Fall 2010 course descriptions by welcomegong


									                                                    Fall 2010
                                             FRIENDS FOR LEARNING
                                             COURSE DESCRIPTIONS

Friends For Learning (FFL) is a member-driven organization for those 50 years and older. The purpose of FFL is to
provide, at minimal cost, activities, special events, and opportunities for study for retired and semi-retired people who
want to continue their intellectual growth and enjoy being part of a like-minded community.

An Open House/Registration will be held for past members and those interested in joining on Tuesday, September 7,
from 2:00-4:00 p.m. at the Idaho Falls Public Library. Membership is $20 per person per semester. The membership
fee covers all study groups for the entire semester plus a parking pass for University Place. Occasionally, there may be
a fee for special excursion tickets, bus fares, or course materials (e.g., texts, lab fees, supplies). The membership fee
must be paid by cash or check, made out to Friends For Learning, at the time of registration.

Parking in the University Place parking lot requires the student to display a parking pass in his or her vehicle.
Replacements for parking passes may be purchased from Jackie Holm, 529-1901 for $5.00.

NOTE: This semester’s course rosters will again use a computer-generated random student number assignment to
determine membership in limited classes. As before, it is important that if you must cancel your attendance, you do so
by calling the facilitator as soon as possible to allow students from the wait list to attend.

Friends for Learning appreciates the time, effort and expertise contributed by course presenters, but does not promote
the purchase of goods or services.

A Registration Form/Indemnity Form can be downloaded from the FFL website, www.friendsforlearning.com,
completed and brought to the Open House/Registration or mailed along with the $20 fee to the address specified on the
registration form. Fall registration by mail will continue for one week, through Tuesday, September 14. No additional
registrations will be accepted past that date.

The following schedule covers the Fall 2010 session. The courses held at ―CHE‖ refer to the Center for Higher
Education and ―TAB‖ refers to the Tingey Administration Building (just north of CHE) both located at University
Place, 1770 Science Center Dr. in Idaho Falls.

Computer Classes
These will be hands-on classes with everyone having the use of a computer station. If more members sign up than
stations available, the lottery system will be used to determine member enrollment. You will be notified about two
weeks before the class starts. Because of the limited number of computers, guests will not be admitted. PCs with the
Windows XP operating system will be used.

NOTE: Most of the computer classes consist of more than one session. Since each session builds on the next, plan on
attending all of the sessions for each class you are accepted into. Minimum number of students for each class is 10;
maximum number is 18. (Descriptions of individual classes follow.)

Facilitator: Joanne Johnson                524-3622                  Email: jojohnson33@gmail.com

Schedule of Computer Classes:
9:00-10:30                 Gmail                               3 sessions, Nov 5, 12, 19       Joanne Johnson
10:45-12:00                Picasa                              3 sessions, Nov 5, 12, 19       Ed Johnson
1:00-2:30                  Basic Scrapbooking                  3 sessions, Nov 5, 12, 19       Joanne/Sheri Johnson
3:00-4:30                  Excel Charts/Graphs                 2 sessions, Nov 5, 12           Joann Mines
3:00-4:30                  Buying on eBay                      1 session, Nov 19               Joe Delmastro

101.1 Gmail                                 Instructor: Joanne Johnson                Fee: None
Date: Fridays, Nov. 5, 12, 19               Time: 9:00-10:30                          Location: CHE 204
This is a three-session class. Gmail is a free webmail service provided by Google. If you don’t have a Gmail account, I
will help you create one before class starts. In the first class you will learn to compose, forward, and send messages. In
the next two sessions, you will learn other features of the program.

Joanne has used Gmail for several years.
101.2 Picasa                                Instructor: Ed Johnson                   Fee: None
Date: Fridays, Nov 5, 12, 19                Time: 10:45-12:00                        Location: CHE 204
This is a three-session class. Picasa is a photo program that can be downloaded free from the internet. You will import
photos into the program, learn to crop, straighten, adjust brightness and contrast, fix red-eye and do other minor
adjustments to photos. You will also learn how to add text, make a collage, create a CD of selected photos, send an
email with attached photos, put photos on a Web Album and ―stitch‖ photos together to make panoramic photos.

Ed has been using the Picasa program to manage and manipulate photos for several years

101.3 Basic Online Scrapbooking             Instructor: Joanne/Sheri Johnson          Fee: None
Date: Fridays, Nov 5, 12, 19                Time: 1:00-2:30                           Location: CHE 204
This three-session class is for the intermediate computer user. We will learn the basics of a graphics program and use it
to create simple scrapbooking layouts. You will need to know how to navigate to a folder in Windows Explorer, drag
and drop a file, save a file, be comfortable in searching the internet and other basic skills.

Joanne has worked with several digital imaging programs. Sheri has a degree in graphic design and has worked with
software such as PhotoShop for several years. She is a designer for an online scrapbooking company.

101.4 Excel Chart/Graphs                   Instructor: Joann Mines                 Fee: None
Date: Fridays, Nov 5, 12                   Time: 3:00-4:30                         Location: CHE 204
This is a two-session class. You will use Excel to create graphs/charts such as simple and compound bar charts, pie
charts and line graphs. Colors, labels and sizing will be included.

Joann used this software extensively to create graphic display summaries of data at INL and in teaching beginning ISU
statistics classes.

101.5 Buying on eBay                       Instructor: Joe Delmastro                Fee: None
Date: Friday, Nov. 19                      Time: 3:00-4:30                          Location: CHE 204
This is a single session, hands-on introduction to shopping on eBay. You should have completed the classroom session
on this topic, which is listed separately in the course listings under ―eBay Shopping.‖ You will learn how to search for
and find an item you are interested in buying, research customer feedback from previous buyers, bid on the item, and
pay for it if you are the successful bidder on an auction. You also will learn how to manage a ―watch list‖ of several
items of interest. NOTE: You do not have to set up an eBay account to shop. It is only required if you are going to
actually bid on items that are for sale.
Other Classes

102 Appreciating Opera                      Instructor: Ellen Mortensen           Fee: None
Date: Wednesdays, Oct 6, 13, 20             Time: 1:00-3:00                       Location: CHE 221
We will study some of the great operas of Verdi, Puccini, Donizetti and Rossini. We also will discuss elements of great
music and listen to excerpts of operas including LaTraviata, Aida, Lucia diLammermoor, La Boheme, Turandot and
Barber of Seville. Be prepared to fall in love with opera.

Ellen is a long-time aficionado of opera, having sung it, studied and attended opera for a lifetime.

Facilitator: Sidney Hoopes          524-1280            Email: fshoopes@srv.net

103 Art Meets Adventure                  Instructor: Lynna & Leland Howard     Fee: None
Date: Tuesday, Nov 16                    Time: 1:00-2:30                       Location: TAB 200
You will view a beautiful hour’s presentation of award winning photography by Leland Howard and award winning
narrative by Lynna Howard. The Howards are winners of the prestigious Idaho Media Award. See an example of their
work at http://www.artmeetsadventure.com.

Lynna makes her living as a writer. She joins her brother Leland Howard to create books, articles and multi-media
presentations. Leland devotes his life to the arts, including sculpture, music and image artistry. His limited-edition
prints are displayed throughout the world.

Facilitator: Earline Reid           528-8673            Email: emrret@cableone.net
104 Arthritis – Diagnosis &               Instructor: Stan Griffiths, MD            Fee: None
Date: Wednesday, Oct 20                   Time: 10:00-11:30                         Location: CHE 213
The diagnosis and treatment of arthritis of the hip, knee and shoulder will be discussed with audio visual and didactic
teaching. Questions will be answered.

Dr Griffiths has been an orthopedic surgeon for 21 years.

Facilitator: Sandra Potter    552-0328             Email: arose.2000@hotmail.com

105 Balancing the Budget-What’s            Instructor: Dennis Lake                 Fee: None
Date: Wednesday, Nov 10                    Time: 2:00-3:30 p.m.                    Location: CHE 211
With budgets slashed and revenues continuing to fall, the Idaho legislature has an ominous task ahead of it during the
upcoming legislative session. In this class, Representative Dennis Lake will discuss the challenges facing the
legislature as it seeks to maintain a balanced budget and how ideas become law. Dennis will try to answer your
questions and address your concerns.

Dennis has served 14 years as a state representative (R). He presently chairs the Revenue and Taxation Committee and
is a senior member of the House Agriculture Committee and House Human Resources Committee.

Facilitator: Eileen Jenkins   529-8225             Email: jenkinseileen404@gmail.com

106 Beaded Watch Bands                    Instructor: Diane Fowler, Deb           Fee: Materials for band*
                                          Hackley, Nancy Hillyard
Date: Tuesday, Sept 28                    Time: 1:00-3:00                         Location: CHE 306
In this class you will make a beautiful beaded watch band in your choice of color to enhance your wardrobe
accessories. These are fun and easy to make. The watch faces are interchangeable. You do not have to be an expert
beader to make these!

*Fee will be $3.00-$5.00 which includes lobster claws, stretchy cord, glue. In addition, watch faces will be available
for $7 or may be purchased at a craft store. (These are large watch faces.) Bring 16-20 large acrylic or glass beads (a
variety of large and small, two or three colors that look well together and a few gold or silver colored beads or spacers).
Also bring scissors and a small piece of felt or hand towel to lay the beads on. Maximum: 20

Facilitator: Deb Hackley      881-9033             Email: ddhackley@cableone.net

107 Birds of Prey                         Instructor: Alyssa Rod                   Fee: Entrance fee reduced for FFL
Date: Thursday, Sept 23                   Time: 2:00                               Location: Tautphaus Park Zoo
Visit the zoo and discover what is happening to our birds of prey now in nature with emphasis on native birds in our
area. We will discuss their habits, where they fit on the food chain and how they benefit people. A demonstration will
be given of the zoo training program with birds, up close and personal. There will be a formal learning presentation
from 2:00-3:00 p.m. followed by an optional expert guided tour to experience many of the 300 birds and animals at the

Alyssa previously was at the International Crane Foundation in Wisconsin. She has Bachelor of Science Degrees in
Outdoor Education and Environment Studies from Northland College.

Facilitator: Laurel Redd      529-0240             Email: lrhoopes@aol.com

108 Capturing the Best of Costa           Instructor: Bob Anderl                   Fee: None
Date: Tuesday, Nov. 9                     Time: 1:00-2:30                          Location: TAB 200
This presentation will be a photographic journey in many of the ecosystems of Costa Rica. The emphasis will be on the
flora and fauna observed, but cultural highlights will also be touched on. The photographic images were taken while
participating in an Elderhostel program entitled ―Digital Photography in Nature, Capturing the Best of Costa Rica.‖

Bob is an avid amateur photographer. In retirement he has participated in four Elderhostel outdoor programs which
focused on digital photography.

Facilitator: Joe Delmastro    522-1972             Email: jraybs62@gmail.com
109 Central America-Our Southern Instructor: Jim & Betty Anderson,                     Fee: None
Neighbors                                 Earline Reid & friends
Date: Wednesday, Sept 22                  Time: 10:00-12:00                            Location: CHE 213
What do we know about our southern most neighbors of the North American Continent? Come and participate in an
interactive session to learn more about their history, politics and their lives today. The people there know a lot more
about us than we know about them. They see us on TV, the internet and more. If you have visited one or more of these
countries, let Earline know so you can help with this presentation: photos, anecdotes, souvenirs, books, etc.

All presenters have lived/worked or visited the various Central America countries.

Facilitator: Earline Reid     528-8673             Email: emrret@cableone.net

110 Choosing a Medicare                    Instructor: Carrie Crom                  Fee: None
Prescription Drug Plan
Date: Thursday, Oct 7                      Time: 1:00-2:30                          Location: TAB 200
This class will help you learn how to navigate the Medicare website, enter your own personal information and
medications and identify the three least expensive drug plans that cover all of your medications.

Carrie is a volunteer with Senior Health Insurance Advisor, Freemed and the Department of Health and Welfare. She
assists people in selecting the appropriate Medicare Prescription Drug Plan based on their personal needs.

Facilitator: Liz Herrmann     522-0493             lherrmann@cableone.net

111 Christmas Historic Home Tour Instructor: Hereschell Mynarcik                   Fee: Approx. $10.00 for lunch
and Lunch
Date: Wednesday, Dec. 8                  Time: 11:50-2:00                          Location: 258 Walnut
Tour an authentically restored home built in 1896, cut from local white sandstone. This home is particularly charming
at Christmastime, when its owner, Hereschell Mynarcik beautifully decorates it with thousands of period-style dolls,
toys and other decorations. Afterward, those who wish will have lunch at the Little Deli across the street.

Mr. Mynarcik is a member of the Idaho Falls Historic Preservation Commission, appointed by the mayor and city
council. He has been authentically restoring his home for many years and opening it to the public for the last few years.
Maximum: 30

Facilitator: Cheryl Zaladonis 529-0088             Email: zaladonis@cableone.net

112 City of Rocks National               Instructor: Juanita Jones                 Fee: Share transportation costs
Reserve Field Trip
Date: Tuesday, Sept. 21                                                             Location: Meet at WalMart Parking
                                          Time: 7:45-5:00                           lot near West Broadway
This day trip to City of Rocks National Reserve will include a park ranger presentation of the history and geological
wonders of this landscape, located near Alma, Idaho. City of Rocks was a landmark for emigrants on the California
Trail and Salt Lake Alternate Trail and later on freight routes and the Kelton, Utah to Boise, Idaho stage route. The
area’s historical and geological values, scenery and opportunities for recreation led to its designation as City of Rocks
National Reserve in 1988. Maximum: 35

Juanita is Chief of Visitor Services and Interpretation park ranger.

Facilitator: Carol Mobley                  523-9935                    Email: mobleyc@aol.com

113 Climate Warming and Possible          Instructor: Alan Crockett               Fee: None
Consequences for the World
Date: Wednesday, Nov 3                    Time: 10:00-12 noon                     Location: CHE 213
The world’s climate is warming at an unprecedented rate. The possible consequences of warming are alarming even if
they are not fully known. Food is projected to be the major impact on man. This presentation will summarize the
environmental challenges facing the world as the climate warms. The presentation will not deal with what can or
should be done to lessen the impact of warming.

Alan is an environmental scientist who will be presenting information from the book Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save
Civilization by Lester R. Brown. Brown is president of Earth Policy Institute, a non-profit interdisciplinary research
organization founded for the purpose of developing a plan for saving civilization and a roadmap of how to get from
here to there.

Facilitator: Alice Crockett   529-5188             Email: accrockett@msn.com
114 Cultural Cuisine Dinner              Facilitator: Clarissa Olson              Fee: None*
Featuring Japan
Date: Monday, Nov 8                      Time: 6:00-8:00 p.m.                   Location: First Evangelical Lutheran
                                                                                Church, 455 W. Sunnyside
Come enjoy a relaxed and fun atmosphere as we explore the foods and culture of Japan. This is a great chance to meet
and greet fellow FFL members. Attendees will be expected to prepare and bring a dish assigned to them by the food
committee. *Those unable to contribute in this way may pay $15. Guests of members (spouses or significant others)
will also be charged $15. Optional: Come dressed in native attire. Maximum: 100

115 Dehlin, A Forgotten                   Instructor: Jean Schwieder                Fee: None
Date: Friday, Oct. 1                      Time: 10:00-11:30                         Location: CHE 211
This class will include a history of homesteading and settlers in Dehlin, Idaho, taken from personal and family
histories. This area was first homesteaded in 1910 and had 65 plus families living there at one time. Because of
economic depression such as crop prices and travel to neighboring communities, the town lasted only 20 years.

Jean is a writer who has published a book about Dehlin, the place where some of her family settled. She also has
published numerous short stories and is working on another book.

Facilitator: Louise Whitaker 522-8744             Email: whitaker131@yahoo.com

116 eBay—Introduction to                   Instructor: Joe Delmastro                Fee: None
Shopping and Buying
Date: Wednesday, Nov. 17                   Time: 10:00-11:30                        Location: TAB 200
This class will provide an introduction to shopping on eBay. You will learn how the eBay auction site functions, how to
search for items you want to buy, research customer feedback from previous buyers, how to bid on items and pay for
them if you are the successful bidder. You will learn how to determine a fair price and how to avoid ―bidding wars.‖
You also will learn how to manage a ―Watch/bid list‖ of a number of items that are for sale. How to list items and sell
them on eBay will not be covered in this course. NOTE: This class is a prerequisite for the hands-on eBay computer
class being taught Nov. 19, 3:00-4:30 p.m.

Joe is an experienced eBay customer. He has completed more than 100 eBay transactions over the past seven years,
buying a variety of items ranging from computers and computer parts to books, software, etc.

Facilitator: Linda Tycz       524-0029            Email: gblet@msn.com

117 First Book – Bonneville County Instructor: Kathy Duplessis                     Fee: None
Date: Friday, Oct. 8                    Time: 10:00-11:30                          Location: CHE 211
First Book – Bonneville County is a nonprofit all-volunteer local advisory board that provides books to children in
need. This group addresses one of the most important factors affecting literacy – access to books. Learn what First
Book does in our community and how you can help and support the provision of new books to children in Bonneville

Kathy is a White Pine Charter School Teacher’s Aid and Grants Specialist. She has experience as an EICAP Head Start
Early Childhood Education Specialist, Head Start Center Manager and Family Advocate. She is a graduate of ISU with
a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

Facilitator: Clarissa Olson   524-0374            Email: cj.olson1@q.com

118 George Washington and the           Instructor: Linden Bateman              Fee: None
American Revolution
Date: Thursday, Sept. 23                Time: 11:00-12:30                       Location: CHE 213
Listen to a discussion of George Washington at the time of the American Revolution.

Linden taught history and government in District 93, is a member of the state Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and
has done extensive work with the Museum of Idaho from its beginnings when it was Bonneville County Historical

Facilitator: Bill Lloyd       523-7482            Email: btl@cableone.net
119 Greek Language                         Instructor: Mel Sanford                    Fee: None
Date: Mondays, Sept 27, Oct. 4, 11,
18, 25, Nov. 1, 8, 15                      Time: 9:30-11:00                        Location: First Evangelical Lutheran
                                                                                   Church, 455 Sunnyside
This class is a continuation of last semester’s Greek class. Emphasis will be on vocabulary and reading. A packet of
materials will be available on the first day. Anyone is welcome, even if you did not take the class last semester.
Maximum: 25

Mel taught English, French and Architecture at BYU-Idaho for 34 years.

Facilitator: Joan Linde        520-1207              Email: lindejal@gmail.com

120 Hiking, Walking, Exploring             Instructor: TBA                         Fee: Share in transportation expenses
Date: TBA                                  Time: TBA                               Location: TBA
This class includes hiking, walking and exploring at all levels from easy to moderate, from half-day to all-day outings.
Enjoy the outdoors and nature and get your exercise while discovering new places and making new friends. Please
contact the facilitators to suggest places to hike and to volunteer to lead hikes.

Facilitators: Joe Delmastro    522-1972              Email: jraybs62@gmail.com
              Allen Perkins    529-0820              Email: adp1942@gmail.com

121 Habitat for Humanity—Past,              Instructor: Karen Lansing                  Fee: None
Present and Future
Date: Thursday, Oct. 14                     Time: 1:00-2:30                         Location: CHE 213
                                            Field Trip: 3:00-4:30
This class will include a brief history of Habitat for Humanity International and the local Idaho Falls area affiliate. It
will include personal insights about the instructor’s involvement in the organization, current activities taking place in
the local area and how you can get involved.

Following the class, interested individuals will go on a field trip to a current building site and a visit to an existing
Habitat home.

Karen is executive director of Habitat for Humanity in the Idaho Falls area.

Facilitator: Clarissa Olson    524-0374              Email: cj.olson1@q.com

122 Iris Folding                           Instructor: Martha Inouye                 Fee: $2.25 per project
Dates: Friday, Oct. 29 and                 Time: 10:00-11:30
Monday, Nov. 1                                     1:00-2:30                         Location: CHE 304
Iris folding is a technique using paper in various patterns and colors to make attractive art work. Paper is folded to
create pictures or designs to be used for greeting cards, wall hangings, framed art, etc. Designs and paper will be
furnished at minimal cost. This is an art form where everyone can be successful. Projects may be displayed at the
Cultural Cuisine dinner. Maximum: 22

Martha has been an experienced iris folding instructor for many years.

Facilitator: Yvonne Taylor     542-1478              Email: Taylory26@cableone.net

123 Japan, Our Sister City-Tokai-         Instructor: Nancy Thorsen                   Fee: None
Date: Thursday, Nov. 4                    Time: 1:00-2:30                             Location: CHE 213
This class will feature a video and description of the Idaho Falls sister city, Tokai-mura, Japan and information on our
sister city program.

Nancy is president of the Idaho Falls Sister Cities program and a retired member of National Speakers Association and
Toastmasters International.

Facilitator: Clarissa Olsen    524-0374              Email: cj.olson1@q.com
124 Let’s Paint Flowers                   Instructor: Joanne Johnson                Fee: $5.00
Date: Tuesdays, Oct. 12, 19, 26           Time: 1:30-3:30                           Location: St. Luke’s Episcopal
                                                                                    Church, 270 N. Placer
Using acrylic paints, we will paint daisies, rose buds and simple leaves to learn some basics of One-Stroke Painting.
This technique can be learned by everyone with a little practice so don’t feel shy if you have never picked up an artist’s
brush. Maximum: 15

Joanne is a certified instructor for the One-Stroke painting technique.

Facilitator: Debbie Hackley 881-9033               Email: ddhackley@cableone.net

125 Line Dancing I (beginning)            Instructor: Eileen Jenkins, Joanne        Fee: None
Date: Thursdays, Oct. 21, 28,
Nov. 4, 18                               Time: 9:00-9:55                          Location: TAB 200
This is a beginning class. No previous experience is required. Plan on having fun while you are getting some exercise.
Minimum: 5; Maximum: 20

The instructors have been teaching line dancing for several semesters.

Facilitator: Joanne Johnson   524-3622             Email: jojohnson33@gmail.com

126 Line Dance II                         Instructor: Eileen Jenkins, Joanne       Fee: None
(int./adv.)                               Johnson
Date: Thursdays, Oct.21, 28,
Nov. 4, 18                                Time: 10:00-10:55                        Location: TAB 200
To join this class, you need to have taken a line dance class from a previous semester or know basic line dance steps.

Facilitator: Joanne Johnson   524-3622             Email: jojohnson33@gmail.com

127 Looking Closely                       Instructor: Mel Sanford                  Fee: None
Date: Mon., Sept. 20, Wed., Sept. 22,
and Friday, Sept. 24                      Time: 1:00-2:30                          Location: CHE 211
Sometimes in our hectic days we overlook life’s deeper treasures. This three-part class helps remedy that. As we
explore a famous painting, a poem and a Renaissance sculpture, we learn techniques that help us see daily life beneath
the surface. In the process we gain tools and means that lend our lives perspective and uncommon meaning.

Mel has 35 years teaching at the college and university level.

Facilitator: Carol Lyle       552-2020             cac3lyle@ida.net

128 Making Connections                    Instructor: Deann Bateman              Fee: None
Date: Tuesdays, Oct. 5, 12                Time: 11:00-12:30                      Location: CHE 213
The more familiar we are with classic literature, the more connections we can make with other things we read and see.
In this class we’ll make connections between some Shakespeare plays and modern movies.

Deann taught English and Literature in District 93 for 25 years. She currently supervises student teachers for ISU.

Facilitator: Jackie Holm      529-1901             Email: jackieholm1113@gmail.com

129 Miles Willard Tour I                  Instructor: MW employees                  Fee: None
Date: Thursday, Oct. 21                   Time: 2:00-3:30                           Location: 655 W. Sunnyside
By popular demand FFL is once again offering a tour of the Miles Willard Technologies Facility. Please sign up for
either the Oct. 21 or Oct. 28 tour. Do not sign up for both. The tour is open only to those who have not been on a
previous FFL tour of the MW facilities. Maximum: 20

Miles Willard invented snack products, particularly those made from potatoes which are sold throughout the United
States and foreign countries. This one-hour tour will include a discussion of some of the products the company has
developed, a tour of the pilot plant and the opportunity to taste samples as they come off the processing line.

Facilitator: Carol Lyle       552-2020             Email: cac3lyle@ida.net
130 Miles Willard Tour II                Instructor: MW employees                    Fee: None
Date: Thursday, Oct. 28                  Time: 2:00-3:30                             Location: 655 W. Sunnyside
This is a repeat of Miles Willard Tour I on Oct. 21. If you sign up for this tour, please do not also sign up for the Oct.
21 tour. The tour is open only to those who have not been on a previous FFL tour of the MW facilities. Maximum: 20

Miles Willard invented snack products, particularly those made from potatoes which are sold throughout the United
States and foreign countries. This one-hour tour will include a discussion of some of the products the company has
developed, a tour of the pilot plant and the opportunity to taste samples as they come off the processing line.

Facilitator: Margaret Kennelly            524-4930            Email: kennmars@cableone.net

131 Minidoka: A Japanese                 Instructor: Robert Sims                 Fee: None
American Prison Camp
Date: Wednesday, Oct. 13                 Time: 8:00-9:30 p.m.                    Location: TAB 200
This is an Idaho Humanities Council program. The Minidoka Internment National Monument was established to
preserve and educate the public about the incarceration of Japanese Americans at Minidoka Relocation Center during
World War II. In February 1942 President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 which resulted in the incarceration
of more than 120,000 American citizens and residents of Japanese ancestry. Minidoka was one of 10 incarceration
camps and held 13,000 internees from 1942 to 1945. It encompassed 33,000 acres and contained more than 600
buildings. In January 2001 President Clinton designated Minidoka as a National Monument through a presidential

Robert is a professor of history emeritus and former dean of the College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs at Boise
State University. He has participated in many projects funded by the I.H.C. and N.E.H., including multi-state projects
dealing with ethnic groups in the west. He presently serves on the board of the Friends of Minidoka.

Facilitator: Carol Mobley      523-9935              Email: mobleyc@aol.com

132 Museum of Idaho Tour                  Instructor: Rod Hansen                  Fee: $5.00
Date: Friday, Oct. 22                     Time: 2:00-4:00                         Location: Museum of Idaho
The Museum of Idaho is featuring an extraordinary exhibit of the designs and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. This
exhibit includes not only facsimiles of his drawings but actual models of some of his inventions. Some of these are
small, to scale models, but others are actual size. Prepare to be amazed.

As we have in previous MOI tours, we’ll meet in the Education Building on the corner of the front parking lot at MOI.
There, Rod Hansen or another staff member will speak to us about the exhibit and point out particular things to look

Facilitator: Earline Reid      528-8673              Email: emrret@cableone.net

133 Navigating the Health                  Instructor: Susie Stricker              Fee: None
Insurance Maze
Date: Tuesday, Oct. 5                      Time:2:00-3:30                          Location: CHE 211
Susie will explain the different health insurance programs available to Medicare eligible individuals and the pros and
cons of each type of coverage. She will answer questions regarding Medicare coverage.

Susie works as an advisor with the Idaho Department of Insurance Senior Health Insurance Benefits program. She has
worked with mature adults throughout her career. Her role is to act as an advocate for Medicare recipients and their
families in helping them make educated decisions regarding their future health insurance needs.

Facilitator: Carrie Crom       525-8550              Email: cromc@ida.net

134 Nicaragua—How Volunteers             Instructor: Jim & Betty Anderson          Fee: None
Make a Difference
Date: Wednesday, Sept. 29                Time: 10:00-12 noon                       Location: CHE 213
Learn how volunteers from Eastern Idaho have been helping several rural villages since 1999 after devastation from
Hurricane Mitch. The needs are great but most of the focus has been on education. Come learn and consider getting
involved in helping raise funds, making decisions and being part of a team to go to Nicaragua in late November 2010
for 10-15 days.

Jim and Betty work with the Nicaraguan Rural Development Agency and have traveled and worked in the villages each
year since 1999.

Facilitator: Earline Reid      528-8673              Email: emrret@cableone.net
135 Palisades Dam                         Instructor: John Martinson                Fee: None
Date: Friday, Oct. 15                     Time:10:00-11:30                          Location: CHE 211
This class will include a photo history of the Palisades dam. Palisades was built in 1957 to quench eastern Idaho’s thirst
for water. Among the largest of its kind, Palisades stands as a giant among reclamation projects. An earth-filled dam on
the Snake River in Bonneville County, it provides irrigation water, flood control, electricity and recreation to the Upper
Snake Region of Idaho. John will provide a historic glimpse of the dam and its part in the network of Bureau of
Reclamation dams and irrigation systems in Southeast Idaho.

John is a historian who works for the Bureau of Reclamation, Snake River area office, Boise, Idaho.

Facilitator: Mary Jane Fritzen              522-3185            Email: mfritzen@ida.net

136 Introduction to Digital                 Instructor: Chris Palmer                 Fee: None
Date: Wednesday, Oct. 27                    Time:10:00-11:30                         Location: CHE 304
In this class you will learn how to get the best use out of your camera. Chris will explain the use of aperture, shutter
speed and ISO settings to get the best results plus metering techniques to enhance photo quality and photo composition.

Chris is a professional wildlife photographer as well as doing photographs of models and weddings. He is the owner of
Perfect Light Studio. Maximum: 20

Facilitator: Michael Johnston               522-4322            Email: mpjjag58@gmail.com

137 Russia in the 21st Century              Instructor: Karen Leibert                Fee: None
Date: Wednesday, Nov. 10                    Time: 11:00-12:30                        Location: CHE 211
This presentation will consider Russia today and how its current situation has been impacted by the circumstances of
the first 20 years as well as by the past history of the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire.

Karen holds a PhD in Russian History from the University of Maryland and is an adjunct professor of history at Idaho
State University.

Facilitator: Carol Lyle          552-2020              Email: cac3lyle@ida.net

138 School Bags—A Humanitarian               Instructor: Betty Anderson             Fee: None
Date: Tuesday, Oct. 19                       Time: 9:30-11:30                        Location: Trinity United Methodist
                                                                                     Church, 237 N. Water
This is the third time FFL has sponsored this activity. We will create school bags to be used for disaster relief all over
the world by cutting fabric and sewing the bags. You can help by donating sturdy fabric (denim, duck, corduroy and
light canvas), attending the workshop and cutting fabric for the bags. Please sign up if you can donate fabric, cut or sew
bags or are interested in helping in any way. We also need donations of the following supplies for the bags: pencils
(plain color), blunt scissors, pink erasers (2 ½‖), crayons (box 24), ruled paper notebooks (or loose leaf) 8 ½ x 11, ruler
(12‖), hand held pencil sharpener. Come join us for this fun, makes-you-feel-good class. Maximum: 20

Betty has served in disaster relief centers twice and knows the needs are great!

Facilitator: Betty Anderson      523-8272              Email: jimnbetty@ida.net

139 Spanish Learning Circle                 Instructor: Earline Reid and students   Fee: None
                                            in the class
Date: Mondays, Sept. 27, Oct. 4, 11,
18, 25, Nov. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29,
Dec. 6, 13                              Time: 10:00-11:30                       Location: Sr. Center, 535 W. 21st
This is an ongoing Spanish Learning Circle who meet once a week and take turns presenting a Spanish lesson in which
all class members participate. When possible we have a native Spanish speaker present to help us. Maximum: 20

Earline taught English to foreign students for 15 years and then served six years in Spanish speaking countries as a
Foreign Service Officer. In Spring semester 2009, Earline presented a four-week Spanish class, trying to use methods
she had used in her English classes. The response was good and so she and Marylyn Hsu began two on-going Spanish
groups. They were condensed into one group last winter and have continued since then. At registration the class is open
to new students with preference first to regulars. Come join in the fun. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn.

Facilitator: Earline Reid                   528-8673            Email: emrret@cableone.net
140 Soldiers—Welcome Home                Facilitator: Bob Siedelmann               Fee: None

Date: TBA                                 Time: TBA                                  Location: I.F. Airport
Military returning from deployment are heroes and should be treated that way. FFL members can show support by
being at the airport and applauding them for their courageous efforts. If you would like to be contacted when a military
group or individual is returning to Idaho Falls, please sign up for this class. Many times when an individual returns, no
one but family members know. If you hear of someone, please let Bob know. (Groups do not return often so you may
not get a call during the semester.)

Facilitator: Bob Siedelmann              881-9089            Email: bob@siedelmann.org

141 Visit With the Artist                Instructor: Marge Clearwater              Fee: None
Date: Thursday, Sept. 30                 Time: 10:00-11:00                         Location: Artist’s home—Ucon
We will visit with Marge in her studios near Ucon. Artist studios are always filled with interesting things, and you are
welcome to bring your camera.

Marge is a well known professional artist, primarily a plein air landscape painter. She paints a broad range of topics and
uses a variety of styles. She exhibits locally at the Willowtree Gallery, the Art Museum and the Art Council, plus the
Plum Loco entrance gallery. Maximum: 50

Facilitator: Liz Herrmann     522-0493              Email: lhermann@cableone.net

142 Yellowstone Ecosystem and            Instructor: Marv Hoyt                     Fee: None
Date: Wednesday, Sept. 29                Time: 1:30-3:00                           Location: CHE 211
This presentation will include an overview of the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, the Greater Yellowstone Coalition
and what the organization does. There will be a discussion of the big issues and problems in the ecosystem and possible

Marv has been the field director for the Greater Yellowstone Coalition in Idaho for 15 years, with experience as an
environmental engineer with the Idaho Transportation Department.

Facilitator: Sidney Hoopes    524-1280              Email: fshoopes@srv.net

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