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									A Slice of Countryside
Big Boy’s Breakfast | Boer se Ontbyt                R48
Two fried Eggs, Pork Sausage or Boerewors,
Bacon, Mushrooms, Tomato and two slices of
                                 Add Haloumi        R8
Plain Jane | Boer se vrou                           R21
Fried Egg, Toast and Bacon.

Classic French                                      R31
Two slices of French Toast served with Bacon,
Cheese & Syrup

Skinny Bitch | Maer hond                            R31
Seasonal fruit with fat free plain Yogurt,
topped with Nuts & Honey

French with a Twist                                 R31
French Toast with Olive Tapenade & grilled
Mozzarella topped with fresh Wild Rocket &
Tomato and garnished with chopped peppadew
                                     Add Bacon R8
Basic Omelet                                        R19
Choose your fillings from our Breakfast Extras.

Bacon / Ham                R8       Mushrooms               R6
Pork Sausage /             R13      Haloumi                 R8
                                    Cheese                  R6
Scrambled / Poached        R9
/ Fried Eggs                        French Toast Slice      R6
Fresh | Grilled Tomato     R4       Two slices of Toast R6

Grilled Tomato topped R7            Chips                   R6
with Grilled Spinach &

                                                                            Menu Guide
Mozzarella                          Preserve                R4

                                               Seasonal| Subject to availability   Vegetarian
Specially prepared foods
                                               Recommended                         Low in fat/Healthier option
that are High in Fibre, Low
in Fat, Sodium & Sugar and                     Contains Nuts
have a Low GI.
Light Lunch
With grilled Emmenthal & Mozzarella,    R34
bacon, fresh tomato & Wild Rocket

Our muffins are high in fibre, sweet-
ened only with brown sugar and apples
Ideal for a wholesome snack

Lunch Muffin
Ala Carte - Served with Mozzarella,     R29
Bacon & fresh Tomato

Bran Muffin

Ala Carte - Served with Mozzarella,     R29
Bacon & a boiled Egg

Meali Bread                                   Pasta                                   R31
Topped with Hummus, Bacon/Chicken/      R34   Pesto Pasta Salad with crumbled Feta,
Ham, finished with Wild Rocket and            Olives, Cherry tomatoes & roughly
served with tomato on the side                chopped Wild Rocket
Lots of Fibre, Low in Fat                                              Add Chicken    R12

                                              Village Greek                           R31
Quiches                                       You know the drill
Our quiches are made with low fat
cheeses and fresh vegetables. Each
single portion is served with country         Chicken                                 R44
Coleslaw & our Secret Dressing                Strips of Chicken, crispy Bacon, Avo
                                              and Cherry Tomatoes with our Secret
Beetroot & Feta, Onion                  R41   Dressing on a bed of Spinach

Roast Veg & Ricotta                     R41
                                              Haloumi                                 R44
Butternut & Blue Cheese                 R41   Haloumi, Avo , Peppadew & Cherry
Bacon & Spinach                         R42
Chicken & Mushroom                      R42   Caesar                                  R39
                                              Baby Cos Lettuce, Anchovy Fillets,
                                              Garlic Croutons, Egg and Shaved
                                              Parmesan served with country Caesar
                                                                       Add Chicken    R12
                                               Served with Chips or a Side Salad &
                                               our Secret Dressing

                                               Bacon & Emmenthal Cheese                         R44
                                               Filled with Hummus & Stir Fried Veg/Salad

                                               Haloumi & Sweet Chilli                           R44
                                               Filled with Mayo, Avo   & Stir Fried Veg/Salad

                                               Chicken Mayo                                     R46
                                               Filled with Avo   Feta, Lettuce, Carrots
                                               & Tomato

                                               Wild Rocket Burger                               R46
                                               Juicy 150g Beef burger with Greens,
                                               sweetened Tomato relish, Avo &
                                               crumbled Feta served with Chips or a
                                               Side Salad & our Secret Dressing

                                               Wild Rocket Chicken Burger                       R45
                                               Juicy Chicken burger with Greens,
                                               Sweet Chilli & Mayo, Avo & crumbled
                                               Feta served with Chips or a Side Salad
                                               & our Secret Dressing

                                               Toasted or Plain
                                               White, Brown or Health Bread
                                               Served with Chips or a Side Salad & our
                                               Secret Dressing

                                               Cheese                                           R23

                                               Cheese & Tomato                                  R25
                                               Ham, Cheese & Tomato                             R28
Chicken Pasta                            R52   Bacon, Cheese & Tomato                           R30
Fettuccine or Penne pasta with Chicken
strips, mushrooms, spinach & garlic in                                                          R31
a homemade Napolitano sauce
                                               Chicken Mayo
Kids                                  Picasso’s
Spaghetti Bolognaise            R27
                                      Play with your food!
Kids Burger                     R24
Juicy Beef patty with or
without Greens & Sauce served         Ice Cream & Chocolate Sauce        R19
with Chips or a Side Salad            With Do It Yourself Sprinkle Kit

                                      Biscuit Decorating Kit             R26
Samies                                Decorate your own Biscuit
Toasted or Plain on White,            at the Kids Table
Brown or Health Bread
Served with Chips or a Side           Cup Cake Kit                       R23
Salad & our Secret Dressing           Decorate your own cup cake
                                      at the Kids Table
Cheese                          R23
Cheese & Tomato                 R25
Ham, Cheese & Tomato            R28
Bacon, Cheese & Tomato          R30
Chicken Mayo                    R31
Peanut Butter & Syrup           R19

Smiley Face                     R19
Two eggs on toasted or plain
bread circles with carrots &
tomato as hair and mouth
Plate of Chips                  R13

Milkshakes                      R14   Our cup cakes are
Chocolate, Strawberry or              high in fibre and
Bubblegum                             are made with
                                      sweet potato.
                                      They are ideal for
Cookies & Milk                        a healthy whole-
                                      some snack.
Choice of Chocolate,            R24
Strawberry, Vanilla, Cream
Soda, Banana, Toffee Caramel
or Bubblegum flavoured milk

Served with two Iced Butter
Biscuits for dunking
                     Guilt Free Treats
Specially prepared
foods that are
High in Fibre, Low
in Fat, Sodium &
Sugar and have a
Low GI.
                     Ice Cream
                     Ice Cream & Home made                 R21
                     Chocolate Sauce

                     Delicious chocolate brownies served   R24
                     with Ice Cream

                     Scone                                 R19
                     Served with mixed Emmenthal &
                     Mozzarella and Apricot Jam

                     Lunch Muffin                          R21
                     Peasant Style – Served with
                     Mozzarella & Apricot Jam
                     Bran Muffin                           R23
                     Peasant Style – Served with
                     Yogurt, Honey & Nuts
                     Carrot & Nut Muffin                   R19
                     Served with sliced apple, freshly
                     grated carrots & Nuts
                     Banana & Peanut Butter Muffin         R19
                     Served with sliced apple & banana

                     Ask your waiter about our selection
                     of the day

                     Chocolate Cake                        R22
                     Cheese Cake                           R21
                     Carrot Cake                           R23
Cold Beverages
Mineral Water
Sparkling or Still      500ml      R12

Fruit Juice                        R15
Orange, Mango Pine, Tropical,
Guava, Apple and Cranberry

Tizers                             R15
Appletizer, Red Grapetizer

Tomato Cocktail                    R11

Soft Drinks                        R14
Coke, Tab, Coke Light, Coke
Zero, Sprite, Sprite Zero, Fanta
Orange, Fanta Grape, Cream

Soda Water, Ginger Ale             R11

Iced Tea                           R12
Peach, Lemon, Lemon Light
and Red

Rock Shandy                        R23
Lemonade, Soda & Bitters

Steel Works                        R24
Ginger Ale, Soda, Cola Tonic,
Lime & Bitters,

Red Bull                           R22

Steri Stumpi                       R15

Milkshakes                               Freezoccino
                                                                R 23
Choice of Juice with Ice
Cream or Traditional -             R19   Choice of Cappuccino
                                         or White Chocolate
Chocolate, Strawberry
or Vanilla                               Freezoccino
                           Hot Beverages
                           Condensed Milk Coffee             R17
                           Served in a Tin Mug with a Rusk
                           Cappuccino                        R13
                           Skinny Cappuccino                 R13
                           Filter Coffee                     R8

                           Espresso                          R10
                           Double Espresso                   R14
                           Macchiato                         R11   in Decaf
                           Café Latte                        R15
                           Cappuccino Latte                  R17
                           White Chocolate Latte             R17
                           Mochaccino                        R16
                           Milo/Horlicks                     R14
                           Hot Chocolate                     R14
                           Five Roses Tea                    R11
                           Herbal Tea                        R11
                           Rooibos, Chamomile, Ginger,
                           Green Tea & Mint
                           Chai Tea                          R16
                           Red Cappuccino                    R12
                           Red Espresso                      R9
                           Red Latte                         R13
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