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									                                    Manipur Wildlife

Manipur is one of the northeastern states of India known across the globe for its
incredible range of scenic landscapes. It is the land of rolling plains, dense forests and
beautiful rivers and dense forests. Nestled in the north eastern mountain ranges the
Manipur is bestowed with lush green vegetations and deep forests which gifted it with a
number of wildlife reserves. Manipur Wildlife Sanctuaries are known for its diverse
collections of flora, fauna and landscape beauty, which enthrall tourists during their
Manipur Tour. Some of the known Wildlife Sanctuaries in Manipur are:

Keibul Lamjao National Park
This is one of the few ‘floating’ protected areas in the world lies on an island on the
periphery of the Loktak Lake. The wildlife reserve spread over an area of 40 sq km and
became wildlife sanctuary in 1966 and National Park in 1977. This beautiful floating
wildlife sanctuary located in the south eastern region of the Loktak Lake and 80% of
the flora is submerged in water. The sanctuary is surrounded by marshes, hillocks and
the lake which are crisscrossed by a number of streams. The typical wetland habitat of
this wildlife supports exotic varieties of flora and fauna. Some of the most popular
fauna of this park are endangered brow-antlered deer, Rhesus monkey, stump-tailed
macaque, hog deer, Hoolock gibbon and many more.

Manipur Zoological Garden:
It is another most popular wildlife of Manipur located 7 kilometers from Imphal, the
State Capital. This zoological park was set up on October 2, 1976 and houses a number of
endangered and rare species of flora and fauna. Because of this uniqueness, the zoo is
often called the ‘Jewel Box of Manipur’. The 8 hectares area of this zoo nestles 55
species of birds and animals out of which there are 14 endangered species. The Langol
Reserve Forest is another attraction of this zoo where tourists get an opportunity to see
breeding of Sangai deer.

Wildlife in Manipur is among the most popular attractions of Manipur Tour. Tourists
come here from several parts of the globe to feel the scattered charm of nature in the form
of varied flora and fauna.

Manipur Wildlife Tour Packages are the best choice to explore the Wildlife of
Manipur. The amazing collections of diverse flora, fauna and scenic landscapes thrill
and excite tourists during their Manipur Wildlife Tour.

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