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					            Study Abroad Scholarship Opportunities for UIUC Undergrads
      Are you an Illinois undergrad looking for some financial support to study abroad? Check out our listing to
      determine which scholarship opportunities may be right for you.

                 Scholarships for Study Abroad: Available to Illinois Students of All Majors

      Name             Amount                Specifications/Application Info                                  Deadlines
                                    I4I awards approximately 120-150 scholarships per
                       $500 for     semester. Funds are split equally among the categories    Apply for a scholarship for study during
                         short-     of general merit, need, nontraditional destination, and   any term occurring after the deadline (final
                          term      underrepresented students. To be eligible, students       deadlines are listed below).
                       programs     must participate in an Illinois-approved program and
Illinois for                        pay the $5 study abroad scholarship fee during the        Winter Break‟10, Spring ‟11, & Spring/Fall
Illinois (I4I)         $1,000 for   semester in which they apply.                             ‟11: September 17, 2010.
Scholarship             semester
                                    To apply, visit:     Summer ‟11, Fall ‟110, & Academic Year ‟11-
                        $2,000                                                                ‟12: February 4, 2011.
                        for year

IPS Donor-
                                    To be eligible to apply, students must have an Illinois
Arie & Ida Crown                    GPA of 3.0 or higher and be participating in an
Memorial Study                      Illinois-approved program during the term
Abroad in Israel                    immediately following the application term (e.g.,
Scholarship                         students applying for a scholarship in September 2010
                                    should intend to be studying abroad during the Spring
Chad Lobdell                        2011 Semester). Some IPS Scholarships are country-
Memorial                            specific; others are available to students studying
Scholarship for                     abroad in any region.
Study in England
                                    Preference is given to high-achieving students who are
Carlene & Andy                      active on campus and within the community, as well as
Ziegler Study                       to students who demonstrate financial need.               Winter Break ‟10, Spring ‟11, & Spring/Fall
Abroad Scholarship                  Applicants must be citizens or permanent residents of     ‟11: September 17, 2010.
                                    the U.S.
Charles Wert India-                                                                           Summer ‟11, Fall ‟11, & Academic Year ‟11-
Illinois Scholarship                Please note some exceptions to the general rules          ‟12: February 4, 2011.
                                    described above: no minimum GPA is required to
Lemann                              apply for the Arie and Ida Crown Memorial Study
Scholarship for                     Abroad in Israel Scholarship. U.S. citizenship is not
Brazilian Studies                   required to apply for the Lemann Scholarship for
                                    Brazilian Studies. Students must be participating in
Mary B. Eddington                   study abroad programs during their junior or senior
Memorial                            year and must have a 3.5 GPA or above to be eligible
Scholarship                         to apply for a Mary E. Mohler International Study
Mary E. Mohler
International Study                 To apply, visit:
                                    IPS Donor-Funded Scholarships are awarded on the
Michael Aiken                       basis of availability. Some scholarships are not
Scholarship                         awarded every semester.

Suzanne & David

                                                   For support of students presenting
                                                   papers, posters, or creative work at
                                                                                                NEW Scholarship!
                                                   conferences related to issues of diversity
                                                   and identity.
University of Illinois President’s      Up to                                                   For professional conference
Research in Diversity Travel Award      $500                                                    travel between November 1,
                                                                                                2010, and Oct. 31, 2011: Oct.
                                                                                                1, 2010.

                                                   This award is given to an undergrad in at
                                                   least the 2nd year of study with a GPA of
                                                   2.5 or higher who has achieved a
                                                   meritorious act or undertaken a
                                                   sustained activity impacting the
Illinois International Undergraduate               international programming or mission of
Achievement Award                        $500      an Illinois activity, department, school,    September 30, 2010.
                                                   or college.

                                                   For additional details, see:

                                                   For U.S. citizens receiving a federal Pell
                                                   Grant. Summer awards available for
                                                   study of STEM disciplines (Science,          Student Deadline for Spring
                                                   Technology, Engineering, and                 ‟11: October 5, 2010.
                                                   Mathematics) only. Semester awards
                                         Up to
Gilman Study Abroad Scholarship*                   available to students of all majors.         Summer ‟11, Fall ‟11, &
                                                   Countries with travel warnings ineligible.   Academic Year ‟11-‟12: March
                                                                                                1, 2011.

                                                   To apply, students must have between 30
                                                   and 90 hours of academic credit, at least    Summer „11, Fall „11, Academic
                                                   one year remaining at Illinois after the     Year „11-‟12, Winter Break ‟11,
Phi Kappa Phi Study Abroad Grants*                 term spent abroad, and at least a 3.5        & Spring „12: April 1, 2011.


                                                   Applicants can be from any major, but        Winter Break ‟10 & Spring „11:
                                                   must intend to use this scholarship          September 30, 2010.
John T. Petters Scholarships*           Average    towards a program with an international
                                       of $5,000   business focus.                              Summer ‟11, Fall ‟11-‟12, &
                                                                                                Academic Year ‟11-„12:
                                                 February 10, 2011.
                                                   While abroad, Scholars serve as goodwill
                                                   ambassadors in their host countries and
                                                   give presentations about their homelands
                                                   to local Rotary clubs and groups. Upon
                                                   returning home, Scholars share with          Local club deadlines vary.
                                                   Rotarians and others the experiences
Rotary International Ambassadorial                 that led to a greater understanding of
Scholarships*                                      their host country. Ambassadorial            Academic Year ‟12-‟13:
                                                   Scholarships for an Academic Year are        February 2011 (T.B.A.) for
                                                   available. Contact Clyde Forrest at          Urbana Rotary Club.
                                          if interested in
                                                   applying through Urbana Rotary Club.


                                                    To be eligible, students must participate
                                                    in a study abroad program offered by a
                                                    Diversity Abroad member organization
                                                    and have at least a 2.75 GPA.
                                                    Economically disadvantaged students,        Spring ‟11: October 15,
                                                    African-American, Asian-American,           2010.
                                                    Hispanic/Latino, Multiracial/ethnic or Study Abroad                    Native-American undergraduate               Summer ‟11: April 1, 2011.
Scholarship                             $1,000      students as well as student who study in
                                                    non-traditional locations (outside          Fall ‟11 & Academic Year ‟11-
                                                    Western Europe & Australia ) are            „12: May 2, 2011.
                                                    strongly encouraged to apply.


                                                    This is a good opportunity for students     For study abroad programs of
                                                    who are seriously interested in pursuing    at least 10 weeks between
                                                    careers in writing and/or photography.      August and December: July
                                                    Correspondents work with professional       15, 2010.
The Glimpse Correspondents Program                  editors and are guaranteed to be
                                                    published on               For study abroad programs of
                                                                                                at least 10 weeks between
                                                    January and May: November
                                                                                                2010 (T.B.A.).
                                                    Many awards are available to students
                                                    participating in IES programs for: study
                                                    abroad program, merit, diversity (for
                                                    underrepresented minorities, first
                                                    generation college students, high-need
                                                    students, & students who have overcome      Spring ‟11: October 25,
IES Abroad Scholarships                             adversity), legacy, & disability.           2010.
                                                    Illinois students are eligible for IES      Fall ‟11: May 3, 2011.
                                                    Abroad Public University Grants of
                                                    $1,500. No separate application.

                                                    Various study abroad scholarships are       Winter Break „10, Spring ‟11,
                                                    available for students participating in     and Spring/Fall „11:
                                                    programs sponsored by CIEE, a Study         November 1, 2010.
CIEE Study Abroad Scholarships          $500-       Abroad Office affiliate.
                                        $2,000                                                  Summer ‟11, Fall ‟11, &
                                                Academic Year ‟11-‟12: April
                                                    /#bowman                                    1, 2011.

                                                    A program of the U.S. Department of
                                                    State‟s Bureau of Educational & Cultural
                                                    Affairs, the CLS Program will offer
                                                    intensive summer language institutes
                                                    overseas in 13 critical need foreign
                                                    languages, including: Arabic & Persian
                                                    (Advanced beginning, intermediate or
Critical Language Scholarships (CLS)*   Program     advanced level); Azerbaijani,               Summer „11: December
                                         is fully   Bangla/Bengali, Hindi, Indonesian,          2010 (T.B.A.).
                                        funded.     Korean, Punjabi, Turkish, Urdu
                                                    (Beginning, intermediate, or advanced
                                                    level); and Chinese, Japanese, & Russian
                                                    (Intermediate or advanced level).

                                                    To apply, visit:

                                                      For advanced study of foreign languages,
                                         $5,000-      with priority given to less commonly
                                         $10,000      taught languages. Applicants must have a
                                        for tuition   3.0 GPA or higher and be currently
                                        & fees and    studying the foreign language for which
Foreign Language and Area Studies        a stipend    they are applying. Available to U.S.       Summer ‟11 & Academic Year
(FLAS) Fellowships for Undergraduates        of       citizens and permanent residents only.     ‟11-12: February 2011
                                         $2,500-                                                 (T.B.A.).

                                                      FEA will award study abroad
                                                      scholarships for Academic Year 2011-
                                                      2012. Must be U.S. citizen or permanent
                                                      resident. See preferences on website.      NEW Scholarship!
Fund for Education Abroad (FEA)         Unknown
                                                 Deadline T.B.A.

                               Scholarships for Study Abroad: Discipline-specific
Discipline                       Name/Where to Apply                                       Amount                Deadlines
               ACES Arlys Conrad Study Abroad Planning Scholarship                                       Applications accepted
                                                                                                         on a rolling basis for
               For ACES students. Financial need and program cost taken into account.                    study abroad program
                                                                                                         up to 2 years after
                                    submission of
               Ayre Scholarship for Students in ACES
                                                                                                         Applications accepted
               For ACES students conducting project, research, demonstration, or            $300-        on a rolling basis. Must
   ACES        course work abroad.                                                          $4,000       apply at least 2 months
  Students                                                                                               prior to departure date.
               Upson S. Garrigus Global Ambassador Grant                                                 Winter Break „10, Spring „11,
                                                                                                         & Summer „11: October 15,
               ACES Students who have demonstrated a strong interest in international                    2010.
                                                                                            At least
               issues by creating a unique learning abroad experience related to an
                                                                                            $1,000       Summer „11, Fall „11, &
               academic, research, or service project should apply.
                                                                                                         Academic Year ‟11-„12:
                                                                                                         February 15, 2011.
               Career Development and Leadership Awards                                                  Fall ‟10 & Spring „11:
                                                                                                         October 4, 2010 (1st
               AHS undergrads are eligible to apply.                                                     Monday in October).
                             Spring ‟11 & Fall „11: March
               velopment.aspx                                                                            7, 2011 (1st Monday in
               Clyde P. Davis Study Abroad Scholarship
                                                                                                         Fall ‟11, Academic Year ‟11-
                                                                                            Up to
Art & Design   For University of Illinois art majors only. Available for study at an                     „12, & Spring „12: June 15,
  Students     institution in any foreign country for one year or one semester.                          2011.

               Contact Robin Douglas at
               CIBER Study Abroad Funds                                                                  Spring „11: October 11,
               Available to students in the Certificate in Global Business Culture with
               Area Specialization program who will be participating in campus-                          Summer „11, Fall „11, &
               approved study abroad or doing an overseas internship.                                    Academic Year ‟11-„12: April
                                                                                                         15, 2011.
  Students     Leiby S. Hall Scholarship

               Juniors and Seniors attending semester-long study abroad programs           Six $2,500    Same as Business
               administered by the College of Business are considered based on            scholarships   Program Deadlines.
               program applications.                                                        available

               Chancellor’s Scholars’ Travel Fund Award

               Chancellor's Scholars travelling for the purpose of studying abroad,                      Summer „11: March 2011
CHP Students   interning, or conducting research may apply.                                              (T.B.A.).

               Bastien Foreign Language Teacher Education Scholarship
                                                                                                         Spring „11: November 15,
               For FLTE students only.                                                                   2010.
Education /
                                 Fall „11 & Academic Year ‟11-
                                                                                                         „12: April 15, 2011.
               Questions? Contact Linda Hemminger at

               International Engineering Fellowships                                          Up to $1,500    Winter Break ‟10 & Spring
                                                                                               for IPENG      ‟11: November 1, 2010.
               Engineering majors may receive up to 50% of airfare costs for study              Program
               abroad flights.                                                                Participants    Spring Break ‟11: February
                                                                                                and up to     1, 2011.
                   $1,100 for
               Guidelines                                                                         SAO         Summer ‟11, Fall ‟11, &
                                                                                                Program       Academic Year ‟11-‟12: April
                                                                                              Participants    1, 2011.
               Semester & Academic Year Living Stipend

               Available to ChemE and AgE students in IPENG Programs who do not                               Same as IPENG Program
               receive the International Engineering Scholarship. No separate                    $500         Deadlines.

 Students      Wert Scholarship
               For ChemE and AgE students participating in IPENG Summer Programs               dependent      Same as IPENG Summer
               in Argentina, Brazil, or Chile and automatically receive the Wert               on number      Program Deadlines.
               Scholarship (no separate application).                                               of
               William R. Miller & Martha L. Behr-Miller Scholarship

               For Mechanical Engineering majors with a 3.0 GPA and above studying
               for a semester or academic year in Austria, China, Denmark, Germany,                           Eligible students will be
               Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea,                   $1,000        notified of scholarship
               Sweden, or Taiwan.                                                                             procedures by IPENG.

               Catherine A. and Bruce C. Bastian Scholarship                                                  Spring ‟11: October 2010
               International Studies Majors and Global Studies Majors may apply.
                                                                                                              Fall „10 & Academic Year ‟11-
                                            ‟12: March 2011 (T.B.A.).

               LAS Study Abroad Scholarship

               LAS students attending select LAS semester and year-long study abroad
               programs are automatically considered based on program applications.
               For program information, visit
                              $1,500        Program deadlines vary.

               For scholarship information, visit
      Click on the “Scholarships” link
               at the bottom of the page. Select the “Search for scholarship(s)” link.
LAS Students   Choose “LAS Study Abroad Scholarship for Semester/AY.”
               LAS Summer Course Abroad Scholarship

               Available to LAS students who participate in an eligible LAS summer
               course abroad.                                                                   $500-         Summer ‟11: February 15,
                                                                                                $1,000        2011.
               Visit Click on the “Scholarships”
               link at the bottom of the page. Select the “Search for scholarship(s)” link.
               Choose “LAS-Summer Courses Abroad Scholarship.”
               LAS Winter Course Abroad Scholarship

               LAS majors participating in LAS Winter Course Abroad Programs will be                          No separate deadline.
               offered LAS scholarships, if available (Israel participants will be offered                    LAS majors applying for
               Arie & Ida Crown Scholarships instead).                                                        LAS Winter Courses
                                                                                                              Abroad are considered.

                           Scholarships for Study Abroad: Geographic Area-specific

Location                    Name/Where to apply                               Amount                       Deadlines
               National Security Education Program Boren
               Scholarship (NSEP)*

               The strongest candidates have a solid academic record, a
               commitment to international education to fulfill academic                     Summer ‟11, Academic Year ‟11-‟12, Fall
               and career goals, and language interest and aptitude. The      $8,000-        ‟11, & Spring ‟12: Campus deadline is
               study abroad program should directly relate to both the        $20,000        January 19, 2011.
               applicant's career aspirations and envisioned work in the
               federal government in the Departments of Defense, State,
               or Homeland Security or in the Intelligence Community.

               Paul W. Borgeson Scholarship

               Available to undergrads with at least a 3.0 GPA studying                      Academic Year ‟10-‟11: March 2011
               in Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South            $150-$400       (T.B.A).

               Lemann Scholarship for Brazilian Studies
                                                                                             Winter Break ‟10 & Spring ‟11:
               Available to undergrads with at least a 3.0 GPA studying                      September 17, 2010.
               in Brazil. Must have at least a high intermediate level of
  Brazil                                                                    $800-$2,500
               Portuguese and attend classes held in Portuguese.                             Summer ‟11, Fall ‟11, & Academic Year
                                                                                             ‟11-‟12: February 4, 2011.
               To apply, visit:

               Rund Scholarship

               For study in Ecuador. The decision is based on financial                      Spring ‟11, Fall ‟11, and Academic Year
 Ecuador                                                                        $200
               need and an essay describing why you deserve the award.                       '11-‟12: November 1, 2010.

               Contact Brandon Lanners at
               Foundation for Asia-Pacific Education

               U.S. or Canadian citizens participating in credit-bearing
               study abroad programs in one of these countries are
               eligible to apply.
                                                                                             Programs that begin September 1-
               Students of any major may apply for General Study            General Study    December 31, 2010: August 31, 2010.
Asia Pacific
               Abroad Scholarships. Students majoring in Photography,          Abroad
               Film, Art, Travel and Tourism, International Business,       Scholarships:
               International Studies, or a Foreign Language may apply       $500-$1,500      Programs that begin January 1-April 3,
               for STA Travel Scholarships.                                                  2011: December 31, 2010.
Zealand, &
               Students who are from underrepresented populations in          STA Travel
nearby U.S.
               international education are a priority (including, but not    Scholarships:   Programs that begin May 1-August 31,
               limited to, students with high financial need, minority      $1,000-$2,000    2010: April 30, 2011.
               students, students with underrepresented academic
               majors, students from the Rocky Mountain geographic
               region, and first generation college students).

               Scholarship applications are available at:

             Charles Wert India-Illinois Scholarship

             Available to University of Illinois students studying in                          Winter Break ‟10, Spring ‟11, &
             India and South Asia. Preference is given to students                             Spring/Fall ‟11: September 17, 2010.
 India &
             planning to study at Indian Institutes of Technology           $500-$2,000
South Asia
             (IITs), particularly Kharagpur. Minimum GPA: 3.0.                                 Summer ‟11, Fall ‟11, & Academic Year
                                                                                               ‟11-‟12: February 4, 2011.
             To apply, visit:

             Bridging Scholarships for Study in Japan*

             Undergraduate students majoring in any field of study
             who are studying abroad in Japan are eligible to apply for
             these scholarships. Japanese language study is not a                              Fall ‟11, Spring ‟12, and Academic Year
             prerequisite.                                                                     ‟11-‟12: April 2011 (T.B.A).
                                                                           Academic Year:

             Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)*
                                                                                               Eligible students will be contacted by
             Available for qualified students accepted by Japanese                             the Japanese university of study.
             universities under the student exchange agreement on a
  Japan                                                                   $3,500-$11,000
             short-term basis from about three months to one year.                             Rolling deadline of 2-3 months
                                                                                               prior to departure.

             Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarship in
             Japanese Studies*

             This scholarship offers applicants who are majoring in
             Japanese language or culture the opportunity to spend a                           Academic Year ‟11-‟12: February 2010
                                                                            $1,300 per
             year continuing their study at a Japanese university.                             (T.B.A.).

             Taiwan Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment

             This scholarship provides study opportunities for
             Mandarin language and Taiwan‟s culture at university- or                          Fall ‟11, Academic Year ‟11-‟12, Spring
             college-affiliated Mandarin training centers. Applicants     Approximately        ‟12, & Summer „12: March 2011.
             must possess record of excellent academic performance        $735 per month
             and be of good moral character.


             Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA)*
                                                                           airfare, tuition,
 Middle      For students interested in advanced Arabic language study                         Summer ‟11 & Academic Year ‟11-‟12:
                                                                           and stipend of
  East       in Cairo and Damascus.                                                            January 2011 (T.B.A).
                                                                          $400 per month
             Hermann F. Eilts International Scholarship                                        Fall ‟10 & Academic Year ‟10-‟11: May
                                                                                               15, 2010.
                                                                          Tuition, fees, &
             For students accepted at the American University in Cairo
             who have a 3.5 GPA or above. Contact Mr. Wesley Clark at                          Next deadline T.B.A.
    with questions.
  Egypt      Simpson Scholarship in Egyptology

             For students accepted at the American University in Cairo                         Fall ‟11 & Academic Year ‟11-‟12: April
             who study ancient Egypt.                                                          15, 2011.


          Arie and Ida Crown Memorial Study Abroad in
          Israel Fund
                                                                                           Spring ‟11, & Spring/Fall ‟11:
          To apply, visit:                            September 17, 2010.
          Please note: participants in the Winter LAS/SAO Course       $500-$2,000         Summer ‟11, Fall ‟11, & Academic Year
          Abroad: Global Studies, GLBL 298, Jerusalem, Israel,                             ‟11-‟12: February 4, 2011.
          will be offered $1,000 scholarships upon acceptance into
          the program and need not apply separately.
          Available to Jewish students between 18-30 participating
          in semester or year-long study abroad MASA-affiliated
                                                                       receive $1,000.
          programs at MASA-approved universities.                                          Varies depending on your
                                                                       Applicants who
          Search for eligible programs at:
                                                                       need are eligible

                                                                       for extra
          Apply for funding at:

          Study Abroad Turkey Scholarships for Minority                    $500 for
          Students                                                     Programs up to 4
          Applicants must be African American, Hispanic/Latino, or        $1,000 for       Applications are accepted on a
Turkey    Native American undergrads who have been accepted to         Programs of 4-8     rolling basis, but students must
          participate in a study abroad program at a Turkish                weeks          apply before departing to Turkey.
          university. Applicants must be U.S. citizens.                   $2,000 for
                                                                       Semester or Year
          German Academic Exchange Service*

          Scholarships are available to undergrads who are 2nd &
          3rd year students intending to study abroad in Germany.
          Applicants should possess outstanding academic records
          and personal integrity; have well-defined study, research,
          or internship plans; and demonstrate an interest in
          contemporary German and European affairs. German
          language competency is not mandatory; however,
          students should demonstrate language skills                   Approximately      Fall ‟11, Academic Year ‟11-‟12, & Spring
Germany   commensurate with study & research needs.                                        „12: January 31, 2011.
                                                                       $885 per month
          RISE summer program available to majors of biology,
          chemistry, physics, earth sciences (geology), and
          engineering. SIP (Study and Internship Program)
          available to students currently enrolled as Sophomores or
          Juniors in one of the following fields: engineering,
          science, life sciences; business, management, economics;
          architecture, art, design; journalism, social work.

          Chad Lobdell Memorial Scholarship
                                                                                           Spring ‟11, & Spring/Fall ‟11:
          Students with a 3.0 GPA or higher who are involved in                            September 17, 2010.
          campus and community service and intend to study in               $1,000
          England for a semester or academic year should apply.                            Fall ‟11 & Academic Year ‟11-‟12:
                                                                                           February 4, 2011.
          BUTEX Scholarship for North American
                                                                                           Fall ‟11, Academic Year ‟11-‟12, & Spring
          To be eligible, you must have been offered a study abroad                        ‟11: May 31, 2011.
          place at a BUTEX-affiliated university in the UK.

              Alvaro Monserrat Llardén Scholarship

              This award is available to students pursuing the study of
              Catalan. To qualify, the recipient must take at least one
              course per semester in which the Catalan language,
              linguistics, literature, or culture is included. Applications     $350-$500         Academic Year ‟11-‟12: March 2011
              involving study or research abroad will be considered.                              (T.B.A.).
              Initial study of Catalan is a prerequisite.
              Anthony M. Pasquariello Award

              For a student participating in the LAS-SIP Spanish Year                             Academic Year ‟11-‟12: March 2011
              Abroad in Barcelona, Spain, Program                                                 (T.B.A.).

              ThinkSwiss Research Scholarships

              ThinkSwiss will select 15 U.S. Students (graduate and
              undergraduate) from all fields of study who apply for a
              research project at a Swiss university or research lab.

              Applicants must be currently enrolled students who have
              completed their sophomore year by the time the research         Monthly stipend     Summer ‟11, Fall ‟11, Academic Year ‟11-
Switzerland   stay in Switzerland begins.                                     of $1,000 for 2     ‟12, & Spring „12: March 31, 2011.
                                                                               to 3 months
              Scholarship recipients must participate in a blog during
              their research stay in Switzerland. After returning to the
              U.S., they must also carry out at least one activity as a
              student “ambassador” to promote Swiss research.


     T.B.A. stands for To Be Announced.

     *Contact the National and International Scholarships Program (formerly The Office of Prestigious
     Scholarships) by visiting the Fifth Floor, Illini Union Bookstore, or by emailing,
     for application assistance on regionally or nationally competitive scholarships (marked with asterisks).

                                            Hints for Scholarship Applications

     your study abroad program—START EARLY!!!

     • Make good use of your academic writing skills. Revise all essays and ask for feedback on your work. If possible, schedule an
     appointment with a tutor in the Writers Workshop. For details, visit:

     • Ask your parents if any scholarships exist at their workplace for children of employees.

     • Look in your community— funding may be available through civic, ethnic, or religious groups. For example, former Girl
     Scouts should look at

     • Some organizations that arrange study abroad programs (e.g., AIFS, Butler, CIEE, IES, Interstudy, and ISA) also offer their
     own scholarships. Check with your Study Abroad Advisor.

     • Many Illinois Colleges and Departments sponsor award competitions for excellence in a particular field of study, and not
     always for majors only. For more information, contact college or department offices and view their web pages.

• See campus programs (e.g., Women Studies Program) or geographical area centers (e.g., Center for African Studies) for
fellowships or scholarships to do research projects or to study language and culture.

• Search for additional funding opportunities at

• Check out the links, tips, and other information available online at:

For general questions about scholarships for study abroad, contact Ms. Jessica Sheets, Study Abroad
Scholarship Coordinator, at

Please check back regularly as tips, deadlines, amounts, and available scholarship opportunities are subject to change.

While we list many study abroad scholarship opportunities here, we are unable to list every opportunity that may be
available to every student.