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									                                                The Florida Lamp
                                                     The Voice of Florida ESA                                              October 2010
                                                                   Sharon Roberts/Janice Harmon, Editors

Officer Reports                               Looking Beyond with Pinky
                                        Our 2010-2011 year is well underway and we are approaching our busiest time of the year…FALL.
1→President’s letter                     We enjoyed a wonderful Summer of events and planning. The Yearbooks are completed and I hope
2→1st Vice President       everyone is enjoying them. Contact me to make arrangements to receive your yearbook, if you did not have a
2→2nd Vice President       representative at the Board Meeting to pick them up.
  Secretary                I attended IC in Minneapolis with a team of 15 illustrious Sisters who represented our State impressively. I was very
3→Recording Secretary      proud to represent our Florida membership but I had no idea what a feeling I would experience as I carried our flag
                           during the Opening Ceremonies! It is a memory I will carry forever! Florida won many awards, which will be
                           recognized and presented at Mid Year. Kayla/Eta Rho did an outstanding presentation for the membership
3→Philanthropic Director
                           workshop and we were featured in BJ’s (Exec. Director) membership presentation. We will share some of the
4→Educational Director
                           experiences with you at Mid Year.
4→Disaster Fund
4→Care Connection          We held a Board Retreat the end of July. We not only got to know each other better, but also made lots of progress
5→FoundationCounselor      with our goals and plans for the year. One of our main goals is to DIVERSIFY. We are all aware that we need to
5→Parliamentarian          update, yet still protect our traditions. We are searching for ways to energize our present membership, as well as
5→Srapbook Coordinator     appeal to new members. The big question is: Once these suggestions are made, how can they be implemented? We
5→SERC Coordinator         must ALL be willing to come out of our cocoons and spread our wings, if we want to perpetuate ESA.
5→Past Presidents
  Chairman                 A very productive Board Meeting was held in mid August. It was well attended with 32 attending! Please
                           remember that you do not have to be a board member to attend…all are welcome. It is a tremendous learning tool
Chapter Chatter            for ESA, especially if you are planning to seek office in the future.
9 →Alpha Nu
                           Another goal is to recognize members for the “little things they do behind the scenes that make a difference in
9→Beta Beta
                           ESA”. Our annual awards at State Convention are wonderful, but there are so many silent workers that manage to
9→Beta Theta               slip through the cracks…be sure to attend Mid Year for this exciting unveiling! (We will be calling upon the
10→Chi Omega               chapter presidents and the membership to help us seek out these special members.)
10→Eta Rho
10→Lambda Xi               Eta Rho has worked very hard to present the “ESA Is Not So Scary” Event for Mid Year on October 23. It is being
10→Gamma Rho               held in a very convenient, central location right off of I-4 in Lake Buena Vista/Orlando. We are planning a little
10→Nu Alpha                “taking care of business”, but with many more fun events in store. Let’s make this a 100% chapter attendance
11→Rho Chi                 Event!!!!! (IDEA: Some chapters are planning to make this their social for the month!) What a way to come out of
                           your cocoons and spread your Monarch Wings!
11→Sigma Tau

                           A Demographics Guide is in the works this year to assist the membership. We have formed a Demographics
Other News                 committee to facilitate, which will be explained further at Mid Year. Lin King has agreed to chair this endeavor. I
6→Zeus Award               know you are probably wondering about the aggressive goals we have for this year but as I promised in my
7→SERC Registration        acceptance speech, I have always had dreams, visions and goals and am the eternal optimist. We are holding our
8→Midyear Registration     lamps high and lighting someone’s sky. We are listening to the voices of our membership. Together we are
                           striving to strengthen and diversify our tripod of ESA traditions. Together as a TEAM we can weave new
11→Website Information
                           innovative ideas into those traditions and not only strengthen our membership but enable us to become part of the
11→Next Jonquil Deadline
                           great history of ESA. A person without imagination has no wings. Let your true colors show, come out of your
11→Next Lamp Deadline      cocoons, spread your wings, and we can all become Monarchs! Let’s “Look Beyond Ourselves”!
                                FLORIDA STATE COUNCIL BOARD
Pinky Barbour, President                                        Bonnie McGuire, Chaplain
Mary Jay Bauer, First Vice President                            Julie Freitag, Circle of Life Coordinator
Robin Allred, Second Vice President                             Mary Sosa, Easter Seals Coordinator
Toni Bell, Corresponding Secretary                              Betty Sanders, Foundation Counselor
Barbara Fry, Recording Secretary                                Barbara Floyd, Parliamentarian
Mona King, Treasurer                                            Terry Moherek, Scrapbook Coordinator
Donna Cornett, Philanthropic Director                           Jan Billias, SERC Coordinator
Kayla Andux, Educational Director                               Linda King, Webmaster
Sherry Newgent, Jr. Past President/Disaster Fund                Barbara Kellard, PPA/Credentials Chairman
Roxanne Haynes, Audit Chairman                                  Rhonda Coy, Executive Adviser
Brenda Wesp & Sue Ceriale, Awards Chairman                      Alisha Hulslander, Diversity Coordinator
Dawn Marie Arnold & Paula Kelly, Care Connection

Mary Jay Bauer                             Where is that spirit of competition!      Robin Allred
                                           Come on ladies, look beyond what you
1st Vice President                         think you can do and submit your          Second Vice President
Well, summer flew by and we are            officer nomination form. If you know      We are already half way through our
almost in to fall! Time is just flying     someone that you think would make a       State Year – time sure does fly! I
by!                                        good candidate, please let me know        would like to thank those of you who
                                           and I will hunt them down for you!        completed      and      returned     the
I wanted to remind everyone to please      (Not really, I will be kind). Also,       questionnaire I sent out. For those who
send me any information you have on        there are so many other positions on      didn’t - there is still time. I have
new pledges, transfers, reinstatments,     the appointed board that we need to       received a few “verbal meeting bid
etc, that your chapter may have. I         fill. If you are interested in one of     promises” however nothing official as
want to recognize everyone at Mid-         those positions, please let me know.      of yet. Remember it is not a “bid” until
Year and if I don't have your              Remember, February 15th is the            the form is completed and sent in. The
information, you may get left out. I       deadline for nomination forms to reach    questionnaires I received showed that
want to thank you for all your hard        me and it will be here before we know     everyone likes to have a choice as to
work in building ESA! Take it from         it! It’s not too early to send them in!   where meeting are held so bids are still
me, I personally know how hard it is                                                 needed for Mid-Year 2011, Leadership
to get those new members! But if you       Email clarification: I have been told     2012 and State Convention 2013.
keep on keepin on, you will succeed!       that some members are still using my      Keep in mind Mid-Year can be any
If there is anything I can do to help      old work email address that has           time within 6 months after State
you in this undertaking, PLEASE don't      "Keltec" in it. Please use the one that   Convention in May and does not have
hesitate to ask. If your chapter is        is in the yearbook as the keltec email    to be in October. Leadership can be
having a rush party, tea, or whatever      address      has      been     closed.    any time between Mid-Year and State
planned, I would welcome the                        Convention so if March is not good for
opportunity to help you with that!                                                   you why not February. With the
                                           Thank you for your support this year!     holidays fast approaching you will be
Also, I know it seems like we just had     You all are amazing!                      getting busy therefore don’t hesitate,
convention and elections but now is                                                  go to page 21 in your yearbook, fill
the time to start thinking about running                                             out the meeting bid form and send it to
for an Executive Board position for                                                  me today. The more bids we get the
next year! I have had some inquiries                                                 more fun skits we will see at
but I would like for every position to                                               Convention and the more choices we
have at least two members running.                                                   will have as to when and where we
will be going. I am always available to   Barbara Fry                                charities. Do make October the month
answer any questions you may have                                                    to grow.
regarding hosting a meeting and look      Recording Secretary
forward to hearing from you. I hope to    “Happiness is the spiritual experience     You should have all sent in your Tax
see you all soon at the Not So Scary      of living every minute with love, grace    Fax by Sept 15th. If you have not sent
Mid-Year meeting!                         and gratitude.” -Denis Waitley             your chapter dues to IC treasurer
                                                                                     Vicky Jones please make that priority
                                          Summer is over. How did that happen        number one. Since Vicky is sporting 2
                                          so quickly? I am sure everyone is          hats at the moment, as both the SERC
                                          gearing up for some activity . I hope      registration chair and the IC Treasurer,
                                          you have added Mid-Year to your list.      please identify the office the enclosed
                                          I am looking forward to that day. Then     funds are related to: Vicky Jones,
                                          right around the corner is the holidays,   ESA IC Treasurer, 664 Grigsby Lane,
                                          it seems odd to start planning for all     Cadiz, KY 42211
                                          that already.
Toni Bell                                                                            Looking forward to seeing everyone at
Corresponding Secretary                   It is with a grateful heart that I have    Mid-year.
“What's a butterfly garden without        been given the opportunity to “look
butterflies?” R. Roger                    beyond myself” and serve on the
                                          Florida State Council Board. Please
We had a wonderful time at IC. It was     contact me if I can help you and/or
great to hear that ESA has contributed    your chapter in anyway. I am here for
over 8 million dollars to the St. Jude    you.
Children's Research Hospital this year.
It sounds as if we are all busy
butterflies   in    the   garden    of                                               Donna Cornett
                                                                                     Philanthropic Director
                                                                                     I received “Philanthropic Reports”
This year our chapters are really
                                                                                     from 16 chapters by the June 30th
involved and the recording secretaries
are doing a superb job of recording the
                                          Mona King                                  deadline. Most of the chapters have
                                          Treasurer                                  now started up their year after taking
meetings. I am getting a wider
                                          I’m delighted to report that all of our    off the summer. Don’t forget that I
perspective on the happenings around
                                          chapter treasurers have turned in their    need to receive your Philanthropic
the state.
                                          State chapter and membership dues on       Reports postmarked by September
                                          time.                                      30th. You can either send a “detail
I appreciate all the work you are
                                                                                     report” or a “nothing to report”.
doing. You have been very busy
                                                                                     Reports can either be sent to me via e-
“butterflies.” Please continue sending    We now have 27 Chapters and 319
                                          members. Our budget was based on           mail or snail mail.
your minutes to my two email
addresses: and           having 28 chapters and 340 members
                                          as income.                                 Remember all checks must be made Or send your
                                                                                     out to Florida State Project Fund,
minutes in regular mail to my home
                                                                                     attached to the Philanthropic Report
address: 1139 W. Lakeshore Drive,         This translates to being $304 short of
                                          the approved budget which was              and sent to me if they are reported
Clermont, FL. 34711. I will answer all
                                                                                     under State Projects Actual Money
mail with an “I received your _____       already tight in meeting the required
minutes.”                                 funds to support State council
                                          identified activities. As we are
                                          thinking outside of ourselves, let us
                                          turn our butterfly wings into loving
                                          thoughts that will bring in new
                                          members. Those new members, just
                                          one per chapter will help spread the
                                          word about ESA and allow us to grow
                                          and multiply our efforts for the
                                          betterment of our communities and
Kayla Andux                                Dawn Marie Arnold &                        cares, or if they do they don’t ever
                                                                                      hear from them and don’t get
Educational Director                       Paula Kelly,                               packages.
Hello everyone!! I have been receiving     Care Connection
some AWESOME educationals and                                                         More caring from            the    Care
                                           I attended the Glenn Beck Restoring
can't wait to read them each month as                                                 Connection later.
                                           Honor Rally on August 28 in
they come in. I hope that you all are
                                           Washington D.C. because I care. It
enjoying the educationals that I have
                                           was held at the Washington Mall
sent out. If you have any ideas or
                                           between the Washington Monument
requests about something that you
                                           and the Lincoln Memorial. The crowd
want to learn about please let me
                                           was enormous. I happened to sit next
know!! Don't forget that your
                                           to a young man named Matt Langton,
educationals must be postmarked by
                                           who is in the Army. He is on leave
the 10th of the month. I am very
                                           until January, when he will be
excited about sharing your educational
                                           deployed to Afghanistan in the Special     Mary Sosa
program themes at Mid Year. Eta Rho
                                           Forces. I struck up a conversation
will be doing a book drive at Mid Year                                                Easter Seals Coordinator
                                           with him during rare quiet moments of
that will bring books to the hands                                                    The long days of summer are slowly
                                           the rally and found out quite a bit
children around the world. They are                                                   coming to an end as we gradually
                                           about him. He will be in four more
asking for new children’s books or                                                    creep into fall. What a wonderful time
                                           years. He currently packs parachutes
cook books. The books will be                                                         of the year. The air is cooler, the
                                           in North Carolina while he waits to be
donated to a wonderful organization                                                   leaves will soon start their show of
                                           deployed. He lives in a substandard
called My One School and a                                                            colors (yes! even in Florida), and our
                                           barracks, but fortunately has a room to
representative will be at the meeting to                                              chapters are busy planning fundraising
                                           himself. He has to share a bathroom
make a presentation about all of the                                                  events and meetings. This year I am
                                           with a slob and cannot go into the
wonderful things that they do.                                                        asking every chapter to please
                                           bathroom without wearing flip flops.
Remember "knowledge is power"                                                         consider supporting Easter Seals. If
                                           Matt hopes to make sergeant before he
Hope to see everyone there!!                                                          your chapter was one of the 17
                                           goes back to Afghanistan. He said we
                                           don't belong in Afghanistan (though        chapters in Florida that supported
                                           such a comment is way above his pay        Easter Seals the past year, I thank you;
                                           grade according to my Army nephew.)        if your chapter is one of the few that
                                           It is unwinnable. The people are not       did not, I am asking to please consider
                                           like us and cannot and do not want to      it this year.
                                           relate to us. I really hesitated telling
                                           him about our Hope for Heroes              I will be collecting ink cartridges and
Sherry Newgent                             endeavors, but finally bit the bullet (a   cell phones for the “Cartridges for
                                           pun?) and explained it to him. I have      Kids” program again at the Mid Year
Disaster Fund                              his email address and he is going to       meeting in Orlando. Easter Seals
To those chapters that have already        send me his address overseas. I asked      reports are due on November 30th, but
made a donation to the Disaster Fund,      him if he liked receiving packages and     I will be happy to start collecting the
I say “THANK YOU”, to those                he replied that he and all his buddies     reports anytime they are ready. You
chapters that have not yet made a          love it! They really enjoy sharing the     do not have to wait until November to
donation I say, “PLEASE DON’T              things that they receive. One of his       mail them in. You can reach me at
FORGET”.                                   buddies got a box full of 50 bars of       352-546-5347 or by email at
                                           soap. When his buddy said "What am; you can
I don’t know of to many organizations      I supposed to do with this?" all the       contact James Bryant, Director of
that offer free aid to their own in a      guys yelled out "Share!" Matt’s face       Camp Challenge at 352-383-4711 or
time of need. (Emphasis on the word        lit up with a great big smile when I       email;
FREE) Without your contributions this      told him we like to send packages to       Janet Jamieson Manager Corporate
aid could not be possible. Please don’t    our military and I told him we would       Relations Easter Seals (Camp Hope)
forget the Disaster Fund when your         send some to him. It doesn’t matter if     312-551-7146/email
chapter is determining where your          he gets 10 packages or one or what or
hard earned monies will be distributed     may be in them. They share and know        Tracy Clouser, CFRE Tampa Easter
this year. As always call or email me      we care. He said there are a lot of        Seals office 813-769-5925 or email
if you have any questions.                 soldiers who don’t have anyone who
                                         Remember       the   ESAF     Florida     having to wait until the Convention
                                         sponsored scholarships need us to         meeting for support, the Florida
Betty Sanders                            keep the funding up so the                candidate could be at a disadvantage.
Foundation Counselor                     scholarships can be given every year.     The deadline for submission is June 1st
Happy October to all and a safe and      See you all at Mid-Year.                  of each year.
fun Halloween!
                                                                                   If you have any questions, you may
You should have your 2010-2011                                                     contact me prior to the Mid Year
Florida State Council Yearbooks by                                                 meeting or address them at the time of
now.     The      ESA       Foundation                                             the proposal.
information is on pages 43 through 47.
                                         Barbara Floyd                             Hope to see you at Mid Year, October
It is now time to pay your ESA                                                     23 in Orlando, where “ESA is not so
Foundation dues of $15.00 for
                                         Parliamentarian                           scary!”
councils, chapters and individual        Happy Fall, y’all!
members. They can be sent to me and I
will send on for you or you can send     Can you believe that summer is gone?
directly to the ESA Foundation, 363      Well, according to the calendar, it is;
West Drake Road, Fort Collins, CO        but, here in Florida, the heat hangs
80526. Be sure to use a copy of the      around for a few more months. I feel
ESA Foundation Contribution Form         as if I missed a good portion of
on page 44 of the FSC Yearbook           summer, and I did with this foot of       Terry Moherek,
indicating where your check is to be     mine. Which reminds me that I want
applied.                                 to thank all of you for your cards,       Scrapbook Coordinator
                                         good wishes and thoughts during this      Now that our chapters are gearing up
                                         time of sitting home and tending to a     for a very active sorority year I hope
The ESA Foundation website list of
                                         broken foot. I am fine and hope to see    that you will all start thinking about
scholarships has been updated as of
                                         all of you at the Mid Year meeting in     taking pictures of your memorable
July 2010. It will be updated again in
                                         October.                                  events. As scrapbook coordinator, I
October. You can check to see if the
                                                                                   would like to present our president,
scholarship of your interest has
                                         As you know, Mid Year is the Florida      Pinky, with pages filled with photos of
enough in the fund balance over and
                                         State Council’s first business meeting    your chapter’s happenings.
above the principal to award the
scholarship for the academic year of     of the 2010-2011 year; and, as such,
                                         any business deemed necessary may         Please send me enough pictures to fill
2012-2013. Scholarships for the
                                         be conducted at that time. As you         a 12” by 12” scrapbook page. Please
academic year of 2011-2012 were
                                         know, Standing Rules may be               take the time to identify the people,
determined by amount of dollars over
                                         proposed, amended and voted upon at       event, date and any interesting facts
and above the principal as of May 31,
                                         any business meeting. Therefore, you      about your photos. I am hoping to
2010. In Florida the ESA Foundation
                                         need to know that a new standing rule     have a page for each of our Florida
Scholarship donations are sent to the
                                         has been proposed and we will vote on     chapters.     My e-mail address is
FSC State Philanthropic Director made
                                         whether or not to accept it at the Mid    incorrect on page 5 in the new
payable to the State Project Fund and
                                         Year meeting. It is as follows and        yearbook.
designated which scholarship fund the
                                         would be #12 if passed:                   Tony Bell, corresponding secretary,
dollars are to benefit in the check
                                                                                   has also offered to accept pictures sent
memo line as Florida has made the
                                         12. State support may be granted to       to her email address for the scrapbook.
ESA Foundation Scholarship Fund one
of our State Projects.                   IC or SERC candidates from Florida at
                                         either the annual Mid Year or             Thank you for helping me to put
                                         Convention meeting by a majority of       together a wonderful memory book. I
Other ways to support the ESA
                                         the members present and voting.           will be attending Mid Year if anyone
Foundation are to become a member
                                                                                   wants to give me their pictures at that
this year and take advantage of the
                                         Reason: To clarify the timing of          time.
ESAF 40th Anniversary promotion of 2
years membership for $25.00; use the     support for candidates. If there are
Turn Around Fund; if a federal           several SERC candidates from
employee donates through the             different states running for an office,
Combined Federal Campaign.               the timing of Nomination Form
                                         submission can be important. By
                                                                                   Jan Billias
SERC- Coordinator                          tickets that are sold the higher the      Presidents. The purpose of the PPA is
                                           winnings. We will dress in our favorite   to serve the State Council in an
The Kentucky sisters are very excited
                                           team colors on Friday night, and          advisory capacity and to fulfill other
about hosting the 2010 SERC
                                           Saturday we will wear our Derby’s         assignments as requested.
Conference at the beautiful Marriott
                                           finest, or a Derby hat. Let’s give our
Hotel in Louisville, KY on November
                                           support to Sharron Thompson as she        Assigned duties include:
12-13, 2010.
                                           “runs” for Recording Secretary, and go          Credentials Committee
                                           out and have some fun at this year’s            Hosting a reception for first
As you might guess, the theme is
                                           conference.                                  time state convention attendees
related to the Kentucky Derby,
                                                                                           Assisting with the judging of
“Journey Through the Bluegrass of
Kentucky”. There will also be
                                                                                           Acting as 'Big Sisters' to
opportunities to play golf, tour
                                                                                        Florida State Council Officers
Churchill Downs Derby Museum and
take the Caesar’s Riverboat cruise.
                                                                                     The Past Presidents        offer their
Please see the registration form in this
                                                                                     assistance to chapters,    councils or
issue of the LAMP.
                                           Barbara Kellard                           Individual members, the   same as your
                                                                                     State Officers. Please    feel free to
In order to offset some expenses,          Past President's Auxiliary                contact us.
Kentucky is offering 50/50 Raffle          The Past President's Auxiliary --
chances, and I have the tickets. They      Florida's 'Big Sisters' is comprised of
are $10 each. Obviously, the more          the past Florida State Council

                                 Congratulations to Richard Haynes
During our State Convention, Richard Haynes was presented with the Zeus Award by sister chapters
Rho Chi and Eta Rho. Richard (husband of Rockie) has been such an asset to our chapters and so
deserving. For many years he has supported our efforts and projects. He worked the stadium, built
props, made videos, tapes, records and photographs. Rich has dressed up as a woman, a cowboy, a
dancing hat, stood in for a number of productions and who will ever forget his job as emcee of the Miss
ESA Florida Beauty Pageant for Rockies candidate skit. Besides escorting his wonderful wife, it
seems like he has been an escort at every installation since Rockie joined. When Rho Chi was formed
Richard was heartbroken as he left his “sisters” from Alpha Rho behind and then when Eta Rho came
about he stood at the chartering ceremony as if he was the proud sponsor of the chapter. During Mid-
Year of 2009, Richard touched everyone’s heart as he called during the meeting to thank everyone for
their prayers, cards and thoughts as he recovered from surgery. But today, we thank Richard for being
there for us and for ESA you are a great guy – we love you.
              ESA IS NOT SO SCARY
                 MID - YEAR
                                          ETA RHO
                                         WITH OR WITHOUT COSTUME

                          Saturday October 23, 2010
                       Courtyard by Marriott, Orlando FL
                    Registration $21.00 (add $3.00 after 10/10/10)
                         Registration opens at 7:30 am in the Marriott Hotel Foyer
                         Board Meeting at 8:00 am – Mid Year Meeting at 9:30 am
       We will be having a book drive so watch for upcoming information.

                               Hotel Information:
                               Courtyard by Marriott
                               Orlando/Lake Buena Vista Marriott Village
                               8623 Vineland Ave
                               Orlando, FL 32821

               Call 1-800-228-9290 for reservations before 9/24/10
               Rates: (Both hotels are in the same parking lot)
               Marriott $99.00 per night plus tax - single/double
               Spring Hill Suites $89.00 per night plus tax – single/double

Mail your registration form with your check payable to Eta Rho
To: Robin Allred - 315 Country Club Drive - Oldsmar, FL 34677

Name _______________________________ Chapter ________________
Your Contact information (address – email – phone)

           Guest Information ________________________________
               Remember to share the fun!

                               Total Enclosed __________________
ALPHA NU - Alpha Nu                                                                    throughout the state will
held a Jewel Pin ceremony                                                              have a blast getting to know
to officially welcome                                                                  them. Hope everyone else
its most recent Pledge,                                                                has a great year planned!
Gena Patch.
                                                                                       BETA THETA –Beta
Our chapter honored Helen                                                              Theta started the summer
Price with a bridal shower                                                             off with a June social at
in anticipation of her                                                                 “Sam’s Beach” hosted by
upcoming marriage on                                                                   Suzanne     McClure     and
October      2nd,     2010.                                                            Debbie Stillman. “Love of
Congratulations, Helen.                                                                Nature” was the educational
Chapter Year Books were                                                                theme presented by Joan
distributed to all members.                                                            Kyle, Donna Kidder and
A huge thank you to Alice                                                              Ann     Whitlock.    Guests
Schwindt         for      the                                                          donated to the Virtual Food
outstanding job she did.                                                               Drive of ESA International.
The Year Book is one to be so very proud of as Alice
has gone outside the box in her illustrations and           In July, FSC President Pinky Barbour represented our
addition of a beautiful calendar.                           state at the ESA International Convention in
                                                            Minneapolis, MN. FSC Corresponding Secretary Toni
Two members have lost family members over the past          Bell accompanied her along with fourteen members of
month, Sharon Haydon's father passed away as well as        FSC. The highlight of the convention was the St. Jude
the mother of Kay Patskoski. Our sincere condolences        scavenger hunt held at the Mall of America. This year
to both.                                                    ESA International gave over 8 million dollars to the St.
                                                            Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
BETA BETA – Well, here it is September and the
Beta Beta ladies are off and running after a restful        The second social of the summer was cancelled due to
summer break! Actually it was a restful summer but          the unexpected death of Betty and Bud’s son, David
Beta Beta kept on socializing! In July we saw a             Meadows. A celebration of his life was held at the
Thresher’s baseball game and enjoyed the “feeding           Meadows’ home. People reminisced and shared stories
frenzy” and in August we attended Alpha Rho’s dinner        of his life, and Betty’s Beta Theta sisters prepared food
theatre. Our educationals, The Healthy You . . . “Mind,     for the occasion. Betty tells us that she would not have
Body, Spirit” will begin on September 21st when we          made it without the support of her sisters in ESA. The
will learn the Benefits of Vinegar and Zumba with           entire Meadows family is very grateful to all of ESA for
Michele! Then it is off to Bay Area on the 23rd and the     the cards and tributes made on David’s behalf.
25th brings up our trip to Caladesi Island. October will
be chocked full of fun too! One of our sisters, Sharon      On August 14, the Sisters of Beta Theta hosted the FSC
Roberts’ daughter gets married on the 2nd. On the 19th in   Board meeting at the Village Green Clubhouse. A
our educationals we will learn how to Eat Right for         record number attended the event. Our sisters decorated
Your Blood Type and How to Look Good Naked. Then            the clubhouse with pastel tablecloths, huge butterflies
we’re off to Mid-Year in Orlando on the 22nd and 23rd       and lime green margarita candy dishes. The meal
and to close out October we are having a Halloween          served as a philanthropic fundraiser for our chapter.
costume party, pot luck dinner and Dubb’s Bridge game       President Sandy Stacy and Eleanor Lofgren chaired the
at Peggy D’s house. November starts with Susan Gahan        event aided by Carol Andrews, Michelle Delaney,
holding her annual garage sale for St. Jude’s on            JoAnn Harman, Janet Hawkins, Robin Krawchuk, Joan
November 6th. At our educationals on the 16th we will       Kyle, Bonnie McGuire, Terry Moherek, and Rosetta
learn Thai Chi and How to Feed Your Soul. After             Shobe.
Thanksgiving we will be spending the day in Deland on
December 4th for the annual auction and then our            The last social of the season was held at Rosetta and
chapter Christmas party at Eleanor’s house on the 5th.      Bob Shobe’s home. Bob cooked hamburgers and
Never a dull moment for our chapter who welcomed            hotdogs and everyone brought a dish. Pool volleyball
two new members at our business meeting this month!         was the attraction of the day. Our Philanthropic
Welcome Sharon K and Marie P! They are now part of          endeavor required everyone to bring personal care
the crazy Beta Beta ladies. All of you other ESA ladies     items for the residents of Leisure Manor. It was a
                                                            fantastic end to the summer events.
                                                            With Animals, Insects, and Birds”. Gladys Bauer will
CHI OMEGA –June was a very regular month which              be our Corresponding Secretary.
was welcome after the past six (6) months.
                                                            Five generations of Frances Herman's family gathered
July sent Sharron Thompson gallivanting once more.          for lunch on July 29th to celebrate her 90th birthday.
This time she attended the 63rd Annual International
Council Meeting in Bloomington, Minnesota. She              Gladys hosted our August meeting. She also gave the
brought each an ESA clip back. She had a great time as      2nd educational program “Dancing Through The Years
always.                                                     With Butterflies that Really Dance” with help of
                                                            Donna. Our members received their 2010-2011 Chapter
Our August meeting was a planning session for               Yearbooks and our 2010-2011 State Yearbooks. Dee,
upcoming Philanthropic projects for our chapter. We         Marilyn, Dodier, Marti, Diane, Charlotte and Betty
hope to have several members going to Mid Year on           packed backpacks at Edgewood School.
October 23rd. Hope to see you all there!
                                                            Betty hosted our September meeting. She presented the
ETA RHO - We are so excited to see everyone at the          3rd educational program “Dancing Through The Years
ESA is not so scary mid-year meeting!!!! We have been       With Music of the Fifties”. Marti Johnson displayed 20
working hard on planning the most FUN and NOT               hats she had knitted.
SCARY meeting yet. Bucs season has started so if you
are at the game come and visit our booth by the pirate      Final plans for our garage/yard sale on Saturday,
ship. We are following our presidents theme “cast your      September 11th at Dee's were made.
line” and looking beyond ourselves as president Pinky
has encouraged us to do and look for new members. We        We are looking forward to mid-year. Have a safe and
will be touring the Easter Seals facility in September in   fun Halloween.
hopes to get a better understanding of what a great
organization Easter Seals is. We are planning many          NU ALPHA - Nu Alpha has been busy this summer
upcoming events for St. Jude and Easter Seals so be         with our annual collection of school supplies for the
sure to keep your ears and eyes open! We are looking        Country Acres Children’s Home held July 31, 2010 at
forward to the Give Thanks walk in November and             the home of Barbara Fry. This year we added some
many local projects.                                        excitement to our day by having our state President,
                                                            Pinky Barbour join us along with Florida State
LAMBDA XI – Our president’s theme for this year is          Corresponding Secretary, Toni Bell. Pinky conducted a
“The Heart of ESA…..Faith, Love, and Charity…..for          pledge ceremony for our new member, Patsy Morgan.
all Mankind.” We are busy planning for a “rush” in          We also had an Educational program about the
September. Our Educational Meetings will also begin in      American Flag. We had a full morning and as all good
September. We collected school supplies for the “Stuff      ESA members do we ended it all with a meal. It is so
the Bus” event in Jacksonville. For our September           good to get together since we don’t hold regular
meeting, we are collecting items to be sent to military     meetings in July and August and all enjoyed getting to
members and food donations for the food bank.               know Pinky & Toni a little better. It was a wonderful
                                                            day for Nu Alpha!!!
GAMMA RHO - Our Planning Meeting was held in
June at Betty Sanders'. We made most of our plans for       Our chapter has another great piece of news; Debi
the 2010 – 2011 year. Will finish up in July and have       Benoit has come back as an active member. She has
our yearbook ready for August meeting.                      indeed been missed and everyone is looking forward to
                                                            having her back with us. Our chapter is indeed growing
Betty attended the IC Convention in Bloomington, MN         and we all are very grateful and looking forward to
July 12th to July 17th. Gamma Rho's Educational Book        what is going to be a very exciting time for us.
placed in the Top 10. Betty was the 2nd highest
individual fund raiser in the Mall Madness event for St.    September finds us back in the groove with a garage
Jude with $3,210. The event raised over $86,000. Betty      sale for the youth we sponsor at FSDB, jewelry party
was appointed to the IC Nominating Committee. We            for St. Jude, filling boxes and getting them mailed for
had a good delegation and a good time.                      our military and of course February finds us hosting our
                                                            Olde Bags Luncheon & Auction. We are looking
July meeting was hosted by Charlotte Williams,              forward to Mid-Year in October. In between all this we
President. Donna Dittmer presented the first                have the holidays coming up. It is good to be busy and
educational program “Dancing Through The Years              active.
                                                            chapter joined her family and friends for an evening of
RHO CHI – Happy fall from Rho Chi – we are very             fun – Sally got her second ride ever on a big Harley –
busy as we gear up for another year at the Stadium in       she was gone for about an hour and riding all around
our Budweiser Tiki Hut, it’s really a win-win situation.    central Pasco County. The following week we
If the Bucs win games, everyone buys beer to celebrate.     celebrated Rockie and Riches 40th anniversary with a
If they lose, what people are there buy beer to drown       casino night – brother even with chips these people are
their sorrow – positive attitude right?                     cut throat betters. The lovebirds had a great evening and
                                                            pledged to stay together for another 40. And of course
President Helen Dunn presented our chapter with             somewhere in the mix we attended Alpha Rho’s “dinner
Freedom of the Sea as her theme this year and Rockie        theatre” for an evening of entertainment. It was
chose whatever “Floats Your Boat” as our education          awesome !
theme. Sherry brought us her love of dance as her
educational and invited us to her year-end recital as the   We hope to see many of you at Mid-Year and there are
social. Those attending were thrilled to see our Past       four or five of us attending SERC which is always fun
State Prez “on her toes” as she tapped, spun, and jazzed    and believe it or not it is almost here so Happy
her way across the stage in a number of performances        Holidays. Oh and thanks to Beta Beta for their support
during the night.                                           in our effort to win OUTSTANDING CHAPTER !!!!
                                                            Love you guys !
Our summer meetings have been kind of thin with
vacations and illnesses but we are ready to get back into   SIGMA TAU - Sigma Tau, Clearwater, FL celebrated
the swing of things. Ida has planned a great rush for the   its 25-year chartering anniversary on August 7th with a
fall and we are all on board working towards the            luncheon at the home of chapter president Rebecca
Thanksgiving Walk for St. Jude in November and the          Sutter. Two guests and two former members joined in
Transitions Golf Tournament in March. (we checked           the event.
none of it interferes with State meetings).
                                                            Pictures and memorabilia were shared during the
We seem to have had a month of celebrations starting        morning. Plans are being made for the next 25 years by
with Sherry’s daughter Mindy’s graduation from              setting goals this year for Philanthropic gifts, attending
college, fun and games and, of course, Garry’s great        Midyear, hosting Bay Area, attending Alpha Rho's
cooking – I swear he can put on the best spread. Then       dinner theatre.
in celebration of Sally’s (aka/Dirt) big birthday. The

 Be sure to check the websites for important news and updates:           NEXT JONQUIL DEADLINE –
                                                                               January 15, 2010
                           &                                               NEXT LAMP DEADLINE –
                                                  December 10, 2010

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