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					                           MOTIONS FOR ACTION
                     The Annual Congregational Meeting
               of First Presbyterian Church of Maumee, Ohio

                           Sunday, September 28, 2008
                                       12:15 p.m.

1. To approve the agenda

2. To approve the minutes of previous congregational meetings

3. To approve the Clerk‘s Report

4. To approve the Treasurer‘s Report

5. To adjourn to the meeting of the corporation

                                     ANNUAL MEETING
                                OF THE CONGREGATION
                          FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
                                      MAUMEE, OHIO
                               12:15 p.m., September 28, 2008

Call to Order
Declaration of a Quorum
Opening Prayer
Adoption of the Agenda

Approval of Previous Minutes
Roll of Remembrance
Minute of Silence
Statistical Report

The Strategic Plans of the Session
The Janet McClelland Legacy
Questions and Answers from the Annual Reports
Officers of the Congregation


Adjournment to the Annual Meeting of the Corporation

First Presbyterian Church                                       2
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                 ANNUAL MEETING
                              OF THE CORPORATION
                        FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
                                      MAUMEE, OHIO
                                     September 28, 2008
Call to Order

Approval of Previous Minutes

Election of Trustees
___________________, Treasurer
___________________, Secretary
Elder ______________, at-Large (Administration)
Elder ________, at-Large (Finance)

Other Business for the Corporation

Adjournment back to Congregational Meeting

Other Business for the Congregation


Closing Prayer – “Oh God, Our Help in Ages Past”
                                Oh God, our help in ages past,
                                 Our hope for years to come,
                              Our shelter from the stormy blast,
                                      And our eternal home.

First Presbyterian Church                                          3
2007-2008 Annual Report
                             FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
                                      Maumee, Ohio
                                     October 14, 2007

Moderator Rev. Philip M. Jones called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. following the worship
service. He explained to the congregation the format in which the Annual Report had been
distributed to members. He then opened the meeting with prayer.
Clerk of Session declared there was a quorum with at least 67 active members present.
A motion was made, seconded and approved to follow the presented agenda.

                       Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Corporation
                          First Presbyterian Church, Maumee, Ohio
                                       October 14, 2007

Elder Greg Elder, Board of Trustees President, called the Annual Meeting of the Corporation to
order. President Elder conducted the business of the corporation for the purpose of electing the
slate of officers.
A motion to approve the minutes of the September 17, 2006 meeting was seconded and
President Elder presented the slate of officers to the congregation. Nominations were called for
from the floor. There being no nominations from the floor, it was moved and seconded to close
the nominations.

Elder Greg Elder, President (Discipleship and Stewardship)
Elder Mary Siefke, Treasurer
Elder Sarah Otis, Secretary
Elder Ned Braunschweiger, at-Large (Administration)
Elder David Gromes, at-Large (Finance)

It was moved and approved that the above-mentioned Trustees be elected to serve the
Since there was no additional business of the Corporation, it was moved, seconded and approved
that the meeting be adjourned.
Meeting adjourned back to the Congregational Meeting at 12:55 p.m.

First Presbyterian Church                                                                          4
2007-2008 Annual Report
                     Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Congregation
                        First Presbyterian Church, Maumee, Ohio
                                      October 14, 2007

A motion to approve the minutes of the last Annual meeting on September 17, 2006 was made.
Motion was seconded and the congregation approved. No Special Meetings of the Congregation
fell within the fiscal year.
Elder Lois Driver, Assistant Clerk of Session, presented the following Roll of Remembrance
from July 2006 to June 2007: Mary Light, Fern Ella DeWolfe, Janet McClelland, Richard
Gebhart, Alice C. M. Walker, Raymond C. Rennhack, Viola Alden, Arthur Henry Miller,
Margaret S. Moorhead, H. Jeffery Armstrong, Karl Borgelt, Dorothy Sager, and Harriet
Kennedy. The presentation was followed by a moment of silence in appreciation of these
deceased members. The Moderator then called attention to the Clerk‘s Statistical Report as
shown in the Annual Report, and there were no questions or comments. It was moved that the
report be accepted. Motion passed.
The Strategic Plans of the Session (based on National Church Development premises) –
Elder Maureen Fagans
A power point presentation was given as an overview of the National Church Development
premises that Session has embraced in the past year. Previous surveys taken have been tabulated
and the information gleaned from them highly regarded. A follow-up survey is scheduled for the
month of November 2007.
The Janet McClelland Legacy – Elder Chad Baker
Elder Baker gave an overview of the McClelland Endowment in the sum of $5.2 million dollars.
He spoke to the Session‘s investment and spending plan. He mentioned that the fund is
unrestricted. The Session‘s plan is to realize an annual $250,000 or 5% of the total which they
will manage each year. An investment statement has been crafted and the annual 5% is to
supplement the operating budget in the areas of program and mission. Long term stewardship
will be required from this and future Sessions.
A Moment for Stewardship - Elder Allan Libbe
Elder Libbe spoke to the continuation of sacrificial and grateful giving by the members of the
congregation. He stressed that members should not think that either pledging or tithing are not
something they have to do anymore. The church operating budget will still be majorly supported
by the stewardship of the congregation.
Round Table Discussions – Elder facilitators and members
Elders were stationed at each table as facilitators for the discussion that followed the comments
made in the three presentations. The discussion started at 1:00 p.m. and the time allotted was 20
minutes. Members were asked for input on any of the areas of Church Development and/or the
McClelland Legacy. This input was recorded by the facilitators to be tabulated and used in a
positive manner by Session as a whole or by the various commissions. At 1:20 p.m. the
First Presbyterian Church                                                                       5
2007-2008 Annual Report
Moderator was required to ask for a vote either to extend the discussion time or bring it to a
close. It was voted on and passed to extend the table discussion time by ten minutes.

Questions and Answers from the Annual Reports – there were none

                                       Motions for Action

Elder Rutherford, on behalf of the Personnel Commission, presented the Changes in the Pastor‘s
Call (effective July 1, 2007 – October 31, 2007) and moved that the congregation approve Pastor
Jones‘ merit pay in the sum of $3312.00. Motion was seconded and approved.
The Assistant Clerk of Session read the following statement dissolving Reverend Dr. Philip M.
Jones‘ call:
 As a result of the vote just taken, the call made to the Reverend Dr. Philip M. Jones by the First
Presbyterian Church of Maumee, Ohio on March 1, 1993 is dissolved effective Sunday, October
14, 2007.

The retiring Clerk of Session, Lois Driver, was recognized by the Moderator for her four years of
service as clerk.

There was no other business to be brought before the congregation. The Church Development
Commission was thanked for a great meeting. The Annual Meeting of the Congregation was
adjourned at 1:35 p.m. by unanimous approval.
The closing prayer was in the form of a verse from the hymn entitled ―Oh God, Our Help in
Ages Past.‖

_______________________                              __________________________________
Philip M. Jones, Moderator                           Lois E. Driver, Assistant Clerk of Session

First Presbyterian Church                                                                         6
2007-2008 Annual Report
                         FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
                                 Maumee, Ohio
                                  June 1, 2008

        Interim Moderator, Rev. Conley Zomermaand, called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m.
after the Assistant Clerk of Session declared that there was a quorum with at least 67 members
present. He introduced the chair of the Nominating Committee, Elder Alice McColl, and she
introduced the representative members of her committee thanking them for the hard work that
was done in establishing this slate of officers. The meeting was then opened with prayer.
        The Moderator stated that the sole purpose of the meeting was to elect officers. The
names presented were nominees for Session Class of 2011, Deacon Classes of 2009 and 2011
and Congregational Nominating Committee Class of 2011
        Elder Alice McColl, chair of the Nominating Committee, presented the following
nominees to the congregation as presented by the Congregational Nominating Committee:

Nominees for Session~Class of 2011-
Andy Woodard, Sarah Platz, Hal Harper, Vicki Secord, Roberta Thornton, Alice McColl (2nd
consecutive term)
Motion was moved to accept the nominations. Motion carried

Nominees for Board of Deacons~Class of 2011-
Charlie Sheets, Cindy Smigelski, Susan Stahl, Curtis Wyrick, Jeanne Hamilton
Motion moved to accept the nominations

There was a motion made to amend the deacon slate with two deacons for one year terms. They
were Mindy Overmyer and Barbara Cubbon-Beale.
These nominations completed and compiled a full slate.

Nominees for Board of Deacons~Class of 2009 (1 year term)
Kristen Seibold, Mindy Overmyer, Barbara Cubbon-Beale
Both motions carried.

Nominees to the Congregational Nominating Committee~Class of 2011
Marcia Rutherford, Dave Stannert
Motion moved to accept nominations. Motion carried.

Motions were called for from the floor for all names in nomination in each category. There were
no nominations from the floor for any of the above categories of nomination. A motion was
called for, made, seconded and approved to close the ballot of each category of the nominations
for the nominating committee, board of deacons, and elders. The process then proceeded to
election. By a voice vote, the nominees were all elected with unanimous ballots and plenty of

Moderator Zomermaand acclaimed that these members had been duly elected to their respective
boards and that the sole purpose of the meeting had been fully accomplished. There being no
First Presbyterian Church                                                                        7
2007-2008 Annual Report
other business that could be conducted, there was a motion to adjourn the meeting and the
response was unanimous.

Following a motion to adjourn at 12:15 p.m., a closing prayer was offered by Moderator

_______________________                            _________________________
Pastor Conley Zomermaand                           Sarah S. Otis
Interim Moderator                                  Clerk of Session

First Presbyterian Church                                                                   8
2007-2008 Annual Report
                    Report to the Congregation from the Clerk of Session

The Session is the organization in the church that oversees the actions of Deacons and Session
Commissions, and thereby all church activity. Session sets policy for the church, creates a
budget, and oversees the finances, keeps records of membership, and calls meetings of the
congregation. The Clerk of Session is expected to serve as the communicating link with the
Session, pastors, and congregation.
         In 2007-2008 the Session held 11 regular session meetings and gathered for special
session meetings 3 times.
         The congregation was called to an Annual Meeting in October 2007 and there were two
Special Congregational Meetings in the 2007-2008 fiscal year.
         The Clerk of Session and Treasurer are usually elected by the Session at the June meeting
each year. For the sake of this report, the election was held in September 2007 and Sarah Otis
was elected Clerk of Session and Mary Siefke was elected Treasurer.
         Each month the Session receives an activity report from the Senior Pastor. For the sake
of this report, the latter half of the year was covered by the Interim Pastor. Both pastors were
again very busy during the year preparing for the transitional period that we find the church in
now. A lot of adjustment had to be made by everyone to accommodate the various changes in
the structure of the staff and programming throughout the year. New and replacement staffing
included the filling of various Edge Service assignments with Pastor Jeff Kempton, Terri
Seibold, Ryan Valdeviez, and Jason Armstrong being added to the staff. A new custodial
concept was also implemented this past year. These are just a few things added to an already
busy schedule of conferences, seminars and study opportunities for all three pastors. Please read
the Pastor report for a complete review.
         There was a Confirmation and Commissioning class held this past fiscal year composed
of 8 confirmands. One of the confirmands, completing the instruction with the class, was
baptized by immersion later in the year.
         Each commission has presented a thorough explanation of their work during the past year
in this Annual Report. Please read all of these reports in order to understand the magnitude of
the church community‘s accomplishments and activities throughout this exceptional year.
         The Session minutes are kept in the church office for the annual Presbytery audit. A
copy is also kept in the church library for each member‘s convenience. A brief summary of
monthly Session actions is included in the Visitor so that church members can remain informed.

Membership activity at the close of the 2007-2008 fiscal year included:

Active Membership 07/01/07 657
       New Members          +20
       Reactivated            +2
       Active Deaths         -11
       Transfers              -7
       Transfers to Inactive -9
       Remove                 -5
       Active to Affiliate     0
Active Membership           06/30/08                        647

First Presbyterian Church                                                                       9
2007-2008 Annual Report
Affiliate Membership 07/01/07           2

        Affiliate Members             2
        Affiliate Death               0
Affiliate Membership                06/30/08                 2

Inactive Membership 07/01/07        334
        Transfer to Other    -1
        Reinstated to Active -2
        Transfer from Active +9
        Remove from Inactive -1
        Inactive Deaths               0
Inactive Membership                 06/30/08              339

TOTAL MEMBERSHIP             06/30/08                     988

This past year the sacrament of holy baptism was administered five times, one of which was an
adult baptism, and five weddings were officiated by Reverend Dr. Philip M. Jones, Reverend
Conley A. Zomermaand, Ph.D, and Reverend Dr. David W. Andersen. There were other
ordained ministers who officiated for weddings during this transition period.

Submitted by Sarah Otis, Clerk of Session and
Lois E. Driver, Assistant Clerk of Session

First Presbyterian Church                                                                   10
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                 2008 Pastor’s Annual Report
              The Rev. Conley A. Zomermaand, Interim Pastor/Head of Staff

I have been honored to serve among you for over eight months now, and I can affirm that the
time has flown by way beyond rapidly. That must mean that I am having fun, which I am; but
more importantly, I believe we are accomplishing valuable work together. I have written and
spoken much among you, so I hesitate to recap the time since January 1st. I hope you are not
opposed to bullets, for that is how I feel compelled to create this communication.

Accomplishments/Works in Progress:
    I applaud the support and encouragement of the Maumee Valley Presbytery and the FPC
     Personnel Committee in getting me up and running very quickly in my work here
    We managed to commemorate Lent and celebrate the Easter season well in spite of a very
     short time between my arrival and the beginning of those busy seasons
    I have appreciated the warmth and the honesty that has greeted me as I commenced
     asking questions and digging into the not-always-bright corners of history and practice
    We accomplished a very successful Celebration of History Day on June 8th in spite of my
     mother‘s tragic death because so many of you stepped up and provided leadership for that
    We have agreed to move toward a new Session commission structure based on the
     Purpose-Driven Church model and inspired in many ways by the Natural Church
     Development process underway for a couple of years
    The Church Development Commission and the Mission Study Group have accomplished
     much of the work in writing our church mission study, an important self-reflective step in
     the process of establishing a pastoral nominating committee (PNC)
    We have graciously bid farewell to departing program staff members, Nolan Hensel and
     Ryan Valdiviez, and welcomed new member, Jeff Kempton, onto the team
    We have asked vital questions about the Edge worship service which has led us to
     refocus our energy and revitalize that worship experience
    We have kicked off the fall program year with a mix of continuing offerings and new
     opportunities for fellowship and discipleship
    I have personally sought out people and have spent many hours listening, assessing, and
     providing healing strategies in the places where our historical interactions with each other
     have been painful, and I am looking forward to doing more of this work

Still on the Docket:
     We need to refocus our energy on the primary ministries of the church, to reflect the light
        and life of Jesus Christ in our corner of the world, and to call people into a living and
        saving relationship with Jesus Christ through FPC
     We need to live into our new commission structure, actively developing strategies for
        caring for each other and growing more well-developed disciples of Jesus Christ at work
        in the church and the world
     We need to revisit our stewardship drive results and step up to provide the additional
        resources we need to accomplish the work set before us

First Presbyterian Church                                                                      11
2007-2008 Annual Report
      We need to think and pray even more vigorously about how the McClelland bequests
       supports the expansion of our ministries while resisting the urge to rely on the income
       generated by those funds to support the ongoing work of the church
      We need to assess the long-term facilities requirements of the congregation in terms of
       maintenance and renovation needs and develop a concomitant long-term plan to meet
       those needs
      We need to begin planning and praying vigorously for the PNC and the work that lies
       before them, seeking to identify the right candidates for that very important work
      We need to continue to learn and to model a new way of living and talking to one another
       in the wake of the historical and more recent conflict that have divided us

We are a little behind the rigorous schedule we set for ourselves, and have not completed our
mission study by the end of the summer. I‘d say we are past the half-way point. It‘s a unique
and special time at FPC, and the interim period may take longer than I originally anticipated.
We are not standing still, however. We are continuing and moving ahead with vital and vigorous
ministries. I already know that, as blessed as I have felt to be sharing this time with you, it will
be a challenging day when I bid ―Farewell.‖ I assure you that I will be with you as long as it
takes to complete my work, and not one day longer…or shorter. I thank you again for all the
support, cooperation, and joy you have shared with me. And for now, I‘m glad that there are still
some months left to this work that we are doing together.

Pastor Zomermaand

First Presbyterian Church                                                                        12
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                    YOUTH MINISTRY

Mission or Purpose of Groups
To provide incarnational youth ministry whereby we establish relationships with teens, imparting
the Gospel in order to introduce them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and then to
nurture that relationship. The ministry team has three core goals: 1) Invite youth to a personal
relationship with the Triune God. 2) Challenge youth to grow in their relationship with God
through personal devotion, Bible study and Christian discipline. 3) Offer youth opportunities to
experience their faith through service in local and national missions and worship. The ministry
team works together with the youth to provide programming in four areas: worship, mission,
scripture based education and community building.

Membership in Groups
Senior Highs—9th through 12th graders—members of First Presbyterian Church and friends.
Junior Highs—7th and 8th graders—members of First Presbyterian Church and friends.

Accomplishments for the Year
The weekly Wednesday team was Nolan and Erin Hensel, Rick Secondo, Ryan Valdiviez,
Kristin Dobish, and Dan and Tricia Shirk. Quality programming was provided every Wednesday
for youth fellowship during the school year. The Senior High Deep Freeze retreat was held in
February and was a great success and helped the group grow closer spiritually. The Junior High
Youth had a lock in to kick off the year in October.
    The Senior High Youth on Sunday mornings used We Believe curriculum for the fall and
winter term and studied the book Mere Christianity in the spring. The Junior High Youth
focused on a Survey of the Old Testament.
    The Junior and Senior High Group also worked hard to raise the funds for their summer trips.
This year 8 student‘s attended workcamp in Wilmington NC led by Elder Bob Stiles and Elder
Lynn Bova, 1 student attended Project Burning Bush at Union-PSCE Seminary in Richmond,
VA and 1 was an enabler at Massanetta Middle School Conference. Eight Junior High students
attended the Massanetta Middle School Conference in Harrisonburg, VA led by Jeanette Axford
and Jason Armstrong.

Aspirations for the Coming Year
To continue to help students grow in their faith and develop adult and student leaders.
To provide additional opportunities for students to serve the church and community.

Respectfully submitted,
Elder Lynn Bova
Director of Discipleship Ministries

First Presbyterian Church                                                                    13
2007-2008 Annual Report
                       2007-2008 STAFF OF THE CHURCH

Interim Pastor                          The Reverend Conley A. Zomermaand, Ph D
Associate Pastor                        The Reverend Dr. David Andersen
Parish Associate Emeritus               The Reverend Paul L. Yutzy
Facilities & Program Coordinator
       & Edge Ministries Coordinator          Jason Armstrong
Director of Adult & Youth Bell Choirs         Beverly Blasiman
Director of Discipleship Ministries           Lynn Bova
Church Custodian                              Stacy Cornelison
Church Secretary                              Carol Kanfield
Business Manager                              Susan Platz
Director of Outreach Ministries               Lucy Russell
Director of Children’s Music & Youth Choir
       & Interim Edge Ministries Director     Terri Seibold
Church Sexton                                 Gigi Sitzenstock
Interim Director of Edge Music Ministries     Ryan Valdiviez
Church Organist & Chancel Choir Director      Wayne Whitten

First Presbyterian Church                                                         14
2007-2008 Annual Report
                          2007-2008 COMMISSION LEADERS

Administration                             Mission
Ned Braunschweiger, Chairperson            Bill Stalder, Chairperson
Chuck Plymale, Co-Chairperson              Alice McColl, Co-Chairperson

Church Life & Communications               Personnel
Judy Harbaugh, Chairperson                 Joe Rutherford, Chairperson

Discipleship & Stewardship                 Education
Greg Elder, Chairperson                    Kay Connor, Chairperson
                                           John Hudson, Co-Chairperson
Worship                                    Finance
Charlotte Davis Friedman, Co-Chairperson   David Gromes, Chairperson
Janet Querry, Co-Chairperson

First Presbyterian Church                                                 15
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                  Roll of Remembrance

                            July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008

                     First Presbyterian Church, Maumee, Ohio

                     Elizabeth Morris Smith                07/23/07
                     Elaine Willinger                      09/27/07
                     Wilbur Jacobs                         09/27/07
                     Mildred Stanley Campbell              12/28/07
                     John Allen                            12/31/07
                     Mary Lou Trumbull                     01/29/08
                     Mildred E. Behm                       02/07/08
                     Elliot D. Sluhan                      02/25/08
                     Lynn Wardrop                          02/08
                     Brenton Kirk                          06/03/08
                     Charles Donaldson                     06/18/08

First Presbyterian Church                                             16
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                  2007-2008 Annual Report

The Deacons of First Presbyterian Church in Maumee serve in many meaningful ways. It is the
goal of the Deacon Board to reach out to all members of our congregation who may need a
helping hand.


Moderator             Annette Blair
Secretary             Karen Calderone
Treasurer             Sherry Stiles
Staff Liaison         Lucy Russell

Deacon Board: Carol Abbott, Jason Armstrong, Chad Axford, Karen Calderone, Katy Cole,
Darlene Gromes, Marcia Hebbeler, Jack Hemple, Sue Irmen, Beth Jacobson, Brian Russell,
Kelly Saneholtz, Marty Schnetzler, Sherry Stiles, Natalya Syrnichenko, Sue Trumbull and Cindy

The Deacon Board set the following goals for this year:

New Members: The timeline from Inquirers Briefings to membership has been streamlined.
This is great for the new members, but the Deacons need to update the ―welcoming process.‖
This will include a new member mentoring program and returning to publishing pictures and
bios in the Visitor.

       Status: In conjunction with Church Life, the Deacons have accomplished this goal. A
       new member shepherd is assigned to each new member to assist with getting the new
       member connected. Pictures and bios will appear in the Visitor.

Elevator Shepherds: Historically the youth of our church have served as elevator shepherds for
the late service. The majority of the youth attends The Edge Service and has not been eager to
―stay on‖ for the late service. We do not want to lose this ministry and will work with Nolan in
the hope of continuing our relationship with the youth.

       Status: The elevator shepherd ministry by the youth has been retired. After much
       discussion it was determined that the youth are committed to the Edge service and prefer
       to devote their time to other projects. The elevator shepherd responsibilities have been
       assigned to the Deacon Shepherd greeting at the parking lot door.

Nametags: Nametags remain a hurdle for the Deacons. We have not resolved how to store or
display them in the renovated lobby. In addition, fewer and fewer people are wearing their
nametags. Both these issues will be addressed this coming year.

First Presbyterian Church                                                                     17
2007-2008 Annual Report
       Status: A new nametag rack has been approved and is being designed. It is planned to be
       completed by the end of summer. Many members still do not wear their nametags and
       this remains unresolved.

Prayer Pager Ministry: Jeff Montgomery introduced the idea of a ―prayer pager‖ that would be
given to a homebound member. From time to time the pager would beep, reminding the
homebound person that someone is saying a prayer for them. The Deacons will continue to work
with Jeff to develop this new ministry.

       Status: No progress was made with this new ministry.

The Deacons presence can be seen every Sunday morning. A Deacon Shepherd is present to
welcome worshippers to each service, to answer questions and welcome visitors. Visitors
receive a welcome packet with information about our church and our programs. The Deacons
staff the Welcome Station, greet the Swan Creek bus and assist with the elevator.

The Deacons continue to serve our home-centered and Swan Creek members. Each home-bound
member has been assigned a special friend to visit, call and send cards. The Deacons deliver the
altar flowers each Sunday as well as, the Christmas Poinsettias and Easter Lilies. On the third
Sunday of each month the Caroling group visits one of our members. Homebound Communion
is offered to all our homebound members. The Deacons also meet the Swan Creek bus each
Sunday and assist those needing help into the building.

We sent two care packages to each of our college students this year. We hosted a Christmas Eve
coffee hour for the returning college students that was very well attended. Our Graduation
Breakfast for all the graduating high school and college students was a huge success.

The Veterans Day celebration and Annual Agape Meal were both joyful and successful events.
The Deacons also served as wait staff for the TnT Talent Show.

Many thanks to all the Ushers! Bob & Sherry Stiles, Larry & Darlene Hubbell, Phil Christensen,
Dan Skees, Bruce, Brian & John Russell, Jim & Sarah Otis, Carlin Abbott, John & Deborah
Joslin, Alice McColl, Cindy Vogel, Chad & Jeanette Axford, Janet Querry, Charlie Sheets, Jim
& Karen Calderone, David Cole, Phil Kirk, Tom & Sue Trumbull, Janet Querry, Jim, Kris & Jeff
Montgomery, Gary Brown, Emmy Bates, Charlotte Davis-Friedman, Jack Hemple, Allan Libbe,
Ken & Judy Campbell, Ron & Jill Bick and Bob Engwert.

Goals for Next Year:
The new Deacons Board and Moderator are poised to set new goals for the coming year, to
continue serving the members of the congregation and to assist in any way possible with the
exciting challenges facing our church.

First Presbyterian Church                                                                     18
2007-2008 Annual Report

The Deacons are an amazing group of kind and loving Christians. They are always willing to
offer a smile and a helping hand. It has been my distinct honor to have worked among them
these past six years.

Respectfully submitted,
Deacon Annette Blair, Moderator

First Presbyterian Church                                                                    19
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                   2007-2008 Annual Report
                                  Administration Commission

Commission Members: Jason Armstrong, Ron Bick, Bob Boyles, Ned Braunschweiger, Jim
Calderone, Phil Christensen, Paul Cowdrey, Bob Engwert, Jim Montgomery, Chuck Plymale,
Brian Rayl, Bob Stiles

Major Projects Completed:
Sealed and striped parking lot ($2,400)
Stabilized elevator ($1,500)
Replaced front sidewalk along East Broadway curb ($3,800)
Built new ramp-step on first floor outside Fellowship Hall ($2,400)
Safety railing for ramp installed as contribution to church
We are in the process of installing remote controls for our heating system. (McClelland Fund)
Replastered damaged Chapel walls and ceiling, audio-visual room and ante-room ceilings and
lifted ceiling in Chapel entrance to original height. ($3,900--McClelland Fund)
Purchased trim line drinking fountain for first floor, enabling handicapped access to rest rooms.
Painted Chapel ($15,000—McClelland Fund)
Carpeted Chapel, ($5,438—McClelland Fund)
Repaired roof and flashing behind Chapel ($1,730)
Second floor hall in old section plastered and painted (McClelland Fund)
Replace damaged eaves on front of Portico roof (McClelland Fund)
Elevator rewired and improvements made at the expense of American Home Elevator
Other Projects Completed:
Bulletin boards placed in men‘s restrooms
Cleaned eaves, leaves from Canfield window wells
Replaced regular lighting with incandescent bulbs where possible
Connected electrical line to foyer display case
Rebuilt History Room window sills
Upgraded, cleaned, primed, painted Chapel inner windows
Removed and installed window air conditioners
Replaced storm windows and screens seasonally
Sprayed mold on East Broadway side of building (North), including front of Sanctuary, portico
        and pillars
Repaired water damaged bulge in wall of Mary‘s Kitchen
Repaired water damaged window and wall behind choir loft
Power washed Portico
Hired Gigi Sitzenstock to open and close church on Sunday mornings
All sidewalks from front walk to East Broadway curb raised to same levels as curbs and walks
Joe Berry hired for sidewalk snow removal
Snow blower purchased for $650. Also purchased salt and snow shovels for three entrances
Purchased top soil to fill in around new sidewalk
Bought new, wide span, heavy duty carpet sweeper ($475)
Replaced noisy exhaust fan in First Aid Room

First Presbyterian Church                                                                       20
2007-2008 Annual Report
Other Projects Completed:
Repaired three broken storm windows
Replaced bulbs in steeple, hiring tall lift to do so
Repaired Sanctuary sound switch
Placed heating units in Sanctuary organ system to keep organ from getting cold, which affects its
Painted storage cabinet in kitchen
Scrubbed all rest rooms
Installed by-pass water lines to Mary‘s Kitchen, by-passing under floor leak
Installed 2‘x8‘ plywood walkway to safely access lighting on outside edges of sanctuary attic.
Repaired Chapel window sash cords
Leaking heat pipe in Chapel repaired
Planned and supervised the Time ‗N Talent Saturday in April, cleaning and fixing with 50
volunteers throughout entire church
Purchased additional dish holder for dishwashing machine

Projects In Progress: (Some require strong congregational support)
Decrease gas and electrical expenses through internal discipline
Repair exhaust fans in first floor rest rooms
Reduce electrical wattage, and the heat it creates, in Fellowship Hall

Proposed Projects, 2008-2009
Replace sidewalk from front entrance to East Broadway public sidewalk
Replace signage throughout building
Replace ugly trash container in parking lot
Rebuild Parking Lot (McClelland Fund request)
Trim trees in front of building
Acquire tall, rotating fans for Sanctuary

Respectfully submitted,
Ned Braunschweiger

First Presbyterian Church                                                                     21
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                      2007- 2008 Annual Report
                                             Church Life

We are a committee of members that coordinates communications, new member education and
support of small groups. Our mission is to offer church wide opportunities for fellowship to all
members, worshipers and guests.

Judy Harbaugh ~ Chair, Ruling Elder          Barb Christensen ~ Elder
Lori Skees ~ Elder                           Karen Calderone ~ at large, Deacon
Elaine Parrish ~ at large, Deacon            Lynn Bova ~ Staff, Elder
                                             Susan Platz ~ Staff, Elder

We hosted the annual Church Picnic, the Christmas Wassail Bowl, and Christmas Caroling to our
homebound members, Spring Women‘s Brunch and all Wild Wednesday night dinners which included a
tailgate party and an Egg-Stravaganza potluck. We worked in cooperation with the Worship
Commission to support the Hanging of the Greens; with CDC Commission to present the Annual
Meeting Luncheon the June Unity Service; and with D&S Commission to present the Blessed to Be a
Blessing Wednesday Forum series and the Kick Off Stewardship Luncheon.
Church Life also hosted Inquirer‘s Briefings that assisted with adding 17 new members to our
We provided the means for the staff to produce the first in-house Church Pictorial Directory and a
newer, user friendly FPC website which is being kept current. We oversaw the publication of The
Visitor, advertised our church Christmas and Easter schedules in the Toledo Blade and the Mirror,
and provided resources for Susan and Lynn to get additional training for using Power Church, our
church‘s information management software.
We created a Kitchen team to coordinate the organization, effective use and up keep of our three
Church Life also includes the following ministries in our budget: Deacons, Men‘s Ministries,
Bereavement Teams, Young at Heart, the History Group and various small groups.

The majority of our ministry activities are funded by member pledges thru the General Fund.
Our Wednesday night dinners, Men‘s Ministry events, Edge Hospitality and some dinners are
paid for by those attending.

We will continue our annual events and our supportive work with an emphasis on collaborating
with other commissions to build interest, enthusiasm and participation for all ages in our church
We will continue to become more team based in our commission to give those with special gifts
and interests an opportunity to serve on teams. In particular, these teams will include: Small
Groups and Communication.

First Presbyterian Church                                                                          22
2007-2008 Annual Report
We will build on the Power Church capacities to create a data base of members, their interests
and ministries. We will look for ways to utilize the website to reach and have dialogue with
more members and seekers.

Respectfully submitted,
Elder Judy Harbaugh

First Presbyterian Church                                                                        23
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                  2007-2008 Annual Report
                          Discipleship and Stewardship Commission

Pledge Budget/Realistic Goal                                                $495,000
Actual Pledges Made                                                         $465,664
Total Pledged Dollars Received                                              $426,242

Variance       (pledges rec‘d vs. pledges made)                             -$39.142 (off 8.5%)

Interest from the McClelland account helped restore this income shortfall. Cuts were also made
in planned expenses to bring to bring the total budget into balance. See the Year End Financial
Report for details.
Average pledge received in 2007-2008 from all those who did pledge, was $2784.00. The
average of pledge dollars actually received from all those who did pledge were $2631. The
average pledge this year is $2654.00. To date we have received 162 pledges for a total of
$430,000.00 for the 2008-2009 year. Historically we receive about 92% of the amount pledged.

Recognizing that the church‘s receipt of the McClelland Legacy might lead some members to
halt or reduce their pledging, the commission mounted a special educational forum series that ran
weekly, through the month of April and into the first week of May. The stated purpose of the
series was to help the congregation view Ms. McClelland‘s gift as the means by which the
church could think about doing things: missions, ministries, even capital improvement projects it
simply could not before.

The principal activity of the Forum Series was to stimulate attendees to think big; think in terms
of possibility, rather than limitation.
With the excellent help of various church members and our staff, we looked back in our history
and at the present. Members and clergy from our sister churches in Maumee and other
neighborhoods close by helped us look at what might be done in what might called South
Outstanding Christian leaders from Grace Community Center, the Cherry Street Mission and the
New Hope Christian Foundation helped us what could be done in the Greater Toledo Area.

Awareness was built of the really wonderful and ambitious Kingdom widening things that might
be accomplished if Christians worked harder and more imaginatively to collaborate and unite
their efforts. Judge Andy Devine, who spoke at out Stewardship Campaign kick-off luncheon,
gave us a great idea of what might be a trial collaboration project: restoring the dignity, the
authority, and the effectiveness of parents, through active participation in what Andy calls the
―Year of the Parent.‖

―The church knows more about the God given office of parenthood than anyone,‖ Andy says. It
should take a leadership role in celebrating the Year of the Parent.

Bryce Harbaugh of our commission is working closely with Judge Devine and other Christian
leaders in the neighborhood and region to see what specific and concrete things can be done in
this regard.
First Presbyterian Church                                                                        24
2007-2008 Annual Report
Commission reports from the Session will detail how the funds that were raised this year were
used. The results for 2007-2008 show growth in outreach and mission. We are faced with a real
challenge for 2008-2009. Discipleship and Stewardship Commission members are committed to
limiting the use of McClelland funds for outreach and expanded programs.

The Session has been reorganized and in FY 2008-2009 stewardship activities will be a part of
the Discipleship Commission. This will permit us to emphasize individual responsibility for
supporting the life of the congregation. Our objective is best stated in the following scripture:

―Remember this: The person who plans a little will have a small harvest, but the person who
plants a lot will have a big harvest. Each one should give as you have decided in your heart to
give. You should not be sad when you give and you should not give because you feel forced to
give. God loves the person who gives happily. And God can give you more blessings than you
need. Then you will always have plenty of everything – enough to give to every good work.

It is written in the Scriptures: He gives freely to the poor. The things he does are right and will
live forever. God is the One who gives seed to the farmer and bread for food. He will give you
all the seed you need and make it grow so there will be a great harvest from your goodness.
He will make you rich in every way so that you can always give freely. And your giving through
us will cause many to give thanks to God. The service you do not only helps the needs of God‘s
people it also brings many more thanks to God. It is proof of your faith. Many people will
praise God because you obey the Good News of the Christ – the gospel you say you believe –
and because you freely share with them and all others. And whey they pray, they will wish they
could be with you because of the great grace God has given you. Thanks be to God for his gift
that is to wonderful for words.‖ 2nd Corinthians 10-14

Greg Elder, Chairman
Commission Members: Chad Baker, Ken Herwat, Bryce Harbaugh

Respectfully submitted,
Ken Herwat

First Presbyterian Church                                                                           25
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                  2007-2008 Annual Report
                            Church Development Commission (CDC)

Mission Statement:
The Church Development Commission will facilitate the congregations‘ ministry in accordance
with the vision of the Presbyterian Church USA, by utilizing the principles of Natural Church
Development, which recognizes the interconnected synergy of improving our spiritual life, that
by improving ourselves we energize our members to reach out to our community.

Accomplishments to Date:
    The CDC was formed in January of 2007 as a committee of session to facilitate the
     directional goals for our church‘s future. The session recognized the CDC as a
     commission at the April 2007 meeting.
    The CDC facilitated the introduction of the Natural Church Development program to the
     session as a resource to encourage and enhance the spirituality of our membership. CDC
     has continued to use the NCD and the Purpose Driven Church model to facilitate its
    The CDC led the September 2007 Elder conference, October 2007 congregational
     meeting, the January and April 2008 congregational conversations.
    CDC facilitated the study of FPCM Functional Structures and made recommendations to
     the Session on restructuring commissions and on writing a vision statement. Using the
     NCD and Purpose Driven Church resources as a means of evaluating the church, its
     programs, staffing and resources into the future, a recommendation was developed. This
     included an historic perspective discussion of problems and potentials with key involved
     parties and how we can all become enablers to the improvement process.
    CDC has facilitated the mission study that must be done before a PNC can be elected.

Commission Members and Participants:
Maureen Fagans, Shirley Timonere, Ken Herwat, Bryce Harbaugh, Judy Harbaugh, Andy
Woodard, Annette Blair, Helen Kirk, Janet Querry, Jeanette Axford, Joe Campbell, Church Life
Commission, the Stewardship and Discipleship Commission, the Session, Lynn Bova, Pastor
Conley Zomermaand and everyone else who has offered support this past year.

Goals for the 2008-2009 Year based on the results of the spring survey:
1. CDC will conduct another Natural Church Development survey this fall, to gauge what
   progress has occurred in increasing the health of our congregation (specifically our spiritual
   passion) based on the same criteria as last year. This survey should occur in the fall of 2008.
2. CDC will put itself out of business with the new commission and team structure that
   has been recommended.

First Presbyterian Church                                                                        26
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                  2007-2008 Annual Report
                                  The Memorials Committee

Mission of the Memorials Committee:
The mission of the Memorials Committee is to facilitate a mutually acceptable memorial for the
family of a deceased member or friend of our church. Our committee members show their
concern when meeting with the family and serve as the connection between the family and
church, relative to memorial gifts. We receive memorial suggestions from session and make
memorial suggestions for session approval. We are not a session commission, but come under
the Discipleship & Stewardship Commission.
Membership in Group:
Our committee this past year was composed of Anne Cushnie (chairman), Charlotte Davis-
Friedman (session representative), Jeanne Hamilton (recording secretary), Janet Russ-Jones
(corresponding secretary), Ann Sisinyak, and Tom Trumbull. The pastor and business manager
are ex-officio members of this committee also.
Accomplishments for the Year:
During the course of the past fiscal year we received memorial monies in memory of:
             Elaine Willinger                      Pat Dehnbostel
             Earl Gilmore                          Millie Campbell
             John Allen                            Steve Houck
             Mildred Behm                          Mary Lou Trumbull
             Rosemary Bay                          Elliott Sluhan
             Brenton Kirk                          Gertrude Zomermaand
             Charles Donaldson                     Anne Grindle
During the course of the past fiscal year we received memorial monies in honor of: Jim &
Marion Hyland‘s 60th Wedding Anniversary
The Memorials Committee dispensed memorial gift funds toward the following memorials:
      Administration Commission - Handicapped Ramp, Chapel Preservation Fund
      Church Life Commission - Atkinson Lecture Fund
      Deacons - Swan Creek Van
      Education Commission - Library Fund, Education Fund, DCE Discretionary
      Mission Commission - Habitat for Humanity, Mexico Trip
      Memorial Garden Fund
Worship Commission - Handbell Choir Enrichment, Bell Choir Director Discretionary,
Sanctuary Choir Director Discretionary, Senior Pastor Discretionary, Choir Room Rehearsal
Piano, Sanctuary Organ Fund, Edge Ministries
Sources of Funding for our Mission:
We thank the congregation for their generous gifts given to this church in memory of loved ones.
These gifts have helped the commissions and committees carry on their work here at church and
throughout the world. We have indeed been blessed to be a blessing to others.
Respectfully submitted,
Anne Cushnie, Chairperson
First Presbyterian Church                                                                    27
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                   2007-2008 Annual Report
                                    The Memorial Garden

The First Presbyterian Church Memorial Garden located on the East Side of the sanctuary has
become an important and beautiful addition to our campus. It offers three options for our church
members and friends.
Niches: Within an area of the stone wall and in the new brick walls are Bronze Niches for the
placement of ashes. Each niche contains a permanently sealed aluminum canister providing a
secure resting-place for loved ones. A bronze plate on the front of the niche is inscribed with the
name; date of birth and date of death of the deceased and a permanent record is kept in the
church. One hundred thirty-two niches are available at a price of $2,000 each.
Interment in the garden: Within the Memorial Garden is a ground site for the internment of
ashes. No marker will be placed with the ashes, however, the name, date of birth and date of
death of the deceased will be inscribed on a bronze plate and placed on the Bronze Plaque in the
Garden and a permanent record is kept in the church. An unlimited number of interments are
possible and the cost is $1,000.
Memorial Plaques: Two Bronze Memorial Plaques have been placed in the Memorial Garden for
memorializing loved ones who have been interred elsewhere. A bronze plate with the deceased
name, date of birth and date of death will be included on the Memorial Plaque for a cost of $400.
These may be requested before death with the understanding that the birth and death dates will
be added later.
There have been 30 niches sold to date with 7 interments completed. The two Memorial Plaques
have 30 nameplates. The Memorial Garden Board has an endowment fund to provide perpetual
care for the garden.
Garden Angel volunteers care for the Memorial Garden. The 2007 Garden Angel teams were:
Heather and David Cole, Red Swalla and Charlotte Davis-Friedman, Darlene & David Gromes,
Anne and Carl Hirsch, Ann Jane and Ken Hileman, Barbara and John Pike, Charlotte and Dave
Saunders, Ann Cushnie and Barb Cubbon-Beale, Arlene and Bob Boyles, Kay and Mike Heck,
Kay Conner and Ken Campbell and Doris Buchanan and Bob Engwert.
The Memorial Garden operates with its own Board of Directors and is funded separately from
the church budget. The Purpose, The Responsibilities of the Board of Directors, the Audit
Method, the Agreement for Subscribers, and the Arrangements and Terms have all been
approved by Session. The Board of Directors is comprised of the Senior Pastor, three (3)
members of the church, nominated by the Board and approved by Session and one (1) member
from the Session. Currently the three Board Members are Ann Cushnie, Ann Jane Hileman and
John Pike. David Grooms is the Session Member. In addition, Kay Heck, Ruth and Bob
Strohbeck and David Saunders make important contributions to the Memorial Garden
Respectfully submitted,
John Pike

First Presbyterian Church                                                                        28
2007-2008 Annual Report
                               2007 – 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                 CHILDREN’S MINISTRY

Children’s Ministry Team
Marcia Rutherford, Elaine Parrish, Beth Kinney, Nancy Fish and Lynn Bova met quarterly to
oversee the Children‘s Ministries.

The theme in Lordstown, Quest for Identity, was taught by about 22 different adults on Sunday
mornings. The rotation model continues to be a successful way to teach students one Bible story
or theme for about 4 weeks using different approaches or multiple-intelligences. Week one they
may be in Scrolls and Tablets hearing the story, week two they may be in Mary‘s Meals cooking,
week three may find them in Parable Playhouse or Acts Theater watching or making a video or
acting out a story, and in week four they may be in Thou Art Studio painting a picture or doing a
craft. In the Garden, you will find our PreK and Kindergarten students using Hands on
Curriculum to learn about Bible stories. Sun-Daycare was designed to care for our youngest
children in a loving, Christian atmosphere and Elizabeth Lanpham continues to care for these
special gifts. The students participated in mission projects including Operation Christmas Child
and packing the Migrant Health Fair Kits.

Third graders were presented with a copy of the NIV Adventure Bible in September. Third and
Fourth grade students were encouraged to participate in a special class on the sacraments during

Students were encouraged to continue to use the Spirituality Center.
Wild Wednesday evenings continue to be popular. This year we returned to FWFriends
curriculum for the Pre-K – grade 3 children. Middler‘s Fellowship spent time examining what
Presbyterians believe and then spent time learning about other faiths. They visited St. Joe‘s
Catholic Church and the Mosque in Perrysburg. Trunk or Treat and the Egg-Stravaganza
continue to be popular events for families.

The Middler‘s Group are still encouraged to participate in the Prayer Shawl Ministry which has
become an intergenerational event twice a month.
In July of 2007 our VBS theme was SonForce Kids. It was attended by about 50 students and
about as many people volunteered to help. They collected a variety of items to be donated to a
variety of mission projects.

The VBS leadership team believed that attendance would be better if VBS was held earlier in the
summer so in June of 2008 we hosted Rainforest Adventure. This was possible because of very
careful fiscal planning. There were about 65 students who participated which was an increase
over the previous year‘s attendance. We also invited various groups in the congregation to help
by providing the meals each evening. This was a huge help and was very successful. The meals
were wonderful and it was great to have the students see so many different people who care
about them. Students participated in a mission project called Living Water and they collected

First Presbyterian Church                                                                        29
2007-2008 Annual Report
change to send to help provide clean water in other countries. Thank you to everyone who
helped provide meals, led a workshop, or helped supervise the kids.

Continued spiritual growth in our ministry to children.
To include more members of our congregation in facilitating our Lordstown programs.
To consider and evaluate Godly Play as a curriculum for the Garden.

Respectfully submitted,
Elder Lynn Bova
Director of Discipleship Ministry

First Presbyterian Church                                                                  30
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                  2007-2008 Annual Report
                                    Mission Commission

Mission of group:
To provide service, evangelism, and social justice in our community and in our world.

Membership in Commission:
Elder Alice McColl, Elder Bill Stalder, Elder Jill Bick, Elder Mary Goldberger,
Jackie Kuntz and Lucy Russell as staff resource.

Accomplishments for the year:

      Partnered with Sylvania United Church of Christ and Christ Presbyterian Church to build
       our 7th Habitat for Humanity home for Melvin and Rosetta Jones on Cone Street
      Hosted mission speakers: Rev. Doug and Janie Heidebrink
      Sent 9 members to Ottawa Ohio thru Presbyterian Disaster Assistance for flood clean up
      Our church represented on local Domestic Violence Crisis Response team, through
       Maumee Churches United. Members supported victims through donations of clothing
       and household goods.
      Hosted homeless families through Interfaith Hospitality Network/Family Promise two
       weeks, summer of 2008. Ongoing partnership with Zion Lutheran Church in Waterville,
       Ohio, helping one night hosting dinner and overnight quarterly.
      Hosted 6 meals at St. Paul‘s Community center serving the homeless
      Collected Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter food baskets for local need families
      Ongoing clothing collection for Suitably Attired, organized by small group in our church.
       Clothing given to low income women doing job interviews and searches
      Participated in Migrant Health Fair in Delta, Ohio, by assisting in health screening and
       packing 150 personal hygiene kits (soap, combs, etc)
      Supported the Salvation Army by ringing the bell at Anderson‘s in December
      Collected shoeboxes of gifts for needy children overseas through Operation Christmas
      Weekly collection of food for Feed Your Neighbor to help needy families
      Provided financial assistance to young man, Geyner, in Mexico for completion of high
       school diploma
      Financial support to Hebron Foundation, to support work of Rev. Pablo and Jan Feliciano
       in Ocosingo, Mexico.
      Provided tuition for Certified Lay Pastor program for Roberta Thornton
      Planning Mexico trip in Summer 2009

   Respectfully submitted,
   Elder Lucy Russell

First Presbyterian Church                                                                    31
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                   2007-2008 Annual Report
                                    Personnel Commission


The purpose of the Personnel Commission is, in cooperation with the Session, Pastor, and the
other church commissions, to help develop and implement the church‘s personnel policies,
budget, and development strategies, and to recruit, develop and support the best possible staff to
support the ministries and missions of the Session.


STAFF: Interim Pastor Conley A. Zomermaand, our Head of Staff, staffs the Personnel

COMMISSION MEMBERS: Elder Joe Rutherford, Chairman; Deacon David Cole, Elder Kay
Heck, Elder Janet Russ Jones, Elder Debbie Joslin, Elder Ann Sisinyak, and Elder Dan Skees.


      Recruited Terri Seibold to be interim Edge Ministries Coordinator. Worked with other
       commissions to begin process of finding a permanent replacement.
      Hired Jason Armstrong as Facilities and Programs Coordinator and Edge Ministries
      Hired Ryan Valdiviez as interim Edge Music Director.
      Accepted the upcoming resignation of Nolan Hensel, Youth Ministries Coordinator, and
       have begun the search for a permanent replacement.
      Offered a 3% cost-of-living increase for FY 2008 to our pastors and staff
      Awarded a 4% merit bonus for the staff based on FY 2007 performance and outcomes
      We are pleased to have retained for another year of service such an outstanding staff to
       lead us in worship in music, in ministries and mission, and who support our work in
       clerical, accounting, and building management services.


      To continue to support the church and its staff as needed.
      To help the Edge and associated worship programs grow and be appropriately staffed,
       including the development of the 5th Quarter and other youth-related and young adult-
       related outreach programs to the larger community.
      To work with the Session to develop strategies for the appropriate use of the McClelland
       bequest as it pertains to personnel needs.

First Presbyterian Church                                                                       32
2007-2008 Annual Report

   We are very thankful for, and appreciative of, the service that the Staff continues to provide.

   We appreciate the other commissions with which we have partnered and worked over the
   past year.

Respectfully submitted,
Elder Joe Rutherford

First Presbyterian Church                                                                       33
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                 WORSHIP COMMISSION

The purpose of the Worship Commission is to provide the congregation with the opportunity and
the means for the worship and honor of God. The Commission has general supervision of all
matters pertaining to the church at worship. To also supervise all the church‘s music programs.

STAFF: Jason Armstrong, director of the Edge technologies; Bev Blasiman, director of the all
three bell choirs; Terri Seibold, director of the children‘s choir and ORFF choir, youth choir, and
interim director of Edge services; Ryan Valdiviez, interim director of the Edge band; Wayne
Whitten, organist and Chancel Choir director; Interim Pastor Conley Zomermaand
ELDERS: Charlotte Davis-Friedman, chairman; Janet Querry
AT LARGE MEMBERS: Ann Braunschweiger, Anne Cushnie, Diane Harper, Don and Joanne
Noethen, Rusty Phlegar, Brian and Lynne Rayl, and Andy Woodard. After many years of great
service, Norm and Nancy Rasmusson resigned from membership on the Worship Commission.
Thank you Nancy and Norm for many years of faithful service to the Worship Commission.

Maintained three fine quality Sunday morning worship services at 8:00 a.m. in the historic
Chapel, the 9:00 a.m. Edge contemporary service in Fellowship Hall, and the traditional 11:00
a.m. service in the Sanctuary; September through June. During the summer months, the Edge
contemporary and traditional service continue.

Provided monthly Sunday communion at the Chapel, Edge and Sanctuary services. Additional
communion services were on Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday. Communion is taken to
church shut-ins on a regular schedule. The communion elements are prepared each month by
Harley and Rose Wulff and with the assistance of their helpful crew. The communion bread is
baked each month by Karla Lewis. The commission schedules elders to serve communion at all
three services a year at a time.

The Edge band is led competently by interim director Ryan Valdiviez. Jason and Terri Seibold
have worked beyond the call of duty filling the void that Susan Jones made when she moved to
New Jersey.

Supported seven great choirs and bell choirs. The bell choirs, under the super direction of Bev
Blasiman, have participated in the area Spring Ring in Bowling Green, Ohio and the Area 4 Bell
Ringers Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. The children and youth choirs continue to grow in
numbers and skills under the great direction of Terri Seibold. The Chancel Choir has grown in
numbers and is augmented by the section leaders from Bowling Green State University. Wayne
Whitten brings all these talents together to present wonderful music to enhance worship.

New rehearsal piano was generously donated by Andy Woodard.

First Presbyterian Church                                                                       34
2007-2008 Annual Report
Special Worship Services: Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are held
services during Lent and two Christmas Eve services. FPC also participated in the Maumee
community Cross Walk on Good Friday.

In conjunction with the Deacons, a special Agape meal/communion service was held in the
Fellowship Hall during the season of Lent.

Decorating for Christmas: Ann Braunschweiger and Claire Schaefer have the wreaths etc. all
organized so when families come the entire church is decorated beautifully in a very short time.
While the adults were hanging the greens upstairs the children were in Fellowship making
ornaments and decorations for their tree. After Christmas Ann and Claire and many others are
there to carefully put away the decorations so they will be beautiful again next year.
World Wide Communion Day was celebrated with communion, a wonderful display in the
sanctuary of many different kinds of bread designed and made by Sharon Andersen.
Fall/harvest was celebrated by having fall arrangements of bales of straw, pumpkins, fall flowers
and gourds in Fellowship Hall, chapel and sanctuary. The Plymale‘s were a great help with the
bales of straw and arrangements.

Sponsored a Christmas concert featuring all the music groups of the church. The concert is open
to the community and really put the listeners in a true Christmas spirit.

The Youth Choir had another very successful Spring Review with the proceeds going to support
junior and senior high camp and work camp activities.

Organ Recital: Wayne Whitten, our church organist, again volunteered to play a recital. The
recital was postponed from fall to the spring due to a surgery Wayne had in the fall. The recital
was presented Sunday, April 20. Wayne gave a tremendous recital that was well received by the
listeners. Andy Woodard did a great job of PR for the recital. After the recital the Chancel
Choir, Lynne Rayl and Ann Braunschweiger organized a tasty reception in Fellowship Hall.

Flower arrangements that the congregation enjoys every Sunday are scheduled by Penny Gunkler
and donated by many generous members of the congregation. The lilies at Easter and the
poinsettias at Christmas are ordered, arranged and watered by Don and Joanne Noethen.

Banners and Paraments: Emmy Bates changes the paraments to coincide with the church
seasons. Vicki Hudson changes the banners monthly.

Schedules liturgists for the 8:00 and 11:00 services.
Wedding Coordinators: Anne Cushnie, Rusty Phlegar and Charlotte Davis Friedman meet with
brides and are present for wedding rehearsals and weddings making sure everything goes

To be aware of the changing congregational worship needs and to make changes accordingly so
the member‘s members of First Presbyterian Church of Maumee continue to have choices in
meaningful, spiritual worship.
First Presbyterian Church                                                                      35
2007-2008 Annual Report
To involve more members of the congregation in worship planning and participation.

To develop a pamphlet that can be given to families describing services the church provides for
funeral and memorial service

The Worship Commission is especially grateful for the financial support and encouragement of
the members of this congregation and staff for their hard work to bring meaningful worship to
the congregation.

Respectfully submitted,
Elder Charlotte Davis Friedman

First Presbyterian Church                                                                     36
2007-2008 Annual Report
                              2007 – 2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                               EDUCATION COMMISSION

Vicki Secord – At-Large
Kay Connor – Elder
John Hudson – Elder
Nolan Hensel – Staff, Youth Coordinator
Lynn Bova – Staff, Director of Discipleship Ministries


A Children‘s Ministry Team was developed. They are overseeing all of the ministries for

In conjunction with the Church Development Commission, a small group study was done by a
few groups using the Natural Church Development book called Color Your World.

An online Bible study was tried. While there was not much conversation online, a number of
people did receive the study and commented on doing the reading but were not inclined to
participate in the question forum online.

Pastor Zomermaand developed a 5-5-5 program around the eight characteristics of Natural
Church Development for commissions and various groups to use at the beginning of their

We celebrated the graduation of our seniors along with the Deacons and presented them with a


To expand the Adult Ministry offerings.
To develop goals for church wide discipleship growth.

Respectfully submitted,
Elder Lynn Bova
Director of Discipleship Ministry

First Presbyterian Church                                                                      37
2007-2008 Annual Report
                             2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT

Mission or Purpose of Groups

The primary purpose is to provide instruction and discussion that will enable confirmands to
understand and profess a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The secondary
purpose is to provide instruction and experiences that will enable confirmands to understand and
participate in the worship and mission of the church.
Membership in Group

Youth in eighth through twelfth grade that desire to make a public profession of their faith in
Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
Accomplishments for the Year

Confirmation & Commissioning students were provided with excellent instruction through
sixteen classes of about 105 minutes, one retreat, one session meeting and four parent/mentor
meetings. The first semester classes were led by Elder Lynn Bova, Nolan Hensel, Deacon Bert
Thornton, and Deacon Beth Sheets and they spent time teaching, discussing and exploring the
Christian faith. The second semester continued under the leadership of Pastor Conley
Zomermaand, Pastor David Andersen, Elder Lori Skees, Elder Margo Leininger, Elder Bryce
Harbaugh, Elder Lucy Russell, Elder Lynn Bova and Nolan Hensel. During the second semester,
the confirmands turn in a paragraph each week stating their beliefs on that week‘s topic. The
paragraphs are returned the following week with insights, scripture references and questions to
help the confirmands discern their beliefs and articulate those beliefs. The culmination of this
discernment is each confirmands' personal statement of faith which is published in The Visitor.
Each confirmand also expresses their faith in art by creating their personal faith banner. Each
confirmand writes a story about an event in their lives and we discuss them in theological terms
to help everyone see where God is in our lives. Every confirmand is carefully matched with a
mentor to guide them through the process and enrich both mentor and confirmand on their faith
journey. The confirmands experience committee work, planning and mission by organizing
themselves to feed 150 people at St. Paul‘s Soup Kitchen. The year ended in a retreat led by
Elder Lynn Bova, Elder Bryce Harbaugh, Elder Bert Thornton, Elder David Gromes, and Nolan
Hensel where confirmands explore how to be a faithful disciple of Jesus in the church and in the
world today. Each confirmand also receives a bag of prayers and spiritual wishes from the
congregation. Each confirmand meet with the Pastor and ruling Elders to discuss their profession
of faith at a special breakfast meeting provided by the previous Confirmation class.
This year‘s confirmands and mentors were:

Confirmand                                    Mentor
Natalie Setterberg                            Bert Thornton
Bethany Skees                                 Erin Hensel
Ray Secondo                                   David Gromes

First Presbyterian Church                                                                         38
2007-2008 Annual Report
Confirmand                                  Mentor
Derek Jacobson                              Bryce Harbaugh
Garrett Wacha                               Steve Secord
Peter Mackin                                Nick Siefke
Ian Rubini                                  Andy Woodard
Doug Walton                                 Ron Bick

Aspirations for the Coming Year

Invite, instruct, guide, nurture and welcome another wonderful group of confirmands into the
membership of our church.

Respectfully submitted,
Elder Lynn Bova
Director of Discipleship Ministries

First Presbyterian Church                                                                      39
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                   2007-2008 Annual Report
                                       Handbell Choirs

Mission or Purpose of Group:
The Bell Choirs, TOP BRASS (an Adult Choir), the HEAVY METAL RINGERS (a Youth
Choir) and the CHAPEL RINGERS (an Adult Choir), exist to enhance the worship service.
While working together for this purpose, we also personally benefit from the fun and fellowship
we have during our practices.

Membership in Group:
Thank you to all 36 fabulous ringers! Four adult members play in both adult choirs. We added
three new adult members, reinstated 2 adult members, and added two new youth members.
As you know, our music ministries have really grown over the past several years. The handbell
choirs have grown not only in membership, but in their ability to make beautiful and challenging
music to enhance our worship services. Without the time, talents and commitment of our
members, we could not make these accomplishments. Thank you to all of my handbell ringers
for your patience with me as a director, for your loyalty to come to weekly practices, and for
your talents to perform more difficult and interesting pieces to enhance our worship services!

Top Brass
Jean Beauleiu, Doris Buchanan, Don Diller, Marianne Duvendack, Charlotte ‗George‘ Davis-
Friedman, Mary Goldberger, Diane Harper, Penny Gunkler, John Joslin, Nancy Nielsen, Debbie
Pulcini, Janet Querry, Diana Secondo, and Red Swalla.

Heavy Metal Ringers
Craig Blasiman, Derek Jacobson, Kirsten Jacobson, Nora Kirk, Kayleigh Overmyer, Amanda
Otis, Ian Rubini, Lynn Secondo, Ray Secondo, Ali Seibold, Kristen Seibold, Natalie Setterberg,
and Garret Wacha.

Chapel Ringers
Barb Christensen, Anne Cushnie, Mary Goldberger, Diane Harper, Elaine Parrish, Rusty
Phlegar, Sarah Platz, Susan Platz, Debbie Pulcini, Judy Setterberg, Lori Skees, Red Swalla, and
Kristen Wacha.

Accomplishments for Year:
Every year is different and I love to reflect on the blessings we receive through the handbells‘
music ministry. When we carol to our shut-ins, we receive a Christmas blessing when they allow
us to come into their homes and to their nursing homes. We especially enjoyed playing with our
fellow church artists on flute, drums, bass and organ. And we enjoy making new friends as well
as continuing old friendships within our membership. We are very proud of our instruments and
continue to appreciate the support of our congregation both in the appreciation of our music and
the financial support to operate this ministry and keep our fine instruments in great condition.

Nine of our adult ringers dedicated more of their personal time, talents and resources to attend
the Area V American Guild of English Handbell Ringers Spring Conference in Cincinnati.
These ringers attended an additional weekly practice for two months to prepare the six pieces
First Presbyterian Church                                                                          40
2007-2008 Annual Report
that were the focus of this conference. Hart Morris, a well known handbell music composer and
arranger, was our guest clinician. Hart directed us and about 750 other ringers as we prepared
our pieces for our final concert at the end of the Conference. We also attended enrichment
workshops for handbells during the conference. We all came back with a renewed spirit for

All three of our choirs attended the BG Spring Ring in April. This event brings about 250
handbell ringers from our immediate area to join together and prepare for a concert that
collimates this event. What a great experience for all our ringers! Thanks to our church friends
who came and supported us at this event!

The adult groups, the Chapel Ringers and Top Brass, are a wonderful back up for each other.
Having two groups that practice at two separate times helps accommodate more members‘ busy
schedules. I also have willing adults and youth to help in a pinch with unpredictable absences
during performances.

Aspirations for the Coming Year:
The handbell choirs will have the opportunity to attend another AGEHR handbell conference.
We are excited that this fall, this conference will be held in Toledo giving more ringers this great
opportunity and experience. I would also like to continue using the handbells to participate in
other aspects of our worship services.

I am most grateful for the help and cooperation I receive from the bell choir members themselves
and their families and from other concerned members of the congregation. I appreciate the way
the bell choirs are received and the generous support we are given from the congregation, the
other music staff and our Pastors. My hope, as the Bell Choir Director, is to continue to
encourage new members to join our groups so that we can continue to grow. Come join us to
enhance our beautiful worship service.

Respectfully submitted,
Bev Blasiman

First Presbyterian Church                                                                         41
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                  2007-2008 Annual Report
                               Children’s Music & Youth Choir

The mission of the children‘s choirs is to praise God and to enhance the worship service through
singing and playing instruments. While singing, the children‘s choirs are serving the
congregation as it praises God. Participation in these choirs hopefully encourages the spirit of
each child.

15 children, ages 4 years – 3rd grade participated regularly in the Children‘s Choir throughout
the year
11 children in 4th – 6th grade participated regularly in the Orff Ensemble
22 youth in grades 7 – 12 participated regularly in the Youth Choir throughout the year

Maintained membership in all three choirs
Maintained number of boys in the Youth Choir
Performed SAB arrangements
The Orff Ensemble presented challenging pieces
Expanded the musical repertoire
Arranged pieces for the Orff Ensemble to accompany combined choir pieces
Performed regularly in the worship services
Combined groups on occasion
Performed piece with Adult Choir and bell choir for Pastor Jones‘ farewell tribute
Performed a combined piece with the Adult Choir at the Christmas Concert
The Children‘s Choir and Orff Ensemble presented a Christmas musical, ―Ladybugs and
The Orff Ensemble accompanied several of the songs in ―Ladybugs and Fireflies‖
Secured parents of Children‘s Choir and Orff Ensemble to help direct, design costumes, etc. for
the Christmas musical
Used several Wednesday evenings for extended rehearsals for musical rehearsals
Led the Family Christmas Eve service
Used a CD track through the sound system to accompany the Youth Choir
Presented a Youth Revue/Dinner fundraiser
Added Sunday afternoon rehearsals from October - December for the Christmas musical
Added fewer Sunday rehearsals for the Youth Revue, allowing students to rehearse on their own
Rented microphones and additional staging for the Youth Revue
Kristen Dobish accompanied choirs regularly

Maintain/increase membership in all three groups
Continue to recruit boys and feature the baritone section in Youth Choir pieces
Continue to develop a good choral sound in all groups
Search for/compose appropriate music for the Orff instruments
Continue to incorporate rhythm instruments/chimes with the Children‘s Choir
First Presbyterian Church                                                                         42
2007-2008 Annual Report
Add creative instrumentation as accompaniment for the Youth Choir
Participate in a community religious celebration
Combine choirs on occasion
Combine with the Chancel Choir and/or Handbell Choirs
Present a Christmas musical with the Children‘s Choir and Orff Ensemble
Present Youth Revue/dinner theatre fund-raiser with the Youth Choir and Jr. and Sr. Highs,
possibly performing one night instead of two
Purchase staging and lapel microphones to be used for the Christmas musical and Youth Revue
Purchase children‘s handbell set
Obtain parental help for leadership of the Christmas musical
Schedule Sunday and Wednesday night rehearsals for the Christmas musical

Respectfully submitted,
Terri Seibold
Director of Children‘s Music and Youth Choir

First Presbyterian Church                                                                 43
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                 2007 – 2008 Annual Report
                             Organist and Chancel Choir Director
As Director of the Chancel Choir, I am pleased to report that the choir continues to develop and
grow in their efforts to provide uplifting and inspirational music for the 11:00 a.m. worship
service. My goal for the choir is to select and teach music which builds confidence and stretches
their ability while always focusing on the ultimate mission of the choir – to enhance worship and
provide an opportunity for ministry through music. To that end, I continue to research and
evaluate new music in an effort to expand the choral library with new music of varying styles.

I was unsuccessful in hiring new section leads to replace the two of the students lost to
graduation last spring. I was unable to find a soprano or tenor lead. Michael May joined as the
new bass section lead and Sarah Flammer returned as the alto lead. Unfortunately Sarah will not
be returning in the fall as she is moving to Ann Arbor. That leaves three positions to be filled. I
believe part of the difficulty I had in hiring new leads last year was the pay of $25 per service or
rehearsal. I believe that has been the budgeted amount for several years, and I have requested an
increase for this upcoming year that will allow me to offer $30 - $35 per event.

A new piano was purchased for the Choir Room thanks to a generous gift from Andy Woodard.
A new Charles Walters upright piano was purchased and delivered in February of this year. It is
a beautiful piano and greatly enhances our weekly rehearsals.

With regard to special events, I was extremely pleased with the music provided for the Christmas
Concert, the only downside being the inclement weather that substantially reduced attendance.
The Chancel Choir was accompanied by an excellent chamber orchestra. Other special
services/events included:

Christmas Eve – 7:30 Christmas Concert of music for organ and flute and piano prior to the 8:00
candlelight service
Easter, 11:00 – BGSU brass ensemble
April 27, 11:00 – BGSU Trombone Ensemble

Worship Commission requested and was granted approval by Session to establish a fund to pay
for instrumentalists for special events such as the Christmas concert or other musical programs
requiring the services of outside musicians. This fund is separate from the budgeted amount for
instrumentalists for worship services and will be funded through individual donations by those
interested in supporting a program of special musical events. My hope is to develop a three or
four event annual concert series that will include the annual Christmas concert as well as outside
performing groups and/or individuals.

The organ recital I performed on April 27 was reasonably well-attended, though not as well as
the previous recital in October 2006. We‘ll need to discuss at Worship Commission whether
spring or fall is the better time to schedule this. Thanks to the Chancel Choir for the wonderful
reception and everyone who contributed to making this event a success.

First Presbyterian Church                                                                         44
2007-2008 Annual Report
On a less positive note, I have a concern about the tuning of the organ, particularly during the
winter months. The air temperature difference between the enclosed divisions and the exposed
pipes during cold periods causes severe tuning problems. The circulating fans installed to
remedy this are largely ineffective. I discussed this with Fred Schaeffer this past winter.

Fred disconnected the circulating fans and installed small space heaters in each of the enclosed
chambers. This helped considerably, but there is still a problem as the space heaters are not
thermostatically controlled to the sanctuary temperature. Phil Minnick of the Bunn-Minnick
company informed me that they have dealt with this issue in other installations. He agreed to
submit a proposal for a solution for the sanctuary organ.

In closing, I continue to enjoy being a part of the First Presbyterian staff. I want to express my
appreciation to all those who have been involved with the Chancel Choir, whether on a regular
basis or as seasonal participants. It has been a joy working with each and every one.

Respectfully submitted,
Wayne Whitten

First Presbyterian Church                                                                            45
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                   2007-2008 Annual Report
                                        Young at Heart

Mission or Purpose of Group:
This group provides an opportunity for those ―Young At Heart‖ people to meet together once a
month to enjoy each others‘ company as well as food and entertainment, educational
opportunities, and spiritual growth. The second Friday of each month (September through May)
finds everyone gathering in Fellowship Hall.

Membership in Group:
The group is primarily composed of those who are aged 50 or over although anyone of any age is
welcome. The group usually has 25-40 in attendance. Leaders for this year have been Jim and
Janet Russ Jones, John and Betty Meloy, Peg Robb, and Dot Otis. Each month, three or four
members are in charge of the set-up allowing all to participate and contribute their talents.

Accomplishments for the Year:
While the group is primarily social in nature, the camaraderie and caring among the members is
an important mission. The group begins with an inspirational presentation by one of the
members and information is shared about members who need to be remembered with prayers or

Some of this year‘s programs included a first-person portrayal of aviator, Amelia Earhart; several
musical programs including a Christmas program by the Maumee Senior Center Choir, music by
Doug and Linda Egeland, a musical program by ―Star Billing‖ and ―Erie Street Acappella,‖ a
theater presentation by the ―Armchair Theatre‖ from Swan Creek Retirement Village; an
informative program regarding solar energy by UT professor, Dr. Alvin Compaan and an
evening of poetry and music by Ophelia Thompson.

Sources of Funding:
In years past the group has been given some financial support to help with programs by the
Church Life Commission or we have occasionally ―passed a basket‖ for donations to pay for
programs. We have also received funds for special programs generously given by their families
in memory of Pearl Thompson and Mae Cole.

Aspirations for the Coming Year:
The group is ―alive and well‖ and looks forward to more Christian Fellowship, interesting
programs and great potluck buffet dinners in the 2008-2009 season.

Respectfully submitted,
Janet Russ Jones

First Presbyterian Church                                                                      46
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                   2007-2008 Annual Report

The central purpose of the First Presbyterian Church Library Committee is to have a viable
updated church library to keep and maintain the historical records of our church, to use with
discretion any monies or gifts designated for the library, to maintain, monitor, and update all
types of media and resources for use in all of our church activities.

The Library Committee consists of Lois Driver, Nancy Rasmusson, and Harley Wulff,

The committee has added a large amount of new, updated reference volumes, children, young
adults, and adult reading materials. We also added many videotapes.

We are looking forward this year toward continuing the rearrangement of the library so books
are easier to find and accessible to everyone. We look forward to an increased use of DVD and
videotapes in our bible studies and classrooms. We are continually adding new books and
classroom resources to our library.

Respectfully submitted,
Harley Wulff

First Presbyterian Church                                                                         47
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                   2007-2008 Annual Report
                                       Circle of Friends

Mission & Purpose:
Circle of Friends is a small group ministry open to women of all ages. Our purpose is to be a
combined study, prayer, and support group. We are committed to a format of shared leadership
and mutual prayer and guidance.

We welcome any woman of the church into membership. Non-members are also welcome. The
following women have been a part of the Circle this year. Ann Braunschweiger, Anne Cushnie,
Lois Driver, Judy Harbaugh, Jeanne Hamilton, Sarah Platz, Janet Russ Jones, Lynne Rayl, Ann
Sisinyak and Ruth Strohbeck.

Circle of Friends has met on the second and fourth Thursdays, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m., of each month
from September through May, in the Conference Room. We have been using the series, ―Faith
Lessons on the Death and Resurrection of the Messiah‖ and ―Faith Lessons on the Early
Church,‖ presented on DVD by Ray Vander Laan.

Our mission outreach project has been to collect men‘s and women‘s useable work clothing to be
delivered to Suitably Attired at Monroe St. Methodist Church. We appreciate the congregation‘s
support of this project.

Aspirations for the Coming Year;
We are currently exploring new faith study possibilities including use of the Internet or a current
book. We would welcome new members. And, we will continue to support Suitably Attired.

Opportunities for Participation:
Any woman is welcome to join us on the second or fourth Thursday of the month, 6:00 – 7:30
p.m., in the Conference Room. Periodic announcements are placed in the Sunday bulletin and

Respectfully submitted,
Jeanne Hamilton

First Presbyterian Church                                                                        48
2007-2008 Annual Report
                                        Treasurer's Report -- June 30, 2008

                       Month       Monthly                      YTD                                   Annual
                      Income       Budget        Variance     Income    YTD Budget       Variance     Budget
Pledges                  53,317      41,250         12,067      435,659     495,000        (59,341)     495,000
Non-Pledge                2,894       3,050           (156)      46,778      36,600          10,178      36,600
Loose                       666       1,166           (500)      14,471      14,000             471      14,000
Per Capita                  312         708           (396)       4,746       8,500         (3,754)       8,500
Funds Transfer           21,489       4,167         16,962      113,067      50,000          63,067      50,000
All Other                 2,299         492           1,807      23,702       5,900          17,802       5,900
Total Income             80,977         50,833      30,144      638,423        610,000      28,423      610,000

                      Month        Monthly                      YTD                                   Annual
                     Expenses      Budget        Variance     Expenses YTD Budget        Variance     Budget
Worship & Music           2,419       1,280         (1,139)      12,617     15,363            2,746      15,363
Education                 2,534       1,625           (909)      14,818     19,500            4,682      19,500
Church Life                 557         827             270       7,024      9,925            2,901       9,925
Mission                   2,943       2,250           (693)      27,000     27,000                0      27,000
Session                        0      2,628           2,628      20,293     31,537           11,244      31,537
Stewardship                    0         83              83         369      1,000              631       1,000
Finance                       64        375             311       2,738      4,500            1,762       4,500
Administration           15,202       8,292         (6,910)     144,897     99,500         (45,397)      99,500
Personnel                33,266      33,348              82     375,691    400,175           24,484     400,175
Unallocated Cards              0           0              0           0          0                0           0
Misc                        100            0          (100)         105          0            (105)           0
Development                 228           125         (103)        945           1,500         555        1,500
Total Expenses           57,313         50,833      (6,480)     606,497        610,000       3,503      610,000

     June Income              $80,977                               $638,423
     June Expenses             57,313                                606,497
     Difference               $23,664                                $31,926
              Reconcilement of Cash to General Ledger
                          June 30, 2008

                    ACCOUNT                   BALANCE
               5/3 Savings Account             27,070.64
              5/3 Checking Account             20,070.12
            New Covenant Growth Fund          211,628.55
           New Covenant Income Fund           201,865.58
           McClelland, Mont Waldo/Edna       2,459,931.30
                      TOTAL                  2,920,566.19

              CASH/FUND BALANCES
                      Operating                $8,320.73
                  Special Offerings             $985.89
                 Building & Grounds           $17,975.24
                     Endowment                $182,669.24
                      Education               $35,528.02
                       Projects                $1,446.18
                  Worship & Music             $29,599.31
                       Mission                 $9,619.88
                      Memorials              $2,607,900.85
             United Presbyterian Women          $196.99
                       New Life                  $0.00
                  Memorial Garden             $24,452.79
                     Church Life               $1,871.07
                       TOTAL                 $2,920,566.19

2007-2008 Annual Report
First Presbyterian Church of Maumee

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