; Cambric Appoints an Industry Veteran as President for Its New Managed Services Business
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Cambric Appoints an Industry Veteran as President for Its New Managed Services Business


SALT LAKE CITY--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Ron Rainson to lead Cambric Managed Services, which will focus on broader-scope, turnkey engineering projects and full program management. img border='0' title='Add to Google' alt='Add to Google' src='http://images.pheedo.com/images/mm/

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									Cambric Appoints an Industry Veteran as
President for Its New Managed Services Business
Ron Rainson to lead the new company, which will focus on broader-scope, turnkey projects and full program

February 09, 2011 06:04 AM Eastern Time  

SALT LAKE CITY--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Cambric Corporation, a global provider of engineering
services, has announced leadership for its Cambric Managed Services (CMS) subsidiary. Cambric formed CMS to
build upon its proven 20-year track record of high-end, innovative engineering solutions and to address its clients’ 
demand for strong program management and multidisciplinary product engineering solutions to meet today’s rapidly
changing design and manufacturing challenges. Cambric has hired professional services industry veteran Ronald
Rainson, P.E., to serve as president of CMS. The new company is headquartered in Chicago, with an office in
Peoria, Illinois.

“Industry-leading manufacturers are redefining their traditional contracting practices for outsourced engineering
services,” according to Timothy P. Hayes, president and CEO of Cambric Corporation. “Today, companies are
increasingly emphasizing broader-scope, turnkey projects utilizing specialized capabilities and requiring full program
management. CMS will go beyond traditional outsourced engineering to provide services that yield improved
efficiency and cost savings. While cost is always an important consideration, and Cambric will continue to provide
competitive engineering services, Cambric Managed Services will allow us to effectively meet the requirements of
those companies that also want to outsource a broader turnkey program which more fully integrates our capabilities
and those of our industry-leading partners.” 

Rainson joins Cambric Managed Services with a long and distinguished track record of founding, managing, and
growing professional services organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Again according to Hayes, “We are delighted to
be able to attract Ron to Cambric. In addition to all of his knowledge and experience in exactly the segments in
which we and our clients are most interested, Ron has a strong background in organization building, including
strategic alliances with other synergistic industry partners that are necessary to address the broader engineering
innovation solutions market.” Rainson has experience with gas and electric power generation, water and wastewater
utilities, environmental issues, control systems, and bioengineering – in addition to his last 10 years concentrating on
the design of heavy equipment. He has managed resources in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, and India, as well as
marketed to the Republic of South Africa and the People’s Republic of China. Rainson will manage Cambric
Managed Services from Peoria.

“I have watched engineering outsourcing grow from a U.S. manufacturer’s desire for inexpensive modeling and
detailing to a need for broad solutions and worldwide support. Cambric, with years of careful selection of engineers
and extensive ongoing training requirements, has a team of senior professionals able to meet the needs of the most
demanding client,” says Rainson.

“By continuously expanding our capabilities over the last 20 years, from digitization to major system, multidisciplinary
design, Cambric has steadily increased our ability to help our clients’ innovation capacity. Cambric Managed
Services is just the latest step in that value engineering progression,” concludes Hayes.

About Cambric Corporation

Cambric provides global engineering services to some of the world’s most prestigious heavy-machinery, motor
vehicle, powertrain and aerospace manufacturing organizations. Since its incorporation in 1989, Cambric has
become a worldwide leader in engineering. Cambric is a U.S. company with engineering centers and customer-
focused project managers around the globe. www.cambric.com

Cambric Corporation
Nathan Black, 801-415-7357

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