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Rajasthan handicrafts are among the major attractions of Rajasthan. The colorful and beautiful handicrafts of Rajasthan consist of juttis, statues, paintings, jewelry, wooden furniture, blue pottery etc.

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									                                          Handicrafts of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is an incredible destination of India which offers different hues and flavors. Rajasthan
handicrafts are among the most famous attractions of Rajasthan which reflect its rich cultural heritage. The
handicrafts of this state are famous the world over for their beauty and quality. Tourists who come from
across the world on Rajasthan Tour never go back without buying some of its beautiful handicrafts.

Some of the most famous handicrafts of Rajasthan are:

The jewelry of this state is famous for its elegance and beauty. The people here love to wear jewelry.
Minakari jewelry is very famous here. Jaipur the princely city of this state is famous for precious and semi-
precious stones. You can buy a variety of wonderful gemstones starting from ruby to cat’s eye, topaz, Lapiz
lazuli, onyx, garnets and amethysts. From artificial to silver and real stone studded jewelry, all are available

Wooden Furniture
Beautiful wooden furniture is available here. Some are adorned with miniature paintings which gives them
a royal look. Furniture made in the shapes of animals is also available here. Furniture made of rosewood
and sandalwood is an attraction here.

Carpets and Durries
You can also buy colorful and durable carpets and durries which are available here in various designs
and sizes. The woolen carpets of Jaipur, Tonk and Bikaner are very famous.

Paintings are famous handicrafts of this state. There are mainly two types of paintings available here
miniature and folk paintings. Bright colors and various themes are used in the paintings.

Colorful textiles
The beautiful and colorful tie and dye and block printed textiles are a must-buy when you travel to
Rajasthan. Fast colors are used in these fabrics. Different kinds of patterns are used in these textiles but
mothda, shikari, ekdali and lehariya are the most popular ones.

Blue Pottery
The mention of Rajasthan handicrafts is incomplete without the mention of blue pottery. It originated in
Persia and it is different because of the colors and raw materials used in it. Made out of ground quartz
stone, this pottery involves the use of only blue, white and green colors. Objects like ashtray, jars, tiles,
surahi, lamp shades, flower pots and several other decorative items are a part of the blue pottery.

Embroidered Juttis and other articles
Embroidered juttis (footwear) of Rajasthan are a star attraction. Their royal look never fails to capture the
hearts of tourists. Other leather ware such as bags, hats, purses etc are also available here.

You can also shop for the beautiful marble statues, idols, table, chair and other decorative objects from
the bustling bazaars of this royal state. The more you explore, the more enchanted you will be.

Rajasthan handicrafts are the wonderful attractions of Rajasthan. Handicrafts of Rajasthan such as
blue pottery, precious stone and semi precious stone jewelry are very popular amongst tourists.

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