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ANZAC                                                                                         TERM 2 19th April—2nd July
                                                                                              TERM 3 19th July—24th September
                                                                                              TERM 4 11th October-10th December

 DAY                                                                                          DATES TO REMEMBER:

  Charlotte Baker and                                                                         11      NAPLAN begins (3 days)
    Brittany Shelton                                                                          17      Governing Council Meeting
 represented Millicent
                                                                                              26      Year 7 Parent Interviews
   High School at the
                                                                                              26      Immunisations Year 8
     wreath laying
ceremony at the Cross                                                                         June
       of Sacrifice                                                                           14      Queens Birthday Public Holiday

                                                                                              INSIDE THIS ISSUE:

                                                                                              2       Chaplain’s News

Principal’s                                                                                   3
                                                                                                      Year 11 Work Experience
                                                                                                      Adelaide Athletics
Report                                                                                        5       Star performers

BY JOHN SHELTON                                                                               6       Canteen Price List

                                                                                              GOVERNING COUNCIL
NAPLaN                                                                                        MEMBERS
Many of our parents would have               and the negative effect they can
been following the AEU (Australian           have on school communities and                   CHAIRPERSON
                                                                                              Kevin Lock
Education Union) stand on the                individual students. At Millicent High           87393290
NAPLaN (National Assessment                  we value the use of data and use
Program Literacy and Numeracy) in            NAPLaN data to inform classroom                  Donna Barber
the media. The action of the AEU,            practice and school priorities but do            87344070
the first national action that I can         not agree with the way it can be
recall, resulted in Deputy Prime             used to rank schools and create                  Moira Neagle
Minister Julia Gillard announcing on         league tables. We agreed with the                87332105
Thursday 6th May that the Rudd               AEU position and are very pleased
                                                                                              COMMITTEE MEMBERS
Government is committed to                   that the national moratorium has                 Bill Davis
opposing the misuse of student               produced the desired result. Our                 87344291
performance data, including                  students will sit the NAPLaN tests and           Fiona Maiden
simplistic league tables. The                we believe will be prepared as                   Annette Tredrea
teaching staff of Millicent High             literacy has been a focus for our                0419036821
School is opposed to league tables           school for the last three and a half             Marie Ballantyne
                                             years.                                           John Shelton
                                                                                              Jay Watson
                                        PROVIDING PATHWAYS TO THE FUTURE                      Alex Price
                                      MILLICENT HIGH SCHOOL                                  12th May 2010


DIAGNOSTIC REVIEW                     make a strong commitment to          allow students and teachers to
I mentioned in last fortnight’s       ANZAC day services each year         work interactively on them with
newsletter that an Education          and was pleased by the strong        a variety of ‘e-applications’,
Department Diagnostic Review          turnout from our community.          access the internet and also
will be happening in week five                                             use them to show powerpoint
                                      CANTEEN PAINTING                     presentations and DVD’s. These
over three days from May 17th to
                                      Over the last holidays our           boards, in conjunction with
19th. This will involve a panel of
                                      canteen floor, walls and             laptops that all staff will be
Adelaide         and    Regional
                                      furniture were all repainted. It     able to use later this term, will
personnel         with   a   staff
                                      now looks bright and fresh and       ensure that the latest in e-
representative, and the principal
                                      the tables are now much nicer        learning is available to our
of Grant High School looking at
                                      to eat off. Thankyou to Jay          students. No longer will
our teaching and learning, in
                                      Watson and the Parents and           teachers need to use small TV’s
particular how we go about
                                      Fiends     committee        who      and DVD players that they
improving literacy. The review will
                                      provided        the    money,        move between classrooms, nor
involve the panel listening to a
                                      approximately $5,000 from their      will they need to carry data
presentation from me, viewing
                                      fundraising, for this upgrade. I     projectors from room to room
various policies and documents,
                                      hope students will look after this   and set up for each lesson.
meeting with Governing Council,
                                      facility     including       the     Teachers will simply need to
interviewing students, staff and
                                      equipment Jay provides for           connect their laptop to the
parents and following selected
                                      students to prepare and heat         interactive whiteboard and use
students to lessons to collect
                                      their lunches.                       a variety of prepared
opinions and information. A
                                                                           electronic media forms as part
detailed report acknowledging         INTERACTIVE
what we do well and with                                                   of their teaching.
suggestions for improvement will
be presented after the review.        Over the last week fourteen
                                      new interactive white boards         Regards
ANZAC DAY                             have been installed in our
Thankyou to Brittany Shelton SRC      school. This is in addition to the   John
president and Charlotte Baker         four existing ‘smart boards’ in
vice president who represented        the school and the data              Shelton
our school at the ANZAC day           projectors that are mounted in
service the Sunday before last. I     both our main computing
believe that our local schools        rooms. Interactive white boards

                                   CHAPLAIN’S NEWS
Perhaps life is a little like a rose bud...there is so much yet to unfold... Things in life may sometimes feel
uptight and even bound up.. like the bud. It may feel like you can’t breathe some times... It may feel
like you want to rip things open and make things beautiful and complete right now... this instant.
In its time, the rose bud opens... and patiently waits and expects that it will receive what it needs in
time. It feels the warmth and love from the sun, it drinks in the nutrients from the soil and the air that it
breathes, it opens, it unfolds into something more, something beautiful beyond the sticks and the
Like life, it can not be forced or manipulated, when it is
time, when it is ready, it will be exactly what it is meant to
be…. And that is wonderful. Ecclesiastes 3 (The bible)
describes that everything is beautiful in its time. This is
your time, now is your day; a time to love, dance,
forgive, grow, struggle and to accept that you are right
where you need to be, right in this moment, you are
divinely cared for…
Love and Peace
Kym                                                              Photo courtesy of Damon Sawtell
                                   PROVIDING PATHWAYS TO THE FUTURE                                     Page 2
                                         MILLICENT HIGH SCHOOL                                             12th May 2010

                                      YEAR 11WORK EXPERIENCE
Year 11 Workplace Practices and Engineering Pathways students have successfully undertaken
work experience placement last term and gained valuable work readiness skills. A big thank you to
all the local employers who continue to support this valuable program.

  Adam Davis - Dakin Exhaust Centre   Brittanie Davis - Millicent Work Option Centre   Kyle Opperman - Kemps Machinery Service

                      Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival 2010
                                         Op Shop to Opulence Competition
Year 12 textiles students and some staff members participated in this competition last weekend.
Each competition participant received a bag of items from an Op Shop and cut, dyed, sewed,
knitted and stitched these items to create a new outfit.

                                      PROVIDING PATHWAYS TO THE FUTURE                                                   Page 3
                                      MILLICENT HIGH SCHOOL                                    12th May 2010

                            PAINTING THE CAFETERIA

                            Cafeteria helper Helen with Cafeteria manager Jay

During the holidays the cafeteria eating area had a much needed painting. We now have the
colour Red Boy (dark red) feature walls both ends and around the servery area, with the floors
painted grey and the walls ceilings and tables painted hogsbristle. New bins are to be painted in
same Red Boy and also existing plant boxes to finish the look. We have also changed the way
students enter the servery area which has created an easier flow and is working well. WE are now
working towards groups of students to paint some masterpieces to hang on the walls. All students are
happy with the new décor.

   The project was funded by fundraising activities of the Millicent High School Parents & Friends Committee.

                   Staff, Students or Parents
                    to help in the cafeteria
                      Please contact Jay

                                   PROVIDING PATHWAYS TO THE FUTURE                                        Page 4
                                     MILLICENT HIGH SCHOOL                                12th May 2010

        Hints For Creating A                                          Cafeteria
          Resilient Family                                           Roster 2010

Consistency is the ideal. Having parents who         12    Wednesday         Need Help (K Cory Lunch)
agree on rules and standards and who convey          13    Thursday          J Hutchesson
the same sorts of messages and who value                                     L Rogers (recess)
compassion over coercion, clearly has the best       14    Friday            L Howe Chantel
outcome in terms of children’s well being. It is
also important that parents not be open to           17    Monday            D Cananagh V Long
manipulation and work together as a team.                                    L Rogers (recess)
                                                     18    Tuesday           Need Help
Life however is not always so simple and we all      19    Wednesday         L Swan K Cory (Lunch)
know from sad and sour experience that               20    Thursday          H Williams
parents cannot always be consistent.                                         K Thoroughgood
Sometimes parents have different value                                       L Rogers (recess)
systems or can’t come to a consistent way to         21    Friday            D Barber G Stanley
hand particular areas. This is not the most
desirable solution but it is better than having      24    Monday            K Rasmussen L Leopold
parents in conflict over management issues or                                L Rogers (Recess)
worse, undermining one another. In single            25    Tuesday           M Gilbertson
parent families or where parents are separated       26    Wednesday         H Davis K Cory (lunch)
the same principle applies.
                                                                        Please contact Jay on

                                                                     if you are unavailable on the day

  Tips for Communicating with
PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES TO BUILD TRUST                                Performers
Trust is a huge issue.     Young people need
opportunities to demonstrate that they can be
trusted. If you try to make decisions for young
people, they will learn not to trust their own                              YEAR 8
LEARN TO FIGHT WITHOUT HURTING EACH                                  Rhianna Davy CJOH
OTHER                                                                Jordan Jones CJOH
Teenagers need help regulating their emotions                       Lauren Williams GDOW
during conflict. If a disagreement arises, focus on
the issue and remain calm when emotions start to
rise. If adults lose control in an argument, this does                      YEAR 9
not set a good example for young people.
                                                                    John O’Connell KLOF
More tips coming up next
newsletter!                                                         Richard Hawke RCOR

Mrs Hamilton
MHS Student Counsellor

                                 PROVIDING PATHWAYS TO THE FUTURE                                  Page 5
                                      MILLICENT HIGH SCHOOL                                        12th May 2010

    ROLLS—please order                                        DRINKS
    Buttered roll                            $1.50            Water 600 ml                              $1.90
    Ham & Cheese                             $2.80            Water 750 ml                              $3.00
    Cheese & Salad                           $3.50            Slushie 200 ml                            $1.80
    Egg & lettuce                            $3.50            Just juice 200 ml                         $1.30
    Ham/Beef & salad with mayo               $4.50            Just juice 250 ml                         $1.50
    Chicken & salad with mayo                $5.00            Nippy’s juice 300 ml                      $1.80
    Chicken/Lettuce & mayo                   $4.00            Nippy’s juice 600 ml                      $2.90
    Vegemite or peanut butter                $2.20            Berri juice 300 ml                        $2.20
    Tuna & Salad                             $3.00            Nippy’s milk 250 ml                       $1.80
                                                              Nippy’s milk 375 ml                       $2.20
    EXTRA’S— Pickles, mustard, mayo, gherkins,                F/U Classic milks 375 ml                  $2.50
    pickled onions, cheese, beetroot   .40c                   F/U Classic milks 600 ml                  $3.10
                                                              Oak milk 600 ml                           $3.20
    Variety of breads, rolls, lavish, pita &                  Big M 250 ml                              $1.60
    gluten free available
    HOT FOOD                                                  Quelch sticks                              .50c
    Pies                                     $2.80            Calippo mini                               .80c
    Potato pie                               $3.70            Icy Twist                                  .90c
    Pizza pie                                $3.80            Paddle Pops                               $1.20
    Pastie                                   $3.50            Moos                                      $1.30
    Cheese pastie                            $3.50            Frozen orange/apple cups                  $1.30
    Sausage roll                             $2.30            Frozen yoghurts                           $1.70
    Cheese & Bacon roll
           (slightly buttered)               $2.00
    Pita bread pizza’s                                        •      Some confectionary lines available
           (made in canteen)                 $2.50
    Garlic Bread                             $1.50            •      Fresh fruit available
    Chicken burger                           $3.30
    Sweet Chilli Baguette                    $2.80
    Hot chicken & gravy roll                 $3.20
    Chicko roll (oven baked)                 $1.80
    Hotdog                                   $2.50
    Hotdog w/light cheese                    $3.00
    Steamed Dim Sims                           .60
    Pasta                                    $2.20
    Villi Dogs                               $3.00
    Homemade Soup (term 2&3)                 $1.50
    Chicken Dim Sims                         $1.00

    •     Sauce sachets available 20c

    Noodle Salad (term 1&4)                  $1.50
    Fresh fruit salad (term 1&4)             $2.00
    Warm Chicken Salad (term 1&4)            $5.00

•        Lunch orders are available before school and using the list provided you may call before school and place
         an order for recess or lunch (lunch orders are preferred to be ordered at recess).

•        Please be reminded that there is a wide variety of foods available but items requested are only provided
         with an order.

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