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Cure for Lower Back Pain - Non-surgical Treatments for Back Pain


									One of the most common problems of people who are obese, at work and even the
elderly is lower back pain. This is due to strenuous activities or underlying diseases.
  There are non-surgical cure for lower back pain. Follow these tips and relieve you
from the debilitating pain in the back. Exercise - exercise may get rid of lower back
pain easily. This technique is effective if done properly. There are many methods of
exercise to help lessen back pain. Try some of these steps:
  ? Pelvic tilt exercise ? Knee to chest exercise ? Lumbar            spine      exercise   ?
     Lumbar extension ? Lower back rotation
  These are just some exercise techniques to cure for lower back pain. There are also
gadgets or equipments to use in exercising.
  Heating or ice pad - Heat pads and ice packs are effective home remedy for lower
back pain. Place the heat pad or ice pack in the affected area and let it sit for 10 to 15
  Posture - Proper posture must also be attained to cure temporary pain in the back.
You can use comfortable pillows placed on your back while sitting during office work.
Proper standing position is also a must to align your spinal structure.
  Medicine - There are certain medications that can be bought over the counter. It is
quite effective when taken during the onset of lower back pain. Now are some
medications for back pain treatment.
  ? NSAIDs ? anti inflammatory drugs ? Acetaminophen ? analgesics ? Muscle
relaxants ? Pain relievers
  Yoga - Yoga is a kind of meditating exercise. This technique is used to flex the
muscles including the bones and spine. It is effective in treating back pain because it
helps release the stress physically and emotionally.
  Pilates - Pilates is a combination of exercise and Yoga. Reliable equipment is used to
move the muscles and bones in the body.
  Therapeutic massage - Massage is effective in relieving back lower back pain since it
helps in relaxing muscle spasms in the back.
  Chiropractic therapy - This technique in treating lower back pain utilizes spine
manipulation. It is effective but quite expensive.
  Water therapy - Spas, whirlpools, therapeutic bath tubs are also effective since water
also massages your body and the toxins are also flushed out hence, relieving you from
lower back pain.
  Herbal medicines - There are herbal medicines that have certain remedial properties
to heal lower back pain. Make sure it id FDA approved and it is safe to use.
  Weight management - It is best to have a healthy diet especially for obese persons.
Lose some weight to lessen the strain on the back. Combine exercise and proper diet
to lose weight fast and to cure back pain.
  Rest - It is also a good idea to rest after all the strenuous activities for the whole day.
Get a good night sleep using pillows under your knees and lie straight back on the
mattress. You can also try to rest while at work to ease lower back pain.
  Cure back pain to be productive and be effective on your daily activities. Be healthy!
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