more time on
this, but we‟ll go over that in detail.

I‟ll give you some results I‟ve had today for this. Let‟s look at a couple sites and I‟ve just
put a couple of these up recently, but I want to show them to you, especially one that I just
put up recently. Let‟s start with the website itself. This is a PLR. I think everyone can see
it‟s in reference to boosting your metabolism. There‟s a picture of a pretty girl on top.
There‟s an eBook cover on the right hand side.

It has a headline and overall looks fairly decent. I looked at the product and decided it was
good, I liked it. I read the book, it was good. I was impressed with the book and it had
some elements that I didn‟t care for. Here‟s what the entire sales letter looked like. I
looked at it and though, what could I do to make this a little better? How can I re-arrange
this and put it up, because I thought best that it should be re-designed.

Here‟s what I did. I took the product and this is what it turned into. There‟s the   product,
same thing, but I made some changes. I made it look prettier in my opinion.           I put a
graphic across the top. I got rid of the woman, because she was a distraction,       which is
true and not a joke. The sales letter, the headline I changed slightly previously.   Let‟s go
back and look at it.

Previously, it says give me 45 minutes and I‟ll show you how to transform your metabolism
into a calorie burning machine. I changed it around, put a pre-head above it that says the
secret to your weight loss is to boost your metabolism; give me 45 minutes and I‟ll show
you how to transform, shock and boost your metabolism into a calorie busting and fat
burning machine.

Stop wasting time and you can start burning fat today. Note: you‟ll download this life
changing information in the next five minutes. I had the e-cover graphic changed to look
more professional. It looks good, I like that. I added some pictures, which I normally don‟t

                                         Webinar Four
do when I‟m writing sales letter for the Internet marketing market so much, but for this
market I started using some images that made sense. I considered my market as primarily
women so I used women‟s pictures throughout the copy.

You can see some of the copy we‟ve used here that‟s very simplistic, nothing complicated
and everything like that, just simple pictures that I used in sequence meaning they were all
part of the same series of pictures. There‟s the guarantee I told you about. I put the
graphic guarantee there. I increased the number of times people ordered and then at the
end I have a call to action on the website itself.

Then there is the actual order area just as I described earlier. It‟s the area where people
definitively know this is where you should go to order. This is a regular button I just made
it bigger, it‟s gray and it‟s ugly. I didn‟t use my name I used someone else‟s name also.

This is a simple example of what you can do on a sales letter. This may have taken me a
couple of hours. I edited it all myself. I went through and changed the copy. The copy is
primarily the same thing I just broke it up a bit more and changed the headlines around,
but didn‟t do anything major. We just put this up we‟re still testing it. I‟ll tell you I haven‟t
had any sales yet from it, so I‟m monitoring it.

I‟ve sent a couple hundred visitors to it. What I want to do is send enough traffic to it to get
my first sale. I know with enough traffic you can sell anything and I want to know what my
number is. How many people does it take for me to get a sale on average? So we‟ll send
300-500 visitors to it then we‟ll see how many sales we get. Did we get any? If not, let‟s
go back and test it again.

If you‟ll also notice I don‟t have an Opt-in page in here yet, why? What I‟m doing is testing
the sales letter first. I‟m testing it to see if I get any attraction with just the sales letter. The
Opt-in page is very simple. I can shorten that up. The other thing you‟ll notice, because
we just put it up is I don‟t have audio on this yet. Why? I‟m still testing the sales letter. I
know the audio is going to increase my conversion, but I wanted to get my text down first.

Therefore, I‟m testing that in the next sequence, so again we‟re breaking this down into
pieces as to how we‟re testing it. I have the main website up right now and that‟s it. You
can see these are things we‟re doing. We have another product I‟m hoping to get online
by the end of the week as well for this and these are things we‟re doing to redo products
and services we have in the marketplace.

Here‟s another, which is a PLR site. I just wanted to show you when you purchase a PLR
product this is typically what you get. You get the header graphic that comes with it. See
this text in the background on the right and left hand side? That looks ridiculous, get rid of

                                       Webinar Four
it, because it will decrease your sales. This is a sample sales letter. It‟s not a bad sales
letter. I looked at it; it has a guarantee area and things of that nature that looks good.
There are a couple mistakes they make is they call it an eBook and I wouldn‟t do that.

In this area they have the order button and I would change that. They don‟t show the
credit card symbols and these are minor changes I would make to this, but many times the
elements are there we just need to modify them. We can modify them and work with what
we have as far as the modifications go. We don‟t need to redo everything.

We may want some new graphics definitely, maybe we can even write a better headline.
Let‟s read this one, discover the natural herbal cures and remedies used to treat illness
and disease for hundreds of years. Stop using unnecessary drugs and pills and learn the
natural cures doctors never informed you about.

That‟s not bad. I may break that up into two sections, but overall it‟s not a bad headline.
They also have a sub-headline, remember your mother telling you that an apple a day will
keep the doctor away; could be true. So there are several different elements that are good
and this is typical of a PLR product, so we don‟t have to mess with everything just minor

The sales letter we would go through. For example, do you suffer from any illness or
disease and have tried every treatment out there without much success? Are you sick and
tired of spending $10 to $100 on drugs or pills that only end up making you feel sicker and
more nauseas? There are two distinct questions there that I can take out, breaking up that
first paragraph and turn that into bullet points, because people are going to read it more.

That makes it easier. Here are some simple things. See that area right there that‟s too
big, meaning if a person sees that much text (there are 7 lines), they won‟t read it. Your
paragraph should always be three to four lines deep. I don‟t care how many sentences
that is. I don‟t care if it‟s only one sentence, but three to four lines deep that‟s it.

People are more apt to read that as opposed to some big long paragraph, so again very
simple and minor. Look at this it says what the drug companies don‟t want you to know
about. Doesn‟t it look stupid to have one little piece of that hanging down underneath? It‟s
aesthetics, very simple.

Let‟s look at this area. When we look at this, there‟s a list of bullet points, which is good;
but look at this area here, see how much space there is from the book, the top it looks as if
something is missing? It is, the book should be up there, so that‟s just a minor change I
could have a webmaster do.

                                      Webinar Four
These are just minor things that are common sense. Don‟t feel you have to have some big
marketing degree to start messing around and modifying these things. Always keep that in
mind while we‟re looking at that.

Here it is; your homework. Each week as you know we assign you a bit of homework and
each week I‟m pushing you just a little bit, nothing major I‟m just extending what you‟ve
been doing.

This week I‟ll push a little harder than most, because your objective is to find one PLR
product and put it live on the Internet. When I say live what I mean is, have the website up
and I‟ll give you a break. The break is, you just need to have the main website up.

Since many of these products don‟t come with an Opt-in page I‟ll say take one product, get
the website uploaded to the Internet and you want to have the order link live as well as the
thank you page correct as well and have it where people can order it if they found it.

The key is to always remember you don‟t have to do this yourself you can hire someone
else to do this.       You can use resources like,, and you can hire someone there inexpensively to help you get this
uploaded and the changes you need made to it. We want one product uploaded. Again,
I‟m not big into babysitting, meaning I won‟t be over your shoulder every day saying do
this…do it.

You can come back to this and see what I want. I‟m telling you what I want. It took me
two and a half hours to tell you what I want. Fact is, in reality I could have told you
everything in about two minutes, what I want, but I want you to understand this. I took a lot
of time explaining little things you should know, but now in reality, with just a couple
minutes worth of time to get everything you need to do it and you can always refer back to
this video.

I want it done in seven days that‟s the other thing. Is this pushing you to do what you
should have done already? Yes, break out of your comfort zone. Quit making excuses
and just get the damn job done. This is what your objective is.

Again, if you‟re current with what we‟ve been following and what we‟ve been doing you‟re
now ready to put this up. Remember, I didn‟t say advertise the site did I? If you listened I
said you‟re not ready to advertise yet, just get the site up. I want you to have the site up
and there‟s no reason by next week in our next session why you don‟t have your website

                                       Webinar Four
If you think there‟s a reason right now; wrong. There is no reason why you can‟t have it
up, don‟t make excuses just get the job done. I‟m serious about this. I‟m doing this for
your benefit not mine.

I want the website online. Do you get my point? I want a website from you online in the
next seven days. I don‟t care how you do it. I don‟t care if you bribe someone, pay
someone I don‟t really want you to do it yourself unless you‟re very technically oriented
already; other than that get someone to help you put it up.

Get the website up using the guidelines I‟ve given you throughout this webinar. Get the
site up and I‟ll tell you what to do with the site after the fact. Get the site up and next week
you‟ll see some other enhancements that we‟ll make to the site. You‟ll see other
enhancements we‟ll make to the overall system to make it better and you‟ll then see how
everything fits together.

Do your homework! You have seven days starting from right now. I hope you‟ve learned a
few things about PLR products. Also, this is our fourth webinar, fourth phase and we still
have a bit more to go. Each week you have a little homework easing you into the process
and I‟m sure you‟ll get more done this way.

Again, we‟re breaking this up into simple things you can do each week. The key for you is
to just do it. Thank you very much. We‟ll talk to everyone next time. Bye-bye.


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