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									African Mines
                                                                  Handbook 2011

 January – December 2011                              Facts & Rates
           Philosophy:                            Alongside its respected mining journals, African Mining and Mining Mirror, Brooke Pattrick
                                                  Publications has been successfully publishing the African Mines Handbook since 2002.
          Serving our readers with
                                                  Initially as a stand alone book listing all the mines and mining activities on the African
            credible information,
                                                  continent, this was followed in 2004/5 by a handbook distributed in six regional sections to
      resulting in trusting relationships         paying subscribers of African Mining and Mining Mirror magazines. During 2005 and early
   between our readers and publications,          2006 the same handbook has been made available online at – access is
     thereby providing our advertisers            restricted to paying subscribers of the African Mines Handbook and African Mines Online.
          with receptive audiences.
                                                  Brooke Pattrick Publications intends to publish the African Mines Handbook again in
                                                  December 2010.

   Mission statement:                             Why publish a hard copy version if the information is available online?
                                                  Although the online version enables the user to search for information on any specific mine
   To produce in book form an update of           at any time, and to find the most up-to-date information, it is not always convenient or
     the most comprehensive database              possible for someone doing business with mines in Africa to access the net. With slow and
    on operational mines, mine projects           expensive internet connections it is often easier to just flip through the book. It is also often
        and exploration undertakings              easier to carry a book along when travelling, rather than a computer with a net connection.
             throughout Africa.
                                                  Ownership, in terms of exploration projects and mines, changes continually because of
                                                  mergers and acquisitions in the junior mining field. New explorations and projects also take
               Publishers of:                     off constantly and new companies are continually established. Therefore the information in
         Websites, E-mail bulletins,              the African Mines Handbook constantly needs to be updated. By the end of 2010 it would
         Yearbooks and magazines                  be safe to say that the printed version (last issued in 2009) would be outdated. For this rea-
        • The Civil Engineering Contractor        son Brooke Pattrick Publications will once again produce an updated printed version of the
                    • Mining Mirror               African Mines Handbook in December 2010.
             • Plant Equipment & Hire
                   • Building Africa              Known as the African Mines Handbook 2011 it will be made available to subscribers only.
                 • Urban Green File
               • JFM Sports Facilities
                                                  A print run of 2000 copies is planned.
             • JFM Transport Facilities
    • JFM Business, Retail & Leisure Facilities   The content will comprise of:
                  • Architechnology               • Maps of countries and mines per country or region
                   • African Mining               • Information on current and planned exploration projects in each country
              • African Energy Journal            • Information on mining projects underway in each country
     •Water Sewage & Effluent (WASE Africa)       • Information on operational mines in each country – underground and opencast
              • Quarry Southern Africa            • Alphabetical cross reference list by mine/project name, mineral type and owner
            • African Mines Handbook              • Alphabetical cross reference to advertisements organised by company name and type of
               • African Mines Online
                 • Sustain Yearbook
                                                    services/products offered
       • Equipment Specifications Yearbook
                                                  The book will be an invaluable source of information for anyone who wants to track the
                    Contact                       status, location or contact details of any exploration, project or mine on the African
                 Terrance Visser                  continent. Users vary from financial advisors on the stock markets, mining houses and
       Advertisement Sales Executive              junior miners, operational personnel on mines to mining consultants and suppliers of
            Tel: (+27 11) 603-3960
           Fax: (+27 11) 234-6290                 products and services to the mines.
              Cell: 083 485 4383

                                                              Writing worth reading

       Brooke Pattrick Publications
                          (Pty) Ltd
         Building #13, Pinewood Office Park,
                   33 Riley Road, Woodmead
Private Bag X40, Rivonia, 2128, South Africa
African Mines
                                                                            Handbook 2011

    January – December 2011                                    Facts & Rates
                                                      Who should advertise?
                                                      • Mining houses and junior miners who want to showcase their projects and companies
                                                      • Mining consultants who want to promote their services to the mines
            Terms and                                 • Exploration companies
            conditions                                • Mining contractors
                                                      • Products and equipment suppliers to the mines
Bookings:                                             The handbook will tally approximately 272 pages with 40 full pages allowed for advertising.
First day of the month prior to the month             With limited space available we recommend that advertisers book without delay!
of publication.
Material:                                             2000 copies will be mailed to paying subscribers of the African Mines Handbook and
Fifth day of the month prior to the month
of publication.                                       African Mines Online.

• Payment is strictly 30 days for direct              Readers will comprise government departments, mining houses, junior miners, mine man-
  bookings, and 45 days for advertisement             agers and technical staff, geologists, exploration companies, mining consultants and
  agency bookings, from the date of statement.        investors in mining.
• Interest will be charged at a rate of prime plus
  3% per annum on outstanding accounts.
• Cancellations will only be accepted in writing      African Mines Handbook 2011*
  (with the onus of proof resting with the            Standard rates (excl VAT), all rates in South African Rand.
  advertiser) and received by no later than the
  1st of the month prior to the month of              Booking deadline: 30 October 2009*
                                                      Material deadline: 4 November 2009             Early Bird            Normal
  publication. If any advertisements are                                                               (Before 1 Aug
  cancelled and not replaced during the course                                                                 2009
  of the contract, a surcharge must be made in
  accordance with our rate card.
• Special positions and frontcover alternatives       Outside back cover:                                 R32   400       R36   750
  cannot be cancelled once confirmed.                 Inside front DPS:                                   R29   000       R31   500
• Brooke Pattrick Publications accepts no             Inside back DPS:                                    R25   000       R27   000
  responsibility for slight variations in colour on   Inside Back:                                        R17   300       R18   900
  advertisements.                                     Inside Front:                                       R18   500       R20   000
• No position can be guaranteed, unless the
  advertiser has paid a surcharge or if it is a       Double page spread (DPS)                            R23   300       R25   500
  cover booking.                                      Full page opposite contents page:                   R19   500       R22   750
• Advertisement material must be supplied in          Full page:                                          R13   800       R15   250
  digital format as stipulated and will be kept in    Half page:                                          R11   400       R12   750
  the advertisement material archive for a            Third page:                                          R9   200       R10   000
  period of no longer than six months from the        Quarter page:                                        R7   900       R8    900
  date of that material's final insertion.
• Brooke Pattrick Publications accepts no             Strip:                                               R6   750       R7    500
  responsibility for advertisements that are
  supplied without a colour proof.
• Standard production rates apply for any
  additional work required to make digital work
  press-ready, including converting open files or
  resizing advertisements. Alterations will be
  charged for.
• In the event that material does not reach us on      Circulation:
  time as instructed on the advertisement
  confirmation letter, Brooke Pattrick                 Jan - Dec 2008                                         For Advertisement Material
  Publications reserves the right to repeat old                                                                 Requirements Contact
  material, or to charge the client for the                                                                              Michelle Muller
                                                       Total circulation:       833                         (Advertisement Sales Administrator)
  advertisement without it appearing, or to place
                                                                                                                    Tel: (+27 11) 603-3960
  the advertisement in a future edition of the
                                                                                                                   Fax: (+27 11) 234-6290
  same magazine.                                       ABC audited net sales:   388                         e-mail:
• Should an advertising agency be contracted to        ABC audited controlled                                 website:
  manage direct bookings, the value of the             free distribution:       445
  initial booking may not be diminished.

We sell on value
rather than price

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