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					Simple Pub List Online for CAMRA Branches (SPILE)

SPILE combines 2 key functions:
        - an online pub database, allowing a number of registered branch members to share in the process of both
           surveying pubs, and updating the pub entries.
        - an online pub guide, allowing the general public to search for and view any of the pubs in the database.
Getting your pub database online so that a number of branch members can have access solves two major problems
that many branches have encountered when their branch pub data is maintained offline, in Excel or Access, on the
PC of one branch member, which is that (1) the available time that branch member has becomes the bottleneck for
the process of updating the data, and (2) the branch never has access to the most current version of the database.
Making your pub data available to the general public in an easy to use online pub guide is an important campaigning
activity, helping to promote you local pubs, and also, having an online pub guide will motivate local branch members
to keep the pub database up to date.
To try out all the functions of SPILE, go to, and login as user demo password demo. Try
searching for a pub, and then, as a logged in user with editor privileges, try editing a pub's entry. Feel free to do
whatever you want as it is not live data.
Installation is easy and takes about a minute.
You will need:
        1. Google Maps key – it's free from
        2. The latitude and longitude of the centre of your branch or area (you can get this later by going to
            Databases, Update Map)
        3. Names of the licensing areas in your branch or area
        4. An e-mail address for your database administrator
        5. Details of how to connect to your database: host name, user name, password and database name. These
            will usually be supplied by your ISP.
Unzip the package of files to your local disk then upload them to your host system in their own directory, e.g. spile
From your browser, run install.php Complete all of the fields or selections, click Test to test the connection to your
database then when that is working, make sure that Create Tables is checked then click Submit
When everything is working, either delete or rename install.php
Web Hosting Requirements
SPILE needs PHP and MySQL. The permissions for the directories on your host system must be 755
In the docs folder you will find:
Editing for Dummies – a guide to editing entries
GBG Admin for Dummies – how to use the system to manage GBG entries
PubDatabase – installation, manual configuration and use of the system
Getting SPILE and Keeping Up To Date
The first step is to join the spilepubs Yahoo! Group. This will give you access to the base code and to updates. You
will also be notified of any updates. Problem reports and “wish list” items can also be posted to that group. To join the
group, go to and send a request to join.

For more information, contact Tony Dawes

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